2 hours ago

We were in #mexicocity at a roof top bar having a drink when the clouds drew this picture. I didn't have my DSLR, but I just had to capture it. #PhotoMonday #FotoMontag #TuesdayTravel #Photography #Travel #Nomad #Nature #burningman #vanlife #motorhome #campervan #rv #AmazingWorld

a sunset view of the city with remarkable clouds

Downtown Brooklyn - DeKalb Avenue at Fleet Street

#NYC #Photography #Architecture #FotoMontag #PhotoMonday

A noir photograph of a skyscraper in downtown Brooklyn that is currently under construction. No people are in the scene.

Chelsea - West 24th Street at Sixth Avenue (noir alt)

#NYC #Photography #FotoMontag #PhotoMonday

A noir photograph of a brick apartment building along West 24th Street in the Chelsea neighborhood of Manhattan. A few scattered clouds are in the sky. The brick building has an old sign hanging from it that says ‘LIQUOR’. A nearby skyscraper that is predominantly windows is reflecting the sky. No people are in the scene.
Timothy Andrew
8 hours ago

It’s a beautiful #MemorialDay in #Michigan. I got out to the park and partook in some minimalist #Photography :)


#PhotoMonday #FotoMontag #Monday #MastoArt #Monochrome #Minimalism

Landscape black and white photo. I isolated an electricity pole with 4 wires that run from top left to bottom right. The pole is a weathered gray log with a horizontal piece of material attached towards the top forming a cross shape.
8 hours ago

I can't believe I almost forgot to post this polished blue and gray and black banded agate slice I polished for #MineralMonday
#Fotomontag #PhotoMonday #RockTumbling #Agate #Hobbies

If you'd like more information, I talk about it a bit on Medium here:

Or feel free to comment or ask questions right here--

A flat slice of triangular shaped highly polished Agate displays a banded fortification pattern in shades of blue, cream, gray, and black. Polished and photographed by Peachfront.
ES Michelson
9 hours ago

Dear friends,

This is a small sign at the exit to a men's #toilet advertising the "snack bar" in the building adjacent to it. Taken at a private garden (Old Westbury Gardens) this year.

It's a #photography #deepcut in the tradition of #documentaryphotography that seeks #small, #mundane, often #banal #details that are #interesting to some, and completely #unininteresting to others.


#America #NewYork
#SnackBar #RestRoom
#boring #fascinating

A small sign, smaller than the light switch  it is mounted on the wall next to, that reads, "FOR FOOD AND COLD DRINKS VISIT THE SNACK BAR NEXT TO THIS BUILDING"
The left one third of the image looks out an open door towards a blurry outside. The right two thirds of the image  taken up by a a close view of one wall of the men's room. This part is divided from the outside by the molding covering the door's frame. The top half is smooth, pained wall, the sign mounted to the left of a common lever light switch. Below that is a smooth, plain style ceramic tile.
Thomas Gerdes
9 hours ago

#WallClock at Staatsbibliothek Unter den Linden

#FotoMontag #PhotoMonday #photography #fotografie

Wall Clock in Staatsbibliothek Unter den Linden

Muckross House, Killarney, Kerry, Ireland 🇮🇪
#FotoMontag #PhotoMonday

Foto von Muckross House in Killarney, Irland
Thomas Haeberlen
10 hours ago

Nom nom nom 🐝


Eine Wildbiene oder Hummel auf einer Phacaelia-Blüte


A wild bee or bumblebee sitting on a phacaelia flower
11 hours ago

Mallards at Lake Monroe, Sanford FL #FotoMontag #BirdsOfMastodon

Dirt bank on left with shallow green water rippling with mallard ducks wading and swimming
Leilah Lilienruh
11 hours ago

Back from my recent Italy road trip. The weeks went by far too quickly... as always. Here some impressions from Camogli, which I visit every time I'm in Italy.

#FotoMontag #fotografie #photography #Italy #riviera_di_levante

Timothy Andrew
11 hours ago

Photo I took January 9, 2003 at 10:53 AM

The soon to be demolished Tiger Stadium, #Detroit, #Michigan

🖤 🤍

#PhotoMonday #FotoMontag
#MastoArt #MonochromeMonday #Monochrome #Baseball

Landscape Orientation photo of the old tiger stadium in the Corktown area of Detroit. The stadium had been somewhat abandoned for a while at this point. The stadium lights are top center frame and the tigers logo is lower left. The foreground is a trash filled parking lot with fences and electrical poles. The sky looks stormy.
Elizabeth Kennen
11 hours ago

Raindrops on lemons, a favorite photo from January. I so love having beautiful lemon trees in our backyard. 🍋 💛

#FotoMontag #PhotoMonday #photo #nature #trees #garden #gardening #photography #naturephotography

Lemons on the tree with raindrops.
11 hours ago
Ben Mendelsohn
11 hours ago
Elizabeth Kennen
11 hours ago

Always love seeing the lemon tree blossoms. 💛

#FotoMontag #PhotoMonday #photo #nature #garden #gardening

Photo of lemon tree blossoms. Close up view.

Chelsea - Eighth Avenue at West 30th Street (noir alt)

#NYC #Photography #FotoMontag #PhotoMonday

A noir photograph of the screen scene outside of the entrance to Tempest Bar in the Chelsea neighborhood of Manhattan. Signage reads, ‘Tempest Bar New York City’, and there are graffiti tags covering the entirety of the entrance. No people are in the scene.
Frauchen Will Raus
12 hours ago

Zum #fotomontag eine kleine Reportage von meinem Abendwanderung.

For #photomonday a little report from my evening hike.

#fotografie #photography #aufdemdorf #inthevillage

Ein grüner Traktor mit Heukehrmaschine auf einer Wiese. Ganz vorne noch was Mais. Hinter dem Traktor hohes Schilf und dahinter Bäume eines kleinen Waldes. Wenn man ganz genau hinschaut, findet man auch einen Storch. Sie wissen, wann es etwas zu essen gibt.

A green tractor with a hay sweeper on a meadow. At the very front a bit of corn of another Field. Behind the tractor high reeds and behind them trees of a small forest. If you look very closely, there is also a stork. They know when there is something to eat.
Wir wandern auf einer Landstraße, im Schatten, da am Waldrand. Der Weg macht eine Kurve nach rechts und der rechte Wegrand hat hohes Gras. Vor uns liegt eine kleine Wiese mit Heureihen. Daneben steht ein Hochsitz, davon gibt es hier viele weil es viel Wild gibt. Im Hintergrund die Bäume eines kleinen Waldes.

We walk on a country road, in the shade because at the edge of the forest. The path curves to the right and the right edge of the path has tall grass. Ahead is a small meadow with rows of hay. Next to it is a high seat, there are many of them here because there is a lot of game. In the background the trees of a small forest.
Eine prächtige Walnuss, die von der Abendsonne beleuchtet wird. Er steht auf einer Wiese. Über der Baumkrone ist der Mond zu sehen, aber sehr klein. Im Hintergrund ein Hochsitz, derselbe wie auf dem vorherigen Foto, und ein kleiner Wald.

A magnificent walnut that is illuminated by the evening sun. He's standing in a meadow. The moon can be seen above the treetop, very small. In the background a high seat, the same as in the previous photo, and a small forest.
Eine kleine Schwanenfamilie schwimmt im Bach. Es gibt zwei Eltern und drei flauschige Küken. Am Ufer steht eine Weide, wir sehen nur den Stamm und ein paar Blätter.

A small family of swans swims in the stream. There are two parents and three fluffy chicks. There is a willow on the bank, we only see the trunk and a few leaves.
12 hours ago

Three or four years ago, a friend dropt off a little bit of a Forsythia.

I've kept it in a pot ever since and it has not done well, though it kept producing roots, finally snaking out through the holes in the bottom of the last pot.

Today I put it in the ground.

The spot was sloping, so I built it up a little on the lower end (with rocks I liberated from a favourite roadside rock-cut). I dug a hole that was about 2x2x2 feet (like, say, about a quarter cubic metre). And I filled it with compost and rotted leaves and the cleaned soil.

I have hopes for the Forsythia.
#Fotomontag #PhotoMonday

Small leafless bush with a dozen or so yellow flowers, planted in the middle of soil nearly surrounded by a half-dozen rocks, most of which weigh ten or fifteen kg.

Upper East Side - East 89th Street at Third Avenue (noir)

#NYC #Photography #FotoMontag #PhotoMonday

A noir photograph of an empty room. Large windows show nearby buildings across 89th Street. Two of the windows have partially open white blinds. A heater is installed into floor, and the cover has collected dust. An overhead fluorescent light is turned on. The floor is wood. The sky outside is overcast. There are no people in the scene.
12 hours ago

Heute zum #Fotomontag gibt es natürlich ein #Bild vom deutschen #Mühlentag

#Photomonday #Mühle #Ostmühle #Gildehaus

Bild einer Windmühle
12 hours ago


Das Schätzchenkätzchen und meine Wenigkeit im Sonnenschein.

Eine Katze zwischen meinen Füßen im Sonne

Chelsea - Eighth Avenue at West 31st Street (color alt)

#NYC #Photography #FotoMontag #PhotoMonday

A photograph of Moynihan Train Hall, and nearby skyscrapers on a foggy morning. There is a taxi line, and people are walking, and standing in the scene.
GuettisKnippse :darktable:
13 hours ago

#guettisknippse hat Zweifel...
𝐒𝐮𝐬𝐩𝐢𝐜𝐢𝐨𝐧 - Der morgige Tag sagte, er sei ein Dienstag. Aber Paul Pinguinsky schien dieser Tag eher ein Montag zu sein. Verkleidet vielleicht, aber ein Montag!
Tomorrow said it was a Tuesday. But to Paul Penguinsky, that day seemed more like a Monday. Disguised, perhaps, but a Monday!
#blackandwhite #monday #darktable #Fotomontag

Ein Pinguin steht irgendwo und schaut nach rechts. Das eine Auge, das zu sehen ist, scheint halb zugekniffen, und so bekommt der Pinguin einen zweifelnden Gesichtsausdruck. Er scheint den Montag zu sehen, wo doch morgen Dienstag sein soll...
A penguin is standing somewhere and looking to the right. The one eye that can be seen seems half-closed, and so the penguin gets a doubtful expression on his face. He seems to be looking at Monday, when tomorrow is supposed to be Tuesday...
Armando R. :computerfairies:
13 hours ago

Outside of Apples WWDC 2009.

#Fotomontag #PhotoMonday #photography #Apple #2009 #iphone #ipod

Front of Moscone West covered in icons from iPhone apps.
side of Moscone West covered in app icons that are flowing.
Another side of Moscone West covered in app icons that are flowing.
Lime Bar
13 hours ago
a loveable dog photo
Träumelinchen 😷
13 hours ago

Heute ging es ungefähr 3 Stunden durch eine faszinierende Felslandschaft in #TiskéStěny (Tschechien).

#fotomontag #natur #nature #Felsen #rock #wandern

14 hours ago

Swimming not recommended at Gemini Springs #FotoMontag

Partially submerged alligator is translucent but algae filled water with a pier support beam, with trees and sunlight reflected
14 hours ago

Später #Fotomontag aus der Ameisenperspektive

#photography #photomonday

Blick nach oben zwischen einigen Blüten.
Jon Woodhams Art and Photo
15 hours ago

The "in your grille" grille of a 1960 Desoto Fireflite coupe is shown in dramatic black and white--for #FotoMontag #PhotoMonday and #MonochromeMonday (and why isn't the Monochrome Monday hashtag more popular??). Find it here in print and other forms: #AYearForArt #BuyIntoArt #ArtPrints #Photography #AYearForArt #BuyIntoArt #ClassicCars #CreativeToots #FediGiftShop #ArtForInteriorDesign

Shown on a wall: a close-up of the massive, imposing grille of a 1960 Desoto Fireflite coupe, in dramatic black and white. The DeSoto Fireflite is an automobile that was produced by the DeSoto Division of the Chrysler Corporation in the United States from 1955 to 1960. The Fireflite name ended in 1960. Only 3,494 coupes were manufactured.
Shown on a wall: a close-up of the massive, imposing grille of a 1960 Desoto Fireflite coupe, in dramatic black and white. The DeSoto Fireflite is an automobile that was produced by the DeSoto Division of the Chrysler Corporation in the United States from 1955 to 1960. The Fireflite name ended in 1960. Only 3,494 coupes were manufactured.
Shown on a wall: a close-up of the massive, imposing grille of a 1960 Desoto Fireflite coupe, in dramatic black and white. The DeSoto Fireflite is an automobile that was produced by the DeSoto Division of the Chrysler Corporation in the United States from 1955 to 1960. The Fireflite name ended in 1960. Only 3,494 coupes were manufactured.
Shown on a wall: a close-up of the massive, imposing grille of a 1960 Desoto Fireflite coupe, in dramatic black and white. The DeSoto Fireflite is an automobile that was produced by the DeSoto Division of the Chrysler Corporation in the United States from 1955 to 1960. The Fireflite name ended in 1960. Only 3,494 coupes were manufactured.
Derek van Vliet
15 hours ago

riding bikes every day until i can’t for some reason, day 1008

#Cycling #BikeTooter #Photography #PhotoMonday #FotoMontag

a photo of a red BMC Roadmachine road bike standing next to a large rectangular stone on a limestone gravel trail. behind the bike and rock is a wall of evergreen trees showing lush green colors. a blue sky is peeking through a few of the branches of the trees.
15 hours ago
Zoom in from above shot
A chain of little blue dots
Backlit in the evening
Jürgen Libertus
15 hours ago

Zum #Fotomontag ein Sommerfoto von den Pollerwiesen, die bei warmen Wetter voll sind mit Menschen die, direkt am Rhein, picknicken oder einfach die Aussicht geniessen.

#Köln #KölnFoto #urbanphotography

Auf dem Foto sind Menschen zu sehen, die sich auf den Poller Wiesen aufhält, sie sitzen oder stehen unter der Kölner Südbrücke, ein Bogen dieser reinen Eisenbahnbrücke ist noch zu erkennen. 
Im Hintergrund ist das bekannte Kölner Panorama zu sehen, der Rheinauhafen, mit den Kranhäusern und dem Dom. 
Der Himmel ist  leicht gerötet, weil der Sonnenuntergang kurz bevor steht. Teile sind auch noch blau.
17 hours ago
Foto aus einem Mohn/Getreidefeld in Richtung blauer Himmel fotografiert
17 hours ago

Zum Thema #FotoMontag möchte ich gerne nochmal erwähnen, dass es bei diesem Projekt um einen fotografischen Anspruch geht.

Der Anspruch besteht darin, Woche für Woche zu üben, um besser fotografieren zu lernen.

Irgendeinen Schnappschuss abzugeben, unterstützt dieses Projekt nicht, sondern erreicht genau das Gegenteil.

Etwas Hintergrund:

#Fotografie #Photography #PhotoMonday #FotoProjekt

18 hours ago

Reclaimed by the sea at the Elizabethan Gardens, Fort Raleigh, Manteo, NC.

#fotomontag #PhotoMonday #outerbanks #NorthCarolina #Climate

Foreground is sandy beach. Background the sea. In the water are old pilings, and close to shore, two tall brick posts from a former gateway, now eroded by the rising sea.
Bryan Hansel
19 hours ago

Sunrise over the Blue Ridge Mountains

#photography #Fotomontag #BlueRidge #NorthCarolina #NC

The sun rising over a ridge line covered with green trees. Mountains fade into the distance.
20 hours ago
s' Mariannderl
20 hours ago

#Montagsfoto - Hi ihr alle, wieder mal ein Bild aus #Schottland. Insel #Harris , #outerHebrides. Ist kein aktuelles, ist von 2018 - aber wenn alles gut geht, sind wir da 2024 wieder. Gebucht ist schon mal..... Blick auf die Seilebost Bay. links Taransay und rechts Luskentyre/Loisgaintir

Innenansicht. links eine Balkontür, dann weiter nach rechts 3 Panoramafenster, davor kleine Tischchen und ein Sofa. Blick links auf eine Wiese, die anderen Fenster schauen auf eine Meeresbucht mit Wasser und Sand. Rechts eine Landzunge
21 hours ago

Zum heutigen #FotoMontag schließe ich mich meiner Frau an. #MäähMonday @mo

#Ostfriesland #FotoBubble #Fotografie

Ein Schaf auf einem Deich in Ostfriesland. Das Schaf ist links im Bild ganz oben auf dem Deich und schaut leicht nach rechts. Im Hintergrund ist ein wenig die Ems zu sehen. Der Himmel ist blau mit ein paar Wolken. Von links scheint die Sonne gold gelb ins Bild. Der Deich strahlt in einem saftigen Grün.
21 hours ago

Etwas zum heutigen #MäähMonday #FotoMontag

📸 Eco-friendly building in Singapore
🗓 September 2022

#Photography #FotoMontag #PhotoMonday

A building in Singapore with bushes and trees integrated into it. The brown and green nature colors fit well with the blue shades of the glass.

Eilean Dà Bharr.

Loch Chille Chiarain, Ceann Tìre.
Davaar, Campbeltown.

#Gaelic #Gàidhlig #Kintyre #Campbeltown #Islands #FotoMontag #PhotoMonday #Scotland

Eilean Dà Bharr, Ceann Tìre.
23 hours ago

Der #FotoMontag bleibt heute im Rahmen.

#photography #nature

Wiese, Mohn, ein Stückchen Himmel - alles in der Umrandung eines Ranchzaunes.
1 day ago

Zum #FotoMontag gibt es natürlich wieder ein Landschaftsfoto. Es war eine wunderbare Wanderung, die Lust auf mehr macht.

#Fotografie #Photography #PhotoMonday #Wandern

Blick über eine grüne Alm mit Almhütte auf der linken Seite auf einen Gebirgszug. In den Rinnen liegt teilweise noch Schnee. Am Himmel sind Wolken.
1 day ago

In den Blauregen geguckt - Peeking in the Wisteria

#Fotomontag #Photomonday #Nature #Naturephotography #Bloomscrolling

Die Aufnahme zeigt die traubenförmigen Blütenstände des Blauregens. Der Fokus liegt auf den vorderen Blüten, der Rest der Aufnahme verschwindet in der Unschärfe. Die Farben sind blau-lila und ein wenig grün im Hintergrund. 

Die Aufnahme zeigt die traubenförmigen Blütenstände des Blauregens. Der Fokus liegt auf den vorderen Blüten, der Rest der Aufnahme verschwindet in der Unschärfe. Die Farben sind blau-lila und ein wenig grün im Hintergrund.
"The Eddie Show" 😎
1 day ago
color horizontal picture. the spiky tips of two palm fronds shot against a cloudless blue sky.
"The Eddie Show" 😎
1 week ago

📷 Lower Manhattan from the Empire State Building 86th Floor Observatory, December 25, 1988.

Photographed though one "eye" of a coin-op binoculars.

#FotoMontag #PhotoMonday #photo #photography #streetphotography #80s #NewYork #NY #FediversalPictures

the picture described appears to be made with an earlier photographic process.

Chelsea, Manhattan - Seventh Avenue at West 26th Street

#NYC #Photography #FotoMontag #PhotoMonday

A photograph of the street scene along Seventh Avenue at West 26th Street in the Chelsea neighborhood of Manhattan. People are walking, and standing on the sidewalk. Cars are driving, and one person is on an electric scooter. There is a Chipotle restaurant on Seventh Avenue, and multiple skyscrapers of various eras.
GuettisKnippse :darktable:
1 week ago

Guten Abend, Fedinauten!
Das Licht draußen verspricht Gewitter, die Wolken versprechen Regen. Beide haben ihre Versprechen bis jetzt nicht gehalten...
Es wird langsam dunkel. Zeit, zur Ruhe zu kommen.
Aus dem #AltBildContainer für den #FotoMontag - Ein Blick über die Flensburger Förde...

Im Vordergrund Beschläge, an denen Boote festgemacht werden können. Im Hintergrund verschwinden die Häuser entlang der Hafenlinie im Bokeh. Einige Lichter sind vor den Häusern zu erkennen.
1 week ago

Filled up the watering can and this guy popped out of the spout.

#PhotoMonday #FotoMontag #frogs #BackyardWildlife #photography

Close up color photo shot with macro lens and shallow depth of field of a small green frog sitting on the edge of a watering can.
1 week ago

Pics from Schreiner's iris gardens yesterday. #FotoMontag #PhotoMonday

Bearded iris blossoms with cream and dark purple petals and bright orange beards.
Bearded iris blossoms with ruffle petals in palest pink and blue.
A single bearded iris blossoms with very bright red-orange petals and beards.
A group of bearded iris blossoms with light orange and purple petals and bright orange beards.
1 week ago

100+ Year Old Victorian Prosthetic Hand
#PhotoMonday #Fotomontag #steampunk #technology

Victorian prosthetic hand made completely of metal with articulated finger joints. Looks like something out of a Ghibli film
1 week ago

Ich wünsche einen guten Start in eine hoffentlich angenehme Woche!
A new week- let‘s jump right in!


Blick aus einem Kornfeld in Richtung Himmel
2 weeks ago

Info-Toot zum #FotoMontag

Meine Motivation: fotografische Weiterentwicklung.

Genaue Beschreibung:

Kann jeder mitmachen?
Ja, hier mit Hashtag #FotoMontag bzw. #PhotoMonday und/oder auf deinem Blog.

Gibt es Regeln?
1) Zeige Montags ein neues Foto
2) Ein fotografischer Anspruch sollte erkennbar sein
3) Bildbeschreibung muss dem Foto hinzugefügt werden

Ich teile die Fotos auch, aber nur, wenn die Regeln eingehalten worden sind.

Mosaic-Bild eines kompletten Jahres FotoMontag
2 weeks ago

Info-Toot for #FotoMontag / #PhotoMonday

My motivation for this project is continuous improvement in photography.

Detailed project description (German):

Can everyone join?
Of course, just use #FotoMontag and/or #PhotoMonday or blog about it.

1) Show a new picture on Monday!
2) Photographic aspirations should be recognizable.
3) Add a media description to your photo.

I boost photos which observes the given rules.

Mosaic image of one year FotoMontag
Timothy Andrew
2 weeks ago

The Tap Room bar downtown #Ypsilanti, #Michigan

Good times. I recommend.

🖤 🤍

#PhotoMonday #FotoMontag
#MastoArt #Monochrome #Photography #Americana

Landscape orientation black and white photo I took of the Bar's, old-fashioned, neon sign. There's a neon martini glass on the left, and it reads "Tap Room" on the right. It'd bolted and chained to a 2 story brick building.
Paul G's Photos
2 weeks ago

A mirror like Yew Tree Tarn, near Coniston

#photography #Fotomontag #photomonday

A mossy tree stands in front of a mirror like lake, the trees and fells are reflected perfectly in the water
R. Natale Fine Art
2 weeks ago

Canoeing the Delaware River in Mildford, PA on a cold Spring day. Abstracted using ICM and just the movement of the boat itself. For print info:

#canoeing #boats #fotomontag #ayearforart #Abstract #buyintoart #photo #MastoArt #fedigiftshop #art #humanartist #BlackAndWhite

B&W photo of canoeing the Delaware River in Milford, PA
2 weeks ago

The bells are turning in my wife’s garden #FotoMontag

Four bell peppers halfway between orange and green on vines with big green leaves, black metal frames and yellow twine.
Professor Kerstin Sailer
2 weeks ago

Edible #garden plants in full bloom #FotoMontag #photography #London

Single stem of blooming lavender against green background
Pink thyme blossom arranged in a spherical shape with tiny pink stems standing out all around, green background with another thyme blossom not in focus
White flowers of three cornered leeks against green background
Light purple rosemary blossom with rosemary leaves and stems in the background
Nils Pooker
2 weeks ago
Nahaufnahme einer violetten Blume am Wegesrand.
Rebecca @ RH Fine Arts
3 weeks ago

New mom, her first cub. Beautiful on both counts. She was gentle and patient as she taught him about his new world. That would include our safari truck and she gave us a thrill I will never forget.

#Wildlife #Art :

#Nature #southafrica #lions #naturephotography #Photographie #Photography #Photographyisart #wallart #Photoart #ThrowBackThursday #buyintoart #Fotomontag #MastoArt #naturelover #africa #safari

Young lioness and her baby boy just 6 weeks old.
Rebecca @ RH Fine Arts
3 weeks ago

Not everything is snow and ice in Iceland. Beautiful Autumn evening in Hella, little cabins on the water and the most beautiful sunset reflecting like a mirror on the water.

The ART:

#Nature #MastoArt #naturephotography #Photography #fineartphotography #wallart #Photographie #sunset #Iceland #Photo #fineart #Fotomontag #buyintoart

Sunset over a pond in Iceland. Not all is snow and ice. Gorgeous reflection over the water.
"The Eddie Show" 😎
3 weeks ago

📷 I made this 35-picture grid for a postcard in SF in 2000. It was DIY PR, trying to get someone's attention who might give me a job, buy prints—something. I was skint and about to lose my rent-controlled flat.

The images were made in SF and Marin between 1990 and 2000. All models are amateurs.

The images are shown full frame. No cropping.

#models #photography #PortfolioDay #FotoMontag #PhotoMonday #BlackAndWhite #photo #Photography #monotone #SanFrancisco #FediversalPictures

a 7 x 5 grid with white background of 35 pictures.
"The Eddie Show" 😎
3 weeks ago

📷 An inconsiderate person left their cart in one of the only near-the-door open spaces.

#Fotomontag #streetphotography #photo #Photography #parking #BeKind #FediversalPictures

shot through my windshield in the strip-mall parking lot. a large shopping cart fills half the space I've pulled into. There are few other cars. in the distance, suburbia.