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#Linux Weekly Roundup for June 4th, 2023: Immutable #Ubuntu Desktop, #LinuxMint gets touchpad gestures, two new Linux-powered laptops, #GNOME 44.2, new #LibreOffice features, Ubuntu 18.04 EOL, #KaliLinux adopts #PipeWire, #Armbian rebased on #Debian 12, and more

#OpenSource #FOSS

The 9to5Linux Weekly Roundup for June 4th, 2023
Kushal Das :python: :tor:
8 hours ago

Anyone remembers how to get this input method in #Gnome in @fedora ? I have it on my laptop but can not find it in another laptop.

Screenshot of the input method: English (Western European AltGr dead keys)
8 hours ago

Looking forward tomorrow 3 days hackfest organized by @tbernard

The main topic is GNOME mobile, but I expect there will be lots of collateral topics such as camera, hardware enablement, adaptive apps, UX, platform APIs, interoperability, and coordination.

We'll have people from @gnome @purism #systemd @mntmn @postmarketOS @FlatpakApps #Flathub #Phosh #freedesktop

I will be moderating and support where I can. Hopefully get some work done too.

#Linux #LinuxMobile #GNOME

Tao of Mac
8 hours ago

Notes for May 29-June 4

Nothing much to report, really. Trying to be a goldfish.(...)

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Notes for May 29-June 4
8 hours ago

the day that fractional display scaling becomes functional in #GNOME/#GTK is the day world peace arrives

Linux & OpenSource News deutsch
8 hours ago
Technik-Blog für Linux, Unix, Open Source, Cloud Computing, Nachhaltigkeit und Co.
Gnome Shell 44.2 veröffentlicht - MichlFranken
9 hours ago

Starting points for restoring drag'n'drop functionality in archivers #gnome #xorg

10 hours ago

Does #fedora have any laptop touchpad gestures I haven't found?

Using the main #gnome build.

I would rather like the ability to use a few gestures for efficiency.

ricardo :mastodon:
11 hours ago

#GNOME 45 to Redesign Display Options and Fractional Scaling Tweaks :gnomewhite:

Topher 🌱🐧💚
12 hours ago

I have a strong interest in seeing this project grow

If it were to support drag-and-drop groups a la GNOME applications grid, you could have the one good feature of #GNOME but in any desktop environment you want, and whichever panel or layout you like

This right here is exactly what #Linux desktop needs. Not asinine subversion of user choices with forced convoluted phone UI on desktop computers.

Person behind this, if I can throw you some donation $ hit me up

Corconegre :estelada:
12 hours ago

@violistevalencia #manjaro amb #kde
Canvi recent de #gnome fresquet de fa 2 setmanes.
De moment molt content em galta provar alguns jocs.

13 hours ago

#Wayland Session Missing on Your #Fedora Linux 38 Workstation (#GNOME) Laptop with Hybrid #NVIDIA Graphics? Here's How to Re-Enable It

#OpenSource #Linux

Screenshot of Fedora Linux 38 Workstation running on Wayland
Mohammad :debian:
15 hours ago

Showing the #gnome extension version in the #extensions website would be beneficial!

I mean the extension version itself, not gnome versions that support it!

1 day ago

Digging from the old photo, found come "screenshot" for my Linux ricings during my university time (the actual screenshot is gone and i am unable to find them)

Now I am just too tired of ricing and just use GNOME

#ricing #linux #gnome

omg! ubuntu
1 day ago
1 day ago

How to make the mouse pointer animate while launching in Ubuntu 22.04? #gnome #mousepointer

1 day ago

#GNOME Shell 44.2 and Mutter 44.2 Are Out Now to Improve Built-In Screen Recorder, Bluetooth Menu, X11 Full-Screen Windows, Xwayland Windows, and More

@gnome #Linux #OpenSource

Screenshot of the GNOME Shell UI showing the Quick Settings menu.
Tom :debian: :xfce:
1 day ago

I really dislike #popos, there seems to be way too many bugs and I can't stand #gnome. May go back to #debian for my gaming pc.

2 days ago

GNOME z lepszym skalowaniem zmiennoprzecinkowym! Długo czekaliśmy

#gnome #gnome45

2 days ago
2 days ago
2 days ago
Till Kamppeter
2 days ago

@popey Good old times back in 2004! I was still at #MandrakeSoft (#Mandriva) in #Paris. Mandriva had #KDE as default and #GNOME only as alternative, but still have often seen these window decorations, especially on conferences ... My last kernel compilations were only before my time at Mandrakesoft as sysadmin 1997-2000 where I had my first contact with Linux and free software (#SUSE 5.1) Printing is all-userspace, lots of poor-student-desperate-to-print created drivers for cheapo printers ...

Claude :linux: :android:
2 days ago

After a bit of work to install all the extras I need, here it is. I'm trying the #Ubuntu way, with the dock/panel on the side. I usually add Dash to Panel. Ubuntu really pays attention to many details to simplify the user experience out of the box. But, please, add minimize on click! I also added a few #extensions Bye Fedora, see you. 👋
#Linux #Gnome

List of Gnome extensions for the Ubuntu desktop
Screenshot of my Ubuntu
2 days ago

The application for our Executive Director role closes today. If you or someone you know would be a good fit for this position, make sure to submit your application now!

#GNOME #opensource #opensourcejobs

DJ Mao Mix
2 days ago

Llego el #ViernesDeEscritorio #GNULinux #Ubuntu #Gnome #DELL y continuo mostrando mi riel de aplicaciones el #2

Felix Häcker
2 days ago
Screenshot of Phosh
Screenshot of IPlan
Screenshot of Calligraphy
Screenshot of "Forge Sparks"

Probando por primera vez #cajas de @gnome en #Fedora38

bashfulrobot / Dustin Krysak
2 days ago

#gnome peoples, any tips for getting things like fonts crisper? I have subpixel rendering, etc already on. 3440x1440 rez, set to 100%.

Eduardo Medina
2 days ago

Vamos a contribuir al #ViernesDeEscritorio con el sistema que está en fase de pruebas, #openSUSE #MicroOS con #GNOME (dentro de poco #Aeon).

A saber cómo acabará esto.
3 days ago

GNOME work on new UI for fractional scaling settings - and it looks great! #gnome #linux

fractional scaling mockup june 2023
Kushal Das :python: :tor:
3 days ago

Finally successfully removed #gnome-software from my @fedora system.

3 days ago

GNOME's display settings all set to receive a makeover!

#linux #gnome

3 days ago

Es #viernesdeescritorio y no sólo de #GNOME vive el linuxero. Llevo unos días probando a fondo #KDE #Plasma en #endeavouros, una distro basada en #arch que ya conocía bien pero que nunca había instalado con este #desktop en concreto. Me está funcionando tan bien que me estoy planteando convertir esto en mi entorno de producción. Va de maravilla.

Jack ☢️
3 days ago

#gnome shell made smooth as a water polished stone. This extension is vital.

ricardo :mastodon:
3 days ago

Rename Audio Devices in #GNOME’s Quick Settings Sound Menu :gnomewhite:

دانیال بهزادی
3 days ago

New design for fractional scaling setting (#2516) · Issues · #GNOME / Settings · GitLab

3 days ago

Happy #PrideMonth! We celebrate our vibrant and diverse community, joined by the spirit of collaboration and inclusivity. Thank you to all contributors who make #GNOME thrive! Let's continue our journey towards an #opensource ecosystem that empowers individuals together.

Dylan Van Assche
4 days ago

@OliWare @SebastienK @repo Er bestaan nog #ARM laptops/desktops die op Linux draaien maar die zijn vrij schaars voor alle OSes. ARM servers bestaan ook maar geen idee hoe energiezuinig die zijn.

Intel power saving states van de CPU zijn ook supported door #Linux en makkelijk toegankelijk in bijvoorbeeld #GNOME

4 days ago

#NixOS 23.05 Released with #GNOME 44, #KDE Plasma 5.27 LTS, and #Linux Kernel 6.1 LTS, Support for Latest #Budgie, Pantheon, and Cinnamon Desktops


Screenshot of NixOS 23.05 showing the KDE Plasma 5.27 LTS desktop environment and basic system information.
4 days ago

The deadline to apply for our Executive Director role is only open for one more day. If you or anyone you know is a good fit, make sure to submit your application by June 2!

#GNOME #opensource #jobopportunity

ricardo :mastodon:
4 days ago

Is #GNOME Shell Getting an Official Light Theme? :gnomewhite:

4 days ago

#GNOME 44.2 Released with Fixes for GNOME Software, Nautilus, GNOME Boxes, Epiphany, and More

@gnome #Linux #OpenSource

Screenshot of the GNOME 44.2 desktop environment with a custom setup on top of Fedora Linux 38.
ricardo :mastodon:
4 days ago

#GNOME Software Fix Reduces Background CPU Usage :gnomewhite:

Cassidy James :endless: :gg:
5 days ago

Just used Helvum from Flathub to watch a show on my laptop through my wife’s and my Bluetooth buds simultaneously, and it worked flawlessly! Someone should make a GNOME extension for choosing multiple outputs, or something.

As nice as it was to be able to do what I wanted, it was definitely intimidating at a glance. But it was as simple as connecting both headphones over Bluetooth, then dragging the app to the headphones in Helvum.

#Linux #GNOME #OpenSource #PipeWire

5 days ago

My #achievements at age 15:

- Published an app on #Flathub, and more are to follow
- #GNOME Foundation Member
- Project member of two other apps, Upscaler and Cavalier
- Lots of #contributions to lots of other apps
- I know #Python and #Bash really well, am getting good at #Rust
- Got to know many cool #programmers and #OpenSource enthusiasts!

I'm quite proud of myself, to be honest!
5 days ago
the GNOME foot logo against a starry night sky
ricardo :mastodon:
5 days ago

Enable Fractional Scaling in #Fedora with #GNOME :fedora: :gnomewhite:

James Henstridge
5 days ago

@ebassi It was kind of fun having a private "#gnome-cabal" IRC channel way back, but getting rid of it was the right choice.

Topher 🌱🐧💚
6 days ago

User hostility awards. Most user-hostile takes the prize.

Who wins?


(you know who I really *want* to vote for but unfortunately Apple still gets my nomination by a tiny hair)

#ux #ui #apple #macos #ios #iphone #google #chrome #gnome #microsoft #windows

Neil Brown
6 days ago

It seems that porting an extension for an older version of #GNOME shell to GNOME 43 is harder than I had expected.

Oh well, worth a try!

Emmanuele Bassi
6 days ago

Embloggeration happened:

In which I explain what desktop developers, distributions, and users can do to configure sandbox portals

#flatpak #gnome #portals

1 week ago

Once a payment system gets added to flathub for flatpaks,

The next cool and useful thing they can add is a cloud save/sync option.

I'd totally pay a few bucks a month to have files, game saves, highscores etc. automatically saved onto an account, so I can easily access them on different devices. 🤔

#linux #flathub #flatpak #gnome #opensource

Felix Häcker
1 week ago

A new issue of #ThisWeekInGNOME is now online!

#97 GNOME Latam 2023


Screenshot of Tube Converter
GNOME Latam Banner
Screenshot of "Pods"
Screenshot of "Cartridges"

Be part of Linux App Summit 2024! We are already looking for the location of our next event. What about near you? Send in your proposal and let's get things rolling!

#LAS2024 #LinuxAppSummit #opensource #KDE #GNOME

GIF of the earth rotating
Aral Balkan
1 week ago

Very happy to see this issue closed via commit and very much looking forward to seeing the new fully-light light mode in GNOME :)

#GNOME #design #colourSchemes #accessibility #usability

James Westman
1 week ago

I graduate in August, which means I'm looking for a job! I have almost 5 years of experience with #GNOME/#Linux desktop development and over 2 years part-time professional experience with full-stack development (#dotnet, #angular, #ionic). Plus I've dipped my toes in a ton of other things over the years.

Looking for something remote or in the #neworleans area. If you've got anything let me know! DMs open, boosts appreciated.

#GetFediHired #LookingForWork

@federicomena hablando de accesibilidad en #gnome durante #GNOMELatam #gnomelatam2023

Federico Mena sobre el escenario sosteniendo un micrófono con una pantalla de proyector atrás
Federico Mena Quintero
1 week ago

Ya en la sede de #gnome latam.

Cartel de GNOME-Latam dentro de la sala de conferencias.

Lo malo:
Por motivos de fuerza mayor no pude caerles al @GNOMELatam

Lo bueno:
También van a hacer transmisión del evento en linea:

#GNOME #LATAM #Zacatecas

Tobias Bernard
1 week ago

@krafting No idea what either of those are, I'd recommend asking in #gnome-hackers or something

1 week ago

This is Rebel, my first gnome, named for the company I got the yarn from, Rebel Woolworks (RIP). The gnome turned out… ok. I would do certain things differently next time (stuff with more poly beads and less fluff; attach the arms lower down). The gnome is a gift for my neighbor though. I hope she likes Rebel! #knitting #fiberarts #handmade @knitting @fiberarts #gnome

Knitted gnome with a pink hat with teal tassels, grey nose, teal scarf, purple multicolor body with pink pockets, and arms with hands in pockets

Periodic reminder of how great a (hidden) feature the Linux (or maybe just Gnome) compose key is.

You assign a key on the keyboard to be your compose key, and you can type all kinds of characters and symbols in an intuitive way:

[ Cmp o / ]: ø
[ Cmp a e ]: æ
[ Cmp c , ]: ç
[ Cmp ? ? ]: ¿
[ Cmp ^ 0 ]: ⁰
[ Cmp x x ]: ×
[ Cmp - > ]: →
[ Cmp - - - ]: —

I've assigned Right Ctrl to be my compose key. I hardly ever use it anyway. 😊

#Linux #Gnome #I18n #Keyboard

2 weeks ago

VC: "Move fast and break things"

AWS: "Make things that scale"

Startup: "Make things that don't scale"

GNOME "Make things that last"

It's 25 years old, sure there are some cruft but contributing to / working with #GNOME is very refreshing in that sense compared to industry standards.

Felipe Kinoshita
2 weeks ago

An update on Flash Cards! I got everything mostly working, you can now add an emoji as the deck's icon and go through a deck's cards making it actually kinda useful. :D

Once I figure out how to save everything to disk I'm unstoppable!!!

#GNOME #GTK #libadwaita

A Libadwaita application called "Flash Cards", the first page is an welcome page showing the app's name and how to start using it, after clicking on a button labeled "Create Deck" the user goes to another page with an emoji icon selector and a text entry for the deck's icon and name respectively, after that the user goes to the decks list page and clicks on the newly created deck, the user goes to another page that displays each card's front and back content.