Mark H
1 week ago

For #MeerMittwoch just off the coast of Cabo San Lucas, Mexico a few weeks ago. As we were heading out from land this boat passed us on the way in, noticeable because of the pelicans and frigate birds following it in, thanks to the offerings of fish from one of the men aboard. You can see a pelican sitting on the boat's aft too.

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Portrait orientation view from a boat looking at a nearby rocky land mass and a boat passing between us and it, heading right. It's a bright day with just a few small clouds in the sky. The surface of the dark water isn't quite flat, but there's enough gentle wave action to tell we're rocking about a bit as we travel. The shore is less than a hundred metres away, lacking much in the way of any beach, and rising sharply to become a hill of dry, pale rock dotted with boulders and practically no vegetation covering at all. There's a boat passing between us and the hill; it's a small motor boat, likely used for fishing for pleasure, suitable for no more than half a dozen people, with a canopy over its top. It's cruising past us, heading right, and a man stands at its rear holding up a small fish. A pelican sits on the aft of the boat and the air above the vessel has perhaps eight pelicans and frigate birds flapping, hovering, and following the source of the offered food.
2 months ago

Frigatebird Speedpaint. He wants to impress. :dragon_heart:

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A forward facing frigate bird with his red throat pouch inflated.  The pouch is squishing up against the bottom of his beak.  Looking towards to viewer to see if he impressing them.
Art History Animalia
4 months ago

Food Bowl: #FrigateBird with #Shark
Melanesian, Solomon Islands, 20th c.
Wood w/ inlaid mother-of-pearl, 8 7/8 x 9 1/4 x 28 1/4 in. (22.54 x 23.5 x 71.8cm)
Seattle Art Museum 65.24:
#IndigenousArt #MelanesianArt #BirdsInArt

""A sequence of species in a food chain is commemorated in this bowl. In a season that lasts from November to April, fishermen watch for frigate birds, who follow schools of small bait fish and are signals that a school of bonito is coming. As the bonito and bait fish stir up whirlpools of frothy activity, sharks swarm behind and devour the residue. This vessel merges two species in their cycle of consumption and that serve humans in feasts."

official museum photo of the object, side profile on red background
wooden sculpture of frigate bird on top of shark
Swede’s Photographs
5 months ago

This is another magnificent frigatebird (Fregaya magnificens), I posted a picture of one coming out of Gaveston last week. This one was over the water at Costa Maya, Mexico. There were several flying around, circling over the bay. I got a lot of pics, so you can look for me to post more in the coming months.

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Swede’s Photographs
5 months ago

Here is a magnificent frgatebird (frigate magnificens). I took the photo while the ship navigated the shipping channel out of Galveston.

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6 months ago

for the Instagram-enabled:

My new phone wallpaper is a reminder of my #priorities. A few weeks back, my podiatrist told me that the pain #rheumatoid disease damage causes in my feet is only fixable with steroid shots in the short term and surgery that will cost me #mobility...
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Peter West Carey
11 months ago

Frigatebird Flaunting It

Description: Puffing up his large, red neck pouch, hoping to attract a mate, this frigatebird scans the skies for a likely companion.

Location: Galapagos, Ecuador, South America

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A male frigatebird with a puffed up brought red neck pouch.
Lukas VF Novak
1 year ago

Why #frigatebirds can't float?

The #seabirds can stay aloft over the open #ocean for months, but they don't really have a choice. Their #feathers — unlike those of nearly all other sea #birds — are not #waterproof. Instead, the #frigatebird is a master of staying aloft. Tracking devices placed on frigatebirds near #Madagascar showed that they often stay in the air for a month and half at a time.

Photo of a frigatebird in flight above sea with some green grassy and rocky piece land in the background.