Transition Together
1 week ago

Steve & Ben spend a day a week knocking doors on their estate offering to plant free fruit trees in folks' gardens. Today, they are out with fruit bushes looking for new homes.

They've had a brilliant response, and it's opened up many wonderful connections and conversations about traditional food crops amongst their diverse community.

Residents will have fresh fruit on their doorstep at zero cost. The group also offer workshops in thrifty growing and caring for fruit trees.

It's a direct response to the #costoflivingcrisis that also improves climate & biodiversity.

Here's what Steve says: "The most direct way of addressing food poverty is getting together with friends, family and community and growing it. It's surprisingly easy, it starts with a conversation over a brew. Be that person who puts the kettle on and invites folk round." โค๏ธ

Delighted we could support Community Roots Permaculture Project with a Transition Together seed-funding grant, supported by @tnlcommunityfund.

Read more about the impact of communities planting trees:

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Ben (left) and Steve (right) who run the project, pictured in front of a lush green garden
A man leans on the spade after planting a fruit tree
Two boys who helped plant a tree in their garden (one hiding behind his spade)
A little girl helps her mother plant a new pear tree in their garden
J Mills
3 weeks ago

Today I pretended to be a fly.

Pawpaw (Asimina triloba) makes slightly stinky flowers to attract flies.

Pawpaw is not self fertile. I have multiple trees, but only one is large enough to flower.

Fortunately, a friend has a flowering pawpaw, and he brought me flowers.

In a few weeks, I should know if hand pollination worked.

#pollination #pawpaw #FruitTrees

Two pawpaw flowers attached to a small branch, a few developing leaves nearby. The flowers are dark red-brown and open downwards
A small paintbrush pointed into a pawpaw flower during hand pollination
4 weeks ago

Going hunting for tent caterpillars in our #backyard #FruitTrees now. Sun's heating things up fast. I want to get this done before it's grossly hot.

Really glad my home office space is cool & comfortable to work in. I'm spending many hours in there over the next few days, getting caught all up with some missed work.

#Wsanec #Saanich #VictoriaBC #yyj #GrowFoodNotLawns #rewilding

Ladder standing beside our fruit trees in the backyard.
1 month ago

I planted this (bare root) apple tree over the winter. Bit surprised to see it's now covered in blossom. Should I let it have apples in its first year in the garden? It's only 3 years old, and it's branches are just wee twigs!


Pink bids on an apple tree
1 month ago

Two completely #different looking #crabapple #trees in full #Spring #bloom ๐Ÿฅฐ
There's another crabapple tree in our backyard that has darker pink blooms too. The pink/white #blossoms are on #nonfruiting #MarileeCrabapple in front yard. I got an #arborist to identify it - I'm unfamiliar with non-fruiting #FruitTrees .

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Marilee crabapple in full Spring bloom.
Crabapple tree with deep pink flower blossoms.
1 month ago

Update on my pride and joy!

My mulberry cutting is doing so well. Now I see real leaves and it is so healthy and pretty.

#Gardening #BalconyGarden #ContainerGarden #France #Mulberry #Cutting #Trees #FruitTrees #GrowYourOwn #Plants

1 month ago

This old, scraggly rescued #apple #tree produces a lot of #fruit & the apples are big. It's easiest of all our #FruitTrees to harvest from because it's not very tall. I don't know what kind it is - dug it up over 25 yrs ago from demolition site.

#Wsanec #Saanich #VictoriaBC #yyj #vanisle #VancouverIsland #PNW #PacificNorthwest #BritishColumbia #Canada #GardenersOfMastodon #SDFgardeners #MastodonGardeners #GrowApples #WhatsInMyGarden #FoodTree #GrowFood #Homegrown #SelfSufficiency #FoodSecurity

Old scraggly apple tree on our side yard.
J blue
2 months ago

Please baby, live!โ€ฆ LIVE!! ๐Ÿฅบ๐Ÿค•

Syzygium jambos, rose apple. Did a squirrel, rat or rabbit do this?

#GrowYourOwn #fruit #fruittrees #gardening #organic #pests

J Mills
2 months ago

Finished another batch of labels for my fruit trees.

I start by cutting scraps of copper pipe into rectangular chunks. I stamp in info like variety name, rootstock and graft year. Drill a hole, file off any sharp spots. I attach these to the tree or its cage using pieces of scrap copper electrical wire.

These labels, made from "waste," will never fade and last well over a century.

#FruitTrees #orchard #postindustrial

labels for fruit trees made of pieces of copper pipe. names & dates are stamped into the metal
2 months ago

Squee! More #peach #blossoms are out on our very old tree! It's a heavy producer - despite being really old & scraggly looking. This little #PeachTree produces more #fruit than 2 of my neighbour's bigger trees. #SmallAndMighty

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My blossoming peach tree.
3 months ago

Spring is here. I planted 5 apple trees and 2 pear trees last month and thereโ€™s visible signs of blossom on them all. #spring #appleblossom #fruittrees #westcork

Apple blossom buds just opening. Creamy petals with pink edges.
Malka Beth
3 months ago

Question, as I think about maintaining fruit tree varieties and possibly switching out within this, especially for my concern that in 20-30 years my hands won't work well enough to do grafting...

Will Air Layering work to propagate all varieties of fruit trees?

#FruitTrees #HomeOrchard

J blue
3 months ago

So many flowers! ๐Ÿฅฐ

Jamaican cherry (Muntingia calabura) is all of a sudden full of flowers.

Curry tree (Murraya koenigii) has blooms on every branch. One flowered a bit too early and I tried hand-pollinating it. I just put it beside the blueberries so the bees will find it. The flowers smell like pungent jasmine.

And my Cherry of the Rio Grande (E involucrata) has its first blooms at 3yo! โค๏ธ

#gardening #GrowYourOwn #organic #florespondence #fruit #FruitTrees #TropicalGardening

A close up pic of a Jamaican cherry flower with green leaves in the background. The flower looks like a strawberry flower. It five white petals with yellow anthers and green pistils.
A profuse inflorescence of curry flowers. Most of the buds are green and not yet open but a few are opened. The opened flowers have thin white petals, green pรญstela and whitish stamens and yellow to white anthers. You can see the green curry leaves out of focus in the background.
Unopened buds of a cherry of the Rio Grande. They are light green. The leaves are dark green. The leaves a wet bc I just watered it. Thatโ€™s when I noticed the flowers.
More unopened flowers of the Cherry of the Rio Grande. They are facing upwards and the leaves and buds are wet.
3 months ago

I may have a mulberry tree soon!

We used to have a giant Mayberry tree in the middle of our house in Tehran.

The white malberry is not that common in Europe bur here in south of France, there are plenty of red ones.

Remember my surprise to find a really large tree right outside the entrance of the office of Texas Instruments where I was a contractor. I picked bags full of fruits to the surprise of my coworkers who would not touch those because they were afraid they are poisonous.

Last week when I went to Lidl, I saw malberry tree on the street and took a cutting with me when I came home.

Cleaned it, cut it properly and put it in the soil hoping it will growe.

Today I saw something on it that looks like it's going to grow . I'm so excited and will be thrilled to have a tree in our future house so I can enjoy delicious, juicy and sweet Tooth as we call it in Farsi.

#malberry #treecutting #gardening #France #Trees #GrowYourOwn #FruitTrees
Scott Robeson
3 months ago

Plums in spring. Prunus americana (left photo), being adapted to the fickle mid-continent climate, is more resistant to an early bloom than is Prunus salicina โ€˜Shiroโ€™ (right photo). #Phenology #FruitTrees #Spring #RuralLife

American plum in mid March, not budding much
Japanese plum in mid-March, ready to bloom at the next warmup
Rastaโ„ข OLD
3 months ago

I can never find people when searching back. We had this conversation about two days ago, with someone interested in #trees, and fruit trees tolerant of the ocean.

And now I can't find them. Maybe they will see this, if I tag it to death?

What we have here, is apple trees, at the shoreline; #ocean comes over the base of the furthest one regularly, the one on the right is higher, but was taken down twice by Hurricane Storm Surge & waves. Yet, they both produce apples.

#FruitTrees #Saltwater

Two apple trees on the ocean high tide mark
Ellie Kennard ๐ŸŒฑ
3 months ago

Low Hanging Cloud over North Mountain.
Looking from the orchard to the hills
February 4, 2012
#AnnapolisValley #NovaScotia #Hillaton #cloud #winter #Orchard #FruitTrees #Countryside #LandscapePhotography #Landscape

A winter scene with snow in the foreground, evergreen trees on the left, bare branched fruit trees on the right side. There is a field visible beyond the trees, with low brown vegetation leading to a hillside that is dark under low lying grey cloud. The whole scene is a little hazy and soft.

Pear trees are predominantly hover-fly pollinated. (Notice how they stink?) But the pear trees on our farm are humming with honey bees. We're hoping we get a decent fruit set this year.

#bees #beekeeping #honeybees #farmlife #fruittrees #pears #pollination

Honey bee on pear blossom.
One of our bigger pear trees.
Honey bee on pear blossom.
Morpheus Being
3 months ago

#Food #FruitTrees #Orchard
Spent most of the day in orchard area, planted a new Tahitian lime and a kaffir lime. Checked and upgraded drippers. Now that trees growing well, have to upgrade from 1 dripper per tree to 4. Issue is checking them constantly under the mulch.

Blood oranges in my orchard.
Mandarin tree in my orchard.
General view of my orchard with narrow leafed ironbark, belah and white cypress in background.
Lemons in my orchard.
Bjorn Idle
3 months ago

Thought I'd share some of the fruit growing / ripening in our garden at the moment. This is:

* Raspberry 'Ivory' - one of the yellow varieties
* Feijoa (unknown variety) - Sorry, the plant was here when we moved in!
* Fig 'Vlassoff' - the second batch for the year. These may not ripen in time before Winter
* Apple 'Blush Babe'

#Fruit #FruitTrees #Nature #Gardening #Plants #Raspberry #Feijoa #Fig #Apple

Close up of an orange-coloured raspberry, glossy and with tiny hairs glinting in the sun.
Close up of the side texture of a feijoa fruit as the sun runs along it, showing the dimples and tiny hairs
Close up of a brown-coloured fig, upright and still fairly small. It's got a Green Bottle fly on it. Of course it has a Green Bottle fly on it - we have so many in our garden!
An apple on the tree. The side receiving direct sun has blushed sharply red, while the side pointing more toward the ground remains a yellow-green colour.
K.O. Munley
3 months ago

I'm feeling much the same. One eye is enjoying the blossoms while the other is doggedly watching the weather forecast.

@thegardendude #Blossom #Flowers #FruitTrees

Gia Scott
3 months ago

I got up to an alarm today, as I did not want to risk sleeping late with our warm temps. I have trees that need planted TODAY, which also needs hubby's help.

I got one hole dug already for our dwarf fruiting quince. I took out the sod for the red fleshed apple tree, leaving the digging for hubby. That leaves marking the spot for the seedless pomegranate.

3 hrs later, he is still working on getting ready to start & it's too hot for me now.
#Morning #SeniorLife #FruitTrees #Spring #Planting

Rastaโ„ข OLD
3 months ago

Hey @ForfarFairLady , did you see my window orchard?
They're a bit premature, now I have to try to keep them alive until spring.

#FruitTrees #Peach #Trees #Seeds #Gardening #AltText #PlantTrees #IndoorGardening #GrowYourOwn

Eight or nine tiny peach trees in yogurt cups and Solo cups under 6 in high
K.O. Munley
4 months ago

My peach trees are waking up.

#FruitTrees #Spring

A close-up of a Prunus Persica peach's pink flower.
A close-up of a Prunus Persica peach's pink flowers.
4 months ago

I did at least also get about 80-100lbs of used animal bedding - most of which looked well decomposed, so tomorrow, even as I hope to get a solid amount of sawing done primarily, if not much on that is managed, I'm hoping to get out a solid 200+lbs from that basement pen, and at least layer it up around the 5 apple trees that I planted about 4-6 months ago & build up a pile to draw from with the later planned rows of trees - putting it in lines about double to triple the length/width of the roots of said trees. #Gardening #FruitTrees #Homesteading

Lucy Wallace
4 months ago

My poor garden is horribly neglected at the moment which makes me a bit sad and stressed. In my defence, its good for wildlife so I'll leave off tidying it for another month.

Good news though, I have just planted my first fruit tree ๐ŸŒณ which is making me happy. A self fertile apple, that I am training as a stepover.


Me and my monstrous fig tree. The latter will be pruned hard on Friday. There will be cuttings. If youโ€™re in Portland let me know if you want some.

#FoodForest #FruitTrees #BackyardFruitTrees #DesertKingFig

Woman, dressed for the cold, stands next to an enormous, tangled fig tree.
Petra ๐ŸฆŽ Geefeconomie
4 months ago

Three years ago we left our #farmhouse. It was a place of #abundance in every way. We created a #vegetablegarden, plantes lots of #fruittrees, had dozens of herbs.

Inside there we three guestrooms, a big living room, a huge kitchen that everyone could use. There was time and space and money in abundance, everything was taken care off. So everyone who stayed at this gem could just BE there. Dozens of people tried, no-one stayed.

#Permaculture #OutdoorLiving #SimpleLiving #RadicalLiving

A basket full of vegetables freshly picked from the garden
A fennel giving seeds
A big field with in the background a church and before that a field with corn. On the foreground pink flowers are growing.
A white farmhouse with a big pear tree in front that is blossoming. Under the tree is a outside square table.
Heather C.
7 months ago

What's on my mind?

Persimmons and future #jam.

These are what we can currently reach, too many more still on the tree.

#fruit #trees #FruitTrees

A photo of american persimmon fruits. The squat, oval, orange fruits are in a red wire basket on a wooden cutting board.
Eric H
7 months ago

More fun info from my #SoilHealth class at the library:
- Tests are free from Mid-April to ~Thanksgiving, and $4/test after due to volume
- When collecting samples it's important to get them from the root zone and not the top and to get it from several areas to mix (but all of the same type: lawn/tree/garden/etc.)
- Make sure to use only clean stainless steel or plastic tools as galvanized metal can contaminate
How neat is that?