Simply Syd 🇪🇺
2 hours ago

Why piss about with at least 3 by-elections, let's just have a general election and get it all over with.
Give us chance to rescue something from the absolute havoc they have created and are still trying their best to mess up.

#GTTO #GeneralElectionNOW #RejoinEU

The Guardian: Boris Johnson ally becomes third Tory MP to resign within 24 hours – UK politics live

Steve Woods
3 hours ago

You'll be out on your arse at the next election, so have a K as a consolation prize, laddie! #GTTO

Deniz Opal
4 hours ago

Degenerates like Boris Johnson and Nadine Dorries shouldn't be allowed in Parliament in the first place.

#Brexit #GTTO

éric 🚲 🇪🇺 :emacs:
5 hours ago

With so many Tory MPs resigning, isn't it time for a general election? #UK #Politics #GTTO

9 hours ago

n.b. the Red in Red Cuthbert Morris is not a political statement.
#SackBoris #GTTO

A Morris dancer in red and black rag coat and trilby with red ribbon - and a red SACK BORIS t-shirt.


yes, but I fear #tacticalvoting may be focussed on #GTTO not on engineering a #hungparliament, which is a very large collective action problem

Let's remember. If you voted leave or failed to campaign for Remain. If you promoted and voted for Johnson. PMs, Cabinet, MPs, councillors, members, voters, supporters, donors, Think Tanks, SPADs, those right wing contrarians and their contrarian organisations. The right wing media.

This is on you. You're all complicit in destroying the UK and killing us.

All Tories are Hunts - #ATAC. All of them. #GTTO and salt the earth they stand on so they never come back.

Mike Bealing
11 hours ago

There’s a real possibility that I will disappear from this site. So I will leave you all with this one.

Couldn’t they share a cell? Lock them both up, the lying ,cheating crooks.

#LockHimUp #DonaldTrump #GTTO #BorisJohnson #SackBoris

Tees by Sillytees

Simon Carswell
11 hours ago

Our house's opinion of Johnson's & Dorries' resignations. #GTTO #Boris #Johnson #Naddine #Dorries

Mike Bealing
12 hours ago

Ain’t no doubt ,It’s plain to see
You can fuck off, Nads
And so can he
#BorisJohnson #NadineDorries


Oh there are, far worse, but this dough-faced clown was somehow acceptable to the racist plebs.

I can't see Rees-Mogg, Barclay or Barker getting the same support and their puppetmaster Banks wouldn't last 5 minutes in front of the electorate. Frost is a complete thicko along the lines of Hancock but without the affability of an Ernie-from-Sesame-Street demeanour.

Its a crime that Starmer is the Tory-in-Waiting.

#GE needed asap.
#GTTO #ToryScum

12 hours ago

It shouldn't be - but this lot have NO shame. Maybe our new King might(?) refuse to sign off on it, but I'm not confident.
Johnson was finally pushed out as a result of him breaking the law and repeatedly lying about it - he doesn't know what honour is.

Linda Sgoluppi Artist
12 hours ago

@Brookston The Tories would have them picking fruit and veg if they could get away with it. #SendThemUpTheChimney ##GTTO

Linda Sgoluppi Artist
12 hours ago

To my mind, Johnson should have been banned from handing out Gongs. That he did, and ignored Nadine Dorries, could see some interesting revelations in time to come. Dorries has been so publicly and thoroughly scorned.

#Johnson #Dorries #Gongs #Politics #LindaSgoluppiArt #GTTO

Linda Sgoluppi Artist
13 hours ago

10 June 2023: 593 days until a UK General Election (unless we get lucky.)

It will be good to see these Charlatans out.

#GeneralElection #UK #Politics #GTTO #Mastodon #Fediverse #ElectionCountdown #PR #LindaSgoluppiArt

Andrew C.A. Elliott
20 hours ago

I'm glad the shambling haystack has resigned in disgrace once again, but you know what?

I'm still pissed about Dominic Cummings and Barnard Castle. I've STILL not moved on from that.

The charge sheet against this lot is as long as your arm, and while others may have 'moved on', none of the anger that provoked had gone away.

And don't get me started on the deceits of Brexit ...

The whole bunch of these Tories must be flushed away. #GTTO

Alec #GTTO
20 hours ago

Referenced link:
Originally posted by Xoralundra #GTTO /

RT by @_querl: Launched from Dun Laoghaire, Dublin about half an hour ago -

Alec #GTTO
20 hours ago

Originally posted by Xoralundra #GTTO /

RT by @_querl: BREAKING: Boris Johnson has resigned to spend more time with his [EXACT NUMBER UNKNOWN WHICH IS ENTIRELY NORMAL] children

Alec #GTTO
20 hours ago

Originally posted by Xoralundra #GTTO /

RT by @_querl: If you were given an honour by a man who that very day resigned from parliament in disgrace after a report by his fellow MPs would you keep it?

Alec #GTTO
20 hours ago

Originally posted by Xoralundra #GTTO /

RT by @_querl: I'm glad this is happening tonight because I'm at the cinema tomorrow night

Alec #GTTO
20 hours ago

Originally posted by Xoralundra #GTTO /

RT by @_querl: Go on then, one more time...

Alec #GTTO
20 hours ago

Originally posted by Xoralundra #GTTO /

RT by @_querl: Not only are sharks older than trees, they have existed for longer than Saturn’s rings.

Alec #GTTO
20 hours ago

Originally posted by Xoralundra #GTTO /

RT by @_querl: I have only just realised the BBC Nine O'Clock News is now the BBC Ten O'Clock News. How did I not notice this in 23 years?

David Emmett
21 hours ago

I feel like Boris Johnson's greatest achievement is going down in history as only the second worst Prime Minister in British history.

#BorisJohnson #GTTO #Politics #UK #UKPolitics

Johnson forced out
Trump indicted on more charges

sanity is returning to the world

#GTTO #GOP #RightWingScum

Karma always balances


The filth that is Johnson will no longer darken the doors of democracy!

Now for the rest of the ERG scum.
#GTTO #ToriesOut

23 hours ago

Happy to see the back of Johnson, but that does scupper the chance of any glorious 3am ‘Were you still up for Portillo’ moment. #GTTO

23 hours ago

Fuck off and get fucked, you pair of nasty right-wing narcissistic, self-serving sociopaths.

#BorisJohnson #NadineDorries #Resigned #ToriesOut #Tories #GTTO

1 day ago

"We will use our post-#Brexit freedom to create the most pro-innovation, pro-enterprise regulatory system on Earth," said #Sunak at his #NorthMeeting

I can speak French, and English of course, and I can also translate "pro-enterprise regulatory system," to mean a system which has little or no regulations. A system where all standards are cast asunder to maximise profit, including but not limited to, the exploitation of workers and the diminution of their employment rights

putain d'enfer #GTTO

1 day ago

@Lassielmr @Bloonface but....but...but #GTTO so that labour can work on changing

Jon Reed
1 day ago

A mini-break, perfect for spring:
See skyscrapers built in Woking,
We’ve got enough debt,
To make princes sweat,
The Tories have f***ed everything.

#poem #Limerick #GTTO #Woking

the roamer
1 day ago

Sunak: So, what have you been up to since I last saw you, your highness?

Biden: Not a lot … Just a $1tn infrastructure act, fixing a two-year debt ceiling deal, and a host of other minor stuff.

Sunak: Gosh!

Biden: So how about you? What have you been doing?

Sunak: I’ve been rushed off my feet. First and foremost, I have been working on my five priorities.

Biden: Sure. But what have you actually been doing?

#Sunak #GTTO

Shaun Davey 🇪🇺 #FBPE
1 day ago

I was wondering about the origin of the term ‘Tory’ for the Conservative party. From Wikipedia. How fitting! #GTTO #tory #conservativeparty

Screenshot showing excerpt of Wikipedia entry saying “As a political term, Tory was an insult (derived from the Middle Irish word tóraidhe, modern Irish tóraí, meaning "outlaw", "robber", from the Irish word tóir, meaning "pursuit" since outlaws were "pursued men")[9][10] that entered English politics during the Exclusion Bill crisis of 1678–1681.”

This month's data on #NHS #waiitinglists show they continue to get worse despite the pious words about improvement & investment from #RishiSunak...

Rather than be impressed by his declarations, what #voters who still think the #Tories are doing a good(ish) job need to do is look at the data; don't listen to Rushi, look at what he has (and more importantly hasn't) done.

If you value the #NHS but think you might vote #Tory, then you need to get a grip - you cannot do both!


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	Figures published by NHS England on Thursday showed 7.4mn people were queueing to begin hospital treatment by the end of April, up from 7.3mn in March, while about 2.2mn patients attended accident and emergency departments last month, the third-highest since records began.

About 40 per cent of patients were waiting more than 18 weeks to begin treatment against a target of 8 per cent, while 371,111 patients were queueing for a year, a rise from 359,798 in April. Some 95,135 were waiting for more than 65 weeks — a delay the health service has said it aims to eradicate by next April.

Meanwhile, 11,477 patients were waiting more than 18 months to start treatment, up from 10,737 a month earlier, despite the government’s pledge that no one would be waiting longer than this by the start of April. In all, 523 patients were waiting more than two years for treatment.

Just a reminder that the #ToryFascistDictatorship took the Royal College of #Nursing to court, #Nurses who are fighting to be able to pay their bills. Yet same #TorySewageParty didn't take #MichelleMone to court for the theft of MILLIONS over #PPE, while she's on holiday in the Alps in a £6k per night resort.

#GTTO #ToryCorruption #ToryCriminals #ToryScandals

So what is the latest wheeze from the #Tories to address aspects of the #NHSCrisis?

yes, appeal to volunteers to help with discharging patients....

So, their workforce plan is to go head-to-head with #NHS staff over wages, while reducing investment in other aspects of the #healthservice, and then expect unpaid, volunteers to replace paid professionals;

Seldom has the #Tories defunding strategy been so blatantly applied;

we need to urgently stop the wreckers!


More from the #CovidInquiry. Counsel representing sufferers of #LongCovid reminds the Inquiry that the Government is only ONE of the core participants:
"By claiming exceptional procedures for itself... it's one rule for them and another for everyone else... seemingly mirroring govt's approach throughout the pandemic." 🔥✊
#UKPolitics #OneRuleForThem #FuckTheTories #GTTO

4 days ago
If you look up almost any fascist leaning politician / oligarch in the world, you can probably find a photo of them with Nigel Farage.
He seems a permanent pustule on the international arse of fascist grift, vulture capitalism & looting.
#UK #UKpol #Politics #Brexit #FBPE #Rejoin #EU #GTTO

4 days ago
Well in 2019
30% of voters voted Conservative.
32% didn't vote.
38% of voters failed for vote tactically, instead inefficiently splitting their votes between 5 progressive & regional parties.

Thus the inherently biased to conservatives First Past The Post UK voting system gifted the Conservatives not just a massive
majority but a large overall majority of the Members of Parliament. 54% MPs coming off 30% of the vote. So they can push through far right policies without needing any other party support.

UK Conservatives live in clustered geographic areas, but everyone else is spread more evenly across constituencies.
#FPTP is not fit for democracy and does not express will of society at all, but will of establishment, elites and their segment of pro-fash or dull & incurious drone supporters. #UK #UKpol #Politics #Brexit #FBPE #Rejoin #EU #GTTO

FPTP votes need to create each MP in 2019.
Green: 865,697
Lib Dem: 336,038
Lab: 50,835
Con: 38,264
SNP: 25,882
4 days ago

Everyone knows it.
Brexit has failed.
Far right policies lead to failure.
#UK #UKpol #Politics #Brexit #FBPE #Rejoin #EU #GTTO

5 days ago

This anti-democratic and vaguely fascist government may use the Parliamentary Act to force through the hated and quasi-legal Illegal Immigration Bill.

The Parliamentary Act was last used in 1991, over 30 years ago.


5 days ago

"Sunak takes RAF chopper to Dover, just over an hour away by train"

I know where I'd like to take a chopper to, amirite?



Utter scum. The people are just the filth of humanity.
#GTTO #ToryScum #ToriesOut

Having a wander through my bookmarks and found this, which the OP seems to have deleted (h/t @anomnomnomaly ). Still as relevant as when it was first posted.

A quick English lesson

1: Tsunami - The T is silent
2: Knife - The K is silent
3: Honest - The H is silent
4: Tory Corruption - The BBC is silent

#GTTO #UKPolitics #BBCBias #FuckTheTories

Ben, Writing Movies :verified:
1 week ago

#ThePerfectWebsiteWould Arrest a Republican or Tory politician with the click of a button #GTTO #HashtagGames

Meanwhile, as #inflation remains persistently high in the UK, inflation in Spain (which incidentally supplies both food & construction materials to the UK) has dropped to under 3%....

another indication that the UK's #costoflivingcrisis is more an issue of home-grown policy than international pressures....


@JorisBohnsonPM @PacMan @jacqui76

All Tories are Hunts - #ATAC . All of them. PMs, Cabinet, MPs, councillors, members, voters, supporters, Thinktanks, SPADs, those right wing contrarians and their contrarian organisations. The right wing media. They're all complicit in destroying the UK and killing us.

#GTTO and utterly destroy them. Salt the earth they stand on so they never come back.

Vote for whoever will stop the Blue Tory. And only vote for the Red Tory if they really can #GTTO


Dr Patterson has written about the folly of both Tory and Labour plans to use private healthcare to "save" the #NHS

"The private sector will not “save the NHS”. The only thing which will save the NHS is investing in the actual NHS; supporting the current staff workforce, paying them properly, fixing the buildings, and doing everything we can to keep patients safe."

Selling our health data to Americans will not keep us safe.


🧡Karen a woke Karen 🧡
2 weeks ago

The brilliant Letter from London. State of the #Tories article. Would be hilarious if exaggerated but its not.

To England, where Tories are stopping the boats by scuttling their own. As the Ship of Fools quarrels about navigation — none of chancers at the recent National | migration numbers that them able to, all convinced Conservatism Conference told anybody needs to be worried they can — and Captain Rishi the bungalow-ridden faithful about. Right now, the only is preoccupied with deckchair that a disintegrating social thing the UK is manufacturing rearrangement content for care system could be staffed more of than foodbank users social media, they’re taking on by forcing the long-term sick are click-farming lunatics. water faster than you can say | off benefits. This is necessary, ‘Australian-Style Points-Based | they say, because to take in By the time Darren Grimes immigration System.’ industrious refugees would did his turn as a burnt-out involve building a ‘city the size of Byker Grove  Despite persistently tracking of Hull’ every six months. doll, and rogue Al Steerforth Labour by 20 points, like true Douglas Fraser stood up to idiots headed for disaster, With the Marxist option claim something specious they exude confidence. But of investing in chronically about nationalism being then, if you’d lost a box- underfunded public services good because the Germans office colleague like Andrew off the table, you can ‘mucked up’ twice (I'm Bridgen to the eternal battle understand why building a bi- paraphrasing, but not by with the illuminati and lived to | annual metropolis is a
Pauline von Hellermann
3 weeks ago

James Cleverly’s use of £10,000 an hour Succession-style jet ‘ludicrous’

I know it’s getting a bit wearisome - there is just so much of it - but we must keep on calling out this kind of behaviour by our leaders. Complete contempt for struggling citizens; complete contempt for planet. Tory politicians flying so much they need to rent extra #PrivateJets

#GTTO #BanPrivateJets #Inequality #UKPolitics

Picture of a orivate jet flying low, in bkue sky, over houses with palm trees between them
3 weeks ago

This will be the UK soon, if we don’t #GTTO

Cameron, May, Johnson, Truss, Sunak Tory government has now been in power for longer than the Blair, Brown Labour government.


The UK's #tory engineered #healthcrisis in one simple statistic:

in 1960 the Uk ranked 7th for #lifeexpectancy among OECD nations.... 60 years later in 2020 it had dropped to 23rd!

And if you want to have a look at the OECD data, what you can see is that the relative decline has been largely since 2010.... I wonder why?

The NHS (and our #health) is not safe in #tory hands


link to OECD data (use age range function to get the picture)

4 weeks ago

If it looks corrupt, and smells corrupt,


there's probably a Tory involved somewhere along the line.


BBC News - Javad Marandi: Tory donor's link to massive money laundering probe

Widdershins Smith 🐘
4 weeks ago

Dear Ree-Smog,

It is NOT gerrymandering to allow 16 & 17 year olds to vote.

It IS gerrymandering, however, to prevent them voting.

#GTTO #VictorianPencil #OutOfTouch #NoMandate

No 10 blocked a vote-winning proposal to end leaseholding – wary of picking a fight with wealthy donors.

Profits ahead of people — it’s the Conservative Party modus operandi. Why are people so shocked and surprised? They killed well over 200,000 of us to keep profits pouring in during a lethal pandemic, after all.

Are #Labour any better on leasehold reform? (its hard to tell as they have absolutely no written down policies anymore).

#Leasehold #EnoughIsEnough #GTTO

the magnificent rhys
1 month ago

Now we're cooking! Labour's draft policy platform that will likely form the basis of the 2024 manifesto.

No major surprises for anyone who actually pays attention to Labour rather than Spectator and Times headlines, but nifty to see it all laid out in one convenient place.

#politics #UKPolitics #Labour #GTTO

Simply Syd 🇪🇺
1 month ago

A very good question.
The answer, probably never.
The media is predominantly right wing and they are only interested in swivel eyed loons.

#greenparty #greens #LocalElections #gtto

Bar graph showing how green seats in councils have in creased beyond the levels ukip achieved.

@ElectricWill Reduce it back to Get The Tory Out. Vote for whoever is most likely to Get The Tory Out. But don't vote for the Red Tory unless they really most likely to keep the Blue Tory out. Tactical voting for the win.

The net result of that should be a clear Labour win with no majority. So they *have* to form a coalition. So they *have* to enact PR. And a completely destroyed Tory party.


1 month ago

Seemed worth a guess. #GTTO

crossword clue reading 'the upper classes (4,7)' with tory wankers given as an answer
1 month ago

What a grim day for what is left of the United Kingdom as feudalism once again gets cemented into the national consciousness as something to cheer for, whilst any dissenting voices are silenced by an insidious new oven-baked law.
But then, I expect most of these Potato People fell for the Brexit scam too.
At least the elections give a vague glimmer of hope that maybe, just maybe they will stop voting to cut their own throats...
#Coronation #NotMyKing #KingCharles #Fascism #Tories #GTTO

1 month ago

In "how to ruin my weekend" news my ward has flipped from 3 Labour to 3 Tory. Da fuk. All the other wards in #oldham are turning up losses for the Tories. #ukpol #LocalElectionsUK #sad #gtto

1 month ago

I didn't really think that the tories could lose 1000 councillors, but with 43 councils still to declare (out of 230) and they've lost 800, I'm starting to wonder if 1000 might be an underestimate.

The #Greens are the big winners today IMO

#toriesOut #GTTO

1 month ago

No election here today, but if you've got the chance to vote, please take it.

And don't vote Tory.

Thank you.

#UKpolitics #elections #GTTO

A multi-coloured fluffy one-eyed creature with a big grin, and shiny horns and hooves, stands on a cobbled hill street holding a placard that reads Don't Vote Tory.
1 month ago

@harriettmb Yes! This is a good site to work out who is best to vote for to get the Tories out -
Tories are already unlikely to win in my ward though #LocalElections #GTTO #NeverVoteTory

1 month ago

@BiFriendlyGiant and don’t forget about #TacticalVoting It’s all about #gtto . Find out who is most likely to displace a #tory in your area, hold your nose and vote! Don’t forget to bring ID.

1 month ago

If you weren't planning on voting in the local elections this Thursday, just remember that not a lot of people do really, and wards are quite small, so your vote just might be enough to make some Tory shit cry, and in the end isn't that what we all really want #LocalElections #GTTO #NeverVoteTory

Linda Sgoluppi Artist
1 month ago

I'm feeling that people have given up trying to stop an appalling UK Government from taking away all the good things we had embraced , A morally defunct corrupt set of people running the country into the ground in every way. I so want the #Tories Out and that's just for a start. #Politics #GTTO #Mastodon #Fediverse

This website is amazing. Everyone in UK should not just be boosting this here, but sharing on corporate social also.

Prevent Tory on Thursday 4th May with tactical voting right down to the local seat level. My local councillor ward for example is:

Seat 1: Green
Seat 2: Labour
Seat 3: Labour

Really granular tactical advice.

Also don't forget your photo ID!!!
#TacticalVote #LocalElections #UKPolitics #UK #Vote #ElectoralReform #FPTP #GTTO

1 month ago

Throughout the #Covid pandemic, #nurses, more than any other occupation, died at a faster rate.

They cared and tirelessly looked after our own loved ones all the while their friends and colleagues were passing.

For these courageous people to be denied a basic wage increase by a Conservative government of millionaires is both obscene and shameful.


Covid-19: New nurse death figures prompt call for investigation | Nursing Times

Yvette Oswin
1 month ago

Brexiteers are a bit touchy about all those promises that were not honoured

#GTTO #ToriesOut #Brexit #NHS

Our growing dependence on #foodbanks to deal with people in food poverty is a national disgrace - the poor & vulnerable should not need to be dependent on voluntary provision to survive.

The food banks do great work (as do their doors & volunteers), but they should not be needed at all in a civilised modern #democracy. that they are tells you what you need to know about how the #Tories have systematically destroyed the safety net for the poor.


Yvette Oswin
2 months ago

Well this sums up how the Tories not only do not care, but are not capable of organising a piss up in a brewery.
How poignant is this headline.

#ToriesOut #GTTO #Brexit #RejoinEU