pro time theft
45 minutes ago

Rich assholes like this fuck say there is no science behind fossil fuels causing climate change. After all, why would he want to stop what's making him rich. Eventually Earth will FORCE changes. But rich fucks like this will fight it til the end.

#ClimateChange #RichFucks #EatTheRich #science #FossilFuels #environment

Cop28 president (this rich asshole) says there is no science behind demands for phase out of fossil fuels
Ricky de Laveaga
46 minutes ago

Ignorant #Cop28 president denies #science and refuses demands for #PhaseOut of #FossilFuels: Remarks from #UAE’s #AlJaber implying phase-out of #coal, #oil and #gas taking us “back into caves” show he has the mind of a #caveman #BackIntoCaves #FixingGuardianHeadlines

49 minutes ago

“unless you want to take the world back into caves”.

Don’t fall for the FUD argument or appeal to fear fallacy #aljaber used.

Nobody is asking to stop #fossilfuels immediately. But to agree & commit to their fair phase-OUT to meet the Paris Agreement targets.

The alternative is #climateHell.

Nobody says it will be easy. But if COP’s president argues against t main cause of #ClimateChange this way he proves all critics that he’s a #ClimateCrisis denier & unfit for the task.


53 minutes ago

Vermutlich ist das Jahr 2023 das Jahr, in dem wir uns endgültig vom #Klimaschutz verabschiedet haben und die Klimakatastrophe akzeptieren … #COP28 #KeinWissenschaft #fossilfuels

J.K. Ullrich
58 minutes ago

Five big #news stories from the first five days of #COP28:

- Wealthy nations established a ~$400 million fund to help poorer ones on the front lines of #ClimateChange...although the US only offered about a quarter of others’ pledges.

- Global donors raised $777 million for climate-related #health risks like heat stress and tropical diseases...with charities and NGOs offering more than governments.

- More than 130 countries agreed to incorporate #food #emissions into their climate strategies...but promises may not translate into policies.

- 50 major #oil and #gas companies announced a ~90% reduction in #methane #emissions by 2030...but not the production that causes them.

- UAE hosts reportedly planned to negotiate #FossilFuel deals at COP, and intend to increase national oil production next year. COP28 president Sultan Al Jaber claimed “no science” proves that phasing out #FossilFuels will limit #GlobalWarming to 1.5C.

Hope in the headlines...disappointment in the details.

Crash Course
1 hour ago

I'm totally sure that phasing out of fossil fuels will help keeping our climate within livable conditions, so yes, please do that.

On the other hand I'm also almost convinced that phasing out fossil fuels will 'throw us back into the caves'.
Just consider for a second that for every calorie of food we eat, 10 calories of fossil fuels have been used.
Also consider that solar panels need big amounts of coal to produce them as part of the intrinsic process that is needed to produce them.

Just a few examples to demonstrate our dependency of fossil fuels.

So, should we NOT stop using fossil fuels?
Of course we should, I'd rather live on a livable planet in a cave than that I'm death in a fossil fuel fed luxury apartment.

#cop28 #FossilFuels #CorporateLies #PhaseOutFossilFuels #collapse #CrashCourse #ClimateChaos #ClimateEmergency

Photo of a the interior of a cave house
SubtleBlade ⚔️
3 hours ago

#Cop28 live: #UAE #climate chief’s comments ‘incredibly concerning’

Climate analyst Bill Hare described #SultanAlJaber’s dismissal of the need for a phaseout of #FossilFuels as ‘verging on #ClimateDenial
#ClimateCrisis #DontLookUp

3 hours ago
3 hours ago

#Cop28 president says there is ‘no science’ behind demands for phase-out of #fossilFuels

Who could have guessed that a petro-state run as an autocratic desert kingdom does not give a wet slap for the planet?

I hope the UN learns from this stupidity - as daft as having the football #worldCup in the same part of the world

3 hours ago

This Company Spilled Millions of Gallons of Oil Into the Gulf of Mexico, Devastating the Environment, Vulnerable Sea Turtles, Whales, and More #GulfOfMexico #environment #marinelife #fossilfuel #fossilfuels #oil #care2

3 hours ago

If you're wondering how putting the oil and gas guy in charge of COP28 is going.

Guardian: "Cop28 president says there is ‘no science’ behind demands for phase-out of fossil fuels

Exclusive: UAE’s Sultan Al Jaber says phase-out of coal, oil and gas would take world ‘back into caves’"

#COP28 #climate #fossilfuels

Cop28 president says there is ‘no science’ behind demands for phase-out of fossil fuels

Exclusive: UAE’s Sultan Al Jaber says phase-out of coal, oil and gas would take world ‘back into caves’
Tino Eberl ✅
3 hours ago

"COP28: UN climate talks go big on ending fossil fuels

Countries and oil companies at the UN climate talks have promised to make major progress in tackling global warming in a large new energy pledge."

#endfossilfuels #energiewende #Erdgas #fossilfuels #fossileRohstoffe #Kohle #braunkohle #steinkohle #Erdöl #Weltklimarat #IPCC #COP28 #Klimakrise

3 hours ago

“There is no science!”

The science:

#COP28 #FossilFuels #ClimateChange

Photo of a man opening an extremely huge book that’s 60.96 cm (2 ft) tall and has over 10,000 pages. Source and context:
4 hours ago

U.S. Expected to Reach New Record for Fossil Fuel Production This Year #fossilfuel #fossilfuels #UnitedStates

Primo Natura
4 hours ago

"Has COP28 President Sultan al-Jaber Used the UN Climate Summit to Advance the Interests of UAE’s Oil Company?"

#COP28 #ClimateSummit #UAE #UnitedArabEmirates #Energy #Oil #Gas #FossilFuels

4 hours ago
Jason D. Moss 🇨🇦
5 hours ago

Meet Oblivia Coalmine, the latex clad oil exec paid for by our pensions.

#OliviaColman #ObliviaCoalmine #FossilFuels #RecordProfits #PensionFunds

5 hours ago

Soot pollution from coal-fired power plants is more deadly than soot from other sources, study shows #health #PublicHealth #environment #fossilfuel #fossilfuels #coal #pollution

6 hours ago

Particulate pollution from coal associated with double the risk of mortality than PM2.5 from other sources #fossilfuel #fossilfuels #coal #pollution #health #PublicHealth #mortality

6 hours ago

To save the climate, the oil and gas sector must slash planet-warming operations, report says #climate #CLimateChange #fossilfuel #fossilfuels #oil #gas

Kate :verigold:
7 hours ago

I think it's safe to say the Cop is pretty pointless at this point, beyond Fossi Fuel CEO hob-nobbing.

Cop28 president says there is ‘no science’ behind demands for phase-out of fossil fuels 🔥 #Cop28 #FossilFuels #ClimateChange #ClimateEmergency #ClimateCrisis #COP28Dubai #DontLookUp

SubtleBlade ⚔️
7 hours ago

The problem with #COP28 & the close involvement of the #fossilfuels industry in one utterance:

The president of COP28, Sultan Al Jaber, has claimed there is “no science” indicating that a phase-out of fossil fuels is needed to restrict global heating to 1.5C!

Whoever thought that it was a good idea bring the world together at a country whose ideology perpetuates barbarous #HumanRights abuses, its economy is completely dependent on polluting #FossilFuels, and it's leadership is headed by a corrupt, misogynistic #ClimateChange denialist oligarch...

#COP28 #UAE #UN #DontLookUp #FossilFuelsKill

If you're interested in how we (as a planet) are doing in our efforts to change our behaviour (and by our, I mean #corporations, states & us) around #climatechange, then you might want to spend a bit of time exploring the data provided by Climate TRACE.

To be frank, if you do you're not going to have an uplifting Sunday, but you'll see just why a #COP28, dominated by #FossilFuels executives, is really never going to offer a real solution to the #climatecrisis

Beyond Oil and Gas Alliance (BOGA) reacts to Global Decarbonisation Accelerator: Tripling renewables is necessary – but not enough on its own. It’s past time to phase out fossil fuels. Statement by Minister John Silk , Minister of Natural Resources and Commerce, Republic of #MarshallIslands🇲🇭 , Minister Ralph Reganvanu,Minister for Climate Change Adaptation, Energy, Environment, Meteorology, Geohazards and Disaster Management, #Vanuatu🇻🇺 , Hon. Seve Paeniu,Minister of Finance and Economic Development, #Tuvalu🇹🇻 .

#COP28 #Renewables #FossilFuels

Quite a roundup covered in the Energy Mix report of #COP28 so far... Renewables Pledge, Voluntary Methane Controls Lead Major Announcements at COP28

#Renewables #ClimateCrisis #FossilFuels

Benjamin Geer
19 hours ago

Cheap cars, supersonic jets and floating power plants: Undercover in Saudi Arabia’s secretive program to keep the world burning oil

“Speaking to undercover reporters, Saudi energy officials disclosed ambitious plans to undo progress on phasing out oil by financing high carbon infrastructure across Africa and Asia.”

#climate #ClimateEmergency #ClimateCrisis #Oil #FossilFuels

At #COP28, the CEO of #Exxon tells the FT that the #greentransition 'is not limited to just wind, solar and EVs,... Carbon capture is going to play a role. We’re good at that. We know how to do it, we can contribute. Hydrogen will play a role. Biofuels will play a role'!

Of course, despite the #technologies of renewable power being now proven, because the #fossilfuels firms are 'good at' other untried & difficult technologies they want to emphasise those.

#FossilFuels *are* the problem!


#Colombia just became the tenth country to join the call for a #FossilFuelTreaty! 🇨🇴

President Gustavo Petro: "I have no doubt which position to take: between fossil capital and life, we choose the side of life."
#FossilFuels #EnergyTransition #FossilTreaty

President of Columbia announces endorsement of Fossil Fuel Non-Proliferation Treaty at COP28. The second country to do so at this conference, totalling 10 nations so far.

My #Cryosphere post for #COP28:
Cryosphere in peril: Calls by Scientists, President of Chile, Prime Minister of Iceland, UN Chief to phase out #FossilFuels.

The International Cryosphere Climate Initiative State of the Cryosphere report 2023 for #COP28 describes escalating slow motion #climateCrisis disaster. It demands we aim for 1.5C, phaseout #FossilFuels to limit long term damage from reduced water resources, and long term #sealevelrise

#Antarctica #Greenland

1 day ago

These 425 'carbon bombs' could trigger a full blown #climate catastrophe. The most efficient way to defuse them is to rapidly phase out #FossilFuels and accelerate the #energy transition. See here: #COP28UAE #COP28

World map showing the 425 biggest fossil extraction projects, carbon bombs, with circles indicating their varying magnitude.

320 Civil Society NGOs in an open letter to #COP28 Presidency call for The World Needs A Transformational Outcome, Not More Voluntary Pledges; for an equitable global energy transition that phases out fossil fuels
#EnergyTransition #FossilFuels #Renewables #ClimateCrisis

"Voluntary efforts are insufficient, and a distraction from the task at hand. COP28 must deliver an energy transformation package with legal force - including a full, fast, fair and funded fossil fuel phaseout." - Excerpt from Open Letter.
Image, an oil rig in sunset light.
Kees van der Leun
1 day ago

The plummeting use of coal for German electricity, with a bump during 2021 and 2022 (high gas price).
Mostly thanks to renewables, producing around 60% of German electricity so far this year.

[Sure, still too much coal, should go to zero]

PS 8% of 2023 still to go ;)
#fossilfuels #coal #ClimateChange #renewables

Graph showing around 250 TWh/year from coal 2002-2015, plummeting to just over 100 TWh now, worn a bounce back to around 150 TWh in 2021 and 2022

Will #Australia🇦🇺 follow the United States🇺🇸 at #COP28 in joining the Powering Past Coal Alliance Minister Chris Bowen?
Asking for many friends

Breaking: 10 new countries, including the United States join the Powering Past Coal Alliance.
#Coal #FossilFuels #ClimateCrisis

Tweet from Powering Past Coal Alliance at COP28:  BREAKING: 10 new members, including the United States🇺🇸, the Czech Republic🇨🇿, Cyprus🇨🇾, Dominican Republic🇩🇴, Iceland🇮🇸, Kosovo🇽🇰 and Norway🇳🇴 join the PPCA at #COP28 today, in an extraordinary leap forward in moving away from #coal around the world

Cr Anna Reynolds, Lord Mayor of #Hobart visited the Cryosphere pavillion at #COP28.

I hope Australian 🇦🇺 Climate Minister Chris Bowen pays a visit too, to inform Australia supporting a strong stand on phaseout of #FossilFuels this decade as part of #GlobalStocktake and COP cover decision

#Cryosphere #Antarctica #ClimateCrisis #Australia

LM Little
2 days ago

#COP28 "delegates must demand measures to rapidly reduce the world’s dependence on #fossilfuels. Promoting new initiatives like a fossil fuel non-proliferation treaty to prevent further fossil fuel developments would be a good start."

#decarbonize #energy #ClimateBreakdown

2 days ago

Peaceful coal port protesters prosecuted like bikie gang on bail

"Sixteen Rising Tide protesters who were arrested in a peaceful (and approved) blockade of Newcastle Coal Port on Sunday were held in custody until they agreed to oppressive and unclear bail conditions." Wendy Bacon reports

"If our government fails in that duty to protect my generation against the greed of the coal and gas barons, we have a duty to stand up – because unionists, suffragettes, and civil rights campaigners fought and died for our right to do so."

#FossilFuels #coal #protests #law #EnvironmentalDefenders #CivilLiberties #EDO #RisingTide #activism #CivilDisobedience #ClimateEmergency

David Mayhood
2 days ago

Canada's Province of Alberta is currently considering re-allowing mountaintop mining on the East Slopes of the Rocky Mountains, home to one endangered & 2 threatened trout species. Is it worth it? Here's what can happen:

#Coal #Mining #FossilFuels #abpoli #Alberta #WestVirginia #Pollution #Restoration #Land-Use #Liability

There are 80,000 people attending (in one way or another) #COP28... with around 10,000 in the inner zone of VIP interaction... quite apart from their travel-related emissions, how will such a large group do anything?

The answer is (of course) 'corridor diplomacy' - what happens at COP28 will happen in the corridors away from pious photoshoots & declarations... and without transparency would you trust the #fossilfuels firms & their #banker chums to really address the #climatecrisis?

We'll see!

2 days ago

Carbon markets are no solution to the climate crisis. But "bituminous Biden" would weaken standards further.

Internal Doc Reveals Biden’s Troubling Climate Summit Plans
#fossilfuels #climatechange #climatecrisis #carbonmarkets

In his Leaders speech, Palau🇵🇼 President, Surangel Whipps Jr., used his plenary speech at #COP28 to publicly join the growing bloc of now 9 nation states seeking a negotiating mandate for a Fossil Fuel Non-Proliferation Treaty.

#COP28 #FossilTreaty #FossilFuels #FossilFuelTreaty #FossilFuelPhaseout

CelloMom On Cars
2 days ago

The dangers brought on by #ClimateChange are increasing. But the dependence on #FossilFuels itself brings its own kind of #insecurity as well.

"The absence of fuel in South African power stations, hospitals in Gaza or for heating Canadian homes in winter also makes people in these places insecure.

It’s time to break up with fuel — and global energy supply chains more fundamentally — and aim to live more safely with renewable electricity produced closer to home."

Prominent climate scientist, Dr Friederike Otto, Imperial College London, has a simple message for #Cop28.

“Climate change is already destroying lives, livelihoods, and ecosystems around the world. Until we radically cut carbon emissions, extreme weather events will become more frequent and intense. That means there is a human rights imperative to phasing out fossil fuels.

“Despite their carefully crafted, green-washed talking points, fossil fuel companies will not save the world...." Read more...

#FossilFuels #ClimateCrisis

Although its already clear that #COP28 will be declaring a range of #investments in #carboncapture & storage (CCS) technologies, as the FT points out: the 'greatest limitation on CCS, though, is comparison with other technologies. In sectors such as electricity generation, cheaper alternatives already exist'.

So why the growing number of CCS projects?

Anything to do with the way #fossilfuels corporations have spotted a way of farming subsidies for almost no real performance requirements?

Dr. Steve Thompson
3 days ago

Yeah. Not new news. They're killing us.

People in metropolitan areas die by the thousands every year from sudden respiratory failure, tied largely to this.

"Air pollution from fossil fuel use accounts for over 5 million extra deaths a year"

"New estimates suggest that phasing out fossil fuels might have a greater impact on global deaths than previously thought"

#energy #mortality #bigoil #fossilfuels

CelloMom On Cars
3 days ago

"The 1,000-ton rule states that a person is killed every time humanity burns 1,000 tons of fossil carbon."

At the current rate of burning #FossilFuels, that adds up to one billion human deaths by 2100.

These 7 policies proposed to avoid this catastrophe focus on #EnergyEfficiency, and a fast transition from fossil fuels while supporting fossil fuel workers. And speed.

Kriszta Satori
3 days ago

#BBCNews - Just Stop Oil: 16 protesters arrested outside Rishi Sunak's London home
#ClimateChange #Climate #fossilfuels

4 days ago

Air pollution from fossil fuels ‘kills 5 million people a year’

"Phasing out fossil fuels is deemed to be an effective intervention to improve health and save lives."
#COP28 #climate #pollution #FossilFuels #cars #electricity #mortality #OneHealth #AttributionModelling

4 days ago

COP28: The elephant in the room will be fossil fuels

"For many nations – especially our Pacific neighbours – the elephant in the room is Australia’s plans to keep expanding fossil fuel production. This overshadows Australia’s credibility on domestic emissions reduction and its commitment to the Pacific."

"As resources minister Madeleine King spruiked in June, Australia is “one of the world’s largest exporters of liquefied natural gas, as well as the world’s largest exporter of metallurgical coal and second largest exporter of thermal coal”, based on 2021 figures."

"The federal government continues to approve new and expanded coal mines under the nation’s main environmental laws, the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act. This is despite the contribution to climate change made by the emissions of the coal when burned."

"In this speech, the minister described Australia’s position as a “traditional fossil fuel-based economy in the middle of a major transition” to a low-carbon energy system. How Australia navigates this dilemma will be of great interest to our Pacific neighbours and other international onlookers at COP28."
#FossilFuels #Australia #coal #Pacific #COP28 #ClimateEmergency

Heading for #COP28: China, EU, USA, Arab Group, UK (the big emitters), all oppose phasing out all fossil fuels.

We have a problem here. Global warming will not stop as long as we burn #fossilfuels.

Who wants what at the #COP28 climate change summit:

#climatechange #climatecrisis

Catherine Morris
4 days ago

Defying Pope’s calls for climate action, US Catholic bishops cling to fossil fuels. “…Catholic institutions around the globe have announced plans to divest their finances of oil, gas & coal to help fight climate change since #PopeFrancis published his…encyclical on environmental stewardship in 2015 urging a break with #fossilfuels. But in the…[#US]…not a single diocese has announced it has let go of its fossil fuel assets.” | The Straits Times

The Japan Times
4 days ago

Not a single U.S. Catholic diocese has announced the divestment of oil, gas and coal assets since Pope Francis' landmark encyclical on environmental stewardship in 2015 urging a break with fossil fuels. #environment #climatechange #vatican #catholicchurch #christianity #popefrancis #us #climatechange #fossilfuels #oil

5 days ago

Desert makers

"To counteract the potential loss, research indicates humanity must work to restore nature across the planet, adopt more environmentally friendly farming practices, reduce meat consumption, stop the spread of invasive species and dramatically cut the use of fossil fuels."

“If we do not take the necessary actions to conserve biodiversity, the world’s future and that of our people can be described in one word: desert."

"Invasive alien species … will have replaced the unique local ecosystems, causing some native species … to go extinct."

“The boom in mining for the green-energy transition will send miners into the last biodiversity refuges over the next 25 years. Those minerals will get dug up, and we need them. To avoid a biodiversity catastrophe, we need to develop ways to mine far different from the environmentally and socially destructive methods of yesterday and today.”
#biodiversity #catastrophe #extinction #transition #FossilFuels

5 days ago

Native forest logging ban in Tasmania could save state $72m, pro-market thinktank says

"Analysis recommends the government stop subsidising its forestry arm and generate carbon credits, a move likely to be opposed by industry and conservationists. The taxpayer should not be subsidising environmental degradation to indulge the anti-competitive, protectionist fantasies of a small number of individuals with outdated and romanticised views of an industry."

"Tasmanian environment organisations say the state should follow Victoria and Western Australia in phasing out native logging next year without allowing forests to be used to offset ongoing pollution. The Australia Institute has launched a campaign arguing “turning Australia’s forests into carbon offsets for the fossil fuel industry will only mean more pollution and more climate change”.
#FossilFuels #LoggingIndustry #Offsetting #NativeForests #ClimateEmergency #biodiversityCrisis #conservation

Daniel Quinn
5 days ago

Other groups I'm supporting today:





I want to donate to an environmental organisation that favours more direct/destructive action against #fossilfuels, but I don't know of any.


5 days ago

In Marshallese culture, there is a prominent attitude of "Enaaj Emman," which translates loosely to "It will be okay." It is strongly embedded in the culture and people's everyday thinking. If you are ever despondent, somebody is always there to remind you that "enaaj emman." It is a focus on hope and happiness that pervades daily life despite the struggles, setbacks, and disappointments that inevitably happen. People retain this optimism even after being irradiated by nuclear testing by the USGovt throughout the 1950s.

Having lived in the Marshall Islands for eight years, I am acutely aware of the threats and dangers posed by both nuclear waste and fossil fuels.

At this point, I expect to see this country of beautiful coral atolls and generous, gentle people be subsumed by rising sea levels. They are undergoing severe stress at 1.1C and will be completely uninhabitable at 1.5C. We will push past 1.5C by the end of this decade, and I don't think we have enough time, nor are we doing the right things, to reverse the momentum. These islands will be gone, and an entire country and culture will have been displaced or extinguished.

It fills me with profound sadness, especially when I think how it all could have been prevented but for the fraud perpetrated by fossil fuel energy companies and the greed of their executives. And let's not forget about the collusion of our politicians through bribery, nor forget about the perpetuation of the fraud through mass media owned by members of the same bourgeois class.

I understand the need to continue seeking solutions. I hope people create those solutions. Enaaj emman. I appreciate people like @pvonhellermannn who, despite feeling despondent, has provided to us long threads informing us about this crisis. Hope is still alive as Tina Stege, #ClimateEnvoy from the Marshall Islands, impresses upon us in these two posts:

Yet I am despondent. I am also very angry. My reaction is to want to dislodge and remove the parasitical elites of the 1%, punish them harshly, and completely dismantle their capitalist systems. I despair that billions will have to die before we make that happen. Certainly among the first great wave of casualties will the Marshall Islanders. And that fills me with rage.

It also brings back memories of living in the islands. It's as close to an anarchist way of life as I've ever seen in the world. And I'm now reminded of an elder woman who was asked by another Peace Corps Volunteer, "Who do you think is the best US president?" Her response: "I think President Kennedy was the smartest president. He sent all these young people here so they could learn "mantin majel" (Marshallese custom). There is so much wisdom in that statement, that it resonates even more strongly for me 35 years later. The world needs to learn Mantin Majel and enact its inherent values of peace, cooperation, solidarity, and optimism.

#NuclearWaste #FossilFuels #MarshallIslands #EnaajEmman #COP28 #Capitalism #Anarchism #MantinMajel #ClimateChange #ClimateCrisis

An aerial photo of several islands in Ailinglaplap Atoll in the Marshall Islands, in the region locals call Aeñkan (pronounced, Ang-kan).
Pauline von Hellermann
5 days ago

35/n Another lovely term to look out for at #COP28 is the “Oil Demand Sustainability Programme" or #ODSP - essentially a plan to drive UP the use of #FossilFuels in #Africa, as rich countries increasingly switch to clean energy. Thank you @ariadne
for drawing our attention to this! As Ariadne says, it is just like what was done with #tobacco - now that smoking is curtailed in Global North, Indonesia is the smoking capital of the world; that’s the market now.

Screenshot of top of this article
Carbon Tracker
5 days ago

#BigOil companies & states in the Middle East are violating the human rights of millions of people by failing to tackle air #pollution from #FossilFuels.
🗣️"Big oil & #petrostates carry on with business as usual with total impunity & zero accountability"

Miro Collas
5 days ago

Revealed: Saudi Arabia’s grand plan to ‘hook’ poor countries on oil | Oil | The Guardian

#BigOil #FossilFuels #ClimateCrisis #Capitalism

Ciarán Fahey
6 days ago

How did humans get to the brink of crashing climate? A long push for progress and energy to fuel it

(AP) #climatechange #fossilfuels #fossilfools

Well, I can't say I'm surprised by the BBC's 'revelations' that the UAE is aiming to use the gathering of states at #COP28 to do some #fossilfuels side-deals...

The Q. is whether such publicity will stop or shame them, or whether they will just continue blithely ignoring any concerns the #UN has about the corruption of the process - of course fr many this merely confirms that COP28 is already unlikely to do anything useful on the #ClimateCrisis

Carbon Tracker
6 days ago

Mozambique’s 🇲🇿 govt has approved a strategy to reduce the nation’s dependence on #FossilFuels, including addition of 2,000 MW of hydropower capacity by 2030 & expanding the transmission grid to allow for addition of more renewable energy #COP28

1 week ago

Really nice reporting @insideclimatenews #Climate #FossilFuels

The lack of a safe disposal site for #fracking water (can cause earthquakes esp when injected deep AND groundwater contamination when injected shallow) in the capital of TX (?US?) oil production (my hometown, #MidlandTX) is forcing a choice between oil production and human habitability.

Restraint in reporting: no use of the word ‘Faustian’

#Water resources #WestTexas
More reading:

Pauline von Hellermann
1 week ago

29/n Don't forget that as recently as three years ago (I think), #FossilFuels were not even mentioned in COP documents! So there is some progress, in that at least all this is being debated and talked about. #COP28 may well be quite a fractious for these reasons, and chances for phasing OUT of all fossil fuels being decided on are more than slim, but at least it's on the table.

Pauline von Hellermann
1 week ago

27/n It's worth highlighting the #HighAmbitionCoalition here, who released this statement a month ago, explaining why they want to phase out #FossilFuels entirely, and why "abating" is misleading and NOT the way forward (we don't have the technologies yet!). There are 16 African (eg #Kenya, European (eg #Netherlands) and small island countries (eg #Tuvalu and #Vanuatu) in this coalition:

Pauline von Hellermann
1 week ago

26/n Two somewhat confusing terms that seems to be used a lot this year are #Abated and #Unabated #FossilFuels. What does this mean?

On the face of it, "Unabated" is when fossil fuels are burnt and the emissions end up in the air, just like that. "Abating", or reducing, those emissions would require restrictions such as technologies to capture and bury #CO2 etc. However, in practice these terms are very ambiguous and unhelpful, helping #ClimateDelay parties.

Pauline von Hellermann
1 week ago

#ClimateDiary #COP28 🧵 (no insider knowledge, just trying to stay informed and thought I might share a few things)

25/n So, on phasing out of #fossilfuels: it is obvious that a) many countries/parties are refusing to commit to the complete phasing out of fossil fuels countries, and b) there is, as always, a whole forest of terms and clauses to come to grips with, obfuscating things. You can see this from this overview of positions of by #CarbonBrief: