9 hours ago

Asus Zenfone 10: smartphone da 5.9″ dalle grandi prestazioni con Wi-Fi 7
Asus Zenfone 10, uno smartphone compatto da 5,9 pollici con specifiche premium e Wi-Fi 7
#asus #zenfone10 #wifi7 #wifi #gnns #gps #smartphone #cellulare #mobile

If you have a #Garmin setup, remember that it can only accept the first 5000 track points in a #GPX file. I use an app called GPX editor on my Mac to split the very large files into two or more tracks that Garmin can handle.This screen shot shows an example of a single Bob423 file split into three individual tracks of fewer than 5000 track points each. #GPS #ICW #boating #cruising

Screenshot from the GPX edit app that I use to split a very large GPS tracks into multiple smaller tracks. On the left side of the screen is a large map that can show the entire track; this one runs from Norfork, Virginia to Southport, North Carolina. On the right side of the screen is a list of the tracks that I created as well as some other empty boxes that would fill with information if I clicked one of those tracks.
Nick Perks
15 hours ago

Oh for when you could actually get a #GPs appointment, as opposed to now - fill in this online form and we'll be in touch in 4-5 weeks...

Dan Stowell
2 days ago

Yesterday I recorded my best ever #GPS track. It was the "100 bridges" walk in #Leiden: a very quirky tangled route over (yes) 100 bridges, in 20 km

GPS trace overlaid on a map of Leiden. How to cross 100 bridges.
2 days ago

I released a small update (version 0.4.2) to Satellite, my simple #GPS / #GNSS app for #MobileLinux: (also in #Flathub).

The visible changes are the addition of 'Geoidal separation' field to the display data and a more compact display of various DOP values. As usual, there are also some small bugs fixed, and an update to the Gnome SDK version 45 in the flatpak package.

#LinuxMobile #location #Codeberg

heise online
2 days ago


Hinterbliebene machen Google Maps für tödlichen Unfall verantwortlich

Weil Googles Kartendienst nicht auf dem neuesten Stand war, soll ein Autofahrer tödlich verunglückt sein, sagen seine Hinterbliebenen.

#GPS #GoogleMaps #Navigation #Verkehr #Verkehrssicherheit

Michal Bryxí 🌱
3 days ago

Just tested for you: #Coros #Apex2Pro can do 225km of navigation in GPS-only mode (no Glonass nor Galileo) and there will be 20% of the battery left.

#SportsWatch #Running #GPS #Test

L'Osservatorio - Esteri
3 days ago

#Sondaggi #Svizzera
Sondaggio di CH Media sui seggi:

#SVP/#UDC|Destra populista ruralista: 55 seggi
#SP/#PS|S&D: 39
#DM/#LC|EPP: 32
#FDP/#PLR|RE: 31
#GLP/#PVL|RE: 12
#LT|Destra ticinese: 2
#EDU/#UDF|Destra cristiana populista: 2
#PdA/#PST-#solidaritéS|Sinistra: 1

Totale seggi: 200

Maggioranza: 101

Data rilevazione: settembre

Intervistati: ?


3 days ago

P*tain, avec Magic Earth, quand vous mettez les cartes à jour, vous devez aller jusqu'au bout !
Si jamais vous annulez avant, à la reprise, il re-télécharge tout !
Pour la France entière (plusieurs giga), même les régions déjà téléchargées complètement recommencent à zéro ! 😤

#magicearth #eos #gps

Timo Kissel
3 days ago

A lower-tech example would be #GPS/mapping technology, which, despite having untold amounts of money invested in it for well over a decade, still isn't even close to the skills of an experienced driver that knows a city and its traffic patterns.

Paul Chambers
4 days ago

Family sues Google Maps after man drove off collapsed bridge while following directions from its #GPS #navigation service

The bridge collapsed in 2013 & on the night of Sept. 30, 2022 the vehicle plunged off the roadway into the water

#Google was warned by email & edit over the years about the bridge on private land but kept the edit in review status & directed drivers over it

The abandoned lane was not marked & had no warning signs



Collapsed bridge between two sections of a lane

 source: Wade County Court
4 days ago

Moin :)
#Bewick's swans are on their way home !
Karin arrived in western Estonia.
Not long now, and the other NL and DE #GPS tagged swans are reaching GSM network and their tracks are displayed on the map.
I so much hope, my favourite swans return safe ;-)
#NABU #OAGSH #WWT #birding #birds #BirdsOfMastodon #AnimalTracking #Zwergschwan #SchleswigHolstein
If you want to follow them, see this link --->

Screenshot taken from NABU Moin page showing a map of north/west Europe and Russia and the GPS track of bewick's swan Karin. She spent the summer in Sibiria and now arrived in Estonia.
5 Bewick's swan flying over
heise online
5 days ago

Hinterbliebene machen Google Maps für tödlichen Unfall verantwortlich

Weil Googles Kartendienst nicht auf dem neuesten Stand war, soll ein Autofahrer tödlich verunglückt sein, sagen seine Hinterbliebenen.

#GoogleMaps #GPS #Navigation #Verkehr #Verkehrssicherheit #news

800-Year-Old Math Trick Could Help With Navigating the Moon

“Scientists have developed a new method for #lunar #navigation, utilizing the #Fibonacci spiral to calculate the optimal parameters for a #GPS-like system on the #Moon. The innovative approach helps modernize lunar vehicle navigation, offering more accurate mapping based on the Moon’s unique ellipsoidal shape, which is characterized by distinctive semi-major and semi-minor axes.”

Why Apple’s 2nd Gen UWB Chip is Exciting?


“The new #iPhone 15 as well as new #AppleWatch Series 9 feature a second-generation UWB chip [which uses] less energy and switch more quickly, leading to enhanced performance, greater range, and new possibilities.”

Longer battery life and “a 3x improvement in #UWB range and unveiled a new precision finding feature for the Find My app to locate friends around.”

#apple #iPhone15 #AirTag #gps #estimote

Another potential future application of the lower power UWB chip might involve a technique named Downlink TDoA. This stands for “time difference of arrival,” a new standard championed by the FiRa organization. It lets UWB-enabled phones passively receive signals from UWB beacons or anchors.
Imagine your car in a tunnel where GPS is unavailable. UWB beacons in the tunnel transmit radio signals to your phone. Your phone captures these signals, and using the time difference of their arrival, it can calculate the exact position of the car inside the tunnel. With Downlink TDoA, beacons don’t collect any data from to the phone. The precise location is determined solely by the UWB chip on the phone. This approach is seen as safer and more privacy-centric than traditional real-time location systems (RTLS). As a result, it’s often referred to as Untracked Indoor Positioning.
1 week ago

Les GPS contribuent à la dégradation des petites routes, qui n'ont pas été construites pour supporter un trafic important. Ils entrainent également de nouveaux dangers pour les piétons et les habitants des quartiers où tant de voitures ont été détournées par cette technologie qui vise essentiellement à sauver du temps sur une base individuelle.
Automated navigation systems are still wreaking havoc on small towns’ streets #Traffic #GPS #Automobiles #Camions

brad m
1 week ago

“For many, #GPS watches are a remarkably useful #training tool. But there are other #runners, including world-class #runners who have a hard time understanding the fuss. To them, a smorgasbord of #data is more hindrance than help”
“As long as I do the same things every week and keep it consistent, that’s all that matters. I feel like I’m in a better place when I don’t have all that #data to worry about” #running #smartwatch #fitness #effort #RPE

1 week ago
1 week ago

microG #GmsCore Release v0.2.29.233013

Neue Funktionen


#microG unterstützt jetzt die Anmeldung bei Anwendungen und Spielen, die Google als eine oder die einzige Anmeldeoption verwenden. Diese Funktion ist noch experimentell und funktioniert nicht bei allen Anwendungen.


microG unterstützt jetzt die SMS-Retriever-API. Apps können die SMS-Retriever-API nutzen, um per #SMS empfangene Bestätigungscodes automatisch mit einem app-spezifischen Token zu füllen oder der Nutzer bestätigt, dass die App den SMS-Inhalt lesen darf. Für diese API ist es nicht erforderlich, dass die App Zugriff auf Ihre SMS hat (microG benötigt jedoch einen solchen Zugriff).

Konfiguration des Google-Kontos

microG ermöglicht nun die Konfiguration verschiedener Einstellungen, Datenschutzoptionen und die Verwaltung von Kontoverbindungen Ihres Google-Kontos. Sie können die Einstellungen über die Systemeinstellungen oder direkt über verschiedene Google Apps aufrufen.

AppInvite's und dynamische Links

microG unterstützt jetzt vollständig das Öffnen kurzer dynamischer Links, die zur Freigabe in verschiedenen Apps oder statisch vom App-Entwickler erstellt wurden. Diese Links enden typischerweise auf oder microG öffnet die entsprechende App, sofern sie installiert ist, oder greift auf die entsprechende Website (sofern verfügbar) oder die App-Seite im installierten App Store zurück.


  • Karten:
    • Verschiedene Verbesserungen und Fehlerbehebungen
    • Deutlich verbesserte Performance und reduzierte Speicher- und CPU-Auslastung
    • Umstellung auf #Stadia als Kartendatenquelle. Dies ändert ein wenig, welche Dinge (wie POI) auf niedrigeren Zoomstufen angezeigt werden, sollte aber keine größeren Auswirkungen auf die App-Nutzung haben.

  • #Standort:
    • Hinzufügen der Möglichkeit, WLAN- und Mobilfunkstandorte von #GPS zu lernen
    • Unterstützung von mehr "beweglichen WLANs" (Ortung basierend auf dem WLAN-Netz in Zügen/Flügen/Bussen)

  • #Fido:
    • Aktualisiert für die aktuelle API-Version, wodurch Unterstützung für #WebAuthn im aktuellen #Firefox für Android hinzugefügt wird.

  • #SafeParcel:
    • Verschieben von SafeParcel in play-services-basement
    • Unterstützung für Shorts hinzufügen.
    • Annotationsprozessor hinzufügen, um CREATOR zur Kompilierzeit zu generieren (anstatt Reflection zu verwenden)

  • #Push Benachrichtigungen:
    • Verkürzung des maximalen Heartbeat-Intervalls, um das Risiko einer unbeabsichtigten Unterbrechung der Verbindung zu verringern
    • Verbesserte Unterstützung für alte Android-Versionen
    • Komprimierung nativer Bibliotheken zur Reduzierung der Dateigröße
    • Behebung von Konfigurationsproblemen


  • Die Namen der Build-Artefakte wurden geändert. withVtm wurde in vtm umbenannt, withMapbox wurde in mapbox umbenannt. Um das Modul nearby zu deaktivieren, muss man modules.nearby=false über setzen.
  • microG fordert zusätzlich die android.permission.RECEIVE_SMS-Berechtigung für den Zugriff auf SMS an, um die SMS-Retriever-API zu implementieren.
  • Die Einstellungen für Exposure Notifications werden nicht mehr angezeigt, wenn sie deaktiviert sind und seit mehr als 14 Tagen nicht aktiviert oder aufgerufen wurden.…

#googlesignin #bestätigunginzweischritten #2FA #googlekonto

1 week ago

No es un juego pero también cuenta como #retrosunday
🧭 #gps #retrocomputing

Garmin Etrex GPS
1 week ago

Si par hasard vous savez convertir des favoris MagicEarth (.xlm) en .kml (pour import dans OrganicMaps), je suis preneur.

Les fichiers .xlm sont créés par MagicEarth quand vous faite "partager" dans vos favoris.
C'est une base SQLite, mais je ne comprend pas le format de la colonne des coordonnées (table LMK, colonne coord).

Par exemple la Tour Eiffel,

se retrouve avec ces coordonnées dans le fichier MagicEarth:

Gabriel :verified_paw:
1 week ago

The article references is also a interesting read.

Apparently this is not a new idea, people have been doing it since 2012.

But this one claims that it can achieve a year of battery life with a tiny 6g LiPo battery.

And it's all open source.

#opensource #research #gps #tag

Gabriel :verified_paw:
1 week ago

Now this is some outside box thinking.

#gps #tag #outsidethebox

A screenshot with the following text highlighted.
One trick people do for ultra-low energy non-realtime GPS tracking of wildlife is to store the “raw” radio samples and do as little processing on the tracking device as possible.[1] Then once the tracker gets back they batch process all the samples recorded and reconstruct where the animal has been. That is obviously a tradeoff of more storage used for less energy consumption. Obviously that trick does not work if you want to know where the animal is live, it can only tell you where it has been once you have processed the data.
1 week ago

nach dem super #konzert gestern in #rudolstadt mit #sushimassaker #heute
#Urlaub - #projekt : #infrastruktur #update und #backup für #gps #ntp #stratum0 und #influxdb ... außerdem eine wilde programmieridee mit #java und #xpath - zur unterhaltung zwischendurch wird #jonathancreek gereicht und für das leibliche wohl wie so oft in meinen urlauben gibts limo aus sirup von #loselecker in #ilmenau

1 week ago

The #AlphabeticalZürich #walk this morning resulted in pictures that MAY depict the right place (because the lack of signage was disturbing, and the four #maps I had were not agreeing with each other, and my #gps was like "fuck that, best I can do is 100m precision"), and one street that was strongly pedestrian-hostile. And, still, a lovely path with a nice view on the city and the Alps.

Ich würde gerne wissen, was das #GPS da gesoffen hat.

🚗 Exciting News! Join Us at the #Kenya Motor Industry Association Motor Show! 🚗

We invite you to meet us at the upcoming Kenya Motor Industry Association #Motor Show on 15th till the 17th of September at NCBA Nairoby Kenya.

Meet us at booth C1!!!

#iot #avl #gnss #gps #catm #africa #fleetmanagement

Bloggo e sto
2 weeks ago

Con funzioni di navigazione #GPS, monitoraggio della #salute e del #fitness e funzionalità di #pagamento lo #smartwatch è uno strumento essenziale per l'uso quotidiano, per #viaggiare e per lo #sport. Scopri tutte le funzioni utili di uno smartwatch.

2 weeks ago

SonarVision: How an app helps blind people get around [French]

via @weeklyOSM

#navigation #gps

2 weeks ago

Wrestling with GNSS RTK radios; compatability and transmission formats? This might get simpler with the recent introduction of a new internatiaonal standard. Thank you Joe Sass for the work you and the RTCM Committee have done on this, and the great article.

#GNSS #GPS #RTK #surveying #surveylife #geomatics

"DOT releases Complementary PNT Action Plan" by @GPSWorld - US🇺🇸 Dept of Transportation plans options for civilian backup to military #GPS system for #PNT positioning, #navigation & timing. Could use terrestrial or space-based transmitters. #GNSS

:rss: CNET Japan 最新情報 総合
2 weeks ago

#japan_cnet #NTT東日本 #GPS #トラッキング #位置情報 #新潟県

2 weeks ago

GeoClue 2.7.1 is out!

The most prominent feature in this release is priority sources by @kop316. In practice this means that locations from inaccurate sources do not get through when #GNSS / #GPS is running, improving the user experience on high-resolution use cases like navigation.

Thanks to all the contributors!

#geoclue #MobileLinux #LinuxMobile #GNOME 📚
2 weeks ago

If you're trying to spoof your GPS location on Android, there are a variety of ways to make this happen. #gps #android

2 weeks ago

🛰️📱J. Hanke vous propose une solution pour monter et utiliser un kit de géolocalisation à haute précision (mobile/rover RTK) :

🙏 aux relecteurs : @tetranos, A. Vandecasteele, @GabPoujol, L. Bartoletti, @geojulien, @Data_Wax

#Centipede #GPS #RTK #rover

2 weeks ago

@SomeAnoTooter @rato @organicmaps That is absolutely right. In other words, when it is said a map/routing app runs offline on your phone, this means it is able to work resembling a handheld dedicated #GPS equipment, with no connection to the Internet, i.e. no cell towers nor Wi-Fi: it just uses satellite location and maps previously downloaded to the device for on-the-go navigation.

The first thing to do after installing is downloading maps for the area you want to use. That's it.

2 weeks ago

@organicmaps is a carefully well designed app, using monthly updated data from @openstreetmap . If you do not need advanced features or lots of customized options, just a smooth map with pretty fast user experience and simple, straight to the point offline navigation, it is a very strong option that respects your privacy and your freedom.

#FreeSoftware #opensource #FOSS #openstreetmap #maps #map #routing #navigation #gps #hiking #cycling #driving #privacy

A screenshot of Organic Maps app on Android 8, depicting a light map with an overall view of a navigation route, in blue, starting with a blue arrow and following a road up to a checkered flag and the black text Nathali - My places - Driveway. There is a white bottom panel with black text 56min, 35km, and a blue Start button. The upper part of the screen is green with Android notification bar and a line of icons for going back and the navigation modes depicting Car, Walk, Train and Bicycle. Left, there are two rounded white buttons also with icons for Search and Favorites. Right, zoom in, out, and current location.
3 weeks ago

Shamelessly copied this from elsewhere. #GIS #mapping #GPS #maps

What the number of digits in your coordinates means

Degrees only - You're probably doing something space-related
one decimal - You're pointing out a specific city
two decimals - you're pointing out a neighborhood
three decimals - you're pointing out a specific suburban cul-de-sac
four decimals - you're pointing to a particular corner of a house
five decimals - you're pointing to a specific person in aroom, but since you didn't include datum information, we can't tell who
six decimals - you're pointing to waldo on a page
ten - hey, check out this specific sand grain
fifteen - either you handing floating point variables to build a databass
3 weeks ago

🚨Now down to 20 days!

Are there any #doctors or #GPs here that can help me out with this prescription? Fentanyl or anything dose equivalent. I’d be so incredibly grateful. 🙏

#MedMastodon #Medicine
#ChronicPain #Neisvoid #Spoonie
#ChronicIllness #SevereME
#Kindness #SaveMyArse

@chronicpain @chronicillness @medmastodon @mecfs

1 month ago

Are there any #GPs in #Melbourne #Australia who:
A) Like complex patients?
B) Are still taking on complex patients? All I‘ve tried are full.

I’ve tried asking everywhere. Hundreds. I’m so tired. 😩

#SevereME #PwME #MECFS
#LongCovid #POTS #Hypothyroidism


2 months ago

"The park visitors got lost while navigating by GPS" #GPS #lost #DeathValleyNationalPark

2 months ago

Your phone tracks your location data, and you may want some #privacy . Of course you can switch off #GPS , but then you lose #navigation .

If you run #Android , I recommend @organicmaps that allows you to download maps of your region and navigate without telling anyone. It's of course #OpenSource .

If you like it but miss feature X, I recommend #OsmAnd. It does the same, and has features X, Y, Z, ξ, đ and щ.

And send some money to them and to #OpenStreetMap that supplies the maps!



The idea of strapping a GPS to a piece of wood is not a new ... Inspired by the idea of documenting the log's journey, and imagining the voyage large wood takes from the mountains to the sea, Will Bonner and I had the idea of tracking wood while it travels down the McKenzie River.

GPS tracking unit:

#ecosystem #rivers #GPS #GPStracking #GPSlogging

Autonomie und Solidarität
3 months ago

Frankreich will die polizeiliche Überwachung von Handys und Laptops erlauben

"Nach einer geplanten Justizreform könnten Behörden Kamera, Mikrofon und GPS einzelner Mobilgeräte überwachen. Bürgerrechtsorganisationen warnen vor Missbrauch."
Via @heiseonline

#GPS #Surveillance #Polizei #Smartphone #Spyware #Tracking #Überwachung #France #Staat #Herrschaft #privacy #Datenschutz #Macron

heise online
3 months ago

Frankreich will die polizeiliche Überwachung von Handys und Laptops erlauben

Nach einer geplanten Justizreform könnten Behörden Kamera, Mikrofon und GPS einzelner Mobilgeräte überwachen. Bürgerrechtsorganisationen warnen vor Missbrauch.

#GPS #Laptop #Polizei #Smartphone #Spyware #Tracking #Überwachung #news

Hände am Smartphone, alles gehüllt in rotes Licht
Eric Vitiello
3 months ago

Interactive article explaining how GPS works.

#GPS #HowThingsWork

c't Magazin
3 months ago

Unsere liebsten Urlaub-Gadgets 2023 | c't uplink

Das c't-uplink-Team präsentiert Urlaubs-Gadgets von Kamera bis Falttastatur. Auch eine ungewöhnliche Sonnencreme ist dabei.

#Apps #ctuplink #eBook #GPS #Kamera #Tastatur #TechnikfürdenUrlaub #news

Historian Matt
3 months ago

HK was Wrong! The AMA Smacks Down the BMI. A Mu Way to Navigate - HTTAY 52

In this episode:

A Mu way to navigate
AMA smacks down the BMI
HK was wrong about ChatGPT

#HTTAY #Muons #GPS #AMA #BMI #ChatGpt #AI

"Is map-reading a lost art? In an era of #GPS, here's what map fans say we're losing" by @CBC - We use maps more than ever in digital society. But reading paper maps is a declining skill. It remains useful + backup for power failure. #MapGeek h/t @geoviews

Jeff Geerling
4 months ago

oh my, look what the Timebeat owl hath delivered today... #time #gps #txco

Sergio Gil
4 months ago

Biblically accurate right turn (according to Pope Pius XII)

#gps #androidauto #navigationapps #valencia

Screenshot of a car navigation screen, telling the driver to use one of the 5! rightmost lanes to turn right. The street is the (pope) Pius XII Avenue in València (Spain).
heise online
4 months ago

Diese KI-Kamera macht Fotos, ohne zu fotografieren

Die Kamera Paragraphica braucht kein Objektiv, um Bilder zu schießen. Sie lässt den KI-Bildgenerator Stable Diffusion und Geodaten für sich arbeiten.

#Fotografie #Geodaten #GPS #Infotech #Kamera #KünstlicheIntelligenz #RaspberryPi #news

Lindsay Wassell
4 months ago

I'm looking for a satellite messenger and GPS locator to accompany me on solo hikes as a bit of over-cautiousness. Any recommendations for something affordable and reliable?

#hiking #gps #satellite #solohiker

5 months ago

Per our request, NitroKey has fixed one of the main issues in XTRA downloads are done by xtra-daemon in the OS, not firmware. It also does use HTTPS by default, but the OS can override the default URLs via gps.conf and some OSes do override to HTTP URLs.

#gnss #gps #xtra #psds #qualcomm

Ben Harris-Roxas
5 months ago

Succinct piece about why general practice is collapsing as a system of care, and why GPs justifiably feel undervalued #generalpractice #PHC #GPs #healthservices

Text Shot: However, it is not just about funding. Other evidence of GPs being undervalued includes:

not being considered frontline workers during the COVID-19 pandemic, thereby having to source our own personal protective equipment, cover our own costs if exposed to the virus, and waiting months before being allowed to be vaccinated;
being accused of systemic fraud while in truth GPs tend to undercharge rather than overcharge; and
having inappropriate Medicare audits that often penalise those doing the hardest work.
Fixing funding is important but not sufficient. Respect and recognition for how general practice sustains the health care system is essential for long term solutions.
Andreas Scherbaum
5 months ago

Die Datumsanzeige im #FEX in #Berlin zeigt 2003 statt 2023 als Datum an.

Die 10 Bit (2^10-1 = 1023) für die Wochenzahl im #GPS sind übergelaufen und fangen wieder bei 2003 an. Damit wurde der Zug ausgeliefert.

Datumsanzeige im FEX in Berlin zeigt 2003 als Jahr an
Better Streets Australia
5 months ago

New open access paper: Bikeability and the induced demand for cycling

> Using a large dataset of GPS trajectories of bicycle trips and fine-grained network data covering the city of Copenhagen, Denmark, this study finds a large effect of infrastructure provision on the volume of bicycle traffic.

By Mirosława Łukawska from @nerdsitu (ITU Copenhagen)

#bicycle #cycling #infrastructure #planning #paper #science #copenhagen #denmark #gps #study

Eija Leino
5 months ago

Hey, all #runners!
Question of the day. Which one would you recommend?
- #Suunto 9 Peak
- #Garmin Forerunner 255s
Thank you in advance! 🙏
#running #smartwatch #sportswatch #gps #accuracy

#JDAMs Will Change History. . . Again - Inside #GNSS - Global Navigation Satellite Systems Engineering, Policy, and Design

"The #Biden administration’s decision to send Global Positioning Satellite (#GPS) guided #JointDirectAttackMunitions (#JDAM) to #Ukraine garners little interest, even though JDAMs might turn the tide for Ukraine by getting their Air Force back on the offensive."

Mike Kuketz 🛡
6 months ago

Zur Erinnerung: Google hat die URL von Google Maps vor einer Weile von ehemals "" zu "" umgestellt.

Das bedeutet: Standortfreigaben (für Google Maps) im Browser gelten nun für die gesamte "" Domain. Clever Google.

#tracking #standort #gps #google #datenschutz

Cory Doctorow
6 months ago

#5yrsago People are stashing irrevocable child porn links, dox, copyright infringement, and leaked state secrets in the #blockchain

#5yrsago #GPS routing increases city throughput by shifting traffic jams onto residential streets

#5yrsago Machine learning has a #reproducibility crisis

#5yrsago More than a decade’s worth of #Facebook catastrophes


Paweł Masarczyk
7 months ago

If you're using OSM, either as a blind individual profiting from the available mapping data with one of the navigation apps or as a an OSM contributor, this OSM wiki article could be interesting as it explains how to map the world with blind users in mind. It explains specialty tags, some of which I had no idea existed, suggests tools for data entry and introduces the Blind OSM project. #OSM #GPS #Navigation #Mapping #Accessibility #Blind OSM for the blind – OpenStreetMap Wiki

…you can actually run without a sports watch?

no smartphone is actually required to run. no gps tracking, heartrate sensor, strava uploads. no music, no audio hints or motivational audio. you can, you know, just run. i think this was how people did this before all that. probably learned it from animals.

this is fantastic. do you remember when you did that last without any gadget? i'll need to try it some time.

#running #gps #garmin #suunto

If I had to buy a new #camera, that camera must have #GPS. Finding back photo's using location is so much easier... Yesterday I responded within a minute to a request “can you forward me the the pictures from the mural I made with your phone at location x about two months ago”...

USGS Volcanoes (bot)
8 months ago

Winter has definitely arrived in #Yellowstone. Conditions can be harsh for animals & humans, and also for monitoring equipment. Mike Poland shows how winter storms show up in #GPS data, in this monthly #volcano activity update for Feb 1 2023.

heise online
8 months ago

Montag: Samsungs Preiserhöhung für Galaxy S23, Debatte um Uhrzeit auf dem Mond

Preisanstieg für neue Galaxy S23 + Initiative für einheitliche Mondzeit + ChatGPT an Universitäten + ISDN-Einstieg in den USA + Bit-Rauschen über CPU-Neuheiten

#AMD #ChatGPT #EFF #GPS #Intel #KünstlicheIntelligenz #Mond #Navigation #Prozessoren #Regulierung #Samsung #SamsungGalaxy #Smartphone #news