𝗞𝗶𝗻𝗸𝘁𝗼𝗯𝗲𝗿 𝟮𝟬𝟮𝟯
Day 01 🎀 Pet Play

#mastoart #kinktober #inktober #nsfwart #furryart #nsfw #furry

Snew 🍊
23 minutes ago

sketch commission for enchanteddove69 🕊️
#furry #furryart #sfwfurry #dragon #snewdraws

Digital drawing of a anthropomorphic dragon/dove hybrid. She is turned away from the viewer, and looking over her shoulder at them with a smile.

Flap flap flap 🦇

StreamAvatar for ByAsura (gifted by Sparky)! Want to see this avatar in action? Come join us!

#furryart #mastoart #goinglive #furry #art #sfw #animation #pixel #bat

Asura's bat fursona going through an idle, run, sit (where she is upside down on a branch), stand, and jump (where she is flying with her wings out) animation cycle over a rolling tide background of cool colours.

A commission for a friend! The final version was cleaned up a bit in photoshop and the colors tweaked a bit, but I really like this pink version a lot.

Also- I am open for commissions for those interested :3

#furry #furryart #otter #cute #painting #traditionalart #illustration #illustrator #commission #commissions #commissionsopen

A pink otter wearing a blue shirt standing on a black background gesturing to the viewer
Inky :verified_trans:
31 minutes ago

After an unnecessarily long hiatus because of personal reasons, the fifth Drunk Mario Party piece!

@prawnzo as Yoshi
@MerleKoz as Luigi
@keliff as Rosalina
@Skaifox as Donkey Kong!
#furryart #furry

Prawnzo, Merle, and Keliff blowing the chomp call (a blue whistle) in Skai's ears.

A motion blurred chain chomp is shown in the bottom left.
40 minutes ago

Drawing I made together with my friend PhoenixWerewolf, feat. his character Lorene~

#furryart #nsfw

Thicc furry werewolf sleeping naked
1 hour ago

Im doing an inktober sort of thing but with random species, fictional or not


#art #furry #furryart #inktober

Drawing of an anthro ribbon worm with a sketch of it with its intestines covering an anthro wolf's eyes
The wolf is screaming in pain
2 hours ago

My charr, a bladesworn, showing off his musculature and a poorly drawn gunsaber.

...and an additional gunsaber down there.

This was originally a very vague idea I once had for a commission, but I failed to explain it properly.

#furry #furryart #gw2 #guildwars2 #nsfw

🔞​Solo Sasha

Some solo Sasha for the Spooky Season

#NSFW #NSFWArt #Yiff #Explicit #Furry #FurryArt #Femboy #Solo #Lynx #Anthro #MastoArt

Nude and femmy vampire lynx boy is on his knees. He looks at you with excited and hungry gaze
Nude vampire femboy lynx cums as the vibrators prove too much for him

Inktober day 1! Lavender chillin

#inktober #traditionalart #furryart

Traditional ink drawing of an anthromorphic feline-like creature, their fur is grey with purple and pink markings, they are wearing a scarf ends of which are shaped like bat wings with a few tears at the tip. They are laying down on a large purple pillow, relaxing
2 hours ago

Sometimes your favorite fatty overgrow your furniture by ALOT ... And you tend to realise that kinda way too late !

Full Color Work + Background for @Goobus !
Thank you for hiring me again <3
#furry #fatfurry #fatfur #furryart

2 hours ago

Chunky fluff~ #fox #fatfur #furryart

2 hours ago

[Coloring Commission]

Lord Tirek getting a size and muscle boost

Original Submission:

🎨 Art by toluenesister (FA)
💵 Coloring commissioned by Anubiis_Werewolf (FA)
🖌️ Colored by me

#musclefur #musclefurry #musclefurryart #lord_tirek #furryart

Lord Tirek, a centaur from My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, starts growing exponentially in muscle and size, reaching the sky.
Lids Stuff 🔞
2 hours ago
Just a couple of sketchs. One shows a horse-like creature with their neck and tail as a flame. The other two are a little chibi of a furry dog on a wearing a big sweater and the other one is the same in as a "spooky" image for halloween
2 hours ago

Made a quick and dirty little reference for Briar today because a friend wanted to snag a quick commission with them. But it's pretty good, so I share haha

#furryart #furry #fursona

Minegame YTB
3 hours ago

Another W.I.P (again....)
#furryart #wip

It's the 1st of October so time for some spooky art!

Today's prompt is "Bump in the Night"

- Don't worry though, it's probably just Doom doing the "weasel war dance"

#Furry #FurryArt #Art #DarkArt #spooktober #inktober #artober #ferret #weasel

Black and white ferret with red eyes and a blue mohawk on a black background
3 hours ago

'Tis the season 🎃 #furryart

Digital portrait illustration of an anthropomorphic blue character wearing a cape and a witch hat
3 hours ago

This is a WIP posted due to Mastodon's file limitations, visit X, Gab, or Bluesky for the full complete version

Kira stretches outside a house, her clothes stretching against her sweaty body. A commission for Zombie93502!

If you are interested in a commission, feel free to DM me to get a quote!

If you would like to leave a tip, you can do so here:

#furryart #furry #commissions #digitalart #wolf

Leo! 🔞
3 hours ago

practice - battle brother (nude)
will make a clothed version of this one alongside a bit of worldbuilding for the first time :> im excited for it

#anthro #anthrocharacter #furry #furryart #leopard #bigcats #feline #male #muscular #muscle #buff #bara #barbarian #warrior #hot #sexy #nude #naked #nudity #posing #axe #battleaxe #shield #art #digital #DigitalArt #krita #MastoArt

3 hours ago

It's the first day of Lycanroctober, time to get spooky! \o/


Quinn as a lycanroc, floating in front of a brightly lit full moon while flashing a "rock on" sign.
Poppy's Art Space
3 hours ago

-=-=- Shy Femme Dog -=-=-

"Th-th-this place seems so overwhelming..."

Here's a new character I made: Sarissa! He's a stylish and feminine, yet shy and timid young dog. Still, he's honestly pretty cute! I'd like to hug him sometime...

#art #MastoArt #fediart #furry #furryart #dog #feminine #timid #femboy #LGBT

This is a digital artwork of Sarissa, a shy and timid, yet feminine purple dog. He has long hair and a floofy tail, and he is wearing blue clothing, specifically a loose crop-top, arm warmers, thigh-high socks, and a dark leotard. He is propping up his butt and holding his hand to the side, looking to someone offscreen.

First day of October, so of course, I've gotta post some spooky art of my fursona! 🎃🧙‍♀️🦇

Artwork was drawn by Slushie-Nyappy-Paws on FurAffinity!

#furry #furries #fursona #furryart #art #artwork #drawing

Drawing of Jordan the chihuahua. The drawing has them drawn in a chibi style. They are wearing a witch hat patterned in stars. Jordan is sitting behind a jack-o-lantern pumpkin, with a cute smile on their face. Their hands are resting on top of the pumpkin, with their little legs on both sides of the pumpkin. In the background are some silhouettes of stars and bats.
Panthera Palm
4 hours ago

I'm taking a limited number of embroidered conbadge commissions for MFF pick-up! This is the only way to get one of these to wear for the con (I can't do embroidery commissions onsite). If you're not attending MFF, I can ship it to you.

#digitalart #furry #furryart #furryartcommission #furryfandom #furryconbadge #embroidery #embroideryart

Embroidered Badges. $75+. Artwork and badge included.

Here is a quick lil pfp i made for myself for the spooky month :3

#furryart #spooktober

Spooky pfp of avaros standing in front of a moon, wearing a hoodie and being covered in blood

commission for brownborb on twitter!

#furryart #digitalart #art

Digital bust drawing of a brown bat wearing a black witch hat with a yellow band, she is looking at the viewer with a mischievous smile
5 hours ago

Riley's new wolf is full of rage, and who better to take that rage out on that the fucker who bit you?!

The latest page in my comic, Shifter's Mark. I am hoping to continue working on this in-between commissions as there is a story to tell with plenty of TF along the way.
#comic #furry #furryart #werewolf

A comic page of Riley, now fully a werewolf, tracking down the werewolf that bit them and launching into battle with him.
5 hours ago

Exotic ref 2023

#furryart #furry

5 hours ago

Patreon Monthly Gift
OC: @/Stanley_Linus
🌐 ErgoruzArts (

#FurryArt #Patreon #Art #CommsOpen #ErgoruzArts

5 hours ago

Just finished this commission for the awesome Montezuma on FA :)
#commission #nsfw #furrynsfwart #furrynsfw #furryartist #furryart #furry

5 hours ago

various b&w drawings from mid spring

#furryart #kemono

5 hours ago

It’s October! >:3 👻🎃🍂 (repost) #art #furry #furryart #tomatodogart

My fursona popping out of a magic jack o lantern, running off from someone’s stoop to cause some mischief.
6 hours ago
A flat colored drawing of an anthropomorphic character. Feminine in appearance, they are wearing fantasy clothing in shades of green, with long robes and ornate cyan designs, giving them a mystical aura. They have large and semi-long ears, and a cloth hiding their eyes. Their dark auburn hair is tied in a long flowing braid. They have two slightly glowing green horns looking like a mix of roots and a deer's. Laces are also tied on their tail in a repeating cross pattern. They legs and feet are bare. They are in a walking pose, holding a lyre and looking like they are playing the instrument.
6 hours ago

Horror movie night 🎃🦇

It's Halloween month!!
Illustration comm. for FloofyRainer, DamonxWolfe, ArdynWolf, CeylisFox, itsIconicLoki, RonnoYeenie, WyattTheFox, WildShepBrol, Werewolf_Link
Thank you so much guys!

#halloween #art #furry #furryart #commission #illustration

6 hours ago

Didn't draw much today - had to rest a bit and do many other things in my flat, that were waiting for me for some time already.

That means, older artwork time! Made for Borealis 💜

#dragon #dragonart #furry #furryart #mastoart #fantasy #fantasyart #digitalart #commission

6 hours ago

Kranos and Casuna Speedpaint. Getting warm.

#Orca #Kobold #Vore #Art #DigitalArt #FurryArt #Speedpaint

A chubby purple orca has their chin on a sheet of ice tipping it upwards.  They have their maw open and small tan kobold who slipped in is squished and cupped on the orca's tongue.

Imagine being the micro whose only purpose is to exist and "clean" the giants shoe and be their insole while they are wearing it. All the sweat, all the steam... all for you :3

#furryart #microfurry #sweat #macrofurry

Artwork of a micro inside of a shoe licking the bottom of it, sweat is spread out around the shoe and it's filled with sweat scented steam. There is a bit of a yellow light coming from the opening of the shoe
7 hours ago
My oc Haru

I guess it's #Ottober this month :otter_bonk:​

Shoutout to when @AceBun could make a fire with witchcraft or something, idk, couldn't figure it out.

🎨 by RevaTheScarf idk tell them to get a Mastodon I'm too lazy to find a profile to link to :otter_rip:​

#FurryArt #Furry #ABDL #ABDLArt #Babyfur #BabyfurArt #CubScout #Camp #Camping #CampFire

My otter holding two sticks looking confused while Fen, in full cub scout gear, enjoys the fire he just made
Art of OddDog
7 hours ago

I assure you- all my characters only smoke substances that are entirely legal in their fictional realities.

What if I remembered that Mastodon is the tag website and posted WITH some tags??

Comms are open, come get a 20 USD head shot profile pic:

#smallartist #krita #art #furry #furryart #anthroart #anthro #digitalart #digitalpainting #painting #smoking #odddoggoart #commissions #CommissionsOpen

A brown furred anthro wolf, laying on his back with a  pillow under his head. One of his arms is also under his head, but the other is outstretched and holds a small green pipe, from which purple smoke billows. He also exhales purple smoke from his mouth and nose.

Art by me in Krita.
Senna 🌿
7 hours ago

Check out this awesome comm I got from @zyn_1dragon ! 😻 Zyn was really easy to work with and I'm super happy with how the artwork came out 😸 #artwork #FurryArt

An illustration of an anthropomorphic cat with sandy fur and green eyes
Mt Kanjon
8 hours ago

do you even just take a moment to have a Sit and Think About Bees

#furry #furryart #art #mastoart

Grout, the gray and orange anthro fox, sits on a ledge staring off to the side, probably thinking about Bees
8 hours ago

My boi Rhys found a small rock to rest his paws on, how convenient! 🦝🌍
(I'm sure there is a lot of raccoon to appreciate here in this International Raccoon Appreciation Day :3c)

#furryart #paws #macrofurry

8 hours ago

Just a handsome hellhound to start off the best month of the year! 🎃

#furry #furryart #hellhound

Portrait drawing of a black and grey hell hound

🎃 Halloween Adopt!! 🎃

UPDATE: Closed!!

1 - Specter

✨Best offer in 24hrs wins

min 30usd - will get design as-is

50+usd - will get a ref sheet with a back view added

ab 80usd obo - will get the ref sheet plus a bust or chibi drawn by me!

- offers can be made by comment or DM
- payment thru Kofi or C$hApp

#furryart #furryartist #furryfandom #furryoc #furryocart #furryadopt #furryadopts #furryadoptables #adopts #adoptables #ocadopt #ocforsale #adoptsopen #characterdesign #charactersale

Green anthro wolf colored with darker green to give the illusion of transparency. In the dark green “see through” parts, bright green bone-line markings are seen. The center of the chest is dark with a light green ghost face, the eyes are pale with no pupils. There is a chain attached to its collar
8 hours ago

Some Primal fanart I did a ways back :D

#fanart #primal #dinosaur #furryart #xanthe_art

9 hours ago
Drawing of a feral striped hyena with a mail-bag and a mailperson's hat. The hyena is running towards the right, a happy expression on its face.
9 hours ago

It's October, you know what that means!

Picture by

#furry #furryart #yiff #nsfw

Sovy is on all fours while pushing his cock through a jack-o-lantern.
10 hours ago
Lycanroc TF
Sayna Jaye
11 hours ago

Charrtober Day 1: Berserk
Flesemi Riftroar feeling a touch of bloodstone madness

#mastoart #furry #furryart #charr

A white with charr orange hair, dark face, and red and white facepaint, dressed in warrior's armor with a frenzied expression, half grin, half snarl, spit flying while backlit ominously.

Minor art dump on FA I have more to do but typing is hard today. I keep fucking up so I probably won't do too many more. Most of the art uploaded today is by @Moonmyth. I love you my good girl <3. Thank you so much for the lovely artwork and taking the time to work on all of these.

NSFW Warning on the link

#furaffinity #furryart #dragonart #dragon #nsfwfurry #nsfw #commission

Snow 💜
11 hours ago

umm hi.. #furryart #furry

"Starwire says I'm a smuggler? Do I look like that kind of gal to you?"

Join our Patreon for only $3 and you can shape the future of Wyld Space!

Unlock access to the developing early-access pdf, playtest surveys, patron polls, and more. #ttrpg #FurryArt

A mutie from the Underground Oracle Publishing ttrpg setting Wyld Space. She's twirling a gun a flirting with a waitress. Art by Kendal Gates.
11 hours ago

Headshot comm for a twt user from a few months or so ago :3 on the 3rd I'll be reopening my comms on my tele channel first and then everywhere else if I have any slots left

#furry #furryart #anthro #yeen #mastoart #commission

Headshot commission of a yeen in a rave party, she's smoking a blunt and grinning at the viewer
11 hours ago

Charrtober began as a silly idea from a friend, shortly after I got started with 3D art, but got a lot more crazy over the years. These were the four scenes I did for day 1 between 2018 and 2021:

2018: ASH
2019: LEGACY
2020: FLAME
2021: NIMBLE

Sadly I had to stop doing this because it got too stressful, but I loved that challenge, especially in later years when other people joined in with their own art. :blobcathappy:​

#FurryArt #GuildWars2 #Charr #Charrtober #Repost

3D render of two large steel coins, one showing the Ash Legion emblem (a swirly 8-sided star shape) on the front, the other showing the charr gear emblem on the back. They're lying on a grey checkerboard surface, with slightly purple-ish light.
3D close-up render of a male charr with brown fur and a red eye patch, holding out a large signet ring with the Blood Legion emblem towards the camera. The scene is focused on the ring, with the charr somewhat out of focus in the background.
3D render of a Flame Legion banner: An abstract flame-like symbol on a background with a large red vertical stripe between two smaller yellow stripes.
3D render of a fully armored charr on a concrete roof, in a pose referencing the famous "bullet time" scene from The Matrix: He's bent unrealistically far backwards so his back is almost touching the ground, both of his battle axes are in mid-air like he just dropped them, while three bullets are flying just barely past him, leaving distortions in the air. The scene has the same characteristic green tint as the movie.
12 hours ago

31 Days of Halloween
Day 1: Hellhounds

Commission by Archivist-Kayl

Happy October! It's the month of monsters, demons, ghosts, and ghouls, but also a time when the trees start turning and things get a bit cooler. Each day this month I wanted to post a fall related, spooky, or a commission of one of my more monstrous characters.

To welcome things in are the group of mischievous hellhounds: Mira, Aquinas, Twilight, and Midnight. :blobcatevil:

#hellhounds #cerberus #demon #werewolf #halloween #31daysofHalloween #furry #furryart

Jackal, cerberus, werewolf demon, and hellhound posing together. Anthro furry art
zyn :verified:
21 hours ago

anyone interested in a headshot $20 flash sale? :3 tonight only! i'll get it done tomorrow too!

pm me on telegram to claim!

[ 🏷️ / / #furry #furryart #furryartist #furrycommunity #furryfandom ]

1 day ago

Ibzan finishing her work on the car and admiring that well-maintained v8! Pic for @ibzan

#furryart #mastoart

Illustration of a hyena character, dressed as a mechanic, wiping her forehead while holding a tool and looking down into the engine bay of a blue Fox-body. The scene is illuminated as a late afternoon.
1 day ago
1 day ago
a washed out photograph of a highway with a car and road sign visible. a furry, who is slightly transparent with a glassy texture, stands unmoving in the foreground on the left side of the image, facing out towards the road.
1 day ago

Repost of this older piece, because I have now finished my bachelor of Geoinformatics. I didn't really think so back then, but now, 3 years later, I feel confident enough to also do my masters-degree in that field.
Transitioning helped a lot with it. It is a LOT easier when you don't have to pretend to be someone else.

(I am terrible at soil science, but I think their maps are the prettiest)

#art #myArt #mastoArt #furryArt #Lemur

Drawing of an anthropomorphic lemur in front of an excerpt of a soil-map. She is falling backward, with a kinda overwhelmed expression on her face.
Space Salamander
1 day ago

Twin Lizards! 🦎🦎

Aren & Cheet, nice character(s?) by @/MaximumR3x (! He drew me Tial a while back so I wanted to reward him :}

#art #digitalart #drawing #furry #furryart #cartoonist #scalie #lizard #dinosaur #monster #alien #creature #CharacterDesign #OriginalCharacter

The big and strong monstrous creature poses fiercely, a lizard with two heads and one body! 

One head motivated, other less than excited...

🤝 2021 - Sundae Ref Sheet

Reference sheet done for StrudelDoodlee over on ToyHouse!
🎨 Speed paint on my Instagram & TikTok! Links below! 🎨
🌸 Art © SukariDragon 🌸
🎍Character © StrudelDoodlee🎍
✨ Follow my other social medias here: ✨
☕️ Support me on Ko-Fi! ☕️
#art #artwork #furryart #furry

i think my little pony deserves a break, don't you think? he's been working hard en los llanos de su tierra. he's growing achotillos (rambutans) y guanabanas! they're his favorites.

🐴 - character: #TerraViridis, belongs to me
🎨 - art: | |

#equine #horse #pegasus #hooves #hay #sketch #monochrome #null #nudity #sitting #furry #furryart #nullfur

A monochrome sketch of an anthropomorphic equine pegasus man sitting on a bale of hay. He is leaning backwards and resting as he recovers from sweating.
Sayna Jaye
1 day ago

more horsegirl thoughts

#MastoArt #furry #furryart #charr

First image: a labeled diagram of a saddle made for charr use from the side and front, also shown on the horse, and with rider. Second image: two poses of charr rider doing archery on horseback, a pose of rider eating a meat skewer sitting sideways on the horse while it grazes, and a pose of the rider cleaning out the horse's left hind hoof.
First image: a labeled diagram of a saddle made for charr use from the side and front, also shown on the horse, and with rider. Second image: two poses of charr rider doing archery on horseback, a pose of rider eating a meat skewer sitting sideways on the horse while it grazes, and a pose of the rider cleaning out the horse's left hind hoof.

Finished for AJ! ^^
#furry #furryart #furryfandom

eli shroom
2 days ago

a new incantation, for OvejaDulce on the birdapp

#furryart #furry #digitalart #halloween #witch #magic #psychedelic #commissionsopen

Digital illustration of an anthro ferret woman in an old fashioned witch outfit. She's floating in the air, gripping a broom stick with one hand and touching her other hand to a large tome on the floor that she's reading an incantation from. As well as the witch herself floating, all her various witchy items are floating around her, including potions, books, and a crystal ball. Everything is surrounded by an orange and pink glow.
eli shroom
2 days ago

a badge commission for RealScalieHours on the bird app

#furryart #dragon #furry #commissionsopen #digitalart

Digital bust illustration of a blue dragon man wearing a tan scarf and dark vest with blue embroidery. He's leaning on a name badge that says "Tianlong" in stylized letters.
2 days ago


I was supposed to end this month with enough money to pay my freelance monthlies. Two days before those taxes, my electrical company billed me early; it wasn't supposed to go trough until next month (they are not really scheduled) so now, in the middle of the night and a few hours before having to pay my taxes I find myself with my bank account in the red, literally.

I'm gonna be offering some cute headshot sketches.

#furry #furryart #furryartist #furryartwork #furryfandom #furrydrawing #furrycommissions #furrycommissionsopen #commissionsopen

Two simple headshot sketches of a bunny on the left and a cat on the right. THey are anthropomorphic animals and have soft and happy expressions. Above them text reads: "Cute sketch headshots". Below them the price of the commissions is written as 15 USD or 15 EURO
2 days ago

If one day you're gone, through mountains and creeks
Alone with your memories I'll be, once you're gone

Mr. Longtail

#art #mastoart #creativetoots #warriorcats #animalart #fediart #furryart #cats

2 days ago
a photo of a fence with a traditional sketch of a dog and column of paw-legs superimposed in yellow. the dog has a yellow halo. a lined rule paper background is overlaid for texture.

Commission for Dreedawot!

#furry #furryart #art

dewott oc
2 days ago
My possum fursona lying on its back with socked paws in the air. Text says SOCKS!
2 days ago

Another commission for @Twilight, having the force with him, deflecting lasers!

#FurryArt #MastoArt #Commission

A lynx-cabbit wearing purple and gray armour, swinging a lightsaber and dodging lasers.

Racc for Axel
They found a shiny.

#art #furryart

raccoon found a shiny
2 days ago

"Cowards." -

"You want to waste away in some hole in the ground like a bunch of scared little rabbits? Be my guest-- but I won't be joining you."

Please support my work so I can afford my incoming student loan payments and other living expenses. It would really help me out.

#art #artists #ArtistsOnMastodon #MastoArt #DigitalArt #furry #FurryArt #illustration #patreon #kofi #OriginalSpecies #OriginalCharacter

An onene (a small bat-like anthropomorphic species) looks back toward the viewer with disgust while facing a cave opening full of light.
The Gneech
2 days ago

Hey #DigitalArt peeps! I’m looking at getting an iPad to do art at conventions and the like. What software would you recommend? I use Comic Studio and Photoshop on the PC generally. #AmDrawing #FurryArt

Sayna Jaye
2 days ago

Horses? In MY Tyria?!

#MastoArt #furry #furryart #charr #gw2

Two charr ride side by side. One is mounted on her red raptor, one fist in the air cheering on the other, mounted on a horse, arms outstretched and eyes closed.
neon svips :heart_sp_nb:
2 days ago

⚡ sea of neons⚡
i reopen this multislot ych that sends u straight to neon city, in the urban labirynth

therye 50€ for fulllrender! any species/gender, can adjust bodytype as needed. p@ypal upfront! :3
write me if interested <3

#ych #furryart #furry #furryartwork #commission #furrycommission #commsopen #cyberpunk #neon #transartist

YCH preview pic of a blank character sitting on some  architectural part of a building, situated in what seems to be a middle level of a very tall building complex. balconies, ads, windows and other outside buiulding elements can be seen, and even taller buildings are drawn faintly in the foreground.
same as before, except with a female big cat wearing a neon corsed, fishnets and studded garter belts
same as before, but with an orange domestic cat wearing flowery pattern shirt and booty shorts
same as before, but with a deer wearing very faint stockings and pearl necklace

racc for Axel
they found the shiny.

#art #furryart

raccoon found a shiny
3 days ago

💎 Beast wreathed in flame

#art #mastoart #furryart #anthro

An anthropomorphic creature based on a stylized wolf, dark blue in color, with neon blue horns that burst into flame.

I'd do this more often if it didn't kill my hips lol.
#nsfw #furryart #opossums

digital sketch of two opossum characters. The gal is on her knees, sitting on top of the guy. There's also a close up of penetration.
3 days ago

Completed a #furry #pixelart #gameboy headshot #commission for @lyze
#retro #furryart #mastoart
Made me wonder if gb games ever used the entire screen for a jumpscare portrait lol

A mischievous headshot of Lyze the literally horned owl using the gameboy pixel resolution and original 4-hue green palette
Lyze's eyes are half closed and his head a little tilted downwards. He is wearing big goggles on the top of his head and his neck has a noticeably feathery texture
3 days ago

Could I interest you in a bowl of noodle soup?🐍💙 / #DigitalArt by me! 🐉🎨 //

Thanks for viewing!
#furryart #furryartist #furry #furries

3 days ago

I need a little bit of money for groceries, so I'm opening Headshot Commissions! I can work with any animal species
15 USD flat and 20 USD with shading!
Sharing is very appreciated! <3

#art #commission #commissionsopen #animalart #furryart #furry

3 days ago

He helps around his family's plant nursery #furryart #art

Anthropomorphic Akita-Inu wearing an apron and shirt stands behind a counter with a kindly smile in a lush indoor plant nursery
3 days ago

#furryart #kemono

3 days ago

A Phosphorosaurus design for MarbleMilo.

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A Phosphorosaurus, a marine reptile. This one is mostly grey with white accents along their back.

Okay everyone STOP and LOOK! 🥰
I love this so much!

🎨 @damntazzle

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Artwork of a headshot of my vixen fursona. She is wearing a rubber collar and a visor raised up on her forehead. She is side-eyeing the viewer and has a sly smile.

Halloween YCH Available! 2 Slots!

Get it here:
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furry on a giant pumpkin eating candy
3 days ago

When I first started my adhd meds I found that all the silly little characters in my head disappeared. It took about three days of getting used to it for them to return. I felt like a big piece of me was missing. I am happy to have them back :')

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Snew 🍊
3 days ago

sketch commission for cafepeisko 🐯🐰🦋
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A digital drawing of a hybrid anthropomorphic bunny/tiger. She also has large green fairy wings and moth antennae.
3 days ago

I want to say thank you to everyone who shows me such patience, kindness and understanding. It means more to me than you know 🧡 I'll continue to do my best!

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Dobes Crusher
3 days ago

A postcard that went out to a patron. Patrons at my $10 tier receive cute monthly postcards as well as stickers!

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Scanned front and back of a vintage postcard. On the front is the lobby of the Monteleone in New Orleans. On the back is a pen and ink drawing of a cartoon arctic fox painting their claws pink.
3 days ago

completed autumn ych for maki!

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