louisa_ :)
2 days ago

If you like #textiles or #fiberart and are anywhere near #WestYorkshire, I'd heartily recommend checking out

There are 100+ events happening, the vast majority of which are free: workshops, talks, walks, exhibitions, working mill tours...

The #Quilting exhibition includes political craftivism, quilts made collaboratively by local communities, and work by artists - both traditional and abstract. Gorgeous work!

Lots of natural #dyeing and fun repair sessions too.

Some panels on a large, political quilt. The panels, which are beautifully stitched, are about protecting the NHS and people's experience during covid. The first panel on the left lists hospitals at risk of closure, the centre panel is a yarn covid virus cell and the right panel features raised solidarity fists saying "Fight back for our NHS".
3 days ago

Finished project! It blocked really nicely, can’t wait to give it to my friend today. #Crochet #FiberArt

An off white dolly with the image of a skeleton worked into the middle, surrounded by a decorative border.
4 days ago

Blocking a really fun project I finished this evening. This piece is being bartered for a very cool vintage typewriter 😁 #Crochet #FiberArt

A crocheted doily worked in off white crochet thread. The middle of the doily has the image of a skeleton surrounded by decorative borders. The dolly is pinned to a pink board by way of blocking it.
A crocheted doily worked in off white crochet thread. The middle of the doily has the image of a skeleton surrounded by decorative borders. The dolly is pinned to a pink board by way of blocking it.
Karen Dorman
1 week ago

Ok creative types - I need an idea please. I want to crochet a cover for this object that we use as a door stop. What creature or object can I turn it into? We're retired gardener types living in a renovated country church and irony, sarcasm and dark humour are greatly appreciated.

#AltText #FediArt #humour #MastodonArt #Crochet #FiberArt #knitting #humor

A small yellow kettle bell lying on a brown mat.
Petra van Cronenburg
2 weeks ago

Back from the #museum and #culturalHeritage Centre. Our summer program will be great: Everything about #plant #fibres and #fiberArt, #exhibitions, #workshops, #concerts ...

Now guess what we found as plant fibre #music! #Bluegrass, of course!
Sounds perhaps also crazy but our annual Bluegrass Day is an Alsatian tradition with German import.😂 Is this already cultural appropriation or sweet revenge for American Oktoberfests? 😎 🤣

2 weeks ago

Crochet purse pattern
Yarn: 150 yds of worsted weight yarn,
4.5mm (US 7) hook, 8" zipper, matching thread, sewing needle.
Skills: linked double crochet (link to the video provided).
The pattern is sent within 48 hours via email and the test is due in 7 days after that. You will get a pattern of your choice from my store.
If you are interested, join private yarn community Chat and Stitch with Natali and comment on the test post

#crochet #fiberart

A small rectangle crochet purse with long handle, featuring textured bumpy stitches in the middle. The purse is made with hand dyed silk yarn in pink, blue, green and purple-gray pastel colors.
EH Lupton
2 weeks ago

A closeup of the reading jacket.

#FiberArt #Applique

A yellow ochre jacket with appliqued stars and sequins and a skull patch.
2 weeks ago

#crochet #FiberArt #handmade
FREE Event
Crochet Business Summit – Learn the strategies that are working for your favorite makers and designers in 2023 so you can make more sales, more profits, and more life-long fans.

Alanna Smith
4 weeks ago

Finally learning #macrame with a kit from Stitchery! It's so satisfying! #FiberArt

An in-progress macrame wall hanging with alternating white, grey, white and brown knotted curves all anchored to a wooden stick. It sits upon picture instructions, next to a ruler and sewing scissors.
1 month ago

Ágnes Herczeg is a Hungarian needle-lace artist who works only with plant-based materials. She is a graduate of the Hungarian University of Fine Arts, where she studied textile conservation.

Her techniques include needle lace, pillow lace, and macramé.

#art #FiberArt


This fiber art piece in shades of green, blue and brown thread depicts a woman bending over to cultivate what could be rice.  Her face, hair, arms and legs are in shades of brown.  Her coiled hair is held back with a wide band in the same shades of green and blue as her dress.  The plants are deeper shades of brown and green.

The woman and plants are fixed to a base made from a thin brown stick, and they're woven in a complex open-work design of swirling rows and curves.
Enia Titova
1 month ago

my mother recently gifted me my grandmother’s #embroidery #floss collection, and I’m kind of blown away that I didn’t know it existed.

It has #DMC floss with labels so old, I can’t even find reference to them on the internet.

It also has a bunch of Soviet floss, that I’m pretty sure predates the 1961 currency change, based on the prices indicated on the labels.

I want to use it and save it at the same time.


cream and pink colored embroidery floss skeins in a jumble. vintage labels on some read RETORS A BRODER No. 4 DMC 10 metres ECRU
1 month ago

If something turns into black ash when you do the burn test, it's *some* kind of natural fibre, right? #knitting #fiberart

Karen Dorman
1 month ago

Just starting a new project. Making a shawl/cape for my sister.

#wip #Crochet #FiberArt #AltText #FediArt #MastodonArt

A curved grey band of crochet stitches laying on a black couch.  There's a blue crochet hook and a small, stitch counter attached to either end.
goblin jane 🍄
1 month ago

i started this sweater in 2014. 😅

all i have left is the cuffs and button placket? for some reason that seems like it's taking longer than the rest. :blobcatdizzy:

#Knitting #FiberArt #FiberArts #AdultSurpriseJacket #HandSpun #HandKnit #HandDyed #Wip #UFO

the cuff of my sweater. 

it has many colors, pink, blue, light green, dark green. 

i'm about 5 rows into a k1p1 ribbing in a dark purple yarn on copper needles.
Atelier du Capendu
1 month ago

Écharpe "queue de sirène". Je n'était pas sûre si la scinder en deux allait donner quelque chose de joli au moment de la commencer mais je suis contente du résultat 🌞 Prochaine étape : la broder !
Scarf "mermaid's tail". I wasn't too sure if dividing the end in two parts would look good when I first begin knitting it but I like the result 🐉Next : I'm going to embroider it !

#MastoArt #knitting #tricot #scarf #echarpe
#FiberArt #wool #laine

Gros plan sur l'écharpe se terminant en queue de sirène. Le corps de l'écharpe est bleu et comporte deux bandes de torsades séparées par un rectangle de Jersey. Son extrémité, scindée en deux, est jaune. 
Close-up picture of the forked scarf. The majority of the scarf is blue and has two parallel cables running along its edges. Its extremity, which is forked, is yellow.
Écharpe se terminant en queue de sirène. Le corps de l'écharpe est bleu et comporte deux bandes de torsades séparées par un rectangle de Jersey. Son extrémité, scindée en deux, est jaune. 
Forked scarf. The majority of the scarf is blue and has two parallel cables running along its edges. Its extremity, which is forked, is yellow.
lee :sparkletrans:
1 month ago

Any spinners have recommendations for which types of plant fibers are best for beginners? I just got a sample pack and will be trying them out myself as well, but I'd love input. I'll be doing a skill share for #spinning soon and want to give attendees who want wool alternatives an easy fiber to work with!

#fiberArt #handspun #dropSpindle

1 month ago

Birthday pattern sale 🎂
Hi everyone! It's my birthday so let's celebrate with a birthday pattern sale. The code HAPPY44 (that's right, I'm going to be 44 in a few hours 🤪) will give you 44% OFF all my individually published crochet patterns. Code is valid till the end of the month in both Ravelry and Payhip stores:

#crochet #CrochetersOfMastodon #FiberArt

Pink, white, gray and purple balloons on the room floor and floating. The text says: "Birthday Sale".
Fractal Kitty
2 months ago

This is going to take a long time. 17pieces per block and 64 blocks… I am 1/8 of the way through.

I designed it in procreate, played with colors after coding it in p5js, and now it’s getting pieced.

#mathart #math #quilting #fiberart

8blocks of a quilt with light blue with streaks, dark blue with flowers and light yellow- all batiks
2 months ago

This past weekend, I worked on creating a new doily pattern, this one is for the summer altar.
I think that one can never have too many doilies.

#FiberArt #Crochet #Pagan #Witch

A white crochet doily on a purple cloth. It features a pentacle in the center surrounded by leaves, acorns, and some flowers and clover along the border.
goblin jane 🍄
2 months ago

i finished my hat! here's the third hat i've knitted this year and the one that uses the yarn i spun and dyed above! :blobrainbow:

#spinning #yarn #dyeing #fiberart #fibreart #knitting #handspinning #handdyeing #today

a simple knitted hat/touque in chunky blue yarn with orange and pink random stripes. it has a k1p1 ribbing and a shaped stockinette top.
2 months ago

Kaci Smith weaves colorful patterns into miniature looms fashioned from wishbones and branches. #weaving #fiberart

A flat lay photograph of over 30 miniature weavings. Each weaving uses a wishbone as its loom, and features a vibrant array of colored thread.
Karen Dorman
2 months ago

Not your grammar's dishcloth.
Especially good for cleaning up spilled milk. Or wine. #sweary

#Crochet #FiberArt #FediArt #MastoArt #ArtMatters #humour #humor
#MastodonArt #YarnArt

A grey, crocheted dishcloth laying on a table. It has neat tidy rows of single crochet and moss stitch and in the centre in block letters is the word "FUCK" made by leaving spaces. It's not super easy to notice but will help make the dishes clean with a satisfying smirk.
soil gremlin
2 months ago

hey! hi! The next prompt for #WhaleBoneStitchClub is coming soon! Stitch Club is a place where we foster creative autonomy & inspiration through fibre art prompts. No fibre experience necessary. Don’t want prompts? There’s a monthly newsletter, and April’s is going to be all about the fibre arts and magic in myth and folklore. Sign upppp!

#fibreart #fiberart #artists

Lisa Saarloos
3 months ago

And that's duckling number 2...

As expected a bit bulky, but I'm happy with it. Several things clicking into place in my mind with this one, and I'm getting closer to what I'm aiming for. Two more waiting to be finished, but I might do something different first.

#NeedleFelting #FiberArt #MastoArt

A slightly bulky needle felted duckling held in two hands in front of the camera, against the backdrop of a messy desk. Ssst, it's sleeping...
3 months ago

interlocking crochet is fascinating, it involves interweaving 2 mesh layers together so whichever segment is pushed to the front shows up and creates the image. here i made a little swatch to learn the basics.

#crochet #interlockingcrochet #fiberart

a phone on the left displays a graphical grid design. in the middle is the grid design translated into crochet with a squares geometric look, in dark blue and white yarn. on the right are scribbles on paper where the pattern is written out.
3 months ago

Oh yeah. I also craft. #Art #MastoArt #Crochet #FiberArt #Amigurumi

A crochet baby dragon photographed from the back. The main body is black, as are the front and back legs. The paw pads, belly, cheeks, and the line of triangular fins on its back are red. White horns are on top of its head and nose. It has grey eyes. It is sitting in a standard “Teddy Bear” pose.

I've been working on making this anime chibi style plushie and I'm kind of in awe at how horrifyingly monstrous it looks in its semi-complete state 🤣

#FiberArt #anime #WIP #MastoArt

A work in progress photo of an anime style chibi plushie. It somewhat resembles a white character with pink hair, but the fabric is wrong side out and looks ridiculous and has no legs or arms.yet.
Aleen (she/her)
3 months ago

"So I have my next knitting project picked out. It's perfect for a lot of reasons: reviews say it's easy to knit but not boring, I figured out how to do it with two ombré yarns instead of six single-color skeins, and I already own the pattern. BUT I don't have the right yarn for it," I told my friend.

"What if we knit it together?" she asked. "Then you *have* to buy the yarn!"

A++ friending, would recommend.

#knitting #yarn #FiberArt

3 months ago

My latest cross stitch! I've been working on this for the past few weeks, it's probably the most complex pattern I've tackled.
Free pattern from

#CrossStitch #Embroidery #FiberArt #CottageCore

Close up of a cross stitched embroidery featuring the silhouette of a cat with its skeleton superimposed. Sprouting all over it are various wildflowers and mushrooms with a couple butterflies perched on the head and tail, where a lone black spider dangles off the end.
Laura Bundesen
3 months ago

what I'm working on all wonky rainbows #neuroart #sciart #neuroscience #fiberart #textileart

A fiber art brain made primariily from a rainbow print fabric scrunched up and stitched down with embroidery thread of all the colors. The cerebellum is an upside down hand embroidered rainbow of sorts. The entire piece is on a wrinkled blank artist canvas
Lynda Coker
3 months ago

When words fail me, I turn to play with fabric. The design process, so different from writing, gives my mind the freedom to frolic in another dimension before returning to reality and a world of words.
#Crafts #Fabric #Art #Fiberart #Design

3 months ago

recently while crocheting, i was reading a diagram and crocheting along. it felt as though i was a pianist reading musical scores! i marvelled at the brain’s ability to learn a foreign language, one made of unique symbols & rules; to be able to read such graphical patterns in a linear manner, in through the eyes & out through the hands. as if cranking a hole-punched paper strip through a musical box & voilà! out comes something entirely different, music. remarkable isn’t it?

#crochet #fiberart

a corner of a crochet book opened showing a crochet pattern diagram, a block of rainbow drizzled yarn and the corresponding crochet lace made from the pattern.
Dawn Lesley Stewart
3 months ago

Sewing on the binding. Enjoy a terrific day! #quilting #sewing #fiberart

Sewing brown binding onto the crumb quilted wall hanging. The purple flower is showing.
Fractal Kitty
4 months ago

One ducky has left the team and found a new home, but a 5th has joined the skein, raft, waddle, after loops and loops of yarn code.

I can’t stop…

#hyperbolic #rubberduckdebugging #fiberart

Three duckies facing one on a mantle. The ducks are yellow hyperbolic crocheted lovely’s with orange bills. A quilt and plants are in the background and sides.
Jon Kirkendall
4 months ago

This week in #fiberuary it’s intentional holes week. Here’s a sweater I knit over 30 years ago made from yarn that I picked up at the medina in Tangier, Morocco when I was visiting my parents in my 20’s.

Most people think of open holed knitting as lace, but in bulky yarn, a four rows of garter stitch (two ridges), followed by a k2 tog yo row, then more garter, makes for a strong and textured band of color.

#knitting @knitting #fiberart #menwhoknit

A close up of a hand knit sweater. The main color is a warm tan, and the three stripes, made in a pattern the creates holes, is a darker tan.
A close up of the stripes and holes created by the pattern in a hand knit sweater.
4 months ago

the shawl i crocheted for my aunt, whose fav colour is purple 💜

based on the #havanashawl pattern by talented designer @tinnahekl

#crochet #fashion #fiberart

chinese woman smiling and wearing a crocheted shawl with geometric patterns in brilliant purples, blues, pink and orange. underneath is a dress also full of geometric patterns in matching colours.
Brooke she/her
4 months ago

I've been on Mastodon for almost two months and still haven't posted an #introduction so here goes:

I'm an #actuallyAutistic #trans lady whose main special interest is #language . I also enjoy #fiberArt , #philosophy , #music , #juggling , #plants , #dogs and many other things.

I'm a #leftist with #anarchist sympathies, but struggle to conceptualize what meaningful praxis looks like.

I work and go to school so I'm not online very much, but my DMs are always open. Always feel free to say hi <3

soil gremlin
4 months ago

All right it's HERE! I'm so excited to announce the Whalebone Stitch Club, launching in March. This project has two parts: a monthly newsletter exploring the history of fibre arts, and a Stitch Club with monthly prompts to encourage artistic intuition and creative autonomy.
I'm running a promotion during the month of February: Anyone who signs up before March 1 will receive the first prompt, regardless of your tier level. Join the club!
#FiberArt #FibreArt

Travis F W
4 months ago

@clacke beautiful. I have always loved #fiberArt, but I can't recall ever seeing it in focus in performance. Humanity has an ancient relationship to knots that, too often, seems forgotten. We are naked without.

#Color #Crochet for #fiberuary

Rainbow is one of my favorite color combinations. Whenever I see them, they just cheer me up and so I have made quite a selection of rainbow colored projects over the years.

This is a baby blanket, still waiting for a recipient - but one day the right baby will come along.

@crochet @fiberarts #fiberarts #fiberart #yarn

Baby blanket - crochet in rainbow colored stripes, 10 colors. The blanket is draped over a table. The pattern stitch are rows of small circles.
Lisa Saarloos
4 months ago

Working on my new website (not online yet) which involves taking some new pictures. I had completely forgotten about this little blackcap birdie made a little over a year ago.

#NeedleFelting #FiberArt #MastoArt

A needle felted blackcap birdy standing on my hand. He is looking sideways at the camera.
4 months ago

You saw her faux denim jacket, and you saw her as Santy Paws, now get ready for The Overseer!

I hope you studied, Vault Dweller, because the G.O.A.T. exam is today!

One of you lucky test-takers will be awarded the coveted career: Petter of the Overseer.

CW dog eye contact

#Crochet #FiberArt #Fallout #VideoGames #Dogs #DogsOfMastodon


My beige short hair, long nose Chihuahua, Pixel wearing a sweater. It's blue with yellow accents designed to look like a Fallout jumper.
4 months ago

I have too much heavy hair for a hat to fit comfortably, so I made an ear warmer!


Disclaimer: This yarn is from Hobby Lobby, but I didn't buy it. My Christian MIL bought it for her purposes, but she gave up on her project and offloaded the yarn onto me.

It's a nightmare to work with, but it's kind of fluffy, so I put it to use.

Under no circumstances should you give money to Hobby Lobby.

CW: No direct eye contact, but censored anyway, just in case.

#Crochet #FiberArt #Yarn #Crafts

I'm wearing a semi-fuzzy crochet lavender ear warmer with ruffles around the top. There are random streaks of purple and light green in the yarn. It very vaguely looks like a crown. My hair is in a high ponytail through the top of the ear warmer, and it all flows over one shoulder
Fractal Kitty
5 months ago

I didn’t code today, instead I made a hyperbolic ducky (they are possibly the best listeners). #mathart #rubberduckdebugging #hyperbolic #crochet #fiberart #exponentialGrowth

4 images of a mustard yellow hyperbolic such with an orange beak. It is a disk that grows and folds in on itself to create a semi sphere. The head is another connected semi sphere with a connected orange yarn beak.
5 months ago

More adventures with weaving. This time with two heddles. It’s not perfect, but it has a pattern! #weaving #FiberArt #FiberArt

A handwoven piece with an orange and yellow diamond pattern
The reverse of a handwoven piece with an orange and yellow diamond pattern
5 months ago

I want to know what #artist y'all are into right now!

I'm obsessed with Jeffrey Gibson an #indigenous #textiles and #ceramics sculptor.

#fiberart #art

A dark skinned person stand tall wearing a regal  brightly colored art work 
. a cascade of ribbons spill out into the floor.
A wild messy organic ceramic sculpture

Hi fellow knitters and fiber artists. (Yes crocheters too). I love seeing your work. But would mind adding descriptions to your photos to make them accessible?

I have a friend who is blind and she knits. I’d share your work if you added descriptions. Most of y’all don’t.


#knitting #crochet #FiberArt

5 months ago

I've rejoined Feedly! All this talk about owning your own work and building community around who I am and what I love.

Looking for people who write for their websites/blogs on any of the following hashtags: #quilters #embroidery #FiberArt #Mystery #SciFi #authors #MissouriPolitics #ColumbiaMO #PublicLibrary

There are more but I got to log off and get to the next desk here at the library. We switch desks every hour so no one gets too bogged down in anything.

5 months ago

Nice to meet you! ✨

I'm a pansexual demisexual cisgender autistic white woman who loves crochet, books, baking, gaming, and Star Trek.

My posts are mostly the above and ranting about injustice. You don't need to share my hobbies to become besties, but I don't tolerate bigotry.

#Introduction #Antifascist #Anarchist #Communist #Pansexual #Demisexual #LGBT #ActuallyAutistic #Crochet #FiberArt #Books #Bookstodon #Baking #VideoGames #StarTrek #DogsOfMastodon

@crochet @actuallyautistic

Each photo is a crochet bag made by me.

This one has a hole after each stitch. It has horizontal stripes in white, lemon, yellow, and mustard.

My precious beige Chihuahua, Pixel, is sitting next to the bag with her paw on it.
A pink and dark pink striped crochet bag with spike stitches every five stitches or so. It gives the bag an almost frosting look.
A crochet bag with horizontal stripes alternating baby pink and lemon yellow.
This striped crochet purse has three colors: dark teal, light mint, and bronze. Mostly single crochet.
autumn [parody account]
6 months ago

just over here making textiles. #crochet #fiberArt

an in progress burnt orange crocheted piece laying across my legs. a crochet hook can be seen sticking out of the piece in the bottom right corner.
Olga Uhry
6 months ago

Here is an embroidery I made last year. I love it a lot so I decided to share it with you. #embroidery #FiberArt #MastoArt #needleart #Photomonday

Broderie d'un écureuil qui semble vouloir décrocher des habits accrochés
Cris -serial crafter, geek!
6 months ago

Good lord 😆🧶❤️❤️ I was busily knitting away when I happened to glance up and saw my pup Cory looking very pleased with himself 🤦🏻‍♀️ #MinPin s and their need to burrow and baskets filled with #yarn are NOT a good match 😆😆🥰 cute picture though it is
#Dogs #DogsofMastodon #MastoDogs
#knitting #fiberart
(Oh! and of course, after taking the picture, I detangled my pup and put the yarn in a different container inaccessible to my dog.)

A miniature pinscher ensconced in a bunch  of yarn skeins all colors of the rainbow.
A miniature pinscher glancing towards the camera  ensconced in a multicolored tangle of  yarn skeins
Madame Ximon
6 months ago

#ArtAdventCalendar Day 9

A photo of a hand-knit cowl that I made for my aunt a few years ago, in Rowan Kidsilk Haze yarn.

#FiberArt #FibreArt #FiberArtist #FibreArtist #FiberArtsFriday #FibreArtsFriday #FiberArtistsOnMastodon #FibreArtistsOnMastodon

A hand-knit midnight blue cowl in eyelet lace draped over a pale blue and purple hand-knit halter top on a vintage dress form against a green and yellow backdrop
6 months ago

#ArtAdventCalendar and #TextileTuesday Arc Over Millersdale. I currently walk over this #viaduct every morning after dropping my sin at the bus stop. This is in spring, but you can see this view now, now that the leaves have fallen.
#MastoArt #ArtistOnMastodon #fineartinstitch #MonsalTrail #DisusedRailway
#paintingwiththread #TextileArt
#paintingwithyarn #threadpainting #yarnpainting #threaddrawing#woolart #woolartist
#fibreart #fibreartist
#fiberart #fiberartist

A stitched artwork depicting a disused railway viaduct viewed from below through spring leaves
6 months ago

My #dog wanted to be in my purse photo, so here she is in all her hirsute glory. Meet Pixel.

I'll tell her any nice things you say about her.

I can't adjust white point on her or she turns blue, so the purse doesn't look good in that photo.

#crochet #dogsofmastodon #fiberart

A striped crochet purse lies flat on a fluffy blanket. My short-hair, long-nose chihuahua sits smiling next to the bag.
A striped crochet purse with a net-like stitch pattern. It is a gradient from mustard to bright yellow to pale yellow to white at the top.