It’s been eight days since the last time I fly fished 🤔

It was raining the whole weekend 😢 - so, I bought a fly reel online, although I may not need additional fly reel 😐

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Thin Crust Tavern Cut
2 days ago

This smallmouth bass is about 18 years old. The guy holding the smallmouth is much older.

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Suspicious man in a blue shirt wearing a floppy hat displays a nice fish he caught.
2 days ago

game devs adding a #fishing #minigame because their game happens to have a fishing rod item (it obviously makes them obligated to add fishing)

Clayton Hove
3 days ago


Seen at tonight’s North Star Auction preview. #vintage #antique #auction #fishing #swedish

3 days ago

Biden Administration Commits $200 Million to Help Reintroduce #Salmon in Columbia River

Dams had blocked salmon’s passage, driving them toward extinction and violating tribal fishing rights. The money will fully fund #Native tribes’ plans to bring fish back to the region.

#Oregon #Fishing #Fish #NativeAmerican

4 days ago
4 days ago

This one’s mine. Get your own. #BirdsOfMastodon #pelicans #fishing

Pelican standing on a fish.

Norristown Fish Passage area

Schuylkill River, PA

The fish ladder facility located here allows fish to migrate upstream and downstream around the dam - helping to restore the American Shad population😊

I didn’t fish, I just checked this area while my son was in a soccer training session 😉

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The Norristown dam is seen behind a railroad bridge over the Schuylkill River. Partially cloudy sky and riparian forest in the background.
Jessi Minter
4 days ago

Local. Good to know. #kansas #disability #fishing ❤️ 🎣
Fishing has no boundaries.

"Breaking down barriers to experiences is truly the catch of the day."

The event is September 23 and 24 at El Dorado Lake at Goose Cove area three.

Valeriano Manassero
5 days ago

Getting older I started to feel #tenkara is not just #fishing but a specific state of mind.

Imagery by Rihilism
5 days ago

Bluegill snagging some breakfast in a small lake at the #WaterworksPrairiePark in Iowa City, Iowa.

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Image of a bluegill fish picking algae off a flat rock in shallow, clear water. The rock and fish are surrounded by other flat rocks and all rocks are covered with a mat of fibrous green algae that is mostly covered with tan sediment.

The Wikipedia's entry for bluegill uses this description:
"The bluegill is noted for the black spot (the "ear") that it has on each side of the posterior edge of the gills and base of the dorsal fin. The sides of its head and chin are commonly a dark shade of blue. The precise coloration will vary due to the presence of neurally controlled chromatophores under the skin. The fish usually displays 5–9 vertical bars on the sides of its body immediately after being caught as part of its threat display. It typically has a yellowish breast and abdomen, with the breast of the breeding male being a bright orange. The bluegill has three anal spines, ten to 12 anal fin rays, six to 13 dorsal fin spines, 11 to 12 dorsal rays, and 12 to 13 pectoral rays. They are characterized by their deep, flattened bodies. They have a terminal mouth, ctenoid scales, and a lateral line that is arched upward anteriorly. The bluegill typically ranges in size from about four to 12 inches, and reaches a maximum size just over 16 inches. The largest bluegill ever caught was 4 lbs. 12 oz. in 1950."
Rebecca @ RH Fine Arts
6 days ago

Florida's Atlantic Coast at sunrise is a breathtaking spectacle. Warm beams of light break over the horizon, often through the thunder clouds. A lone fisherman is a not uncommon sight as they cast over & over, speaking to no one, just taking in the beauty the lies before them.

Matted ART Print:

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Lone man fishing on the beach at sunrise off the Atlantic Coast of Florida. Juno Pier in the distance and on the horizon thunder clouds in shades of deep blue and purple with flashes of orange and yellow from the rising sun. In shades of blue, the mighty Atlantic is quietly lapping at the fisherman's feet.

Darby Creek, PA

I like exploring new waters – but I love fishing and walking along local creeks which I am very familiar with 😊

These local creeks evolve every day, every week, every month, every year, providing new experience 😉

The spot below this riffle is always productive, but many of my favorite spots appeared last year, but some of them may longer accommodate fish next year (or even next month) 🤔

#FlyFishing #Fishing #Nature #Creek #Walking #Hiking #Environment

This section of Darby Creek has a shallow riffle that leads to a pool below where the water becomes slower. You can also see a flat beyond the riffle and an inner bank to the right that looks like a little pebble beach.
Surrounded by tall trees and bush, this is a nice walking trail along Darby Creek. It seems that the township recently mowed the grass, so, it was easy to walk while fishing.
Thin Crust Tavern Cut
1 week ago

37" northern pike from this years trip to Ontario. Weather and the fishing was excellent, the catching pure joy.

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1 week ago

I cooked up these little marabou streamers to swing for trout and smallmouth bass. There is some wool dubbed around the shank behind the marabou to give it volume and a counter-shaded belly. I won't be able to get back up into the mountains until mid October 😔, so they will have to wait.

#Flytying #FlyFishing #fishing #troutspey #marabou #feathers #wool

Chris White
1 week ago

#Fishing for #stripedBass in a spring flood #tide
Furnace Brook and Blacks Creek form an estuary behind a long spit & causeway in #Quincy, #Massachusetts. This tidal passage (beneath a bridge on Quincy Shores Avenue) can be closed for protection from extreme high water. At new moons, tidal range in this area is about 4 m (14 ft). My #photo

Two fisherman cast into foaming water at a tidal passageway on a sunny late summer day. Two walkers pause on the bridge above to look on.

Darby Creek, PA

Another busy week ahead, I spent about an hour and a half before the sunset on this local creek, just 6 min drive away from my home 😊

It was right after a pouring rain, the water was muddy. But fish were active where the water was slower. I kept a couple of survivor trout (from the spring stocking - put and take fishery) for my pescatarian meals😉

#FlyFishing #Fishing #Nature #Creek #Hiking #Walking #Pescatarian

A cloudy evening. It is right after a pouring rain, so , the water is muddy and much faster. But this area, the water is calm, surrounded by deep green woods, some fish are rising at the bottom of the riffle you can see further ahead.
Jennifer White
1 week ago
Some fishermen fishing off of Panama City Beach Pier in Florida.

Ridley Creek, PA

The water temperature is coming down: 19C/66F (6 pm, Saturday) - finally feeling the fall fishing season 😊
I only had about a half an hour, and wanted to check many spots to cover about a mile and a half (one way). I cast several times, then jog to the next spot, cast, walked fast, cast, and ran as I needed to get out this park before the sunset - a state park regulation. I got really tired, but I love fishing this creek😉

#FlyFishing #Fishing #Nature #Creek #Hiking #walkingby

This section of the Ridley Creek is relatively high gradient. Water runs through rocky areas, creating a cascade like stream. Trees on the banks are tall, allowing for easy back casting, although only small fish are found in this area.

Big Run

- Tributary of the Ridley Creek, PA

Not big, 4 to 6 feet wide, even smaller - a bit colder (18C/66F) than its mouth (19C/68F) at around 6 pm. I think it’s big for something else 😉

#FlyFishing #Fishing #Nature #Creek #Hiking #Walking

Big Run is a tributary of the Ridley Creek. Unlike its name, this is a small stream, its width is about 5 to 6 feet even its mouth at Ridley Creek. Covered by thick bushes and trees, the water runs through rocks, small minnows are found in this stream.
1 week ago
Valeriano Manassero
1 week ago

Not a remarkable one in terms of size but very special. Looking carefully, revealed marble trout patterns. A young hybrid marble trout is a very good news for a spot where everyone says they are totally extinct, looking for parents next time! There’s hope!

#tenkara #trout #fishing #Italy

Hybrid marble trout
1 week ago

Spent the day in the White Mountains. Hiking, fishing and enjoying a nice fall day
#alaska #nature #fall #hiking #fishing

Ophir Creek lined with brilliant fall colors.
Red and gold fall colors with mountains in the background
Morning dew drops on a fallen leaf
My fishing pole at a small pond. Fall foliage in background.
The Japan Times
1 week ago

About 150 residents from prefectures such as Fukushima and Miyagi went to court on Friday to halt the release of treated radioactive water from the crippled Fukushima nuclear plant, making it the first lawsuit of its kind. #japan #fishing #fukushimano1 #radioactivewater #japanesecourts

1 week ago

Ready ready. Headed back to the Hiwasee River in TN tomorrow. Looking for "generator release" high flow fishing spots tomorrow afternoon. Then on Sunday morning, I'll do some "recreational release " low water fishing.

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I have no stream/creek to write about during the last several days - sad😥

But our manuscript got accepted, a bit of happy moment which does not last long…🤔

I also know that spending time (fishing etc…) in a creek provides me a happy moment, but it also does not last long…like a Chinese saying: if you want to be happy for a day, go fishing…🤔

BUT…although it is impossible to get my manuscript accepted every day, it is feasible to fish every day🤩

#Manuscript #Creek #Happiness #Chinese #Fishing

Lukas VF Novak
2 weeks ago

Big #fish are getting smaller, and little fish are replacing them #Fishing #ClimateCrisis #ClimateChange #Anthropocene

Widespread shifts in body size within populations and assemblages

"Whether it's because of what humans prefer to eat, or their habitats getting warmer, big fish just can't seem to catch a break."

Undrewater photo of a school of fish
The Japan Times
2 weeks ago

Despite China banning Japanese seafood imports over the Fukushima water release, tourists from the country seem largely unfazed, with many seafood restaurants in Japan seeing little impact so far. #japan #china #tourism #fukushimano1 #radioactivewater #fishing #hongkong

3 weeks ago

The mate was a mighty sailing man, 🎶(Cormorant, actually)
The skipper brave and sure. (Me)
My wife and I set sail today 🎶
For a three hour tour,

A little Cormorant #bird that favours this rock. We're becoming friends.

a three hour tour.
The mate was a mighty sailing man,
The skipper brave and sure.
Five passengers set sail that day
For a three hour tour, 🎶
#Today #Ocean #Video #Boating #Fishing #Adventure #Sea #Thread #AltText a three hour tour 🎵

A Cormorant (sea bird) sits on a rock in the harbour as we pass by. We are so silent, (electric) it doesn't know to fly or not, and we pass by only 20 feet away
3 weeks ago

Just sit right back and you'll hear a tale 🎶 , a tale of a fateful trip, 🎶
that started from this #Halifax port,
aboard this tiny ship (canoe, actually).

So we're back, let me tell you how our day went?
There's only one high tide today, and it was sunny and fairly warm, so we took the canoe out fishing.

Here's what it looked like when we left 🎵 for a three hour tour. ⛵

#Today #Ocean #Video #Boating #Fishing #Adventure #Sea #Thread #AltText

Look how calm #NecumTeuch harbour is?


A quick 360° of the harbor upon our departure this morning. The water doesn't have a ripple, and the daylight forms reflections that give a mirage type image at the edges of the shoreline. And the video looks to the open ocean, and not a cloud or a wave can be seen
Jeff Markel
3 weeks ago

Ahhh the Jersey Shore on Labor Day weekend …
Miles of fine sand on a broad beach that goes on for miles. Free admission, free parking.
This is Island Beach State Park, about equidistant from NYC and Philly. Enjoy it before global climate change makes it disappear
#jersey #newjersey #nj #jerseyshore #labordayweekend #islandbeach #statepark #swimming #surfing #fishing

JQ Jacobs
3 weeks ago

We call them #antlers. Cattle have horns. Antlers shed each year. Weathering bleaches them.
Found these in Five Rivers back when that #Alsea river feeder was open to #salmon #fishing. Perhaps this #elk was a victim of hunting season after escaping wounded.

Elk antlers.
The Japan Times
3 weeks ago

Japan’s fishing industry is getting hit with falling prices and growing uncertainty after the Chinese government imposed a ban on the country’s marine products. #business #fukushimano1 #radioactivewater #tepco #china #trade #fishing

Christine Beeton
3 weeks ago

This afternoon, I was in my backyard taking photos of hummingbirds when an osprey flew high above with a large fish.

I am easily distracted...

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Helen H
4 weeks ago

A lone Great Egret stalks the shallow waters of the Intracoastal Waterway, looking for that last meal of the day. Sunset colors linger in the western sky as nightfall and encroaching clouds steal the last light of the day. Love these moody nights on the Florida Gulf coast.

Available here:

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A photo of a lone egret wading the bay waters looking for a meal before dark.  The sky overhead is filled with dark gray cumulus clouds which creates a beautiful silver sheen on the water below.  A pink glow is seen on the horizon in a break in the clouds.
Rob Carlson
1 month ago

This weekend I went camping at a lovely #Maryland state park to do some hiking, #fishing and kayaking and basically just enjoy #nature with my son.

On Sunday morning as I was walking back with my son one of the young lifeguards was rowing a kayak from one side of the lake to the swimming area to use as a rescue craft for the beach area.

A man was standing on the bank next to the swimming area doing some fishing and as the lifeguard came through the guy just exploded on him for paddling through his line and disturbing the fish. The lifeguard ignored him and went on with his job, but as I walked by I felt like I needed to say something.

"Hey man, yelling like that gives anglers like us a bad name."

"He didn't need to come here."

"Sure, no I get it but its everybody's lake and you were shout..."


Dude got a crazy look on his face at that point and my son was right behind so I turned away to de-escalate and he walked away too but in 3 minutes that one dude ruined a good chunk of my otherwise placid Sunday.

Anyway, I posted this so I can put it in writing and get it out of my head for good and I guess the moral of my story is don't be that guy, even if you think nobody is watching.

1 month ago

The dog on this boat liked to stand at the bow like a hood ornament. #photography #dogsofmastodon #smokysunrise #fishing

A small terrier standing in a perfect silhouette on the bow of a fishing boat while a red sun rises through smoky skies.
1 month ago

Ok, please enlighten me: Why do sport fishers charge across the lake, to a strategic spot and then sit there for hours in hopefulness that the fish might come back? Won’t you like to sneak up on the fish by rowing there (it’s not far) instead of whisking the whater in a very noisy and wavy way? #fishing

Brian Canavan
1 month ago

A couple of lovely big fish doing their thing in Girvan harbour this afternoon. Don't know a thing about fish, but my guess is mullet. Happy to be corrected.

#photography #photographie #fotografie #fotografia #Fishing #Fish

A colour photograph of two large fish swimming in GIrvan harbour.


We're at the Ministry for Primary Industries in Auckland with a net full of 'bycatch'.

We're rebranding them as the Ministry of Destructive Fishing after yesterday's announcement that bottom trawling will continue in the Hauraki Gulf.

It's time to ban bottom trawling!

#greenpeace #newzealand #nzpol #oceans #haurakiGulf #dolphins #fishing #trawling

A Greenpeace activist in orange stands in the foreground while two more hold banner saying Ban Bottom Trawling alongside a sign that says "Ministry for Destructive Fishing"

Sand Spring Run

Hickory Run State Park, PA

There are a couple of dams upstream from this point, so the water is not cold anymore, 21C (70F), at around 3 pm on a hot summer day 😉

But nice clear water along the Shades of Death trail - not sure how it got this name 🤔

The Dam No. 5 with a small pond, which is located upstream, was full of small Pumpkinseeds, Golden Shiner, and surprisingly, catfish – our kids enjoyed catching them 😊

#FlyFishing #Fishing #Nature #Hiking #Walking #Creek

A small stream covered by rhododendron bushes and other trees. Although not so cold, it has clear water running along a hiking trail. It is a hot summer day, so, water still feels refreshing.
Dr Coralie Mills
2 months ago

Boatsheds on Lindisfarne - literally boats turned into sheds by the fisherfolk.
#Lindisfarne #woodheritage #woodenboats #Northumbria #sheds #fishing

Muromi River, Fukuoka Japan, July 2023

Excellent river for fishing, hiking, and walking throughout its course.

It originates from a limestone cave and has both cold and warm water fish species.

Northern Kyushu area had heavy rain disaster – several places got flooded.

Although it did not overflow, this area also had flood warning in mid-July during our stay in Fukuoka – I lost many chances to fly fish…

#FlyFishing #Fishing #Japan #Fukuoka #River #Creek #Nature #Flood #Rain #Weather

Three pictures compare the landscape changes of a residential area along Muromi River in Fukuoka. The first pictures dated July 7 is taken before the heavy rain – it has a nice flow of water with a lot of vegetation. The 2nd picture dated July 10 is taken right after the heavy rain – it has muddy fast current nearly overflowing. The 3rd picture is taken 4 days after the heavy rain – although the water level is stable, most vegetation disappeared.
2 months ago

Title: Morning Waves (1956)

Artist: Kasamatsu Shiro

#KasamatsuShiro #ShinHanga #Art #Showa #Summer #Fishing #Boats #Sunrise #Dawn #Morning #Japan

Three small fishing boats out on the water are reduced to faint silhouettes in the early morning mist; overhead, an orange-red sun dawns, lighting up the edge of heavy clouds on the horizon and glittering off the waves in the foreground
Jordan Hill Photography
3 months ago

Serenity At The Lake

I always enjoy the simple yet dramatic moments outdoors. Davis Lake, which is located in Tombigbee National Forest just a few miles from the Natchez Trace Parkway, makes a great setting for sunsets.

#lake #lakelife #lakeview #fishing #fish #fishinglife #photography #photography #nature #naturephotography #outdoors #mississippi #davislake #sunset #photo #photooftheday #picoftheday #sunrise #wallart #art #homedecor #country #AYearForArt #BuyIntoArt

Beautiful way to end the day with a calm and colorful sunset at Davis Lake.

Every time we go to the KOP mall, we pass by this creek, and I have been wanting to fish this creek for a long time - it hasn't happened yet 😊

#FlyFishing #Fishing #Walking #Hiking #Nature

Gulph Creek, PA
A tributary of the Schuylkill River

Checking some creeks before picking up my son at a soccer camp 😊
This stream runs through suburban woodland. I am sure this had trout a long time ago before development 🤔
The water is too warm to support trout, but looks beautiful, worth spending time walking along the creek while fly fishing – I need to find an area with public access 😉

Happy #FlyFishing #Fishing #Hiking #Walking #Nature #Water #Creek #Outdoor

A small stream running through suburban woodland. Some small fish were darting around as you look into the water.

🐚 Artist: #NESUI / #nesuisrc in City: #Fuengirola #Malaga Spain 🇪🇸 - Title: "El Boquetillo" - #Streetart #Art #Mural #Mastoart #Painting #Artwork #Fishing #Sunglasses

Streetartwall. On a narrow outer wall of an approximately three-story building is a wonderful portrait of a young woman with sunglasses sprayed / painted. The background consists of light and dark blue color stripes. The young dark-haired woman wears a blue blouse and is shown slightly sideways. The face, especially her mouth and narrow eyebrows are finely drawn. She wears big round sunglasses in which a scenery is reflected. She is looking at the sea. On the left you can see a fishing boat with men on the beach and on the right a man is carrying a long coiled rope to the boat. The men are setting out. The whole mural is designed in a bright blue and as if with a dabbed technique. Countless color stripes in light blue, blue and orange gives the impression of an oil painting.
Rebecca @ RH Fine Arts
3 months ago

Fisherman at dawn on the coast of Florida. Warm salt air, towering thunder clouds flashing on the horizon. It was so beautiful, it felt so good to be alive.

The ART:

#sunrise #fishing #Florida #Art #Nature #Photography #Photo #MastoArt #buyintoart #seascape #wallart #Ocean #Fineartphotography #fineart #JunoBeach #Thunderstorm #Life #gratitude #atlantic

Fisherman standing on the shore at dawn. Enormous thunder clouds on the horizon, warm breeze, salt air.

Mud Run Natural Area, Hickory Run State Park, PA

I am usually excited when I approach this section for fly fishing, well, actually the entirety of the Mud Run Natural Area (except for the crowded Hawk Falls area, although the falls are beautiful) 😊

But not today, trout seemed active, though 🤔 I need to start fresh some time soon 😉

Happy #FlyFishing #Fishing #FlyTying #Hiking #Outdoor #Walking #Creek #Nature #Wildlife

[Now amended: this is free to read from the FT, so not behind the paywall] ... this piece of investigative #journalism shows why the FT is now the best newspaper in the UK.

It concerns the 'abuse' of transit #visas to exploit migrant #fishermen in the UK #fishing fleet (because they work outside territorial waters, they are without legal protections);

its a grim but necessary read for anyone interested in #workers & their rights!

Rebecca @ RH Fine Arts
3 months ago

Great Blue Heron gone fishing. They are large water birds with long, sharp beaks. At first look it appeared as if he was just walking around with this large fish laying across his bill. The fish was so heavy, he couldn't even lift his head. The outcome is amusing, so follow the link for the whole story. It won't all fit here.

ART & Story:

#Nature #Birds #humpday #Photography #artmatters #buyintoart #Wildlife #Art #fishing #MastoArt #Photographie #Photo

Great Blue Heron with a large fish laying across his bill.