Griz, Some Guy on Mastodon
1 day ago

@YusufToropov Nice! Two additions I'd do...

4. You can also -follow- hashtags, which can show you a veritable cornucopia of people interested in that topic (good ones and bad ones). That should probably include #FollowFriday and #FF, you know those from the bird site.

5. Look at your Instance's Federated Timeline. That will show you the people -not- on your Instance that are being followed by folks -on- your Instance, and can give you folks you might want to follow (and might not).

Sci-Fi Girl
1 day ago

This is a little late for a #FollowFriday , but I just saw some fun boosted artwork:

Only to realize this is the one and only James Gurney, artist and author of #Dinotopia! 😁 🦕

Some examples:

Ashley Gardini
2 days ago

Is there a popular museum hashtag on Mastodon? I'm hoping to follow some museum people (any museums - used to work in art ones and still enjoy following along) but I'm not having any luck with the #museum hashtag. Thanks!!

EDIT: Okay, big Mastodon pet-peeve is how search results are much better when I click on the hashtag link in my post 🤦‍♀️ But still would love any recommendations!

#Art #Science #Humanities #AcademicMastodon #FollowFriday @academicchatter

Lewis Westbury 💛💙🌱
2 days ago

Yup, #WaitWait is one of the best shows on #radio, and 10 points to @NPR for being on Mastodon! 💡

Late #FollowFriday and #ScreenshotSaturday of the PocketCast app playing #WaitWaitDontTellMe

Screenshot from my phone of the PocketCast app playing Wait Wait Don't Tell Me from NPR.
2 days ago

#Twitter owner #hypocrite #tyrant #liar #sociopath #fascist #racist #Elon not so
"free speech" #Musk needs free #gullible workers #developers #programmers.
Read his hypocrite #blablabla from Elon;

Our “algorithm” is overly complex & not fully understood internally. People will discover many silly things , but we’ll patch issues as soon as they’re found!
We’re developing a simplified approach to serve more compelling tweets, but it’s still a work in progress. That’ll also be "open source".
What he really means is volunteer work,
He hopes to earn your trust. Really????
Consider this;
Have you considered that you probably fired the people who understood it internally Elon "not so smart" Musk!?

#RIPtwitter #TwitterMigration #Congo #Tesla #slaves #cobalt #mining #childlabor #dictators #Neuralink #Followfriday #animalcruelty all to do with #psycho Elon Musk.

2 days ago

I'm still not much for the #FollowFriday thing... I know it's Saturday but I haven't slept yet and the day doesn't change until I do... that being said @hacks4pancakes is pretty awesome (also check @pancakescon). @dHeinemann recently schooled me in programming history for a joke I made... and I like when people get all technical about stuff and I learn something, so that was pretty cool.
If acting/film, or writing is your thing then @davidaugust is the person to follow for that!

3 days ago

What are you doing this Caturday?

✔️ Register by tomorrow.

📆 Submit a pitch by March 19
💰 $10,000 in cash prizes
⭐ Topic: Critical Thinking


#Caturday #VideoGames #ProSocial #CriticalThinking #Progressive #GameDesign #GameDev #Education #Edutooter #Communication #Students #Teachers #FollowFriday #PublicHealth #Prevention #Nonprofit #EdTech @stopTDV @edutooters @communicationscholars

A retro-modern design.

"For Caturday: Lounging... while considering a critical thinking game idea."

"Submit your pitch by March 19th"


Critical Thinking Cat is lounging while considering an idea for a critical thinking game.
Corinna 🦕
3 days ago

Thank you to @gregpak for the #FollowFriday ! If I hadn’t been following him during the height of the pandemic I would have never taken the leap into fish and shrimp keeping - and photographing. So if you followed me on his recommendation prepare for more of this content.

A blue shrimp on a leaf near some glass cat fish

#trumpindictment👍 🇻🇪

As of 3 days ago Linus Trovalds and other kernel developers are now ont he fedi @torvalds is his handle if you want to follow.

#FF #FollowFriday

3 days ago

hey I’m ryo! i’m a senior design technologist at PlayStation. i love to experiment with new technology and improve the lives of designers and engineers with tooling. accessibility is key!

Boost and say hi! 👋 #FollowFriday #introduction

Selfie of me in a PlayStation shirt with a circle zodiac constellation design and the PlayStation symbols made out of stars on top. A black PlayStation towel with the colored symbols on it can be seen peeking out behind me.
Big Jesus Trashcan
3 days ago

time for you to eat the bugs

Georg aus Bakum
3 days ago

Bibel TV, christlicher Sender, auf Mastodon. #followfriday

3 days ago
#Trending #tags

#stpatricksday 328 people
#lancereddick 67 people
#putin 49 people
#icc 47 people
#followfriday 37 people
#Fensterfreitag 34 people
#WindowFriday 30 people
#friday 28 people
#photography 23 people
#JukeboxFridayNight 19 people

📈 Boost ❤️

Still time for a #FollowFriday recommendation!

@VerminSupreme #ff

It's still #FollowFriday, so please follow me if you're a #StarTrek fan! Please boost, and also please boost my pinned thread! I'll be asking that too periodically from now on. Thanks!

#trumpindictment is trending on the bird while we talk about #stpatricksday and #followfriday

Greg Pak
3 days ago

#FF #FollowFriday @CorinnaBechko, a cool comics person who also posts cool dinosaur museum stuff.

Tomas Ekeli
3 days ago

what are your favourite #peertube channels?

so far i like
@thelinuxexperiment_channel (most pro video-maker i've see so far on there)
@fermilab and

please share your favourite federated video-channels! #followfriday #peertube

UC Santa Cruz
3 days ago

Allow ourselves to reintroduce ourselves -- we are UC Santa Cruz a one of a kind university located where the redwood forest meets the ocean. Follow us for:

💙 Research news coming out of UCSC including science, astronomy, biology, social justice, art and more.
💛 Student and professor profiles -- meet our amazing community.
💙 Photos of our beautiful campus -- it truly never gets old.
💛 University accolades

Excited to connect with y'all!

#Friday #FollowFriday #academadon #science #astronomy

Giant redwood trees tower over a path with smaller trees leading to a green, grassy meadow with students laying and standing. The sunlight peaks through the trees.
3 days ago

Happy #FollowFriday!

Some #Friday #MastodonTips I’ve learnt over the last few months…

1. You can get a lot from just browsing if you curate a good feed *but* you will get a lot more if you interact with people.

2. If you’re hovering between the favorite or boost button, it’s ok (and I would encourage you) to do both - plus you can comment and follow that same person too. Try it, it will make you feel good!

3. Be yourself. I know this sounds trite but it took me a long time to really speak from the heart. Probably from spending too much time in tech dad/bro land (I felt like I had to deal with more ‘tech dad’s in my early career!) - I held back and was worried about getting it wrong. It’s ok to be wrong sometimes, just learn and move on. Even geniuses get it wrong now and then.

That’s it! Until the next time I think of a tip (likely 2 seconds after I hit post)

Michael Kazarnowicz
3 days ago

Hey, Mastodon, it's #FollowFriday. I want to know about one of your favorite interactions this week.

I'll go with @thirdcoast, new to Mastodon who initiated a thread starting with cozy sci-fi and where @nlowell shared some wisdom which @immersfer condensed to a really good quote: "I write the books I want to read but can't find."

I think more people than I recognize themselves in that. Give the thread a read, and the people a follow.

#WritingCommunity #scifi

Domando Al Lobo
3 days ago

Voy tarde pero #FF #FollowFriday para
con uno de los contenidos más originales e ingeniosos del lugar.
#popazo pop-ular.

Sequin World
3 days ago
Nelson Chu Pavlosky
3 days ago

#FollowFriday recommendations for the #Philadelphia area:

- @stumblewyk - GM running #TTRPGs, #Philly sports, cute dog
- @joni - brand design, #SVG, #bees, weight lifting, the tippy top of DE
- @stephstephking - education and children, #writer, #publicTransit
- @nicolewolverton - Horror, #elections, globetrotting

The Many Voices🎙️
3 days ago
The Many Voices🎙️
3 days ago

☘️ #HappyStPatricksDay! ☘️

It doesn't feel like #StPaddysDay without some #IrishMusic. So here's another #Irish tune, "Ireland's Call" by #CelticThunder (one of the Irish singing groups you tend to seen on #PBS during fundraisers).

#Music #Song #StPatricksDay #StPatricks #StPatricksDay2023 #SaintPatricksDay #FollowBackFriday #FollowFriday #FollowBack #Ireland

PSA Games
3 days ago

Happy Green Booze Day and Happy #FollowFriday# Won't you give these fine creative minds a follow?


The Many Voices🎙️
3 days ago

☘️ #HappyStPatricksDay! ☘️

It doesn't feel like #StPaddysDay without some #IrishMusic. So here's #GaelicStorm with a fun and humourous little #Irish ditty, "Darcy's Donkey."

#Music #Song #StPatricksDay #StPatricks #StPatricksDay2023 #SaintPatricksDay #FollowBackFriday #FollowFriday #FollowBack

Fede Garcia 🇦🇷
3 days ago

Nuevo viernes, nuevo #FollowFriday :bongoCat:
- @CorioPsicologia
- @quebim
- @martinn01
- @michipanero
- @jorgediiorio
- @UnColorado
- @Gapblournie
- @kenliecer
- @i_peal
- @Relfon
- @lcastillo
- @david_climber

Seguro hay muchos que llegaron gracia al genio de @frngr , a el síganlo SI O SI !!

Ether Diver
3 days ago

Hey hey, it's #FollowFriday! Already following me? Then make sure you are also following these fine folks:

@baymud @elsemusic @romeorucha @AlgoCompSynth @benda

All great #music folks to follow! Talented #musicians who are always up to something interesting, and always into talking about #MakingMusic in an interesting and helpful way.

3 days ago

❓ Can you design a non-violent video game about critical thinking?

📆 Register by March 19th
💰 $10,000 in cash prizes
⭐ Topic: Critical Thinking


#VideoGames #ProSocial #CriticalThinking #Progressive #GameDesign #GameDev #Education #Edutooter #Communication #Students #Teachers #FollowFriday #PublicHealth #Prevention #Nonprofit #EdTech #StPatricksDay

Critical Thinking Cat on a green background. 

Above: "Meow, man ... Meow."
GameDev Raccoon 🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍⚧️
3 days ago

Happy #FollowFriday, here are some people you should follow and why:

- @comradeferret (pogchamp comrade)
- @werewolfapologist (pogchamp book bear)
- @BreoganHackett, @witch_warren, @seandick (pogchamp #gamedev s)
- @jessiegender (pogchamp youtube documentary person)
- @rkniner, @tilton, & @RayneRaccoon (pogchamp #fursuit ers and raccoons)
- @owashii, @tabitha, & @artemis (pogchamp pup trio)

I probably forgot some people so will make a reply if i remember 🦝 🍻

3 days ago

It's #FollowFriday, and it is about time you followed creative coder mathemagician @noneuclideandreamer

Lu Wilson
3 days ago

It's FOLLOW FRIDAY! (#followfriday)

Please help me find more fab people to follow!

I'll go first: @ngons makes juicy geometric art! Like this tode! 🐸

tode's face made up of polygons.

@kate @godlessmom @calimari @ieatkillerbees

More week 9 of Fab Women #FollowFriday

@InfoSecSherpa - handle is perfect, excellent news roundups on infosec, data privacy with fab accompanying pics

@tiffanycli - law prof, privacy expert, insightful commentary on intersection of law & tech, occasional bad pun + good wordplay

@MsKellyMHayes - organizer, educator, author, abolitionist, host of Truthout’s Movement Memos podcast

@EricaFriedman - if you like Yuri, anime, and manga, a must-follow

Back for week 9 of Fab Women #FollowFriday

@kate - software developer, sharer of useful widgets, fun facts, and excellent advice for simplifying one’s life

@godlessmom - host of Q-Dropped podcast, helping people cope with friends/relatives sucked into the QAnon rabbit hole

@calimari - research chemist, scicomm sharing all you need to know about microplastics, plus awesome nature photos

@ieatkillerbees - insightful one-line observations about the varieties of injustice in the world

Vicki Ziegler
4 days ago

#FollowFriday recommenders and recommendations are the best! Here are my latest suggestions for words, images, voices you should check out.

"Defender of the mismeasured", observing the world with wisdom and whimsy

wild horses ... will not drag you away from these arresting images

beautiful collisions of natural patterns and digital wizardry

endlessly intriguing old images from on the road

dreamy and painterly photography

4 days ago

For today's #FollowFriday we recommend curators: people with a knack for finding the best content.

@mariapopova — "Curator of interestingness" & creator of Brain Pickings.

@Sheril — Curator of stories of diverse trailblazers in science & the arts. Host of PBS Serving Up Science.

@miaq — Curator of creators & maker of "The Art of Curation" podcast

@KaSaPo — Travel photographer who boosts other photographers.

@janettespeyer — Curator of travel, food, art & history stories.


Cliff Wade
4 days ago

Let's do a little #FollowFriday since I haven't done one on this new instance of mine as of yet.

The following people post various content, so I suggest you click their name, check their feed and see for yourself if they post what you might enjoy. For me, these people are absolutely AMAZING!


#Happy#Friday #Friday #FollowThemAll

Image that has a blueish background, with different colored dots around the top and the bottom and the word Follow in yellow and the word Friday in orange.
Adam Nelson
4 days ago

Single-user instances don't get much visibility because of the way ActivityPub works. So for #FollowFriday, here's an eclectic list of solo instances: some tech, some memes, some just interesting and unusual.

* @ayo
* @twizzay
* @cerebrate
* @emerald
* @bob
* @hyde
* @a
* @jaredzimmerman
* @alexelcu
* @CodingItWrong

4 days ago

Und noch ein paar Ergänzungen zum #FollowFriday:

@Bahnblogstelle - Hochinteressantes aus der Welt der Bahn.
@SheDrivesMobility - Katja Diehl, Instanz in Sachen #Verkehrswende
@gigblog Konzertberichte aus Stuttgart (Transparenzhinweis: wird von mir auf Mastoden vertreten)
@daxwerner - Kölscher Humor und Popmusiker (glaube ich)

4 days ago

Warum nicht mal ganz altmodisch einen Post zum #followfriday #ff machen? Hier meine Empfehlungen:

@dentaku - Alter #pl0gbar0711-Genosse. IT-Nerd-Humor. I like.
@trashagogo - Konzertveranstalter aus #Stuttgart. #Punk und #Rock und so.
@radritterin - Stuttgarts Radbloggerin, auf Mastodon noch etwas zurückhaltend, aber die Blogposts lohnen sich
@BlumeEvolution - Antisemitismus-Beauftragter Baden-Württemberg. Immer lesenswert

Bread and Circuses
4 days ago

If you’re looking for great accounts to follow, here are some of my faves! 😊


#FollowFriday :follow:

UN-Hack-Bar e.V.
4 days ago

Kleiner Service-Trööt zwischendurch am #Followfriday

Guckt euch mal @ccc_regio an.

Dort gibt es regelmässig Informationen aus dem regionalen CCC Umfeld zu Aktionen, Veranstaltungen und alles as sonst noch interessant sein könnte.

Pamela Williams Fine Art
4 days ago


Known as the "Queen of the Missions", this is the largest of the missions and was almost fully restored to its original design in the 1930s

Digitally painted original #photo

You can find this on prints and various other products here:

#SharePamsArt #POTD #Photography #photographyIsArt #PhotoOfTheDay #DigitalArt #AYearForArt #ArtMatters #Art #smile #TheArtDistrict #mission #sanantonio #texas #church #artist #followfriday

Digitally enhanced photo of the the mission in soft earthy tomes
Edgar Walthert
4 days ago

spice up your feed w/ type unrelated stuff

@colossal Art & visual culture
@forma ✷ curated graphic feed

@GIFmodel net artist
@bastianallgeier Kirby CMS

@chriscoyier CodePen
@gr0k web & music
@mcc glitch girl

@room40 label
@shannoncurtis synth pop
@poemproducer AGF

@VPS_Reports anti-fascist journalist
@BlackAzizAnansi fiddling while Rome burns

@waag Amsterdam

4 days ago

It’s #FollowFriday and I #FollowBack so #Follow me for a #FridayFollow this #Friday.

If you have an #introduction toot pinned on your #Mastodon profile that you’d like boosted, #comment “IntroBoost” below, and I’ll give you a #boost to help you connect with the community.

If you #FollowMe you can expect #DadJokes, bad #puns, and original #IndieMusic so I look forward to connecting with you, and connecting you to a wider #community.


A herd of American Mastodon by Roman Yevseyev.
5 days ago

Edition 3 of the #SameGirlieShortList of ACTUALLY ACTIVE large Mastodon accounts with a legit presence here and important content. Check out those shiny new Newspaper server instances too! Holy Moly!!! 😍

@andrew Andrew Leahey
@DataDrivenMD Dr. Jorge Caballero

#FollowFriday #FF #Mastodon #Law #Medicine #Politics #Tech #InfoSec #Disinformation #Disinfo #Pundits #Journalists #News #Resist

I forgot #FollowFriday but I do what I want so here it is:

@WEATHERISHAPPENING - Blissfully chaotic #weather and activist information from Providence, Rhode Island focusing on New England.


Sean Bala
1 week ago

Accounts that make me happy for #FollowFriday :D

@grimethorpeband - brass band from #Yorkshire (over 100 years old) with a very active account - #music

@GurdeepPandher - Punjabi-Canadian in the #Yukon who exudes positivity and joy - #Canada

@TigerBunComics - the cutest #WebComic from #Vancouver based artist. It reminds me so much of my #marriage - #love

@Satori - one of my favorite accounts on Mastadon - a gateway to many other fluffy creatures - #bunny #rabbit #mastobun #rabbitsofmastodon

Tim Chambers
1 week ago

Here is a #FollowFriday to these two organizations: that just launched key integrations:

On both - if you have an account with their "legacy" web applications, that also becomes your green verification to your Mastodon bio.

▶️ @medium

➡️ @Flipboard

An honorable mention to Mozilla's in-development server:

And to @Vivaldi on their server work.

Can't wait to see what all of you build, innovate and contribute and impressed with each of your work.

Tomas Ekeli
1 week ago

everyone interested in how you really make good software and build teams to do it should follow @allenholub - he's the real deal.

that's my #followfriday

Celia Valdeolmillos
1 week ago

Vamos con un #FF tardío, y como ha propuesto @euklidiadas solo de chicas (y en castellano).

- @editora
- @dictatriz
- @empeltada
- @estela
- @martatorredev

Otro día más #followfriday

Sharon Cummings Art
1 week ago


Search hashtag #AYearForArt
See some great art and photography!!

FOLLOW those using the hashtag to support independent artists all over the World!

Artists and photographers: JOIN IN in using this hashtag and get more exposure. :) We LOVE supporting other artists!!

#art #artwork #arte #artist #artists #artistsofmastodon #ArtistsOfMastadon #mastoart #fediart #ArtMatters #supportart #supportartists #photography #photographer #photographers #photo #painting #paintings #follow

A Year For Art logo in bright colors by artist Sharon Cummings.  Follow friday suggestion.

Still more week 8 Fab Women #FollowFriday

@MelodyCooper - writer in TV, film, plays, comics, co-founder of NYX Horror Collective, promoter of women, BIPOC, LGBTQ, disabled

@sarahdwire - LA Times reporter for NatSec, DOJ, also on the domestic extremism & gov’t fraud/abuse beat

@kashhill - tech & privacy reporter at NYT with a special focus on the (a)morality of facial recognition software

@Kmac - green columnist at Bloomberg with helpful perspective on how energy financing relates to climate

More week eight of Fab Women #FollowFriday

@kissane - useful info on Covid, provocative thoughts about online spaces, optimizing the experience, what they can realistically achieve

@lisabortolotti - professor, author, journal editor posting interesting links at the intersection of philosophy & cogsci

@JenLucPiquant - science writer providing a daily dose of interesting links in science, tech, politics and assorted oddities

@lolennui - for when you need the relief of a snappy one-liner

Back for week eight of Fab Women #FollowFriday

@molly0xfff - software person, researcher, the only crypto critic who makes me laugh harder than Matt Levine.

@revjorobertson - episcopalian priest, writer, poet, surfaces great content I don’t see elsewhere

@KimCrayton1 - antiracist economist, top notch educator on white supremacy, her book Profit Without Oppression (w/foreward by @anildash) is an amazing read

@artologica - photography, art, squirrels, a welcome timeline cleanse

Real Quack
2 weeks ago



This is a bot that unofficially shares DW content.


This is their official Masto presence.


Excellent #OtD posts about history you may not know.


If you're a fan

The Conversation U.S.
2 weeks ago

Good morning and happy #Newstodon day! Since @heiseonline kicked off the day with a fascinating story on #ArtificialIntelligence, we'll continue the theme with this fascinating story on robotic prayer.

Robots are performing Hindu rituals to care for the gods -- perfectly each times. They can do it where there's a shortage of priests. But is it right?
#followfriday @TexasObserver @damemagazine @TucsonSentinel @msfreepress @thexylom @themarkup @STAT @gbhnews @ProPublica

Dr Lindsey Fitzharris
2 weeks ago

18th-century pewter syringe recovered from the shipwreck of the Queen Anne's Revenge, the famed flagship of the pirate Black Beard. The syringe contained mercury, which most likely treated pirates aboard ailing from syphilis. More info:

#histodons #histodon #history #histmed #histsci #believeitornot #FF #FollowFriday

Gloved hands hold a pewter syringe that is dented in the middle.
2 weeks ago

It's #followfriday time!

Follow the hashtag to find new interesting people !

- @Riada90
- @zlatiah

and of course you can check this posts where I posted people worth following

2 weeks ago

If you enjoy seeing photographs in your feed, here are photographers to follow:

@bryanhansel — Landscape photographer

@ewen — Editorial photographer

@artskorps — Art photographer

@Rachelburch — Dartmoor photographer

@msecchi — Photojournalist in Venice

@doersino — Bird photographer

@amanda — Weather & landscape photographer in The Netherlands

Let us know your #photographer suggestions.

#FollowFriday #photography

2 weeks ago

Because I have the rest of the week off it is technically #FollowFriday for me:

@zeptobars for detailed shots of chips.

@8bitgames for retro content and great adventure games

@anttipeltola for DOSBox-staging stuff

@root42 for a taste of retro tech YouTube

@ravenlordess for the best #Amiga cosplays

@Pecc0r for a maker goddess

@melly_maeh for accessibility in gaming

@marove for cute soldering kits

@jeff for retro game dev

And @Lotje for general awesomeness

I would like to do a #FollowFriday sort of thing during #WomensHistoryMonth; who are some rad #makers on #Mastodon that I should include? (yes, you can and should suggest yourself!!) 💙✨

(please boost and share and let me know any other ideas you have to celebrate/recognize/support/lift 💗)

A photo of Hedy Lamarr outside the All Hands Active! makerspace in Ann Arbor, Michigan 💗
API Evangelist
2 weeks ago
Lu Wilson
2 weeks ago

Just in time for #followfriday!
(thanks @walpolea for the idea)

I'm so thankful that I've been able to make a home here on 𝕄𝕒𝕤𝕥𝕠𝕕𝕠𝕟 so please help me to find more people to follow!

My suggestion this week is @noneuclideandreamer for trippy mathsy art. And I'm proud to be a patron 💪

Trivia: One of my videos is heavily inspired by something she made

The End - Fiction Podcasts
2 weeks ago

4/ 🙂 @cidale - Leslie Cidale
Leslie is a co-founder and producer at Twenty-Two Twenty-Two Media. She produced the comedy short, Sleepover, which was an Official Selection of Women Texas Film Festival and Austin Comedy Short Film Festival. She also produced the successful crowd-funder for the film Babydoll, as well as the film itself.

Hi, Leslie! You haven't rooted yet, so hopefully this is the spark that gets you started. We're a lot of fun!

#AudioDrama #FictionPodcast #RadioPlay #AudioFiction #RadioTheater #RadioTheatre #podcast #FollowFriday #FictionFriday

The End - Fiction Podcasts
2 weeks ago

3/ 🏭 @CreativeTypo - Creative Typo Entertainment
A storytelling network of indie collaborators that are bringing their projects together and pooling their creativity to bring you even more stories. Whether we are using TTRPGs to bring you an improvised story where you feel like you are sitting at the table with us or a fully scripted audio drama with voice artists bringing the characters to life, we strive to immerse you into the fantastical, sci-fi, or horrific worlds we create.

I've had the chance to chat with this group. Cool folks! Happy to see them on Mastodon!

#AudioDrama #FictionPodcast #RadioPlay #AudioFiction #RadioTheater #RadioTheatre #podcast #FollowFriday #FictionFriday

Creative Typo logo