7 hours ago

Day 2 of #Arttrober is Shiva from #FinalFantasy, specifically the FF16 incarnation.

I was a fan of Final Fantasy, but my interest seemed to peter out sometime around FF13. It may have been due to not having a PS3, but I confess to not feeling any excitement about FF15 or 16 either on release. Perhaps the magic was gone for me?

This drawing is a bit rougher than yesterday's, because I need to actually do one of these a day for a month.

#inktober #drawtober #mastoart #procreate #gaming

A drawing of the summonable character Shiva from Final Fantasy 16, a kind of ice elemental lady. She'd drawn looking at the viewer, her cloaks (?) billowing out behind her.
13 hours ago

Burning out on these Stranger of Paradise DLC's

Straight up sweaty, metagame nonsense

Also obnoxious to call it DLC when there are barely any new levels and they expect you to replay the old ones at higher difficulty

What was once fun has now become a chore... but you know me, I'll persevere like the glutton for punishment that I am 😂😂

#StrangerofParadise #FinalFantasy #Gamingcommunity #PlatinumTrophyHunter #PlatinumTrophy #Playstation #PS5 #Gamer #Gaming #Videogames #ShareYourGames

Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin Battle Settings menu

Level 200 Abyss Knight Job class with level 500 gear
Jimmy B. :apple_inc:
23 hours ago

I really started to dig into #WorldOfFinalFantasy this afternoon and evening. It's not a bad game so far, I think I'll keep working on it.

#videogame #FinalFantasy #ASUSROGAlly #gamer 🎮

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1 day ago

FFII nous apprend que frapper nos ami-es ou se frapper nous aide à augmenter en compétences !

Nouvelle méthode pour LinkedIn ? Jeu à conseiller aux adeptes de BDSM ? Un peu les deux

#Joke #Blague #FinalFantasy #FFII

2 days ago

Platinum Trophy No. 169

What a ride, I went in expecting to not enjoy it based on community feedback but I've had absolute blast

It's a real nostalgia treat for fans of Final Fantasy seeing iconic locations again with a fresh coat of paint, you already know Mt. Gagazet and Delkfutt's tower put a smile on my face 😊

#FinalFantasy #StrangerofParadise #FinalFantasy #Gamingcommunity #Gamer #Gaming #Videogames #ShareYourGames

Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin trophy list, Platinum unlocked
Meccha Japan
2 days ago

Final Fantasy VII - Barret Wallace BRING ARTS Figure - Preorder Available!
#FinalFantasy #FF7

3 days ago

Camping on the way to Narshe #finalfantasy #ffvi #ff6

Locke and Celes are near a campfire. Celes is listening to Locke as he cries up some food over the fire and talks about Banon, Terra, Edgar, and Sabin.
3 days ago

Finished #FinalFantasy 13 tonight. Gotta say I thoroughly enjoyed it. Might take the time to hunt some achievements like mastering the various branches of the crystarium and finishing the side missions on Pulse.

#Gaming #PCGaming #FinalFantasy13

Rule 34
3 days ago

Warrior Of Light from #FinalFantasy by Sushoartworks

3 days ago
Now streaming Final Fantasy IV: The Complete Collection on Twitch!

#FinalFantasy #FinalFantasyIV #FF4

Today's bad movie is Clownado (3.3 on IMDB).

The acting is absolutely awful, but in a fun way, and the movie seems to have a decent budget for what it is. It's about as enjoyable as Land Shark was.

Fun fact, part of Liberi Fatali (the opening theme from Final Fantasy VIII) is used in the fight scene at 49:53. It's a little faint, but there's no way you could sneak that by me.

#Movies #BadMovies #Horror #FinalFantasy

The Clownado movie poster. In the centre stands a spooky clown holding a red balloon in a clear homage to It. In the background are several tornados with the superimposed heads of other spooky clowns.

Hey Nethyzens - this weekend, we’ll do something new for October! We’ll be playing Stardew Valley at 12:30 PM PT on Sept 30 and Final Fantasy Online at 12:30 PM PT on Oct 1. Can’t wait to see you soon! If you want to be updated on my schedule earlier, be sure to join my discord!



#youtube #discord #stardewvalley #finalfantasy #ffxiv #vtuber #envtuber #vtuberen

Nethyr's stream schedule for Sept 30 & Oct 1st: Stardew Valley at 12:30 PM PT on Sept 30 and Final Fantasy Online at 12:30 PM PT on Oct 1
3 days ago

Square Enix Masterline Final Fantasy VI 1/6 scale statue unboxing and assembly:

Here's what $14k can get you


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4 days ago

On a démarre le 2. Je suis perdu-e : y'a pas de niveau ??? Les comp' se montent en fonction de ce qu'on fait et y'a des indications d'xp que pour les armes et magie. Oh people, ça va être intéressant.

Aussi Amano, ton style artistique est banger mais peux-tu dessiner autre chose que des blonds et blondes ??? Jpp alors qu'on a joué que 2h aidez moi.

Pixel art toujours cute nonobstant et les heros-ines ont des noms, bravo la team écriture

#JeuxVideo #FinalFantasy #FFII

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4 days ago

Puisque je le fais sur ciel bleu, lez go aussi ici !

Je commence un marathon Final Fantasy du 1 au 12 (en essayant de convaincre mon co-marathoneur de faire 13 👀) et donc mardi on a fini FFI.

Et bah franchement chouette découverte, les mécaniques sont cool, les sprite de la version PSP gorgeous et les musiiiiiques. J'ai beaucoup kiffé et ça me donne envie de jouer à plus de jeux anciens que j'ai raté.

Also, l'humour oui.

#Videogame #JeuxVideo #FinalFantasy #FFI #Life #Random #TootThread

Une photo du jeu avec un guerrier en pixel-art face à trois tombe. Au dessus il est écrit en anglais "Here lies Link." soit "Ici repose Link" en français !
4 days ago

Seeing these corridors again put a smile on my face. All my memories of Final Fantasy XI are happy ones 😊

#FinalFantasy #StrangerofParadise #FinalFantasy #Gamingcommunity #Gamer #Gaming #Videogames #ShareYourGames

Ancient's Tower / Delkfutt's Tower from Final Fantasy XI in Stranger of Paradise

A decaying maze of white stone corridors and intricate carvings inlaid with jewels and blue lights
4 days ago

Putting on mismatched gear for the stats but accidentally looks cool 😅

#FinalFantasy #StrangerofParadise #FinalFantasy #Gamingcommunity #Gamer #Gaming #Videogames #ShareYourGames

Stranger of Paradise Battle Settings menu showing Jed in all black equipment with a Katana on his back
4 days ago

Some Stranger of Paradise screenshots

Memories of Mt. Gagazet came flooding back 🥹

I really am having a lot of fun with this game. I've also got some boss clips I can't post here but I'll be posting them on instagram if you're so inclined to have a look-see 😊

#FinalFantasy #StrangerofParadise #FinalFantasy #Gamingcommunity #Gamer #Gaming #Videogames #ShareYourGames

Exterior of the snowy mountains of the Hallowed Massif level where a glyph is embedded in the rock resembling those from Final Fantasy X
A dark icy cavern reminiscent of Mt. Gagazet in Final Fantasy X with 3 coloured discs planted into the wall.

From left to right: Blue, Red, Green
4 days ago

I finally reached Shadowbringers, and this is what I arrived to! I bloody love my community!

Raid from
The raid went over to

#CriticallyAcclaimed #MMORPG #FinalFantasyXIV #FFXIV #FinalFantasy #VTuber #ENVTuber #Twitch #Stream #Streamer #SmallStreamer

Screenshot from Final Fantasy XIV. LumKitty is at the entrance to Shadowbringers, and is greeted by Popata, Selene, Serene, Kitasha, Ivori, Wolfie & Chickenpet
Robee? Na! 🌈
4 days ago

Another Fusion magazine special caught up with, #FinalFantasy is a fascinating series I know little about having only played one of them. It’s nice to know I chose a really good one! #RetroGaming

Final fantasy fusion magazine special, with a man in the cover back facing the viewer, and a giant sword on his back
4 days ago

And we're live with Final Fantasy XIV - a couple of quests away from starting Shadowbringers MSQ!

#FFXIV #FinalFantasy #FinalFantasyXIV #CriticallyAcclaimed #MMORPG #Twitch #Streamer #Stream #SmallStreamer #VTuber #ENVTuber #VTuberEN #Catgirl #Miqote

A colaboração WOTV:FFBE x FFVIII já arrancou e estou maravilhada!

Como é costume, todo o jogo adapta-se aos temas musicais do jogo em colaboração. Encontrei até agora:
🎶 "Balamb Garden",
🎶"Don't Be Afraid",
🎶"Blue Fields",
🎶"My Mind"

A UR da Rinoa é gratuita, mas a do Squall não!

Tive sorte, já tenho o meu "Whatever"-boy.🥳

#finalfantasy #finalfantasyviii #wotvffbe #warofthevisionsfinalfantasybraveexvius #ff #ffviii #ff8

Here are the new PVP gear rewards in #FFXIV .... welp... I don't usually PVP, but looks like I'll be beating up some Lalafells next season.

#gaming #videogames #finalfantasy

Screen shot of characters from Final Fantasy XIV wearing color new gear.
PC Gamer
6 days ago

Final Fantasy 14 is a 400-hour-plus epic you can share with your friends, and I'm not sure we'll see anything like it again

Check it out! 👇

#FinalFantasyXiv #FinalFantasy #Rpg #Mmo

6 days ago

Started Stranger of Paradise last night

Completely forgot the demo progress carried over so I've been thrown right in at the deep end 😂

How play? What do? Why so much gear?

Team Ninja really need to calm down with their gear stats and effects, it's too much to keep on top of and understand what gear is better for your build

But I am having fun

#FinalFantasy #StrangerofParadise #FinalFantasy #Gamingcommunity #Gamer #Gaming #Videogames #ShareYourGames

Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin Key art
The Video Game Library 📚
1 week ago

Who remembers "The Big Book of Nintendo Games" from Steve Schwartz in 1991⁉️

Well, did you know there was also a 25th Anniversary version published back in 2015?

Check out all the details right here:

#Nintendo #Games #Gaming #Gamer #VideoGame #VideoGames #Contra #Mario #Zelda #Metroid #Kirby #NES #Famicom #Book #Books #Bookstodon @bookstodon #Retro #Nostalgia #Castlevania #FinalFantasy #DragonQuest #Faria #PacMan #NinjaGaiden #DoubleDragon #ClashAtDemonhead

The cover of The Big Book of Nintendo Games which has a painting of a warrior fighting off a lizard-like monster.
1 week ago

A buddy of mine just put this Final Fantasy VI remix of Magitek Lab ("Devil's Lab") on his Soundcloud:

It is great. Love the grungy horn and deceptive cadence. Just the right amount of guitar to add some edge.

#finalfantasy #soundcloud #ffvi

Meccha Japan
1 week ago

Final Fantasy Yurayura Glasses - Cactuar, Fat Moogle & more. Check them out at the link below!
#FinalFantasy #FF7

Frank Skornia
1 week ago

Stayed up way beyond my bedtime on a work night, but I finished Final Fantasy 9.
I really enjoyed that. The story was weird as all hell, but it actually made more sense than some of the other FF games I've played. This is the first I've actually finished.
Last fight was pure BS though, so I unfortunately cracked out a couple of cheats to finish it.
#Gaming #FF9 #FinalFantasy

1 week ago

That’s credits on #FinalFantasy IV. These pixel remasters are great versions of these games!

I’ll probably take another break before diving into FFV but I would love to be able to beat all the pixel remasters before the end of the year.

FFV is one of my favorite FF games, so I’m excited it’s up next!

1 week ago

FINAL FANTASY XIV TTRPG (Tabletop Role-Playing Game) announced.

#FinalFantasy #Lemmy

Meccha Japan
1 week ago

Final Fantasy VII BRING ARTS - Red XIII Figure - Preorder Available!
#FinalFantasy #FF7

Christian Grasser
1 week ago

Just finished Final Fantasy 16. Wow what a game and what a finish.

Play time over 30 hours with some side quests.

#ps5 #FF16 #FinalFantasy #games #game #4theplayers #FFXVI

Final Fantasy 16 Clive in the beach
1 week ago

Kinda between big releases for me at the moment so I’m continuing my #FinalFantasy Pixel Remaster playthrough. Started digging into #FFIV last night.

It’s interesting, this is a big step forward for FF storytelling but I think I’m not a huge fan of the actual structure and pacing of this game compared to the other FF games around it.

I’ve beaten this one once before, so I want to beat it again to see how my feelings have changed and evolved.

Heads up to all the #FinalFantasy fans. Tonight at 11pm eastern, new footage from FF7 Rebirth will be released during the Tokyo Game Show event.


John Cutting
1 week ago

New episode of Lost Noise is online.

Hey, do you remember those troubling implications with Nyle and Lucian that we purposefully glossed over ten years ago? No. Well, let's circle back to them.

#webcomic #finalfantasy #sprites #spritecomic #pixelart

2 weeks ago

New things in my store!
Old things for sale!
Categories all cleaned up!
#Kupo Nuts are real and I stock them! /shot

Please have a browse (and, uh, maybe a buy?) so I can make room for some very EXCITING stuff coming soon. Thank you. :35mmcine3: :ablobfoxhypersnugowo:

@Curator #artistsonmastodon #MastoArt #artistsupport
#finalfantasyxiv #finalfantasy #finalfantasymerch #comics #kittens

My main store page. There are new banners that will link you to two new categories: Kitteenies (and related merch), and Blue Bodega (fanart, cursed stuff).
The Kupo Nut shaker keychain. It is a puffed up plastic bag containing a Kupo Nut acrylic piece and various glitter pieces. The outside of the bag has a logo on the front and 'nutritional facts on the back. Attached to the keychain are also a pink cable clasp, a matching bell, Love Hearts charms and a random silver weapon charm.
Linked Materia Slots pin set. Holographic acrylic pins that feature the materia slots from Final Fantasy 7 (OG and Remake). The first pin features blue and green materia, the second has yellow and pink materia.
The backside of the Kupo Nut keychain, that has the nutrition info, and information about Kupo Nuts, punctuated by that Moogle verbal tic of 'kupo', kupo.
2 weeks ago

FFXIV Tabletop RPG: Playtest #1

Square Enix is coming out with a sourcebook and game master's guide for a table top version of Final Fantasy XIV in May. I wonder what playing that would be like...

#FinalFantasy #FinalFantasyXIV #Humor #TabletopGame

The logo for the Final Fantasy XIV Online TTRPG

Fully committed to losing a 100 hours of my life to this. #FinalFantasy #ps5

2 weeks ago
2 weeks ago

Final Fantasy XIV ttrpg next year?

Hell yeah I wannit! 83

#ttrpg #FinalFantasy #FinalFantasyXIV

2 weeks ago

Lion christ. This Red XIII toy is a big step up from the one I had in the 90s! Super poseable with expressions aaaaaa. Miss mine (broke when moving countries).

#finalfantasy #redxiii #toys

Red XIII toy
FF7 Red XIII Toy
FF7 Red XIII Toy
FF7 Red XIII Toy

I said I'd do it some day, and then I did it that night.

I went through my SNES carts and brought them back to life with new save batteries last night.

#retrogaming #modding #nintendo #mariorpg #finalfantasy #mario

A pile of SNES cartridges (Mario World, Final Fantasy 3, Super Metroid) with one cart open and the PCB removed (Mario RPG) next to a sheet of 2032 batteries and some tools
The save game screen of Mario RPG demonstrating that the new battery save worked for retaining the save file
Damage Control Blog
2 weeks ago
2 weeks ago

You OK down there?

For the version where they 'forgot' there tops, head on over to my Paidtreon for this and so much more!

#MastoArt #illustration #tifa #finalfantasy #PINUP

Tifa and Jesse in beach wear staring down at the viewer
3 weeks ago

Happy Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth trailer release! I'm absolutely obsessed with It, and what a better way to celebrate that with 25% off in every FF7 merch I have 😌 Only this weekend!

#shop #etsy #finalfantasy #ff7 #mastoart

The Video Game Library 📚
3 weeks ago

So excited to see more #Famicom love; this time from Joe Bourrie's upcoming book "Beyond the NES"! ❤️

In addition to Dustin Hansen's gorgeous cover art, this book celebrates the Famicom's rich library, and is inspired by classic gaming mags of yesteryear.

#VideoGames #VideoGame #RetroGaming #RetroGame #FamilyComputer #Japan #Mario #Metroid #DragonQuest #Castlevania #Zelda #TLOZ #FinalFantasy #Mappy #Gradius #Book #Books #Bookstodon @bookstodon

The English book cover of Beyond the NES. It is a cartoony illustration of a jungle-like terrain with a waterfall through the middle, and video game characters all doing various activities throughout the scene.
3 weeks ago

With some help from my niece Kayla (and a Temu order finally showing up 💀), we put the finishing touches on my Kupo Nut shaker bag keychains!

If you want to get some at @corkcomiccon this weekend, please let me know as I'm not formally selling any until @miniconireland Drogheda at the end of the month, so please reserve your.... custom. :O

#finalfantasy #finalfantasy14 #finalfantasy7 #finalfantasy9 #finalfantasy14online #moogle

An arrangement of four shaker candy bag keychains. They each advertise 'Kupo Nut' and have findings such as bells, Sweet Heart sweets and different weapons attached to the ball-chain keychain.
Close up of findings. There are weapon charms, and Sweet Heart charms included.
3 weeks ago

I've been enjoying the story of #FinalFantasy 13 so far, but I've gotten to a point where it feels like I'm just grinding non stop, but instead of me having to seek out the monsters, it's just part of the gameplay. You'll get a cutscene and then get dropped back into the world and told to go somewhere, and it's like every ten steps you're in an encounter. I guess this prevents players from having to go back and manually grind in the endgame.

#Gaming #PCGaming

Lightning holds a massive dandelion pod.
3 weeks ago

Using #Debian, #Gnome and #Steam in big picture mode to play some #FinalFantasy 13 on the living room PC and this pops up. Valve needs to add this feature to the #SteamDeck. Kind of annoying that when I dock my deck I just have to hope nothing important is happening when the batteries die.

#Gaming #PCGaming

A photo of my TV screen showing a notification from Gnome with the text, "Game controller battery low".

Been playing some #FFIV while commuting to work, and probably a bit during work too :blobcatderpy:

#gaming #psp #retrogaming #JRPG #FinalFantasy #snes

My PSP featuring Final Fantasy IV, The Complete Collection.
3 weeks ago

A digital commission of a friend's #FFxiv character celebrating the Philippines' win in the World Cup. I had a lot of fun on the pose for this~
#FFxivArt #AuRa #DigitalArt #CommissionArt #MastoArt #WoL #MakioArt #FanArt #Art #WorldCup #FinalFantasy

A digital commission of a final fantasy 14 Au ra named Sokhatai celebrating the Philippine’ win at the World Cup. Sokhatai has short pink hair with green highlights, black horns, tail, and scales along her face, nose and neck. She is wearing the official jersey of the team with the number 20 on it alongside her brown adventuring pants and black boots while jumping in the air to balance a soccer ball designed to resemble the tournament ball. Her one arm is raised in joy, a joy that her expression mirrors. Behind her is a simple ringed circle using the team colours.

Of course I play healer in every game no matter if it’s #FFXIV or Final Fantasy 7 : Ever Crisis. My girl took the top spot, as she should.

#gaming #videogames #finalfantasy

Screenshot of the game Final Fantasy 7 : Ever Crisis - in the photo is the character Aerith coming in at #1 on the party list.

Ok let's try this again... NOW "Final Fantasy 7: Ever Crisis" is live on the App Store (and actually playable).

#gaming #videogames #finalFantasy

1 month ago

Getting back to streaming tonight. Final Fantasy is back baby!

#youtube #streaming #finalfantasy #ff9

1 month ago

Final Fantasy XIII: Finished

While I can see how some folks think this is the worst of the Final Fantasy games, I really liked it... mostly.

#FinalFantasy #FinalFantasyXIII #Review

Final Fantasy XIII title and logo with the word "Finished!" superimposed in red.
1 month ago

My wife and I were born in two different planets. We somehow met at the right time on this microwaved planet called Earth and decided to stay together. She's not a #gamer but knows how to #knit like fairies do. She has silvery hair like a #FinalFantasy character. I showed her Sephirot from FFVII and Jill from FFXVI. She agreed. Today is her birthday :blobcathuggies:

Guillaume Rossolini
1 month ago

@SwiftOnSecurity there is a relay race going on right now with 19 of the #FinalFantasy games

That’s three teams of speedrunners for three days, with live comments from yet more speedrunners

They are currently on the next to last of the scheduled games

Emily King
1 month ago

Completed Final Fantasy XVI last night.

So, decided to change the banner image on my profile (it'd been an Elden Ring screenshot for some time).

It might not have felt like a Final Fantasy game at times in terms of combat, but the story was there. Clive is most definitely a new fave

And it's the first FF with a story that managed to make me cry.

I thoroughly enjoyed it.

#FFXVI #FinalFantasyXVI #FinalFantasy16 #FinalFantasy

1 month ago

Asking the people who like #finalfantasy 12 (#finalfantasyxii): What did you love about the game, why do you like it? And what's the reason why you might like it more than other Final Fantasies? #jrpg #retrogaming

Group artwork from Final Fantasy XII
Jared Cherup
1 month ago

Forgot to mention here that I finally finished FFXVI. Overall I enjoyed the game quite a bit and did all the side quests that flesh out the world and characters. It doesn't commit fully to being an RPG or Action Game (if you're a genre purest) but I think it does a good enough job at remaining fun and engaging. I kinda wish I captured more screenshots.

Story was good and depressing. Yay!

#finalfantasy #finalfantasyxvi

Clive Joshua and Torgal
Clive and Jill
Geoff Rich
2 months ago

If anyone is a #FinalFantasy music fan, a beautiful album of orchestral suites was just released. I was elated to see FFXIII on there!

2 months ago

I love video games. Esp anything to do with Final Fantasy & Squaresoft (and forced to love Square Enix)

But either way - to show my love - please feel free to listen to this radio station I put together today.

All Final Fantasy All the time. Please feel free to listen as much as you want. No ads. No costs. Just enjoy.

#squaresoft #squareenix #music #radio #stream #gaymer #games #soundtrack #ost #finalfantasy

🏮🔪Hello! Final Fantasy fans around here? 🫣🫣

You can find all my work on ✨🩷

#art #MastoArt #amigurumi #amigurumis #smallbusiness #freelance #artistas #crochet #finalfantasy #ffv #ffvii #plushie

Tonberry amigurumi
Tonberry amigurumi
Warrior of Latte :v_enby:
2 months ago

omg g'raha tia looking at a soft taco like "this is so cool, how do I use it?" #ffxiv #FinalFantasy #FinalFantasyXIV

Vel 💽
2 months ago
Hi everyone, I'm Vel.

I like playing and talking about video games. Some of my favourite games are:

I love the #PSVita. I dabble in #WebDev and #GameDev but I don't post about it very often. I also enjoy #MusicProduction.

I try to avoid reading about US politics so if you post excessively about that I might mute or block you, but please don't take it personally.

If you want to chat feel free to send me a message here or ask to add me on Matrix!

#introductions #introduction

I just turned on my Nintendo Switch for the first time since June 10th. I was so deep into playing Tears of the Kingdom... then Diablo IV came out.. and right after that Final Fantasy XVI. One day I'll finish this Zelda game.

#zelda #finalfantasy #diablo #nintendo #gaming #videogames

2 months ago

Guess so my profile doesn't look so empty here I can do another #introduction that wasn't two lines like my old one.

I'm Zana or @jill and moved to CORTEX IMPLANT for a time (maybe)!

I'm in my 30s and from #Yorkshire in the UK which means I don't pronounce the letter T or the word "the" (only half joking here...).

I like to program in #python in my spare time, though I know other languages too somewhat (but not used so much lately), but mostly for fun side projects that perform worse and work less than options already existing, but oh well!

Also quite into #gaming too, VA-11 Hall-A a given, but I mostly play single-player story games. Although I do enjoy more building games too, Cities Skyline and Rimworld especially which I've put a lot of hours into. I play #ffxiv occasionally too, on Odin server.
I've played a good chunk of the single player #FinalFantasy games too. 1,3,4,5,6,7,9,10,13, though I feel like I should get around to the others and maybe replaying some like 10 which I don't remember too well

Sports wise, I watch #F1 occasionally, not really any specific driver, just like some close racing, but if I had to pick, probably Lando or Alonso.

I'm still kinda new to the fediverse, but I'm getting the hand of it!

Also I abuse putting things in brackets sometimes (which I noticed reading over my post) :3

Welp, new instance new #introduction :moogle_wave:​

It took me way too long to get my profile set up because I like way too many things! :cat_embarrassed:​

I'm a 30-something #millennial #trans :bh_flag_trans:​ #asexual :bh_flag_asexual: #panromantic :bh_flag_pansexual: (flag isn't quite right but I had to be consistant)

I like #boardgames #anime #scifi :trans_rebel_alliance:​ #videogames :hamster_gamer:​ and lots of other stuff that I talk about.

I work in #tech specifically #CloudServices

I talk about a little bit of everything from the above. I'm really random and i'll go days without posting something then make 100 posts in a day...

My bandwith for social media varies greatly, that doesn't mean I don't love you all...

Here's a fandom dump:
#LegendOfZelda (Zelda in general)
#FinalFantasy (FF in general)
#StarTrek (exploration sci-fi)
#StarWars (action sci-fi)
#SagaOfTheSevenSuns (political sci-fi)
#FireEmblemThreeHouses (and other tactics games)
#Pokemon (the only good got'cha game)
#DungeonsAndDragons (and other board/tabletop games)
#DragonPrince (also anything witchy)
#Voltron (any Pidge like character)
#CardCaptorSakura (most magical girl anime)
#AzumangaDaioh (slice of life anime)
#NeonGenesisEvangelion (mecha angst anime)

Seeing Final Fantasy 16 with the #1 album on iTunes right now feels right.. it just feels right man.

#gaming #videogames #finalfantasy #ffxvi #music

Screenshot of iTunes Charts showing Final Fantasy XVI at number 1. Followed by Speak Now - Taylor Swift
luneellise21 (s*he/them)
2 months ago

I wanted to play this game because of the Gambit system - which is pseudo-programming your characters for battle. If only my PhD thesis is this easy!

Watch me LIVE every Sat & Sun 2PM (CEST) @
Follow Me @

#twitch #finalfantasy #gaming

I already did this some time ago, I don't remember what I put back then so let's see if the same games come to mind #10GamesToKnowMe

#MonsterHunter Freedom Unite
#TheLegendOfZelda: Ocarina or Time
#FinalFantasy 6
#Halo 3
#Ys Seven
#Metroid Fusion
#StarWars The Force Unleashed (#psp edition)

Angel :verified: :AquaBaka:
3 months ago

It's time to talk about games so let's make a #10gamestoknowme Without order and without relationship, because that's how I am, a chaos

1- Super Mario 64 :zerotwohyped:

2- Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne

3- Paladin's Quest (Snes) :zerotwowave:

4- Terranigma (Snes) :zerotwokiss:

5- Illusion of time (Snes) :zerotwopeaceout:

6- Ace Attorney Investigations (Nds/Android) :ElainaSmart:

7- Final Fantasy VI (Snes, GBA, fuck, On many platforms)

8- Sonic Adventure DX (I played the PC version) :ElainaHeart:

9- Langrisser II (Genesis/Snes, psx, pc, Android, I don't know, many places) :ElainaDummySmile:

10- Clock Tower (Snes/PSX/PC) :Elaina:

#videogames #sonic #clocktower #finalfantasy #aceattorney #warcraft #mario #Nintendo64

I returned to Final Fantasy IV and I am the the tower of babel bit, and I totally forgot floors are counted downwards. So basically I returned to the bottom of the thing and I have to go all the way up again :blobcatderpy:

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3 months ago

Hello everyone, this is my #introduction post! Hope I’m doing it right lol ^_^

I’m kuchaibee! A work-in-progress #SoftwareEngineer who also loves #UX design. General interests are #Videogames, #Anime, #Manga, #Art (especially #PixelArt), #Programming / #Coding, #Crafts, #Writing, #Books :)

Some stuff I’m a fan of: #Touhou, #ShinMegamiTensei, #Otome, #Digimon, #Umineko, #FinalFantasy, #Gundam, #Arknights, #Terraria, #MonsterHunter, and more!

Thanks for reading, and I hope we can be friends!

a sketch of a bee, with the text "Hello" drawn with a mouse. Drawn in a heavily stylized manner to look round and cute
Simo Virtanen
3 months ago

And finally, a skill progression system that both rewards you for using the skills and switching up your skill loadout adds variety to how you play. In #FFXVI I barely switch up the skills, because why change the approach if it's working? They could've given a small stat boost for using a skill until a certain point, after which there would incentive to switch to another skill to gain those stat boosts. But as it is, #FinalFantasy XVI doesn't really reward you for changing things up. #videogames

Simo Virtanen
3 months ago

Status and elemental management forces the player to adapt. Poisoned? Either keep taking damage or leave yourself vulnerable to take an antidote.

Fighting the undead? Should I equip the sword with less damage output, but with Holy elemental damage? Should I use potions on the enemies or save them for myself?

In #FFXVI all enemies have the same weakness: the sharp end of the sword. I'm not required to change my tactics at any point.

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Simo Virtanen
3 months ago

Party management provides variety as the player has to balance the active party's composition to match the requirements of the dungeon they're in. Player also has to level up the weaker characters as the story may force them into the party for a dungeon or two, forcing the player to change their approach. In #FFXVI your party doesn't matter.

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Simo Virtanen
3 months ago

I think #FFXVI will be remembered as a game that looked good for its time, but quickly became outdated due to shallow gameplay systems that make it not really worth revisiting once better looking games come out. The lack of party management, status and elemental effects, and any sort of skill progression system based on the use of those skills result in a game with very little variety. While it's a nice game to watch, it's quite boring to play.

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James (
3 months ago

Ever heard the Final Fantasy VII (7) soundtrack in MIDI XG as the game music was heard on the PC?

I recorded it in full some time ago, so you could hear this very unique version compared to the PlayStation original.

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Late entry to #ScreenShotSaturday, but unsurprisingly I caved and grabbed FFIX on the #Steam sale. Playing at 1440p, modded with the Moguri Mod (, and for a port of a 23 year old game it both plays and looks impressively good!

So I'm spending the weekend indulging in some wholesomeness and a little existential dread, courtesy of the most lovable black mage.

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Screenshot from the steam version of Final Fantasy 9 showing the character of Vivi in the town square, with a couple of pigeons sitting next to him looking at him.
Screenshot from the steam version of Final Fantasy 9 showing Queen Brahne sitting on a throne, to the left there is Adelbert Steiner, a knight-like character, and to the right General Beatrix, a warrior female character wearing an eye patch.
Screenshot from the steam version of Final Fantasy 9 showing the characters of Vivi, Steiner, Zidane, and Garnet walking down a narrow cliff.
Screenshot from the steam version of Final Fantasy 9 showing Zidane in a beautifully lit village shop.