For those who use git and are tired of remembering the difference between POSIX regular expressions and Perl regular expressions:

git config --global grep.patternType perl

#git #regex #perl #POSIX

Jamie Magee :unverified:
4 hours ago

Playing around with the API I built some simple #git hooks to prevent commit with vulnerable dependencies.

#ShiftLeft #SupplyChain #SupplyChainSecurity

Why do nerds always do this; overcomplicate everything?

Generating public/private key pairs isn't simple, but it's pretty common by now. I do it every time I set up #git on a new computer. I do it when I use #PGP. I do it when I #ssh

Nerds were like; "I know let's encode the private key in a series of words so people can memorize them" and now you've got two private keys!

#Bitcoin was already kinda complicated, and now #wallets are 100x more complicated!!!

#crypto #cryptocurrency #btc

10 hours ago

It's been a while since I've used GitLab - I just logged a few issues on a project hosted on and I had completely forgotten how much nicer the experience is compared with Github.

Even for simply logging a bug report - the issue tracking experience feels lighter and less cumbersome.

Github these days feels like bunch of teams desperately fighting over who's feature should take priority - where as GitLab feels much more like a single product experience.

I'm (clearly) no UX person so there's probably a better term for it - but the UI feels much less hostile than Github.

It's a real shame that GitLab was showered in VC funding and had to significantly raise prices to meet profit demands.

#SCM #Git #GitLab #Github #Microsoft

10 hours ago
Hacer que git no pida contraseña. #Git
Teri Radichel
12 hours ago

Protecting git Credentials Used in Automated Scripts
Prevent writing git credentials to disk and limit the time stored in memory with git credential.helper cache options
by Teri Radichel | Jun 5, 2023
#git #credentials #automation #cache

Pierre Lindenbaum
20 hours ago
20 hours ago

what's a good lightweight self-hosted #git http frontend? I want to mirror all my repos in my own site and wondering what to use. Just to browse and clone

22 hours ago

Tiny #git tip - quickly switch back to the previous branch, without having to look up its name with:

git switch -

Similar to `cd -` for directories!

TIL: @torvalds created #git 👀

I guess thank you very much! ❤️

Joseph Zikusooka
1 day ago

💡 TIP: Discard changes recently made to a file in your git repository

git checkout -- docs/README.rst

#ZikTIPs #git #developers #Linux #CLI #Opensource

1 day ago

@kevin This morning, my base #esp32cam configs were each 200 lines or so and half of my editing bandwidth was spent comparing it to the templates to make sure it was still up to date.

As of now, they are each 26 lines, easy to compare, and I even added the captive portal just in case I mess up the credentials and knock a bunch offline before I notice...

(And the configs are in #git)

#esphome #esp32 #yaml #homeautomation

1 day ago
2 days ago

to @edsu's point about github from a noted Github hater (me) (and git hater even but I'm gonna say nice things):

we took what was a really powerful distributed version control system...and decided to centralize it again on a platform that---amongst other things---sells software to the fucking immigration cops![1]

great job y'all. really smashing, good work.

#GiveUpGitHub #ai #github #git


today i forgot
2 days ago

Clear saved credentials from #git for a given user/host:

$ echo url= | git credential reject


Drew Naylor
2 days ago

Has anyone made the joke yet that Origin is a #git repo, because "git push(/pull/fetch) origin"? In Future Redeemed, it's even in the sky, like "cloud computing".


Sander van Kasteel
2 days ago

Well then.... I just accidentally pushed to main.

#NeedMoreCoffee #git

Pito Salas
2 days ago

Link blog entry for "Git is simply too hard": Git is actually sooo hard. Not just to learn, but also to use consistently. And I say that as a person who used it for probably over ten years. Here’s my thoughts on the matter. (
#git, opinion

Christian Grasser
2 days ago

OK #Bitbucket is currently down :-(
I think I will get some coffee ☕

#sourcecode #git #systemdown #coding #developer #development

Amadeus Paulussen
2 days ago

And thank you @alf for helping me improve my #git #skills too! You are a good #teacher! 🤓️

\x1b orhun 👾
2 days ago

Solving #Git conflicts with #Vim is easy!

🚀 Plugin (neovim):

It took just 3 key bindings to resolve the following conflict! 🎉

• c-o -> apply "choose ours" strategy
• ]-x -> go to the next conflict
• c-t -> apply "choose theirs" strategy

3 days ago

Minor but satisfying hack-let OTD. I keep my #UNIX homedir in a #Git repository so all my dot files get versioned for free.

Today, I added my kickstart.nvim fork - as a submodule of that project.

So now I can maintain my #Neovim config separately like I want and also easily merge changes from upstream as they occur. Sweet :)

Teri Radichel
3 days ago

Protecting git Credentials Used in Automated Scripts
Prevent writing git credentials to disk and limit the time stored in memory with git credential.helper cache options
#git #credentials #code #security

Christopher Hlubek
3 days ago

Just released version 0.4.0 of - a tool to provide an authenticated and authorized REST API to perform patches to a #Git repository.

This will be a crucial piece for integrating #FluxCD as #GitOps in our #GitLab CI to release projects in various environments.

3 days ago

@mkreutzfeldt @BMWK Gesetzesänderungen werden also immer noch nicht mit #git verwaltet... #oneversioncontrolsystemtorulethemall

Teri Radichel
4 days ago

Install git From Source on Ubuntu
When apt doesn’t give you the latest version on an AWS EC2 Ubuntu instance
by Teri Radichel | Jun, 2023
#git #ubuntu #version #source

Andrew Helwer
4 days ago

I used to be a #git hater and notorious user of the nuke & clone method to get me out of jams but after developing the skills to deal with multiple remotes in a single repo it has all kind of come together.

Jakub Narębski
4 days ago

Git Rev News, a digest of all things Git, is announcing their first Git Rev News Readers Survey to help the editorial team provide a better newsletter. #git #survey

4 days ago
Hacer que git no pida contraseña. #Git
Jeff Sikes
4 days ago

Any devs that work with both #GitHub and #Codeberg repos? How are y'all setting up #Git to work between projects on the different sites?

I feel like the simple solution is to create two OS accounts on my Mac and switch between them, one is "Codeberg" work and the other is "GitHub" work.

Or...push everything to GitHub and have it sync over to Codeberg? That seems to completely defeat the purpose.

Or maybe I'm making this too complex. That's been known to happen.

5 days ago

I used to think that having to use a command line was a sign of failure. Some dev was just too lazy to write a GUI for a process and I had to suffer because of it.

Since I started coding in Python (and a bit earlier when I started doing Node.js) I have been using the command line more and more. And now I am even doing my git commits and pushes using it.

#git #CommandLine #Terminal

A screenshot of a terminal session where the writer is committing and pushing changes to a git repo. 

It even looks more boring than that sentence sounded.
Teri Radichel
5 days ago

Add Repository on EC2 Ubuntu to Get Updated Version of git
Your version of git may be outdated if using the default repositories on an AWS EC2 instance
by Teri Radichel | Jun 3, 2023
#ubuntu #git #version #aws #ec2

Sharon Machlis
5 days ago

Video: Intro to Version Control using git and RStudio - presentation by Ryan Johnson, data science advisor at @Posit, at @NHSrCommunity

#rstats #git #RStudio @rstats

Title slide: Intro to Version Control (using) git and RStudio
5 days ago

#plantuml ist ein hervorragendes Tool, um #UML #Klassendiagramme deklarativ zu erstellen und diese mit #git zu versionieren. Ich habe in diesem Artikel zusammengetragen, mit welchen Anpassungen die Ergebnisse nahe am UML-Standard bleiben (Überarbeiteter Artikel) #informatikEdu

UML-Klassendiagramm im handgeschriebenen Layout, erstellt mit PlantUML
António Domingues
5 days ago

Lovely historical retrospective on #versioncontrol programs by #stackoverflow. Particularly interesting to learn some of the different features some fields need, for example the games industry.

#git #mercurial #svn

Beyond Git: The other version control systems developers use

Antoine Musso
5 days ago

I have been using #git for a decade and I still have the feeling I am learning something new about it every week.

This week it is about funny reference name.

One can't push to `refs/branchname` since the C implementation of git requires the reference name to have two levels, jGit accepts them though which leads to interesting corner cases.

Miki Vanoušek
6 days ago

Looking at my classmates struggle with #git reminds me of my past self and makes me which git had a beginner mode: You are not allowed to change history, only save it.

Is there a way to clone a #git repo, and in a single, step set both the origin and upstream remotes? Every single time I clone a repo, I have to rename one remote and add another remote. I would be great to say here's origin, and upstream and each remote URI. #github

Brooke Kuhlmann
6 days ago

The latest #git 2.41.0 release now allows you to delete a few lines from your global configuration which is nice. Here's a commit from my Dotfiles project which explains more:

Also, you can let Git calculate how many commits you are ahead/behind on a feature branch (see screenshot). I'm thinking of folding this into my Bash shell prompt and branch list functions. 🎉

An annotated screenshot, from my terminal, that demos the use of this Git command:

git for-each-ref --format='%(refname:short) %(ahead-behind:main)' "refs/heads/$(git branch --show-current | tr -d '\n')"
Graham Downs
6 days ago

Git is as much a tool for creating art as it is for preserving history. Do you not care about nice straight lines and short, succint, consistent commit messages?

I blame GUI tools. Nobody knows how to use the CLI anymore. :(

#development #programming #Git

6 days ago

dpkg: error processing package git-lfs (--configure) #apt #dpkg #git

Daniel Schier 🐧🍪
6 days ago

Git - Large File Storage

Git is ruling the development world like no other. At some point, you may find photos, diagrams or other documents in your code, to keep track of them. But, is it really ok to store large files or even binaries in your code?

#development #guide #git #linux #opensource #blog #article

Michał Górny
6 days ago

Właśnie resetuję #git biect po raz czwarty, bo znów zapomniałem, że musze uruchamiać:

pypy3 /usr/bin/nox …

bo to *biiip* badziewie nie akceptuje PyPy3 jako docelowej wersji Pythona (tak jak #tox) i przez przypadek w połowie bisecta zacząłem testować CPythonem.

#Gentoo #Python #nox

I'm starting #git bisect over for the fourth time because *again* I forgot that I'm required to run:

pypy3 /usr/bin/nox ...

because this *beep* of *beep* doesn't accept PyPy3 as a target (like #tox trivially does) and I've accidentally started testing with CPython at some random point instead.

#nox is no obnoxious.

#Gentoo #Python

6 days ago
cambiar la fecha de un commit usando GIT_COMMITER_DATE
see shy jo
6 days ago

did some ridiculous stuff with git trees and made #git-annex around 60x faster at importing from special remotes

turns out that git can be handy as a general-purpose merkel tree differ even when you're operating on data that git doesn't know anything about.. Just sha1 some internal data, shove the shas into a tree, and git diff away.

In my case, I'm hashing basiclaly inodes..

#Git v2.41 が出てる。

Git for Windows は次のバージョンのどこかから Windows7 と 8 のサポートが外されるそうな(MSYS2 次第)。

>Release Git for Windows · git-for-windows/git

Elan Hasson
6 days ago

Git Upstreams and Forks: A Complete How-To | Atlassian Git Tutorial

#git #SoftwareEngineering #SourceControl

🦣 lordvalor 💡
1 week ago

Alguno por acá me recomienda una estrategia eficiente para mantener respaldados y actualizados los dotfiles en un repositorio git ?
#linux #git #dev #dotfiles #sycn

Will #Git be around forever? Or is it about to be beaten by a competing product? More questions like that (and also some answers) in my talk on #VersionControl later today! Join me in Room 2 at 18:10 to hear more. #DevoxxPL#DevoxxPoland

Martin Grubinger
1 week ago

Git Bisect is such a godsend. Why am I only learning about this feature now? #git

@benaryorg @natty point taken - both options are valid and can be used since they don't conflict each other.

Ideally said dotfiles would be synced and versioned with something like a #git (and/or maybe #rsync) and be identical on all machines of the same type.


Codeberg is a collaboration platform and Git hosting for free and open source software, content and projects.

#git #scm #free #OpenSource$
1 week ago

How good is #Git for writing?

Curtis "Ovid" Poe
1 week ago

My primary use of squashing commits with #git: hiding those embarrassing "oops" commit messages.

Steven Harman
1 week ago

The first time you screw up Git you learn about `git reflog`. And then that’s the second time you screw up Git.

#Git #programming

I am really beginning to loathe #git submodules.

Want a easy-to-install git server to experiment with things?
Say no more. Meet Soft Serve: A tasty, self-hostable Git server for the command line »

#git #tools #VersionControl

Michael Kennedy
2 weeks ago

I just published a new article about .gitignore files and GitHub's repo of ignore files that you can use in your projects. Enjoy #python #git

heise Security
2 weeks ago

Kritische Sicherheitslücke: GitLab-Entwickler raten zu zügigem Update

Es gibt eine wichtiges Sicherheitsupdate für die Versionsverwaltung GitLab. Entwickler sollten jetzt reagieren.

#Git #Security #Sicherheitslücken #news

Antoine Musso
2 weeks ago

@theresnotime it is in `.git/HEAD` (ex: `ref: refs/heads/master`) which can not be beheaded:
$ git symbolic-ref --delete HEAD
fatal: deleting 'HEAD' is not allowed
But you can change your HEAD:
git symbolic-ref HEAD refs/heads/REL1_39
(same as `git checkout REL1_39)


Arch Linux
3 weeks ago

Git migration completed!

We are proud to announce that the migration to Git packaging succeeded! 🥳

Thanks to everyone who has helped during the migration!

#ArchLinux #TheGitMigration #Linux #Git

Sharon Machlis
3 weeks ago

Git Version Control and RStudio
@NHSrCommunity webinar on Thursday, May 25
3:30 pm – 4:30 pm BST / 10:30 am EDT
With Ryan Johnson – Data Science Advisor, @Posit

#rstats #RStudio #git

Maarten Balliauw
3 weeks ago

You create a feature branch and make several commits to it, but in the meantime your teammates continue to commit to main. 👩‍💻

How do you get their changes into your branch? 🤔

See how the #Git Rebase feature can help 👇 #dotnet

3 weeks ago

Thanks to everyone who came to my talk about #git hooks at #phptek

The slides are here:

Feel free to give me feedback through the conference's JoindIn link:


3 weeks ago

@prahou @icedquinn @masinter
to interlisp is and is being carefully designed, due to git's ubiquity and integration with web. Some #interlisp #git links: <- deep, recent years discussion

My (failure to) TDD thread:

4 weeks ago

🆕 Blog post:

The file in our package repositories - what it is used for and how it is formatted

#git #github #gitlab #package #extensions

I believe that #codereview should be interactive. You can't just toss a big change set over the fence to a coworker and expect them to give you useful feedback based only on that. They should be able to ask questions, and the author should be responsible for answering them completely. #webdev #software #agile #git #programming

4 weeks ago

I'm super disappointed in #HACS for using #git repositories as the base object, and then just NOT cloning them properly, but I think #homeassistant core might be worse. Lets examine the #blueprint update process. These #blueprints are installed inside the UI by pasting a URL into a box and clicking "go". Using them is a simple web form. Both are VERY easy.

The update page STARTS with "Blueprints might change only once or twice." HA is the update-breakingest app I've ever used and I used to run Win95 as a satellite internet gateway.

AHEM. Anyway. Lets update a broken blueprint. From the docs:
First you need to find the raw blueprint files. Good luck.
But wait! By default there is NO ACCESS to those files! So step zero is to figure that out.
Oh, and step 1/2 is to get an editor, which may involve redoing step zero.

OK. Editor and files. Now you just need to ... know how to edit code without breaking it. A lot harder than "paste this url and answer questions".

A text excerpt from the linked page describing how graphically-installed blueprints must be manually updated in a text editor
4 weeks ago

Hey you! If you ever, ever, use #github, #gitlab (etc) you need to read this. Every #maker, and most everyone else, ESPECIALLY those of you who are NOT #developers. (Contributors/devs usually have local copies already.)
The first hour of my day was just wasted chasing down an error in #HACS that turns out to be "Dev deleted their repositories on github and now #homeassistant is mad"

The problem is not that the developer chose to stop supporting their work. That is their prerogative and my only role is to be sad. The problem is that we learned nothing from

#GIT ONLY WORKS IF YOU HAVE YOUR OWN COPY. The downloads and tarballs are not the same thing. They are partial copies at best. Even "forking" (on the same site) can be deleted at the original author's whim.
To actually have your own copy, it needs to be somewhere else. On a new site (if the original is on #github you can put your copy on #gitlab) or even your laptop. And when you can, use your copy instead.👿

Alex Pretzlav 🥨
1 month ago

Starting a new job is a good reminder of all the little #iOSDev techniques I've collected over the years.
Today I remembered how great #git worktree is:

Often I’m working on a branch with a bunch of changes, and want to test just a few of those changes against the main branch without losing my place.

I add a worktree with `git worktree add ~/repo_copy2 main`
`cd ~/repo_copy2`
`git cherry-pick <commit-with-small-changes>`
Open Xcode, build, confirm the change is good!

Juan Luis
1 month ago

I've been using git for 13+ years and I still have no idea what "theirs" and "ours" mean when solving a conflict.

Ask me anything.


Bradley Taunt
1 month ago

Since I already covered #git email patches in Evolution on #linux , I thought I should at least mention how to do the same via #apple #mail

"Working with git Patches in Apple Mail"


Michael van Laar
1 month ago

OpenCommit is such a great helper! No more pondering how to craft a proper commit message. I just stage my changed files ald let my personal AI assistant do the rest.

#Git #Commit #AI #GPT #SoftwareDevelopment

John-Mark Gurney
1 month ago

BTW, don't just do a #git repack, as it doesn't do a deep repack. git gc --aggressive is what you want.

I just tried it out:
$ (dd if=/dev/random count=1024 bs=1; dd if=/dev/zero bs=1m count=5) > somefile.bin
$ git add somefile.bin
$ git commit somefile.bin
$ dd if=/dev/random count=4096 bs=1 | dd of=somefile.bin oseek=3 bs=1m conv=notrunc
$ git commit somefile.bin
$ du -shc .git/objects/*
72K total
$ git repack
$ du -shc .git/objects/*
92K total

yes, an increase!!!


John-Mark Gurney
1 month ago

This also applies to your work repos as well. I probably have a number of #git repos that would benefit from a repack.

Here's another good explainer:

John-Mark Gurney
1 month ago

Reading more on #git storage, and made me realize that you should git repack your repos that are on #ZFS shortly before snapshots that will be kept for long periods, that is often either weekly, or at the end of the month.

Because apparently the delta encoding only happens within a pack.

Aral Balkan
1 month ago

Github down? I hadn’t noticed.

Might be a good time to check out Codeberg.

Bonus: You can follow them on the fediverse at @Codeberg

#github #githubDown #codeberg #git #dev

daniel:// stenberg://
1 month ago

fun fact: #git used #curl before curl used git but both git's use of curl and curl's use of git have improved curl ... and I like to think that git's use of curl helps to make it a solid product.

1 month ago

Moved one of my current projects from Github to Codeberg. I suspect that I will be doing all of my future work using it instead.

And I did it all on the CLI which was fun and scary at the same time.

#codeberg #git #github #FOSS