Richard Troupe
2 days ago

I'm apparently a 'top 3%' Irish learner on Duolingo.

I couldn't tell you one fucking sentence and I've been at it for over a year.

Chead acu imeacht sa foc.

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Denman Rooke 🇵🇸
2 months ago

Repost from pb4p on Twitter:
Like Darragh Adelaide says, far right grifters want to direct your anger away from the super rich and their Government pals and onto minorities. Ná lig dóibh.

📣 Join the cost of living and housing demonstration called by Cost Of Living Coalition Ireland.

📍Oct 7, Parnell Square Dublin, 1pm

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Trí lá ó shin, chuir mé ceist go #Gaeilgeoirí agus #Mastodaoine faoi an focail #Gaeilge mar 'toot'. Le 52% na vótaí, is 'tút' an buaiteoir soiléir.

ACH, thaispeáin @deantoir_ceardaiochta an focal 'séid(eadh)' dom!

Mar sin... tá sé an am mar babhta 2!

Cad is an focal CEART Gaeilge mar 'toot'?

#Gaeilgeoir @gaeilge

11 months ago

@krisz @gaeilge

Another useful podcast for the aspiring #Gaeilgeoir is #NuachtMhall from #CnaG in London. Available in your favourite podcast app or from or

Try to listen a few times before you read the script.

Graceless Hippo
1 year ago

The sentence to translate is "I use Irish every day" so I went with;

Úsáidim an Gaeilge gach lá

But the correct translation is "bainim úsáid as an nGaeilge gach lá"

My verb book says 'bainim' is I cut, or take off" >>> why is bainim used here? <<<

And >>>why am I taking Gaeilge as (out) every day?? <<<

Go raibh maith agat don cabhair

#Irish #Gaeilge #help #Gaeilgeoir

1 year ago

The vast majority of Irish here in work laugh when I say I am learning #Irish. There's a small group of us who have a Ciorcal Comhrá here, and I work with a #Gaeilgeoir but you want to bet if I pronounce something wrong, or get words in the wrong order every fucker in the office remembers how to speak Irish.


Trí coiscéim na marbh

Three steps with the dead may be older than we think and with connections half a world away.

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Richard Troupe
1 year ago

I'm learning Irish at the moment through Duolingo and their recent update has completely fucked it up for me.

Does anyone have a recommendation for beginner and intermediate Irish learning books?

Go raibh maith agat!

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Dave Donaghy
1 year ago

Are there any structured descriptions of how eclipsis etc work? I’ve always struggled with just remembering a long list of situations.

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#Irish / English 2023 Planner. Ideal gift for someone starting their #gaeilge journey or intermediate speaker. Available now only on Amazon only €7.99 #mastodaoine #gaeilgeoir #irishtwitter #ireland #irishlanguage

Tain (She/They)
3 years ago

An bhfuil aon #Gaeilgeoir ar Mastodon? Ba mhaith liom mo Ghaeilge a úsáid ach táim an chéad duine i mo theaghlach le foghlaim. Ní labhraím go mhaith ach, is fearr liom Gaeilge briste ná Bearla cliste.

3 years ago

@dreadpirateyarr stoked to see someone into Gàidhlig! I speak/am learning Irish 🤓 #Gaeilgeoir

Lover of Birbs, Crocs & Shorks
4 years ago

@mellodillo haigh! Tá (beagán) Gaeilge agam
Bhuel, tá mé ag foghlaim ar feadh aon bhliain déag
ach níl muinín agam uaim
#gaeilge #gaeilgeoir

4 years ago

this is probably a stretch but are there any #irish speakers on here? #gaeilge #gaeilgeoir

(don't get your hopes too high, I'm still in the very early stages of learning lol)