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Are you as excited about Balticon 58's Author Guest of Honor as we are? Humble Bundle is having a super sale on L.E. Modesitt Jr. ebooks!

And? Part of your purchase goes to the World Wildlife Foundation.

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BomengidsNl TreeGuide Europe
4 weeks ago

@BrabantsBurgerplatform Klimaatremmers en##insecten moordenaars willen alles uitstellen

5 months ago

„De partij is een baantjesmachine voor Joost en Annabel en hun slippendragers geworden” #goh

JA21 wilde één ding vermijden: gedoe. Nu splijt ruzie de partij

📢 #VancouFur is almost here (March) so here's my primary schedule for the event.

Dealers Den 9am-6pm
Art Team Meet/Greet 6:30-7:30pm
Passive Income for Creators 9-10:30pm

Dealers Den 9am-5:30pm
Marketing 4 Virtual/In-person Events 8-9pm
PENDING: After Dark Bazaar (18+) 9:30-10:30pm (1 HOUR ONLY)

Dealers Den 9am-3pm

*Not including other appearances like opening/closing ceremonies, GOH Dinner, etc.*

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PokéXperto 💎
9 months ago

Ciertamente se van a despedir bien de Ash en el anime de Pokémon.

Sin embargo, con #Goh creo que han hecho bastante poco.

Obviamente es menos relevante que Ash, pero hoy ha sido su último episodio como co-protagonista y apenas se le ha hecho caso.

4 years ago

Karen Corbeill: Ya-ha-ha!

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Posing with Guest of Honor Karen Corbeill, who is wearing a Korok mask from Zelda: Breath of the Wild
5 years ago

So I attended Camp Feral as a Guest of Honour along with Keovi and it was pretty fantastic!
I got to spend time with really good friends and have good heart to heart conversations with people I don't normally get to do so with. I got to bring my husband along to show him what the amazing event is really like to attend.

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