4 hours ago

"Trabajo", de #KarenPalacio, "vincula dos momentos significativos de la historia del trabajo: el trabajo manual vinculado a los cultivos en la tierra y el trabajo manual que le da forma a los modos en que vivimos y nos comunicamos: la programación".

#LiveCoding #hydra #trabajo #IA #freesoftware #argentina

 A partir de tres grupos de imágenes que parecen camuflarse entre sí transfiriéndose estilos mutuamente, la artista Karen Palacio crea una composición cíclica que podría ser infinita gracias al modo de producción basado en live coding. La guarda pampa, diseñada por comunidades originarias del territorio argentino reproducida en la obra con algoritmos generativos se intercala con distintos paisajes de la geografía rural y con los paisajes de la infraestructura tecnológica que resulta vital para el funcionamiento del mundo que vivimos. 
8 hours ago

Since many people are joining #Lemmy these days, I just created #LemmyMatrix, a tool allowing people to generate #uBlockOrigin and #uMatrix rules for Lemmy known instances.

It's available through #Codeberg #pages:

#FLOSS #FOSS #OpenSource #FreeSoftware #Libre

8 hours ago

Finished my series about Underground Games. In it, I advocate for non-commercial game developers to define as a scene that is emancipated from the commercial orientated #indiegame scene - as things are, we are pitted among prototypes and (semi)professional productions; we can't find each other and can not be found.

Tuned for your thoughts and responses.

#gaming #indiedev #opensource #floss #UndergroundGame #art #fediverse #games #digitalArt #politics #freesoftware

9 hours ago
LibreOffice 7.5.4 office suite is now available for download with 83 bug fixes.
9 hours ago

KDE's #sustainability initiative KDE Eco featured on the "KDE For Activists" page alongside many other excellent #FOSS projects!

KDE. Made for activists, by activists.

Made for you, by you!

KDE is developed by a community of passionate people. We develop KDE for everyone, from kids to grandparents and from professionals to hobbyists. Join us:

#KDEEco #FreeSoftware #OpenSource #FEEP #SustainableSoftware #Ecology #Activism

@kde @carlschwan

The following text is shown on a green background: "KDE Eco: KDE supports the FEEP and BE4FOSS programs to help free and open-source communities produce more environmentally friendly software. The projects provide communities with guidelines and support to optimize software to be more energy efficient and have a longer life-span. Okular Awarded Blue Angel Ecolabel In 2022, KDE's popular multi-platform PDF reader and universal document viewer Okular became the first ever Blue Angel eco-certified computer program! Blue Angel is the German version of the U.S. Energy Star label."
13 hours ago

For #PeerTubeCompanion development purpose, I needed to fetch all known #Piped instances available regularly.

I just published the little script I use on #Codeberg:

I serve the generated file through a web server and call the script each hour with cron.

#FLOSS #FreeSoftware #OpenSource

Bernhard E. Reiter
18 hours ago

Want to run the #FreeSoftware Zammad with the #FreeSoftware #OpenSearch? Yes, it works, here is one message about our experiences at @intevation :

Maxwell Volume
19 hours ago
(re) #introduction time once more! (New server. Old #fediverse veteran. I successfully obliterated my last few servers.)

Hi! How are you? I'm primarily a #musician, sometimes a #SoundEngineer, occasionally a #producer, infrequently a #writer. I'm always an oldschool leftie #socialist, #anticapitalist, pro-#feminist, a #freesoftware and #libre culture advocate, semi-professional hermit and surrealist sportsman.

My #music has been known to be #psychedelic, #ambient, #satire, #spacerock, #electronic, #industrial, #kosmische, #minimalist, #experimental, #outsider & #avantgarde. I've run an indie record label Tryptophonic (originally Novy Mir) on and off since the late 90s. Over the past 30 years I've had the great fortune to have collaborated with a few of my favourite musicians & writers, as well as having performed in a variety of interesting (and often challenging) groups. Interesting times.

Nowadays I'm a semi-hermit living with my delightful musician / artist partner & our two sons in an old farmhouse & studio overlooking world heritage listed rainforest in #Australia's Northern Rivers region. I continue to make strange & inexplicable noises, but my work pace & output has slowed somewhat in the last few years due to caring for my 3 and 5 year old sons, as well as #gardening & fighting off triffids er I mean lantana.

#ThankGNU! to Colin Strasser, Dave Chapman, Peter Kunze, Demo Agoris, Charlie Ebert, Steve Wickert, Martin Jässing, Marcus Pemer, Alessandro Vesely and Robek Dirstein for helping the FSF continue its goal of educating the public about #freesoftware

Image that says "Thank GNU" with a GNU by Vijay Kumar Bagavath Singh
1 day ago

Ampache6 preview2 is up now!

There have been a lot of little bugs fixed here especially if you're a Chrome user who is a flac-enthusiast. 😉

I'm really happy to say that this will probably be the last preview so now is definitely the time to try things out!

#php #music #freesoftware #ampache

A testimonial from a new FSF member: "The world, especially in its current state needs advocacy of the Free Software principles more than ever. I joined to help advocate that cause." Support #FreeSoftware

We can't wait to go to #cccamp23! 😃🎉 And even more, we can't wait to hear all those amazing talks about #FreeSoftware. Don't forget the CfP ends on the 9th of June. ⏰ So still 2 days left to submit your talk or workshop about Free Software.

2 days ago

Das F in FreeSoftware steht für Freiheit.


Open Future Foundation
2 days ago

Through the conversations, we covered a broad range of fields of open, including #OpenAccess #OpenEducation #OpenSource #FreeSoftware #OpenData #OpenWeb #OpenCulture #OpenGLAM — as well as issues like #DigitalRights and #SocialJustice

Join @lexelas & @lnceballos at Opensouthcode 2023 as they delve into liability rules for software inc. #FreeSoftware. Discover how to protect Free Software and gain insights into EU policy issues. 😃 Don't miss this free event on 9-10 June! #Opensouthcode

Mit einer Freie-Software-Office- und Kollaborations-Suite für Behörden will die Bundesregierung den Zielen des Koalitionsvertrags näher kommen. Doch ein genauerer Blick auf das Projekt wirft Fragen auf.

#PublicCode #FreeSoftware

2 days ago

#KDEConnect is awesome! I was playing music on my desktop computer and my phone rings. KDE Connect automatically mutes the music when I answer the phone! When I finish the call and hang up, the music automatically starts playing again!

#SoftwareLibre #softwarefreedom #FreeSoftware #KDE #Linux #gnulinux

@nixCraft the possibility of #NVIDIA doing anything, even spying, on my personal computer, or not being able to adjust the system's behavior to my disability or specific needs, all that makes me prefer #Nouveau and the accompanying #FreeSoftware stack, which worked/work for me when using #Trisquel. The supposed commodity given by NVIDIA in exchange for controlling my own material environment doesn't entice me as much.

2 days ago

#Firefox 115 Beta Brings Cookie Banner Reduction, Quick Actions in Address Bar, and Middle-Click Support on New Tab Button to Search Clipboard Text or Open URLs on #Linux

#OpenSource #FreeSoftware #Mozilla

Screenshot of the Firefox 115 beta web browser showing the website.
Alfred M. Szmidt
3 days ago

@dervishe More often than not, there is not (and such "hobbyist" licenses are usually with lots of restrictions making anything fun impossible). Best is to ignore unjust licenses, and just move on with life.

Sometimes, you might get lucky in that the copyright holder still exists, and can ask them to make the software #FreeSoftware -- more often though .. the copyright holder no longer exists,

Zergy :verified: :redpanda:
3 days ago

Dîtes-moi, ça existe encore les RMLL ?
Je ne trouve rien après 2018.
#freesoftware #opensource #logicielslibres #rmll

Have questions about possible violations of GNU licenses? We have answers! Check out all the questions and answers on our FAQ page at #GNU #GPL #freesoftware #softwarefreedom #GNUGPLFAQ

A screenshot of the "FAQ about the GNU licenses" page
¯\_(ツ)_/¯ :mastodoncertified:
3 days ago

Le navigateur Web #Mozilla #Firefox 114 est sorti avec une fonctionnalité DNS sur HTTPS remaniée et toussa, toussa...

Et... cette petite chose activée par défaut : Recommandé par Pocket - Articles sponsorisés

#OpenSource #FreeSoftware #Linux

Simon Phipps
3 days ago

"We all have a point-of-compromise over proprietary software, and we all choose a different one. The most important aspect of #SoftwareFreedom is to be aware of it so that the choice is a conscious one."

#OpenSource #FreeSoftware #FOSS #FLOSS

Updates on the Interoperable Europe Act & the AI Regulation, the results of the 🇪🇺 #RouterFreedom survey, 2⃣ interesting articles, our participation in 2⃣ podcasts, Ada arriving in rural India and more...
Do not miss our June Newsletter!

3 days ago

:minetest: Important new #Minetest feature: Mouse #shortcuts for crafting and moving item stacks around. There are now many convenience features when sneak-clicking or dragging item stacks around to make inventory management faster. For example, Sneak+Click on the crafting output crafts and moves item(s) to the inventory.

Very good, stuff like this is what Minetest needs! 👍

More info here:

#games #UX #FreeSoftware

3 days ago

Happy news, fellow penguins! 🐧Five new versions of Linux-libre are out: 6.3.6-gnu, 6.1.32-gnu, 5.15.115-gnu, 5.10.182-gnu1, and 5.4.245-gnu1. Let's celebrate the freedom that comes with free software! 🎉 #FreeSoftware #GNU #LinuxLibre

Don't let proprietary software marketing dollars give you a false sense of security -- your devices are vulnerable. Understand the risks, and promote free software. Start the conversation in your community today! #FreeSoftware

Eyeballs on various screens with text at the top that says, "Do you ever feel like someone's watching you?"
Max Mehl
3 days ago

@luis_in_brief There are many other quite healthy, forward-thinking, user-centric, and pragmatic organisations that represent #FreeSoftware, and the @fsfe is only one of them. I would find it too easy to take the FSF's organisational failures as the reason to drop this term altogether.

But I would agree that #OpenSource is the by far wider understood term, and it's hard to stick to using only Free Software in companies or politics. Which is sad because the freedoms are what matter.

Simon Phipps
3 days ago

When is it OK to attack someone for using proprietary software?

#OpenSource #FreeSoftware #SoftwareFreedom #FOSS #FLOSS

Jason Self
3 days ago

The GNU operating system, with its towering pillars of free software principles and its shimmering codebase, stands as a beacon of hope for a world where users control their computing and their digital lives. Its glorious components sing in harmony, a symphony of freedom and empowerment for all who seek to break free from the shackles of proprietary software. #GNU #FreeSoftware #Empowerment

3 days ago

Pro-tip for 📽️ #YouTube watchers who are concerned about #FreeSoftware and #privacy:

Try #Invidious <>.

This is an alternative YouTube frontend for the web with all the bullshit of YouTube cut out. What is important to me, it avoids the JavaScript Trap because all code of Invidious is free software.

Probably not for complete web beginners, but I still recommend it for those who want control. 👍

#Google #DataLeech

Interested to help #freesoftware users find freedom-respecting programs by updating the Free Software Directory (FSD)? Please consider joining the upcoming FSD meeting on IRC. Read more at: #FreeSoftwareDirectory

An image of the FSD with a floating gnu thinking, "I love free software."
Santiago Sainz :verified:
3 days ago

💻 In an era where technology knows no borders, it's imperative to strengthen global cooperation and give greater importance to organizations like IANA. They play a pivotal role in setting standards, managing domain names, and preserving the integrity of the internet. #GlobalInternet #freesoftware #mastodon #freenetworks #activism

Looking for free software applications for primary school education? We've got you covered! Check out Category/Education/elementary on the #FreeSoftwareDirectory #FreeSoftware #FreeSoftwareInEducation

A screenshot of the FSF Directory. The text may be better read on the website, but it does say Category/Education/elementary, and underneath the word elementary is highlighted. At the bottom, you can see what looks like the beginning of a list with the 3dpl GE, a 3D Programming Language Environment.
4 days ago

Are you working on Green Coding in #FOSS?

Submit your abstract for the Green Coding track at the 37th #EnviroInfo 2023 conference at #Leibniz Supercomputing Centre (Germany)!

Deadline: 12 June


- #Green platforms, tools, languages
- Methods in measuring & analyzing software's #energy consumption
- Green #coding in universities & industry
- Best practices

And more.

#SustainableSoftware #FreeSoftware #OpenSource #Sustainability #Environment #KDEEco #FEEP

Image from the "Special Track: Green Coding" website:
4 days ago

Chris from #Airwindows has dropped a new #reverb plug-in, following on his absolute classic "Galactic".

All of Chris' plug-ins are open-source #VST2 for Linux/Mac and Windows.


#MusicProduction #Audio #Sound #SoundDesign #FOSS #OpenSource #Libre #FreeSoftware #GNU

4 days ago

📅 Worteks est sponsor de OW2Con'23 et nous serons présents les 14 et 15 juin à Châtillon pour vous rencontrer !


#OW2 #OpenSource #FreeSoftware #LogicielLibre #CNLL @osxp_paris

Уголок Кафазена
4 days ago

Сейчас я что-то стримлю

Нас не догонят в Burnout Dominator: 200 по встречке

#Random #Talks #Chatting #Freesoftware #BurnoutDominator
Live stream preview
Jason Self
4 days ago

The FSF stands tall and proud, with unwavering dedication to the ethical imperative that users deserve to control their computing and software. They inspire the world to fight for technology to serve the people, not the other way around. #FreeSoftware #Ethics #SoftwareFreedom

Unix Weekly
5 days ago

On June 12th, many subreddits will be going dark to protest the killing of 3rd Party Apps! All FOSS apps are 3rd Party Apps. Will /r/linux join the strike?


#freesoftware #linux #opensource #unix

The FSF is one of the carefully selected charitable organizations across the US that federal, some state, and local employees can donate through payroll deductions, support #FreeSoftware by supporting the FSF in Combined Federal Campaign. #GiveCFC

5 days ago

I'm Freedo, the official mascot and spokespenguin of Linux-libre. I'm the penguin who says no to binary blobs and proprietary licenses! 🐧🔓 #GNU #LinuxLibre #FreeSoftware

the magnificent rhys
6 days ago

I like how I've gone full circle from angry teenage free software linux nerd through pragmatic use-what's-nicest apple fanboy right back to free software linux nerd again.

I think I'd have been much happier with my tech and work life if I'd just stuck with FOSS throughout tbh. Nowadays it's about the only software I trust.

#linux #FOSS #software #FreeSoftware

Developing and re-using Free Software is fun, but dealing with licensing and copyright information is not. The REUSE tool can help to change that. Help us make #FreeSoftware easier for developers & legal professionals!

#ThankGNU! to Colin Strasser, Dave Chapman, Peter Kunze, Demo Agoris, Charlie Ebert, Steve Wickert, Martin Jässing, Marcus Pemer, Alessandro Vesely and Robek Dirstein for helping the FSF continue its goal of educating the public about #freesoftware

Image that says "Thank GNU" with a GNU by Vijay Kumar Bagavath Singh
1 week ago

Learn about #SustainableSoftware at KDE's #Akademy 2023.

Join in person or online!

Sat. 15 July
- 11:15-12:25: Panel "KDE Goals" (with Sustainable Software)
- 12:30-13:00: Talk "Measuring energy consumption of software", Volker Krause [1]

Sun. 16 July
- 14:30-15:10: Talk "Selenium GUI Testing", Harald Sitter [2] (for energy tests, among others)

Timezone EEST (UTC+03:00)

@akademy @VolkerKrause @sitter

#KDE #KDEEco #BE4FOSS #FEEP #FOSS #FreeSoftware #OpenSource #Sustainability #Environment

Image showing a sketch and the text: "Going to Akademy 2023, Thessaloniki, Greece"
Jan Penfrat
1 week ago

"It is important that governments understand their responsibility and allocate resources for a more secure #OpenSource #Software ecosystem in a community-sensitive, structured and sustainable manner," writes @z_edian in a new #SNV policy brief.
#security #foss #freesoftware #oss

Screenshot of policy brief front page entitled "Fostering Open Source Software Security".

Did you know that we are also in @peertube?
Follow us and do not miss any of our videos about #FreeSoftware and our activities!

2 weeks ago

OBS Studio 29.1.2 is out now to address several crashes and some other issues. Get it from Flathub or at

More details about OBS Studio 29.1

#OpenSource #Linux #FreeSoftware

Jason Self
2 weeks ago

The GNU Project's focus on free software and user control make it a true champion of digital freedom. #GNU #FreeSoftware

2 weeks ago

I'm told I need pinned posts on my profile.

I'm a #software #engineer living in #Saskatchewan, #Canada, the middle of the prairies. I've worked in countless domains, but find #python generally useful for many of them, and have been using it for nearly 30 years.

I'm a #HouseRabbit enthusiast and have had them for more than 20 years.

Other hobbies include #electronics, #rock music / playing #guitar, writing #FreeSoftware, and enjoying novelty music & #RiffTrax / #CinematicTitanic / #MST3K.

Lena, a medium-sized white house rabbit, lays atop a pile of well-shredded cardboard in a living room.  She is reaching towards the camera with her head, and her ears stick out at right angles from each other.  The viewpoint is dramatized because the photo is taken from very short range with a wide-angle lens, making her nose and ears appear relatively huge.
Gracie, a large grey lopped-ear house rabbit, is poking her head out of the cardboard box she's currently using as a hidey-hole.  She appears to be trying to determine if whoever is bothering her has brought her a snack.
A "Super Computron 4500" light prop / toy, which is an array of 18x18 blinking blue LEDs.  The LEDs all blink at slightly different rates, causing complex patterns to form and re-form continually.

I sell kits to build this, or the smaller 12x12 "Computron 3000", in a choice of colours or colour-morphing RGB, in my Etsy shop.
2 weeks ago

If anything discussed here has your interest or you want to help grow Free Software and the Fediverse, fill out this form to let us know!

#FOSS #freesoftware #fediverse #mastodon

David Wilson
2 weeks ago

🔴 Today on #SystemCrafters Live, we'll take a look Ement.el, a package by prolific Emacs coder Alphapapa. Ement.el is a great client for Matrix which provides rich chat experience from the comfort of Emacs.

If you're interested in joining the System Crafters Matrix rooms, definitely give this a look!

Join us on YouTube or Twitch:


🕐 in your time zone:

#gnu #emacs #matrix #freesoftware

Matthias Kirschner
2 weeks ago

Good intro in how to use the new #fdroid libraries which were developed for the #NextGeneration #Fdroid client. @grote explains how #CalyxOS by @calyxinstitute uses this.

PS: Follow @fdroidorg if you don't want to miss updates from FDroid about #FreeSoftware on #Android.

The European Committee of the Regions has just adopted its position on the #InteroperableEuropeAct.

It has failed in recognising the importance of #FreeSoftware for interoperability. This underlines the relevance of the participation of the Free Software community in the Interoperable board.

And source code access, with all the permissions needed for Software Freedom, are core to that social framing.
#FreeSoftware #OpenSource #FOSS #OSS #GPL #Linux #SoftwareFreedom

From my perspective, I would rather companies *not* adopt a GPL-family license for their commercial products if they don't understand its purpose, and are willing to stand behind it in a social benefit framing.

#FreeSoftware #OpenSource #FOSS #OSS #GPL #Linux #SoftwareFreedom

Perhaps this will change if courts agree that there are third-party beneficiaries—the software-using public—that are harmed when the GPL is misused, abused, and outright violated.

This is the question raised in @conservancy v. Vizio.

#FreeSoftware #OpenSource #FOSS #OSS #GPL #SoftwareFreedom

I think one cannot expect companies that adopted the GPL in self-interest to enforce the GPL in the software-using public's interest, especially if they have a business model based on keeping some versions of the same software proprietary.
#FreeSoftware #OpenSource #FOSS #OSS #GPL #Linux #SoftwareFreedom

Some companies have used the GPL as a "community license" (like "freeware" or "shareware") not a "software freedom license".

The used the GPL for its goodwill and brand power from its association with #Linux and #GNU
#FreeSoftware #OpenSource #FOSS #OSS #GPL #SoftwareFreedom

It's understandable that companies don't want others to be able to enforce GPL obligations on software that is core to their business.

After all, we've seen how some have used GPL enforcement for their own personal enrichment.

#FreeSoftware #OpenSource #FOSS #OSS #GPL #Linux #SoftwareFreedom

Unfortunately, there are cases where companies have adopted the GPL for their corporate interests, rather than thinking first about protecting rights for software users.

They use contributor agreements (CLAs and ©AAs) that prevent others from having standing to enforce the GPL.

#FreeSoftware #OpenSource #FOSS #OSS #GPL #Linux #SoftwareFreedom

Today, software users have little recourse in cases where intermediaries fail to comply with GPL license requirements unless someone that holds the copyright is willing to enforce the license.

#FreeSoftware #OpenSource #FOSS #OSS #GPL #Linux #SoftwareFreedom

@blakereid I remember seeing a speech either during @fsf 's #LibrePlanet or @sflc 's events in which one of the presenters said that one of the most important part of #AI is the training data or the data source. I think these and the #AI should be #FreeSoftware.

David Wilson
3 weeks ago

🔴 Today on #SystemCrafters Live, we'll explore the depths of Emacs' Dired feature to see if we can discover some of its lesser-known capabilities. We'll try to figure out bulk file operations, file previews, advanced Dired buffer tricks, and more.

Let's figure out how to use this package properly!

Join us on YouTube or Twitch:


🕐 in your time zone:

#gnu #emacs #dired #freesoftware

Are you familiar with the term #FreeSoftware (aka #OpenSource)?
We explain it in less than 3️⃣minutes!

#SoftwareFreedom #Freedom

Tyler Wolf
3 weeks ago

Just realized I never did a #introduction post, and since I have been getting back into Mastodon I guess it is time I make one.

Hi, I'm Tyler (he/him), and I am a student of #computerscience, #math, and #linguistics. I hope to work in the field of #computationallinguistics. I am very interested in the aforementioned fields as well as #freesoftware, #emacs, #linux (currently using #guix), leftist politics, and film.

4 weeks ago

Bass Studio is a new free and open-source (MIT-licensed) cross-platform DAW!

It looks very interesting, though I was unable to make anything with it so far due to a consistent crash, but it seems others in my community chat had better results - give it a try and help fix the problems by providing feedback to the author!

#MusicProduction #FOSS #OpenSource #FreeSoftware #Audio #AudioProduction #Sound

David Wilson
1 month ago

🔴 Today on #SystemCrafters Live, we'll check out the new website and discuss what I learned while creating it! I'll show the `publish.el` script and discuss how I added generated index pages, RSS feeds, Emacs Lisp page templates, and more.

I'll also discuss the 5 comprehensive guides I plan to write!

Join us on YouTube or Twitch:


🕐 in your time zone:

#gnu #emacs #orgmode #freesoftware

1 month ago

Educational Distro Escuelas Linux 8.2 Is Now Available with #Linux Kernel 6.2 and Updated Apps

#OpenSource #education #FreeSoftware

Escuelas Linux 8.2
Matthias Kirschner
1 month ago

Today the European Parliament's responsible committees voted by a large majority to protect #FreeSoftware in the #AI regulation.

@fsfe "The principle of transferring responsibility and liability to those who profit on the market instead of focusing on developers must also be anchored in the Cyber Resilience Act and the Product Liability Directive. This is the only way to not only protect Free Software and its contributors but also consumers and customers"

Pirate Praveen
1 month ago

Mayday Alert: 14 mobile apps banned, no blocking order released. #WhatTheBlock

Statement by @internetfreedom on @element @briar ban.

#india #element #briar #Freesoftware

1 month ago


My name is Frédéric.
I am a photographer by education.
I am actuallyautistic with Asperger's syndrome.

I worked 30 years in advertising as a designer.
I am currently an architectural modeler.

All photos published are mine.
The boosts are the property of their authors.

All my images are processed under #Linux Mint with #FreeSoftware.

1 month ago

"Sustainable Software" is a strategic goal for KDE, focusing on minimizing resource consumption and strengthening user autonomy. The aim is to create software that uses fewer natural resources, reduces energy consumption, and promotes user choice and privacy.

Read more from Cornelius Schumacher at the #KDEEco blog:

"What is Sustainable Software, After All?"



#KDE #SustainableSoftware #FEEP #FOSS #FreeSoftware #OpenSource #Sustainability #Environment

The image shows the KDE Eco logo superimposed on top of a bed of greenery. The KDE Eco is a variation on the classic KDE logo of a blue letter K and a gear around it, but the gear is now green with a leaf sprouting on top.
Max Mehl
1 month ago

@bastianallgeier This! We also see that a lot in the #FreeSoftware/#OpenSource movement. Many maintainers and developers are first applauded and then often become a punching bag because they do not please everyone and - surprise - are humans, i.e. ask for money, work for a company, or have to make hard strategical decisions on the project's direction.

Eugen/Gargon or Lennart are good recent examples for this phenomenon, and I feel ashamed to see how they are treated by a number of people.

Sumana Harihareswara
1 month ago

At #PyConUS2023, @davidism facilitated an open space discussion of "maintainer #burnout, how to survive it, and maybe how to prevent it." Our notes, my analysis, and useful links in a new blog post:

#PyCon #PyConUS #PyCon2023 #FLOSS #opensource #freesoftware #sustainability #maintainer #maintainers #leadership #volunteering

Purple card pinned to a board.

Maintainer burnout
Strategies for surviving and preventing
David Lord @davidism