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Who Is This? is the stunning new single from Scottish folk singer and multi-instrumentalist Julie Fowlis, co-written with nature writer and best-selling author Robert Macfarlane – also featuring Donald Shaw, Duncan Chisholm and Clockwork Sessions. #folk #folkmusic

Brian Gettler
5 hours ago

Great conversation about the history of #country and #folk in #Chicago with Mark Guarino author of the book “Country and Midwestern.” #Americana #CountryMusic #FolkMusic

colorblind cowboy 😷✊🏻
5 hours ago

I’m a #nerd. New T-shirt with the original Smithsonian Folkways logo on it.


Fairly skinny guy in corduroy pants and a fancy western belt. T-shirt features a rough-hewn design that says “Folkways” inside a guitar.
10 hours ago

So everyone knows The Mary Wallopers got their name from a boat, but did you know Wallop was a first name around that part of the world?

#TheMaryWallopers #FolkMusic

12 hours ago

I've recently been working with the Traditional Music Forum to put together a Directory of collections of Scottish Traditional Music, inside and outside Scotland.

We're now inviting organisations which hold these collections to submit their details for inclusion in the Scottish Traditional Music Archive Directory.

#FolkMusic #TradMusic #Music #Folk #Folklore #Scotland #Archive #Archives #Libraries #Museums #Audio #Sound #Records #Recording #Musicology #Ethnomusicology

A square graphic advertising the Scottish Traditional Music Archive. The colour-scheme is a purple, turquoise and white. There is a black-and-white image of some archive shelves with books and boxes on, and text which reads:
'Traditional Music Forum
Scottish Traditional 
Music Archive
Call for Organisations'
1 day ago

Just saying, if you've any interest in #FolkMusic and you're not already listening to #LadyMaisery then you really should fix that right now. One of the best in the business

1 day ago

Peaceful folk music for your Saturday, from an artist who is “trying to become the Mister Rogers of folk music” 🥹

#MonRovia #FolkMusic

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1 day ago

Premiere: Filmed on a windswept spring evening in the Yorkshire Dales under the Ribblehead Viaduct, watch the video for 'Please', the third and final single from Chris Brain‘s highly anticipated sophomore album ‘Steady Away’, released next week. Chris emerged from Leeds’ vibrant folk scene in 2022 with his critically acclaimed and widely distributed debut album, Bound to Rise, reaching 22 in the UK Folk Charts. #folk #folkmusic

Valley Community
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September 28 @ 6:30 pm

Steve Newman, Wendy Oldfield, Ashish Joshi. Message 082 393 2568 to book.

R150 Cash Cottage Club

082 393 2568

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Cottage Club

2nd Crescent, Fish Hoek
Cape Town,7975South Africa
+ Google Map082 393 2568
View Venue Website

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#AshishJoshi #CapeTown #CottageClub #FishHoek #FishHoekMusic #FolkMusic #FolkMusicCapeTown #LiveMusic #LiveMusicFishHoek #SteveNewman #WndyOldfield

Rachel Cholst
2 days ago

PREMIERE: Rose Gerber's impassioned, self-confident EP Memories Someday is one of the tightest collections of songs I've heard all year. Immerse yourself in this earnest cosmic southern rock album and thank me later ;)

Stream the EP EXCLUSIVELY on Adobe & Teardrops before it drops tomorrow!

#Americana #CountryMusic #AltCountry #SouthernRock #CosmicCountry #FolkMusic

A white woman leans to the left, her hand on her hip. She stares off the left as well. She is standing at the edge of a dirt path, surrounded by yellow flowers. In the background are low mountains. The sun is brilliant behind her, letting off a yellow light. She is wearing blue jeans and an orange and yellow plaid flannel shirt. She has shoulder-length brown curly hair.
Thomas Preece
2 days ago

In today's video I play the Dorset folk song "The Sprig of Thyme". My arrangement is based on one by Cecil Sharp, first published in 1907. The style is a bit different to anything I've tried before, but I'm really happy with how it turned out.


#FolkMusic #FolkSong #TootRadio #PouetRadio #music #musician #guitar #ukulele #ocarina

Just bought a ticket to see King Dude live in Fitzroy in November!

Always wanted to see him live, and it sounds like this might be the last time he visits Australia as 'King Dude'.

#FolkMusic #KingDude

Sean Bala
2 days ago

Just heard "Who is This? by @julie on "The Folk Show" on BBC Radio 2 this morning - what a FANTASTIC song! Made me stop what I was doing to listen carefully.

You can hear it here on the Folk Show here:

#Music #FolkMusic #Singer #Beautiful #Folk #Radio #ListeningNow #BBC #BBCRadio2 #TheFolkShow

3 days ago

Not what you asked for, but we recently played Evalyn Parry’s “She Rides” on our @accordionnoir radio show, which I only now realize is from a whole album of bike songs! 🚴🏼‍♀️

“Featuring a 1972 CCM Galaxie Bicycle as an electro-acoustic instrument” 🚲

& #Accordion and other things like guitars 🎸

#BikeTooter #FolkMusic #AccordionBandcamp

3 days ago

HEY are any of bike people here musicians?! I would really love to listen to "wilder than her" by dar williams with my partner but with bikes instead of cars.

#music #musician #BikeTooter #DarWilliams #FolkMusic

3 days ago


Terrific song, thanks!

I also like a good cover. You may already know this one, an all-time favorite from 2004: Gillian Welch, her partner David Rawlings, and the Old Crow Medicine Show — all obviously having a blast performing an inspired version of "The Weight":

#music #FolkMusic #GillianWelch #OldCrowMedicineShow

Scott Williams 🐧
3 days ago

Here's a folk duo you've likely never heard of that have been around for decades. They're amazing musicians and story tellers:


#music #folkmusic

Blues Enthused
3 days ago

REVIEWED NOW at, new album Buried In The Hail by Dom Martin: "A musical Jedi, casting a spell!" 🎸😀 #bluesmusic #folkmusic #americana #bluesrock #classicrock #music

Dom Martin
3 days ago

Today in Labor History September 27, 1903: The Wreck of the Old 97 U.S. railroad disaster occurred on this date. 11 people were killed when the train, traveling from Monroe, Virginia, to Spencer, North Carolina derailed and careened off the side of a bridge. It was traveling at excessive speed in an attempt to stay on schedule. The wreck became the subject of a popular ballad covered by The Statler Brothers (feat. Johnny Cash), Charlie Louvin of The Louvin Brothers, Flatt and Scruggs, Woody Guthrie, Pete Seeger, Johnny Cash, Hank Snow, Hank Williams III, Patrick Sky, Nine Pound Hammer, Roy Acuff, Boxcar Willie, Lonnie Donegan, and many others.

#WorkingClass #LaborHistory #railroad #disaster #Music #CountryMusic #FolkMusic #Old97

The Wreck of Old 97 at Stillhouse Trestle near Danville, Virginia, 1903. The photograph is believed to have been taken a few days after the occurrence of the wreck as the locomotive, Southern Railway 1102, which had overturned, has been righted. Public Domain,
Folk Radio UK
3 days ago

Six French Songs is Olivia Chaney’s spontaneous and celebratory review of the French chanson, from medieval ballad to 60s yé-yé pop classic. As we’ve come to expect from Olivia, her interpretations are sublime and enchanting. #folk #folkmusic

Eternal Fusion Radio
4 days ago

Some Folks... Autumn Equinox edition

Online to listen anytime 🎧

Our celebration of the Wheel of the Year alongside some friendly folksy faves

#folkmusic #folkrock #wheeloftheyear #eternalfusionradio #musodon

4 days ago

Just listened to the new #Jiggy single of Willie Taylor, and wow, is it intense! Thanks @celtfather for another great Irish & Celtic Music Podcast episode.
#folkmusic #irishmusic #celticmusic

Folk Radio UK
4 days ago

We revisit Jackie Oates’ 2013 Lullabies album and listen again to her exclusive radio show on which she shares lullabies by some of her favourite artists. Jackie is on tour now with Mike Cosgrave and John Parker. #folk #folkmusic #lullabies

6 days ago

Best part of my weekend was a Fall Fest at a local plant nursery that had a stage set up for #FolkMusic under a big tent. Organizers ALSO placed a music school table with #percussion instruments 15 yards away + a balloon table so kids could blow them up with provided pumps.
This meant the meager PA entertained the front 4 tables, but every table behind them could only hear toddlers & youngsters POUNDING drums, blocks, glockenspiels, etc & balloon pops every 10 secs. Caught some hilarious looks

Piers Cawley
6 days ago

Well, this is bloody lovely. If you're remotely interested in #EnglishFolkMusic or any #folkMusic for that matter, this extended interview with the Daddy, Martin Carthy is glorious.

Dan Carkner🎻
6 days ago

This video is a prime example deadly serious and intense folk music played with true whimsy on #harmonica
#FolkMusic #RomanianMusic

Dan Carkner🎻
6 days ago

Romanian folkloric #harmonica groups, of which there surely can't be that many in existence, are a real joyful niche musical subgenre😂
#FolkMusic #RomanianMusic

colorblind cowboy 😷✊🏻
6 days ago

All my time at San Francisco State University it was “Annette Benning went here, Danny Glover went here, Anne Rice went here (but she doesn’t tak about it).”

It was never “Ella Jenkins, the First Lady of Children’s Music went here.”

Our best alumnus. The true Golden Gator.


Liner notes from Smithsonian Folkways album
6 days ago

Great #Hungarian #FolkMusic, #GypsyJazz, #Romani Orchestra from #Wageningen, #Netherlands. A student ensemble from 1964 and still active with constantly changing members.
#MalacBanda – Presents Még Egy Unicum! (Jó Gereggelt!) cd 1990

Malac Banda – Presents Még Egy Unicum! (Jó Gereggelt!) cd
1 week ago

#NowListening to my morning #playlist, once again.

I wrote out the playlist here:

It is the one and only playlist I kept on Minor Key . Net after I deleted the site. It used to be a daily playlist website, but I was getting so, so much traffic I always felt pressured to buy more music and no one, not one person was contributing to the tip jar. Naturally, I felt like I was being used, which led to me deleting the site.

#Folk #FolkRock #FolkMusic

1 week ago
The most basic of album covers. Leonard's name at the top and album name on the bottom against a white background with a black box in the center of the album cover showing Cohen in white and black print-like image. They met budget for this album cover.
J.M.Hart (rowjimmy)
1 week ago

Spinning this mesmerizing new release from Sally Anne Morgan on this rainy Saturday morning as I cut up download codes for CDs.
Shout out also to my friend Sarah Bachman for the lovely cover.

#folkmusic #psychedelic

The cover of Sally Anne Morgan’s album “Carrying”. Painted by Sarah Bachman illustrates a stream and its banks running over into a pond with fish.

@sabrinaschalz @academicchatter @phdstudents Did you by any chance hear one of them asking another one "Where shall we gang and dine the day-o?" It's well documented that they do that sometimes.


Rupert Curwen
1 week ago

Last night's gig was Brìghde Chaimbuel. Like a sound bath with pipes. Catch her if you can.

#folk #folkmusic

A darkly lit stage features a single seated musician concentrating hard, with pipe drones over her shoulder. She is surrounded by microphone stands, and there are four lights marking the stage corners.
Folk Radio UK
1 week ago

Emma Tricca shares her spellbinding new single, “Rubies”, recorded with folk legend Bridget St John – they are playing several live shows together next month in both the UK & Italy, including a London show at Café OTO. #folk #folkmusic

Eternal Fusion Radio
1 week ago

Some Folks We Used to Know

Equinox time is almost upon us
Dropping into our busy schedule tomorrow

#folkmusic #folk #autumnequinox #eternalfusionradio

Barnet Boy 🎸🇮🇹
1 week ago

Good morning, good folk of Mastodon.

This day 89 years ago one of the UK's worst coal mining disasters occurred, at the Gresford Colliery near Wrexham in north Wales, with the loss of 266 lives. This song is a tribute to the men who died that day.

#CollieryDisaster #MiningDisaster #FolkSong #FolkMusic

1 week ago

#FolkMusic #folkrock #country #Music

Been recording this song off and on for years kind of happy with this version.

this link leads to my Bandcamp to the song the cornerstone block sent to break every heart...

Rachel Cholst
1 week ago

REVIEW: Buffalo Nichols struggles with optimism and realism on his stunning album The Fatalist. This is one of my favorite albums all year: Nichols creates an awed, meditative atmosphere for his musings on pain and resilience.

#Americana #Blues #BluesMusic #Folk #FolkMusic

Rachel Cholst
1 week ago

REVIEW: Buffalo Nichols struggles with optimism and realism on his stunning album The Fatalist. This is one of my favorite albums all year: Nichols creates an awed, meditative atmosphere for his musings on pain and resilience.

#Americana #Blues #BluesMusic #Folk #FolkMusic

A blue circle on a black background. Within the circle is a profile of a bald Black man with a pointed beard. His eyes are closed. In a crescent above him are metallic circles.
Paul Cowdell
1 week ago

I've just boosted my #introduction again, because the acceleration of downhill over at the eX-Twitter is reaching cheeserolling proportions. So, #folklore #folklorist #folkmusic #surrealist #cannibalism peeps (among others), get networking

Folk Radio UK
2 weeks ago

For the first time in 5 years, the much-loved Derbyshire-based performer Lucy Ward returns to the studio for a new UK-Icelandic-Canadian collaboration – Ward Knutur Townes –alongside Iceland’s mesmerising modern-day troubadour Svavar Knútur and Canada’s Adyn Townes. Watch the video ‘Unanswered’, the title track of their debut album. #folk #folkmusic #videopremiere

Starchy Compliment
2 weeks ago

"'It just gets the cobwebs out of your soul,' said Kitsie Reeves, 68, a former flight attendant who has loved sea music for decades. 'It's like a porthole into the past.'"

Sea Music Rowdy, Joyous Ritual for Connecticut Landlubbers via NYT
Photo: Bea Oyster for NYT
#SeaChantey #SeaShanty #FolkMusic #MaritimeMusic #Sailors #WorkSong #Connecticut #NewEngland

Starry Time Podcast
2 weeks ago

New #podcast episode about appearances of the #constellation #Cassiopeia in pop culture (broadly defined) is now live!

Jordan's fav was the song Cassiopeia by Joanna Newsom (link below).

Turns out, there are *lots* of other songs titled Cassiopeia -- do you have a fav?!

#music #song #folk #FolkMusic #Harp

🔗 :

Malcolm MacWatt
2 weeks ago
2 weeks ago

Today I encountered this piece by Chris Partington, a contributor to the Village Music Project, an interesting little read about the proportion of different keys in historic print and MS tune compilations. It looks like D and G dominated English folk music well before the melodeon that is sometimes "blamed" for their prominence came along.

#Folk #FolkMusic #Trad #TradMusic #EnglishFolk #EnglishFolkMusic #VillageMusicProject

2 weeks ago

Maschinengewehre in der Dreschhalle ... So was hatte ich mir mal für eine eher düstere #Fantasy -Geschichte einfallen lassen.
Zum wieder Abregen lasse ich mal ein anderes Bild hier, und bald ist schon wieder Winneweh - nur noch 312 Tage, 22 Stunden und 19 Minuten.
Tröten statt Knarren!

#Odenwald #SchönesGegenDoofes #FolkMusic

Tanzfest bei Nacht. In einer offenen Halle sitzen Menschen vor einer schrägen Bretterwand und spielen Akkordeon, Dudelsack, Geige. Rechts vorn stehen Trommel, Akkordeon, Gitarre etc. Links sind verschwommen tanzende Menschen zu erkennen.
2 weeks ago

These are the two #HurdyGurdy episodes of @accordionnoir radio from back in 2011 where we threw over the Squeezebox, invited local players, and did Hurdy-Gurdy Noir

Listen here 🎻⚙️🎶

First show featuring Bev Dobrinsky of Ukrainian Canadian band Zeelia 🇺🇦

Second guest gurdiest (?) David Burda because one show was not enough 🤩

#accordion #folkMusic #CommunityRadio #Vancouver #CoopRadio

2 weeks ago

Met a young person this weekend at a bicycle festival who revealed their recent obsession with the hurdy-gurdy 🎻 ⚙️ 🎶

I was able to share my understanding that the DIY kits were getting better

Their eyes got really big as I said I could probably connect them with the #HurdyGurdy underground

Suggestions for resources welcome 🙏🏼

#FolkMusic #HurdyGurdySolidarity 🪗✊🏽

Wendy M. Grossman
3 weeks ago

#FolkMusic: Me, with #banjo, playing "Queen Amang the Heather" from my forthcoming (January 2024) CD, at John Ive's studio in Fleet for his Folk O'Clock project (see his group on Facebook):

Malcolm MacWatt
3 weeks ago

Looking forward to joining these artists to help raise funds for the British Red Cross Ukraine Appeal at Sleights Village Hall, Whitby on October 1st - hope to see you there 🎶

#folkmusic #music #livemusic #folk #singersongwriter #americana #gigs #ukraineappeal #acoustic #concert #singer #guitarist #original #folkshow #ukraine #Whitby #Sleights

Substandard Nerd
3 weeks ago

Some lovely Welsh 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 folk out today from The Gentle Good.

#NewMusic #NewMusicFriday #TheGentleGood #FolkMusic #Wales #Cymru

3 weeks ago

This is the last part of a Pure Laine fiddle competition in Quebec -- the most intense fiddle contest I've ever seen.

From my friend Chris, who posted this video on FB:

' Contestants take turns playing the A part (16 measures) of a reel of their choice. It has to be in the key indicated by the judge on suggestions from the audience. There can't be a break. And they can't play a tune that has already been played. '

#fiddle #Quebec #PureLaine #FolkMusic

Mia Q.
4 weeks ago

I'm always so curious about the ingredients of a great #playlist. Music curator extraordinaire Kasey Gelsomino, the creator of "Oat Milk Lattes in the Mountains" on #spotify and Kasey's Playlist on #tiktok, shared her secrets with me in today's podcast conversation for @Flipboard:

#curation #podcast #music #FolkMusic #indiemusic

4 weeks ago

Today in Labor History September 4, 1970: Socialist Salvador Allende was elected President of Chile. As president, he tried to nationalize major industries, expand education and improve conditions for the working class. On September 11, 1973 (the other 9/11), he was ousted in a coup by Augusto Pinochet, leading to a dictatorship that lasted until 1990. Thousands of workers, socialists, union members and activists were killed, including folk singer Victor Jara, who continued to sing, as his torturers mashed his fingers and demanded that he play his guitar. The coup and dictatorship were supported by the CIA, and by President Nixon, and by the Secretary of State, Henry Kissinger, who later won the Nobel Peace Prize.

Here's is an interview & rare live footage of Jara singing his classic: El Derecho de Vivir en Paz.

#WorkingClass #LaborHistory #socialism #chile #VictorJara #FolkMusic #allende #pinochet #dictatorship #torture #kissenger #imperialism

1 month ago

Tell me, lovely people, what is your favourite folk song? Bonus points for a link to where I can listen to it! #FolkSongs #FolkMusic #FolkSingers #Folklore #FavouriteSong #FavouriteFolkSong

Cartoon of peasant woman playing the harp.
1 month ago

I just found this and only had time to listen to the start, I am sharing it here so that I can find it tomorrow - plus I suspect some of you will appreciate an hour plus recording of John Kirkpatrick and Sue Harris playing St Andrews folk club in 1972!

#Squeezebox #Accordion #DiatonicAccordion #BritishChromaticAccordion #Melodeon
#FolkMusic #Folk #Trad #TradMusic

Clinton Anderson SwordForHire
1 month ago

So, for my #FolkMusic gig last night for the Downtown Windsor BIA #YQG I had a successful test of my #BikeFolker set up....

New bike trailer
JBL EON One compact PA
Yamaha Silent guitar
An excellent collapsible mic stand
And faaaar too many "just in case" cables...

A couple of conclusions

I love being less and less car dependent! Thanks @notjustbikes for putting me on that path 😉

I think I'll feel much better getting the padded backpack/case for the JBL... Like it might suffer less from the bumps and vibrations of it being in my bike trailer..... If anyone else out here has any experience with that sort of use case, please chime in (I wouldn't object to some boosts to help broaden my reach)

I really need to replace my decades old Boss TU2 tuner pedal... The LEDs are getting too dim to see even in the dark, even with my homemade Pedal Shade. (Wanna contribute? I'll sit on a cake for ya 😜 )

And man my legs hurt today 😁

Nic Dafis
1 month ago

Dydd Sul glwyb, felly diwrnod da i wrando records.

Dal i fynd trwy'r casgliad Clay Pipe, ac wedi cyrraedd y perl yma gan #AlasdairRoberts a #JamesGreen

#FolkMusic #CerddoriaethWerin #ClayPipe

(Ail-bostiwyd ar ôl cael sbam ar yr un cyntaf)

#basicChannels #josiahAndTheBonnevilles

It's you and me and the basic channels,
Yard full of weeds and some beat up flannels,
Little house, out of town,
Hunker down through the highs and lows,
When the sky comes down,
Baby I'm gonna hold you close,

#music #countryMusic #folkMusic #americana

1 month ago

Today in Labor History August 23, 1900: Folk and protest singer Malvina Reynolds was born in San Francisco, California. She is most famous for her song, "Little Boxes," a satire on suburbia, inspired by the tacky sprawl of housing in Daly City, just outside of San Francisco. And used as the theme music for the TV series “Weeds.” As a teen, the city’s elite Lowell High School refused to give her a diploma because her parents opposed US participation in World War I.

#WorkingClass #LaborHistory #FolkMusic #satire #MalvinaReynolds #LittleBoxes #antiwar #SanFrancisco #suburbs

1 month ago

Today in Labor History August 19, 1909: The first edition of the IWW’s The Little Red Songbook was published in Spokane, WA. The book’s subtitle is “Songs to Fan the Flames of Discontent.” Between 1909 and 1995, the Wobblies printed 36 editions. The songbook always includes songs by Joe Hill, Ralph Chaplin, T-Bone Slim, and Haywire Mac. Most editions contained many of the best-known labor songs, like "The Internationale," "The Preacher and the Slave," and "Solidarity Forever."

#WorkingClass #LaborHistory #IWW #LittleRedSongbook #FolkMusic #union #HaywireMac #JoeHill #internationale #wobblies #solidarity

Cover of the IWW Litter Red Song Book with image of a young man, raised fist, with industrial background and rays of sunshine.
1 month ago

There has never been a time when people were making #Melodeon / button accordions of the quality they’re playing in European #FolkMusic right now

Similarly, a Louisiana #Accordion today is based on the $4 German button 🪗 they played back in the 1920s

But those folks would be shocked in many ways by the instruments they’re selling for $4,000 in Louisiana now

The German button boxes from the 1860s on were mass-market catalogue-items

So there were few Stratovarius level button-boxes to be saved

1 month ago

Thanks for your post, I appreciate it 🤩

If you’d been lucky, you’d have been a concertina player in the 1920s–30s when the flighty London bourgeoisie dumped the finest concertinas in the world into the laps of Irish housewives

#Concertina #Accordion #Ireland #folkMusic

Page on Irish music from my book Accordion revolution:

Only County Clare maintained many concertinas after 1930. In 
other areas, recordings and radio arrived as early as the 1920s, and 
home instruments like concertinas fell from use. Clare, however, did 
not get electricity until decades after places like Dublin. At the same 
time, players in County Clare benefited from the decline of the concer-
tina elsewhere. Travelers to London and other urban centers returned 
with once prohibitively expensive Wheatstone and Jeffries instruments 
found in pawnshops.


A superb set at the Queen's Hall (Queens' Hall?), Edinburgh.

Dark, socially/ politically charged Irish folk music.

#Lankum #FolkMusic #LiveMusic #Edinburgh #MastoDaoine #EdinburghFestival

Lankum live in Edinburgh.
2 months ago


thank you for sharing your thoughts with us, including
and giving us space to agree with you

please may i share with you a bit of my screaming-into-the-void folk music, directed at the disaster capitalist fascists and their political wings and their assumed authority to criticise & belittle

i'm off to beautiful days (uk, devon) to sing to protestors this weekend : )
#folkmusic #protest

(:: ) )))) )
2 months ago
Ich sitze an einem Campingtisch auf einem Vorplatz und spiele Concertina.
Milcom Miasma
2 months ago

Wiki says this song's earliest appearance was 1858.

Rhiannon Giddens' version has to be my favorite so far.

"I am a poor wayfairing stranger, traveling through this world alone."

Rhiannon Giddens - Wayfairing Stranger


Dan Carkner🎻
2 months ago

For #BandcampFriday I'll recommend this 2020 album by my friends in Forshpil, one of only a handful of #psychadelic rock #Yiddish #FolkMusic albums out there. released by @BorschtBeat ; In my opinion it's not just good for this niche scene, but it's actually good-good😅

Folk Radio UK
2 months ago

You can read our latest newsletter feat. our latest Folk Show, Rónán Ó Snodaigh & Myles O’Reilly, Peatbog Faeries, Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy, Eliza Carthy, Iona lane & Ranjana Ghatak, Shana Cleveland, Nora Brown & Stephanie Coleman, Bill Callahan & lots more. #folk #folkmusic

Folk Radio UK
2 months ago

After the release of Sea Song Sessions on Topic Records and a mini tour by ship last year, Jon Boden, Seth Lakeman, Ben Nicholls, Emily Portman & Jack Rutter will be reunited once more for a short run of live dates in September 2023. #folk #folkmusic

2 months ago

@ursaborealis 🙏🏼
This #CormacBegley performance is worth hearing how every bellows creak and air intake becomes an ornamentation

Other-worldly, and makes you value this earth 🌍

Cormac Begley | Live at Other Voices Festival (2022)
#concertina #ireland #irish #FolkMusic #trad #accordion

For anyone wondering whether I fixed that reed problem with my concertina, I can report that playing my instrument doesn't make me nuts any more. While I can still hear the buzz/sizzle if I listen very hard for it, the worst of the bad sound is gone.

Part of the issue was the harmonics of this particular concertina -- it definitely has its own little mystery spot -- but good instructional videos and advice helped me banish most of the problem.


#concertinas #music #FolkMusic #IrishTrad

Now that I've been hanging out here consistently for a week or so I decided it's time for a new #introduction / #reintroduction

I'm Haru, I'm 35,
#NonBinary and I live in #Meanjin on Jager/Turrbal land with my wife and #dog. I'm a #CyberWitch and I'm interested in #clouds #birds #insects #flowers #dogs #astronomy #folkmusic #art #photography #media #sculpture #space #philosophy #postmodernism #absurdism #socialjustice #witchcraft #solarpunk to name a few.

I have
#CFS and #Bipolar which can make it hard to get out much so seeing so much of the world, so seeing all the wonderful posts here has been an absolute joy.

A small black dog with a long nose and pointy ears and a curly tail sitting on a cushion in a garden
3 months ago

Today in Labor History July 14, 1912: Folk singer Woody Guthrie was born. During World War II, he wrote the song "Talking Hitler's Head Off Blues." Around this time, he also painted THIS MACHINE KILLS FASCISTS on his guitar. He saw fascism as a “form of economic exploitation similar to slavery.” During the Great Depression, he romanticized the deeds of outlaws like Jesse James and Pretty Boy Floyd as legitimate acts of social responsibility and protest against those who were responsible for the worsening social and economic conditions of working class people.

#WorkingClass #LaborHistory #FolkMusic #WoodyGuthrie #communism #fascism #antifascism #union #hitler #slavery

Woody Guthrie in March 1943 with his guitar labeled "This machine kills fascists." By Al Aumuller/New York World-Telegram and the Sun (uploaded by User:Urban) - This image is available from the United States Library of Congress's Prints and Photographs divisionunder the digital ID cph.3c30859.This tag does not indicate the copyright status of the attached work. A normal copyright tag is still required. See Commons:Licensing., Public Domain,
Geoff Berner
3 months ago

My new album of Covid folk songs, "7 Plague Songs" comes out on COAX Records on July 28, and one may now pre-order it on bandcamp if one feels like it, at this link here:
#LongCOVID #CovidIsNotOver #folkmusic #accordion

Geoff Berner
3 months ago

I'm mad at the world for hiding Miriam Kressyn from me until I was 51. #klezmer #yiddish #jewish #folkmusic

Geoff Berner
3 months ago

Please share around my new fun animated music video! Directed by Taiwa Olivier. It's a silly song that shows you how to build a Corsi-Rosenthal Box. #covid #CovidIsNotOver #COVIDisAirborne #corsirosenthalbox #music #folkmusic

3 months ago

What’s your favorite (draft) Squeezebox Pride button/badge?

Help me finalize the design to get them up on my shop

#accordion #pride #squeezebox #melodeon #folkMusic

A black three-row button accordion with rainbow buttons and bellows. The text “Squeezebox pride” and the tiny URL are all on a round blue background that will be on a button badge.
The same three-row button accordion with rainbow buttons and bellows, on a white background badge mock-up. The text “Squeezebox pride” and the tiny URL
The three-row button accordion with rainbow buttons and bellows but the accordion is white, on a black background badge mock-up. The text “Squeezebox pride” and the tiny URL
The black three-row button accordion with rainbow buttons and bellows, on a slightly darker blue background badge mock-up. The text “Squeezebox pride” and the tiny URL

Pop folk - #playlist by Alli Gemini
A great combination of well-known and up-and-coming folk musicians
#folkmusic #folkpop #Spotify

Dan Carkner🎻
3 months ago

Dan Blacksberg's "Radiant Others" #klezmer and #yiddish music podcast put out their latest episode interviewing Ilya Shneyveys, a Latvia-born #accordionist and multi-instrumentalist currently living in NYC. One of the most hard-working accompanists in the genre and someone with an encyclopedic knowledge of old tunes and how they are related to each other.
#accordion #FolkMusic #JewishMusic #interview #Riga

a photo of a man with glasses playing accordion; there are double exposure effects on the photo so the keyboard and bass buttons appear superimposed over the man. at the bottom is text:

"When I think'a you I think'a growin' old easy. Settlin' down real early in the eve'nin."

#music #country #folk #countryMusic #folkMusic

Bruce MacDonald
3 months ago

It is true that this is not the best time of the year to go traipsing around in the woods and the fields.

Here's another version of the black fly song I hadn't seen before.

🎶 I'll die with the black flies pickin' my bones in north On-tair-eye-oh.🎶
#FolkMusic #insects #outdoors

Dan Carkner🎻
3 months ago

The name/expression is the title of a handful of instrumental klezmer tunes as well as in a number of Hasidic and #YiddishTheatre songs too, and of course a regular #Yiddish expression. Here's my fave #klezmer one by the Elenkrig orchestra of NYC
#FolkMusic #SugarDaddy #JewishMusic