3 days ago

Attention #gamedev artists and designers: #GDC wants to feature your artwork in our virtual gallery. Chosen artists will receive a free pass to #GDCShowcase! No entry fee required. Head here for more info. Deadline is June 4.

The Visual Arts community space at GDC 2023.
Hoe Chin 🦋
6 days ago

I finished mdzs extras. Poor Lan Sizhui xD
His parents are embarrassment :blobRofl:

#mdzs #MoDaoZuShi #mxtx #gdc #danmei #extras #rereading

David Frank
1 week ago

Hi #gamedev, it’s been 10 years since we use PBR in game production, yet I still have this lingering question, a question I was unable to answer after reading so many guides and so many #GDC/#SIGGRAPH talks:

- If you use PBR, but doesn’t aim at 100% hyper-realism (“maybe 85% real”), when your art director tells you, this physically correct material look too dark/bright, do you convince them to adjust exposure curve, or do you change the texture albedo to satisfy the stylization need?

Pls help.

Derechos Digitales
1 week ago

RT @AlSurOrgs: A partir do #AlSur, contribuímos para o Pacto Digital Global (#GDC). Nossas 11 organizações, representando 8 países da #LATAM, trabalham unidas, reconhecendo as desigualdades e desafios diferenciais a nível internacional.

Derechos Digitales
1 week ago

RT @AlSurOrgs: Te invitamos a leer más sobre nuestra contribución al #GDC en nuestro último blog post. Tu apoyo puede hacer la diferencia para construir un futuro digital más equitativo en la región.

#GobernanzaDigital #Latam #EquidadDigital

Manuel Correia
2 weeks ago

This is a great talk about tutorials, and how to make games intuitive so you won't need them:
#gamedesign #gamedevelopment #plantsvszombies #GDC

3 weeks ago

Check out this GDC talk from last year on solo development. I really liked the first presenter's thoughts on getting started with a project as a solo dev. I hope someone else finds this as inspiring as I did.
#gamedev #GDC

Derechos Digitales
1 month ago

RT @ITforChange: What of the digital revolution? The platform economy deceives us with false choice and exploits our labor. States use digital tech for increased surveillance. We need an infrastructure to reclaim our digital resources & further our individual and collective freedoms. #GDC

1 month ago

War. War never changes.

'Fallout' programmer, producer, and designer Timothy Cain is heading to #GDCShowcase this June to revisit his 2012 Classic Game Postmortem. Read our interview here about what he's excited to share at the online event.

And come celebrate 25+ years of Fallout with #GDC.

Cover image from 1997's Fallout game.
Jordan Mechner
1 month ago

From my journal 30 years ago this week in 1993: La Femme Nikita hones her skills on Prince of Persia, while the POP2 team crunches to finish The Shadow and the Flame... and #GDC!

More behind the scenes at

#retrogames #princeofpersia #videogame #gamedev #lastexpress #classicgames #1990s #journal

Screenshot of Final Battle in Prince of Persia 2 (1993)
Page of Jordan Mechner's journal from April 20-21, 1993
Screenshot of Final Battle in Prince of Persia 2 (1993)
Movie poster of Point of No Return (1993)

🔔 Call for Papers and friendly reminder that the 𝗱𝗲𝗮𝗱𝗹𝗶𝗻𝗲 is on the 𝟭𝟱𝘁𝗵 𝗼𝗳 𝗠𝗮𝘆! #GoodIT #Conference #Games #SocialGood #ACM #SeriousGames #EduGames #VideoGames #Education #EduTech #Entertainment #CallForPapers #GDC

Kentaro Suzuki
1 month ago

Our "Realistic Real-Time Sky Dome Rendering in 'Gran Turismo 7'" presentation with Kenichiro Yasutomi is on GDC Vault! The recording is viewable for subscribers only, but the slide materials (with notes) are accessible to all 🙂



This talk covers physics-based sky rendering, using observation-based atmospheric models, Mie scattering, and LUTs for efficient runtime. It also discusses cloud rendering!

#gdc #gdc23

AI and Games
1 month ago

Last month, I attended #GDC for the very first time. But what is GDC? And why is it something that many developers - myself included - wish to attend?

My latest video on AI and Games Plus discusses all of this and more as I relay my own experiences.

Robert Zubek
1 month ago

My #GDC talk is up on the vault!

Together with Ian Horswill we did a session titled:

"Logic Programming in Commercial Games: Experiences and Lessons Learned"

The video is paywalled for the time being, but the slides are up:

#gamedev #ai #gamedesign #procgen

Today has been a wonderful day

GDC has made available two great panels:

1) Jenn Sandercock's GDC talk on Return to Monkey Island production. This is one I was so hoping it would be available to watch - and I'm so happy that it is now ❤️

2) Occupational Burnout in Games: Causes, Impact, and Solutions - with Raffael Boccamazzo, Alicia Fortier, Osama Dorias, Anna Brandberg

I already watched them, loved them ❤️

#GDC #GDCVault #GDC2023

'How does Zynga hunt for whales?'

🤑 At GDC Zynga talked about its predatory, but profitable, use of in-app purchases.

▪️ 70% - 90% of all revenue comes from "VIPs".

▪️ A poker player who routinely plays 50 hands / day but then starts playing only 20 hands / day will get a call from Zynga to "get them back on track".


#Videogames #FreeToPlay #InAppPurchases #Gacha #Addiction #Consumer #GDC

1 month ago

#GDC23 sessions are now on GDC Vault! Head to to check out hundreds of new sessions from the latest #GDC event—with many of them being free to view.

2 months ago

Cross-platform game development with the new URP sample scene | GDC 2023

#unity3d #gdc #gdc2023 #gamedev

Paul Johnston
2 months ago

This is the kind of thing that @swardley thinks could create AGI by accident
RT @GeppettoAi
‼️ 🚨 GDC 2023 TRAILER 🚨 ‼️

Geppetto’s Workshop: ‘Garry’s Mod meets Midjourney’ an AI game and game engine with text-to-3D Gen AI. Coming 2024. Amazing trailer by @aceiverse: SOUND ON! 🥵🫠🤯

@GeppettoAi #gamedev #aiart #GenerativeAI #indiedev #gdc

2 months ago

Godot game engine on GDC 2023. Juan Linietsky presents his vision for an open gaming ecosystem built on Godot, just like Linux has become the foundation for an open enterprise ecosystem.

#Godot #GodotEngine #GDC #GameDev #Gaming #GameIndustry #GameDevelopersConference

Richy Garcia :verified:
2 months ago

As I’ve said, attending #E3 will be a Games Industry merit badge I will never attain & display in the background of my video chats. I hope kiddo me is still proud that I have rocked multiple years attending #GDC instead.

Someday soon, hopefully, I’ll add games industry experience to my resume.

Jeannie Novak
2 months ago

.. and catch up with colleagues, clients, and friends! (2/2) #gdc2023 #gdc #gamedev #game @atmanrising

Meeting of the minds with Dylan Strehle of Mastiff at The W!
Catching up with Tim Samoff (Azusa Pacific University) – and Farhad Javidi + Evy Kollstrand (Central Piedmont Community College) – at ... The W!
Hamming it up with Tim Samoff at The W 🙂
Hanging out with Christopher Mifsud at The W after 10+ years!
Jeannie Novak
2 months ago

Had a blast with @atmanrising at #GDC 2023! It was great to see my #gamedev book in the GDC Bookstore, have some productive meetings ... (1/2)

Game Development Essentials in the GDC Bookstore!
It was a pleasant surprise to see El Lim of Khayalan Arts at his booth – along with Zac Gunnell, no less!
Great to see Jovan Johnson (after all this time!) right after we checked in at The W ...
It's not GDC without David Javelosa! Fortunately, I ran into him – along with Rob Cairns and Jon Foster of APM – at (where else?!) ... The W!
Darryl Wright
2 months ago
Honestly -- WTF is wrong with our industry.

"The organisers of GDC have told they are hoping to set up a hotline for attendees who face abuse and harassment at future events.

Earlier this week, the organisers said they "severely condemn" such behaviour following a wave of allegations ranging from spiked drinks to assault during networking events and in attendees' hotels during GDC week."

Benjamin Rivers
2 months ago

#GDC demonstrated that Twitter is still a high-priority, casual networking tool among the #GameDev community. I wish that wasn't so but it is.

Since my verified check will be removed on Twitter next week, I am curious to see how that site will further change, and what happens here.

Taylor McCue
2 months ago

Want to read one person's perspective on #GDC

I'm actually mentioned in this article which is really neat.

Megan Fox
2 months ago

Anyone out there who was in the #GDC speaker deck for 2022, but didn't get one? (so you would have been a top speaker in 2021, I believe)

I ended up with one of those accidentally, but I don't really need it? It should probably go to a home that will appreciate it.

Making games is cool!
Making games can be fun!
But making games is hard.
And never worth losing yourself for.

It is not worth losing sleep, having pain, getting anxiety over.

And if it does, try to fight against it. Because even now, after all of the public information that is supposed to dissuade people about crunch and bad management, this is still part of the industry's culture.

I hope that one day, we get rid of that, but I will not wait for it to happen magically, and will never stop worrying out loud, even in the tiny position that I am.

And I hope that you do the same.

#gamedevelopement #gdc #makinggames

Bob Williams
2 months ago

Figuring out when to do conference followups is tricky.

You know everyone is exhausted today, will be inundated tomorrow, and very tired by end of the week. So, I'm thinking Wed or Thursday?

What's your sweet spot for following up post conference?

#gdc #gdc23 #GDC2023

2 months ago

This San Francisco - Copenhagen flight is so stuffed with gamedevs that I'm almost dreading the bus factor impact if this thing goes down unexpectedly! 😜

#GDC #GDC23 #GDC2023

Hendrik Mans 🚀
2 months ago

What a #GDC!

Epic turned Fortnite into a game development playground, announced a cross-engine asset store, and casually launched their own ground-breaking programming language!

Godot celebrated the launch of a major new version and, for the first time, had its own expo booth, showcasing some great indie titles being developed with the fully free & open source engine!

Unity is also a piece of software that exists!

Doctor Popular
2 months ago

I sang a song onstage with #Crashfaster tonight at @dnalounge. It was a packed crowd filled with #GDC attendees and it was a lot of fun. It was a great show and so awesome to see the all the other #chiptine adjacent bands and fans.

A photo of 5 performers on a stage. The lighting is filled with red and blue flood lights and lasers shooting overhead.
A photo of the crowd at DNA lounge. It’s a big crowd with people dancing on the main floor and watching from the second floor. Many are wearing masks.
Doctor Popular
2 months ago

I'm so excited about tonight's show at @dnalounge. Since the event is #GDC themed, I'll be wearing my "Shorter Games/Worse Graphics" t-shirt on stage.

Sure, I'll probably be wearing some black hoodie on top, but now you and I both can both secretly know what my t-shirt says.

A blue t-shirt that says "SHORTER GAMES" on the front in pink letters.
Jonathan Stone
2 months ago

From Substance Days at #GDC earlier this week, it's great to see the first announcements about the shading model collaboration between #Adobe, #Autodesk, and the #MaterialX governance group.

Day 4 of #GDC! I've loved every talk I had the privilege to attend. I am honored to have been voted as one of the highest rated speakers of GDC 22 & featured in the speaker deck among so many amazing game devs. Also #ThisIsWhatAGameDevLooksLike. Hire me to work on your games! 🙂 #gdc23 #accessibility
If you like my shirt make sure to get it from the creator & support a disabled POC instead of one of the companies that have stolen the design. Here's Annie Segarra's store:

A two photo collage with a dark-skinned Black person smiling, wearing a black t-shirt that says 'the future is accessible' in white print while pointing at it with black stiletto nails and with her hair styled in long black pink and purple braids, while sitting in an electric wheelchair in the first picture. In the second picture is a photograph of a six of clubs playing card with the same person now dressed in desert camo colored Mass Effect 2 N7 armor as Commander Shepard, holding a prop weapon. The text on the playing card reads "Jay Justice, independent" on one side and "accessibility and accommodations microtalks" on the other side.
Noisebridge Hackerspace
2 months ago

Looking for something to do Thursday? Get ready for an epic night of performance at Noisebridge!

Extra Lives Audience RPG (GDC Edition)


Resident Electronic Music

#gdc23 #gdc #sfevents

2 months ago

was going through my pile of 3.5" floppies, and found an unmarked disk, so of course i had to find out what was on it

here's a peek inside of the world of a teenaged win95 user in 1998 😅

edit: holy shit, that's *the* seumas mcnally (a #GDC prize named after him) in the dx-ball credits!


A short video of a Windows 98 desktop, showing various programs like "Xmaslights" which adds blinking christmas lights to the desktop, a breakout game called DX-Ball, and a BMP of Kramer photoshopped onto a one dollar US bill.
2 months ago

GDC Awards about to start, go TUNIC!!!
#GDC #GDC23 #GDC2023

2 months ago

@SwiftOnSecurity this is just #gdc

Doctor Popular
2 months ago

In #SanFrancisco for #GDC this week? Check out the 11th annual POW show at @dnalounge for a night of #chiptunes, #IndieGames, #nerdcore hip hop, and more.

This year's lineup includes #MegaRan, #BitShifter, #DanimalCannon, #Crashfaster, and more.

I'll even be joining Crashfaster for a song on stage. It'll be my first time performing in at least 3 years. I can't wait!

Thursday, March 23, 7pm - 1am. All ages.

A flyer for "POW XI a colassal night of sound & vision". Mega Ran, Danimal Cannon, Bit Shifter, Crashfaster, Button Masher, Nmlstyl, are all listed. the show is on Thursday March 23rd atDNA Lounge in San Francisco.
Crecente 🦣
2 months ago

Most important #GDC question of the week.


Day three of #GDC! Really looking forward to learning from other developers and making new friends today 🙏🏾❤️ had to rep my favorite game of course, to the surprise of absolutely no one I'm sure 😂 #ootd #gdc23 #MassEffect

A two image photo collage with a smiling dark-skinned Black person whose hair is styled in long pink, purple and black braids, wearing red rectangular mono lens glasses and an N7 hoodie with matching N7 leggings, and black high top Air Force Ones. The first photo is a close up of her holding the red glasses just below her eyes, with matte black stiletto tipped fingers, and the second image is a full length photo showing her seated in her electric wheelchair. Text on the bottom right corner reads "Jay Justice"
Deniz Opal
2 months ago

The actual sweets from Candy Crush. #GDC

Jellybeans from King, makers of Candy Crush.
2 months ago

Very cool space!
#GDC #GDC23 #GDC2023

E. Drake Kajioka
2 months ago

Turns out giving a talk on #ai and #games in 2023 is great cardio.

#gdc #gdc23 #gdc2023 #AIHype

A photograph of a Fitbit watch displaying 198 exercise points.
Caryl Shaw
2 months ago

I was pretty dang excited to go play board games with a bunch of #GDC pals tonight, but I wouldn't send a knight out on a dog like this.

2 months ago

uuuuuh, wind gusts of 50 knots (almost 100kph) at SF right now, planes are stuck not landing or taking off, and I'm stuck at the hotel unable to watch GDC talks.... 💨 🫠
#GDC #GDC23 #GDC2023

F. Randall farmer
2 months ago

I'll be in orbit of #gdc this afternoon if you'd like to meet.

rainy day james
2 months ago

At #gdc party. Tom Hall (the id software one) came up to our table at random asking if he was at the right party.

If you're at #GDC, join us on our panel "Incorporating Black Game Studies in the Classroom: Benefits to Everyone" on Tuesday, March 21st at 9:30 am - 10:30 am in the West Hall, Room 2014! I'm honored to speak alongside Lindsay Grace, Latoya Peterson and Akil Fletcher! #GDC23 #gamedev #BlackMastodon

White text on a dotted blue textured background, with stylized cut-paper style multicolored circles and ovals on the corners. Text reads:
GDC logo, March 20-24 2023, Incorporating Black Game Studies in the Classroom: Benefits to Everyone, Tuesday March 31st • 9:30 am - 10:30 am • Room 2014, West Hall. Speakers:
Lindsay Grace  (Knight Chair in Interactive Media, Vice President, University of Miami & Higher Education Video Game Alliance)
Latoya Peterson  (CXO, Glow Up Games)
Akil Fletcher (Researcher & Ph.D. Candidate @ University of California Irvine)
Jay Justice (Developer & Consultant)
E. Drake Kajioka
2 months ago

Welcome travelers for #GDC23! For any of you who care about such things, here's the #covid wastewater data for #SF and the #SFBay peninsula.

Was a significant spike in SF about a month ago that has diminished; looks "medium" to me in Santa Clara's parlance.

Stay safe, have fun!


Hendrik Mans 🚀
2 months ago

A very happy #gdc to everyone who celebrates!

Daniel Cook
2 months ago

I discovered 13 year old business cards in my jacket pocket! Thought I had forgotten them.

Doubt I'll give out any this year. #GDC

Mrs Tek and I are playing tour guide for a young lady friend who's here for #GDC. We bumped into a group of guys going in to the conference who started to chat with... me. "I can tell when we're around other gamers!"

No, my dude. You obviously can't.

Mark Riedl
2 months ago

On my way to the Game Developers Conference #GDC in SF. I look forward to enjoying several days talking about things other than ChatGPT and LLMs.


Daniel Cook
2 months ago

I'll be wandering around #GDC later this week. Happy to chat with multiplayer-inclined folks about the Kind Games paper we just put out.

Tiny Yellow Machine
2 months ago

Playdate Devs! If you are going to be at #GDC and want to meet other #Playdate friends, reply here and say hi to each other if you want to meet others! Also, if you are doing any Playdate related or adjacent talks/events post them here! 👀#panicplaydate

GDC has been kind enough to make my 2015 presentation available to watch online for free.

I discuss some of the work our nonprofit org does with video games to prevent violence. Also, why we believe video games are the best solution to engage & persuade young people about sensitive issues.


[CW: death, abuse]

#GDC #GameDev #Advocacy #GameDesign #Prevention @stopTDV @gamingagainstv @communicationscholars

The title slide from a presentation:

Gaming Against Violence
Using videogames to stop teen dating violence

Drew Crecente
Executive Director, Jennifer Ann's Group

Game Developers Conference
Moscone Center - San Francisco, CA
March 2-6, 2015
Bob Williams
2 months ago

Anybody know if there's any #Fediverse or #Activitypub related groups or companies that will be at #GDC #GDC#2023 next week?

Maarten Balliauw
3 months ago

Awesome, finished demo preparation for the #gdc #GameDevelopersConference in a few weeks. If you're around, interested in the process around game dev (source control, builds, ...) find the #jetbrains booth!

Bob Williams
3 months ago

The one thing I dislike about #GDC season (and other trade shows) it that I have a to hang out on LinkedIn more to set meetings.

It an energy drainer for me. Somehow the digital equivalent of unwanted socialization for an introvert.

Crecente 🦣
3 months ago

Who all is going to #GDC2023 and what are you looking forward to?

#GDC #videogames

Paris B-A
4 months ago

Right, well, we’re off to #SanFrancisco for #GDC for the first time in a while. How exciting!

An-Tim Nguyen :gamedev:
4 months ago

I will be attending #GDC this year, who else is going? #GameDev