Serhiy Guryev
3 hours ago

If Tor, DuckDuckGo and GIMP is good enough for the German military, then they good enough for you too )

#DuckDuckGo #GIMP #Tor #foss

argumento :socialiststar:
13 hours ago

#NewYorker cartoon brought to date #NewYork made in #GIMP

An old New Yorker cartoon, where a man in ragged business clothes tell some children, also in rags: “Yes, the planet got destroyed. But for a beautiful moment in time we created a lot of value for shareholders.” But instead of the original background, that portrayed a destroyed city, you have an orange gradient that resembles New York's smoke problems due to the fires in Canada.
17 hours ago

Sympathy For The Devil Revisited By MK3
Pleased to meet you
Hope you guess my name
But what's puzzling you
Is the nature of my game

#MastoArt #pixelfed #krita #GIMP #streetart #popart #DigitalArt #rock #devil #doomlike

1 day ago

#Gimp's auto-equalize is one option do not use.

1 day ago

Can I Kick It? by MK3
Fais péter la Guinness, 26 ans, ça se fête un anniversaire
Let the Guinness flow, 26 is a special birthday!

#MastoArt #pixelfed #krita #GIMP #streetart #popart #DigitalArt #hiphop #birthday

Jennifer =^.^=
2 days ago

so, question. Is there a way to print a .xcf file via command line in #GIMP without evoking the interactive printer GUI?

What I'd like to do is to be able to print things via command line (from my #linux system) with fixed settings.

GIMP plugin browser says that print can only run with interactive-mode. I haven't tried to run it giving a non-interactive mode setting but here's possibly the catch: I want to specify all the settings I need and it should not take it from whatever setting happened to be configured last time.

I have found gtk-print but that requires me to convert it to PDF first. That sounds like an awful time to get it right with paper size, margins, color profile.

2 days ago

How to install gimp-help locally on Ubuntu 22.04? #apt #firefox #snap #gimp #helpfile

2 days ago

How do I mass-convert png images to GIMP brushes? #commandline #gimp #imagemagick

2 days ago

Por si te sorprendieron los resultados de cierta empresa que parece hecha de barro y ya estabas por pagar la cuota mensual

#gimp #stablediffusion #ia #ai #inteligenciaartificial

4 days ago

Enabled pressure support on my drawing tablet with gimp. I see what it can do but I have no idea how I should use it. #gimp #art

4 days ago

Haha, not my eyes, it's #GIMP that provides the goods :D

5 days ago

👁️ Somebody's Watching Me by MK3 👁️
👁️ and I have no privacy 👁️

#MastoArt #pixelfed #krita #GIMP #streetart #popart #DigitalArt #rock #gafam #fuckprivacy #hacking

tunes :ciberlandia:
6 days ago

Messin' and playing around with new tools.
Groovy... :blobcatrainbow:

@GIMP @gmic #gimp #gmic #natron #opensource #cyberpunk #glitchart #crt #analog

Checkerboard pattern being distorted and pushed in a CRT TV frame.
6 days ago

Pero el cambio es rápido 🧑‍💻

#sabadodeescritorio? 🤣

#gimp #librewolf #xfce #awesomewm #debian #softwarelibre

6 days ago

#Photographie de la #Conjonction #Mars-#M44 d'hier soir.

La #photo à été prise au Canon 700D avec un objectif catadioptrique de 500mm ouvert à f/6.3 (image recadré), accumulation de 119 poses de 0.8s, ISO 3200. Traitement #Siril et #Gimp.

L'aspect oblong de Mars est dû à son déplacement assez rapide sur son orbite. Mars c'est en effet décalée de 22,5" d'arc par rapport aux étoiles durant les 15 minutes qu'a duré l'observation.

#astronomie #ciel :boost_ok:

Image d'étoiles. Au centre les étoiles sont plus regroupées, c'est l'amas M44. Le nombre d'étoiles de l'amas reste toutefois relativement réduit, environ 25 étoiles dont une dizaine sont assez lumineuses. Dans la partie haut et droite de l'amas une étoile apparaît particulièrement lumineuse et d'une teinte orangée, c'est Mars.
6 days ago

Doing a bit of machine cleanup... and wow I hate #Flatpak... small apps take so much HDD space. Anyway uninstalled 3 apps then ran:

- `flatpak uninstall --unused`
- `sudo flatpak repair`

44gb down to 2.5gb in /var/lib/flatpak

Now to find a PPA or .deb for #Gimp and get rid of flatpak entirely.

1 week ago

I'm Home, back ache holidays, but the service is waiting, I am a D.J., I am what I play, can't turn around

#MastoArt #pixelfed #krita #GIMP #streetart #popart #DigitalArt #rock #DJ #fucknft #fuckai #fuckinstagram

Denis Salem
1 week ago

Parmi les projets à la con que j’ai dans mon giron, et dans la même veine qu’Attestupa je suis en train de préparer “Le mépris de classe”. Ça va piquer … En attendant, voici le #logotype.

Comme d’hab j’ai fait ça avec Gimp et Inkscape.

#graphisme #graphicdesign #retro #shiny #logo #logotype #gimp #thegimp #inkscape #design #CG #computergraphic #artwork #type #artwork #art #freeart #artlibre #libre #free #creative-commons #ccbysa #graphic #showcase

Rihards Olups
1 week ago

#Gimp 2.10.32 for Mac was ~460MB, 2.10.34 is ~920MB.
Massive size difference.

tunes :ciberlandia:
1 week ago

Analog CRT 012 :crt_w_prompt:

@GIMP @gmic #gimp #gmic #opensource #cyberpunk #glitchart

Imagem com padroẽs geométricos distorcidos, replicando falhas em TV de tecnologia CRT.
1 week ago

Today's early evening moon
82% Illuminated

📷 Canon 70D - Sigma 150-600 Contemporary Lens - ISO:800 - Aperture: f/13 - Shutter Speed: 1/500 sec

#photography #photo #moon #lunar #Luna #WaxingGibbous #darktable #GiMP #Canon70D #Sigma600mmContemporary

Today's early evening moon
82% Illuminated
1 week ago

Zeit für den #TextureTuesday! #GIMP #GMIC

Abstrakte Komposition in erdigen Tönen. Als wäre Farbpaste mit eher wenig Pigmenten dick aufgetragen. Insgesamt entsteht der Eindruck eines Blicks über die Dächer einer Altstadt. Oder vielleicht ist's doch ein Teppich aus Flanellstreifen?
theo ✅
1 week ago

Je voulais donc lui filer mes XCF (les fichiers de modifs de #GIMP). Après une recherche rapide, Photoshop ne sait pas ouvrir des XCF. Sur le forum officiel, les gens conseillent même d'installer GIMP, parce que « ça prend 5 minutes à installer et c'est plus simple que de s'emmerder à convertir ». (Note : imagemagick y arrive visiblement très bien - pas testé).


Alex Michael Berry
2 weeks ago

I couldn't find one of these so I made one up. If anyone needs a GIMP palette file for the 11 progress pride flag colors here's one. I think I got all the colors correct but let me know if they are wrong.
#pride #pridemonth #gimp

2 weeks ago

Made a little map today. Haven't done one for a while and it was a lot of fun. Made almost entirely in #Inkscape though I did take it into #Gimp at the end to add a texture layer.

There's no story behind the map, it was just for the fun of it. Drawing is not my forte, ahem, but I love making maps in Inkscape where I can tweak to my heart's content.

Just realised that I forgot to add a compass. And a scale. Oh well, bit late now. 🤷‍♀️

#Map #Maps #Cartography #FantasyMaps #MadeWithInkscape

A fantasy map showing an island called Penleven.
2 weeks ago

But that last "sRGB vs DCI-P3 Display vs Rec2020" image changes everywhere, even in Windows or Linux browsers!

#DevTools shows it using three different image files, which when downloaded look different in any iOS viewer but identical in most Windows apps ( #GIMP knows they're different.)

So am I right that Safari code's unique skill is using P3 in the page content? While any browser on any OS can display a separate file that is already saved as DCI-P3?

@jensimmons #gamut #Rec2020

Justine Smithies
2 weeks ago

Okay so no #Gimp 2.99.* in #VoidLinux . Pity as that has #Wayland support built in. I could always build it from source I suppose.

Agora sobre o #Gimp (pra edição de imagens): definitivamente não gostei. Eu procurei na internet e vi pessoas debatendo com argumentos: a ferramenta tal podia melhorar, já o recurso tal é bom, etc. Eu não cheguei a racionalizar, ponto por ponto. Mas eu percebi que eu não senti a facilidade que eu tive com o Krita. O Gimp não é, pra mim, nada - nadinha - intuitivo.

Decidi largar o Photoshop porque tá ficando cada vez mais difícil encontrar um craqueado que funcione.

Eu tô acostumado a baixar filmes, livros, HQs, etc. Mas exausto de ter que passar por uma via crucis cada vez que preciso baixar um treco novo da Adobe.

Então, decidi baixar o #Krita e o #Gimp.

Maxi 7x 💉
2 weeks ago

#Gimp​s Problem ist vor allem die Umsetzung. Sie hätten schon vor knapp 5 Jahren Superresolution-KI-Scaling einbauen können (als komplizierte Plugins verfügbar), aber sie haben keine Ressourcen dafür. Wenn das so weiter geht und sich kein finanzkräftiger Spender erbarmt, könnte das für freie Bildbearbeitungen ein schwerer Knüppel werden, weil sie gegen die fantastischen KI-Werkzeuge von Photoshop abkacken.

Bon, c'est la première fois que j'achète un emplacement de publicité!
Ce sera dans ''Le p'tit corrézien'', un mensuel gratuit tiré à 40.000 ex.
La dame de la pub est adorable. Elle me fait un rabais de plus de 50% pour 1/4 de page sur le hors-série d'été.
N'ayant eu fait que des visuels format visitcard, j'ai rouvert #Inkscape et #GIMP pour adapter en 9.5*13cm.
J'ai refais des photos cet après-midi pour remplir ce format, que ce soit lisible au premier coup d'oeil.

On valide ou pas?

Image publicitaire pour mon atelier d'horlogerie.
Atelier de réparation montres et horloges 0679070875
Cassidy James :endless: :gg:
2 weeks ago

Maybe I could write this up into a blog post, but in going through old archived posts from birdsite, I came across a thread about a photo I was proud of. So I thought I would share it here where it won’t get lost as easily!

I am really happy with how this photo turned out! While the Pinebook Pro is indeed running elementary OS and it looks exactly like this, this photo was taken by Dani before we got the builds working. So the screen is faked. 🙈

#PhotoEditing #GIMP

Photo of Pinebook Pro presumably running elementary OS
3 weeks ago

How an image comes to be.

Animated transition between raw original and processed image.

MCZ_RIGHT, FL: 110mm
Sol: 800, RMC: 39.1170, LMST: 08:15:41
Credit: #NASA/JPL-Caltech/ASU/65dBnoise

#Perseverance #Mars2020 #Solarocks #Space #GIMP

for those who are experts using #GIMP what are your top tricks/tips to get the most out of the tool??...

#software #editingtools #gnu #images

Ich sitze gerade mit dem Kind1 am Rechner und sie macht für ihre beste Freunding Bilder fertig.

Dazu hat sie vorhin mit
#GIMP gearbeitet und jetzt sitzt sie mit #libreoffice und macht sie Druckfertig.

Dabei hat sie noch Kopfhörer auf und sing laut lange und falsch mit.

Was man nicht alles so macht....

#Fedieltern #papasein

Jennifer =^.^=
3 weeks ago

@PsyChuan I used my photo of my lesbian pride art

I stretched it a bit, cut out a piece that fit I liked and tweaked the colors to be more in line of the actual lesbian pride flag colors (since I didn't perfectly color match it on my paintings, and the photo made it worse). Then I ran this through my mosaic script that basically calls #gimp 's mosaic plugin with randomized settings, applies the color profile for my mug ink and I print it out, once.

3 weeks ago

Der einzige Grund, nicht von #Windows auf #Linux umzusteigen sind Bildbearbeitungsprogramme.

#Gimp und #Darktable sagen mir überhaupt nicht zu. Alle verwendeten Anwendungen gibt es nicht für Linux (Lightroom, DxO, Topaz AI etc.).

Gibt es da irgendwelche Möglichkeiten?

EDIT: Dualboot ist für mich keine Option. Mac wäre nur eine Verschiebung des Problems. Keine Lösung.

#Fotografie #Photography

3 weeks ago

Photoshop = photoshopped

GIMP = gimped?

Hmm. I gimped my pixels. But I didn't have to put up with #Adobe's bullshit.


jbz :catjam:
4 weeks ago

「 The long-awaited port of the GIMP image manipulation program to the GTK3 toolkit is now declared "officially finished" 」
— Phoronix

#GIMP #GTK3 #Opensource

1 month ago

Milky Way

Not as great as I initially thought it might be, the edges not so clear.

72 images stacked in Siril, processed in gimp.

📷 Samyang 8mm fisheye

#AstroPhoto #siril #MilkyWay #gimp #samyang

The Milky Way stretches across the full width, the Pointers and Southern Cross at centre right. It's a cropped fisheye image generated from 72 individual images, stacked with free open source Siril astro software.

My next project it's in production! 🏗️

Using @Blender and @GIMP

:gnu_imp: :blender:

#illustration #3dart #b3d #gimp

Image manipulation software with an illustration of two dummy astronauts being held by a human hand.
1 month ago


I'm Benjamin Argumento, I'm a 44 yo bi cis guy.

I do graphic design with FLOSS,
#Inkscape #GIMP #GMIC #Blender and some editorial design with #Scribus and TeX (learned a little #LaTeX but now I'm learning #ConTeXt )

You can see my stuff here:

I'm a
#communist of sorts. Was a trotskyte for some years, but later I broke with that and studied a little about left wing #communism and #anarchism.

#ADHD and only learned the diagnose as an adult.

Philip Gillißen
1 month ago

@kattascha Ich habe eine ähnliche Situation mit #GIMP damals via Script-Fu gebaut. Gibt es SCripting auch in Photoshop?

1 month ago

@rysiek @inkscape I feel like one of the big challenges with #FLOSS tools for things like image editing is that initially, FLOSS flourished where the users were more inclined to manipulate the tools themselves, and to do things like submit patches, take on more development roles, or even just read the code to try to understand it. It was a hit then for things like the Apache web server, and other GNU system tools - the users were closer to the code, so to speak, and would dabble in it to some extent.

On the other hand, people using things like image editors are more thinking of creating whatever it is they're trying to create, as opposed to maintaining an infrastructure. Someone just editing a photo isn't necessarily thinking about the inner workings of their OS (to the extent someone hacking on a web server might be). So, there's more of a gap between the people who would be using that and the people who would be writing those tools.

I like the way #Blender had open movie projects, where the developers would work alongside artists to produce an actual creative work. I think more of that kind of thing would benefit the likes of #Krita and the #GIMP, and other projects.

tunes :ciberlandia:
1 month ago

Algumas experimentações em #gimp e #gmic geradas de raiz utilizando apenas os filtros de renderização originais.
Enquadra bem em monitores... :blobcatphoto:

Nota: gera moiré quando visualizado fora da resolução original.

#wallpaper #background #mastoart

Imagem de silhuetas de luz em tons de azul e amarelo texturadas a grão digital e padrão Bayer.
Estrellas Compartidas
1 month ago


Resultados de la #observación #solar de hoy (29/04/2023).

Usando #Gimp como herramienta principal para el procesado.

Se mantiene de manera intensa la actividad en el #Sol.

Sobre un fondo negro, se deja ver el disco solar con la granulación en su superficie. Un color entre amarillo y naranja.
En diferentes zonas del Sol, se muestran manchas solares. Al NW se deja ver de manera interesante tres manchitas que forman como un triángulo. Al SE se mantienen activas otro grupo más alargado de manchas con dos núcleos principales.
Grupo de tres manchas solares de color negro en el centro con el número 3289 con la que ha sido codificada. En la zona SW se deja ver una pequeña mancha que también está codificada como 3292. Todas estas sobre una superficie entre amarrillo y naranja con la granulación característica del Sol.
Zona de manchas activas en el Sol.
1 month ago

Getting closer to my goal of capturing a deer in a fully flowered rapeseed field. I'll be trying every evening over the next couple of weeks when the light is decent

#Nikon #z7ii
#Sigma #500mm


#Wildlife #WildlifePhotography #Animals #AnimalPhotography #NikonPhotography #NikonArtists #NordicPhotos #Denmark #PhotoOfTheDay
Processed with #DarkTable and #Gimp

Deer in a rapeseed field
Deer in a rapeseed field
2 months ago

We just published a revision 1 for the DMG packages of #GIMP 2.10.34 for #macOS (both Apple Silicon and Intel architectures).
It fixes an ugly memory leak in one of our dependencies which was reported to us.

Thanks to @lukaso for the packaging work!

Screenshot of the download page on GIMP website showing the update text and buttons for GIMP 2.10.34 revision 1 for macOS.
2 months ago

Announcement for packagers of #babl (the color conversion engine by the #GIMP project: babl 0.1.104 just got released!

Thanks to @pippin for the awesome work, as usual.

Sábado 15 de abril à tarde, se você estiver em #SãoPaulo, venha para o #FLISol, instalar e bater papo conosco sobre #SoftwareLivre no Garoa Hacker Clube

Para quem não está em São Paulo, consulte outras cidades no
e teremos também uma transmissão de algumas das apresentações (deve rolar o link lá na página do Garoa).

#Blender #FreeCAD #Linux #Python #Krita #Inkscape #Gimp #GPL #FLOSS #QGIS #GNU #GUIX #RedHat #Manjaro #Debian #Hackerspace #Processing #FlISol2023

2 months ago

Today @zemarmot merged the code allowing to search #GEGL plug-ins in action search.

They even went a bit further: all these GEGL operations are now also added by alphabetical order to the new submenu `Filters > Generic > GEGL Operations`. This will include any third-party GEGL plug-in you might have installed.

This makes custom GEGL plug-ins first-class citizens from now on!

This feature will be available in next dev version (#GIMP 2.99.16).

Screencast of GIMP (dev version) showing the generated list of "GEGL operations" aka "GEGL plug-ins" in menus.
In this example, we choose the "Negative Darkroom" GEGL operation to simulate a negative film enlargement in an analog darkroom.
2 months ago

After another month of work, @zemarmot merged the GAction/GMenu branch to our main development branch.
⇒ The #GTK+3 port of #GIMP is officially finished (apart from minor deprecated API here and there, but no huge tasks anymore)!!! 🥳🎉🥂

We even already updated the roadmap which now says "Port to GTK3": done.

GIMP 3.0 roadmap says "Port to GTK3": done!