Art History Animalia
6 hours ago

The above article mentions that Rachel Carson owned two signed prints by M.C. Escher; it's been noted elsewhere that one was #Fish and #Frogs (1949), but does anyone know what the second one was?

M.C. Escher Fish and Frogs (1949) black/white print (transformation art/op art style)
Megan Fox
12 hours ago

Um, #frogs / #frogsofmastodon, should we relocate this little guy to the pond? Or is he happy on. Uh. The screen door?

Guess he could be trying to warm up? Though it's a warm day heh.

EDIT: he left, guessing he was just warming his butt.

Tiny NW tree frog on our screen door handle

At 4pm they turn on the frogs.

First hike since the disastrous one on 12/31/2021, when covid changed my lungs. Felt sooo good to be back in the woods, in boots and with day pack.

#frogs #hiking #getoutside #nationalseashore

Megan Fox
16 hours ago

Look at this lil frog guy we met on walkabout last night!

(And listen to partner telling him how smol he is)

#wildlife #frogs

Little tree frog perches on nettle (?) and does a little yawn because he's very overheated, while voice tells him how smol he is
Gemma Sarracenia
17 hours ago

Awwwe, Morty the frog didn't leap for my fingerworms when I stuck the phone in her tank, she luv me.

A perpetually cranky tomato frog, looking like an autumn leaf while sitting under a violet in bloom.
2 days ago

It's #FrogFriday (#FroschFreitag?) Bullfrogs are the largest frogs around here - and the only ones, whose tadpoles overwinter. Their sonorous call sounds a bit like a bull - hence the name.

#Herps #Amphibians #Wetlands #Frogs

Mid-size bullfrog sitting on a log at the water's edge. It's deep green color is offset by golden eyes and creamy mottling on its throat.
Bullfrog tadpole. Its rump measures already almost 2in/5cm.
Peek-a-boo! Bullfrog face peeking out from the pond surface.
Christine Beeton
2 days ago

After one night in San Jose we setup to leave the central valley of Costa Rica by road through the cloud forest, and then by boat, to reach the rain forest on the Caribbean coast .
My first animal encounter was this strawberry poison dart frog. As its name suggests, it can be used to coat darts for hunting. It's skin secretion are very toxic if they enter the blood stream.
They are very small and very very cute.

#Frogs #Amphibians #PoisonDartFrogs #DoNotLick

Strawberry poison dart frog. It is bright red with tiny black dots and with black-blueish legs and large black eyes.
Sand Hill Thicket
2 days ago

Hello, my little garden friend. #Frogs #GardeningMastodon

A green tree frog clings to the hoop of a low tunnel garden with brassica and beets foliage in the background.
EmmaLee Cassidy
3 days ago

This is a frog wearing a witches hat drawn by @HailsandAles and I genuinely adore it. Every time I see it, it makes me smile. I hope it makes you smile too 🐸
#art #artwork #mastadonart #frog #frogs #froggy

Dorothy Berry-Lound Art
3 days ago

Just published, my latest blog post about frog collecting. Have a read and see what I am talking about! It may not be what you think...

#BlogPost #WritingCommunity #Frogs

Mat-Su Monitor
4 days ago

We've finally uploaded the video that we took right after this picture. It shows the frogs of Okeson Pond in Palmer, Alaska making quite a racket!

#PalmerAK #frogs #MSCNews #Alaska

4 days ago
chikorita157 🐰
4 days ago

Now, alive frog in your food, this sounds disgusting, but it's true.

#japan #frogs

#frogs #frogstodon #nature Ghost's little friend Spirit. Very tiny. They look other wordly. Albino Pacific chorus frogs. Enchanting. #magical

Bowl of water with rocks and an albino tadpole maybe 3/8 "  the eyes have no color just the black pupils. Looks like a space alien.
Amy Fountain
6 days ago

Good morning friends!

this morning I had to go in to my GP's office for my annual labs. My GP keeps a big old terrarium for these tiny poison arrow frogs*.

The froggos were very active this morning and it was lovely to see them. Look how pretty they are!

*this is one of the ways in which she is awesome

#frogs #frogsOfMastodon #poisonArrowFrogs

three tiny poison arrow frogs - with brilliant yellow and black markings - are hanging out on some leaves, there's a  glass near them that they like to play in/on.
6 days ago

Filled up the watering can and this guy popped out of the spout.

#PhotoMonday #FotoMontag #frogs #BackyardWildlife #photography

Close up color photo shot with macro lens and shallow depth of field of a small green frog sitting on the edge of a watering can.
snake v.
6 days ago

critters i saw while fishing today

#photography #pond #bugs #insects #frogs #dragonfly

a macro photo of a fly on a flower.
photo of a bullfrog sitting in the shallow end of a pond.
a photo of a green teneral dragonfly.
a photo of a pond visible through blades of grass and weeds.

#frogs #frogstodon #nature new video of Ghost. Spirit is growing as well---just hard to get them at same time. Albino Pacific chorus frog.

EcoFriendly West
1 week ago

Wood Frogs hibernate under logs or leaf litter and can tolerate below-zero temperatures by increasing the amount of glucose, a natural antifreeze, in their blood. #NatureCompanion #frogs

Muellers Kabinett
1 week ago

my hood' - graffito of my neighbourhood
#art #graffiti #wall #frogs #dortmund

graffiti of two happy frogs with sombreros on their heads having a relaxed chat
The Bee Guy
1 week ago

Basic bee facts every day at 3pm.

#WorldBeeDay Special.

A fact and a confession:

I’m The Bee Guy and I talk to bees.
On a regular basis.
I greet them as they pass.
I apologise for us.
I ask if they’re okay.
And #trees
And #birds
And #wasps
And #hoverflies
And #ladybirds
And #butterflies
And #frogs
But mostly #bees
Especially #bumblebees
Try it.

Ashy Mining Bee clinging to a blade of grass.
Orange legged furrow bee sitting on grey material against blurred green background.
Bumblebee foraging on pink coloured vetch wildflower.
Bruce Davie
1 week ago

This is great! Mapping frog populations via citizen science. I’ve used the FrogID app a few times to record frog calls, and now the experts have combined data from 65,000 users to produce open, accurate maps of Australia’s frog species. #CitizenScience #frogs

Kari Crock Comics
2 weeks ago

Andy Panda - from an ad on the back cover to New Funnies 83 - Dell (Western Publishing) 1944

#AndyPanda #WalterLantz #Comics #WoodyWoodpecker #WesternPublishing #frogs #ilikefrogs #pandas #bears #walterlantznewfunnies

Abe Drayton
2 weeks ago

Die-hard fans of plant sex will already be aware that pollinators come in all shapes and sizes. There are plenty of insects other than bees that pollinate, and a number of birds and mammals, but I have to admit that until today, I had never heard of a frog acting as a pollinator!

#pollination #pollen #frog #frogs #pollinators

Duchess of Umbrage
2 weeks ago

URGENT CORRECTION what I imagined was a peeper turned out to be a lovelorn gulf coast toad. The species doesn’t really matter, I’m still not getting any sleep tonight #frogs

A basic Gulf Coast toad in a dark swimming pool swims away from the prying eye of the camera
Sarah Stone
2 weeks ago

Life/Spring part 3:
Getting legs and getting moving. Pacific tree frogs and duckweed in man-made pond in front of our house.
#pacifictreefrog #frogs #amphibia #pondlife #backyardwildlife #smallanimals #spring #aquaticlife #habitatgardens #Nature

Pacific tree frog tadpoles getting legd
New baby pacific tree frog on duckweed
Duchess of Umbrage
2 weeks ago

Several leopard frogs have joined the peepers in the nightly froggy mating call jamboree outside my bedroom window. Add in the katydids and it’s a brain-splitting triple bill. Kill me now. #frogs

2 weeks ago

Many a sad frog.

Find them as stickers here!

#frog #frogs #stickerart #sticker

Art of sad blue frogs in different poses. One is sandwiched by bread, another has dropped spaghetti and three are in various lying down or sitting positions.

#FroggyTales #Frogs #Nature A better photo of my tadpole I am calling Ghost. Pacific Chorus Frog tadpoles

A few tadpoles and one without pigment.
SoMuchPingle 🐸🍩
2 weeks ago

A red-eyed treefrog (Agalychnis callidryas) out and about on a wet night. One of the iconic critters in Costa Rica and I’m happy to see and photograph lots of them 🙂 #frogs #nature #herps #CostaRica

A red-eyed treefrog moving through leaves on a rainy night
Joe Wynne
2 weeks ago

Saturday night at the frog pond.
Listener discretion is advised for tadpoles.

Males call, females choose. Circle of life continues.

#soundscape #frogs #nature #AmazingMay #sonography

Mat-Su Monitor
2 weeks ago

The frogs are pretty loud down Okeskon Pond way on the Mat-Su College Campus in Palmer, #Alaska.

Soon there will be pollywogs galore!

#PalmerAK #frogs #MSCNews

View of a pond from the vantage point of a dock. The end of the dock slopes down, so it is covered in water. The pond is surrounded on all sides by tall trees.
Duchess of Umbrage
2 weeks ago

SOUND UP. Just tryna catch up on Drag Race All Stars but this dadgum tiny, horny frog is STILL in an undisclosed location outside my bedroom losin’ his absolute SHIT with the screaming, and it’s harshing my mellow. It’s SO loud. Don’t know if you can tell from my shitty iPhone soundtrack, but it’s as if a tiny chainsaw did it with a dentist’s drill and gave birth to a baby jackhammer. Either he needs to sashay away, or herd of snake assassins needs to take him ALL the way out. Because I’m gettin NO SLEEP this way. #frogs

Interior, nighttime bedroom in the dark. Pillow’s-eye view of my iPad playing an episode of Ru-Paul’s Drag Race while outside a frog makes a huge ruckus.

#FroggyTales #Frogs. New crop of chorus frogs. But there is a special colorless one. You'll have to look carefully. In the video look for the eyes. Top center.

Video with tadpoles swimming about. One colorless.
Joe Wynne
2 weeks ago

The bark of a male Green Treefrog a few minutes ago hidden somewhere above my front porch.

Good luck Treefrog. This type of "Hey Baby" call has never worked for me.

#soundscape #frogs #nature

Bark of male Green Treefrog from a few feet away. Strangely gruff like a small dog.
Carl Johnson
2 weeks ago

This lovely pile of bibliophile frogs lives outside the Saratoga Springs Public Library in Saratoga Springs, New York.

#sculpture #PublicArt #Art #library #libraries #LibraryArt #frog #frogs

Photograph of a sculpture of frogs outside a public library in Saratoga Springs, New York. A large frog, wearing round eyeglasses, is sitting on his haunches. He is holding a book upraised and open before him. Atop his head is a much smaller frog, also wearing round eyeglasses. Between the large frog's webbed feet is a third frog, facing in, and assorted mushrooms, toadstools and reeds are also at the feet of the main frog.
Primo Natura
2 weeks ago

"Several frog species are feared to be locally extinct in parts of New South Wales after the black summer bushfires, a survey of amphibian populations has found."

#NSW #NewSouthWales #Animals #Frogs

3 weeks ago

The frogs had finally challenged the wrong cat. #grickledoodle #garfield #frogs #cat #challenge #cartoon #MastoArt #drawing

3 weeks ago

A lovely little frog, identified as the Malesian Frog (Limnonectes malesianus) spotted near a stream at Upper Seletar Reservoir Park, Singapore, on 7 May 2023. It was about 10-15 mm in length. Listed as Near Threatened in the IUCN Red List, it is considered locally common but with a restricted range.

On iNaturalist [ ]

#iNaturalist #Nature #Singapore #Photography #Amphibians #Amphibia #Frogs #Anura

A frog with a brown body, a mottled appearance and red marks over its body.
Same description as first image.
3 weeks ago

Did some LIVE drawing with Julián Nariño! Let's kick off today's feed with Pug Jockeys Riding Frogs! #cartoon #grickledoodle #pugs #frogs #racing #cartoon #MastoArt #drawing

3 weeks ago

There's nothing quite like the peaceful feeling I get from living in the woods and owning my own land where nobody bothers me.

#frogs #Kentucky #outdoors

Just a clip of some frogs and showing how utterly dark it is at my house at night.
Fred Markle
3 weeks ago

Out for a walk with my youngest at the local park. The tadpoles are in full swing.

#nature #spring #tadpoles #frogs

A bunch of tadpoles in the bottom of a pond
A pond sit down in a small valley
Chrystyne Novack
4 weeks ago

It is easy being green. This single green, tree frog sits nestled among the viridescent foliage hiding in plain sight!

Being Green -

#AYearForArt #Photography #FediGiftShop #Frogs
#BuyIntoArt #CreativeToots #fotografie #Wildlife

A single green, tree frog sits nestled among the viridescent foliage hiding in plain sight!
Joe Wynne
4 weeks ago

The Pine Barrens Treefrog is one of the most beautiful frogs in the U.S., but is rare and endangered.

So it was somewhat of a surprise to find them in this garden, even though there is a pond built here specifically for frog breeding. And May begins Treefrog egg laying time!

Their color is amazing "camo". The picture on the right is a close-up from above. Can you find a Treefrog in the picture on the left?

More in the alt text, and on Frog Friday.

#nature #anthropocene #frogs #gardening

Two tall photos linked together.
On the right is a close-up of a small frog from the top. It has yellow-green skin that shines somewhat. There are tiny yellow dots visible as well and a white line near the bottom or belly. (Note:  There is more color from the side, but that will have to wait until Frog Friday.) 

The photo on the left shows tall Bearded Iris leaves growing from the ground. There are weeds about in this garden bed. At the top of the photo are the words "Where is the frog?" Down at the base of the tall leaves is the frog scrunched up, trying to be invisible, and you see how its color matches the leaves.
1 month ago

TODAY!! I'll be LIVE drawing with Julián Nariño on my IGTV! Celebrate the end of April and give us your #grickledoodle requests! Starts at 5pm PST! #live #drawing #cartoon #frogs #art

1 month ago

Frogs with umbrellas

#vintage postcards and trade cards (19th and early 20th century)

#frogs #frog #postcards

1. Frog using a toadstool as an umbrella, holding a bouquet of flowers and walking his pet beetle 2. Two frogs with pink umbrellas 3. Two frogs with umbrellas, one of them is lying on the ground with the umbrella over his head, while the other frog is trying to get him up 4. Frog in a dress with a blue and pink umbrella. Birch trees in the background 5. Frog with a blue umbrella and a pink ribbon around his belly 6. Three frogs with umbrellas, two of them wearing top hats
🪼boogie 🩷
1 month ago

i had to move instances & haven't been on here in ages so... hi, let me do an #intro
my name is beau, or boogie. i like: #reading, korean music, cop dramas (acab tho), true crime (not in a weird way), #jellyfish, #frogs, #bats #siphonophore and davinci.
i am #audhd, mentally ill & recently diagnosed with carpal tunnel syndrome which is somewhat annoying as at this very moment my entire arm is hurting because i am holding my phone.
anyway, nice to meet you.

Sheila M. Averbuch - Author
1 month ago

The pond corner. The barrel will hold #peas later, but now it's #tulips (starring the double orange Orca), plus purple honesty that I dug up from where it had self-seeded. Behind it, #hellebores obscure the tiny pond, which is tucked into the corner and supports a few #frogs and #newts. A neighbor offered me her Victorian fireplace surround so I put it here with a mirror tucked behind, a trick from garden designer Mirabel Osler.

#floweraday @plants #mygarden #gardening #gardens

Bright orange tulips in a barrel next to a clump of leaves that's reflected in the mirror behind it
Oona is drawing animals
1 month ago

on days 66 & 67 of drawing animals I drew a bunch of frogs. frogs are cool, and can do funny things with their legs. And their tongues, still need to study frog range of movement and frog tongue action at some point ...

#Art #Ink #Frogs #Amphibians

a page with three sketches of frogs in black ink
a page with four sketches of frogs in black ink
SoMuchPingle 🐸🍩
1 month ago

Not much of #frogfriday left but here's a White-bellied Leaf Frog (Heterixalus alboguttatus) observed near Ranomafana park in #Madagascar. #nature #naturephotography #herps #frogs

A black treefrog covered in yellow spots.
1 month ago

Happy Frog Friday everyone!!! 🐸

#PixelArt #art #frogs

Danielle Vossebeld
2 months ago

My dad used to remove the frog spawn from the pond in the garden. He died last year and now the tadpoles are taking over. 😱
#garden #tadpoles #frogs

Part of the small pond with some green plants and dead oak leaves and a large amount of tadpoles swarming at the edge of the pond. (This will make you itch. )
SoMuchPingle 🐸🍩
2 months ago

For this #frogfriday I'm bringing the fire - the Fiery Bright-eyed Frog (*Boophis pyrrhus*), observed during my recent visit to Madagascar. This male was caught up in his vocalizations and allowed me to capture a few photos mid-performance. #nature #frogs #herps #naturephotography #madagascar

Alayna :verified:
2 months ago

I'm a student vet tech who's obsessed with #frogs and am learning #guitar! 🐸 🎸

I'm currently struggling with an undiagnosed #chronicillness (Maybe fibromyalgia. Still harassing my Dr(s) for answers) 😖

In my free time I game. I usually play bigger games WAY after their popularity has died down, some indie games, and rarely mobile games. :blobcatgamer:

Hopeful I'll have many great interactions here! 👋

This is one of the sweetest expressions of love for animals I have ever seen. I’m enamored with this Dazza fellow and his little frog sanctuary. 😍

#Animals #Frogs #Engineering #Love #Kindness #Habitat #Sanctuary

Nighttime clip of a frog poking out of the uncapped top of a metal fence post, followed by a series drawings and 3D-printed iterations of fence-mounted structures for the frog habitat
3 months ago

Warm it up @petersmithca
3D Ideas #LOL

3Dprinting for frogs.

Yeah, sure. When frogs tapdance and Shrimp sing!!

#3DPrinting #Frogs #Tiktok #Video #AltText #Nature #Frog #Pampered #Spa #Pool #Spoiled

A Tiktok video showing a fence, with a frog living in the post. And the elaborate 3d printing of a house for it, that turned into a community. At one point you hear that a possum had joined the pool party.

🐸Artist: #FioSilva / # in City: #Rosario Argentina 🇦🇷 2019 - (for #Festivaltriangulo + - #Streetart #Art #Mastoart #Mural #Graffiti #Artwork #Painting #Frogs

Streetartwall. On the outer wall of a multi-storey skyscraper is sprayed / painted colorful mural of three frogs and a snail. The background is designed in green tones with swirling leaves. At the bottom crawls a brown snail, on whose back a red frog has sat down. Above it two more frogs jump into the air.
Artist Fio Silva about this Mural:
"They are not to be feared: the envy of the toads could never cover the song of the nightingales." Eva Perón.
3 months ago

There's frogspawn in the pond, there's frogspawn in the pond!! 🐸 #Frogs #WaterLilly #PondLife #SpringIsComing

Frogspawn in the surface of a pond with furled water lilly leaves in the background.
3 months ago

A new species of frog has been described from the tropical Andes of Ecuador and named after J.R.R. Tolkien, the author of famous works of fantasy literature.

Only one individual of the species has been found, within the bounds of Río Negro-Sopladora National Park.

Read the story from Liz Kimbrough.

#Frogs #TropicalForests #Ecuador #News #Conservation #Environment

The Bee Guy
3 months ago

More frogs.
More frogs.

(We did warn you that there would be a lot of frog content here at the moment as they are only active in this manner for a matter of a few days a year - bee content will resume as normal as soon as the little feckers wake up!).

#frogs #frogsofmastodon #herpetology
#bees #beesanctuaryireland #savingbees #nature #sanctuary #water #organic #vegan #good #naturephotography #frogspawn #wildlifephotography #wildlife

A short clip of a pair of frogs in the process of mating in a pond. Moving away as other frogs get closer.
SoMuchPingle 🐸🍩
3 months ago

Ranitomeya ventrimaculata, a Peruvian poison frog small enough to sit comfortably on my thumbnail. #frogs #herps #herpetology #nature #naturephotography

A black, yellow and blue poison frog
Jeri Dansky
4 months ago

I know there are #frogs hanging out at my pond because I've heard their loud croaking for the past few nights. I rarely get to see them — but I still love hearing them and I'm glad we're back into frog-croaking season again.

#frog #garden

Photo of a fenced-in yard with a pond and a lot greenery surrounding it,
4 months ago

i've started uploading the pictures i post here to flickr as well. so if you've ever wanted a closer look at any of them they'll be here! i recommend checking out my pinned photo larger!

#birds #bugs #mushrooms #frogs #flowers #prairie

S. K. Riley
4 months ago

Research from Europe has shown large #solar farms can enhance the diversity and abundance of plants, grasses, #butterflies, #bees and #birds.

What’s more, vegetation between solar panel rows can also provide travel corridors, nesting sites and shelter for #wildlife. Management strategies are key to maximizing these benefits of solar farms.

#Biodiversity #WildlifeCorridors #Nesting #Frogs #Habitat #Shelter #Agriculture #LandUse #WildlifeHaven #SolarFarms

Farm management strategies can maximise the benefits of solar farms for wildlife. Image credit: Eric Nordberg

A tiny native frog sits on an outstretched human hand. In the background, a solar farm array is set in a green field, with low clouds and blue sky behind it.
Peter Barnes
4 months ago

#Dogwalking miscellany

Tiiiiiny green tree frog

These shots took a lot of effort in post to rescue something vaguely worth posting, since they were shot in low light on an iPhone 3GS (and with the usual handicap of two dogs on the leash). However I thought the frog was so cute is was worth a post. In the first shot is my usual measuring stick, the ISO Standard Left Leg. The frog appears to be about 1,000 little millitoes long.

#photography #nature #frogs #TreeFrog #wildlife #iphoneography #iphone3gs #humour

A very small green tree frog on the asphalt surface of a rainforest park carpark. It's dwarfed by fallen leaves around it, and is sitting next to the photographer's sandal-clad left foot. It's about the size of his little toe.
A slightly larger shot of the green tree frog.