Cycliste du quotidien
2 weeks ago

While I'll mostly toot in French, I may switch to English regularly. Having lived in the UK for more than 6 years, I still have strong bonds with that country despite #FuckBrexit.

Besonders interessant liest sich auch das Statement der englischen Regierung. Nicht speziell zur Firma Cycloc, aber allgemein.
Die Regierung zieht sich darauf zurück, dass es das TCA (Freihandelsabkommen EU-UK) gibt. Sie kapieren es nicht. Problem sind die Kosten für die Zollabfertigung, denn die ist trotz TCA nötig.
Der blanke Hohn ist dann, dass sie hervorheben, dass das Business dadurch um 0,5% stieg. Und das soll 50% Verlust abfangen? #FuckBrexit #Brexit

Ein weiteres englisches Unternehmen (Cycloc), dass 17 Jahre lang erfolgreich Wandhalterungen für Fahrräder herstellte, geriet wegen des Brexit in Schwierigkeiten. Das EU Geschäft ist wegen der Kosten für die Zollabfertigung weggebrochen. Die EU machte 50% des Geschäfts aus. Die Firma verlor 25% ihres Gesamtumsatzes. Das kann kleinen Firmen das Genick brechen.

Und am Ende hat es das auch getan. Cycloc muss aufgeben.

#FuckBrexit #Brexit

3 months ago

Seit dem 14.09 ist mein #Sinfonia Paket von #NewModelArmy unterwegs und seit dem 21.09 hängt es offenbar in einer Londoner Verteilstelle fest. Man sagt ja "Gut Ding will Weile haben", aber das ist sehr albern. #fuckbrexit

Trip up north now booked for February in a super tiny holiday cottage 'thing', was hoping to get up there for a week between Sept and the middle of December alas all the holiday lets know the UK is now held largely captive because of Brexit and resultingly they have hiked up their rental tariffs exorbitantly. *Sighs*

#FuckBrexit #Photography #BelieveInFilm #RipOffBritain

The map from this, , video saddens me deeply.
Pre #Brexit no issue....
Post Clegg betrayal & the fact that South #Herefordshire is now in #England is an expense, as C2 is looking at Universities.


An old map of Wales where South Herefordshire is in modern day Wales...
kim_harding ✅
4 months ago

#FuckBrexit! I had to send my laptop to Germany for repair under warranty, and now I have to pay £245 on import charges to get it back!

Who voted for this shite? I didn't, nor did most people in Scotland. This has been inflicted on us by a government in Westminster that the clear majority of people in Scotland didn't vote for.

Tim B
4 months ago

Another quiet Saturday.
Good job I'm sort of skint and have no plans to go anywhere or I'd be really pissed the local traffic is screwed again #FuckBrexit

Ken Wilson
5 months ago

#FuckBrexit it’s been an absolute disaster for the uk and it’s economy and it’s standing in the world (let alone the shyster tories in government also being 1000% crooked bellends too)

Gary Jesionowski
5 months ago

@MattTheQuick I checked Europe. Technically (ideologically?) we’re no longer part of it but I’m most definitely still European! #FuckBrexit

jens nandi
7 months ago

30 euro zoll für 100 euro ware #fuckbrexit

9 months ago

@Willie2 Of course he knows. Just not allowed to say so.

The NI Protocol agreement seems quite reasonable and sensible, therefore surely doomed to fail.
#IHopeImWrong #NorthernIreland #NIProtocol #FuckBrexit

🍀 Cecil Teapot 🍀
9 months ago

Ordered dog food from Amazon about a fortnight ago, it's still not here despite the courier having taken hold of it on Thursday, there's 4 minutes left of their 4 day delivery time slot, ridiculous amount of time. 😠

I'm going to punch the guy in the face when he comes to the door, well.... unless he's a big c*nt obviously, but I think that's just common sense.
#FuckBrexit #WasItBrexit #ItProbablyWasBrexit 🤔

Will Wright ♿
10 months ago

Everyone in the UK who can't get tomatoes enjoying your turnips like a good little peasant?

#Brexit #News #Politics #UK #tomatoes #fuckbrexit

1 year ago

No comment necessary - or possible. #ToriesOutNow #FuckBrexit

Me trying to figure out how to find similar minded people on mastodon (still not figured out how to use/find #federated #search results! 😥)
#indy #supporter #haggis #scotland #Edinburgh #whisky #singlemalt #Wood #timber #engineering #toriesout #fuckbrexit #gada

1 year ago

I’m angry because my EU Citizenship has been stolen by a referendum so deeply undemocratic, so fundamentally and utterly flawed, that it should never, ever have been allowed to stand. #FuckFarage #FuckBrexit #LoveEU #WeWillBeBack

Pete :v_gay:
1 year ago

After going to #Auchan for groceries this evening, I was nearly moved to tears with seeing full shelves and food variety at reasonable prices. It reinforces how bad things have gotten in the UK. #FuckBrexit

Brad Brooks
1 year ago

@haverholm Hey Allan, I’ve just noticed the the uncomics anthology is out, and I’m trying to order it from the hybriden site, but it’s telling me that due to Brexit, orders under £135 can’t be fulfilled? Is that correct?

Skinny Feels
3 years ago

Just bought something from my own store. As it's printed in Latvia and delivered to the UK I'm expecting to pay EXPORT TAX and IMPORT TAX as the UK has no trade agreement with the EU at the moment.

Depending how much this £25.00 Skinny Feels hat costs me in total will make me chose whether I can afford to keep my merchandise shop open or to close it.