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#CreepyJoe #Biden tells a 6yo girl he loves her ears before asking if she's 17

Biden tells young girl: 'I love your ears... how old are you, 17?' #Biden #POTUS #GBNews #GBNAmeri..

2 weeks ago


Surely a Minister for anti-Woke goes round putting people to sleep?

So..... maybe blocking flues to cause Carbon-monoxide poisoning ?

Or more benignly, just droning on in some long speech about the evils of unisex toilets till we all nod off.....

I assume #gbNews will host her .... oh! Reality precedes satire - she does, with here lovely hubbie

Saturday Morning with Esther and Phillip

Satire is indeed dead

Queer Lit Cats
2 weeks ago

For those not from the UK,
#GBnews is their version of
#Foxnews so when it comes to reporting on Israel's massacre of Palestinian civilians the coverage has been very one sided. For some insane reason their host #EstherMcvey, a British 'Laura Ingram' type, invited social media personality and comedian #Goub on her show. It's a pleasure to watch as he calls her out on all her western media BS.

Not surprisingly GBNews has apparently not aired the interview.


Cosplay Vicar Calvin Robinson hanging out with the Fash at the Cenotaph?
Those GB News boys pop up in the most expected of places.

#GBNews #UKPOL #Cenotaph

Former English Defence League co-leader Stephen Yaxley-Lennon, aka Tommy Robinson, along 
 with former GB News presenter Calvin Robinson, were present, responding to Yaxley-Lennon's 
 call for supporters to gather in the capital. 
 Far-right demonstrators clashed with police near the Cenotaph war memorial in London before 
 a pro-PaIestinian demonstration, anticipated to be one of the largest ever held. A sizable group 
 carrying St George's flags marched along Embankment, shouting "England 'til I die." Despite 
 police attempts to prevent them from reaching Whitehall, the group pushed through, resulting 
 in some confrontations and the throwing of bottles by counter-demonstrators, many wearing 
3 weeks ago
Holy shit. I just found out Calvin Robinson used to write for #Linux Format mag. He's not very entertaining though. #GBNews
an article in Linux format maga…
an article in Linux format magazine about making games with the Godot engine. Calvin Robertson is 'Our Expert'
3 weeks ago

@paulb3017 she has a crowd following her:
#telegraph #thesun #GBNews #altright and all the #rednecks of England

Steve :verified:
3 weeks ago

GB News Gets Owned By Journalist Michael Crick!

#GBNews #FarRightBullShit #Extremists

1 month ago

I'm surprised to find that the 'proud to be British' GB News channel has moved its video playout and processing to #Australia!

#gbnews #business #news #uk #britain

1 month ago

"One of the owners of GB News runs a hedge fund that has a major financial stake in more than 100 oil and gas firms, DeSmog can reveal."

#UK #GBNews #GreatBritain #PaulMarshall #FossilFinance #MediaCorruption

1 month ago

"Johnson asked scientists about ‘special hairdryer to kill Covid’"

This sort of thing will go down a treat on GBeebies.

#BorisJohnson #Covid #GBNews

1 month ago
1 month ago

Der ehemalige Premierminister Boris #Johnson wird ab 2024 für den Nachrichtensender #GBNews arbeiten:

Keith Wilson
1 month ago

Anti-woke campaigner John Cleese says “GB News is harming itself by putting out this nasty, vulgar rubbish”. 👀 #GBNews #JohnCleese #LiarJohnson

Poetry News
1 month ago

There once was a gent name of Johnson
Whose shows to host was his ambition
From being an MP
He made it to TV
And will be the star of GB News' potion

#borisjohnson #gbnews #politics #tv #limerick #poetry

1 month ago

Just checked into the hotel in Bangkok. Turned on the TV - and guess what is the FIRST channel that pops up - Gbeebies 😠. Needless to say there is no BBC News or even Sky News. They are clearly better organised and financed than they appear! #GTTO #UKPolitics #Brexit #GBNews

Channel list showing GBNews as the top channel in a Bagkok hotel.
UltrasonicMadness (he/him)
1 month ago

@CountBinface #GBNews looks strangely interesting now.

1 month ago


Does it? I thought the #gbNews core audience are somewhere to the right of Genghis Khan, and regard the #vacuumOfIntegrity as a useful idiot but a bit of a pinko given how much largesse he spread about rather indiscriminately during the pandemic......?

Or is he hired to give #sunak a hard time?

1 month ago

Civil Service Chief Simon Case accuses #Johnson at the height of #Covid of “Trump-Bolsonaro levels of mad and dangerous”. And #GBNews have just signed this 'madman' & #liar up, shows contempt 4 their audience, deep questions of truth & morality 4 GBNEWS to answer. #RejoinEU #ToryCriminalsUnfitToGovern

Well, it had to happen:

#BorisJohnson is joining #gbnews.

Seems like the perfect match of presenter (programme maker) & channel (outlet).

On both sides the celebration of bulls*t is a defining trait...

Will be interesting to see how Johnson is able to use this platform to drive the media agenda in the 'mainstream' press... my guess is, like Farage, they will be unable to resist giving him the 'oxygen of publicity' which he craves.

Steve :verified:
1 month ago

Tory MPs private inquisition of BBC boss over Israel shows they want it to be a zombie bride of GB News

#GTTO #BBC #ToryInfiltration #GBNews #TheCanary

Our lying ex-Prime Minister is joining the #UK version of #FoxNews. He should be right at home with the #disinformation there…

#BorisJohnson to join #GBNews as presenter

1 month ago

#Johnson joins cronies #ReesMogg, #Farage & #LeeAnderson on #GBNews. Well he'll be amongst friends, the master liar amongst other liars. Should a channel that trades in lies continue? #RejoinEU #StandWithUkraine #ToryLiars #ToryCorruption

@harriettmb As somebody else pointed out "he's always following in the footsteps of Nigel Farage"

#BorisJohnson #NigelFarage #GBNews

G4Media 📰
1 month ago

#BorisJohnson a declarat că se va alătura echipei postului de televiziune 📺#GBNews, dar va păstra și poziția de editorialist la 📰#DailyMail.


#Știri #RegatulUnit #Jurnalism

AutisticMumTo3 She/her 🌈
1 month ago

Just heard Johnson is joining GB News. There are a number of Tory MPs or ex-MPs working for them. GB News is part of the propaganda spreading wing of the Tory Party along with the Daily Mail.

1 month ago

More from the land of unsurprising news:

Just looking at the channel’s roster of presenters: Farage, Rees-Mogg, Anderson, Davies, McVey, Fox (suspended), Wootton (suspended), and now BoJo the Clown. What was that expression of Hillary Clinton’s? Ah yes, “a basket of deplorables”.

#BorisJohnson #GBNews #Media

1 month ago


Yeah - really good at breaking stuff..... but you have to be barking to watch #GBNews so I think he is safer there than anywhere else (like the Commons or a TV/radio station than sane but impressionable people listen to)

Presumably he has now drained the well of Republican suckers happy to pay a fortune for some ramblng after dinner speech.....

1 month ago

#Johnson to join #GBNews

A lavatorial platform for things that won't flush

1 month ago

In news of the weird…

#BorisJohnson has announced he is joining the broadcaster #GBNews.

The fmr #Britain PM is the latest #Conservative politician to take up a presenting role on the news channel.

In a video posted on a GB News social media account, Johnson said he was going to be sharing his “unvarnished views” on the TV channel.

Spaffer finds his spiritual and moral home. #GBNews

1 month ago

Boris #Johnson: Former prime minister to host #GBNews show

Oh christ!

#vacuumOfIntegrity joins far right populist gobshop

1 month ago
Steve :verified:
1 month ago

Ofcom says GB news is not impartial, but how can that be true? It has every kind of wingnut going.

Home to odd Tory MPs and conspiracy theorists, the channel is a broad church – except when it comes to those who follow the rules

#GBNews #TheGuardian #MarinaHyde

Alexander Hay
1 month ago

#GretaThunberg may have been arrested, but she's also upset #GBNews, so today can be chalked up as a success in any case.

Marcus Jenkins
1 month ago

For people in US&A priests with guns are probably an everyday sight.

For the British public these are not good optics.

#gbnews #calvinrobinson

Marcus Jenkins
2 months ago

Calvin's a gift (#grift, surely?) that just keeps on giving. Apparently he's back from Disney in Florida and now he's off to a church in Norway. While he keeps plugging his crowdfunding shtick. Because the English ones don't want him. You've gotta be pretty bad for C of E to chuck you out.

#calvinrobinson #GriftersGonnaGrift #gbnews

Marcus Jenkins
2 months ago

Calvin is currently holidaying in Florida, according to his Instagram timeline.

At the same time he is trying to raise £30,000 from his "flock" via crowdfunding to pay his rent, food, etc. after he's been left penniless when GBNews sacked him.

#calvinrobinson #gbnews #grifters #GriftersGonnaGrift

Steve :verified:
2 months ago

We Do Need a 'Big Conversation' About What Britain Is Today – But a GB News and Tabloid-Driven Populist-Right Culture War Will Never be the Way

#TheCanary #GBNews #Populism #GTTO #FascistTories

Marcus Jenkins
2 months ago

Just imagine having "Reverend" Calvin Robinson teaching your kids. 😬

#calvinrobinson #gbnews #grifters

2 months ago

I'm seeing quite a few comments saying "First they came for Laurence "Loser" Fox... " and find it very objectionable, if well meaning.

No one came for the dolt, he walked open-eyed into a pile of excrement of his own making, again.

#UKPolitics #GBNews #Karma

2 months ago

British Actor Laurence Fox Fired By GB News & Arrested Within The Space Of A Few Hours
#News #DanWootton #GBNews #LaurenceFox


#Laurence Fox has been arrested on suspicion of conspiring to commit criminal damage to ULEZ cameras! 😳

Fox, who is the leader of the Reclaim Party, said in a social media video shared earlier today that his home was being searched by police officers.

Just before 10.45am, the party posted on Twitter, saying: "Live now @LozzaFox is having his house searched by the police."

#KGBNews #GBNews

Laurence Fox arrested!
2 months ago

#Karma - LozzaFox has just been arrested and taken to a police station. There is a short video on Calvin Robinsons tl, which is worth a look, particularly given the allegations made by Fox in that video.
Here’s a screenshot from X
#ULEZ #LozzaFox #gbnews

11:40 Wed 4 Oct  @calvinrobinson 
The pretence of the arrest is "conspiracy to commit criminal damage." One can only assume this is related to this week's interview with @MaajidNawaz, where they discuss ULEZ Blade Runners. Laurence has not yet done any Blade Running. This is a pre-crime.

#KGBNews #GBNews #LaurenceFox #Misogyny #DanWootton

🚨**It's the way the far right mop flops buddy**🚨


Laurence Fox
2 months ago

"Five GB News Men Accused of Sexual Impropriety as Channel Engulfed by Wootton-Fox Misogyny Storm"

Includes station chief Angelos Frangopoulos, who expressed outrage at the behaviour of Laurence Fox.

#GBNews #SexualHarrassment #LaurenceFox #DanWootton #AngelosFrangopoulos #misogyny

Russell Phillips
2 months ago

Good grief. In the light of #LaurenceFox's comments on #GBNews, #Sky #News decided to do a piece on the #GenderPayGap. They had a man and woman on to argue about it.

It came out, live on air, that he was being paid and she wasn't. Sky apologised and offered her £75, the standard fee for such an appearance. Then they offered to increase it to £200, the same as they'd paid him.

ETA: @MichaelPorter linked to a longer video:

#misogyny #feminism

ArtBear on Firefish
2 months ago

Tory party is all knee pads on for #GBNews last few days.
Risky Sunak, BlunderTruss, Shiti Patel, Cruella Braverman, all doing the fascism flirt.
Reeks of desperation when even their traditional right wing buddies are covering them sceptically & decide to suck up to fringe like KGBNews.

A tweet with GBNews banner photoshopped as KGBNews, Putin's News Channel.
Tweet reads:
"(kk)KGB NEWS ?? That bastion of wrong takes, tax dodgers, tinfoil hatters, UK asset strippers, misogynists, incels, xenophobes, fossil fuel lobbyists, racists, neo-nazi-libertarians, NHS breakdown vultures, genocide apologists, & Putin Puppets?

Surely not!"
2 months ago

Female Journalist In GB News Storm “Will Go To The Police, Fears For Her Safety” After Threats
#BreakingNews #AvaEvans #DanWootton #GBNews #LaurenceFox

Mark H
2 months ago

As amusing as it is to know that GBeebies is having some issues with its presenters and keeps having to suspend them for being exactly the sorts of people they knew them to be when they were hired, I'd love to be able to hit the BBC News site without seeing quite so many stories about it. BBC News is crying out for a "Please just show me news that's actually important" button.

#BBCNews #GBNews #GBeebies

2 months ago

Also available at knockdown prices:

“Oliver’s Barmy: The Unravelling of Neil Oliver”
“Grimes Against Humanity”
“A. Bridgen: Too Far”
“Fox Cunt”


Richard Littler
2 months ago

Wootton, Fox and now Robinson out of #GBNews.
Cancelled by the station that denounces cancel culture....

Now I'm waiting for Neil Oliver to accuse Neil Oliver of being a member of a shadowy secret global cabal which is conspiring with Neil Oliver against Neil Oliver. Neil Oliver will appear on GB News later to expose Neil Oliver's evil plan to steal Neil Oliver's free speech rights.

2 months ago

That's fake vicar Calvin Robinson been suspended from GB News, he tried taking a stand and said he wouldn't appear in "solidarity with Wootton" so they zapped him. :Limmy_DeeDee: GB News will replace Wootton's programme with something more in line with their viewers tastes (pictured).


A TV test card but the girl with the chalkboard and doll has been replaced with a picture of Enoch Powell with a Union Fleg behind him.
Peter Nimmo
2 months ago

Just download this page to play #GBNews Bingo!
#media #UK

Screenshot of GB News website with presenters' mugshots
Phil Smith
2 months ago

Throughly enjoying watching the goings-on at #GBNews and the hilarious, frustrated bewilderment of those involved about being fired for exactly the same disgusting crap they were hired to produce in the first place.

#CalvinRobinson and #DanWootton suspended from #GBNews
British cranks shedding tears...

Two Gerry Anderson style puppets laughing manically
2 months ago

If I were in charge of #GBNews (and please, in the unlikely event that this happens, please fucking smother me in my sleep), I would be looking for any excuse to get rid of this peculiar little cabal of kooks, crooks, cunts and clerics, who no-one in their right mind would want to work with, and who show up your ideology for the public schoolboy edgelord nonsense that it is.

Marcus Jenkins
2 months ago

If GBNews sacks all the dickheads and grifters, will there be any presenters left?


#gbnews #calvinrobinson

BBC News
2 months ago

News at 9PM: Sir Michael Gambon has passed away at 82. Elianne Andam is the victim of a Croydon stabbing. Labour changes stance on private schools. BBC issues new social media guidelines for its stars. Accusations surface against police misuse of body-worn cameras. #Rotterdam shootings claim at least three lives. Nagorno-Karabakh conflict ends, causing over 65,000 to flee. Ofcom investigates GB News after receiving 7,300 complaints; Dan Wootton sacked by MailOnline. #GBNews #BBC #News

BBC News
BBC News
2 months ago

#News at 6PM: Sir Michael Gambon has passed away at 82. Elianne Andam was identified as the Croydon stabbing victim. BBC stars now have new social media guidelines. The first #Biden impeachment inquiry hearing has taken place. There are allegations of police misusing body-worn cameras. Over 65,000 people have fled Nagorno-Karabakh. Dengue outbreak in Bangladesh causes nearly 1,000 deaths. GB News is under investigation by #UK regulator Ofcom after receiving 7,300 complaints. #GBNews #BBC #News

BBC News
it's kat! 🍉
2 months ago

as grotesque as lol fox, his misogyny & the ever-heinous gb news are, i can't understand why the rosebank approval was overshadowed by this story today. solidarity with all women, including ava evans.
#ukPol #gbNews #rosebank

BBC News
2 months ago

News at 9PM: GB News has suspended presenters Laurence Fox and Dan Wootton following comments about a female journalist. CERN has published a study on anti-matter, testing whether it falls up or down. The US has further restricted Chinese imports due to forced labour concerns. The #UK's largest untapped oil field, #Rosebank, 80 miles west of Shetland, has been approved by regulators and is estimated to contain 300 million barrels of oil. #GBNews #LaurenceFox #BBC #News

BBC News
BBC News
2 months ago

#News at 6PM: #UK regulators have approved the #Rosebank oil field. The US has further restricted Chinese imports due to forced labour. #Scotland's drug consumption room has been given the go-ahead. GB News presenter Laurence Fox has been suspended. Travis King is being transported to a US military base after being deported from North Korea. A teenage girl was fatally stabbed in Croydon, South London, with a boy arrested in connection. #GBNews #LaurenceFox #BBC #News

BBC News
2 months ago

Political journalist Ava Evans said she felt “physically sick” after watching Laurence Fox say “who’d want to shag that?” while host Dan Wootton laughed along.
#GBNews #danwootton #laurencefox #misogyny

4 months ago

Today's comic, featuring the frog-faced moron-herder

#UKPolitics #Satire #Farage #GBNews

A 3-panel comic script showing a newsreader reading the news headlines.

Panel 1: After his successful 
campaign to see Natwest
and Coutts CEOS resign,
Nigel Farage is looking for 
a new target.

Panel 2: Voters have suggested that 
issues such as poverty, 
political corruption and 
foreign influence could all 
do with some high-profile

Panel 3: However Farage has insisted
he might just wait until 
his GB News bosses tell 
him which stocks they’ve 
shorted and go for those 
companies instead.
Alexander Hay
4 months ago

And here we have #Farage effectively admitting he tried to blackmail now ex-Coutts CEO, #PeterFlavel, on the former's #Twitter account.

Always revealing more of himself that he realises, Farage frames this as an example of "extraordinary... arrogance" because someone had the affrontery to ignore him.

The ensuing narcissistic injury speaks for itself. But what other aggrieved banking customers have a platform on #GBNews and a government doing their bidding?

#UK #News #Fascism #NatWest #Coutts

Frog faced prat Nigel Farage doing a Karen and demanding to see the manager in a semi-literate e-mail he claims to have sent to now ex-Coutts CEO, Peter Flavel. 

Note the threat at the end. This is not a well-adjusted, or savoury person here.

It says: ""Dear Mr Flavel,

"I have banked with Coutts for some years, both business and personal, and prior to that with Natwest sinc 1980. My personal manager, [REDACTED], with whom I organised a mortgage repayment etc. left some months ago. A new man, [REDACTED], replaced him, to who I have never spoken to before despite expressing to one of his juniors that I should. Out of the blue I receive a phone call to say the accounts will be closed, followed by a letter. No explanation is offered.

"I retired from active politics in January 2020, so doubt I can still be a politically exposed person. My recent business activity has been quite normal. Whilst I have no desire for this event to be in the public arnea, I can't help wonder that there may be some prejudice here.

"If other banks decided that I am too high profile then both of us would be in a very interesting public position.

"What on earth is going on?

"Yours sincerely..."

Source: From Farage's own Twitter account, at 15:44 BST, 27/07/2023. Link is here:
Alexander Hay
4 months ago

And here's an interesting titbit. #Farage works for #GBNews, the #FarRight propaganda outfit owned by one Sir #PaulMarshall.

Marshall also owns a #HedgeFund, which has just made *£5 million* through shorting #NatWest stock.

You know, the bank whose share price has gone through the floor because of Farage being an entitled wanker.

Funny thing, that.


#UK #News #Fascism #Coutts #NatWest #MarshallWace

Sinead Quealy
4 months ago

On holiday in UK for a few days. Visiting a few friends in different parts. Sitting in a kitchen this evening and #GBN #GBNews is on. What hell is this? It is shockingly bad. They are looking for things to scare people about. No ethics. Zero. It would be funny if it wasn't so angry and emotive. This does not bode well people.
There was a fella #laurencefox on earlier- terrifyingly snide. Unpleasant in the extreme.

Central Bylines
4 months ago

GB News Star Dan Wootton Unmasked in Cash-for-Sexual Images Catfishing Scandal

In the first part of its three-year special investigation, Byline Times reveals the accounts of victims targeted by the powerful TV presenter

#GBNews #DanWootton #Bylines #Catfishing @BylineTimes

5 months ago

My 84yo mother and stepfather have taken to watching #GBnews, and yesterday my mother told me that #ClimateChange is natural, not man-made. She is Oxford-educated.

The human race does not deserve this planet.

Tane Piper
5 months ago

I got a #GBNews video suggested from Google via an RSS feed for Google News.

I watched 2 minutes. It was 2 minutes of hate. That anyone watches this stuff and has views reinforced, they must be fucking idiots.

#GBNews claim that their network is a "talkshow" so they can bypass the strict #Ofcom rules for news programmes in the UK.

This means, despite calling itself GB News, it can get around the impartiality rules that others are expected to follow.

I just signed the petition calling on Ofcom to make sure their rules are able to hold ALL news channels to account - and properly enforce them on GB News . Will you sign too?

7 months ago


Oh dear, I keep reading you as #GBNews. The horror of them arriving here.

Fen C
10 months ago

In the 1st picture JR-M's pointing toward the area of the brain where non-#Tories have an empathy function installed.

Charlie Brooker understood (other pic).


#uk #ukpolitics #Rees #Mogg #GBNews

Rees-Mogg to get GB"News" TV show.
""The Conservative Party is an eternally irritating force for wrong that appeals exclusively to bigots, toffs, money-minded machine men, faded entertainers and selfish, grasping simpletons who were born with some
essential part of their soul missing." Charlie Brooker.
Stop Funding Heat
1 year ago

More conspiratorial overtones from GB News as apparently being green is now "anti-human".

This month's GB News advertisers include Sky, Pure Cremation, Belgica Furniture, Chums Clothing UK, Coaltown Coffee, Distinct Cremations, Emma Mattresses and more.

#ClimateChange #ClimateMisinformation #GBNews

Stop Funding Hate
1 year ago

The Telegraph recently ran an article highlighting the effectiveness of #StopFundingHate in challenging #GBNews...

The article claims "Stop Funding Hate didn’t respond to my request for further explanation" - yet we can find no record of any such request🤔