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"There is one rule that unites many jaffle enthusiasts: no tomato. Wilson is firm on this: “It reaches that nuclear temperature.” Femia agrees: “You won’t taste anything for a week.”" #food #cooking #camping #jaffles #toasties #Australia #bread #sandwiches

‘It’s a travesty they’ve disappeared’: what ever happened to jaffle irons? | Australian food and drink | The Guardian

‘It’s the one thing in my kitchen I’ll never throw away’: James Shackell’s 1950s jaffle iron, once owned by his grandmother. Photograph: James Shackell
Chuck Taggart, Private Eye
1 hour ago

Oh Tommy’s, your gloriously sloppy chili cheeseburgers never disappoint. #food

Chili cheeseburger and fries!
The Tommy’s sign, palm trees, their iconic A-frame, and twilight.
2 hours ago

Pancake mola! I’ve also thought about flatbread mola, but I don’t know if that would have been as delicious.

Find it as a stickeron my shop!

#pancake #fish #food #Krita

Digital art of a pancake in the shape of an ocean sunfish with a dab of butter and syrup on it.
Crowbar Jones
2 hours ago

There are over 4,800 edible types of potato in the world, most varieties originating from the lowlands of south-central Chile.

#food #foodfacts #delexicon #potatoes

There are over 4,800 edible types of potato in the world, most varieties originating from the lowlands of south-central Chile.

[Homemade] Scotch eggs, mushroom soup, Shepherds pie, steak and potatoes, charcuterie, and apple pie.


[Homemade] Scotch eggs, mushroom soup, Shepherds pie, steak and potatoes, charcuterie, and apple pie.

I asked my friend to bring me a slice of cake back from Philly. He brought back the whole damn thing. Friend level over 9000.

#food #FoodPorn

I asked my friend to bring me a slice of cake back from Philly. He brought back the whole damn thing. Friend level over 9000.
Steffani Cameron
4 hours ago

Big cooking day today. It’s ended with me doing some air fryer chicken and veg. Roasted spring potatoes and Greek salad.

But I tried something new for the chicken — tried twice-cooking it kinda like they do for fried chicken.

I took it out when about 145° internally and let it rest for 20-30 minutes before putting it back to finish cooking it. It was very moist but the skin was crunchier and stayed on a bit better.

It was brined 24 hours in buttermilk and a •head• of garlic. #cooking #food

A large leg quarter in crispy fryer breading, 9 roasted 1” nugget potatoes, and a white bowl of Greek salad, all on a white plate.
Christine T
4 hours ago

Late breakfast.

For years, I didn't get a half-boiled egg maker for my kitchen thinking it would not work well in this climate, but it does.

(Pretty sure my kitchen is about 17°C-18°C atm)


4 hours ago

Dinner! Peruvian-Inspired Steak with Green Sauce,Spiced Air Fryer Fries,Salad of Tomato, Cucumber, Jalapeño,Green Onion,Charred Corn tossed in a Lime Vinaigrette. 😋 #dinner #food #foodie #sunday

Salad,steak with green sauce,fries on a white plate
Only In Japan
4 hours ago


Japanese Vending Machine Park Experience | Sagamihara

We’re at the worlds largest retro vending machine park in Sagamihara, Japan for a walk through and look inside — and maybe a vending machine burger!

#onlyinjapan #japan #food #vendingmachine #sagamihara #livestream #foodie

Alo Japan
5 hours ago

Katsudon-ya Zuicho in Shibuya. One of the best katsudon bowls you’ll have, and for only 1000 yen.

#food #japanesefood

Katsudon-ya Zuicho in Shibuya. One of the best katsudon bowls you'll have, and for only 1000 yen.
5 hours ago

Everything tastes good in a taco with some guacamole, even insects!

Todo sabe bien en un taco con un poco de guacamole, hasta los insectos! #mexico #travel #food #insects #mastodon

6 hours ago

Please boost this toot as my direct connections on Mastodon are biased (in a good way).

Data (fact). #Greenhouse Gas #emissions keep on rising.


Do you think about & make plans that result in fewer greenhouse gases being emitted? For example, having a #holiday in your own country, rather than abroad. Using the #train rather than the #car . Eating no or less #meat .

#mastodon #fediverse #sustainable #activites #travel #food #health #ethics #future #democracy #justice

I want loaded nachos. What are your favorite nacho toppings? #Food

Sand Hill Thicket
6 hours ago

Fresh broccoli and pea pod #salad for #dinner. #GrowYourOwn #Food #FoodPorn

A close-up of fresh broccoli and pea pod salad.
Clayton Hove
7 hours ago

Bagged baby spinach was on sale and expiring today. So after a deep rinse and shakey-shake, added some onion, garlic, lemon juice, sea salt and cream.

#salad #spinach #greens #food

Open Forum
7 hours ago

What’s on the menu in 2050?

You don’t hear much about the population explosion anymore, but the world may have to support up to 10 billion people in 2050 – up from 6.1 billion in 2000 – and our diets will have to change to ensure we all have enough to eat. #food

Cheryl Lindo Jones
7 hours ago

My quirk: I cannot (or really, really don't want to) eat typical lunch or dinner foods at #breakfast. But I enjoy having American breakfast foods for lunch or dinner. Cereal, oatmeal, eggs, bacon, sausage, hash browns, bagels, donuts, pancakes, waffles, or French toast are acceptable breakfasts. Anything else, no thank you. #food

7 hours ago

low and slow,
wood, meat, fire,

#poetry #amwriting #writingcommunity #food #cooking #bbq #wsm #photography

Weber Smokey Mountain cooker.
KC style rack of ribs.
Cut rib with a pink smoke ring.
salix sericea (@Ripple13216)
8 hours ago

#Farm to #Taber

"This episode traces the origins of today's #food system back to its origins: #slavery, and most importantly, #JimCrow. These institutions laid the foundation for northern #agriculture, where "nice" little family farms that grew food for #plantations. Both regions were oriented towards large-scale #export commerce, self-sufficiency played surprisingly little role, and this helps explain why our food system looks the way it does today."

#BigAg #nostalgia

Nothing fancy today, double burgs with pepperjack, cooked in butter, salt and pepper on one, pepper, coriander, and fennel mix on the other

Messy but GOOD! pain's probably affecting my decision making, but I figured if it hurts to move just make one meal for the whole day

#burger #burgers #food #meat #cooking #homecooking

two glistening burger buns stuffed with two hamburger patties each and pepperjack cheese melted perfectly around them
9 hours ago

As an aside, one thing I really appreciate about The Guardian is their willingness to call it what it is: The Climate Crisis.

#GeorgeMonbiot #Environment #ClimateChange #Diet #Food #Farming #TheGuardian #Journalism

9 hours ago

A new read.

Part way into chapter 2. The first chapter was all about soil. I'm fascinated and have already learned so much about this understudied ecosystem. Looking forward to what else he has to share. George Monbiot is one of my favourite journalists at The Guardian. Strongly recommend his work.

#GeorgeMonbiot #Environment #ClimateChange #Diet #Food #Farming #TheGuardian #Journalism

Craig Mcgee
9 hours ago

imagine theres a way of shrinking oneself and I wanted to shrink down and be swallowed to find out what it's like in your belly, and neither of us would be harmed, would you agree to it?
#shrink #question #unusual #weird #odd #scifi #fantasy #fetish #vore #belly #food #hungry #eat #eating #eaten #ate #consume #drink #beer #junkfood #takeaway #mcdonalds #pizza #scotland #scotsman #scotsmen #scottish #manchester #mancunian #lancashire #wales #welshmen #welshman #cockney #london #australian #aussie

Last week, Mom bought salmon. She cooked half and froze half. Last night, she bought a lot of cod. She cooked half and froze half. Today, for some reason I don't know, she bought a lot of haddock and froze it. I said to here, I feel like an anthropomorphized bear with a freezer full of fish, lol. #Food

9 hours ago

A quick #Japanese side sunomono
1:1 rice wine vinegar, soy, bit of sugar [3 tsp approx for ≤
< ¼ cup each vinegar,], 1 clove of garlic quick chopped, added to vinegar, soy then cross sliced (mini) #cucumbers added Fresh toasted sesame seeds ftw

& Sautéed mushrooms, carrots, snow peas and baby corn (don't see that too often, so grabbed them - soo tasty these!) - mostly vegetarian, but seasoned with a bit of the gel from the bag of the sous vide chicken*


#Food #Cooking

Top view of a rectangular glass dish with cross slices of small cucumbers in a dark soy sauce and scattered over with brown toasted sesame seeds
Slices of mushrooms, small pieces of carrots, snow peas and baby corn, all in a pan
stephaniepixie 🏳️‍🌈
9 hours ago

How Cooking Helped Me Find Joy After Coming Out: Veronica Esposito on Samin Nosrat and What Cooking Taught Her About Transitioning

#Pride #Food #Cooking

10 hours ago

Can confirm the table #sauce was smashing with quick broiled #chicken.
(advanced prepped, cooked yesterday - 3½ hrs 64.5 ⁰C sous vide in bag with soy, ginger+garlic powders, splash mirin, fridged after, taken out today, microwaved 4 mins @ P3 then under 5 mins at 450 ⁰F oven & 3 min under broil)

#Food #Cooking

A cooked hicken leg smooshed down and doused with some nam prik pla so chopped red chili and seeds are scattered over. Beside it some cooked rice and cross sections of small cucumbers
11 hours ago

Farm animals, crops suffer from extreme #weather affecting #China

By Laura He, CNN, Jun 2, 2023

"With parts of China experiencing record high temperatures and heavy rains, reports of farm animals and crops suffering from extreme weather patterns are dominating headlines in the country, raising concerns about food security in the world’s second largest economy.

China experienced its worst heat wave and drought in decades during the summer of 2022, which caused widespread power shortages and disrupted food and industrial supply chains. This year, extreme heat has ravaged many parts of the country even earlier than last year."

Read more:

#WeatherExtremes #ClimateCrisis #ClimateChange #Climate #FoodInsecurity #Food #Blackouts

11 hours ago

#Korean peppers - I don't see these too often, picked them up at HMart last weekend - finally got to them yesterday. Pickled Korean style* with soy, vinegar brine with salt and bit of sugar and a hole atop the pepper to let the brine in.

* Thank you @ Maangchi!

#Food #Cooking #Peppers #Pickles

Long green (and 1 orange red) Korean peppers in two glass jars
Long green (and 1 orange red) Korean peppers in two glass jars filled with a dark soy brine

Did my "famous" Beninese pizza, with fish and Peulh cheese. Used some Dja oil too. Dja is a sort of spicy tomato marmelade, fried with regular or red palm oil.
#food #Benin #Africa #Cooking

Rectangular Beninese pizza
Round Beninese pizza
Shaun Cuff
12 hours ago

Cooked for friends on Saturday evening. The #ThaiFishcakes (accompanied by a cucumber, ginger and chilli relish Mrs C made) were rather delicious and I couldn’t resist cooking another batch this evening 😋

#Cooking #Food #Summer #Thai

Thai Fishcakes with Cucumber Relish
Anders Eknert
12 hours ago

Passed by a #Thai #Food festival on the evening walk. I said OK to Hanna’s request to have a pancake, not knowing she’d get to pick what to have inside of it. Good thing I’m the one counting calories, and not Hanna 😅🍭

12 hours ago

First - a quick prep of the #Thai peppers for Prik nam pla

juice of 1 lime, ½ a block of piloncillo (cane jaggery, but this one via Mexican store), 1 tsp raw sugar, chopped 5 chilies, chopped 2 cloves of garlic, 7 big splashes from the bottle of 🐟 sauce, adjusted with a tsp of vinegar (didn't want to cut another lime)
#Food #Cooking
Add chopped 🧄 to the lime j - before the 🐟 sauce goes it - the acid will tame the enzyme that jumps the garlic, flavor without the harshness

Small brown block of piloncillo, 5 red Thai peppers, and 3 red scotch bonnet peppers on a white cutting board
Chopped red peppers with seeds in a pile
Top view of a small jar of prik nam pla with chopped red Thai peppers and seeds in dark liquid
Álvaro Ramírez
12 hours ago

#travel #sardinia #food it’s impossible not to eat gelato every day while here

13 hours ago

After a night of drinking and a massive morning hangover:
Toad in the Hole, or Bubble and Squeak?
What say you, Anglophiles?
#British #food

image of English dish called Toad in the Hole, with sausages tucked into a bread pudding
Photo of Bubble and Squeak, an English dish with a runny egg atop a kind of veggie potato pancake
13 hours ago

Need to prep (with glove treatment) today!
#Chili 🌶️
#Food #Cooking

Two small plastic trays with red scotch bonnet papers and red long  Thai peppers
Paul 🇨🇭
14 hours ago

Wenn ich mal nicht mehr kochen könnte - das wäre ein Desaster

If one day I wouldn't be able to cook anymore, that would be a disaster

#cooking #kochen #food #meat

Eine Pizza mit Rohschinken, Rucola und einer halben Kugel Burrata

A pizza with jambon cru, rucola and half a ball of burrata

L'heure du café, avec un biscuit de Louriçal :blobcatcoffee:
#coffee #Food

Un biscuit de Louriçal en forme de 8, et une tasse de café.
Soh Kam Yung
17 hours ago

Various laksa of Malaysia in my home town: yummy. 🙂

"[I[t would be a dream come true for an aficionado if the laksa from every state is made available in one place.

That’s exactly what the two-day ‘Laksa Kuale Festival’ at the Kuala Kangsar Arena here which begins today offers, bringing together unique flavours of laksa from 10 states"

#Malaysia #Food #Laksa

Daniel Neuman
19 hours ago

When the recipe says ten cloves of garlic, is it ten like the ones on the left or the right…
#food #garlic

A cutting board with two cloves of garlic; one is a tenth in size from the other.
23 hours ago

Went to Takane, Niigata, for a big local food event. We got there early and helped make dango and plated the koi sashimi the chef had prepared. Lotsa fun and very tasty. #food #Niigata

Hands holding chopsticks to place five slices of koi sashimi in each of 38 dishes already prepared with a dish of miso, vinegar, and egg yolk and myoga and daikon on a big wasabi leaf.
Steffani Cameron
1 day ago

I made some pasta tonight. I fucked up the ricotta sauce by forgetting to purée it, but the pasta is bangin’.

People are so intimidated by pasta, but it’s actually easy once you commit to kneading it for 20-25 minutes & you get the hydration right.

Some Italian granny pastamaking videos will sort you out!

But once you have the hang of it, you can make a HUGE batch & freeze it in portions. I make 10 at once. It thaws in an hour & rolls out in under 10 minutes. #cooking #food #pasta

A bowl of pasta — fettuccini — with a sauce that has ricotta chunks all through it because I’m the chucklehead who forgot to puree it, but the pasta is beautiful
1 day ago

Starting a cult. Tenets are:
1) Eat okonomiyaki as often as possible.

That's all I've got. I still expect high enrollment.

#japan #food #okonomiyaki #okonomimura

A chef makes okonomiyaki on the flat top grill, savory pancakes with cabbage, pork, udon noodles, and other goodies.
Critical Cupcake
1 day ago

If you had to be obsessed with money, sex, sports, religion, or food, which one would you choose?

#CriticalQuestions #Quiz #PubQuiz #Obsession #Money #Sex #Sports #Religion #Food #StayHome #StaySafe #StayHomeStaySafe

👩‍🦯The Blind Fraggle
1 day ago

The other day someone posted a picture of a cod dinner they made that sounded really good, but I can't remember what it was or who it was. Are you reading this? #Food

1 day ago

Green beans in today's fine simple #Indian style #HomeFood - okra and shallow fried spiced #fish too to go with #rice and #daal along with some terrific #prawn #pickle courtesy MIL - these are mostly just the heads (bottom part not the shell).


Top view of a round white plate with rice and daal atop and surrounded with other items mentioned
khthoniaa :pinkmoon:
1 day ago

Are you from Massachusetts and looking to eat healthier, eat more sustainably, eat locally, spend less money on produce, and/or support your local community? is an interactive website that allows you to find local farms, farm stands, farmer's markets, and community supported agriculture programs in the MA area! And many of the programs are SNAP/HIP-eligible or offer sliding-scale pricing!

#Massachusetts #MA #Mass #Farming #CommunitySupportedAgriculture #Farming #FarmersMarket #Sustainability #Organic #Solarpunk #Food

2 days ago

I need ideas for a mild marinade for a pork shoulder that I'm going to slow-cook and pull apart tomorrow for a dinner party I'm giving for some of my neighbors.
Sides are roasted asparagus, blistered tomatoes, Shirazi and I have bread dough fermenting.

Come at me, bro!

#Cooking #Food #Recipe #CheffingItUp

So the vegetables and potatoes are soaked in a glass of #apple #rum and have been baked in the #kamado #bbq for two hours. It gives a wonderful tasting caramelisation. At the end just a bit of butter to glace it, and dinner is ready. Time makes all #food better 🤤

A dish with potatoes and vegetables straight out of the kamado, on a black table
Daryl Baxter
2 days ago

Great #food earlier.
Spot the Jolly.

Natasha Jay :mastodon:
2 days ago

* *Trans Experiences: The story of the Kiwi, being misgendered, and of chicken pies **

A week ago I was misgendered in a local butcher's shop buying a pie. This is so rare now! The bloke was a Kiwi who knew me pre-transition and hasn't seen me in ~3 years. I was called "mate", likely from prior voice familiarity. I didn't confront on the spot as I sensed a pure accident, a slip

My first reaction? Ouch! Of course was I don't want to go back there

I mull it over, as is my wont

I decide I WILL go back this morning, pre-armed with my ferociously femme glasses and a withering pre-prepared line in mind

I walk in

He sees me and immediately says "Hello, young lady". He is over-polite

He knows he got it wrong before. I know it too 💜

I accept his undoubted "lady", smile back pleasantly at the more dubious "young"

And by going back, I reclaim that space, lose not a drop of trans agency or my pride :Fire_Trans: I will be myself, neither weak nor meek

Plus, they *do* make cracking pies 🤔

#Trans #Musings #Food

A picture of a chicken pie, golder after cooking, in a striped pot sitting on a wooden table
2 days ago

Es ist wahr: ich habe veganen Merchandise. 😎


Eine Packung veganer Würste namens "Vegane Wurzerl Klassik" liegen auf einem Holztisch.
Steffani Cameron
2 days ago

Tonight’s #pizza is a simple one — realized I have garlic confit in the fridge so it’s semi-roasted tomato, garlic confit, garlic olive oil, salt, rosemary, and cheese.

I’ll make it again for sure! #cooking #food

I popped the sliced tomatoes in the oven while it preheated, for 10-15 min, to semi-dry them.

(Garlic confit is just garlic you slow cook in olive oil and then you save both in a sterile jar. The oil is fantastic too. Highly recommend — particularly with fresh garlic this fall.)

3 days ago

Happy Donut Day to all my friends in the U.S.

Yes, there is a day.

Here's a photo of the African Israeli donut that is a bit less well known than the sufganiya, but in my opinion, tastier. It's called sfinj pronounced "sfinge" like "hinge" with a "sf" instead.

#Donut #DonutDay #NationalDonutDay #DoughNut #FunHolidays #Food

Sfinj, African Israeli donut. It used to be a mainly Moroccan thing here, but spread throughout the Mizrahi and African communities. It's basically a light but chewy yeast risen dough, fried preferably in coconut oil, sunflower seed oil, or ghee. What goes on it depends where you're from. It can vary between orange or rose syrup, cinnamon and sugar,  silan (date syrup), or sesame sugar.
Sfinj, African Israeli donut. It used to be a mainly Moroccan thing here, but spread throughout the Mizrahi and African communities. It's basically a light but chewy yeast risen dough, fried preferably in coconut oil, sunflower seed oil, or ghee. What goes on it depends where you're from. It can vary between orange or rose syrup, cinnamon and sugar,  silan (date syrup), or sesame sugar.
3 days ago

Which sandwich would you choose?
#Poll #Polls #Food #Sandwich #Sandwiches

Just another rakyat
4 days ago

The famous Peter’s pork noodles at Moneys Corner, a hidden food court at Brickfields, Kuala Lumpur. (For some reason all our good food courts tend to be very well hidden)

Best eaten with lots of chopped Birds Eye chilies!

#Food #MalaysianFood #MakanApaToday

A bowl of noodles in clear soup, with a raw egg, minced and sliced pork, offal, vegetables and a sprinkling of lard cracklings.
The chaotic environment of a Malaysian food court, with around 20-30 stalls selling various food and rows of tables that are packed with office workers enjoying their lunch.
Sara Vicca
4 days ago

7 of the 8 #Earth system boundaries have been crossed, putting human livelihoods for current & future generations at risk. Nothing less than a #just global #transformation is required to ensure human well-being. Such transformations must be systemic across #energy, #food, #urban and other sectors, addressing the economic, technological, political and other drivers of Earth system change.


Flipboard News Desk
5 days ago

Child labor is not uncommon in the food industry and the agricultural sector — some estimates indicate that there are as many as half a million kids aged 8 to 17 working in farm jobs.

Eater took a look at the history of children working in America, why some lawmakers want to relax the laws now, and what child labor means for the food industry and society.

#History #Food #FoodHistory #ChildLabor #Agriculture

Lower East Side - Houston Street at Orchard Street

The line for Russ & Daughters is only to the end of the block. Happened to get lucky. Lol.


#NYC #Food #Photography

A photograph of the front entrance to Russ & Daughters with a line of people down to the end of the block waiting for them to open at 8am.
5 days ago

The wife and I decided to order Five Guys Burger and Fries for lunch today.

As always, food was exceptionally good. The amount of fries you see here is only about 1/5th of the full amount you get with a large fry order. It's seriously insane how many fries they give you.

#Burgers #FiveGuysBurgers #Food #FoodPorn #Fries

Photo I took of the two burgers and some of the fries I had from Five Guys Burgers and Fries for lunch today.
Tanguy Fardet
6 days ago

I was discussing #food related #environmentalImpacts with other people this afternoon and the question of the role of #transport came up, to which I replied with utter confidence that it was a very small fraction of the total #GHG #emissions.

Then I got home and thought that it had been a while and I did not remember how small it was (5%, 10% ?). So I looked it up.
Well it turns out people [1] say it's 20% now, what happened O_o?

[1]: 10.1038/s43016-022-00531-w

#agriculture #environment


Randy Resnick
6 days ago

Salads and dressings?
I love several of these recipes but my favorite is the sesame dressing:

#Cooking #Food #Japanese

Randy Resnick
6 days ago

Yesterday I whipped up some sauce for the salmon:
1/2 cup mango, clove of garlic (I'd like more but she'd like less), a slice of red onion, some lime juice, some olive oil and a little maple syrup. Ginger would be good, too. Mango is really good with some spice for fish or chicken.
#Food #Foodie #Cooking #Cuisine #Sauce

Cappuccino Girl
6 days ago

If you are ever in LA, try some Indonesian food😀
#Indonesia #food #streetfood #LA

Food truck in L.A. explores Indonesian culture through cuisine

6 days ago

I'm in this dystopia & I don't like it

#photoMonday #contemporary #dystopia #food

Close up photo of a cookie package proudly displaying the message "made with Real Butter" astrix.

Astrix Footnote: "A blend of real butter and shortening."
Steffani Cameron
1 week ago

In which I dare to ask myself the hard questions in life, like:

Self, what would happen if I put Calabrian chili crisp in the melted butter BEFORE I fry my eggs? #cooking #food

Three just-starting-to-cook eggs in orange butter with chili flakes all over
1 week ago

i just discovered this stuff this year. its not bad (i think this brand is the best) esp if you need more plant based low fat protein. (i have to be on fat restricted bc my liver.) they make it in a variety of forms inc non organic.

anyone else use this or a similar product? fun suggestions?

#Food #Cooking #LowFat #PeanutButter @N0ty3p

1 week ago

Bin jetzt Dino-Feinschmeck (sie sind geil 🤤).


Ein Haufen gebackener Nuggets in Form von Dinosauriern, die in einer weißen Schüssel liegen.
Nick Schonning
1 week ago

Didn't use the neighbour's pizza oven this time, but it still got a good crust. Didn't feel like trying to figure out anchovies for the first time, so defrosted a few large shrimp.
#food #pizza

Uncooked pizza with olives, hot peppers, and shrimp
Now cooked pizza sitting uncut on a cutting board
Same cooked pizza covered in a pile of arugula
Stephen Radford :telly:
1 week ago

Had the best Eggs Benedict for brunch today. I forgot how much I love hollandaise 🤤 #food #foodie

Eggs Benedict
Fedi.Garden 🌱
1 week ago

Veganism Social is a place for vegans to make friends and interact with the wider Fediverse:


If you want to find out more, see their About page at or contact their admin at @nm

#FeaturedServer #Vegan #Veganism #Food #FoodAndDrink #AnimalRights #Fediverse

Eric G.
1 week ago

@evan I love culinary anthropology especially when it takes such a beautifully lyrical and emotive form as this.

#food #doughnuts #CulinaryHistory #CulinaryAnthropology

Pauline von Hellermann
1 week ago

Why do we accept these obscene levels of #Inequality in the #UK? #Foodbank demand soaring and soaring; families who only have £4 per week for #Food; better paid #NHS staff routinely bringing in food so that their colleagues can make it through the day. Meanwhile more #Billionaires and wealth at the top than ever. Yet all “normal” by now. We have #ShiftingBaselineSyndrome not just with #ClimateChange but also inequality

⚪ Ein vorsichtiges...
🟤 A careful... Favorite photo.
📷 by Artist: #FredericoNaef in Loc.: #Zurich Switzerland 🇨🇭- Title: "Virus" (Eat me -Serie) #Streetart #Art #Mastoart #Photography #Fotografie #Zürich #Virus #Food #Surreal #Meatballs #EatMe 🥫
➡️ #APhotoLove

Photography and Art. A color photograph of a kitchen in which a person in a hazmat suit is examining a can of meatballs. The kitchen is decorated in the style of the 50s. The floor is black and white checkered, the walls white with brown dots. On it a red-brown table with drawer and two brown chairs with metal frame. In the background is a beige kitchen cabinet with glass doors. It is filled exclusively with Meatballs cans. An old lamp stands on the sideboard. The main figure in this room is a person in a silver full body - radiation protective suit. In front of him is an open can of these Spaghetti Meatballs and he seems to be about to touch it with his rubber gloves.
Info: In his multifaceted works, photographer Frederico Naef always tells stories that take a sometimes bizarre turn in a seemingly random setting. The can as an object of pop culture appears here as something dangerous, which seems not to be from this world. The photographer saw a mountain with these cans as a child in Namibia and the image never let him go. The result is a series of images with the title "Eat me".
Steffani Cameron
1 week ago

I made up some fresh pasta to go with this recipe I love — cherry tomatoes & garlic with chicken and basil.

Highly recommend for a healthy, delicious, and surprisingly simple meal.

Recipe is here:

#food #cooking #recipe

A white plate with sautéed chicken breast on the right, pasta with tomatoes and basil butter sauce on the left, covered with some Parmesan
1 week ago

Und ihr so? 🤤


Eine Pizza liegt auf einem weißen Teller, auf ihr ist Käse, roter Zwiebel, Artischocken und Knoblauch.
Chris Pirillo
1 week ago

frogger's trying to get this week's cereal ~ not quite froot loops (since i avoid partially hydrogenated oils), but frooty enough for my taste buds to never know the difference ~ #saturday #morning #fun #food #cartoons