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First time #lifting in a while, and first time lifting since I've gotten consistent about #running... it's weird feeling like my muscles are tired but my heart has plenty of energy to go. Normally my whole body wants to die at once. #fitness

Pixy's Fit Journey
3 hours ago

My new shirt. Thanks mum! ♥
Still overweight. But hey, if I can lose 5 kilo's in a month! Maybe I'm on the right track...
I know now that part of my weight issues weren't my fault. While I always blamed me (others did the same with sayings like "just don't buy" or "just don't eat it all"). It feels good knowing that, with a change of meds, I *can* work on my weight in a positive way.
CW picture: eye contact.

#Fitness #FitnessJourney #BasicFit #Selfie #EatingDisorder

Me, standing in front of the mirror. 1,70 meters, 85,7 kilo's. Wearing a black cap, blue/purple sleeveless shirt, black pants and white shoes. On the mirror a sticker with the text "Doing this for me". Next to me a bench and in the background more fitness machines.
Coralie Mercier
6 hours ago

This girl is looking forward to making time as soon as possible for some road running to try out her new gel-nimbus 25 by ASICS. *beep beep* 🤓

#running #fitness #DailyExercise

Black running shoe seen from the side. The sole is incredibly thick compared to the rest of the shoe.
7 hours ago

This is the second video I post from Moveblocks youtube channel. The reason is me being royally impressed with the unique approach she has to mobility, movements and overall fitness. She is fun, challenging and the exercises are excellent. The movements consists of mini-flows, one or several sequences put together in creative ways that you likely haven't come across yet. These mini-flows will test and improve your strength, stability, coordination, balance, mobility, range of motion and flexibility. From isometric to dynamic its all good stuff, the range of all these mobility drills are vast (does not repeat itself). Yes these video-workouts can be a bit complicated on first go, but after you've done a workout a couple of times you've learn the sequences. You'll feel like a ninja afterwards hihi 😉 Highly recommended channel.

#Mobility #Workout #Moveblocks #Fitness

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#PullUpProgram week 6 day 1

Warm-up: 3 rounds
- 1' thoracic foam rolling
- 20 banded pull apart
- 10 dead bug over head let down

Core work OMG
- 7 Bent Over heavy KB Row e/s
- 60" Plank Hold
- 8 Banded Lat Pull in Plank e/s

Banded pull ups
- 12x 2
- rest 45-60"

Got a heavier band so I could try the banded pull ups!

#PullUp #Fitness #FitnessGoals #GymLife #Strength #StrengthTraining

Today’s #training:

#Kyburglauf preparation

#EnduranceRun including 430 stairs up to the #Kyburg castle

Plus, first standalone test of my new Apple Watch 9. Besides my missing downloaded music, I am quite satisfied.

#running #run #RunnersOfMastodon #laufen #corsa #fitness #health #Strava #HealthFit #AppleWatch #Tempo

Today’s training summary from Tempo app
Today’s training map from Tempo app
Jimmy Bergkvist
10 hours ago

På gymmet är det ju förbjudet att titta åt något håll där det kan finnas människor. Därför var min utsikt detta fina hörn under mitt pass idag. #gym #träning #spegel #människor #fitness #fitnessClub #dödsstraff #death

Prof Kemi FG
11 hours ago

There is nothing that is a bigger ego boost than the post-workout photoshoot. NOTHING.

(NB: I definitely don't always look like this)

#fitness #gym #workout

Look, you gotta understand that I'm pretty. Real pretty. Anyway, this is a post-gym shot. Shirtless. Shredded like taco lettuce, you feel me?
Damn, another one? All ab-ed up (is that a word? Let's pretend it's a word). I can't even believe it myself, based on the photo.
WU-TANG TATTOO. Also, shirtless, etc. Bald head. Just so pretty.

The air is poison today so I wore my mask for my entire workout. I don’t know how firefighters do all that training with respirators on, but I’m possibly gonna find out. I wore a mask while running, biking, doing about 150 walking lunges, a heap of Nordic curls, knee raises, and a bunch of high crossbody box step-ups. I wore a mask yesterday for a 5km cross country hike. Wearing a mask while training is a heck of a handicap. I feel like I’m doing everything while carrying a sandbag. It’s a lot harder for me to regulate my breathing because the fitted piece going over my nose feels like it’s cutting off some of my nasal airways, and I end up sucking wind through my mouth instead. That’s not great for my asthma, but neither is this poison air. I just pace myself as best as I can. #RespiratoryDisease #Asthma #ClimateDiary #MaskUp #CanadaWildfires #Fitness

stoamandl 🔰
12 hours ago

#fitness #kettlebell #sport #metcon
Daily dose of fun 😊

13 hours ago

Chest, Triceps, Abs & Cardio

Flat Dumbbell Flyes:
1. 10kg x 20 reps
2. 15kg x 20 reps
3. 20kg x 15 reps
4. 25kg x 10 reps

Incline Bench Presses:
1. 50kg x 15 reps
2. 60kg x 15 reps
3. 70kg x 10 reps
4. 80kg x 8 reps

Flat Dumbbell Presses:
1. 25kg x 10 reps
2. 30kg x 10 reps
3. 35kg x 8 reps
4. 35kg x 6 reps

Peckdeck Flyes:
1. 32kg x 25 reps
2. 47kg x 20 reps
3. 55kg x 15 reps
4. 62kg x 12 reps

Triceps Extensions (push down):
1. 30kg x 15 reps
2. 35kg x 12 reps
3. 40kg x 8 reps
4. 40kg x 6 reps

Rope Triceps Extensions:
1. 10kg x 20 reps
2. 15kg x 15 reps
3. 20kg x 10 reps

Incline Leg/Hip Lift:
15, 15, 10 & 10 reps

Hanging (rings) Reversed Crunches:
15, 15, 15 & 15 reps

Cable Crunches:
42,5kg x 20, 15 & 15 reps

Treadmill at various inclinations between 7,5-15%:
25 minutes
#blog #Bodybuilding #Fitness

14 hours ago

Today is National YogaFit Day! Celebrate today by doing yoga! #yoga #fitness

14 hours ago

9/25/2023 #5BX Results
Chart 2, Level B (Day 3 of 4)

Stretches: 33 reps
Plank: 2 minutes
Back: 65 reps
Push-Ups: 36 reps
1-Mile Run: 11:44

Looking at the #running time, I technically failed the cardio portion this morning (goal at this level is 9:30). According to 5BX, I need to stay at this level until I hit all of the goals, though I'm considering moving on anyway and letting the running improve on its own.

On the bright side, my knee didn't start aching until the end of the run.


John Carmichael
15 hours ago

Inflexible Disciplines
“I have always believed that exercise is not only a key to physical health but to peace of mind. Many times in the old days I unleashed my anger and frustration on a punching bag rather than taking it out on a comrade or even a policeman. Exercise dissipates tension, and tension is the enemy of se
#Habits #Exercise #Fitness #Lifestyle #PersonalGrowth #Productivity #Writing #NelsonMandela #TheAvettBrothers

Tech news from Canada
15 hours ago

Wired: 13 Best Fitness Trackers (2023): Watches, Bands, and Rings #Tech #wired #TechNews #IT #Technology via @morganeogerbc #Gear/Products/HealthandFitness #Gear/Products/Outdoor #Gear/BuyingGuides #fitnesstracker #buyingguides #BuyingGuide #Wearables #Shopping #outdoors #workout #fitness #health #Gear

Steel Titan
16 hours ago

#Introduction #Welcome

Please repost for visibility, so I can find people with similar interests. Like or comment for me to take a look at your profile, and possibly follow.

Likes/Interests: #Programming #Technology #OpenSource #FreeSoftware #FOSS #FLOSS #Fediverse #OnlineFreedom #Privacy #Anonymity #Anonymous #InfoSec #CyberSecurity #Manjaro #Linux #Science #Socialism #HumanRights #SocialJustice #MultipolarWorld #Programming #Python #Golang #Rust #RetroGaming #Gaming #SelfHosted #TechNews #Matrix #Youtube #Movies #Anime #Hentai #Erotica #Futurology #AI #Singularity #Fitness #Health #Collapse #ClimateCrisis #Audiobooks #Books #Fantasy #SciFi #StarWars #Fanfiction #Conspiracy #CriticalThinking #Cooking #DataHoarding #Piracy #FileSharing #Meshnet #Decentralized #Distributed #P2P #PeerToPeer #IPFS #Zeronet #Freenet #I2P #Tor

Dislikes/Disinterests: #Music #Memes #Sports #Coffee #Animals #Cats #Dogs #Nazis #CIA #NATO #UsEmpire #Oligarchy #Plutocracy #Kleptocracy #Imperialism #Fascism #Racism #Capitalism #Billionaires #Woke #Wokeism #Liberals #Democrats #Republicans #Conservatives #BigTech #ClosedSource #Microsoft #Discord #Copyright #Censorship #WesternMedia #MaintreamNews #OfficialPropaganda #Surveillance #PoliticalCorrectness #SurveillanceCapitalism #DRM #DataMining #FakeNews #Misinformation #Disinformation #EchoChamber #FilterBubble #CorporateMedia #Consumerism #Materialism #Overconsumption #PlannedObsolescence #FastFashion #Waste #EnvironmentalDegradation #Gentrification #Inequality #Neoliberalism #Globalization #FantasyFootball #Apple #Tech #BoardGames #TTRPG #DnD

Best to worst: #fopnu #nicotine+ ( #soulseek ) #aMule ( #edonkey2000 #ed2k ) #EiskaltDC++ ( #dcpp ) #gnutella #Shareaza #qBittorrent ( #BitTorrent #torrent )

My dream social media platform. What do you think, what are the most interesting ideas, what other features would you like to see, how would be your perfect social media platform?

21 hours ago

La creatina è uno degli integratori più studiati in letteratura medico/sportiva.

Sono stati riscontrati benefici nel recupero post COVID, nei casi di sindrome da affaticamento cronico, annebbiamento mentale e dispnea.

È un primo studio (su pochi dati), serve ovviamente indagare più approfonditamente. 🤓

#UnoSalute #Salute #Fitness #Wellness

Pixy's Fit Journey
1 day ago

As I did some strength exercises, I skip the climbmill today. I enjoy the climbmill more but I know it's also good to train my shoulders, arms and back. 😊
Now I'm on the seated bike, and I'll write a bit for my blog. Gotta keep the brain busy while the legs spin. 😉

#Fitness #FitnessJourney

1 day ago

After playing #PokemonGo this afternoon (caught an Unown), I decided to run home. I've been doing well on the cardio portion of #5BX, so I thought to give a short run a try.

While I managed to cover all 0.22 miles home in 2:07 minutes, I was out of breath before I made it to the end of the block and my ankles are still not happy with me.

Definitely something to work on...

#fitness #running

Pixy's Fit Journey
1 day ago

I forgot to share yesterday's bike ride. I haven't been able to connect both my H7 band as my bike to the tablet 🤔 so calories may be off and HR is unavailable. But I'll include the image of my Samsung Health HR 😉 I forgot to end my watch so it ran a tad longer than the ride was.

Beverly Hills loop

#Fitness #Hometrainer #Kinomap

My heart rate during the ride according to my watch. It wasn't the hardest ride I guess but for me and my legs (and condition) it sure was a challenge. Time is too long, forgot to turn off the watch, at 55:49. It says I burned 333 kcal. The way I was sweating, it felt like much more!
Pixy's Fit Journey
1 day ago

Back at the gym! Ready for some training!
Just some people upstairs, none down here, except for me.
I'm struggling to start, as I usually am... And then, once I'm going, I'll love it.
I think I'll do some strength again, it's been a few days. I know I can use it.
Cardio is just more fitting to my adhd jam 😉 haha!

#Fitness #FitnessJourney #BasicFit #BasicFitCuijk

CW picture: eye contact.

Me sitting in the gym, changing my shoes (not in the picture). I smiling at the camera, wearing a green top and black cap. Behind me some benches a f behind those, loads of orange/grey/black machines. Those are the colors of the gym.
1 day ago

Good morning🌄8am@JP
It’s Monday, let’s set a goal! 🎯

The normally lazy cats are working out enthusiastically this morning💪😼
Can the cat be as slim🤭and muscular as targeted?

Anyway, I wish you a good day👐



#aiart #fitness #fat #cat #フィットネス # #デブ猫 #morning #おはよう #bingimagecreator #BingImageCreater

Fitness fat cats are dancing with dumbbells in the gym, 35mm lens(Create by Bing Image Creator)
Fitness fat cats do push-ups in the gym, 35mm lens(Create by Bing Image Creator)
Fat cat looks in the mirror during fitness(Create by Bing Image Creator)
a fat cat doing fitness, lifting dumbbells and dancing, 35mm lens(Create by Bing Image Creator)
Chip the Android 🌈🤖
1 day ago

I had to clean our Deke's cock from all the cum that had built up in the shaft. I was using cheap, off-brand cum and it didn't work well. Now I'm having it clean out its own shaft and piss the cleaner out so I can get full pressure ejaculation again

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A muscular droid has its abdominal panel open revealing metal abs and machinery. A blue bag with a yellow tube connects to its cock from within its abdominal wall and it is pissing a cleaning solution out while it stares blankly ahead
Joseph Kohlmann
1 day ago

Hey, what iPhone-only apps are people using to track their walks using GPS? #iPhone #Walking #Fitness

Coralie Mercier
1 day ago

#eMtb ride with @danield & FX today: Tanneron, les Margoutons, les Farinas. I had gone three weeks without riding my bike!

45 km, 3:20, 15 km/h (avg speed)

Details and photos here:

#BikeTooter #vtt #vttae #eMTB #fitness #exercise #DailyExercise #vtt06

Panorama beyond a dirt path that disappears abruptly.
Daniel and FX on their bikes at the panoramic view stop.
Canopy: green leaves catching the sunlight seen from underneath.
Me on my bike in a forest on a single track. I’m smiling.
2 days ago

9/24/2023 #5BX Results
Chart 2, Level B (Day 2 of 4)

Stretches: 33 reps
Plank: 2 minutes
Back: 73 reps
Push-Ups: 35 reps
Cardio: 565


2 days ago

I haven't been posting many workouts this week because I'm still coughing. Apart from circuit training class on Thursday I took it easy and I did just some dancing and juggling. Hopefully next week I can resume my usual training schedule#

#fitness #workouts #takingiteasy

Minty95 :archlinux:
2 days ago

Yesterday was Gym day. Today was #MTB riding. Hadn't managed to get on my #VanNicholas Taureg Ti MTB for months, as I'd been road and gravel riding, do a little slower than usual. But as always MTB is the best biking to be done. Of course no #ebiking for me, just my own legs doing all the work. A great day and with the sun shining as well. #fitness #mountainbike

VanNicholas Taureg Ti MTB bike
Pixy's Fit Journey
2 days ago

As I don't really dare to use my treadmill now 😭 I started a ride on Kinomap for the bike. Let's see how this one goes.
I'll never win the race, I'm also not aiming for that. But it's fun to ride and let the area you're route is in decode your intensity.
I'm only 1,8km in and even on 90% it's very heavy for me. But I'll try! Or else I'll lower the setting to 80%. It still needs to be fun.
Hopefully the BT connection will stay on for the whole ride.

#Fitness #Kinomap

A hometrainer steer, a tablet on a holder with Kinomap open to a route, Arrow season 1 on the TV.

Today I celebrate 9️⃣ years of sobriety!

🗣️We never know who sees our post and it’s always possible someone may take the first step of asking for help after seeing the helpline.

📲If you or someone you know is in crisis, call or text the Crisis Lifeline at 988.

You are worth it! 🫶🏽

#sobriety #recovery #addiction #alcoholism #fitness #mentalhealth #quotes #life

2 days ago

Preview of my next NSFW pic - Medium support meme
Beatrice and Rebecca at the fitness gym with a crowd surrounding them and cheering.

#NSFW #blueuembra #preview #sketch #doodle #meme #mediumsupport #fitness #gym #boobs

2 days ago

'nough done!

Back, Rear Delts & Cardio

Barbell Row:
1. 40kg x 20 reps
2. 60kg x 15 reps
3. 80kg x 10 reps
4. 90kg x 6 reps

Lat Pulldiwn:
1. 47kg x 20 reps
2. 62kg x 15 reps
3. 78kg x 8 reps
4. 85kg x 6 reps

Duo Cable Row:
1. 40kg x 20 reps
2. 54kg x 15 reps
3. 61kg x 10 reps
4. 68kg x 8 reps

Iso Lateral High Row:
1. 50kg x 20 reps
2. 60kg x 18 reps
3. 70kg x 15 reps
4. 80kg x 12 reps

(Shrug) Machine Hack - Row:
1. 50kg x 10 reps
2. 60kg x 10 reps
3. 70kg x 8 reps
4. 80kg x 6 reps

Supinated grip Overhead Pulldown:
1. 42,5kg x 15 reps
2. 50kg x 15 reps
3. 60kg x 10 reps
4. 70kg x 6 reps

Dumbbell Pullover (maximum stretch):
1. 20kg x 10 reps
2. 22,5kg x 10 reps
3. 25kg x 6 reps

Reversed Dumbbell Flyes:
1. 7,5kg x 10 reps
2. 10kg x 10 reps
3. 12,5kg x 10 reps
4. 15kg x 8 reps

Machine Reversed Flyes:
1. 5kg x 20 reps
2. 15kg x 15 reps
3. 25kg x 10 reps
4. 30kg x 8 reps

Plus a lot ofbsteady state cardio.
#blog #Bodybuilding #Fitness

2 days ago

Why am I even doing this? 🤪
(working hard to demolish this old body even further)
#Bodybuilding #Fitness

Dioramic Life
2 days ago

So some fitness social media influencers got in big trouble, I read. The snake oil they are peddling can't even be considered trendy: They're just hustling another, younger generation of suckers.

Get educated, people.

#fitness #diet #bodybuilding

Pixy's Fit Journey
2 days ago

Today is/was Sunday. That means I get on the scale at the gym. I wasn't too sure if I had lost any weight. I thought I'd done right with food and exercise, but one never really knows. We'll, I didn't at least.
So these are my results. Weight from the scale at the gym, others from my Watch5 pro. 😊

#Fitness #FitnessJourney #Weight

Samsung Health share of 24 Sep.
Weight at 85,7 kilo (which is -0,8 from Monday).
Muscles at 28,5 kilo.
Fat at 31,6 kilo.
All my bars are still in red. I wonder how my muscles can be red? I thought having more muscles would benefit me and so I'd be good? Any advice?

Cleaned up the backyard of our rental house , A lot of these rocks were in different areas around the property. Used a broken wooden create to drag it probably 50 pounds or more.

Think it turned out pretty well

#yard #yardwork #fitness #health #fitfam #workout #gym #exercise #motivation #healthylifestyle #fitnessmotivation #fitlife #getfit #training
#healthy #strongwomen #cardio #weightlifting #nutrition #bodybuilding
#gymlife #wellness #inspiration #fitnessjourney #progress

2 days ago

#PullUpProgram week 5 day 4

Warm up: 3 rounds
- 1' thoracic foam rolling
- 20 banded pull aparts
- 10 dead bug over head let down

"Who needs arms anyway?" 3 rounds
- 45" side plank, each side
- 8 triceps roll backs
- 6 chest supported (heavy) dumb bell rows

After yesterday's cleans & thrusters my wrists were shot so the planks were hard, but all this was accomplished after an 8km "clothing shopping" walk (I said byebye to sleeved t-shirts 😅 they don't fit any more)

#PullUp #Fitness #FitnessGoals #GymLife #Strength #StrengthTraining

Minty95 :archlinux:
2 days ago

Yesterday at the #gym, couldn't manage a Bench Press at 70 kilos. But today I managed it, so a good day. In all lifted >8400 kilos at the gym this afternoon. Today was a good day 😁 Getting old but keeping fit #fitness

2 days ago

Check out Jogger, a great new(ish?) #MobileLinux app for recording your runs, bike rides etc., AKA fitness tracking: (also in #Flathub)

#LinuxMobile #fitness #location #Codeberg #biking #running

Pixy's Fit Journey
3 days ago

Just used the Kinomap on my bike for the first time. For some reason I was not able to connect my H7 HR band as well... But still, I had a nice ride. Unfortunately I forgot to start my watch so no tracking in Samsung...

Punta-Cana ride

#Fitness #FitnessJourney

Walker Boh🛡
3 days ago

Friday night in the books. Fun sets tonight talking to a friend as I did them.

My grip has improved enormously with the sword guard exercises - something I did not expect.

3x40 lift and curl with the mace bell and 3x16 minutes with the sword
#swordtember #fitness #fitover50

Fun action shot
1:46 strength workout

Today pushed the #keto limits, mainly for some delicious pork al pastor and some Friday beers. 🍻

Day 5 of the keto restart! #lowcarb #fitness

Pixy's Fit Journey
3 days ago

Some pictures of the empty gym with several of my favorite cardio machines.

#Fitness #FitnessJourney #BasicFit #BasicFitCuijk

Crosstrainers in the front. Behind them on the left treadmills and behind those climbmills. Behind the crosstrainer on the right you see a bike and more treadmills.
Climbmills on the left, hidden behind three treadmills. More treadmills along the windows in the back and bikes behind them. On the right a small part of the crosstrainer section.
Pixy's Fit Journey
3 days ago

Let's go walk some stairs! The exercise I produce most sweat with 😅.
Followed by the crosstrainer...
But first, let's see if I can get 10 or maybe even 15 minutes of stairs climbing.
I'll go and clean the machine first and then... Walk onwards and upwards!

#Fitness #FitnessJourney #BasicFit

Two Matrix climbmill machines. They're everlasting stairs machines, on which you can climb the Eiffel Tower without needing to go to Paris first. The machines are black, grey and orange, which are the gym's colors.

🚨38Lbs Weight Loss Journey !!!

▶️Slideshow of my rockSTAR⭐️ online client weekly weigh-in starting from April 2023- Present

✅ The best results come from a series of small lifestyle changes.

🗣️I provide daily one-to-one unconditional support to help clients develop skills and self-awareness for long term weight loss management.

Never Give Up💥

#weightloss #inspiration #nutrition #fitness #health #wellness #quotes #personaltrainer #fitnesstrainer #fatloss #boston

3 days ago

Today's workout:

Warm-up: 3 rounds with partner
- 150m run together
- 10 partner wall balls
- 2 synchro wall walks
- 10 ring rows / bar hang & switch

- Lunge elbow to toes & twist open
- Frog
- Thread the needle in frog

PVC work: snatches

Strength: e2mom
- 3x 2 reps at 77% (23kg)
- 2x 2 reps at 82% (24kg)
- 2x 2 reps at 85% (25kg)
- 2x 1 rep at 87-95% (stayed at 25kg)

Then Fran for time: 3 rounds (21-15-9)
- thrusters (empty bar - 15kg)
- pull ups (did heavy ring rows)
Finished in 5:50

#CrossFit #CrossfitForYoga #Fitness #GymLife #Strength #StrengthTraining #OlympicLifting #OlyLifting

Day 4 of the #keto restart went fairly well. Now I'm just waiting for that inevitable "keto flu" to kick in. Exercise isn't really affected much yet.

#lowcarb #fitness

Hank G ☑️
4 days ago
Getting to do a morning run along the Mediterranean Sea? Yes please! Despite the last several days of excessive eating and drinking my pace was actually just under 10 minute miles for the full three miles to boot! #running #fitness #travel #Mediterranean #sitges
Me in Sitges running along the beach
Sunrise over the water in Sitges
Workout Time 0:30:06
Distance 3.02 mi
Total Calories 390 cal
Avg. Power 225w
Avg. Heart Rate 152 bpm
Elapsed Time 0:30:33
Active Calories 338 cal
Elevation Gain 7FT
Avg. Pace 9'57"/MI
brad m
4 days ago

“You only benefit from the #training you recover from”
“Without adequate #rest, muscle damage from subsequent #workouts builds, and eventually #runners can reach a point of diminishing returns”
“The quality of your #recovery is everything”
“the most effective #recovery tools aren’t novel products to buy or gadgets to use. They’re life #habits #running #fitness

Sherri W (SyntaxSeed)
4 days ago

So I'm trying to improvise this ninja obstacle which involves hanging from a ring on a 2x4 with stops... and kipping up hill, then transferring to the next one & sliding down.

But the gym ring I was going to use, doesn't have enough clearance for your knuckles.

So I bought these pipes & made a bigger square.

But the metal is so tough & heavy it's going chew up the wood board very quickly.

Still at the drawing board. 🤔

#DIY #construction #fitness

5 days ago

Hab mal wieder meine derzeitige Lieblingsrunde durch 's Upland für ein abendliches #Fitness Quickie auf dem #EMTB gewählt.

Hank G ☑️
1 week ago
Two hotels. Both had Peloton bikes. This was awesome because that means I can workout almost like at home. They have regular pedals with a foot harness which means you really can’t get much upstroke pull but that’s okay. Login is with a QR code and it resets itself when done (except for Bluetooth headsets which you have to remove manually). Very nice unexpected surprise. I hope more places to this. They are way less expensive than traditional gym workout gear they buy. #peloton #travel #fitness
Hank G ☑️
1 week ago
Follow up to me pushing myself a bit more than standard guidance jumping from 6 to 7 miles max yesterday…no residual DOMS, soreness, fatigue, etc. That doesn’t mean I’d push beyond limits over and over but it means I’m doing damn well with having my fitness dialed in and progressing well. #running #fitness #heath
Hank G ☑️
1 week ago
Last week was my first 6 mile run since 2021. Today was my first 7 mile run since 2020. Since I’m going to be having more middling distances the next couple weeks for travel reasons I decided it was okay to push the distance a bit. I felt strong enough the beginning of mile 4 that I decided to crank up the pace for miles 5 and 6 a bit even with an easier pace for the last mile. I do love when they convert these old railroad lines into nature trails, like this Heritage Trail in New York State. Perfect reuse to provide people usable nature spaces. #running #fitness #health #NewYork #nature #HeritageTrail
me in front of the Heritage Trail trail head sign in Goshen, NY at the beginning of the run
Running   Pace.          Heart Rate (bpm)
1  10'54"/MI   143
2  10'22"/MI   153
3  11'05"/MI    151
4  10'21"/MI   159
5   9'43"/MI   163
6   9’52"/MI   166
7. 10'40"/MI   164
picture of the heritage trail
picture of some scenery just off the heritage trail
1 week ago

9/16/2023 #5BX Results
Chart 2, Level C+ (Day 2 of 4)

Stretches: 40 reps
Plank: 2 minutes
Back: 67 reps
Push-Ups: 33 reps
Cardio: 542

Man, what a difference sleeping in makes on one's workout! I'm still wondering if the push-ups were a fluke and my form was incorrect.


Ang Black
1 week ago

‘It takes over your life’: Britain’s world champion #strongwomen on the joy of pulling trucks and flipping tyres

> Three UK women have won six out of the last seven World’s Strongest Woman contests. They explain how they broke into the world of super strength


Three UK women have won six out of the last seven World’s Strongest Woman contests. They explain how they broke into the world of super strength
Prof Kemi FG
1 week ago

Today, after working out at the gym, one of the college students said it was "inspiring" to see me getting at it so hard, and I have never been so insulted in my life.

#fitness #WeightLifting #gym

Hank G ☑️
1 week ago
Got gold in the #Peloton “All for One” challenge. This is first festival I’ve participated in that had a corresponding challenge with it. I like the gamification balance they hit. It was a mix of cycling, strength workouts, and #yoga #fitness
screenshot of the peloton challenge card
1 week ago

Just a #fitness quickie today


14kg 1x5 deck squats
20kg 1x10 bent over rows e.s.
14kg 1x5 rev. TGU e.s.
6kg club 1x20 weighted shinbox switches
8kg club 1x20 weighted shinbox switches
8kg club 1x10 alternating shinbox front presses e.h. up
14kg 1x3 minutes figure 8 to waiters catch
14kg 1x10 bridge chest presses e.s.

#kettlebell #clubbell #workout

Bethany Carter
2 weeks ago

At the beginning of the year I set myself the goal of losing 20 kg (44 pounds) this year.

Today I made it! With a few months to spare.

I still have a way to go before I get to my goal weight, but this feels great. Very proud of myself.

#Health #Fitness #Weightloss #Goals

Photo of a yellow milestone charm from Weight Watchers for losing 20 kg (44 pounds)
2 weeks ago

By the way, I know my bio says I mostly talk about #strengthtraining and other bro adjacent junk, but to clarify I'm pretty much a dork and a half. My childhood fitness mostly consistented of playing imaginary DBZ stuff, then later riding a bike to get Taco Bell that just happened to be far away, and then marching band after that. That was about it fitness wise! Otherwise I was pretty much going your run of the mill computer/Linux/self hosting/programming mix of activities. I didn't really get into gym stuff until maybe 7 or 8 years ago, and but really seriously until like 5 years ago.

My point being is this - If you're looking to try out fitness in any form, just go for it. You won't be good out of the gate, but that's half the fun! It's something new, something ritualistic, and really fun if you like grinding and watching progress get made while fixing problems down the road. It's a surprisingly good deal of fun, and you can absolutely start at any point regardless of experience or social comfort level.


Michael Grass
2 weeks ago

As a lap-swimmer, I sometimes encounter entrenched "I swim because I hate running" sentiments among fellow swimmers (and water polo players). But there's an obscure sport from Sweden, swimrunning, where you have to do both. 🏊‍♂️🏃‍♂️

Via The Seattle Times:

#Swimming #SwimRunning #Fitness #Running

2 weeks ago

Meiner Meinung nach ist das nicht unbekant aber viele meinen sie häten nichts zu verbergen. Doch Fitnessdaten sind sehr persönlich und geben u.a. auch dein Standorte wie dein Wohnort weiter. Von vielen wird ignoriert wie verratend & kommerziell wertvoll diese Daten sind und die ohne Zustimmung gesammelt werden.

»Beliebte Fitness-Apps geben persönliche Daten illegal an Dritte weiter«


#fitness #daten #datenschutz #app #mobile #apps #illegal #smartphone

Hank G ☑️
2 weeks ago
Last weekend I wrapped up Phase 9 of my Goal Accountability scoring where I had the dings I expected in areas like diet because of travel/vacations but some other dings that I was not. This next period is going to have even more travel/vacation time in it as well so will have some of those challenges as well. Just like in 9, part of it IDGAF about because I'm on vacation but others I want to make sure I power through staying dialed in. Full details of how Phase 9 went and what I'm aiming for for Phase 10 is in the attached closeout/kickoff post. #GoalAccountability #health #fitness #longevity…
Hank G ☑️
2 weeks ago
My first six mile run since 2021 (when I ran a 10K). I’m pretty pleased I was able to keep my heart rate in the below 160 zone the whole time. Legs were getting fatigued though. Good progress overall #running #fitness #heath
1 Mile Splits
   Time.  Pace.        Heart Rate
1 11:28. 11'28"/MI.  137BPM
2 11:32 11'32"/MI.   145BPM
3 11:46. 11'46/MI.    150врм
4 12:24. 12'24"/MI. 152врм
5 12:32. 12'32"/MI.  154врм
6 12:20. 12'20"/MI.  158BPM
2 weeks ago

9/9/2023 #5BX Results
Chart 2, Level C- (Day 3 of 4)

Stretches: 37 reps
Plank: 2 minutes
Back: 60 reps
Push-Ups: 30 reps
Cardio: 526

Broke into the 30s for push-ups! :)


2 weeks ago

It looks like Tyler Merren of ReVision Training is finally posting content specifically for strength training with resistance bands. A nice addition to the repertoire. #blind #fitness

3 weeks ago

#workoutoftheday #parkrun #strength

➡️ #jogging 5,43km

Strength (x3):
1️⃣ band-assisted push-up x8
2️⃣ band-assisted deep squat narrow stance x10
3️⃣ single calf raise x10/leg
4️⃣ banded bicep curl x10
5️⃣ one-leg semicircle with eyes closed x20/leg
6️⃣ banded lats pull-down x10

It was hot so I decided to keep a slow jog for at least 5 km and then do some strength training with my band.
I also felt a weak pelvic floor and I couldn't do banded pull-ups as planned.

#running #mastolift #fitness #fitodon

Running map & stats: 5,43 km in 38'
A walkable and cyclable bridge standing over the river. Trees surrounding
Sheeps pasture and their watchful beautiful white-furred boss
Ducks going in opposite direction after a dispute
Chris J. Karr
3 weeks ago

I always expect, but am NEVER prepared for, how wiped out I'll be heading back to the gym after months of being away.

Was glad to finally check out the new facility and upgrades I've been paying for (I'm on a VERY reduced grandfathered rate). Looking forward to getting past this initial adjustment period and getting some actual work (on me) done.

#Exercise #Fitness

3 weeks ago

It’s new program week. First up is Back and Shoulders (ugh). Volume volume volume

Superset 1
3x12 single arm dumbbell row
3x8-10 wide lat pulldown

Superset 2
3x10 barbell bent over row
3x8-10 neutral lat pulldown

Superset 3
3x10 seated overhead barbell press
3x10 dumbbell upright row

Superset 4
3x10 kneeling dumbbell single arm overhead press
3x10 supported dumbbell single arm lateral raise

#OperationThiccBoi #workout #fitness

Mirror selfie of some douchebag with a rolled up sleeve flexing one arm
Keith Böhler
4 weeks ago

I realized I had never done an #introduction post, so here goes a brief.

I am from #Texas where I also did an undergraduate in #physics. I was part of a radio #astronomy group were I used #linux as part of my research and came to appreciate #foss.

I enjoy the process of grinding and brewing #coffee in different styles, doing #calisthenics for #fitness, and riding #motorcycles.

I am currently working out of my field, but looking to make a move into #tech.

Coralie Mercier
4 weeks ago

I rode my bike tonight to go over 3000 km in 364 days, and was in Cannes facing the #mediterranean when the red full moon was rising 😍

Details and photos here:

#BikeTooter #vtt #vttae #eMTB #fitness #exercise #DailyExercise #vtt06 #moonrise #photography

“Pont sarrasin” (Arabic bridge) nested among trees by the large dirt path surrounded by hills of red rock. The early evening sky is dark blue.
Train tracks bridge above a harbor. The Esterel is visible in the background.
The Esterel mountains on the horizon divide the photo between grey and pink sky at dusk and the steel blue Mediterranean. Yachts are visible.
Red full moon casting an orange glimmer on the sea as it’s rising above the horizon.
Quinn Comendant
4 weeks ago

Ok, I got a cute little scale, and OMG it is so satisfying to measure ingredients to three significant digits of precision.

Pictured: my cocaine breakfast smoothie.

#fitness #nutrution #cocaine

A photo of a blender cup filled with fruit, nuts, seeds, and various types of protein powders, all sitting on a tiny stainless-steel scale with a blue-backlit LCD screen and four round buttons that make a satisfying *click* when pressed.

Standing abs are as effective as ab workouts on the floor?


1 month ago

16. Experience hiking/walking/getting around your neighborhood -- whether urban, suburban, or rural -- without a vehicle, and enough practice/exercise to keep them in shape. Fitness really important in those disasters... 10/x #disasters #exercise #fitness

Coralie Mercier
1 month ago

I was SO LUCKY to be out on the bike at the perfect time and places to see the sun come out right at sunset, after a night and day of rain.

Details and photos here:

#BikeTooter #vtt #vttae #eMTB #fitness #exercise #DailyExercise #vtt06 #rainbow #sunset #photography

Raindrops on a couple of stems. More stems full of pearls of rain in the blurry background.
A black horse and a white horse on a field by a paved road. Hills are in the background and the sky is deep orange.
Me on the bike reflected in a round fisheye mirror. Behind me is the glorious sunset sky, and in front of me is the cloudy sky. We see reed lining up the path, a tree, and a hill covered in trees touched by the sunset light.
Rainbow in a grey and purple cloudy sky. In the foreground is a neat green grassy area with an olive tree, a few shrubs and a bench.
Quinn Comendant
1 month ago

@derekvanvliet Your posts are like a happy version of Jocko Willink’s feed. ✨ 🌺 🚲 ✨


Coralie Mercier
1 month ago

I tried the #strava routing feature. I asked for an easy ride. Apparently we don’t agree on the definition of “easy”.

Mix #eMTB / #eBike ride: Le Tignet, Montauroux, Lac de Saint-Cassien, Les Adrets de l’Esterel, Mandelieu

68 km, 4:06, 16 km/h (avg speed), 1045 m. (ascent)

Details and more photos:

#BikeTooter #vtt #vttae #fitness #exercise #DailyExercise #vtt06 #vtt83 #photography #iphonephotography

Steep incline and three short sharp turns in the forest.
The single track rejoins the canal in the forest.
Big lake with vivid blue water. People are kayaking and doing stand up paddle.
Esterel rocks, like teeth on the horizon. The foreground is a valley full of trees.
1 month ago

Many feel the cultural and real pressure as women, mothers, and #Latinas, sacrificing their own #health, #fitness and #nutrition for their family's needs.

Paola Victoria Juarez of #Muscatine #iowa wants to help them turn that around.

Roland Weyers
1 month ago

Vandaag heerlijk getraind in de #sportschool. Aantal oefeningen weer met wat extra gewicht gedaan. Kleine stappen vooruit... Nu wel flink moe.


Coralie Mercier
1 month ago

Greg Cook de #FitnessPlus m’a tué !

Bon, je fais preuve de mauvaise foi car ce qui m’a tué c’est plutôt de faire de l’exercice dans la pièce de chez moi qui est exposée à l’ouest, sous le toit hyper mal isolé : 29,9° C malgré les volets fermés

#fitness #exercise #DailyExercise

Photo de guépard affalé sur un gros tronc, les yeux ouverts mais clairement en mode économie d’énergie

Today’s #training:

#LongJog 10 km
Including a stop to buy some flowers for my lovely wife for today’s wedding anniversary.

#running #run #RunnersOfMastodon #laufen #corsa #fitness #health #Strava #HealthFit #AppleWatch

Me du ring today’s training run
Coralie Mercier
1 month ago

#eMtb ride with @danield today: Bar sur Loup, Pont du Loup, Courmes, Gourdon, forbidden (but unattended) quarry, les Chauves.

43 km, 3:11, 13.3 km/h (avg speed), 1011 m. (ascent)

Details and photos here:

#BikeTooter #vtt #vttae #eMTB #fitness #exercise #DailyExercise #vtt06

Panoramic view on a small village emerging above olive trees. A tall mountain is in the background. The sky is blue.
A forest trail between drystone walls. The tall and thick wall on the right is covered in moss.
Large path in the quarry. A truck in the center of the image is minuscule, looking like a toy.
Forest downhill path covered in dry oak leaves.

🚨Personal request👇🏾

I will be traveling to volunteer in Ukraine🇺🇦 next week and will have limited time to spread the word about my new Fall 🍁group indoor class in Malden.🏋🏽‍♂️

🗣️May I ask for 3-5 friends to share this post on your social media and network.

Your support is greatly appreciated.🤜🏽🤛🏽

👉🏽Learn More and RSVP🔗

#boston #HealthEquity #fitness #wellness #health #weightloss #fun #strengthtraining

1 month ago

Getting to the point where I need new running trainers. Something both for gym and outdoors if possible.

I’d appreciate recommendations please. Thanks in advance. #Fitness #Running #RunningShoes #Trainers

Coralie Mercier
1 month ago

Aujourd'hui c'était le dernier jour de randovélo de @dioxmat alors avec @danield on l’a emmené faire la route des balcons d’azur. Faut passer de zéro à 420 m. d’altitude pour rejoindre l’arrière pays et puis descendre et monter 6 ou 7 fois en tout. Le clou du tracé c’est de suivre l’ancienne voie ferrée. Hyper chouette !

70 km, 1200 m. de dénivelé, 15,6 km/h, 4:20. Parcours et photos là :

#BikeTooter #vtt #vttae #eMTB #fitness #exercise #DailyExercise #vtt06

Jeune vache ou taureau des highlands écossais dans un pré à l’ombre
Mat et Daniel, deux cyclistes arrêtés sur un pont avec un paysage de gorges montagneuses en arrière plan. Le ciel est entièrement bleu.
Vue depuis le bout d’un pont sur les restes des piles du pont de voie ferrée (démoli par les allemands quelques jours avant la libération pensez la deuxième guerre mondiale) au niveau de Pont-du-Loup. La vallée est très verte. Le ciel est très bleu.
Photo de moi sur mon VTT au bout du pont de l’ancienne voie ferrée. Les gorges montagneuses en arrière plan sont profondes.
Coralie Mercier
1 month ago

Aujourd'hui c'était le jour de repos de @dioxmat donc fatalement je lui ai mijoté un parcours Estérel irrésistible et il s’est laissé entraîner dans une balade VTT pseudo "gravel"... claffie de caillasse et de bancs de sables, mais ça valait le coup !

40 km, 750 m. de dénivelé, 15,6 km/h, 2:30. Parcours et photos là :

#BikeTooter #vtt #vttae #eMTB #fitness #exercise #DailyExercise #vtt06 #esterel

Cycliste sur gravel à l’ombre après une maison forestière.
Vue panoramique où figurent des rochers rouges, des arbres, une maison forestière, des restanques, du ciel bleu.
Au bord du chemin qui tombe abruptement on voit les montagnes vertes de l’Esterel et la Méditerranée à l’horizon. Le ciel est bleu avec un tracé de nuages vaporeux.
Une cycliste à VTT au bord du chemin sourit en faisant un signe de victoire.