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Ich will ja #Firefox nutzen, aber ich will auch Vertical Tabs. Und wieso geht das nicht einfach so, _ohne_ in irgendwelchen css Dingen rumzuwurschteln?

I remain ensaddened by the realization that I was right when I realized I’ll only be satisfied when I demystify building my own browser(s) to install | side-load on all my PCs | devices.

Firefox having a phone-home auto-update nag that CANNOT be disabled in preferences was the final heartbreak 💔

Being able to patch the source myself is the only thing I trust (or someone I trust making a community-safe lightweight fork, for instance). ❤️‍🩹

#Firefox #Web #WebBrowser

4 hours ago

Les extensions Firefox utilisées par @framasky :

Merci pour ce partage !


Paolo Redaelli
4 hours ago

@gabrielesvelto according to my non extensive experience #google and #youtube keep thinking that #firefox users are using an #adblocker even when they aren't. They're fighting people's freedom. And non #privacyconcerned people will remain in the tentacles of #gafams 😱

Chris Grossack (they/them)
4 hours ago

#firefox just added a feature to copy a link without the tracking information! Now when I send somebody a link it won't blow up into a zillion characters of tracking data with a link hidden somewhere inside!

#firefox #mozilla #browser
#Google is slowing down the video in which Louis Rossmann talks exactly about it :blobaviator:

David Llewellyn-Jones
5 hours ago

#SailfishOS #Gecko dev diary Day 96. The last piece of the "address bar search" puzzle goes in. Plus some discussion about why this change isn't needed for #Firefox, thanks to @vige's keen instincts.

@gameplayervent #XeniaFirefox comes with #ShinigamiEyes preinstalled and is #Linux-exclusive!

#Xenia #firefox #meme

Jeff Forcier
7 hours ago

Generally happy on #Firefox after my switch a few months ago, but damn if the in-your-face update popup that seemingly cannot be disabled without disabling /updates themselves/, isn't annoying as fuck 😂

Yea, sure, I /shouldn't/ end up with a half dozen browser windows each holding dozens of tabs, making me not want to risk losing some of that shit on a restart. But the brain is as the brain does…

8 hours ago

Thanks #Firefox for letting me know about

#tech #browser #bug

Are there any #OpenSource, privacy-focused web #browsers specifically for iPhone / iPad in the fashion of Mull or Fennec? Needs to be #Firefox-based and preferably able to install addons.

Need recommendations for family members who use these devices. #Apple #iPhone #iPad

10 hours ago

why people are so blind about #corporations, #companies? like the only thing they care about is making money. #microsoft, discord, #youtube, #unity. "they have to make money, it's okay they add ads and payed features". are people just okay when they're treated as living moneybags? i use #linux and own my computer. i use #firefox and own my internet serfing. i use #foss #androidrom and own my phone. #opensource is a thing! people make software to help others. if you WANT to thank, you can donate.

Paul Jacobson
11 hours ago

Trying to add emoji from macOS in #Firefox and I just can't seem to do this using the Control + Command + Space keyboard trigger.

This seems to happen in #Firefox v120.0.1 and #FirefoxDeveloperEdition v121.0b6

This is very weird. Any idea what could be causing this? Has anyone seen this behavior before?

An animated GIF showing how when I try to trigger an emoji selector in Firefox, the macOS panel opens and closes immediately.
koehntopp ~ :
13 hours ago

My biggest problem (yeah, I know...) switching to #Firefox from #Chrome is the tab bar - is there an add-on to make the tabs only show the favicon when tha tab bar gets full?

No #firefox/#Thunderbird in #amazon #AppStore?

Boooh, really bad, @mozilla

14 hours ago

Who wouldn't like Firefox's new automatic cookie banner hiding and the extension I don't care about cookies? Two independent popups bugging users (wtf?) taken care of. #cookies #cookiebanners #firefox #firefox120

15 hours ago

Wieder was gelernt.

Wenn man in #uBlock_Origin #uBlockOrigin unter "Meine Filter" einen Eintrag mit " || " schreibt, dann wird die Seite blockiert. z.B.


Somit spare ich mir die #Firefox Erweiterung #BlockSite

15 hours ago

Does anyone know how to fix the Low FPS issue on Firefox mobile for YouTube? This is really annoying, for normal YouTube videos. I just got a click on the settings cogged. And that fixes it, but for YouTube shorts. It's just permanently at a low frame rate.


Linux TLDR
15 hours ago

Linux Weekly Roundup: 4MLinux 44.0, Armbian v23.11, Qubes OS 4.2.0-rc5, Tails 5.20, and More!
#Linux #LinuxNews #4MLinux #LibreOffice #Firefox #Armbian #QubesOS #Tails #TorBrowser #Thunderbird #Nitrux

15 hours ago

@tilvids @mozilla I switched yesterday, back from Brave to Firefox. I remember that I switched from Firefox to Brave only because a meeting website I needed for university back then demanded a Chrome browser and I did the next best thing and used Brave. Feels good to be back home. #firefox

15 hours ago

@rettichschnidi ich stand gestern bei Thunderbird vor dem gleichen Dilemma. warum geben die keine Iban an, an die ich einfach und gebührenfrei sponsern kann? #thunderbird #firefox #spende @mozilla

15 hours ago

Ein neuer Forumbeitrag: 1526/firefox-dolphin-dateibrowser-benutzen #firefox #linux

Gabriele Svelto
16 hours ago

I must say that Google is doing a very good job at promoting #Firefox lately.

Jarno Rankinen
18 hours ago

Been trying to get back to Firefox on Android from GOS's Vanadium.

Annoying things like this make me think these are intentionally made to have people stick to Edge or Chrome.

#Firefox #GitHub

A mobile screenshot of a repository page on GitHub. A functionally critical pop-up menu rendered mostly off the top of the page. The user can't scroll up to see most of the navigation menu, since it's the top of the page.

Of course I use firefox, I'm a furry. 😀


#FireFox #Mozilla


@siin @jeffdm @workingclassgames I recommend people to use #TorBrowser instead and only use #Firefox on sites they trust out of conviction...

@frumble @shi +1

I use #Firefox #ESR and as far as I'm concerned @mozilla 's Browser just works...

Firefox 120.0 现在会自动信任系统证书。

此功能在 Windows、macOS 和 Android 平台自动启用。用户可在设置中手动关闭。

Bulletproof TLS #107

#Firefox #CA

Telegram 原文

21 hours ago

Will ich #Firefox/#Mozilla 5 CHF pro Monat via #Kreditkarte spenden, so gehen knapp 60 Rappen (~10%!) an den Payment-Provider.

Brauchbare Alternativen aus der Schweiz heraus scheint es nicht zu geben:

Bei 60 CHF einmalig (bzw. dann halt jedes Jahr) sind die Kosten noch immer 4 CHF (6.66%).


Recondo :debian: :runbsd:
23 hours ago

@KasTasMykolas @nixCraft how? On Firefox I can't see other people screen sharing and can't use my camera :(

I'm using #Debian with #Firefox 115 ESR

@Haste I guess using @mozilla #firefox if not @torproject #TorBrowser is an act of digital self- and mutual defense then!

1 day ago

Firefox pour Android va gagner plus de 400 extensions, voici les plus populaires.

Une excellente nouvelle pour les utilisateurs de l’application mobile.

#firefox #Mozilla #android #extentions #Bitwarden

Hacker News 50
1 day ago

Microsoft blocking Firefox login with FIDO2 key on


#firefox #microsoft

@nixCraft How is this not a violation of #NetNeutrality?

I hope @bsi will ask #Microsoft about this #discrimination of @mozilla #Firefox.

@workingclassgames or even better: Use @torproject #TorBorwser so #Tracking and #Ads are pointless!

Because it is @mozilla #Firefox but with #uBlockOrigin, #HTTPSeverywhere and #NoScript already integrated and working fine...

OhWeh 🤍
1 day ago

@workingclassgames Using #Firefox since so many years, I can't even remember. Of course with µBlock and with PrivacyBadger.

#Firefox😍 + #Thunderbird😍 + #LibreOffice😍

cc @mozilla @thunderbird
@LibreOfficeDE 📚
1 day ago

Firefox 120.0.1 released, a non-security update that fixes five issues including one that caused 100% CPU usage on sites like Google Maps. Update as soon as possible.

#firefox #browser #update

Jennifer Morency :bc:
1 day ago

How to make web pages easier to read in Firefox: #accessibility #Firefox #addons

Robert Mader
1 day ago

@linmob For the PPP / Camera I'd like to point out that it relies on #libcamera, #PipeWire and #GStreamer, all of which would need some improvements to get to similar results like MP on the PP (in case of libcamera mainly device specific).

That being said, the big advantage of using that stack is that the camera can be used in more apps, such as Decoder, @dino or #Firefox

So I personally would love to see more of the knowledge and optimizations in MP finding their way upstream :)

Chmouel Boudjnah
1 day ago

I made a script for #sway inspired by #neovim harpoon to easily switch between a set of preferred
available here:

for example you pass this configuration:

["firefox", "emacs", "kitty"]

and harpon will switch over those windows in order if those are running...

there is other options in there for alternatives you can look at the documentation at the top of the script.

#swaywm #emacs #firefox #kitty

Working Class Games
1 day ago

For the love of life people just switch to firefox. Chrome sucks. No, Brave sucks too. Get out of there, and get Firefox with uBlock Origin.

#firefox #chromeSucks #noBraveSucksToo

Ars technica article heading with text: Chrome’s next weapon in the War on Ad Blockers: Slower extension updates
Your Autistic Life
1 day ago

The broad lines of the move from #Chrome to #Firefox are done.

Interesting. I closed all my Chrome windows. Then I do a check with `ps` and I still find Chrome processes running.


"Feature?" (Yep, the quotes are deliberate.)

I had to use `pkill chrome` twice to kill the stragglers.

#ps #processes #bug #feature #pkill

Herr Irrtum!
1 day ago

Yeahrrr... SO COOL, #Firefox


Screenshot vom neuen Firefox Pulldown-Menü-Entry... (URL..) "Kopieren ohne Website Tracking".
Bernie The Wordsmith
1 day ago

If you still use #Chrome, you may want to know that #Google is limiting its extension capabilities because they do not like ad blocking. Google makes your browser to work against you by twiddling the buttons, as @pluralistic said. Work against this by using #Firefox a browser that will always be yours.

Bernie The Wordsmith
1 day ago

Si todavía estás usando Google #Chrome, que sepas que la compañía que lo desarrolla trabaja activamente contra tí y va a limitar las extensiones que te protegen, como los bloqueadores de publicidad. Pásate a #Firefox para que tu navegador siga siendo tuyo.

Karl Emil Nikka
1 day ago

Remember! Firefox will keep supporting MV2 extensions (e.g., uBlock Origin) alongside the new MV3 extensions. And yes, you should use MV3 extensions whenever possible, especially since Firefox doesn’t support domain restrictions for MV2 extensions like Chromium based browsers do.

#firefox #manifestv3

Your Autistic Life
1 day ago

Firefox's annoyances:

* Arcane profile management. Yes, yes, yes, I'm a software engineer. However, I'd rather deal with a nicer interface than what Firefox provides.

* Tab syncing is iffy. Apparently pinned tab are just not synced because "that's what *some* people prefer". :headache: It doesn't look like the tab order is preserved, either. :why:


Your Autistic Life
1 day ago

If you are on ChromeOS, I strongly recommend installing Firefox for ChromeOS rather than Firefox for Android.

#Firefox #ChromeOS

1 day ago

Mozilla's "Privacy Not Included" website contains reviews of popular gadgets for privacy

#mozilla #privacy #gadgets #review #firefox

Your Autistic Life
1 day ago

I've moved my Your Autistic Life profile from Chrome to Firefox. It was *mostly* painless. The most painful thing was that it did not replicate my open tabs.

(By the way, if you did not know this. Firefox has a way to import your Chrome data. Google it! :madjoy: )

I have many pen names and I have one profile for each in Chrome, so I'm not done yet. I've moved one other profile. I still need to move my... er... plain boring profile. (I mean one I created first, before I had any pen name.)

There are two profiles that won't get moved. One is for a pen name that I killed last week. The other one is for a pen name I'm going to kill soon.

I'm trying to concentrate on Your Autistic Life.

#YourAutisticLife #Chrome #Firefox #GoogleIsShit #PenName

1 day ago

Chromium-based browsers have such a better UX with tabs that switching to #Firefox becomes a crippling experience. Apparently, I'm not even the only one with this problem

2 days ago

Use #Firefox. Chrome, Opera GX, Brave and everything else sucks 🦊

Alsace Réseau Neutre
2 days ago

Dans les paramètres de votre navigateur #firefox (android, PC, etc) vous pouvez même le rajouter comme moteur de recherche par défaut en ajoutant l'URL :

Vous trouverez aussi une barre de recherche "Fouiner" sur la page d'accueil de

David Zaslavsky
2 days ago

@nicorikken @elipriaulx This may be of some use:

It's a pretty old question, but a couple of the answers are relatively more recent and might have info that's still accurate. (I haven't tried it though, so I don't know)


Nico Rikken
2 days ago

I encountered a Ctrl+F override this last week in #Jira. I could no longer search on the page in the displayed text. Just on all tickets, which was giving bogus results in this case. Is there a way to prevent this in #Firefox or add some 'search in page' option?

2 days ago

While I dislike #Google deliberately slowing down browsers / extensions they don't like, it got me thinking... what if the same thing was done back? Is that OK? Like an extension that places an error looking message on screen to Chrome users saying something like "This page is slow due to Google Chrome." and then delivered assets at a bare minimal speed.

I'm not convinced this is a good or bad idea at t his point. I just find it interesting as a thought exercise.

#Firefox #Adblock #Youtube

Jeffrey Bouter
2 days ago

By remaining to use a chromium browser, you're assisting in fucking up the web. I get it, it was nice and shiny. But it's time to come back to Firefox, folks.

#Firefox #chrome #floss #adblock #freedom

2 days ago

This is terrible! This is awful! What am I going to do...oh wait, that's right: keep using @mozilla #Firefox :firefox:

If you care about the health of the #Internet stop using #Google products. Continuing to use their products and services is tacit endorsement of their user-hostile practices. 🌐

#tech #technology #privacy #chrome

@mostaurelius @blackmastodon
My experience is that bookshop(.)org is receptive to kind, polite feedback if you think the steps above could use improvement. They'll do bookshop outreach if you ask them to, in case you know of an unlisted Black-owned store.

They use browser cookies and affiliate URLs (think now defunct; I'm sure that was their model). Human frailty means you will eventually forget to check. Private browsing, clear cookies, switch device or browser, "*boop* what preferred bookstore?" 😖
I pointed this out via a decent email dialog with #BookshopDotOrg over 12 months ago. The fact that it still works in this deeply suboptimal way is intentional, if only intentional neglect. and are absolutely part of the coalition in my mind. Both are fantastic candidates for #AdversarialInteroperability — like maybe a #Bookwyrm plugin or #Firefox browser extension — to smooth over the rough edges until they do the work on their end.

#Books #Bookshops #ChooseBookshops

Mark Gardner ‍:sdf:
2 days ago

@bladecoder @gandalf I’m using #Chromium-based #ArcBrowser for interface and organizational reasons.

Can I turn #Firefox into a work-a-like or is there a #Gecko / #SpiderMonkey based alternative?

The new off-main-thread Windows Jump List backend for #firefox that we've been working on during The Joy of Coding has been enabled by default for Nightly! It's held to Nightly for now while we monitor it for behavioural issues.

Brage Fuglseth
2 days ago

Is it possible to make #Firefox follow the system color scheme without having it trying to mimick the system GTK3 stylesheet? Ideally it would just stop trying to do that and use its stock light/dark style everywhere, but I'd be happy to hear any workarounds for now.

3 days ago

#Business #Trends
Firefox on the brink? · The big three may effectively and quickly be down to a big two

#Development #Browser #MarketShare #Chrome #Firefox #Safari #WebDev #Frontend

3 days ago

I still think it's cool that firefox honors man:foo.1 style URI and will open the Help Browser with the man page in question.

Experimenting with features that have been on the bleeding edge for some time is weird.

Firefox (left) supports Colr fonts but not initial-letter.

Safari (middle) used to support Colr fonts and supports initial-letter.

Chrome supports both but initial-letter still needs to be prefixed.

I think I'll play with fonts with colors in them. Too bad Safari users won't see them. They'll get whole word, that has to be enough.

#css #font #webdesign #firefox #chrome #safari #progressiveEnhancement

Tomas Ekeli
3 days ago

#firefox for #android is getting back its extensions (most of them) on the 14th of december.

here's the ones that support android: (yes, #noScript is there!)

3 days ago

In my endeavours towards relying on Google less I've learned that in #Firefox you can add any search box from any site as a bookmark with a keyword associated with it.

E.g. I've added with the keyword !dic, Cambridge Dictionary with !cam and Meriam-Webster with !mer so instead of typing "something definition" into my browser's bar and then clicking on a search result I can type e.g. "!dic something" and get to the result right away. #FirefoxTips

Firefox screenshot of showing the context menu after right-clicking on the search bar, with the option "Add a Keyword for this Search" highlighted
Ruth Mottram
3 days ago

Waiting at the hairdresser so time for one of my periodic #ClearTheTabs threads on random stuff I have open in my #Firefox...

First up a paper I think @DrEvanGowan shared on Palaeo #SeaLevels from Australia that appear to confirm the vulnerability of #Antarctica to loss under #ClimateChange 1/many

Bryce Wray
3 days ago

Post >> Firefox on the brink? • The Big Three may effectively be down to a Big Two, and right quick.

#WebDev #Firefox #Browsers #WebDevelopment

4 days ago

@thisleenoble @robertpi #firefox has a nice feature where prefixing a search with % in the url window finds the tab that you already have open! it has changed my life.

Linux Is Best
4 days ago


Personally, I am waiting for "Local CDN" ported to Firefox for Android. That will be a big win.

#LocalCDN #Android #Firefox #Mozilla

4 days ago

I've got love/hate relationships with #Firefox and #Vivaldi.

Firefox feels sluggish on my phone. I don't like that it refreshes pages every time I switch, even if it's just for a second to check something. The desktop browser just locked up on me a minute ago.

But, I like the way fonts render way more than with Chromium browsers. I like that the interface is pretty minimalist. I like that the screen capture tool will recognize individual elements which makes getting screen caps of, say, Mastodon posts really easy. It remembers where I was on PDFs.

I really like Thunderbird as a mail client (though my old #Microsoft #Hotmail accounts can check emails but not send them, for some reason). I love the simple HTML viewing. It's way better than other clients like Vivaldi's built-in client or #KMail.

Jan :rust: :ferris:
4 days ago

Hey #Microsoft,

the #EU @EU_Commission and their citizens will probably not like it that you don't give users a choice on which browsers to use for your new "search input" that can be opened from the Desktop.

Instead, with this search it seems you want to force users to use your own #Edge #browser.

But I want to use #Firefox for this new search input! So what's up with that!?

#Law #EUCompetitionLaw

A screenshot of the new search input floating desktop window on Windows 10. The language is in german.

You can enter text or a url in the search input and, when submitted, will search the web via _the Edge_ web browser. The browser is _not_ configurable for this new Windows feature. It will always use the Edge web browser, although one can have another _default_ web browser configured for the whole OS (like Firefox).