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BC Is Blocking Needed First Nations Power Projects, Says Report | The Tyee “The report found that #FirstNations owned, operated or co-partnered #RenewableEnergy projects that generate 13 per cent of B.C.’s electricity — an amount more than the future output of the #SiteC dam.”

4 hours ago

While I mainly focus on digital art I have dabbled in other art forms including beading. This was an old jacket I had that was revitalized, with an beading arrangement I designed and a patch from ntvs. #art #beading #indigenousart #indigenous #firstnations

Black jacket with beading around collar
Black jacket with patch on back, that reads "together we rise".
Beading design
LM Little
1 day ago

"On September 27th, 12 pm 2023 five #FirstNations from Northern #Ontario will come to #Toronto to lead a march calling on Premier Ford to end unwanted #mining activity on their Territories."

at home in my head
1 day ago

One of those "Honest Government" ads, featuring Canada, oil companies, and indigenous communities. It includes links you can use to support the indigenous people there, in this fight.

#firstnations #canada #oil

Alan Rycroft 🇨🇦
1 day ago

Lək̓ʷəŋən cultural project at Victoria's Inner Harbour gets federal financial boost

Artwork, interpretive signs and language displays on the lower causeway would show the importance of the Songhees and Esquimalt Nations to the region and its history

#Lekwungen #EsquimaltNation #SongheesNation #FirstNations #culture #yyj

arccyclist :verified_gay:
2 days ago

@qotca @sarahtaber if you do a cast about this, then one of the questions that needs to be asked is why we need to use Toxic Plastic for the seaweed infrastructure?

Look to the local First Nations tribes along the coast. They will have knowledge about what kinds of materials can hold up in water.

#ToxicPlastic #FirstNations
2 days ago

A second rally on Parliament Hill in #Ottawa heard from chiefs and #FirstNations scholars in #Ontario who vehemently object to the #federal #legislation #BillC53, which recognizes #selfgovernment for the #Métis Nations of #Ontario #Alberta and #Saskatchewan.

At issue is six additional historic Métis communities the #MNO is claiming.

#rights #treaty #Indigenous #cdnpoli

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The 24th imagineNATIVE #Film + #Media #Arts #Festival is coming up in October, both in person and online. It’s time to consider your programming selections.

imagineNATIVE has drawn upon an experienced team to bring the audience 14 feature films, 70 short films, 21 digital and interactive works and 17 audio works.

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#Indigenous #FirstNations #Métis #Inuit #film #documentary #mockumentary

Two photos: At left is a woman standing in front of a banner that has imagineNATIVE printing repeatedly on it. At right is a bearded man wearing a toy or fake feather headdress. He scowls looking toward the camera.
3 days ago

Dr. Ida Halpern and Kwakwaka'wakw artist and singer Chief Mungo Martin worked together in the early 1950s to preserve more than 100 traditional West Coast #songs from disappearing when the #potlatch ban forbid their use.

But did Halpern #betray the trust of Martin in the way she would go on to use the #recordings?

A film by #documentary producer and director Barbara Todd Hager on the subject is in the works.

#Indigenous #FirstNations #copyright #ownership #BC

A book is being held and opened to a page with a black and white photo of a woman on it. There are official stamps on the pages.
I Like Books
4 days ago

"Logging still goes on in British Columbia where nature lovers would prefer it didn’t, but rather than bemoan the decision from afar, photographer TJ Watt goes and looks for the best arguments for forest protection—giant, ancient trees.

Ever since he was 19, Watt has been trekking across the verdant landscapes of his home to look for the oldest trees he can, but on a recent trip to Flores Island in Clayoquot Sound, he has found one of the largest, oldest trees in the country.

“No tree has blown me away more than this one,” he told CBC News. “It literally is a wall of wood.”

Found on Ahousaht First Nation land, the tree is a Western red cedar, sometimes called redcedar because it’s not actually a cedar tree. It’s estimated to be 1,000 years old, with a width at its base of 5 meters (16.5 feet), and a height of 45 meters (147 feet.)"

#GoodNews #Canada #FirstNations #OldGrowth

BC Info Bot
4 days ago

Global News BC: ‘A symbol of us’: Esk’étemc-built powwow arbour connects community #globalnews #britishcolumbia #news #Esk'etemcFirstNation #FirstNations #Powwowarbour #AlkaliLake #Esk'etemc #Canada #Powwow #Sawmil #Esket

Preston MacDougall
4 days ago

TIL 😞 about the #PeasantFarmPolicy imposed on #FirstNations farmers in the Canadian 🇨🇦 prairies - because European immigrant farmers complained that they had been “too successful” using what were modern farming practices at the time. 👉
5 days ago

“Mission accomplished.”

Six Nations Chiefs’ bench depth leads to another #MannCup win

The perfect record of the Six Nations Chiefs #lacrosse squad remains intact. It’s competed in seven Mann Cup championships, and it’s won seven Mann Cup championships.

The Chiefs’ most recent #victory came Sept. 13 against host team New Westminster Salmonbellies from #BC The Chiefs secured the best-of-seven series in Game 5.

#FirstNations #sports #Indigenous #MSL #WLA

A winning team photo taken inside the box arena of the Mann Cup lacrosse final. It's all smiles and index fingers up in the #1 sign. The Six Nations Chiefs' squad is in white jerseys with blue accents. Coaching staff wears light blue golf shirts.
Adrian Morales
6 days ago

Everyone enjoys French fries, even though they're not French, and potato chips.

Did you know that the potato was domesticated by the Indigenous peoples of the Americas? It wasn't some random shrub. They were garden-variety cultivated by the locals.

Then the evil European colonists arrived, stole everything, including potatoes, and massacred everyone.

Something to consider the next time you're in a fast-food restaurant.

#FirstNations #IndigenousRights #PotatoChips #FrenchFries

M. Grégoire
6 days ago

"A guy in Thunder Bay chucked a trailer hitch at a random Indigenous woman from a passing car, yelling "got one!" as it fatally struck her. Guess how long he went to jail? Did you guess *two years*? "


Via @yuanyi_z , from nitter.

#murder #racism #FirstNations
#CanPol #cdnpoli

Adrian Morales
1 week ago

I know that the Indigenous peoples of the United States of America are seen as nothing more than pests, but this case in particular demands International attention, since this crime was perpetrated by those who claim to be defenders of Democracy and Freedom. How is this any different than what the Russians are doing to the Ukrainians? Shame on you! SHAME ON YOU!

#IndigenousRights #FirstNations #CrimesAgainstHumanity #SexualExploitation

I missed Shibastik's music video for "The Braid Remains" when it dropped a few weeks ago! Glad I found it today 🔥

#YouTube #Music #MusicVideo #Rap #HipHop #NishnawbHipHop #FirstNations #Indigenous #IndigenousArt #IndigenousMusic

S. K. Riley
1 week ago

More from the rally in New York yesterday that saw people march across the Brooklyn Bridge in Support of the Yes campaign on the Indigenous Voice to Parliament. – Guardian Australia.

[If you don’t know, find out!]
#WalkForYes #Indigenous #VoiceToParliament #FirstNations #Australia #Referendum23 #Yes23 #VoteYes #Saturday14 #Yes2023 #Brooklyn #NewYork

Australians in New York gathered on Saturday 16th of September 2023 to march across Brooklyn Bridge in solidarity with the historic Yes movement in the upcoming referendum. Crowd holds up colourful signs under Brooklyn Bridge for group photo on a sunny NYC day. Photograph: New York for Yes Campaign.
S. K. Riley
1 week ago

In New York, crowds gathered earlier this morning to walk over the Brooklyn Bridge in support of the Voice to Parliament.

Organiser Karri Walker said it meant a lot to her as an Aboriginal woman living in Boston, to see people turn up for the march.

"I hope we send a message to the rest of Australia that Australians are really supportive of the Voice, that this matters and that this is a really historic moment that people really care about," she said.

"Even though we're on the other side of the world, we're still Australians. We still care about what happens there, especially to our Indigenous people," Emma Barnes said.

"We've always had a voice and we've always been using it but now it's time that the Australian parliament listens to us," said Mi-kaisha Masella while crossing the bridge.
- ABC News

#WalkForYes #VoiceToParliament #FirstNations #Australia #Referendum23 #Yes23 #VoteYes #Saturday14 #Yes2023 #Brooklyn #NewYork

'Yes' supporters march across New York's Brooklyn Bridge. (ABC News). A woman holds up a large pale pink placard that reads ‘VOTE YES! Another supporter holds up an Australian Aboriginal flag above the heads of the crowd walking across the bridge.
"We've got a chance to make a really important change,” one supporter said while walking across the Brooklyn Bridge during the march. (ABC News). A sizable crowd walks together across Brooklyn Bridge to support the Yes vote in the upcoming Australian referendum. Placards read ‘VOTE YES!’, ‘Vote Yes for Indigenous Voice’ and ‘Always Was, Always Will Be’ in the colours of the Australian Aboriginal flag – red, black and yellow.

"Qimmiruluapik 3-Way" by Ivaluarjuk

No lyrics for this incredible throat-singing track, just a lot of love

There's something special about the laughter recorded at the end, too, just the pure joy of artists having used their masterfully-honed talents to create something beautiful together. I love that, too

#YouTube #Music #Folk #Inuit #FirstNations #Indigenous #IndigenousArt #IndigenousMusic #ThroatSinging

1 week ago

“The binary question being put to us at the referendum on October 14 is becoming more existential by the day. The fact that this referendum campaign is inflicting trauma on #FirstNations people across the country should give pause for thought.” #IndigenousVoice

Eric MacKnight
1 week ago

No one needs or wants #TruthAndReconciliation theatre.

A national holiday, and forcing Canadian students to sit through yet another presentation or video, will do *nothing* to meet the urgent needs of First Nations and Métis people today.

Fix the water supplies. Fund the schools. Provide housing. Provide jobs. Universal basic income. Health care.

That's what people need.

#canada #politics #FirstNations #Métis #Indigenous

MsDB42 🦘♀🌈🐧
1 week ago

#AusPol #TheVoice #VoteYes

If you intend to vote "No", and...

- you're white [but not part of the No Team], then you ARE stupid, selfish AND racist.

- you're non-white [but not part of the No Team], & also non #FirstNations, then you really ought to have a damn good hard look into your conscience.

- you're #FirstNations [but not part of the No Team], then you've been lied to, deceived, mislead, misdirected, & you really ought to reconsider. True, #TheVoice will not solve everything, but it's finally an important first step, to be followed later by #Truth & #Treaty. Without Step 1, there's not going to be Steps 2 & 3, so those who've lied to you are not acting in your best interests, only theirs.

- you're #FirstNations [& part of the No Team], then you've sold your soul to the devil, all for playing politics & seeking your own personal aggrandisement. Shame on you.

- you're white [& part of the No Team], then you ARE stupid, selfish AND racist. You are mendacious, malevolent, malfeasant & mean. You're evil & i sincerely wish for a world of pain to descend upon you.

#AusPol #TheVoice #VoteYes

1 week ago “"This is about the rights and interests of #FirstNations people in this country, and their recognition within our constitution," Mr Snowdon said.

"It should be above politics, but sadly, it's not."

Ms Scrymgour believes, as was the case in 1988, some sections of Australian society "fear change", and that is an element playing into the #VoiceToParliament discourse.”
1 week ago

In the 16,000-word epic #poem “Piper”, poet D.A. Lockhart describes in glorious #wrestling terms the #battle that determines the fate of Pelee Island with real life archfoes Rowdy Roddy Piper and Goldust #brawling while the Lenape #legend of Deerwoman is woven in.

The newly-created #myth is published in Lockhart’s new collection of poems called North of Middle Island, a love letter to an island worth fighting for.

#Indigenous #FirstNations #poetry #books #WWE #HotRod

Three photos: At left is a photo of wrestler Rowdy Roddy Piper wearing his signature T-shirt with the word Hot Rod written on it. He is making fist in front of his chest. Middle: The cover of a book titled North of Middle Island that has a mask in red and black on it. At right is a photo of a bearded man wearing black toque, the poet.
1 week ago

Softball star back catcher Phyllis Bomberry and lacrosse builder Oren Lyons have been named to the 2023 class of inductees into Canada’s Sports Hall of Fame.

Bomberry, who passed away in 2019, was from Six Nations of the Grand River. Her brother Ivan will accept the honour on her behalf.

Lyons is a member of Onondaga Nation in the state of New York, and at 94 says he’s humbled to be included.

#Indigenous #FirstNations #Sports #softball #lacrosse #halloffame #Canada

Two black and white photos: At left is an older man holding an eagle staff. At right is a female softball back catcher, crouching and smiling with her glove raised.
2 weeks ago

Nine First Nations want to be involved in a transmission line build from the Wawa Transformer Station to the Porcupine Transformer Station in northern Ontario. But they are split between competing bids.

Four have formed a coalition with backing from an American-based company and the other five nations are supporting a partnership with Hydro One.

All believe economic reconciliation should drive government’s decision.

#Indigenous #FirstNations #economy #reconcilation

Four head and shoulders photos of three men and one woman.

First Nation in northwestern Ontario celebrates new school and Oji-Cree immersion program | CBC News #JohnGeorgeMartinMemorialSchool #FirstNations #ontedu #Language #Cree #WunnuminLake #LandBasedLearning #onpoli @ontariogreens @onpoli

Tim Richards
2 weeks ago

Sounds like a sensible approach to make the First Nations art more prominent. I know international visitors are often keen to see it.
Indigenous art: National Gallery of Victoria (NGV) Ian Potter centre at Fed Square reconfigures its First Nations art collection

#Australia #Art #FirstNations
2 weeks ago

“I really do feel that art is medicine.”

Amber Smith-Quail knew in her heart since she was a child that she would grow to be an artist.

An opportunity that would cause her to leave a job as an educator and test that ambition has resulted in a solo exhibit called Nawemaa/To be related at the Dignam Gallery in Toronto after a year-long artist in residence position with the Women’s Art Association of Canada.

#Indigenous #art #FirstNations #Landback #Toronto #mmiwg

A woman stands in front of a framed painted landscape. Hanging in the middle of the painting is a beaded medallion that says "Land Back" with an arrow under the word Land.
2 weeks ago

"Since Robbie Robertson's death, donations have poured in for Woodland Cultural Centre near Six Nations, Ontario ".

For me , born and grown up in Holland, The Band's last album "The Last Waltz" was a pivotal album in my younger years.
Like Sgt Pepper in the '60's.
Outgrew pop to be honest, but seeing all those great Girls and Guys singing "Forever Young" together on stage is Something.

#canada #theBand #ontario #RobbieRobertson #FirstNations #pop #popmusic

Ben Rowswell
2 weeks ago

Principal message coming out of panel of Chiefs overseeing searches: the ultimate objective of finding the bodies of children who died in #residentialschools must be justice. Much discussion about taking a case to the UN to ensure the government of Canada is held accountable - including by Grand Chief of the Quebec Cree Mandy Gull-Masty #indigenous #firstnations #wearestillhere #landback
2 weeks ago

Layla Staats visits Indigenous communities in Canada and the United States that suffer boil water advisories for the new documentary Boil Alert.

The film will premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival.

Executive producer Stevie Salas (RUMBLE: The Indians Who Rocked The World) hopes a look at the Third World conditions in First World countries will open some eyes to clean water inequities.

#Indigenous #FirstNations #water #film #TIFF #BoilAlert #documentary

A woman stands along a tree-lined street. Behind her the mist is lifting. She wears a concerned look on her face underneath the brim of a black hat.
Ben Rowswell
2 weeks ago

@indigenous_commentator is being targetted by hate groups for her advocacy of justice for residential school victims. Watch her video call to action and let’s help spread her content to counter the hate #firstnations #residentialschools #Landback
2 weeks ago

“We are Indigenizing old policies and management and are shaping a better future for the next generations.”

Keepers of the Land is a short film produced by the Kitasoo Xai’xais Nation.

The film was made in conjunction with Moonfish Media Inc. and is one of four finalists in the Global Voices category of the Jackson Wild Media Awards. They’re like the Oscars for nature films.

#FirstNations #film #environment #JacksonWildFilmFestival #BC #conservation #stewardship

A tail fin can be seen as a whale dives into the ocean in front of a village nestled at the base of a mountain on British Columbia's coast.

South Bruce Peninsula mayor resigns after ‘racist’ comments towards local First Nations | Globalnews #Racism #SouthBrucePeninsula #FirstNations #Indigenous #onpoli @ontariogreens @onpoli

Martin Feld
3 weeks ago

I’m proud of this episode of the Voices of BlueScope #podcast (part of my paid employment), which discusses how our employees collaborate with organisations like NPY Women's Council (NPYWC).

NPYWC delivers health, social and cultural services for all Anangu, and is governed and directed by Aboriginal women across 26 desert communities in the cross-border regions of Western Australia, South Australia and the Northern Territory.

Listen at


Cassandra House of Priam
3 weeks ago

Here in #Australia we are undergoing a constitutional #Referendum to finally recognise our #FirstNations peoples and provide them with a guaranteed #Voice into matters that affect them. Needless to say, divisions are being deliberately stoked by naysayers, the far right etc. Undaunted, the #Yes23 campaign last night launched their TV campaign with this wonderful ad. #UluruStatement

3 weeks ago

Amid Continued #Sovereignty Campaign, #Wabanaki REACH Creates Play as Part of Truth-Telling Project

Evan Popp, Maine Beacon
Thu, August 31, 2023

"As part of a truth-telling initiative that seeks to illuminate the issue of land claims and the 1980 #SettlementAct as well as celebrate the resilience of #Indigenous communities, the group #WabanakiREACH has partnered with a #Maine-based #theater organization to create a play developed by and for #Wabanaki people.

"The play, titled where the river widens, is an original, community-developed production and is being put on in partnership with #ThreadbareTheatreWorkshop, a group located on the Blue Hill peninsula. The work is the first public offering based on a project in which Wabanaki REACH — an organization supporting Indigenous self-determination through education and other restorative practices — spent a year gathering more than 40 oral history interviews from Wabanaki people and those in Maine about Maine Indian land claims and the 1980 Settlement Act.

"As Beacon previously reported, Wabanaki tribes have long argued that the Settlement Act has stifled tribes’ economic development and allowed the state to treat sovereign Indigenous nations as municipalities, creating a paternalistic and unfair relationship that no other federally-recognized tribe is subject to. Given that, the Wabanaki have created a grassroots movement in the last couple years behind reforming the Settlement Act to recognize the tribes’ inherent sovereignty, but opposition from Gov. #JanetMills has stymied such efforts despite broad support for change from the public.

"Earlier this year, tribal leaders also attempted to pass a bill to ensure that the Wabanaki would have access to most federal laws that benefit Indigenous tribes around the country. Proponents of that legislation noted that because of the Settlement Act, any federal law enacted after 1980 for the benefit of tribes across the U.S. that impacts the application of Maine law doesn’t apply to the Wabanaki unless they are specifically included in the measure by Congress. However, Mills in June vetoed the measure pushed by tribal leaders to rectify that situation.

"Given the power of the stories Wabanaki REACH was able to collect on the subject, Maria Girouard, the group’s executive director, said the organization felt it was important to share those experiences with a wider audience via theater.

“We were so moved by the stories we gathered, it was a natural next step to talk about theater as a way of continuing to move the conversation from the head to the heart, to reach more people, and to gather in community,” Girouard said.

"The play is set outdoors along the #PenobscotRiver, which itself has been the subject of land claim disputes and issues related to tribal sovereignty. It stitches together music, song, dance and the interviews from Beyond the Claims: Stories from the Land & the Heart — the name of the Wabanaki REACH truth-telling initiative.

"A news release about where the river widens also describes it as a 'poetic, spare, lyrical movement through stories, place, and time” and a thought-provoking play that “not only illuminates a complex and tumultuous era, but celebrates the beauty, creativity, and resilience of Wabanaki people.'

"#Threadbare said they are excited to be working with Wabanaki REACH on the play, which features #LilahAkins, #EstherAnne, #NickBear, #WolatqinBear, #AndreaFrancis, #MariaGirouard, #DaleLolar, #GeorgeLoring, #MargoLukens, #JoshuaMcCarey, and #ErlenePaul as co-creators and performers.

"'Threadbare’s way of co-creating, not only with community members but inspired by them, aligns so beautifully with Wabanaki REACH’s values of connection and joy,' said Kate Russell, artistic director of Threadbare Theatre Workshop. 'I am grateful for the generous folks who have come together this summer to create and perform this play — they are brilliant.'

"There will be two public performances of the hour-long play on Indian Island on Sept. 16 and Sept. 17 at 5 p.m. With space limited, those who want to attend must register ahead of time to reserve seats by visiting"

#IndigenousNews #WabanakiConfederacy #PenobscotNation #Maliseet #Passamaquoddy #Mikmaq #FirstNations #MaineTribes #Arts #Theatre #TruthTelling #NativeAmericans

3 weeks ago

In the #PenobscotNation, a lack of jurisdiction hampers tribal courts

by Donovan Lynch, August 31, 2023

"But often, the tribal court doesn’t have the jurisdiction to remedy these problems on its own. As a result of the Maine Indian Claims Settlement Act of 1980, the State of Maine has broad power over matters of law and order on tribal land."

#IndigenousNews #WabanakiConfederacy #FirstNations #MaineTribes #Wabanaki #NativeAmericans

Steve Dustcircle ⍻
3 weeks ago

#FirstNations say they’re not #wildfire #evacuees, but #climate #refugees;
#Indigenous communities that first warned against burning #fossilfuels are now facing permanent #displacement caused by climate breakdown.
3 weeks ago

Book shows how a seed harvested and sown by the ancestors demonstrated love for future generations

Mnoomin maan’gowing The Gift of Mnoomin is a new children’s book that tells the story of a seed that has been gathered and reseeded by Anishinabeg for time immemorial.

It’s a responsibility when harvesting the seed for food to keep some to sow for the next year. It’s a seed that feeds entire ecosystems.

#Indigenous #FirstNations #food #seeds #harvest #children #books

The cover of a children's book shows two people in a canoe paddling through a body of water covered in long grasses. Two ducks sit in the waterway and clouds fill the sky.
On October 27, 2022, Canada’s parliament unanimously recognised the country’s residential school system as genocide. More than 150,000 Indigenous children we...
Is Canada doing enough to address the lasting impact of residential schools? | People & Power
3 weeks ago

4. Vote #YES because it’s what #FirstNations communities are asking us to do, because it’s a step in the right direction, where everyone is given a fair go regardless of their background, gender or where they live.

3 weeks ago

2. Vote #YES to provide more practical solutions to issues faced by #FirstNations communities, like health, education, jobs and housing.

3 weeks ago

1. Vote #YES to give #FirstNations communities the opportunity to provide the government with feedback on issues that affect them. The government will still be responsible for all laws, programs and funding. The #Parliament will still make all decisions.
3 weeks ago

A two-year ground penetrating radar search of a cemetery used by the Beauval Indian residential school in Saskatchewan has revealed anomalies of the potential unmarked graves of 79 children and 14 infants.

It’s expected to impact 16 communities in the northwest, both First Nations and Métis. The announcement of the search findings was made on Aug. 29.

#Indigenous #FirstNations #Métis #GPR #unmarkedgraves #residentialschool #Saskatchewan

Three women sit before mics at a table while chiefs in headdresses sit behind them.
3 weeks ago

Volksentscheid über mehr Mitspracherecht für Australiens Indigene

Australien hat die Wahl: In einem Volksentscheid geht es um mehr Mitspracherecht für die indigene Bevölkerung. In aktuellen Umfragen ist eine Mehrheit gegen die Verfassungsänderung - darunter auch Indigene. Von Jennifer Johnston.


#Australien #FirstNations #Albanese

Prairie First Nations prepare to launch legal battle over natural resources.

"Chiefs seek to overturn 'illegal' 1930 act granting provinces control over resources."

#FirstNations #Resources #IllegalAct by #settlers

Simon Brooke
1 month ago

@ChrisMayLA6 That's before you start calculating the reparations we owe to India, China, Australia, Aotearoa, countless oceanic islands...

North America is a whole other mess. We ought to repatriate about half of its white population, as well as the whole of its Black population. Who would then pay reparations to the #FirstNations I don't know, but they'd probably be happy to get the land back.

Fedi.Garden 🌱
1 month ago is a Glitch Mastodon server for Canadians (Anglophones and Francophones), First Nations, Métis, and Inuit Peoples of the great white north:


For more info see their About page at or contact their admin @announcements

#FeaturedServer #Canada #Canadian #Canadians #Canadien #Canadienne #Canadiens #Canadiennes #FirstNation #FirstNations #Metis #Métis #Inuit #Glitch #GlitchMastodon #Fediverse

Fedi.Garden 🌱
1 month ago is a Mastodon server that is owned and operated by indigenous people in North America:


You can find out more from their About page at or contact their admin @Yehuda

(NOTE: This is a replacement for the indigenous server, and is run by the same people.)

#FeaturedServer #Indigenous #FirstNations #Native #NorthAmerica #Mastodon #Fediverse
1 month ago

Phyllis Webstad’s latest children’s book is titled Every Child Matters, a phrase tied inextricably with Orange Shirt Day, Sept. 30, and the movement Webstad founded to draw the country’s attention to the harms done to Indigenous children within the residential school system in Canada.

Every Child Matters is for readers six years of age and older and is illustrated by Karlene Harvey.

#Indigenous #FirstNations #children #residentialschools #books #EveryChildMatters

Two photos: At left is the cover of a children's book titled Every Child Matters. It is orange with an illustration of a mother holding a child smiling into his face. At right is a photo of a woman wearing an orange shirt and holding an eagle feather.
1 month ago

Experts say radical shift needed in our relationship with the environment

A radical shift is needed and it is time we intervene in the #ExtinctionCrisis, experts say.
A review led by Charles Darwin University (#CDU) found negative trends in #Australia'n #biodiversity loss—caused by invasive species, interrupted #FirstNations land and sea management, altered fire regimes, and changed water flows—could rapidly worsen unless policymakers act with haste.

Charlotte Hunter
1 month ago

First Nations do not get to decide who is and who isn't Métis under Canadian law. Or interfere with Parliamentary process for their own politics. MNO lawyer calls Wabun Tribal Council's claims "doomed." Federal Court Judge opens proceedings by calling local First Nations tactics "a problem." Wouldn't it be nice if we could all honour each others' histories and work together?
#ONPoli #CanPoli #FirstNations #Métis #Ontario #Law #Indigenous #MNO

Karen Wyld
2 months ago

Today is National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Children's Day. I love this year's theme: Little Voices, Loud Futures.

Find out more about this annual day >

#Aboriginal #TorresStraitIslanders #FirstNations #Indigenous

Poster promoting the day. Text has been replicated in my post. Image is red, blue and green lines waving across a yellow background. And stylised drawings of Blak children. SNAICC logo is in the top right-hand corner, and Children's Day logo is in the bottom left corner.
2 months ago

I would like to have some more First Nations Australians voices on my feed, if anyone has any recommendations I would love to hear them, particularly queer folks, academics and artists ​:shinx_happy:​

#indigenousaustralians #firstnationsaustralia #firstnationspeople #firstnations #indigenousvoicetoparliament

Ed Wiebe
2 months ago

"Archaeological dig uncovers remnants of W̱SÁNEĆ village dating back more than 1,000 years"

#FirstNations have been here forever. They are still here. #Saanich #VictoriaBC

Kahnawà:ke's bay restoration hailed as an example of
Indigenous-led conservation

"'Environmental racism' transformed this island. Its Kanien'kéha community is reclaiming and reviving the space."

#FirstNations #Environment #Restoration

Shouty person
2 months ago

Today's #BooksAndCoffee is brought to you by a little day trip to Shrewsbury. I'm drinking an oat latte at #IronAndFireCoffee and reading Moon of the Crusted Snow, a slow-paced First Nations apocalyptic tale by #WaubgeshigRice.

What are you drinking and reading?
#booksbooksbooks #Bookstodon #apocalypticfiction #postapocalyptic #firstnations #firstnationspeople #smallpress #shrewsbury #shropshire

Moon of the Crusted Snow by Waubgeshig Rice and a cup of coffee in front of a window
2 months ago

Growing up Russell Wallace lived in the Mt. Pleasant area of Vancouver’s Eastside.

He was the youngest of Flora and Ray Wallace’s 11 children. That home overflowed with singing, with his mom Flora teaching her children Salish songs and stressing the importance of preserving them.

Now Russell is passing along those teachings in workshops at the CREATE! Arts Festival in Vancouver on July 22.

#FirstNations #Indigenous #culture #tradition #song #festivals #Vancouver #BC

A man stands on a stage using a hand drum and sings.
Raymond Scott Pert
2 months ago

#Canada’s Indigenous women forcibly sterilized decades after other rich countries stopped | AP News

>A Senate report last year concluded “this horrific practice is not confined to the past, but clearly is continuing today.” In May, a doctor was penalized for forcibly sterilizing an #Indigenous woman in 2019. #nativeamerican #native #firstnations #aboriginal #nativepride #indigenousart #indigenouspeople
2 months ago

“We're not here to tear the place apart. We're here to rebuild and maybe do better.”

Charter work aims to make AFN a voice for all First Nations

On Tuesday, the first day of the AFN’s three-day annual general assembly in Halifax, members of the Chiefs’ Committee on Charter Renewal presented information on the work undertaken to modernize rules for how the organization is structured and how it will function.

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Members of the chiefs committee on charter renewal at the microphone
2 months ago

Beautiful interactive globe showing Indigenous territories, treaties, and languages of the world, along with many more resources.
(So far globe does not show India, China, Middle East, but i think they are coming.)

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Mitchell Whitelaw
2 months ago

Hey #canberra, this is coming up this week!

✨ Immerse yourself in an absurd wellness ritual, and design your renewable energy future in the style of a wellness EnergiZine ✨

An #ANU #questacon #designfiction #futures #firstnations #energy jam like no other, part of #UnchartedTerritoryCBR

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Mitchell Whitelaw
3 months ago

Hey #canberra, join us next week at Energizine: Nurturing Energy Transitions…

✨ Immerse yourself in an absurd wellness ritual, and design your renewable energy future in the style of a wellness EnergiZine ✨

A free #ANU #questacon #designfiction #futures #firstnations #energy jam like no other, part of #UnchartedTerritoryCBR

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Fedi.Garden 🌱
3 months ago is a server for (and owned by) Indigenous people. It's ad-free, corporate-free, bigotry-free, and culture respectful:


If you want to find out more, see their About page at or contact their admin @Yehuda

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Next we should start like a Native follow train eh #Indigedon?? So we can find all the new folks! Maybe @Yehuda can start? :)

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3 months ago

Tradition, technology come together for winter jacket lit by body heat

Sofia Parra was among a number of industrial design students from Carleton University in Ottawa to make a trip to the Na-Cho Nyak Dun First Nation community of Mayo, Yukon.

Parra met with a group of women in the First Nations garment program and together they helped create a coat that lights up using the body heat of the wearer.

#Indigenous #FirstNations #design #technology #northernCanada

Two photos: At left is a winter jacket that incorporates the traditional stylings of a northern coat, with fur trim around the hood, high collar and rounded hem. But it also has lights along the zipper and down the arms. At right is a smiling woman with long dark hair hanging over her shoulders.
Karen Wyld
3 months ago

#LandBack + #HashtagsBack
Stop trying to colonise the #Indigenous #FirstNations hashtags, settlers.
3 months ago

Available across Canada starting June 21, National Indigenous Peoples Day.

New stamps from Canada Post honour Indigenous leaders

Thelma Chalifoux, George Manuel and Nellie Cournoyea left their marks on their Indigenous communities and Canada.

Now, Canada Post is celebrating their contributions with stamps as part of the second annual Indigenous Leaders series.

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Three photos: Head shots of two women and one man.
3 months ago

An interim report from the office of the independent special interlocutor into missing children, unmarked graves and burial sites associated with Indian residential schools was released at Cowessess First Nation.

Interlocutor Kimberly Murray reports in "Sacred Responsibility: Searching for the Missing Children and Unmarked Burials" that a multitude of barriers still exist in undertaking the work.

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A woman stands at a podium and a microphone. Behind her is a panel that has Marieval survivors printed on it.
4 months ago

#GovernmentOfCanada promised to issue official #apology to #DakotaPeople of #Canada this month. #Dakota #TipiChief Dennis Pashe says it's a huge historic event for his people. He expects it to come from the #PrimeMinister in House of Commons.  
Pashe notes date for event is June 19.
"It's important for the Dakota people to correct the history of this land,"

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