For #flyday we have the tired flesh fly.

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A flesh fly on a green leaf.
Colin Purrington
6 hours ago

Found a fly infected with some sort of fungus. I think the victim might be a midge (Chaoborus punctipennis?). Media, PA, USA. #fly #diptera #insects #entomology #fungi #fungus #mycology #nature #FlyDay #FungiFriday

Photograph of a light-colored fly with a frosting-like glaze oozing from its thorax and abdomen, and a dark droplet of liquid enclosing its head.
Imagery by Rihilism
2 days ago

This looks to be a native black-shouldered drone fly (Eristalis dimidiata suggests the ID app) atop a native evening primrose along the #IowaRiverTrail. Black-shouldered are a species of hoverfly and in addition to the bee-like colors/patterns this species is roughly the size of a bee or a small bumblebee.

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Closeup image of a black-shouldered drone fly (Eristalis dimidiata) on a yellow evening primrose flower. A species of hover fly, the black-shouldered has a black abdomen with thin white striping, a black thorax and head, two large eyes, two small antennae, black legs, and transparent wings with black veining.
Gryph the Gryphon
3 days ago

^v^ when the rly very nice Gryphons meet this Gryph the Gryphon . all the Gryphons rly want to fly with this rly very nice Gryph the Gryphon ^V^

#fly #want

Leonardo Grando
1 week ago

FAA Authorizes Zipline International, Inc. to Deliver Commercial Packages Using #Drones That #Fly Beyond Operator's Line of Sight

B's Creative Life 🌈 🎃
1 week ago

Just witnessed a fly regain consciousness.

It was in the concrete stairwell and was still for 3 minutes on it's back in the death position. I was considering it for my school insect collection when the legs twitched.

Two more minutes of nothing, then the fly wiggle pops to it's feet. It sits there for a couple more minutes, then wanders off on foot.

What a bizarre observation.

#fly #Nature #weird

Passed Wonder
2 weeks ago

"Why are you still clinging on? *How* are you still up there?"
"I love #flying, I was born to #fly. And my #friends here? They #support me."

Somehow also feels #SilentSunday

HTs #Kite #CanningTown #LookUp #SupportEachOther #London #photography #Motivation

A white kite has lost most of its fabric leaving the framework visible. Its tasselled Trail is wrapped around a high wire and a tree. Behind there is a cloudy sky.

In Woche 37 wurde es sehr sportlich in der #52WochenFotoChallenge von @norberteder

37/52 Sport
Fly Free
Until late afternoon of this warm and sunny day, quite a few paragliders were still in the air - following the dream of free flying.

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:nikon: :darktable:

A paraglider prepares for landing with still some distance to the ground. We see the pilot with the legs pulled up, the full para-glider above with stripes of green, yellow and blue. It is a landscape picture with very soft light from the already quite low standing sun. Haze softens the silhouettes of the woods and shapes of meadows and mountains in the background. The right part of the foreground is made of the silhouettes of two coniferous trees. Some large clouds can be guessed in the hazy sky.

AI disclaimer: Using my work, its meta data, written or derived description to create media with or train AI based systems is prohibited.
Colin Purrington
2 weeks ago

Found a stump this week with several Zelia lurking about. In at least one species in the genus, females give birth to motile larvae, depositing them at the holes in decomposing wood made by beetles. The larvae then crawl along the tunnels until they find hosts to burrow into. #fly #diptera #zelia #tachinidae #insect #nature #entomology #FlyDay

Bristly, black and white fly oriented head down on the stump of a tree.
Bryan Wright
2 weeks ago

Inaturalist tells me that both of these are quadrate snipe flies (Chrysopilus quadratus), but their coloration is very different. Does anyone know why? They both look like males, with their head-encompassing (holoptic) eyes. Is there just this much color variation, or have I mis-identified them?

#fly #flies #FlyFriday #rhagionidae #diptera #insects #arthropods #photography

A dark gray fly with wings that shade from black at the front to transparent at the back. He has very large, red, compound eyes speckled with dewdrops. The eyes completely cover his head, meeting in the middle. He sits on a concrete step, facing away from us, with his head held up. Drying off? Looking for prey?
A fly with a similar shape and pose, sitting on a green leaf. This one is rust-colored though.

I will shortly be shifting to filling my sketchbook with werewolves, ghosts, vampires, zombies, and mummies, but not quite yet

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Bryan Wright
2 weeks ago

A mosquito, gathering a blood meal from a knuckle of the hand that wasn't holding the camera. I admire her white tufts and bristly antennae.

#fly #flies #mosquitos #culicidae #diptera #insects #arthropods #photography

A closeup of a mosquito feeding from the photographer's knuckle. We see the mosquito from the side. Its abdomen is ringed with brown stripes. Its thorax is furry and dark brown with tufts of white. We see one multi-faceted eye, like a black raspberry. The antennae are long, sparse bottle-brushes. Its needle-like feeding parts are mostly hidden by a sheath, except where this is bent, near the head, to reveal a hair-thin tube.
3 weeks ago

At an exhibition game today -- walking across the ice to put a bottle and towel in the penalty box -- saw a dozen flies, frozen in the solid ground water: trapped in a temporary clear, white amber.
#hockey #icehockey #ice #fly

Art Framer Nathan
3 weeks ago

Some kind of small lacey #fly landed on me.

#insects #bugs

A small flay on the knuckle of my finger with a lacey pattern on its wings
Paula Whyman
3 weeks ago

Not a great photo, but can anyone tell me what insect this is? A kind of fly? I thought it was a mosquito at first. @catselbow?

#insect #identify #fly?

A small winged insect with long thin legs, dark strip down the center of its body, and very short black antennae. Resembles a mosquito.
Colin Purrington
3 weeks ago

A bee fly in the genus Geron. Per BugGuide, it's the only group of bombyliid that bobs up and down above a flower before landing. Anyone know why they do that? Madras, Oregon, USA. #diptera #fly #insect #nature #entomology #BeeFly #FlyDay

Small, humpbacked, gray fly with long proboscis for drinking nectar. Resting on a juniper branch.
kernpanik 🐾
3 weeks ago


#photography #nature #insects #flies #fly
(photo: @kernpanik | license: CC BY-NC-SA 4.0)

A flesh fly (Sarcophaga carnaria), sitting on a wall.
Simone Gotti 📸
3 weeks ago

A jumping spider eating a fly bigger than him.

I love when I can take a face to face photo.

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#spider #fly

A jumping spider on a green leaf eating a fly.
3 weeks ago

Okay I think I've narrowed my choices down to:
#Cotopaxi Vaya (if I can find one)
#Gregory Nano 20
#Fjallraven Raven 20

If anyone has experience with any of these, I'd love to hear your feedback

#travel #airtravel #fly #backpack #pack #luggage #packing #vacation #onebag

Simone Gotti 📸
3 weeks ago

A flesh fly on a leaf with big red eyes.

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A flesh fly with red eyes on a green leaf.
4 weeks ago
Simone Gotti 📸
4 weeks ago

A fly on a leaf of Centaurea Cineraria (has white leaves).

Different crop from the previous one since image compression ruined the eyes.

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A fly on a white leaf of Centaurea Cineraria.
Passed Wonder
4 weeks ago

"Hey Joe. HEY JOE!! I'mna #fly with you Joe! We're flying together, look at us GOOOOOOO!"

Seen on the #Canal / #LondonLOOP near Harefield

HTs #NaturePhotography #RedKite #Jackdaw #Birds #photography #London

On the left of the shot a red kite is flying with its wings raised up, on the right a jackdaw is flying with its wings beating down.
A red kite and a jackdaw are flying close together, the red kite slightly behind the jackdaw.
Simone Gotti 📸
4 weeks ago

A fly on a leaf of Centaurea Cineraria (has white leaves).

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This work is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 4.0

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A fly on a white leaf of Centaurea Cineraria.
Jake Rayson
1 month ago

Bathroom Moth Fly (Clogmia albipunctata aka Stink Fly, Drain Fly etc, you get the idea) chilling out in a café in Versailles

#diptera #fly #wildlife

Silhouette of small, round-winged fly on window against blue sky and blurred townscape
Steven Don
1 month ago
The inside view of the cockpit of a fighter jet flying at an angle, approaching the green shores of a lake set against a cloudy sky.
Bryan Wright
1 month ago

An unidentified bristly, golden fly staring into the abyss.

#fly #flies #diptera #insects #arthropods #flyfriday #photography

A long-legged, golden, bristly fly stands at the edge of a serrated green leaf, staring into the black abyss. The fly has large dull-red eyes. Its antennae and mouthparts jut forward like blunt spikes. Its wings are swept back in a V. The end of its abdomen projects a thagomizer of long, thin bristles. What are you thinking, little fellow?
Bryan Wright
1 month ago

A fly I haven't seen before (possibly Hemyda aurata?) This poor guy was missing its left hind leg. The whole time I was there, the fly kept jabbing its abdomen at the leaf. A female depositing eggs? A confused male? I would have guessed that those naughty bits are some kind of clampy thing that belongs to a male.

#fly #flies #tachinidae #diptera #insects #photography

A yellow, orange, and dark brown insect stands near the edge of a serrated green leaf.  We see the insect from his right side. He has a shape reminiscent of a wasp, but we see his bright yellow haltere, the vestige of his lost second pair of wings, telling us that he's a fly. Above the haltere is a little yellow tent, a calypter, like a hand cupped palm-downward.  The wings are swept back and lifted at a slight angle.

The abdomen starts with a couple of translucent yellow sections near the thorax, then turns dark brown. It tapers toward the end, where we see some complicated protrusions (genitalia, or related structures used in mating?) These are lowered, touching the leaf.

His head is large, and almost entirely covered by large, dark compound eyes. The antennae are like billy clubs pointing forward, each with a fine hair of an arista poking up and forward.
Takako 🐀
1 month ago

Robber fly?

It was buzzing by the window, so I relocated outside.

#fly #Flyday lol #BugsAreCool #beKind

A large fly (about 2cm) with brown wings neatly folded on the back in the bottom of a clear plastic cup on the faux-granite kitchen counter.
Ben S
1 month ago

Bonus #FlyDay

Can't really tell you anything about this bizzare little fella. I believe it's a tephritid. Let me know if you have an idea of who it is.

#Insects #Diptera #Fly #Colombia

A very tiny fly with a yellowish tan body with brown speckles. It is sticking its black wings straight out. Its eyes are a mainly bronze colored with a copper band going across them. It is eating something off a green leaf.
Alex Wild
2 months ago

An ant-decapitating fly (Apocephalus sp.) takes advantage of a Pheidole dentata nest disturbed by the photographer to lay her eggs in the exposed ants. At #UTAustin's Brackenridge Field Lab in Texas.

#Pheidole #Phoridae #Ants #Fly #Insects

Close-up photograph of a small brown fly hovering over a shiny orange ant, facing away from us.
Bryan Wright
2 months ago

A beautiful little Condylostylus, watching for prey.

#fly #flies #dolichopodidae #diptera #insects #photography

A slim, long-legged metallic fly sits on a broad expanse of green leaf. The fly is copper-colored, shading to verdigris at the margins. We see him from above and behind. His long stilt-like legs are spread wide, ready to leap into the air. His wings are swept back but not folded.  He's a wrestler waiting for his opponent's next move, a gunfighter waiting for the Bad Guy to draw first. 

His copper-red eyes are large and wide-set, calmly surveying. The powerful wing muscles in his broad thorax are invisible, but we know they're there.

His shadow sits beneath him, quietly waiting, hoping it can keep up.
Colin Purrington
2 months ago

We've made it to #FlyDay! I think this might be Neurigona deformis (Dolichopodidae). When the flash went off it would dart away, then return in a fraction of a second to almost exactly the same spot (something long-legged flies tend to do). On a rotting log in Media, PA, USA. #fly #diptera #insect #entomology #moss #nature

Small fly with silvery thorax, black-and-white striped abdomen, and very long legs at rest on moss.
Colin Purrington
2 months ago

It's not the best photograph but I think that blur above the ant's pronotum is Apocephalus coquilletti, a scuttle fly that injects eggs into Camponotus workers. After completing their development the fly apparently causes the ant's head to pop off, using it, I guess, as some sort of escape pod. The fly was amazingly good at tracking every evasive maneuver the ant attempted, making it seem like they were joined by a metal rod. Found it yesterday and now I'm obsessed with finding more. #phoridae #diptera #fly #insects #entomology #ants #nature

Photograph of a large black ant walking on wet bark while being shadowed by a small fly hovering approximately 2 cm above its head.
Babs E. Blue
2 months ago

Let's fly!

Photography by me
"Gull in Blue"

#photography #sky #seagull #bluesky #fly #wings #blues #blue #naturephotography

A lone white gull soars in a deep azure blue sky.  The black line on it's wings of white feathers is clearly visible even at it's height.
Bryan Wright
2 months ago

A beautiful little Condylostylus: a fearsome jewel.

#fly #flies #dolichopodidae #diptera #insects #arthropods #photography

A metallic green and blue insect stands before us. Its enormous compound eyes, like million-faceted emeralds, look down at us. Between them, its prim chrome-plated mouthparts gleam.  Bristly eyelashes curl back from its eyes, bristly aristae hang over us from its antennae, bristly hackles curl up from its back. Its long thin legs gather together beneath it, then spread wide in a confident stance. It regards us coldly as possible prey.
Jason Stiff
2 months ago

You've got to get cleaned up, but you don't have time for a bath. What do you do? You grab a quick shower so you can fly out the door!

#bird #birds #hummingbird #hummingbirds #water #shower #bath #birdbath #fly #Saturday

Bryan Wright
2 months ago

A little sepsid fly watches the photographer while blowing a bubble and lazily waggling its wings back and forth. "Whatcha doin'?", it says.

#fly #flies #sepsidae #diptera #insects #arthropods #photography

We see a small, black fly head-on. It stands on a broad green leaf, and has long, thin legs. The fly's head is round like ball, and made mostly out of eyes. Two paddle-like brown antennae sit between the eyes. 

Hanging from the fly's mouth is a transparent spherical drop of water, half the size of the fly's head.  It acts like a lens, showing us a small, upside-down image of the fly's undercarriage.

The fly's wings are extended away from its body, and both wings are tilted toward our right: The wing on our left is almost vertical, and the one on the right almost horizontal. Each wing has one small black dot on its leading edge.

Is it trying to tell us something, or just fidgeting?
The same fly, in almost the same pose, but now the wings are waggled to the other side.
Hunter Godeck
2 months ago

Helicopter ride for my brother and fiancé. First time fliers sit up front!

#Helicopter #tour #aviation #fly #heli #pilot #lifestyle #vacation #lightspeedzulu3 #lightspeedaviation

2 months ago

First time I have noticed this visitor. It is a tiger bee fly (Xenox tigrinus), which makes sense since they parasitize the larvae of carpenter bees. We have lots of carpenter bees in our fence. #CapitolHillBackyards #insect #fly

A large fly with long wings that have a black, brown, and clear harlequin-like pattern.
Bath Nature
2 months ago

Downland Bee-fly (Villa cingulata) at Lower Woods, #Gloucestershire #UK, back in June. This species was thought to be extinct in the UK until about 20 years ago, and now seems to be making a comeback. It's a parasitoid, but the host is presently unknown - possibly Noctuid moths. This is a female, collecting dust to coat the eggs in.
#Insect #Insects #Fly #Flies #Diptera #Entomology #Nature #Wildlife #NaturePhotography #WildlifePhotography #NatureCommunity

A fly - the body is black with bands of golden hairs. The eyes are red. The fly is dipping the tip of the abdomen in soil.
Bryan Wright
2 months ago

A Tiger Bee Fly (Xenox tigrinus) peeps in to see what I'm doing. As I was photographing her, I could see her antennae swiveling around, sniffing me.

#fly #flies #bombyliidae #diptera #insects #arthropods #photography

We see a blurry closeup of a window screen.  Outside, looking in at us, is the large, round head of a fly. The fly is all grays and blacks. Two large compound eyes occupy most of the head's surface. Each eye is an array of an immense number of tiny dark gray spheres packed tightly together. The eye on the right has a small drop of water on it.

Above the eyes, in the center of the head, two short antennae point forward. They have thick bases, then each projects a single pointy spike, like a nail.  The triangle around the antennae and between the eyes is filled with shaggy gray fur.  

To left and right, we have a blurry view of the fly's forelimbs, clinging to the screen.
Bryan Wright
2 months ago

An encounter between beetle, fly, and human.

#beetle #beetles #fly #flies #coleoptera #diptera #insects #arthropods #photography

A large dark brown beetle is facing us, looking menacing. He's staring right into our eyes, daring us to stay, daring us to run. He's clinging to the steeply tilted surface of a leaf, so he needs to twist his head to bring his eyes level with ours. One of his forelegs is extended toward us, and beside his foot is a tiny, chubby fly, apparently examining the foot.
Bryan Wright
2 months ago

I came across this old photo of a handsome tachinid fly that I never identified. I love the stepped geometric black and white pattern on his abdomen. He's sitting on a wingstem (Verbesina alternifolia).

#fly #flies #tachinidae #diptera #insects #arthropods #photography #nature

A bristly black-and-white fly stands tiptoe on a cluster of yellow florets. Long, thin bristles spray out of his abdomen like rays of sunshine. His abdomen is painted in rectangular, stepped patterns of black and white. His head is a round ball pressed flat from the front. He has two large oval garnet-red eyes. Above the eyes dark bristles arc away like eyelashes. At the base of his wings you can see his large calypters, membranous flaps that cover his halteres.
Bath Nature
2 months ago

A couple of Thick-headed Flies #Conopidae - Waisted Bee-grabber (Physocephala rufipes), and a pair of mating Ferruginous Bee-grabbers (Sicus ferrugineus) - both species are parasites of bumblebees, pouncing on them and injecting eggs inside them.
#Fly #Flies #Diptera #Bees #Parasites #Entomology #Insect #Insects #Wildlife #WildlifePhotography #Nature #NaturePhotography #NatureCommunity

An elongate fly with black, red and yellow markings, perched on a grass flower.
Two orange flies mating on a thistle leaf.
2 months ago

It's summer; all the insects are out and about. Some are beautiful and some are nasty-looking. Names and descriptions with each picture. #insects #butterfly #fly #moth #wasp #insectphotography #nature #naturephotography #photography

This is a male Eastern tiger swallowtail butterfly nectaring on wild bee balm. He is a big butterfly, 4 inches across with pale yellow wings and black tiger-like stripes. On his hind end is a tiny wash of blue which means he is a male (the females have more blue). Wild bee balm is a common plant native to eastern North America. The flowers are pale pink-lilac and spiky and very popular not just among bees, but among all insects who drink nectar.
This is Juriniopsis adusta, a species of bristle fly. It is sometimes referred to as a tachinid fly. It is a big, fat, ugly black fly, covered with long spiky hairs. It has big reddish brown eyes and drinks nectar, though as a larva, it usually eats caterpillars--from the inside out.
This is a rush veneer (Nomophila noctuella) moth. It is long and narrow and is light brown in color with darker brown patches. They are usually found in Europe, but since they are migratory they can be found pretty much everywhere.
Rattlesnake master is a plant native to the north central U.S. The small white flowers are bunched tightly together in round balls, and are very popular among nectar drinkers. On the top is a black spiky tachinid fly and below is a black wasp with white markings, a four-toothed mason wasp. Both are nectar eaters.
2 months ago

“Planes pollute far more than trains, so why are people being encouraged to fly?”

"To get from London to Barcelona, they found, the cost of taking the train is up to 30 times the cost of jumping on a plane."

#train #plain #fly #climatechange #Greenpeace #flight #pollution

Colin Purrington
2 months ago

An American green crab spider (Misumessus oblongus) eating a transverse-banded flower fly (Eristalis transversa). Crum Woods, Swarthmore, PA. #spider #fly #diptera #nature #DroneFly

Pale green spider on a leaf eating a black and yellow fly.

✈️ Artist: #MILLO in City: #Pristina Kosovo 🇽🇰 2023 - Title: "When we thought we could fly" (Als wir dachten, wir könnten fliegen") - #Streetart #Art #Mastoart #Freedom #Fly #Mural for #GuerillaArtFestival 🌺

Streetartwall. A huge mural was spray-painted on the exterior wall of a large skyscraper, showing two children floating above a city in a red blossom. The blossom sits on a large green trunk that winds through rows of minimalist skyscrapers. The figures themselves are also drawn with minimal strokes in black and white. One of the children has no hair, wears a blue T-shirt and blue jeans, and rows in the flower as if sitting in a boat. The other child with short black hair is holding one arm down from the flower. The child has pruning shears in her hand and is cutting the stem of the plant. Around them, airplanes are flying over the city.
The typical figures of the artist Millo (a.k.a. Francesco Camillo Giorgino) are usually minimalist in design, often have no hair and are barefoot. The scenery is almost always surrounded by black and white skyscrapers. Small white clouds and airplanes are also often found in his murals.
Info: The theme of the mural is Kosovo's visa waiver starting January 2024.
The national flower of the country is the peony, which stands for the passion, the struggle for freedom and the blood of its inhabitants
Ian Lewis Photography
3 months ago

A robber fly, captured with the Godox MF-12 Macro Flash Kit which I have just written a review about on my website which you can see here: Including more images captured using these great lights.

#macro #closeup #photography #kit #gear #review #godox #flash #speedlite #robber #fly #insect #nature #wildlife #lighting #detail

A robber fly resting on a twig.  Macro shot on a black background
Bryan Wright
3 months ago

Yay! The CSIRO's "Anatomical Atlas of Flies" is available once again. This is an online interactive atlas of fly anatomy. It was originally implemented in Flash, and died when Flash died, but it's been resurrected now as JS and HTML.

This is a great resource for anybody who loves flies (and isn't that everybody?)

#fly #flies #diptera #insects #arthropods

Bryan Wright
3 months ago

Look out little fly! Do you see what's behind those stamens?

#fly #flies #syrphidae #diptera #insects #arthropods #spiders #arachnids #photography #flowers #FlowersOfMastodon

A closeup of a yellow buttercup flower, seen from the side and above. The flower tilts toward the viewer. At its lower edge, a yellow and brown  hoverfly has alighted. The fly seems to be considering the pollen-coated stamens that form a loose ball in the flower's center. 

Behind the stamens we see the legs of a crab spider, waiting for prey.
Bryan Wright
3 months ago

A handsome "swift feather legged fly" (Trichopoda pennipes). See his elegant fringes?

Dipterists definitely missed a good naming opportunity here. He should have been a "Fast Feather Footed Fly."

#fly #flies #tachinidae #diptera #insects #arthropods #photography

A handsome, slim, long-legged  brown fly with an orange abdomen stands on a leaf. We see him from the side. His head has large brown compound eyes. His dark wings are swept back.  Most notably, his back legs have fringes like rows of tiny feathers.

#dreamt that I bought groceries at #WalMart but I needed a ride home so they have me a ride in a #helicopter. The pilot took off so fast I woke up but then I went back to sleep and kept #dreaming about it which is rare. We dropped off another customer at a hospital on top of a mountain first and then I got to #fly it. It was harder than my regular #flying dreams, but safer since it kept bouncing off of things. #dreams #dreamed

Bryan Wright
3 months ago

A female Gymnoclytia on a daisy. The females are black and white. The males are brown and orange.

#fly #flies #tachinidae #diptera #insects #arthropods #photography #pollinators #flowers #FlowersOfMastodon

We see a yellow and white daisy from the side. Standing atop it is a black and white fly with large red eyes.
Bryan Wright
3 months ago

A Violet Leafwalker (Chalcosyrphus chalybeus). These flies are wasp mimics. They even flick their wings the way mud-dauber wasps do. From some angles they are dark, Darth Vader black. From other angles they have the color of cobalt blue bottles.

#fly #flies #syrphidae #diptera #insects #arthropods #FlyFriday #photography

A striking cobalt-blue and black fly sits on green leaves.  We see it from above.  Even the fly's wings are dark blue.  Its head is dominated by two large compound eyes like black beans.  The fly's hind legs have large, fuzzy femurs.
Max, an ant whisperer
4 months ago

First time seeing a robber fly inside the city. It was quite chill, I could take some close up pictures!
I also saw a Ammophila digger wasp that wasn't as chill, I could only look at it from a distance :blobcat:
#nature #insects #fly #asilidae #MiniatureHelicopter

A robber fly standing on a wall. It's greyish. It has a long abdomen, a muscular thorax, and two big eyes in its head. Its legs are long and full of big coarse hair.
Another shot of the same fly, on the sidewalk this time.
A shot closer to the head. You can see its small antennae.
T. Thorn Coyle 🖤
4 months ago
Looking down on a bright golden yellow yarrow cluster made up of tiny flowers. A fly rests on top of the cluster, sunning itself.

I'm amazed at anyone who can #fly without packing as if they are future residents of Station Eleven.

4 months ago

This pretty little #fly visited our balcony today. Any ideas what kind of fly it is? #insects #bugs #invertabrate

Pretty fly photo
Jen Cross
5 months ago

New hoverfly just dropped. Pretty sure I haven't seen this one before. Hoverflies have coloring like bees to scare away birds and other predators.
Yellow-legged Flower Fly (Syrphus rectus) #flowerfly #hoverfly #fly #flies #macro #macrophotography

A black and yellow striped fly on small white flowers.
Anne Fausto Sterling
6 months ago

This is from April 2023 issue of Natural History Magazine and describes a #reversal in #genitalanatomy in a #fly. #Female has a projecting structure that enters the #males receptacle, grabs some sperm and uses them to fertilize herself. Thought y’all might need to know this.

Short article from Natural History on a unique type of fly mating
Larena Woodmore
6 months ago

I found more.
#Beetle #Fly #Bug #Lizard

Photo of a small metallic beetle perching on a single horizontal stem of a rush. The beetle is bright blue with a purplish tinge at some angles,
Photo of a slender fly perched on a blade of grass. The eyes are metallic bright green, body is a metallic golden green and the abdomen is stipes of the two colours. Its wings are held out at 45 degrees to the body and are transparent with dark brown squiggly lines.
Photo of a shield bug nymph perched on unripe blackberries. Its body is teardrop shaped and has large metallic patches  of bright blue-green with dark blue endges that look like they've emerge from lava, as the rest of the body is bright yellow. The legs, eyes and antennae are metallic dark blue.
Photo of a Metallic Skink. This one is melanistic, so it is black with a metallic oily-looking sheen.
First Dread Pirate Roberts
7 months ago

@J12t The article I read indicated that one of the #russian #aircraft almost had to #ditch. Maybe the Russians #fly as poorly as they #fight.
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Colin Purrington
7 months ago

OK, how many mistakes can you find? Screenshot is from Spartan Mosquito's Amazon page and shows the organisms repelled by its GO! spray (picaridin). #TaxonomyFail #entomology #insect #acarology #arthropod #nature #repellent #fly #Diptera #mosquitoes #ticks #chiggers #medical

Screenshot of the Amazon page for Spartan Mosquito's picaridin spray called, "GO!" In addition to an American flag and a happy couple who each have their own container of it, there are images of all the arthropods that the spray repels: mosquitos, ticks, biting flies, stable flies, black flies, gnats, chiggers, and Scottish biting midges.
Bryan Wright
7 months ago

A bristly tachinid fly visits a purple aster. Flies are underappreciated pollinators.

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A large, spikey black-and-brown fly sits on a purple-and-yellow aster, investigating the flower's yellow center. The fly's face is brown, with large dark-red eyes. The asters behind the fly are visible through its transparent wings.  A bright, sunny, colorful scene.