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2023/23 Thema: bunt

Da sollte ich wohl mal Velvia Film Simulation einstellen.
Eine dreifach Exposure* von Blumen im Garten.

*War ich wieder am Kauderwelschen? 3-fach Belichtung...

#gardening #fujifilm #flowers

Drei verschiedene Fotos von Blumen im Garten: blauer Indigo, gelbe Stiefmütterchen und rosa Akelei transparent übereinander fotografiert.
Rob Allen
3 hours ago

Experimenting with actions shots using my new XF33/1.4 lens! #swimming #holiday #vacation #photography #Fujifilm #XH2

Person swimming in an outdoor swimming pool. They are coming towards us and will pass on our right, swimming crawl with their head to their right as they take a breath.
Flipboard Art & Photo Desk
22 hours ago

Five ❤️ for #followfriday

@camhunt - #NYC photographer posting #Mirrorless #Fujifilm #StreetPhotography

@chashale - #NewYorker combines #history & #photography

@eniale - #digitalart meets #collage

@montymo - street photographer specializing in #Leica, #Monochrome shots

@Sunshiny.Sam - cheerful #mixedmedia

#ff #mastoart

Jaime Lacasa
1 day ago
Fotografía en blanco y negro. Calle María de Molina.
Escuela Técnica Superior de Ingenieros Industriales. Photowalk Madrid.
Jaime Lacasa
1 day ago

Calle María de Molina #Madrid
Localización de la película "Cría Cuervos" de Carlos Saura.
#Photography #StreetPhotography #cityscape
#monochrome #blackandwhite #bw
#Fujifilm #FujifilmXT3

Fotografía en blanco y negro. Calle María de Molina.
Localización de la película "Cría Cuervos" de Carlos Saura. Photowalk Madrid.
c't Fotografie
1 day ago

heise+ | Hands on Fujifilm X-S20: Einsteigerspiegellose mit Vlogging-Schwerpunkt

Die Fujifilm APS-C-Kamera X-S20 löst die X-S10 ab, richtet sich aber ebenfalls an Einsteiger, Reisefotografen und Vlogger.

#ctFotografie #Fotografie #Fujifilm #news

Chris Freitag 📸
2 days ago

I just caught my first ever #lightning bolt. The storm over South #Denver is lighting up the night sky with huge bolts and I pointed my #fujifilmxt5 out the window on high-speed capture for 31 frames and got one.

#photography #fujifilm

A lightning bolt dances across the night sky above the trees.
2 days ago

We had another hazy, smoky day here in #NorthCarolina. Not as bad as up north but it still made for a very red sunset. #Photography #Fujifilm

A very red sun shines low on the horizon, reflecting off of a lake.
Vertical zoomed shot of a very red sun setting behind some clouds over a fishing pier on a lake
A passenger jet flies past illuminated clouds during an orange hazy sunset
Timothy Andrew
2 days ago

From the CD backup archives, here's a photo I got of #TigersStadium before it was demolished in 2009.

Corktown District, #Detroit, #Michigan

#Thursday, January 5, 2004

#ThrowBackThursday #TBT
#MastroArt #Photography #FujiFilm #FujiFilmS2Pro
#DetroitTigers #Baseball #Americana

landscape color photo. Lower left frame, there's O'Blivions Corktown Cafe; a tan brick with a green sign. The lower left frame is the Detroit Athletic Company; a white building with closed green shutters. Top half frame is the old tiger's stadium behind the other buildings. It's a white building with light blue trim. The metal stadium lights appear top left. The sky is brusied even though it's sunny. In the foreground right frame, A rusty green sign pole holds a red sign reading master care car service in white font.
Timothy Andrew
2 days ago

I'd like to thank #PatRobertson for inspiring me to do a "snow covered grave in hell" edit of this photo I took forever ago.

Elmwood Cemetery, #Detroit, #Michigan, January 5, 2004

#ThrowBackThursday #TBT
#MastroArt #Photography #FujiFilm #FujiFilmS2Pro

Landscape color photo that is heavy tinted red. A large, cross-shaped grave stone dominates the left frame. There are patches of black, leafless trees on the fringes lower bottom and right frame. The red sky has ominous dark clouds.
Stuart Herbert
2 days ago

I went out for a walk last night with the one #Fujifilm lens I just don't get on with: the 18-80mm f/4.

Ended up with a keeper rate of over 50%.

I haven't had a keeper rate like that since I shot Canon back in 2012-2015.

I'm very confused right now!

Stuart Herbert
2 days ago

Seen on an evening walk on the main road up to #Glyncoch near #Pontypridd.

Taken with the 18-80mm f/4 lens.

#fujifilm #XH2 #photography #street #BlackAndWhite #Wales #Cymru

On the left of the photo is a flat wall. There are steps in front of the flat wall, leading up and left and out of frame.

On the flat wall, someone has stencilled the words 'ST MALO'. Some of the letters have started to fade.

On the right of the photo, pavement disappears into the far distance. The street to the left of the pavement is hidden by trees and bushes. ST MALO's Wall is the only part of a building in the shot.

On the far right of the photo, a single car is approaching. It's in the far distance, and is very indistinct.
3 days ago

The vast grasslands of the Corbett National Park allows one to indulge in some minimalist wildlife photography. I enjoyed taking these, as it involved a lot of waiting and patience and made me appreciate the forest more. #photography #Fujifilm #blackandwhite #wildlife #WildlifePhotography

4 days ago

The smoke and haze from the Canadian wildfires has reached us down here in #NorthCarolina today. #Photography #Fujifilm

A heron flies over a lake towards the hazy red sunset
Chris Freitag 📸
4 days ago

I just went on a drive out East of #Denver to catch the storms and clouds. The excursion paid off.

#fujifilm #photography #xt5 #landscapephotography

Driving under a web of concrete overpasses and exchanges on the highway.
A lone white barn sits in the green rolling hills as dark skies loom.
A barn and brick silo in the green meadow under dark gray clouds.
A cloud formation looks like an explosion over the edge of the city.

Desire to post pictures has diminished now that my favorite object is gone, and involvement in Mastodon may decrease quite a bit. But I may occasionally share some other beauty in the world. Roses in my yard. #photography #FujiFilm #flowers

Red roses in my yard
Jacob Tender
5 days ago
A bushy yellow cat relaxes on a neighborhood deck.
Steve Heller
5 days ago

Playing with texture and repeats in #Shinjuku today.

📸#xpro3 #fujifilm

#photography #streetphotography #architecturephotography

kernpanik 🐾
1 week ago

Mother woodpecker delivers a treat.

(click image for a complete view)

#photography #nature #forest #wildlife #birds #woodpeckers #Fujifilm #FujifilmXT2 #FujinonXF150to600
(photo: @kernpanik | license: CC BY-NC-SA 4.0)

A woodpecker feeds its young.

Sadly, this is the last post from Drake. He left the world very early this morning, suddenly and unexpectedly. Dog parents, please give your babies big hugs and kisses. #dog #dogs #DogsOfMastodon #rescuedogs #photography #fujifilm

A white and brown Jack Russell Terrier in the park.
Jacob Tender
1 week ago

I have no idea what I’m doing with this new camera, but Jazz doesn’t mind being my test subject.

#photography #DogsOfMastodon #XT5 #Fujifilm

A portrait of Jazz, a brindled Pit-Shepherd mix smiling for the camera during a game of fetch.
1 week ago

Das Display meiner #Fujifilm X-T2 ist defekt. Es funktioniert seit gestern nur noch mit ausgeklappt.
Kein Unfall.
Irgendwelche Erfahrungen / Hinweise?
The display of my #Fujifilm X-T2 is broken. Since yesterday it only works folded out.
No accident.
Any experiences/tips?

Photo of a camera with folded out display.
Jacob Tender
2 weeks ago

I just ordered my first “real” camera. A #Fujifilm X-T5 is on its way. 🙂📸

Tim Bray
2 weeks ago

1/2 First set of Howe-Sound pictures this year. Photos attached, but if you like lens geekery (note the focus issues), the blog is here:

#photography #fujifilm #SilentSunday

Looking across a body of water at a wooded green piece of land, perhaps an island, backed by a couple of small mountains, in shadow. Sky is cloudy.
Abstract photo of wooded mountainside with some of the trees lit up in a golden color.
Looking up at a big Douglas Fir tree, surrounded by other evergreens, against a blue sky.
A wooded cape with nice dusk lighting; some cottages and boats in the picture. Focus is poor.

Für das Thema #Romantik bei der #52WochenFotoChallenge von @norberteder wollte ich ja eigentlich etwas aus der gleichnamigen Epoche fotografieren. Hat sich aber nicht ergeben, also doch was anderes…
Ist generell Blümchen pflücken und im übertragenen Sinne auch gemeinsame Zeit "nach der Blüte" nicht auch #romantisch? 😉

Und es passt noch zum #SilentSunday. 😁

#fujifilm #xt1 #nikon #seriesE #darktable #gänseblümchen #daisy #daisies

Schwarz-weiß Aufnahme zweier Gänseblümchen in einer kleinen Glasvase. Der Fokus liegt auf den Blüten, die Vase und Hintergrund recht dunkel und unscharf. Eine der beiden Blüten ist schon stark verwelkt.
Steve Heller
2 weeks ago

Playing with neon at Kabukicho Tower today with my new #Xpro3.

#Photography #Streetphotography #PhotoOfTheDay #Japan #Fujifilm

Tim Bray
2 weeks ago

Downloaded the much-ballyhooed new #fujifilm “XApp” which is said to replace the much-hated “Remote” app that would connect to the camera successfully maybe one times in five. New app connected to my X-T30 instantly on Bluetooth, totally refused to connect on WiFi (which you need for all the interesting stuff). I love the cameras but I guess Fuji is just bad at software. Pfui.

2 weeks ago

@ericajoy so much is of “best” is subjective, but I’m partial to #fujifilm for build quality, controls and colors.

Daily Notes for 2023-05-25
The Leica Q3 and some absurd back-of-napkin X100v comparisons, Denote silos.
#daily #denote #emacs #LeicaQ3 #fujifilm

Dave Mason
2 weeks ago

I recently bought a used Fujinon XF 55-200mm F3.5-4.8 R LM OIS telephoto zoom lens. Soon after I bought it, I noted I had no "feel" for the lens. A month later, and I still feel that way.

One of my first observations is the zoom level isn't as great as I thought it would be. I've not gotten the level of detail I was hoping for. I end up cropping photos and losing clarity.


#Fujifilm #Photography

Also, someone on the #Fujifilm web team seems to have realized what a perplexing mess firmware update downloads were -- the workflow on the website is much more clear.

*ALSO* they've finally started calling bugs "bugs" and not "phenomena" in their release notes.

*ALSO* I think it's finally safe to put the XF35mm/F1.4 on it for the season.

📷 Updated the firmware on my #Fujifilm X-T5 so I could try out the new X-app. So much better than the old Camera Remote thing: Faster, more reliable connections, faster downloads.

The one glitch so far: Doesn't seem to download full-sized JPEGs no matter what you tell it in the camera settings (where you can disable "resize for mobile") or the app itself.

I'm an SD card reader person anyhow, but for quick sharing this is great, and as a remote trigger it seems to be more reliable. Nice!