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#Funeral company owner shoots, kills competing funeral company owner who was a pallbearer at a funeral he was running. (note: it's not usual for the funeral director to pre-book and arrange...errr...source new bodies s at funerals) #crime #odd

hpkomic 👻
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We're about $475 from out #GoFundMe goal for my grandmother's #memorial and we still need to acquire the marker for her grave. With that said, we've covered the #funeral service costs, plot, a ticket for my uncle to be there, and flowers for her memorial.

If you can help us hit the goal that would do wonders; the funeral is on the 9th and we're down to the wire:

Thank you for the support.


I wrote this before joining Mastodon. It is about the funeral of my dearest cat Willow. Pretty Impala was talking about getting a cat and I impressed upon her the responsibilities it entails. Then I told her about Willow's funeral and sent her the poem:

#poetry #Buddhism #funeral #euthanasia #death #cat #daddysgirl #ZenBuddhism #Zen #KwanSeUmBosal #JiJangBosal #SogamuniBul #MettaSutta #Metta

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Death is not the greatest loss in life. The greatest loss is what dies inside us while we live.

- Norman Cousins

#HisAndHearsePress #Quote #QuotesToLiveBy #Funeral #Cemetery #NormanCousins #LifeAndDeath #AIart

A purple damask frame around an AI generated image. It’s a dreary gothic steampunk type funeral scene with black clad mourners standing on grass beside a casket. There’s a complex vehicle in the foreground and a spooky Victorian house high in the background. Text reads, “Death is not the greatest loss in life. The greatest loss is what dies inside us while we live. Norman Cousins”
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🪦 Cemetery Saturday 💐
Valley of the Temples Memorial Park, Oahu, Hawaii

Fast facts:

- Founded in 1963
- 240 acres
- Wild peacocks and koi carp
- Zen garden
- Award winning Byodo-In Temple, a replica of a 900-year-old Buddhist temple in Japan that was built to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the first Japanese immigrants to Hawaii
- The location has featured in episodes of Hawaii Five-O, Magnum P.I., Lost, seaQuest DSV, and the movie Pearl Harbor

I was prompted to share this magnificent cemetery after it was brought to my attention by an internet buddy (thanks Shyenne!) I'm thinking of making this a regular feature, bringing you a gorgeous cemetery with some fun facts every week or so. What do you think? Feel free to tell me about a location you've been amazed by and maybe I'll share it!

#HisAndHearsePress #CemeterySaturday #ValleyOfTheTemples #MemorialPark #Cemetery #Funeral #Hawaii #Oahu #Kaneohe #ByodoInTemple #FilmLocation #FastFacts

A gorgeous landscape photo of a red toned Japanese temple set against a lush green forest with misty mountains rising behind. A reflective pool is in the foreground. It’s very tranquil and magnificent.
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First of all, yes. Second, remember that these are *coffins* not *caskets*. Happy Caturday!

🐈‍⬛ 🐈‍⬛ 🐈‍⬛ 🐈‍⬛ 🐈‍⬛

#HisAndHearsePress #Caturday #CaturdayEveryDay #CatLover #CatsAreGodsAndTheyKnowIt #CatsRule #Coffin #Casket #CoffinNotCasket #Funeral #Burial #Pyramids #Meme

A purple damask frame around a meme. It shows two identical brown coffins, one labeled “successful people” and the other “unsuccessful people.” A third image shows a row of pyramids in Egypt with the label (people who love cats.”
9 o'clock Hashtag Games
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David, our thoughts are with you and your family during this difficult time.

#GoFundMe #MutualAidRequest for final arrangements and #funeral expenses for @hashitout
David Davis's grandmother who lost her battle with #Cancer

#RIP Patricia Laurella🦋 :butterfly1:

Please consider helping if you can. David's #HashItOut hashtag games brings so much joy to so many.




hpkomic 👻
6 days ago

My grandmother, Patricia Laurella, passed away at 1:11 AM on June 2nd, with her son and daughter at her side in her final moments. She was 76 years old and fighting cancer.

At this time, we are about $1200 short of hitting the funding for the arrangements for her #memorial and burial. If you can spare $10, I humbly ask for your donation.

#GoFundMe #cancer #funeral #AidRequest

Three hands clasped; a dying mother and her two children.

Please message me or email me if you’d like to talk about creating a ritual or ceremony to help you through your "endings," or to help you celebrate your "beginnings."
Or set up a short, no-charge Zoom call via
#funeral #wedding #engagement #namimg #lifecycles #rituals #ceremony

2 weeks ago

If I was going to have a funeral and lived in the UK this is what I would want

#Routemaster #Funeral

The Japan Times
2 weeks ago

"I see you have a mole here," Tsunoda says, speaking to the dead woman as if in a conversation, comparing her lifeless face with a photo in which she is smiling softly. #life #lifestyle #tokyo #murder #suicide #death #funeral #japan #mortician

hpkomic 👻
2 weeks ago

Due to a significant donation off the website, we hit a significant chunk of the #fundraising goal for my Grandmother's #memorial and I can announce we knocked the goal on #GoFundMe to $3000. We're almost 1/3 of the goal now, so if you can spare $5 to $10 it goes a lot further now.

Thank you for the boosts so far, it's very much appreciated.

#crowdfunding #funeral #cancer

hpkomic 👻
2 weeks ago

So far we've raised about $1600 in funding for #memorial costs for my grandmother. A few from direct donations to the family.

Please share the #GoFundMe link if you can:

#cancer #funeral

Richard Rathe
2 weeks ago


Love #DouglasAdams!

I was recently told by a volunteer at a local "natural" cemetery (bodies are buried with only biodegradable shrouds and/or all wood coffins) that 42-inches is the perfect depth for a grave. Deeper and decomposition is hindered. Shallower and leakage & critters become a problem. I'm not making this up!

#Death #Burial #Grave #Decomposition #Funeral

hpkomic 👻
2 weeks ago

My counterpart back east, as I run the #GoFundMe here in California, is my great-uncle Kent. Kent is handling the #funeral arrangements and we've been on the phone a lot.

Here is Kent and my grandmother this past #Easter.

The whole family in Indiana will be gathering Friday. My hope is that she lasts until then so she can spend her final moments with her brothers. She was always close with them.

#memorial #aid #cancer

Kent Dykes, my great uncle, with grandmother, Patricia Laurella.
hpkomic 👻
2 weeks ago

She is faring a little better. I'll be on the phone with her for a bit today. The fluids seem to be helping out quite a bit, but there is still some confusion and disorientation. I'll continue to provide updates as I have them.

Thank you all so much for the support. Please, if you can, share the link around.

#GoFundMe #cancer #funeral

hpkomic 👻
2 weeks ago

I updated the main photo with one I had taken. I will continue to add photos as I find them.

#GoFundMe #funeral #cancer

A photo of my grandmother from a couple of years ago.
hpkomic 👻
2 weeks ago

We have some photographs coming through, they are a bit small, but I am working on getting some larger ones. We have some from her recent time in Indiana and some older pictures.

I apologize for the small sizes here; I am currently working with my mother over email and texting to get some of these things together.

#GoFundMe #funeral #memorial

hpkomic 👻
2 weeks ago

I had to scramble to put together a #GoFundMe to help raise #funeral funds for my grandmother, Patricia Laurella. I will be adding more photos and stories as updates over time. If you could share the campaign with a boost, or even chip in a couple of bucks here and there, that would mean the world to my family.

We hope to raise $7000.

Warning, there is a recent photo of her near the bottom of the page that shows the ravages of #cancer, so be wary.

Link here:

My grandmother, Patricia Laurella, near her beloved flowers around two years ago.
3 weeks ago

How do you picture your own funeral?

Is it important to you that people mourn your death?

#Death #Funeral #Feelings #Opinion

A person digs a grave while those above watch
3 weeks ago

Dave Coverly
Ann Arbor (MI), USA
Antisocial personality disorder
#funeral #memorial #behavior #mentalhealth #cartoon #satire #humor

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I remember watching #Diana & #Charles wedding on TV. I was young & thought he was very ugly & I couldn’t understand why she would marry him. Then I watched the coverage of her #funeral. #Coronation #CharlesTheCruel #CharlesTheLast #queendiana

A Black and white photo of Princess Diana wearing a white dress, tiara. She’s sitting & smiling beautifully
Jadzia (The polish one)
1 month ago

(Putting this out there one last time, the price is probably a little higher by now, but tomorrow would be it in terms of going. Happy to send you the money back if I don't make it)

I lost a dear friend from my days on the station a few days ago, one of the few friends who didn't abandon me when I came out.

Her funeral is Friday. I'm really not in a position to get there, but I'd desperately like to.

I need to pay for flights and accommodation for two people (I struggle to care for myself at home, let alone travelling so I need someone there). I also need to hire a wheelchair because I'm not able to get around properly and don't currently own one. I assume there will be incidental costs too.

Current estimates are about 1830 dollars for return flights to Perth for two, one nights accommodation, hire of a wheelchair, and a few dollars for transport/incidental costs.

I know I ask for a lot, I'm sorry, and I know it's not the most important thing in the world. But if you could spare anything to let me say farewell it would mean so much.

Any boosts appreciated.


#funeral #mutualaid #help #travel

1 month ago

@1finekitty I understand how this happens.

What #funeral home workers do is so absurd they can't help but disassociate from the job.

If you're pumping the blood and guts of the dead all day, gluing them shut, painting them, etc, it's going to occur to you that you can make more #money by cutting corners or selling souvenirs.

Not like you weren't mutilating the #dead to begin with, or that you weren't just going to bury the meat to rot or burn it. So why not?

1 month ago

I just found out that by sheer #coincidence the date that was picked for my fathers #funeral is the #wedding #anyversary with his ex-wife, my mother.

Jadzia (The polish one)
1 month ago

I lost a dear friend from my days on the station yesterday, one of the few friends who didn't abandon me when I came out.

Her funeral is next Friday. I'm really not in a position to get there, but I'd desperately like to.

I need to pay for flights and accommodation for two people (I struggle to care for myself at home, let alone travelling so I need someone there). I also need to hire a wheelchair because I'm not able to get around properly and don't currently own one. I assume there will be incidental costs too.

Current estimates are about 1830 dollars for return flights to Perth for two, one nights accommodation, hire of a wheelchair, and a few dollars for transport/incidental costs.

I know I ask for a lot, I'm sorry, and I know it's not the most important thing in the world. But if you could spare anything to let me say farewell it would mean so much.

Any boosts appreciated.


#funeral #mutualaid #help #travel

Atlas Obscura
2 months ago

Madison Dry Goods and Country Store in Madison, North Carolina

The upstairs museum delves into the Lawson family murder, whose eight victims were embalmed at this store in 1929.
Madison Dry Goods and Country Store

His & Hearse Press
2 months ago

#WordyWednesday: Half Couch vs Full Couch Casket

Most American caskets are half couch. What does that mean?

A half couch casket has a two-piece lid. The top half opens to reveal the deceased’s face and torso while the lower half remains closed to conceal the legs.

These caskets open on the left (it’s just the industry standard, likely because we tend to approach the casket and touch the person with our right hand while turned slightly toward their face; it just works better this way). The inside of the foot end of the casket is often “unfinished,” meaning that it’s spartan rather than upholstered in pleated fabric. We can’t spontaneously decide to reverse a body in a casket, but we can custom order a casket built to open in the opposite direction (like if the right side of a person is too disfigured for viewing).

Note: even though YOU only see the top lid open, rest assured that WE can open both lids to get the body inside. Once the body is nicely tucked in, we close the lower lid.

A full couch casket has a one-piece lid to showcase the entire body, head to toe. They’re uncommon, typically only seen in certain parts of the country. Some include an inner leg covering and/or a foot pillow. Funeral directors must accommodate a few details differently: standard casket flower sprays can only be placed on top when it’s fully closed (or a long simple garland is draped along the hinge panel inside), and similarly, the flag cannot be draped unless the lid is fully closed. Half couch caskets allow flower sprays or a pleated flag to be draped over the closed foot panel during viewing.

Either way, please bring pants for your loved one. Whether we can see their legs or not, they ought to be properly dressed. Full couch caskets expose the feet too, which is rough for us when the feet are swollen. Putting shoes on is really hard! It’s also tricky to keep the feet together rather than splaying out (this is a better reason to tie shoelaces together rather than making the zombie apocalypse funnier).

Which would you prefer? Full or half couch?

#HisAndHearsePress #Casket #Coffin #FullCouch #HalfCouch #Funeral #MortuaryScience #Vocab #Vocabulary #Caskets

A purple damask frame around a black background and two pictures of caskets. Text reads, “Wordy Wednesday: Half Couch vs Full Couch. 
A half couch casket has a two-piece lid to reveal the face/torso while concealing the legs.
A full couch casket has a one-piece lid that reveals the entire body.”
Clayton Hove
2 months ago

There’s a magazine for just about every trade. This is one of them. The Casket and The Sunnyside used to be competing magazines but they must’ve merged at some point in history. There was a third one, The Weekly Shroud, but I don’t know much about it except for the title.

I first read about these in the photo/illustration credits of Charles Addams’ Dear Dead Days (1959) and now I finally tracked one down for myself! #vintage #antique #history #magazines #funeral #deathcare

The Jester
2 months ago

The #inventor of the #fun #fair distortion #mirror has died. His agent announced his #funeral will be held next Thursday in #asymmetry.

#Joke #Jokes #Dad #DadJoke #DadJokes #Comedy #Funny #British #Humour #BritishHumour #BoomBoom

His & Hearse Press
2 months ago

Today is one of the least fun holidays, National Healthcare Decisions Day. Ugh, right?

Legal paperwork and healthcare jargon are boring and often unnecessarily complex. They also force us to consider circumstances that we’d rather not think about. It’s uncomfortable and depressing.

However . . .

Establishing your preferences NOW, plus recording them legally and discussing with them your family, will save your behind if you get hit by a truck tomorrow. You’ll get the treatments you want while avoiding confusion and second guessing among your next of kin. This is equally important whether you’re temporarily incapacitated or actively dying.

Do you want to be kept on life support? Until when?

Do you want comfort care?

Do you want a “do not resuscitate” order?

Are there any other treatments you’d decline?

Do you want to donate organs or tissue? Do you have any restrictions on what your donate?

Another important point: is your LEGAL NEXT OF KIN a jerk? You can assign these decision making powers to someone else who will respect your wishes. Doing this paperwork properly allows you to legally bypass dysfunctional family members in the next of kin chain.

Choose someone you trust to make decisions on your behalf if/when you are incapacitated or dead. It helps if they’re local to you, are capable of making decisions under stress, and are willing to advocate for you based on YOUR beliefs rather than theirs.

The same person (or different people) can be authorized to make financial and funeral decisions too.

Find out what the laws are in your state. There’s probably a cookie-cutter type form online (healthcare directive or medical power of attorney) which you can tweak to suit your needs. It you can afford it, get some basic legal advice to make sure you’ve covered all your bases.

I have some links and general info about protecting your end of life decisions here:

Don’t wait until it’s too late!

#HisAndHearsePress #HealthcareDecisionsDay #NationalHealthcareDecisionsDay #ProtectYourRights #HealthcareDirective #MedicalPowerOfAttorney #PowerOfAttorney #DPOA #HealthcareAgent #Death #Funeral

A purple damask frame around a purple tinted image of scattered papers. Text reads, “National Healthcare Decisions Day. Paperwork: SUCKS. Its BORING. 
But its also necessary. 
Think about your preferences for life support comfort care, organ donation, and end of life options. Discuss your choices with your family so they know what to do. If you have complex, relationships its CRUCIAL to record your decisions in a legal document
Don’t wait until its too late.”
His & Hearse Press
2 months ago

Parlours are tricky places.
Might be ice cream, might be funerals.

- Sarah J@Trisarahjtops

#HisAndHearsePress #FuneralParlor #FuneralParlour #IceCreamParlor #IceCreamParlour #IceCream #YouScream #Funeral #Mortuary #SillySunday

A purple damask frame around a purple toned AI generated image. It’s a formal but bare room with tall windows and an open casket on a stand. The casket is full of differently colored scoops of ice cream. Text reads “Parlours are tricky places.
Might be ice cream, might be funerals. Sarah J @Trisarahjtops”
His & Hearse Press
2 months ago

National Titanic Remembrance Day 🚢🪦

It’s been 111 years since the Titanic sunk on April 15, 1912. Of the approximately 2240 passengers and crew on board, over 1500 died that day.

The White Star Line chartered four ships to help retrieve bodies of victims: the Mackay-Bennett, CS Minia, CGS Montmagny, and SS Algerine. They only managed to recover about 330 bodies, about 23% of the number who died.

The recovery ships were loaded with undertakers, embalming supplies, coffins, ice, canvas bags, and iron bars. First Class victims were embalmed and stored in coffins. Second and Third Class victims were embalmed (while they still had supplies), then wrapped in canvas. Crew members were put on ice. Some victims were misidentified as being from a higher class: in moments of desperation, they pillaged the abandoned First Class cabins for warm clothing.

Bodies that were unidentifiable, either from disfigurement or decomposition, were buried at sea in canvas shrouds weighted with iron bars. Others were buried at sea simply due to the shortage of embalming chemicals, as there were rules against bringing unembalmed bodies ashore (the rule was temporarily waived shortly after). Clergy conducted brief services for these unfortunates before casting them back into the water. Most were lower class or crew members, as the First Class were given preferential treatment. It was justified since they were “wealthy men with large estates to be settled.”

Of the 330 or so bodies recovered, 119 were buried at sea. The rest were taken to Halifax, Nova Scotia. The VIP bodies went to the local undertaker’s parlor. Everyone else went to the temporary morgue at the Mayflower Curling Rink. Bodies were embalmed in a screened area (a woman embalmed the deceased women and children), then placed on platforms for identification. One undertaker collapsed in shock as he discovered the body of his own uncle among the dead.

59 bodies were claimed by their families. 150 were buried in three Halifax cemeteries, including 42 who remain unidentified.

#HisAndHearsePress #Titanic #NationalTitanicRemembranceDay #Funeral #History #Embalming #DisasterManagement #MortuaryScience

A purple damask frame around a blue ocean and sky background. A sepia photo on top shows two men in uniforms attending to a dead body on the deck of a ship. Text reads, “National Titanic Remembrance Day. Of the 2240 passengers and crew aboard, over 1500 died. Four ships were chartered to retrieve bodies.
Only about 330 were recovered.
First Class bodies were embalmed on deck and placed in coffins. Lower classes and crew were put on ice or sewn into shrouds. Some were weighted and returned to sea.
Bodies were stored, embalmed, dressed, and identified at a temporary ice rink morgue in Nova Scotia.
59 were claimed by families, and 150 (42 unidentified) were buried in Halifax cemeteries.”
His & Hearse Press
2 months ago

#FuneralFactFriday: Full Body Casket Burial at Sea
🛥️ ⚰️ 💦

Did you know you don’t have to be cremated to get thrown in the ocean???

Full bodies can be buried at sea in caskets! It’s not limited to folks serving in the Navy or other military branches. Anyone can do it (not like Dexter, please hire a legit funeral director who knows how to do it properly).

There are a few requirements. If a casket is used, it needs to be stainless steel and have all the plastic inside removed. Twenty holes (2” diameter) are drilled through the casket to facilitate flooding and air venting. The casket must be secured shut with six durable stainless steel bands, chains, or natural fiber rope. Sand or concrete weights are added (no lead) to help the casket sink and stay put. Ultimately it’ll turn into a reef.

If a casket is not used, the EPA recommends a weighted biodegradable shroud. You may also toss flowers or floral wreaths into the water with the body, as long as all materials are decomposable.

A private boat is hired to take the casket, funeral director, and a few guests out to sea. They must travel at least 3 nautical miles from shore and release the casket into water a minimum of 600’ deep. If the boat regularly performs burials at sea, they might have a platform with rollers to get the casket out into the water with a push and a sploosh. A final yeet into the deep.

No special permission is required, short of filing standard paperwork like a death certificate and disposition permit. The EPA must be notified within 30 days. If it does happen to be performed by the military, there’s no family present to witness. It’s just handled on a regularly scheduled deployment.

Would you be interested in a full body burial at sea???

#HisAndHearsePress #FunFacts #FunFactFriday #Funeral #Burial #BurialAtSea #Ocean #Casket #DidYouKnow #MortuaryScience #FuneralService #FuneralDirector #Yeet

A purple damask frame around a black background. A gray metal casket has a flower spray on top and a series of holes drilled into the sides and lid. Metal straps secure the casket closed. Text reads. “Funeral Fact Friday
Casket Burial at Sea
Anyone can arrange for a full body burial at sea; it's not limited to the Navy or other military branches.
Caskets must adhere to certain standards: stainless steel with all plastic removed, twenty 2" holes drilled (for flooding and air venting), six durable stainless steel bands, chains, or natural fiber rope, and added ballast to help it sink.
A weighted biodegradable shroud may be used instead of a casket. Must be 3 nautical miles from shore and in 600 + feet of water.”
His & Hearse Press
2 months ago

“Lest we forget,
a morgue is also a community center.”

- Ocean Vuong, Time Is a Mother

(From a DVAN book review: “In his sophomore poetry collection, Time is a Mother, Ocean Vuong meditates on how we think about death as individuals and as a community, and how we shoulder the weight of intergenerational trauma. Vuong reframes death and mourning as lonely processes into something communal.”)

#HisAndHearsePress #OceanVuong #TimeIsAMother #DVAN #Poetry #Quote #GriefQuotes #LiteraryQuotes #Grief #Funeral #Morgue #DeathPositive

A purple damask frame around a purple and green watercolor of a white two story building with a grand entrance. Text reads , “Lest we forget, a morgue is also a community center. Ocean Vuong, Time Is a Mother “
His & Hearse Press
2 months ago

“Don’t cry because it’s over,
smile because it happened.”

- Dr. Seuss

#HisAndHearsePress #DrSeuss #DrSeussQuotes #Quotes #GriefQuotes #Funeral #Cemetery #DeathPositive #AI #AIArt #AIArtwork

A purple damask frame around an AI art generated image in the style of Dr Seuss. It depicts a grassy cemetery with cartoony gravestones. Text reads “don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened. Dr seuss.”
His & Hearse Press
2 months ago

#AmReading: All the Living and the Dead:

From Embalmers to Executioners, an Exploration of the People Who Have Made Death Their Life's Work

By Hayley Campbell

Real talk: I was hesitant when I first saw this book because I knew it had the potential to sensationalize or demonize the funeral profession. I was pleasantly surprised to discover that Hayley interviewed exceptional people and portrayed them accurately. Phew!

She didn’t shy away from the graphic nature of each person’s occupation, but she also kept it within a professional context. I appreciate her efforts to shine a light on the workers people prefer to ignore and prove that we’re compassionate and empathetic rather than a flock of vultures (fun fact: it’s actually called a “wake” of vultures).

As a funeral director and embalmer, I highly recommend this book. Everyone ought to know a bit about what happens behind closed doors before passing a broad judgement based on stereotypes.

FYI, this book covers the duties of workers in the USA and UK. Practices and laws vary by location. Here’s the book’s blurb:

“A deeply compelling exploration of the death industry and the people―morticians, detectives, crime scene cleaners, embalmers, executioners―who work in it and what led them there.

We are surrounded by death. It is in our news, our nursery rhymes, our true-crime podcasts. Yet from a young age, we are told that death is something to be feared. How are we supposed to know what we’re so afraid of, when we are never given the chance to look?

Fueled by a childhood fascination with death, journalist Hayley Campbell searches for answers in the people who make a living by working with the dead. Along the way, she encounters mass fatality investigators, embalmers, and a former executioner who is responsible for ending sixty-two lives. She meets gravediggers who have already dug their own graves, visits a cryonics facility in Michigan, goes for late-night Chinese with a homicide detective, and questions a man whose job it is to make crime scenes disappear.”

#HisAndHearsePress #BookRecommendations #BookRecs #Bookstodon #Bookwyrm #Nonfiction #DeathPositive #Funeral #Mortician #DeathCare #DeathProfessional #HayleyCampbell

A black background with a purple damask frame and the cover of a book. Text reads, “#AmReading
All the Living and the Dead
By Hayley Campbell
From Embalmers to Executioners, an Exploration of the People Who Have Made Death Their Life's Work
From Embalmers to Executioners, an Exploration of the People Who Have Made Death Their Life's Work. 
A deeply compelling exploration of the death industry and the people who work in it and what led them there.
- Mass fatality investigators
-Fetal death midwives
- Coroner/medical examiners
- Crime scene cleaners
- Homicide detectives
- Embalmers & funeral directors Breentioners
- Gravediggers & cremationists Cryonics”
His & Hearse Press
2 months ago

Yes. Yes, you should bring pants.

Just because a casket lid is usually closed on the foot end doesn’t mean you can’t see or that nosy people won’t poke around and look. Also, think about how embarrassing it’ll be for your loved one as they attend ghost parties with no bottoms. Shameful.

On that note, there are no requirement about what dead people have to wear in their caskets. You want to be dressed in a suit? Fine. Pajamas? That’s okay too. Superhero costume? You do you! All we ask is that it fits reasonably well (though we can improvise with a few alterations) and that it covers anything that needs covering (autopsy incision, trauma etc). When in doubt, go for something long sleeved and high necked. Make your wishes known to your family!

#HisAndHearsePress #Funeral #Mortuary #Casket #Coffin #PatrickStewart #Meme #GhostOutfit #MortuaryScience #DeathPositive #YouDoYou

A meme of Patrick Stewart as Picard doing a facepalm. Text reads “my reaction when a family asks if they should bring in pants for the deceased.”
His & Hearse Press
2 months ago

#MondayMourning: Mourning Animals

You've heard of mourning doves (so-named because of their melancholic coo), but did you know there's also a mourning warbler (a bird that looks like it's wearing a mourning veil) and a mourning *GECKO* (their nightly vocalizations were once interpreted as mourning the lack of male mates in the entirely female species - true story)?!

That's not what we're talking about today though. We're talking about wild animals that grieve the loss of their herd/pack mates.

Scientists have long refused to consider whether animals grieve since it's assumed that grief requires an understanding of life and death. It's also easy to anthropomorphize animals, which is to say that we assign them human characteristics and emotions.

However, scientists are finally opening up to the idea. Innovations in testing and monitoring have revealed new information. Here are some behaviors they've observed in various species, specifically ones known for forming social bonds.

- Cetaceans (whales, dolphins, porpoises) often carry or push their dead in the water to keep them close or afloat, especially after the loss of a calf. It's awkward and tiring, going against self preservation instincts for no clear purpose.

- Elephants spend time visiting with and touching their dead. Touching allows them to investigate, but they also spend time standing around the body without touching. They return over time to visit the skeletal remains. A study has shown that elephants cry around dead bodies (they produce tears when they're stressed or excited), and their vocalizations change. They can also bury or cover bodies.

- Non-human primates (different types of monkeys) gather together, standing watch for days. Dead baby monkeys are carried and mothers scream. Some become depressed enough to stop eating, starving to death. Chimpanzees can check the body for signs of life, then clean debris from fur and use tools to clean teeth. Baboons have shown higher levels of stress hormones followed by increased grooming behaviors (which stimulates oxytocin to counteract it).

- Magpies bring grass to lay by the bodies of their dead.

- Giraffes have been seen nudging and guarding dead calves, not eating or drinking. They wrap their necks around each other, almost like a hug.

Some animal behavior is attributed to chemical shifts, causing ants and termites to bury their dead. Large groups of crows gather around carcasses, but it's more of an investigatory behavior than grief (a *murder investigation*, if you will). Rather than mourning, they're collecting information and identifying potential threats in the area.

It'll be interesting to see science evolve so we can discover how universal mourning really is!

#HisAndHearsePress #Grief #GriefAndLoss #Animals #AnimalGrief #Wildlife #Funeral #AnimalBehavior #Mourning

A black background with a purple damask frame and an image of an elephant guarding the skeletal remains of another elephant. Text reads, "Monday Mourning: Mourning Animals. Grieving behaviors have been observed in: Non-human primates (chimpanzees, gorillas), Cetaceans (whales, dolphins, porpoises), Elephants and giraffes. Grieving animals pay special attention to the body: carrying, grooming, covering, or standing guard. They exhibit diminished appetites, disturbed sleep, altered social habits, and increased stress hormones."
His & Hearse Press
2 months ago

Happy Easter to those who celebrate. Best of luck to those whose children have consumed nothing but sugar today. 🥚🐇🍭🍫🍬😵‍💫

#HisAndHearsePress #Easter #EasterSunday #EasterBunny #EasterEggs #EggHunt #Cemetery #Graveyard #Funeral #DeathPositive

A purple damask frame around an AI generated image in the style of Thomas Kinkade. It depicts a cemetery at sunrise with multicolored Easter eggs scattered among the gravestones. Text reads “Happy Easter.”
Dr Lindsey Fitzharris
2 months ago

Funeral Invitation, 1688.

Funeral invitations first appeared in the 17th century, and acted as an admission ticket to both the church and the funeral feast. Pallbearers were often assigned a number on the ticket to signify their position in carrying the coffin.

#histodons #histodon #history #funeral #death #TIL #TheMoreYouKnow

A funeral invitation from April, 1688. It has an ornate black border with various memento mori iconography around it - like skeletons, winged hourglasses, and scythes.
His & Hearse Press
2 months ago

It’s International Transgender Day of Visibility 🏳️‍⚧️ The day is meant to recognize the existence and accomplishments of our trans community and bring attention to the violence, discrimination, and erosion of rights they’re suffering.

I want to remind people that rights need to be preserved in death as well as in life.

When a transgender or nonbinary person needs medical care, end of life care, and death care, it’s often left to their next of kin to make important decisions. What happens if the legal next of kin isn’t supportive or accepting?

It’s crucial to think about uncomfortable scenarios like this and organize legal documentation before it’s needed. A person can record their decisions and legally bypass family members in the next of kin chain. They can assign next of kin rights to someone who will respect their wishes and honor them properly, from using the correct name and pronouns to providing the preferred clothing and accessories.

Don’t wait until it’s too late.

Learn more here:

#HisAndHearsePress #TDOV #TransDayOfVisibility #TransgenderDayOfVisibility #TransLivesMatter #YouAreEnough #TransRightsAreHumanRights #LGBTQ #LGBTQAlly #Funeral #DeathPositivity #ProtectYourRights

A purple damask frame around a watercolor image of a flower vase. The vase holds a bouquet of pink, blue, and white flowers. Text reads, “March 31. International Transgender Day of Visibility.”

Something I learned at the funeral today my mom's father had a Model A Ford Pickup back in the day and as a distant cousin put it, you couldn't hardly fit a board in the bed.

#funeral #stories

Back home from mom's funeral doings.
We had a "celebration of life" period prior to a short service. This was all in the chapel.

One of the best things for me was meeting (maybe again?) some of my mom's older cousins. They had some stories to tell. Ha. I'd pay money to have more time for those.

Everyone was civil in the chapel and two of my sister's daughters came and brought their children. It was nice and the one great niece became immediately attached to my wife.
#Funeral #Family

Barry Phillips Smith
3 months ago

I've been pondering the argument given by #Johnson to the #PrivilegesCommittee yesterday, especially the bit about the leaving event for a member of staff, with #champagne, where the #defense seemed to be that it's traditional to toast a team member at a #LeavingDo.

This must irk a lot of people.

Me, my brother, my mother and all my mother's friends who couldn't have the #traditional #funeral and wake she would have loved in normal times - a proper send-off. The #Queen sitting alone in her #grief. The millions of people who couldn't be at a bedside in those final moments. All those "traditional" things, missed.

But it's essential to toast a leaving colleague. Who the f**k does he think he is? What planet does he live on?

Can we please have socially responsible governance of this country from now on?

#ProportionalRepresentation #JohnsonOut #ToriesOut #Covid

His & Hearse Press
3 months ago

Condolence cards aren’t as popular as they used to be, but they’re still a nice, tangible piece of support that a grieving person can hold on to. It’s more real than a comment on a Facebook post because it shows you actually put forth some effort.

You can send cards later too. Many times, support is withdrawn after services have concluded. Consider sending a card weeks or months later to remind someone they’re still in your thoughts.

Oh, and I’m not 100% sure on the etiquette for sending a condolence card when you’re “the one who did it.” Any thoughts?

#HisAndHearsePress #Condolences #CondolenceCard #Sympathy #Funeral #GriefAndLoss #FuneralMemes #KidsSayTheDarndestThings

A tweet from Miriel Thomas Reneau @mirielmargaret I'm writing a condolence card Gregory (5) asks what I'm doing. "I'm writing a note to say how sorry I am that my friend's mom died, I say. He pauses for a VERY fraught moment and then asks, oh so tentatively .that's just to be kind, right? You're not the one who did it?"
His & Hearse Press
3 months ago

Sorry not sorry. My first job involved running Friday Night Magic tournaments at the Wizards of the Coast game store, and my second was essentially event planner for spontaneous family reunions (to borrow a phrase from a friend).

#HisAndHearsePress #Tragic #Gathering #MagicTheGathering #WOTC #WizardsOfTheCoast #Gamer #Nerd #FridayNightMagic #Funeral #SpontaneousFamilyReunion

A stock appearing image of an open casket and a black suited man expressing condolences to a grieving family. In the bottom right corner are the words "Tragic: the Gathering," written in the logo style of the card game Magic: the Gathering.
3 months ago

The lodger's up. Let the BS begin. She was telling me, last night how lavish she'd like her funeral to be. That's a lot of ego when you get some kind of glow imagining a kind of extravaganza of self importance tribute to your meaningless life after you're gone.
I'd be happy with a straight-to-pot noodle affair with no service. "I'd be happy"..ffs. I'd be dead so who cares but don't put my loved ones through the bollox that is a funeral and its daft cost.

#funeral #death #PotNoodle

His & Hearse Press
3 months ago

🦋On #LearnAboutButterfliesDay, let’s talk about why you shouldn’t do butterfly releases at funerals (or weddings, or any celebration).

At first glance, butterfly releases seem like a beautiful tribute with wonderful symbolism. They’re a lovely alternative to dove and balloon releases (ask me why you should avoid those too).

However… butterfly experts and conservationists unanimously agree that these releases are harmful and a long-lasting form of environmental pollution!

Butterflies are mass produced by breeders and shipped in flat little envelopes. Sometimes they’re put on ice to keep them dormant during transit. Many die on route, either from exposure or being crushed. The ones who survive emerge weak and disoriented. They’re suddenly in an unfamiliar environment, possibly in the wrong season or climate. They can’t find food. They may even be too weak to flutter away from the funeral they’re supposed to be “performing” at.

Mass production of monarchs also allows diseases to spread to native monarch populations. Crossbreeding of native and non-native species can have unexpected negative results. Releasing monarchs too far from their home inhibits their migratory instincts. All of this disrupts the ecological balance.

How heartbreaking would it be for your beautiful butterfly ceremony to actually contribute to the decline of the species?! And how disturbing would it be for your guests trying to release dead or dying butterflies?

For more information about harmful funeral tributes, and safer alternatives, check out my handy resource at

#HisAndHearsePress #NationalLearnAboutButterfliesDay #Butterfly #Butterflies #ButterflyRelease #Funeral #Tribute #Memorial

A black background with a purple damask frame and five purple butterflies. Text reads, “Butterfly Releases: Harmful Butterfly experts and conservationists agree that releases are harmful and a long-lasting form of environmental pollution. Here's why:
• Mass production allows diseases to spread to native populations
• Crossbreeding of native + non-native species = negative results
• Releases far from home inhibit migratory instincts
• Butterflies are shipped in flat envelopes, sometimes on ice to keep them dormant during transit. Many die on route from crushing or exposure. Survivors are weak and disoriented, emerging in an unfamiliar environment, possibly in the wrong season or climate.
They can't find food.”
His & Hearse Press
3 months ago

💀 It’s National Funeral Director & Mortician Appreciation Day!!! 🥳

Death care is strenuous, stressful, demanding, and low paying. It’s often a thankless job, as grieving families are understandably focused on other things.

Take a moment today to consider what morticians face on a daily basis. Death, unfathomable grief, gruesome bodies, tales of devastation, broken families, long unpredictable hours, and generally the worst things you can imagine. Many of us burn out or resort to unhealthy coping mechanisms. It’s a calling though, and we can’t resist the drive to help those in need.

Has a funeral director helped you navigate through a loss? Send them a note to let them know they made an impact on your life. Though we certainly appreciate tips, lunches, and mementos, we don’t expect them. Sometimes the best reward is hearing that our work mattered.

I have a box full of thank you cards that help remind me of my purpose when days are tough. 🖤

#HisAndHearsePress #NationalFuneralDirectorAndMorticianRecognitionDay #FuneralDirector #Mortician #Embalmer #Undertaker #MortuaryScience #Funeral #FuneralService #FuneralProfession #ThankYou

A purple damask frame around a gray background and a bouquet of purple flowers. Text reads, “National funeral director and mortician recognition day, March 11.”
Rabi'a Elizabeth
3 months ago

#NewEngland friends: if you aren't familiar with #NaturalBurial, it's a great way to save on #Funeral expenses and be buried in an environmentally sound, simple way. Check out Caitlin Doughty's writings and YouTube channel for more on the topic.

I have a plot in the lovely Cedar Brook Burial Ground in Limington, #Maine. Since I'm now living in Europe and will likely be buried here in a Muslim cemetery, I no longer need the plot.

So I'm looking to sell the plot. Contact me about terms.

#GreenBurial #Death #NewEngland #CaitlinDoughty

His & Hearse Press
3 months ago

It’s me! Also, are you new around here? You might think everything I post is cat related. This is an exception to my usual programming due to the recent acquisition of a stray cat and her four kittens. Once I run out of cat content and cat puns, it’ll be strictly business again. ☠️🐈‍⬛

(haha yeah right, it’s always weird here)

#HisAndHearsePress #Death #Funeral #DeathPositive #Cats #Coffee #Weird #CrazyCatLady #CaturdayEveryday

An illustration of a skeleton sitting on a couch holding a chonky cat and a steaming cup of coffee. Text reads, “me, absolutely dead inside but enjoying the little things with my cat.”
Rasta™ OLD
3 months ago

I did not know that either!

"A cynic smells the flowers and then looks for the casket."

#Coffins #Caskets #Funeral #Burial #Style #Weird #Facts #AltText

Images of a Coffin (TOP)
A coffin is shaped like a human body, wider at the shoulders, tapered at the feet, the second shot shows it has a detachable lid.

Images of a Casket (BOTTOM)
A casket is rectangular. The cover of the casket is hinged. It can be left attached when open.
His & Hearse Press
3 months ago

“Don’t be afraid of death; be afraid of an unlived life.”

- Natalie Babbitt, Tuck Everlasting

#HisAndHearsePress #Quote #Quotes #LiteraryQuotes #Funeral #Death #Grief #TuckEverlasting #NatalieBabbitt #Bookwyrm #Bookstodon

A purple damask frame around a purple tones watercolor depicting a small light colored cat sitting amidst gravestones in a grassy cemetery. One gravestone has text that reads, “don’t be afraid of death; be afraid of an unlived life. - Natalie Babbitt”

Episode 9: “The usual morning cadaver”

The 9th Why Does This Exist? (Podcast) saw Simon and myself discussing a bizarre horse-based item I'd found abandoned in a car park, and why anyone would actively pay money to smell like a funeral. Because that is an option, for some reason.

#Podcast #Humour #Funeral #Horses #Scent #What?

Collage of images incorporating the subjects mentioned in the 9th episode of 'Why Does This Thing Exist?' Podcast. Picture shows two very buff horses (horse heads on male bodybuilder bodies) posing in front of a coffin in a funeral home. It's exactly the wrong sort of 'erotic'.
His & Hearse Press
4 months ago

Forget all that informative and educational funeral stuff I post… who wants to see more pics of this dumpling of a cat?!? 🐈‍⬛

Follow me on my book writing journey that is getting sidetracked by ***Kitten Watch 2023***

(And yes, that is a meat blanket. A blanket that looks like a side of beef 🥩)

#HisAndHearsePress #Funeral #Embalming #AmWriting #Cat #KittenWatch #IShouldBeWriting #AdoptDontShop #SpayAndNeuter #MortuaryScience #Catstodon #CatsOfMastodon #Caturday #CaturdayEveryday #EveryDayIsCaturday

A very young and very pregnant tabby cat laying on her back and looking at the camera. Her tummy is huge and round compared to her dainty features. She’s laying half on a person’s blue Jean clad legs and half on a red blanket.
His & Hearse Press
4 months ago

“Grief is like the ocean; it comes on waves ebbing and flowing. Sometimes the water is calm, and sometimes it is overwhelming. All we can do is learn to swim.”

- Vicki Harrison

#HisAndHearsePress #WaterfallWednesday #Grief #GriefQuotes #Funeral #Cemetery #Graveyard #Water

An AI generated image of a lush, green cemetery with upright headstones and vibrant purple foliage. A gently flowing multi tiered waterfall flows through the center.

Some 65yo woman died in England and had a flash mob dance to Queen's Another One Bite's the Dust at her #funeral. I shared the story in my online #caregiver support group and now others are sharing stories about what their spouse's chose to do. One ended their service with The Lion Sleeps Tonight and another had the casket taken out to Boogie No More. Now I'm laughing and making a list, so keep it going: What #DarkHumor song would you play at your funeral?

The end of zero #covid pushed #China 's biggest #funeral services stock up by 80%

“Fu Shou Yuan is China’s largest provider of funeral and burial services. It’s been in operation since 1994, working in 16 cities in 10 provinces. It owns 14 cemeteries and manages three. The company’s stock, which is traded in Hong Kong, has been surging for the past two months. It has risen 80%”

His & Hearse Press
6 months ago

Looking to follow people with startlingly unusual content? That's me!

I'm a funeral director and embalmer turned writer and educator. I love teaching others about dead bodies and funerals, but in a light and easy to understand way. I want to help mitigate fear and stigma through open discussion. Ask me anything! (Bonus: if you're a writer, I can totally help set your scenes and ensure accuracy!)

I try to share themed posts like #MondayMourning, #WordyWednesday, and #FuneralFactFriday. I also love books, memes, cats, dogs, dinosaurs, trash cats, welding, and demolition derby driving.

So I'm a bit all over the place, but guaranteed to be one of the most interesting people around!

#HisAndHearsePress #FollowFriday #FollowBackFriday #NiceToMeetYou #Funeral #FuneralDirector #Embalmer #Mortician #MortuaryScience #DeathPositive #Author #Writer #WritingCommunity #Catstodon #Dogstodon #Bookstodon #Bookwyrm

Lily Rose - Celebrant
6 months ago

Oh, one final thing for now, which I will probably add to my bio eventually:

In lieu of the actual Priesthood!

I am 'ordained' as a civil #Celebrant / #Officiant for the purpose of #Weddings, #Funerals, #BabyNaming, #Handfasting, etc.

#Wedding #Funeral #Interfaith #Multifaith #Agnostic #Omnist #Omnism #Humanist

7 months ago

#introduction Lucky enough to leave full time work in late ‘19, I find fulfilment now as a #humanist #funeral #celebrant accredited by #HumanistsUK. Life in #lincolnshire is good, if frustrating due to the right wing nature of local #politics. Confused, but enjoying it here after the horrors of the other place. Unlikely to become a frequent poster, but who knows. Come and say hello. Like #gardening and #nature. Desperate to save the planet, but hypocritical in that I still ride my #motorbike.