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Braverman is going to release the document Sunak agreed to in order to get her support, but he didn’t sign it?

…. She’s really not being imaginative enough about the things she says he agreed to, is she? Why say raised salary requirements for visas when you could have said electrified fences and minefields around the coastline? Rwanda? Why not an agreement with Mars to take our asylum seekers.
She really is as thick as pig shit.

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1 week ago

Just wait until she finds out who had responsibility for this outrage, then there’ll be hell to pay.


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A screenshot from the Guardian app:

Politics live with Andrew Sparrow
“Suella Braverman calls for annual cap on net
migration, saying new figures 'slap in face to
British public' - UK politics live

“Former home secretary says pressure on
housing, the NHS, schools, wages, and
community cohesion, is unsustainable”

There’s a picture of Braverman below.
1 week ago

Spent all day thinking my neurology appointment was tomorrow. I checked and it’s 22nd November 2024. I was nearly a whole year early, which seems excessive. My annual appointments are now apparently a lot further apart than anticipated. Still, on the plus side, I can go for a swim in the lake tomorrow morning now. What’s 2 years between appointments for a progressive neurological condition?
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Steve :verified:
1 week ago

Tory Minister Tells People On Benefits They Have A "Duty" To Work!

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2 weeks ago

Popped into the Coop this afternoon to buy an onion. Bought a couple of chocolate advent calendars as well and added them to the foodbank collection. Cost me very little and hopefully spreads a little joy to someone local. 30p Lee can go fuck himself.

2 weeks ago

Just reading this by Ian Dunt on the threat to pass new laws about #Rwanda "The latest that parliament can dissolve for the next election is December 17th 2024. So if this legislation was going to be passed in time for the election, it would have to go to the Lords no later than November 17th 2024. And according to the Parliament Act timescales, that means that it would need to have its first reading in the Commons Chamber on November 17th 2023".
That's today.
Ain't happening.


2 weeks ago

Accidentally listened to #PMQs. It was the full bingo card from Sunak, mentioning Islington, “no money left”, “friends of Hamas”, and so on.
And now I’m angry.


2 weeks ago

If you haven't been to a hospital in Britain recently, here is a taste.
After a number of phone calls over several hours and eventually opting to take a taxi rather than an ambulance, I arrived here over five hours ago. It took two hours to triage me, the nurse told me I was a priority and I haven't heard from anyone since.
The announcement tells me that people arriving now will wait 9 hours to see a doctor and "is likely to get longer"

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CatButtes :verified_coffee:
2 weeks ago

I didn’t think it was possible for a letter to make a person actually sound like they were literally frothing at the mouth.

Then I read Braverman’s open letter to Sunak.

She sounds deranged as fuck and it’s worrying that she was in The Cabinet. I knew she was a nasty little gremlin, but seeing her be so open about it without shame is just scary. I really hope none of the remaining Tory fuckwits are that xenophobic and venomous.

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2 weeks ago

🎵 I'll be living off my trust fund
🎵 underneath the hot sun
🎵 forgetting that i'm someone

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Parody (feat. David Cameron) of Shotgun by George Ezra
Credits: @PoliticsJoe
2 weeks ago

Cameron's Chaos Coaliton

#Politics #UK #Meme #FuckTheTories

Chaos Coalition - David Cameron
Parody of R. Kelly - Ignition (Remix)
Credits: @PoliticsJOE
2 weeks ago

Ah. Apologies. SIR Jacob Rees-Mogg.


2 weeks ago

Rees-Mogg is on #Newsnight? Bed it is then.
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3 weeks ago

#DavidCameron was described as 'grossly negligent' by a cross party committee of his own peers just a few short years ago. He is now an unaccountable baron and an unelected foreign secretary. It's also been alleged that he fucked a dead pig, but #DodgyDave has remained tight lipped on the subject.

Photo taken at the March on the 2015 Tory Conference in Manchester. #FuckTheTories

A group of protesters. Two signs are visible. One reads, 'The Tories fuck everything they touch,' the other reads, 'Bored of the Bastard'
it's kat! 🍉
3 weeks ago

wishing david cameron all the very pariah.
#callMeDave #davidCameron #fuckTheTories

3 weeks ago

Cameron? Are you fucking kidding me?
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3 weeks ago

I’m so tired of this fucking melodrama.

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3 weeks ago

Sorry for the radio silence - been a busy bee and working on some Christmas bits. Just got these reprinted tho and they are still a mood 😂
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Bite the hand that starves you vinyl sticker featuring an angry wolf biting a hand with blood spraying.
3 weeks ago

BBC News - Boris Johnson wanted to be injected with Covid on TV - ex-adviser

It's genuinely hard to think about how to respond to this kind of information. There are many lessons to learn from this, but I doubt it coming to light will make any difference at all
#covid #CovidEnquiry #BorisJohnson #FuckTheTories

A young woman at a protest holds up a sign that says "Fuck Boris. Not in a sex way - in a bad way"
John Earle
3 weeks ago

I'm sure my charity feels exactly the same way
Homelessness is not a 'lifestyle choice'

3 weeks ago


Idles - Mother

Apple Music threw up some Idles this morning, which has pivoted my musical needs, so now I’m chomping on this.


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1 month ago

So the Welsh branch of the #ToryScum thought they'd waste some money trying to convince me that they have a plan... I know they have a plan, it's to fuck over every single person in this country who doesn't donate to them and share their fascist, xenophobic cuntish views.

I found the right spot for it though.


1 month ago

If you’ve ever wondered why anyone would vote for Peter Bone, read this article in #TheGuardian and wonder no more. Bloody hell, Kettering. WTF?

#UKPol #FuckTheTories

2 months ago

Good to see that some of the HS2 money is going to be used to extend the Nottingham tram network out to Clifton South.

… except that line opened in 2015.

… and funding for the tram network was confirmed in 1998 by the new Labour government.

not a lot for Sunak to be singing about here, you’d think.

#FuckTheTories #UKPol #Liar

it's kat! 🍉
2 months ago

could suella braverman choke on a voodo canape & die, please? she quoted shelley's 'the masque of anarchy'. i think he'd help me whip up the killer hors d'oeuvre.
#ostentatiousCompassion #fuckTheTories #ukPol #percyByssheShelley

it's kat! 🍉
2 months ago

why i punish myself by watching them, i'll never know...but every tory party conference attendee i've seen interviewed looks & sounds absolutely hammered (or nose-candied or both). #fuckTheTories #toriesOut #toryPartyConference #ukpol

2 months ago

“We should not accept the status quo” says the party of government for the last 13.5 long years, packed to the gills with inherited money and private educations. If you’re not the bloody Establishment, then who exactly is? And how is abolishing inheritance tax doing anything other than strengthening the status quo? Can you at least try to be ideologically consistent?

#FuckTheTories #UKPol

it's kat! 🍉
2 months ago

is this brighter future shaped like an inescapable, face-meltingly fiery orb, by any chance? #rishiSunak #climateChange #netZero #sunak #fuckTheTories #eatTheRich #noBillionaires

flanked by two maaaaaassssssivvve union flags (AKA butchers aprons), the billionaire PM of the UK, rishi sunak stands behind a lectern emblazoned with yet another tiresome tory slogan. this one reads, 'long-term decisions for a brighter future'. above it, a partial subtitle says, 'some of you may die-'.
rishi himself appears to be asleep at the wheel, which is a pretty fitting metaphor. he's about as interested in the welfare of you & me as he is in actually pretending to care about the habitability of our planet.
it's kat! 🍉
3 months ago

in #scotland? want to support local #artists? you'll love this print from yallariso in dundee - &, for the reasonable sum of £1, it's truly for the many.
#dundee #art #fuckTheTories #riso

riso print poster from yallariso in dundee, scotland. it features a burning union flag, around which, clockwise, it reads: 'we do not want to fucking starve. we do not want to fucking freeze'.

They're all Hunts. All of them. The PM, The Cabinet, The MPs, The Members, The Councillors, The Supporters & Promoters, The Voters, The Donors, The Think Tanks & APPGs, SPADs and Advisors, The Right Wing media that promote them and apologise for them. The organisations that give them a job when they leave.

They need to be utterly destroyed. We need to salt the ground they walk on so they never come back.

#ATAC #Fuckthetories #GTTO #NeverVoteTory

Nasty Party

Chris Baldie
4 months ago

The last three for tonight I think before my hand cramps up. Feel free to send suggestions in the meantime.
All of these will be for sale at some point as a fundraiser for Trussel Trust food banks here in the UK.

#mastoart #illustration #characterdesign #books #literature #FuckTheTories

Three hand drawn bookmarks: Lyra from Golden Compass, Terry Pratchett, and Terry Pratchett’s Granny Weatherwax.
Meta-Sentient Flavored Aqua
4 months ago

“stop the stupid stunts” Oliver Dowden.

Funny that's almost exactly what I think we need to do about the Tories.

#ClimateCrisis #ToryCorruption #FuckTheTories

it's kat! 🍉
4 months ago

the more i listen to rishi sunak, the more stupid & inept & malignant i find him. i should stop listening to him & his weird, faux-earnest, 'motivational speaker' style. why are all tories so fucking weird?
#ukPol #sunak #fossilFuels #climateCrisis #fuckTheTories

Deniz Opal
4 months ago

- Global Warming is a hoax.

- Well ok Global Warming is real but it is not man made.

- Ok ok Global Warming is real and man made but...

#GlobalWarming #politics #environment #green #FuckTheTories

Jacob Rees Mogg "Global warming has actually saved lives."

🚨BREAKING: Two cruise ships set to house 1,000 refugees (referred to as migrants by Sky) have not been able to dock in the UK and have had to return to the company that owns them. (Sky News)
The boats were *refused permission to dock* at Liverpool and Edinburgh.
#SmallBoats #UKPolitics #RefugeesWelcome #FuckTheTories

Check out this absolute hero at the #TourDeFrance #BaiseLesTories #FuckTheTories #TdF #TdF2023

A screenshot of a single rider on the road in the Tour de France and in the background a man in a red tshirt holds up a sign that says "BAISE LES TORIES".
A close-up of a single rider on the road in the Tour de France and in the background a man in a red tshirt holds up a sign that says "BAISE LES TORIES".
Meta-Sentient Flavored Aqua
5 months ago

I really, really wish I could be proud of the diversity currently in our government but alas they're Tories & so irrespective of their ethnicity they are utterly craven, cruel, callous, corrupt cockwombles. Our last two Home Secretarys are just openly evil & sadistic. They derive obvious pleasure from human suffering. Anyway at least one evil plan has been thwarted by that pesky European Convention on Human Rights.

#FuckTheTories #UKPol #AsylumSeekersWelcome

Thirteen years of Conservatives being in power and this is what it's come to:

"'I feel guilty for encouraging my daughter to join the NHS': Doctors on the staffing crisis"
#UKPolitics #SOSNHS #FuckTheTories #SupportTheStrikes #FairPay

5 months ago

The UK government will put trans women in men's prisons until they get bottom surgery, even if they have had their gender already scrutinized by the state and *earned* a gender recognition certificate.

"The government has decided to take this further step as an additional measure to protect women."

I could end up in an all men's prison for peaceful protest some time. They better get cracking on those waiting lists.
#fuckthetories #pride #fascism

Meta-Sentient Flavored Aqua
5 months ago

One of my favourite writers of contemporary & science fiction also knew the score #FuckTheTories #Writing #Conservatives

"I'm not arguing there are no decent people in the Tory Party, but they're like bits of sweetcorn in a turd; technically they've kept their integrity, but they're still embedded in shit." Iain Banks, Author.  

Also includes a black and white photo of Iain Banks, a middle aged man with a short beard and glasses.
Meta-Sentient Flavored Aqua
5 months ago

When he's not writing the terrifyingly good Black Mirror, Charlie Brooker is saying it as it is. #FuckTheTories #Conservatives

"The Conservative party is an eternally irritating force for wrong that appeals to bigots, toffs, money minded machine men, faded entertainers and selfish, grasping simpletons who were born with some essential part of their soul missing"
Charlie Brooker

Image also contains photo of Charlie Brooker, a red haired, blue eyed, white man.
Rocko's Modern Basilisk
5 months ago

Seen in Stanford-le-Hope, Essex, on Friday #FuckTheTories #UKPol

A sign on a wall reading "Thurrock deserves better, stop voting Tory"
5 months ago

#Boris told you not to meet people

#Boris told not to gather in groups - which meant NO parties, NO Christmas get togethers, NO Birthday parties

#Boris said we couldn't say goodbye to our loved ones when they were leaving this world

#Boris said NO hugging your Mum & Dad.

Yet they still tell you he got all the big calls right. Had the fastest vaccine rollout while we were still part of the European Medicine Agency.

The #Tories who abstain today are staying that was all okay?


This says it all about the faux contrition and "we've got to move on" strategy coming out of Tory mouths:
#UKPolitics #FuckTheTories #Partygate #Covid

Simple screenshot reads:
They weren't sorry when you didn't know.
Remember that.

Johnson submitted extra evidence at THREE MINUTES TO MIDNIGHT yesterday, but he's still Trumping them off for not publishing the report yet.
#UKPolitics #PrivilegesCommittee #FuckTheTories

Boris Johnson said: "The Privileges Committee should publish their report and let the world judge their nonses.
They have no excuse for delay.
Their absurdly unfair rules do not even allow any criticism of their findings.
I have made my views clear to the committee in writing - and will do so widely when they finally publish.
Small boy with curly  blonde hair having a tantrum

Jesus christ. The story itself is utterly revolting but use of the word overkill is abhorrent.
#UKPolitics #CovidInquiry #CovidJuistice #Partygate #FuckTheTories

Screenshot of a story from today's Daily Telegraph.
Covid Inquiry demands virus ests for attendees a year after lateral flows were scrapped.
Public hearing is accused of "overkill" after staff and visitors to check for symptoms of coronavirus.

Here's a section of the Public Accounts Committee's report into government fraud during Covid. All the old favourites are there - Mone/Medpro, Randox. It's almost as if they were only interested in handing cash to their mates ...
h/t Carol Vorderman on the other place
#CovidInquiry #ToryCorruption #VIPLanes #CovidFraud #UKPolitics #FuckTheTories

Between MArch 2020 and December 2021, Government awarded 22 contracts to Randox (or its strategic partner Qnostics Ltd) for its testing services, worth a maximum total value of £776.9 milliion.  The Committee's inquiry into these contracts found numerous issues with the first contract  - failures in basic record-keeping; gaps in conflict-of-interest declarations; and wider procurement issues, such as a lack of senior scrutiny and sign-off.  The DHSC also marked supplier offers as "VIP" if they had been referred from ministers, MPs, or Number 10.  These priority suppliers received £6 billion of the £7.9 billion of testing contracts awarded between May 2020 and March 2021.
The PAC has been asked by Parliament to examine the papers relating government contracts for the supply of PPE by PPE Medpro which secured two contracts worth a combined value of over £200 million and is now the subject of an investigation by the National Crime Agency into potential fraud.

Having a wander through my bookmarks and found this, which the OP seems to have deleted (h/t @anomnomnomaly ). Still as relevant as when it was first posted.

A quick English lesson

1: Tsunami - The T is silent
2: Knife - The K is silent
3: Honest - The H is silent
4: Tory Corruption - The BBC is silent

#GTTO #UKPolitics #BBCBias #FuckTheTories

Wow. So Johnson has only supplied records from May 2021 onwards. Can you guess what else happened in May 2021? He announced the Covid Inquiry.
#UKPolitics #FuckTheTories #CovidInquiry

FFS. We've done nothing but act like belligerent, ill-mannered children for the last seven years and now their ideological fuckwittery has been thoroughly exposed as the bullshit it was, they're desperate to get back in the club without *actually* shifting their position.
"Government making 'strong representation' to EU about Brexit trade rules affecting car exports, MPs told"
#UKPolitics #Brexit #FuckTheTories

How many times are they going to try and get away with this shit. YOU DO *NOT* HAVE TO APPLY FOR ASYLUM IN THE FIRST SAFE COUNTRY. That the PM's spokesperson had to correct THE FUCKING IMMIGRATION MINISTER is just mindblowing. The same guy who called migrants cannibals last week. 🤬🤬
"No 10 accepts Jenrick was wrong to claim UN refugee convention says people must apply for asylum in first safe country they reach"
#UKPolitics #RefugeesWelcome #HumanRights #FuckTheTories

Bang on the money from the Archbish in the Lords during the debate on the Illegal Migration Bill:
""The UNHCR has warned this bill could lead to the collapse of the int'l system. Is that what we want the UK's contribution to be? This bill has no sense of the global or the long term."
#UKPolitics #RefugeesWelcome #HumanRights #FuckTheTories

Extract from an email sent by Graham Smith of Republic:
"Our arrests have been covered around the world and by all UK media outlets. It has been noted by a lot of observers that Charles has remained silent and has not made any effort to defend our values and liberties.

***Republic has also seen a huge influx of members, supporters and donations."*** 👊👊🥳
#FreeSpeech #RightToProtest #Coronation #NotMyKing #MetPolice #AbolishTheMonarchy #FuckTheTories #UKPolitics