Comic Crusaders
2 days ago

PREVIEW: The Flash #1
Wally West has never been quicker, more fulfilled, more heroic. His loving family is around him. And yet something is off. Very off. His evolving understanding of his powers has opened Wally to new avenues of sci-fi adventure and attuned his senses to strange new ideas. Something whispers from the dark vibrations beyond the Speed Force, and as Wally experiments with...
#flash #dc #comics #Si Spurrier #Mike Deodato Jr.

@stuartl @Fairphone
After all, #LithiumIon and #LithiumPolymer if not all #batteries will INEVITABLY die due to use and/or age.
Same with #Flash dying after exceeding it's life cycles or #HDD's dying due to motor failures and gunked-up greases or since recently loss of #Helium...

@davemark @wklj The site uses #Ruffle now, a #Flash emulator built in #Rust. It's not perfect, but it works reasonably well. They also uploaded a lot of their videos (and occasionally upload new ones) on YouTube to homestarrunnerdotcom, though some #EasterEggs are missing. If you want to indulge your nostalgia on Mastodon, there is the Homestar Screens bot @grapenuts_robot, which shares random screens from the series, though it lacks #AltText. #OnionBubs! #OnionBubs!

Stefan Müller :verified:
3 days ago

3/ Es dominierten Rot- und Orangetöne. #Flash war auch am Start. Oder ist das #Supermann? Oder Bicycle-Repair-Man? Kenn mich da nicht so aus.

#LetzteGeneration #BerlinMarathon #Marathon #impossibleIsNothing

Läufer*innen beim Berlin-Marathon und orangene Pfütze nach Farbattacke der Letzten Generation, Ein Mann läuft im Kostum der Comic-Figur Flash. Straße des 17. Juni, Berlin, 24.09.2023
Faye Rapoport DesPres
4 days ago

So excited to see pics of the first printed copies of Soul to Soul: Tiny Stories of Hope and Resilience! This beautiful book, illustrated by European artist Anya Lauchlan, will be available for pre-order on October 1. The publication date is Dec. 1 - right in time for the holidays. Tiny stories to lift readers up in the moments they need a little cheer. For inquiries: Huntsville Independent Press: And #writingcommunity, check out this wonderful press for your own work and submissions.

#newbook #newbookrelease #microfiction #flash #writing #holidays

Cover art of a book with the title Soul to Soul
An illustration of a teacher with children next to a microfictionAn
An illustration of a girl playing the viola next to a microfiction
Back cover art and text for Soul to Soul
4 days ago

Someone in my midtown manhattan facebook "buy nothing" group posted this tongue in cheek #FlashGive which I found hilarious because I have almost as many mystery sauces in my own fridge.
#flash #give #free #stuff #NYC #midtown #manhattan #facebook #group #buy #nothing #neighbors #pickup #mystery #sauces #maybe

Stacks and stacks of leftover sauces with little lids, part of a post offering them to an adventurous neighbor. "Flashgive: mystery sauces."
Steven Saus [he/him]
5 days ago

From 22 Sep: Write About Your Cryptid (Or Monstrous) Crush With Us In Our Flash #Fiction Challenge #AmWriting - Flash fiction. Cryptids. Romance. What could go wrong? #writing #amwriting #challenge #flash-fiction

5 days ago

DC Preview: The Flash #1


#ComicBooks #Previews #DC #Flash

Mal dia de colada, tres camisetas manchadas.

Puto rojo #flash ⚡ :comics_dc_flash:

Your Impossible Voice
1 week ago

"When I was young, my father loved to tell me the story of the man who buried gold in his backyard. Worried about thieves, he drove a sign in the ground next to the freshly turned earth, one that read, 'There is no gold here.' The next day, the gold was gone."

New #flash by Elena Zhang!

Your Impossible Voice
1 week ago

"I listen to Ayi and her stories, but I can’t laugh lest the muscles swallow the pinprick and the hurt becomes real. I can’t cry, either."

Enjoy the first of two new #flash stories out today by Elena Zhang!

Krzysiek Janiczek
1 week ago

Uwielbiam jak film jest śmieszny wszędzie gdzie się da… 🙄
#Flash #OgladamSlabyFilm

Andrea (CuriousCat)
1 week ago

Kennt sich von euch wer mit Superheld*innen aus und kann mir sagen, was man für "legacy hero" auf Deutsch sagt?

Habe leider keinen Satzkontext, nur einen Listenpunkt als Charakteroption in einem generischen Superheld*innen-Setting.

#pnpde #xmen #dc #marvel #flash #GreenLantern #CaptainMarvel #Spiderman etc.

1 week ago

I'm thinking about necromancy right now... 🤔 😁

#flash #animate #html5

all flash and animate logos

@stux isn't that part of #Adobe's #JavaScript tools that replace #Flash for #MiniGames?

Cuz I remember @fuchsiii showing me that years ago...

Melroy van den Berg
2 weeks ago

@Mary625 FairPhone if you are from EU? Otherwise you can always flash LineageOS or /e/OS on basically any Android phone. Don't use the stock roms from Samsung etc. Android is not the problem, Samsung is.

#fairphone #lineageos #eos #android #rom #flash #customrom

Sage Tyrtle
2 weeks ago

Story prompt: Write 50 first sentences. From those, write 25 first paragraphs, from those write 12 second paragraphs, from those write 6 full stories.

Sound like a fun prompt? Please do share.

#flash #WritingCommunity #FlashLit #StoryPrompt #WritingPrompt #Writers #Writing #AmWriting #Write

Orange cut in half, one half filled with candy.
Joan of Cat (she/her) 😼
2 weeks ago

Assassin's Creed was one of the worst #movies I've seen recently. The #CGI was better than in The #Flash, but the story was significantly less coherent.

The actors did an excellent job. Michael #Fassbender was amazing as both his past and present selves (even if his future self's growth was unearned by the #narrative). Marion #Cotillard's character was compelling, and she played her #arc as well as she could given the runtime she was given to develop it. Jeremy #Irons was amazing as always, no matter how awful the film (see Dungeons & Dragons, that incredibly terrible film that came out in 2000).

But the narrative was, at best, incomplete. The #ending was rushed and unearned and resolved nothing. The #film seems more like a #pilot for a #television #series than it does a film. And they wanted to make it into a franchise.

Well that was the problem, wasn't it? You build a #franchise out of a successful first film, and you don't make a successful film without some form of #denouement: a complete, coherent #story with a beginning, a middle, and an end. Give us none, and why should we trust that you ever will? #Universal's attempted Dark Universe franchise failed for the same reason; they counted their eggs before they'd hatched, and that's how you end up with stillborn chicks.

I don't make the rules.

#filmCriticism #DungeonsAndDragons #AssassinsCreed #MichaelFassbender #MarionCotillard #JeremyIrons #DarkUniverse #movie

2 weeks ago


The line of #showers and a few #thunderstorms continues to move from west to east across the #Northland.

The worst one should see from them is #heavy #rain, but it shouldn't lead to #flash #flooding.

#wxtooter #weather #wx #MNwx #WIwx #UPwx

A view of the radar over the Northland at 4:05 p.m. on Thursday, September 14, 2023.  It shows a line of showers and a few thunderstorms moving from west to east across the region.
2 weeks ago

Card 085: Captain Boomerang

What does it say that "boomerang-throwing super-villain" seems more believable than "boomerang salesman"? Like, is that an actual job anyone has ever had?

#TradingCardADay #DCCC1 #DCComics #Flash

2 weeks ago

#Flash #Flood emergency in #Leominster the other night was a "200-year" event. ..."The city has not seen such widespread damage since a 1936 hurricane. He said most buildings downtown flooded and some collapsed. " #MAwx

Cory Doctorow
2 weeks ago

Steele's pioneering work - in #Hypercard, then #CDROMs, then #Flash - helped define the look-and-feel of the old, good internet; an #urbanist feel that owed a debt to #Toronto's most beloved adopted urbanist, #JaneJacobs. Steele and Mackerel made things that were beautiful and human-centered, human-scaled and human-adaptable.


Ellipsis Zine
2 weeks ago

'Tiger Mum' by @pleomorphic2

[CW: Reference to infertility]

Tiger Mum is at yoga with Buffalo Mum. Tiger Mum glides through chathuranga to upward dog, feeling her sleek muscles ripple under her animal-print tights. They are an expensive dri-weave.

#flash #flashfiction #litmag #zine #writingcommunity #writing

A close-up of a tiger's eye
Dark Sage Torunka :verified:
2 weeks ago

Hey, remember a decade ago when #Adobe decided to charge a revshare on people using cross-compiled game engines in #Flash and everyone jumped ship to #Unity ? i.e. the exact thing Adobe was trying to prevent?

Oh, I was just wondering if anyone else did.

Something something history rhymes.

Glitchy Pixel
2 weeks ago

People are worried about the #unity price changes and their future without potentially using the engine.

Some people feel stuck because they invested their skillset on the engine.
I remember a familiar situation, which was the death of #flash

Although for different reasons, it's the same feeling. You need to learn how to make games and digital experiences, not how to use a tool.

Flash devs learnt this the hard way, now you too unfortunately.

Good news is that alternatives exist use them now!

Orion Petitclerc
2 weeks ago

Just read #New52 #JusticeLeague Origin and can finally see how closely it was adapted for the Justice League War #animated #movie, as well as its influences for the #liveaction Justice League film by #ZackSnyder.

#dccomics #comics #comicbooks #darkseid #newgods #fourthworld #batman #superman #wonderwoman #greenlantern #flash #aquaman #cyborg

Mise à jour de #Ruffle effectuée. Du progrès côté Flex 3 et encore plus d'animations #Flash qui passent \o/

2 weeks ago

A #FLASH #FLOOD #WARNING is in effect for the north half of #Duluth until 1 a.m.

Several inches of #rainfall has led to #flooding of roadways, including I-35 around Lake Avenue.

Please stay away from flooded areas for the next few hours.

#wxtooter #weather #wx #MNwx

A Flash Flood Warning is in effect until 1 a.m. on Tuesday, September 12, 2023 for the northern half of the Duluth metro area.
Radar estimates for rainfall over the past few hours has several inches falling, focusing on the northern half of the City of Duluth.
Ellipsis Zine
2 weeks ago

'The Stillness of Fields' by Paul Thompson

All the other kids call him the snake. At first behind his back, but now to his face.

Read more:

#flash #flashfiction #litmag #zine #writingcommunity #writing

A close-up of a coiled snake
Francesco Levato
2 weeks ago

Some #MicroFiction from #HorrorWritersChat on Bluesky.

Describe a character named September.

She was born as the world around her was preparing for a long, cold death. She didn’t scream, cough fluid from her lungs as expected, but was still, her chest unmoving. She seemed dead, save for bolting upright, and fixing eyes on me that looked like a fish left out too long.

#Flash #Horror #SciFi #WritingCommunity

3 weeks ago

I dusted off a SWF game that I made 15+ years ago and @internetarchive serves it with an emulator!
#flash #flashGame

Game of finding three cards with color, pattern, count, shape all the same or all different... someone should make a tactile version of this for vision impaired folks to try.
Fabiano Cerqueira 🖖
3 weeks ago

I finally saw The Flash (2023).

It's not the worst DC movie, because there's Green Lantern (2011) and Batman vs. Superman (2016).

Nothing else to say.

#Flash #DC #movies

Paco Hope #BLM
3 weeks ago

I took a screen shot that captures so many things in one spot. First, it shows off how janky my #selfhosted #server at my #colo is. Second, it is kinda awesome that this even works at all. Wanted to let y'all have a laugh at how ridiculous this is.

I use SSH port forwarding to tunnel to internal IPs, #xenorchestra provides a web-based view of VM consoles. Then I have #windows10 running in a VM. #Xen Orchestra lets me get a keyboard and mouse on the graphical console of the VM in a garden variety web browser (#firefox, of course)

But wait! It gets dumber. My janky Cisco server has an #adobe #flash based management interface. So the only way I can do remote management is to have a way to reach the integrated management interface with a web browser that supports Flash!

So the VM runs Win10, so I can run #Basilisk which managed to get Adobe Flash to connect to the internal management interface. This is kinda embarassingly cobbled together. But it was CHEAP. (32 cores, 256Gb RAM for $500, plus $150 to replace a failed RAID card 4 years ago)

Not everybody shares their embarassing dirty laundry. I had it all in one screenshot, so it seemed fun to share.

Screenshot of a browser seeing the console of a Windows VM, with a browser showing a flash app.
Ellipsis Zine
3 weeks ago

'Release' by Matt Paul

My fiancé’s sister Marcie convinced me to come on the promise of catharsis. How it goes, she says, driving us to the park, dashboard fan parting her ocean of curls, is you write down something you want or want to let go of, set it alight, then feel your chakras smile as it floats away.

My wince must have made a sound.

Read more:

#flash #flashfiction #litmag #zine #writingcommunity #writing

Paper lanterns floating in the sky at night.
Steven Saus [he/him]
4 weeks ago

From 02 Sep: Join Us For Our Labor Day Weekend Flash Fiction Writing Challenge - Join us for a writing challenge this long weekend! #craft-of-writing #writing #challenge #flash-challenge

Exist Otherwise
4 weeks ago

I have responded to all submissions for Issue 7 of #ExistOtherwise #LitJournal. If you were expecting a response and didn't get one, please reach out.

We are currently accepting #submissions of #poetry, #essays, #scripts, #fiction, #cnf, #prose, #flash, #hybrid, and #BlackAndWhite #photography for Issue 8, due in November.

🙃 ɐıunp zsɐɯoʇ :idle:
4 weeks ago

🇬🇧 I watched #Flash and it's a pretty good movie 😉 I think I heard rather poor reviews of it while it was in theaters 😉 They messed up the CGI of the characters (faces) quite a bit and in general there was too much of it, but rest is OK.

🇵🇱 Obejrzałem #Flash i jest to całkiem niezły film 😉 Wydaje mi się, że w trakcie jak był w kinach to słyszałem o nim raczej słabe opinie 😉 Zepsuli dość mocno CGI postaci (twarzy) i w ogóle za dużo tego było, ale poza tym OK.

Stephen J. Carrington
4 weeks ago

Coming up on the 20th anniversary of one the Internet's greatest meme songs - "Badgers" 🦡 Sept 2nd, 2003. Seems like an eternity ago, but still fresh in the head. Figured Badger-fan @BadgerBadgerBadger might want to know, as well. 👋

The official video on YT doesn't loop endlessly like the Flash original, tho. 😢

"Badgers" on YouTube:

#BadgersBadgersBadgers #Flash #Meme #MusicVideo #Weebl

Badgers, also known informally as Badger Badger Badger or The Badger Song, is a Flash animated meme by British, Bristol-based animator Jonti Picking, aiso known as Mr Weebl. It consists of 12 animated cartoon badgers, doing calisthenics, a mushroom in front of a tree, and a snake in the desert. The Flash cartoon is accompanied by a bass line, above which a voiceover sings the names of what is shown on screen.[']

The Flash cartoon went live on on 2 Septemver 2003 at 3:59am GMT. The cartoon loops indefinitely.

According to Mr Weebl, the inspiration behind The Badger Song comes from the song Saturday Night by Whigfieldl?: "[Saturday Night] has a duck quacking throughout. | decided that the tune needed an annoying ‘squeak sound in the background. The Iyrics were meant to be a placeholder, but much like The Riddle by Nik Kershaw, the placeholder became the actual thing."
4 weeks ago

I just realized that the major reason that The #Flash (2023) is so watchable is Michael Keaton as Bruce Wayne. I’m so slow witted.

I mean, once they go ”Back to the future” the storytelling picks up too, and Ezra Miller is working hard, but it was Bruce Wayne, General Zod, and Kara Zor-El that glued my attention to the film instead of my phone

Daniel Fischer
1 month ago

The big #impact #flash on #Jupiter on August 28 (afternoon UTC) has been imaged by quite a number of Asian observers - here is a composite image from the best data available so far:

Contrast-enhanced version of the composite image, the impact flash showing up as a white splotch with so fine structure that may or may not be real
Damon Thomas
1 month ago

This works nicely as a Flash Fiction/Non-Fiction statement of intent - "I’m producing too many stories at once because what I want is for you to feel, around the story, a saturation of other stories that I could tell and maybe will tell or who knows may already have told on some other occasion, a space full of stories that perhaps is simply my lifetime, where you can move in all directions, as in space, always finding stories that cannot be told until other stories are told first, and so, setting out from any moment or place, you encounter always the same density of material to be told. In fact, looking in perspective at everything I am leaving out of the main narration, I see something like a forest that extends in all directions and is so thick that it doesn’t allow light to pass: a material, in other words, much richer than what I have chosen to put in the foreground this time, so it is not impossible that the person who follows my story may feel himself a bit cheated, seeing that the stream is dispersed into so many trickles, and that of the essential events only the last echoes and reverberations arrive at him; but it is not impossible that this is the very effect I aimed at when I started narrating, or let’s say it’s a trick of the narrative art that I am trying to employ, a rule of discretion that consists in maintaining my position slightly below the narrative possibilities at my disposal.

Which, if you look closer, is the sign of real wealth, solid and vast, in the sense that if, we’ll assume, I had only one story to tell, I would make a huge fuss over this story and would end up botching it in my rage to show it in its true light, but, actually having in reserve a virtually unlimited supply of narratable material, I am in a position to handle it with detachment and without haste, even allowing a certain irritation to be perceptible and granting myself the luxury of expatiating on secondary episodes and insignificant details." – Italo Calvino ("If on a Winter's Night a Traveller", 1979) #writing #story #flash #quotes

1 month ago

The #Flash (2023) … The beginning is gag inducing, and left me angry for having committed myself to watching it. But the following 110 minutes or so, when they rip off back to the future (flashture?) - completely openly - is actually wonderfully entertaining and somehow frankensteiningly relateable, and it makes up for the opening cringe show

I just kind of wish they would have left the opening on the cutting room floor once they could screen the whole thing

Oh and the cameos are gold

Poster for the flash
1 month ago
Map showing NWS area in Cleveland under Flash Flood Warning
Terence Eden
1 month ago

OK, I was not expecting the new #Flash movie to be *that* good.

Usually superhero films leave me cold. But this one was funny, smart, and had a plot which didn't descend into tangled nonsense.

The cameos were an absolute treat (especially Senate House!) and were justified by the story.

Absolutely excellent. Much better than the recent MCU stuff.

(Yes, I know Ezra Miller is a 100% weapons-grade arse.)

Laura E. Hall
1 month ago

2) Craving some old Flash games? Between emulators and archives, you just might be able to finally replay your favs

Non-paywalled link:

#Flash #Ruffle #OldWeb #VintageWeb #WebGames

A screenshot from the Trogdor! the flash game from the folks behind Homestar Runner. It shows a dragon with one human arm on a simple background amidst a medieval village
1 month ago

Sunday night in #PalmSprings is going to be quite crazy with #flash #flooding. I would not recommend driving through there that evening on the way to #Phoenix.

Intense rainfall rates in Palm Springs / Joshua Tree National Park on Sunday night.

Watching the #Flash movie. I grew up with this comic and honestly, the creative license they’re taking with these characters is starting to annoy me just a little. What Barry Allen and Iris West are supposed to look like, in attached pic. Aquaman was also blonde. They cast Superman right, Wonder Woman right, Tony Stark mostly right and Green Arrow close (minus the swashbuckly goatee). But Flash was my favourite and he just doesn’t look like Ezra Miller and Iris sure as shinola doesn’t look like whoever is playing the character now. </rant>

TapTap 🎮
2 months ago

Classic #Flash games are back on #Neopets thanks to #Ruffle!

As much as I like Ruffle, I really gotta say I'm disappointed it took flash shutting down for development on flash emulators to even kick into proper gear.

In a proper world, Adobe should have been made to develop an official flash emulator before ending support.

email introducing classic flash games on neopets
Delta Wye
2 months ago

At the co-op to get coffee.

I immediately hear the workers there quoting lines from the #FilmCow #Flash cartoon "Charlie the Unicorn".

I immediately join them and lurch over laughing. The barista comes out and has no context for this until I say "It's from a flash cartoon" then "SHUN THE UNBELIEVER! SHUN!" and they remember it and start laughing too. 🤣

2 months ago

There's been a lot of people dunking on the #Flash movie lately for some reason, and I gotta say, they're wrong. Killer Queen soundtrack. Max von Sydow. Brian Blessed. Timothy Dalton. "I love you!" "I know, but we only have 14 hours to save the Earth!". Flash might be one of my all time favorite movies. You haters need to sit down.

Flash Gordon -- collage of images from the 1980 movie based on the Flash Gordon comic strip.

Bizarre #millenial skills: still being able to recite every single word from some weird #EarlyInternet #Flash videos (and randomly singing the songs from them at your cats), but not remembering why you walked into the kitchen just now.

#HeresALlama #TheresALlama #AndAnotherLittleLlama #FuzzyLlamaFunnyLlama #LlamaLlamaDuck

Ben Combee
2 months ago

I remember playing this #Flash game for hours. It took a moment to remember the way the moves worked, then it all rushed back. Thanks for preserving these, @internetarchive !

2 months ago

"Friday Flash Fun Forever"

Rhaomi posted a labor of love featuring the Flashpoint Archive preservation project with over 145,000 preserved Flash games, plus highlights, more emulators, more games, tips, background, new software and more. If you miss Flash Fridays, definitely *don't* miss this post!

#Flashpoint #Flash #FlashGames #Adobe #AdobeFlash #Emulator #WebGames #Games

Flashpoint logo in a red circle surrounded by two circular rows of small logos of flash-based games and software
2 months ago

Why am I just now learning about Flashpoint Archive?

This amazing gaming preservation effort has kept thousands of flash games and animations alive!

For those of us who were around for that era we can relive our favourites and for the next generations they can experience all the weird and wacky content for the first time! #Flash #Game #Animation #Preservation #Flashpoint

3 months ago

The #Science of... The #Flash - The Flash's EMBARASSING Secret! :lightning_bolt:

(video courtesy of @togglejam Be sure to Like, Comment, & Subscribe!) 💙

3 months ago

Really enjoyed creating this cute little animation loop to show some of my skillset on my portfolio!

Completion time was roughly 2 weeks, from conceptualization to finished product. Flash was the first creative program I ever used as a kid, so relearning it was a surprisingly emotional experience. Like returning to a long-forgotten home. 🥺💖

#animation #art #mastoart #flash #cartoon #portfolio #artist

Colorful looping animation of a girl showcasing different creative skills. Each time she changes skills, her color palette and outfit also change, as well as the background.

The skills shown, in order:

-Game Prototyping: She picks up a hammer and chisel, and sculpts a game controller out of a block of plaster.

-2D Art & Animation: She sits down in a meditation pose, and she uses her "third eye" to draw a video game character on a floating sheet of paper.

-Sound Effects Design: With two drumsticks, she hits floating objects that emit "sound waves," while a machine next to her shows sound waveforms appearing onscreen.
Colin Purrington
3 months ago

Anyone have experience repairing Canon flashes? I fried the bulb last year and was hoping I could just swap in a new one. But after taking it apart the soldering looks a little beyond my skill level. Also read that one should discharge the capacitor, a word that I know but I'm not sure how one does that. It's a 600EX-RT. Ten years old. Alternatively, can anyone suggest a replacement, ideally one that accepts feed from an external battery pack? Because I have a birthday next week and I've been good. #photography #camera #repair #electronics #ExternalFlash #flash #canon

Internal parts for a camera flash spread out on a gridded surface.
3 months ago

Когда-то был активен официальный сайт, где можно было выложить свои песни, или слушать чужие на встроенном плеере. Сейчас он не активен — кажется, когда-то его взломали, и автор решил его не восстанавливать. Игру все еще можно скачать на сайте разработчика, там же есть конвертер песен в MP3. Она все еще есть на newgrounds, конечно, но сейчас в браузерах уже нет флеша, поэтому она, скорее всего, не запустится.

Для линуксов можно вытащить .swf-файл из .exe чем-то вроде и запустить флеш-плеером. Я так пробовал, но не мог победить очень большие задержки аудио. Но все равно поностальгировал.

#flash #punkomatic

3 months ago

Прикреплю пару треков, чтобы было понятней, как это все звучало. Я собрал небольшую коллекцию у себя на сайте: Для этого написал небольшую библиотеку для воспроизведения их в браузере:

#flash #punkomatic

3 months ago

Во времена флеш-игр, одной из моих самых любимых была Punk-o-Matic 2. Это даже не сосем игра, а скорее этакий музыкальный секвенсор — там можно из отдельных риффов собирать себе панковские песни. Потом их можно было "играть" а-ля Guitar Hero. Можно было конвертировать все в табы для реальной гитары. А можно было импортировать-экспортировать данные песен целиком и делиться ими.

#flash #punkomatic

Интерфейс мини-игры а-ля Guitar Hero.
Главный экран - интерфейс редактирования песни.
Экран с табулатурой.
Экран с данными песни для экспорта-импорта.
3 months ago

I love Jesse Martin #Flash #rewatch

3 months ago

Rewatching #Flash: Earth-2 Barry Allen has Bruce, Hal and Diana on his speed dials. What no love for Clark?

Daniel Albu
3 months ago

💿 Macromedia #Flash 4 was released 24 years ago today!

📆 It was released on June 15th, 1999 and included groundbreaking features such as MP3 streaming audio!

❤️ This version holds a special place in my heart as it's the first one I used!


3 months ago




#dcu #movie #bluebeetle #flash #supergirl

DC映画:Blue Beetle
4 months ago

標準化された #ActivityPub :activitypub: があるのにわざわざ別の自前のプロトコルで分散型 SNS やるって、 #HTML5 と言われてたものが整備されつつあった時に #Flash に対抗して #Silverlight 出す、みたいなことをになっちゃうんじゃないの?って、Web おじさんな自分はつい思ってしまう :tony_smirking:

Alex Nedelcu
4 months ago

#ActiveX, #Flash, #Silverlight are all dead b/c they were proprietary platforms that couldn't survive once some real competition from open standards and FOSS platforms happened.

People jumped on #JavaScript feet first, despite all its issues. Proprietary platforms on the web can't survive given a cross-platform environment.

The one sore thumb is #Perl. It lost a lot of popularity due to TIMTOWTDI complexity + the announced breakage in Perl 6. #Scala contributors should take notes.

4 months ago

“It is still impressive how far ahead Macromedia Flash was in terms of interactivity and design on the web. To this day, we’re still trying to do the same things we did 20 years ago with Flash.” — Tobias Schneider

#Design #FlashTechnology #ProductDesign #UxDesign #IxDesign #UiDesign #WebDesign #WebDevelopment #WebDev #HTML #CSS #JavaScript #Flash #Interaction #Animation #Evolution #Quote

James P. :os_arch: :xfce:
5 months ago

@darktable I hope the creators of #BFDI don't get sued for using #Macromedia #Flash 8 from 2005...

Damon Thomas
5 months ago

I think the main thing is we live in poetry and then relate those experiences as prose. You get back to the original poetry by stripping away all the extras added after your experience. This can be societal expectations, self curation, attempts at settling ambiguity, etc. But none of it has much to do with your actual life. #writing #poetry #flash #story

TildalWave :toot:
7 months ago

Artsy #macro #photography of windowsill #Amaryllis Belladonna L. in bloom in front of a #FineArt calendar. Trying out my new tripod I got for a steal on eBay auctions.

Illuminated using two off-cam Godox V860IIc #flash guns. I was too lazy to change lenses since my out-of-the-window birding today, so this was done using same Soligor #VintageLenses stack as my Blackbird photo earlier today.

As you can see, there was no need to change the lenses. Exceptional sharpness, clean #bokeh, suitable depth of field, beautiful and faithful colours and no optical aberrations to speak of. This is #unprocessed #SooC Jpeg.

A photo of a red Amaryllis in full bloom with focus on its anthers covered in pollen.
7 months ago

There's so many reasons to not want to watch the new Flash movie, but I can't deny that it looks incredible.
#flash #theflash #flashpoint