Jenny Lam
12 hours ago
Ming-Na Wen re-posting Jenny Lam's mashup doodle of Mulan on the Iron Throne (Game of Thrones) as the true Queen of Dragons in 2016
Ming-Na Wen quote retweeting Jenny Lam's mashup doodle of Mulan on the Iron Throne (Game of Thrones) as the true Queen of Dragons in 2016
Pavel Kout
12 hours ago

Druhá řada Rodu draka má konečně trailer! Ukazuje ohnivé bitvy, popravy i draky #HouseOfTheDragon #GameOfThrones

12 hours ago

House of the Dragon: Season 2 Official Trailer (HBO) | Game of Thrones Prequel Series on Fire And Blood by @thefireandblood #GoT #FireAndBlood #GoTprequel #GameOfThrones

Joanna Snark 🌻
1 day ago

The House of the Dragon and Game of Thrones accounts posted today that a 75 second first look trailer will be screened at CCXP in Brazil tomorrow. #HouseoftheDragon #hotd #gameofthrones

Screenshot of the Game of Thrones and Jouse if the Dragon official accounts posts that a 75 second first look trailer will be screened at CCXP in Brazil tomorrow. There's two new posters, one of Alicent that says blood for blood and one of Rhaenyra that says fire to fire
2 days ago

'House of the Dragon' Season 2 Posters — Old Friendships Turn Bloody
#Collider #TVNews #HouseoftheDragon #GameofThrones

2 days ago

Bella Ramsey Says ‘Game of Thrones’ Fame Was ‘Terrifying’: I ‘Chose’ to Be ‘Fairly Anonymous’ Before ‘The Last of Us’
#IndieWire #GeneralNews #News #BellaRamsey #GameofThrones #TheLastofUs #TV

Mark Gardner ‍:sdf:
2 days ago

@ricmac I always wondered why the Iron Throne's subjects didn't revolt.


3 days ago
Showbiz & Entertainment
4 days ago
Olhar Digital
5 days ago


No, Daenerys is Netanyahu, not Israel. And remember what happens to her? Right.

#Palestine #Israel #netanyahu #hamas #uspol

HowToPhil (Phillip R)
6 days ago

(In the show) Tywin knew it was Arya and intended to show off his "cupbearer" willingly serving him when/if Rob showed up

#gameofthrones #GoT

Oli Mould
6 days ago

Today's hill I wish to die on...

Having the etymology of Hodor's name in #GameOfThrones as a truncated version of 'hold the door' is one the most ridiculous pieces of writing ever. It's not clever; it's Christmas-cracker style wit transposed into dramatic script writing.

Imperor 🎲🎮🎄
1 week ago

#GameOfThrones still baffles me. For years it was THE #fantasy thing to watch and engage with.

And they just threw it all away. Three fantastic seasons and down hill it went.

1 week ago

We Were Robbed of an Arya vs. Cersei Showdown in 'Game of Thrones'
#Collider #TVFeatures #GameOfThrones

1 week ago

The Most Important 'Game of Thrones' Quote Actually Makes No Sense
#Collider #TVFeatures #GameOfThrones

1 week ago

Dans la culture héroïque fantastique, il etait important de faire découvrir #gameofthrones aux ados.
Par contre j'avais un peu occulté le nombre de scènes de sexe des premieres saisons 😑

1 week ago

13 Biggest Changes 'Game of Thrones' Made From the Books
#Collider #TVFeatures #GameofThrones

realcaseyrollins ✝️
1 week ago

Out of pocket remake ideas:

#TheOffice but it’s noir

#Succession but it’s anime

#Euphoria but it’s shot like a multicam sitcom in front of a studio audience

#HouseOfCards but it’s a documentary

#GameOfThrones but it’s a kid’s cartoon

#MissionImpossible but it’s a musical

#Hamilton but it’s a low budget African film

1 week ago

The Most Disturbing 'Game of Thrones' Dinner Isn't the Red Wedding
#Collider #TVFeatures #GameOfThrones

The Artbook Collector
2 weeks ago

Did you know there is an artbook for Game of Thrones? The vast majority is environment and asset art, so don't expect any character or dragon designs, but it is huge and well presented! #artbook #GameOfThrones #conceptart

DER SPIEGEL | inoffiziell
2 weeks ago
Durch die TV-Serie »Game of Thrones« wurde eine mystische Buchenallee in Nordirland weltbekannt. Von ursprünglich rund 150 Bäumen standen zuletzt noch 86 – nun müssen weitere weichen.#Nordirland #»GameofThrones«
Bekannt aus Fantasy-Serie: Sechs Buchen in »Game of Thrones«-Allee werden gefällt
2 weeks ago
2 weeks ago
2 weeks ago

Come on people, stop complaining about the Winds of Winter not coming.

They're here. They're here...

#GameOfThrones #TheWIndsOfWinter #ASongOfIceAndFire #SaturdayShitposting <- I may need to make this last hashtag a thing... Hmmm...

Bernard Leong
2 weeks ago

In the Game of #AI, nobody is safe. That’s probably a few things happening: @OpenAI CEO’s abrupt exit, Google’s Gemini is delayed and MSFT stock just dropped after the news broke. #GameOfThrones

Danny Abramovitch
2 weeks ago

I kind of feel bad for George RR Martin. He spends years trying to come up with fantabulous tales and George Santos does it in minutes. #GeorgeSantos #GameOfThrones

Sir Rochard 'Dock' Bunson
2 weeks ago

Surely there's a #GameOfThrones fan or #Art lover here that can't live without this original piece on wood from @courtcan

Original art of a giant rock or ice wall
3 weeks ago
3 weeks ago

Wasn't sure whether to go with:

"Winter is cooming. Buy a cozy sweater," or

"You know nothing about fashion, Jon Snow."


A screenshot from the clothing app, Stitch Fix, with an image of a zip-up sweater that's called the "Knit Harrington," just one letter different from the name of the Game of Thrones actor, Kit Harrington.
Pavel Kout
3 weeks ago

@Makovice Temná křídla, temná slova… #GameOfThrones

3 weeks ago

El actor de #GameOfThrones, #ThorBjörnsson, compartió fotografías tras perder a su hija, producto de un aborto espontáneo. Él y su pareja expresaron: “las palabras no pueden describir nuestro dolor por esta pérdida, por poder pasar tiempo con nuestra hija”.

J.V. West
3 weeks ago

While I'm up and doing hot takes, here's another one.

Game of Thrones' final couple of seasons aren't as bad as I remember. I was completely angry at the last season, in particular, when I watched this the first time. But a recent re-watch of most of it leaves me with a better vibe. I feel like what they did with the final bits was, if nothing else, a sincere attempt to give it a fitting ending. Though still not GREAT, compared to the rest of it. #gameofthrones

eThanOS ☠️
3 weeks ago

Another work week down, another set of #Minis painted.

This time I finished the
#Greyjoy #asongoficeandfire heroes.

After a long time being half started on the set, I'm happy enough with how they turned out.


#gameofthrones #ironislands #miniatures #miniaturepainting #warhammer #dnd

⚖️ Olivia is the high arbiter of justice in the Stunde Der Schande. 🤣 I love that she's so often cast as the "moral high ground" and "voice of reason."

First up is Patrick, for his mysogeny.

It's kinda like that #GameOfThrones scene, where Circe is paraded through the streets with the nun runging a bell and calling Shame! Shame!, except its a drag queen doing the shame calling, and on TV instead of in the streets.

#DasGroßePromiBüßen #TrashTV

Ange Durand
3 weeks ago

📅 Du 6 novembre au 22 décembre, les #bibliothèques et la #CollectionDeMinéraux du #CampusPierreEtMarieCurie vous proposent une #exposition fondée sur l'ouvrage collectif Le Trône de fer et les sciences (Belin). Parcourez des animations, rencontrez les auteurs et redécouvrez un monde d’un passé imaginaire à la lumière des sciences d’aujourd’hui.



3 weeks ago
4 weeks ago

We should have by now learned that a bad follow-up to a successful franchise can kill the whole extended franchise.

The #Matrix was ruined by Matrix 2&3 so thoroughly that the momentum had started with multiple games and anime, completely died.

#GameOfThrones even as an extended universe, was completely ruined by the last 1-2 seasons of the TV adaptation.

#MassEffect, took just 10 minutes of utter dogshite at the end to retroactively sour all but the biggest fans to the whole universe.

In the first #GameOfThrones episode Viseris says to Daeneris „You are a woman now“. My actual reaction at the time: “Oh, so she is #trans? That’s cool!” It actually took me a while to get that he was talking about her age.

#ThereWereNoSigns #transfem #transfemme #transgender

4 weeks ago
Sir Rochard 'Dock' Bunson
1 month ago

The future is coming. Think #GameOfThrones houses, but with corporate brands.

#NeoFeudalism is the #Fascist Plan B.

Tim ☑️ 🔭🌃📷🚴🌳
1 month ago

After over 10 years with a 28" 1080p telly to my name, a new gogglebox has been acquired and installed.
And so the annual Game of Thrones binge-fest commenceth, My word, but this is a gorgeous picture.

Behold, Winter Is Coming. :)

#toys #geek #TV #WinterIsComing #GameOfThrones #win

🤘 The Metal Dog 🤘
1 month ago

SCOTT IAN Still Wants One Of The Game Of Thrones Guitars From Fender, Dammit!
"These motherf***ers' made about 9 million dollars on the fuck**g video we made and they couldn't even give us a guitar!"

#ScottIan #GameOfThrones #Fender #Guitars #RockNRoll #SignatureGuitar #AxesOfThrones #Ironborn #GuitarFamily

1 month ago

Was Catelyn Stark Too Cruel to Jon Snow in 'Game of Thrones'?
#Collider #TVFeatures #GameofThrones

Tucker Carlson's Nuts
1 month ago

🥥 I like a "guilty pleasure" TV show category.
It's the video equivalent of #PulpFiction.
Ingredients are nudity & explicit sex scenes, gruesome violence, multiple plotlines that meander for seasons on end, and knowing that I'd be embarrassed if some people who matter to me knew that I'm into this crap.
Some of my favorites are #GameOfThrones (fantasy), #Banshee (Crime), and #Warrior (Kung Fu in 19th Century San Francisco).
#Fedifriends, do you watch anything similar?
Any you'd recommend? 🥥

Warner Crocker
2 months ago

I'm sure some smartass like me has already said this, but in Martin's situation it might mean the books actually get finished.

Grisham, Martin join authors suing OpenAI: “There is nothing fair about this”
#AI #GameofThrones #GeorgeRRMartin

3 months ago

Rereading #GameOfThrones, there are so many fantastic bits that have me like, “I gotta watch this scene to see how the series handled it!”

So I did that yesterday, and there was full frontal female nudity within the first 15min. 😑

Those fucking nepo baby producers. yeah i bet the male-gaze-steeped nudity improves the experience for you, a straight man. I KNOW you get a thrilling physical/mental reaction that heightens your experience. But only FOR YOU. you fucking buffoons.


Angela Miller
3 months ago

Mons Meg and the Siege of Threave

A final video from Threave for the moment. Even after the murder of William Douglas, the 8th Earl of Douglas, the Douglas Family had continued to defy James the Second, prompting him to bring the fearsome Mons Meg to Galloway to deal with them.  #history #video #scotland #galloway #Douglas #BlackDouglas #JamesII #GameOfThrones #MonsMeg

⏚ Bassines ? Bah Non !
3 months ago

Pays-Bas : plus de 10 000 manifestants bloquent une autoroute pour réclamer la fin des subventions aux énergies fossiles à l’appel d’Extinction Rebellion

Bravant les canons à eau de la police, ces militants écologistes menacent de ne quitter les lieux que lorsque le gouvernement cédera à leurs exigences.

« Nous resterons ou reviendrons tous les jours. » Plusieurs milliers d’activistes et de sympathisants du mouvement écologiste Extinction Rebellion ont commencé à bloquer une importante autoroute dans le centre de La Haye, samedi 9 septembre, pour réclamer « la fin immédiate de toutes les subventions aux énergies fossiles ». Ils menacent de renouveler leur action jusqu’à obtenir gain de cause.

Environ 25 000 personnes étaient présentes en début d’après-midi, selon les organisateurs, tandis que la mairie a dénombré entre 10 000 et 12 000 manifestants. Venus de tout le pays, ils bloquent le tronçon Utrechtsebaan de l’autoroute A12, dans le centre de La Haye, ville où siège le gouvernement néerlandais. Ils ont été reçus par les canons à eau de la police, qui a commencé à procéder à des arrestations. L’actrice néerlandaise Carice van Houten, notamment connue pour son rôle de Mélisandre dans la série Game of Thrones, déjà interpellée au cours d’une action similaire en mai, a de nouveau été arrêtée, selon Extinction Rebellion.

Les autorités craignent d’importantes perturbations du trafic. Les quatre principaux syndicats de police des Pays-Bas ont appelé dès vendredi le gouvernement à engager d’urgence un dialogue avec l’organisation. « Le mouvement de contestation Extinction Rebellion va, à partir de samedi, bloquer tous les jours l’A12 à La Haye. Canaliser ces actions nécessitera un déploiement policier disproportionné que les Pays-Bas ne peuvent plus se permettre », ont-ils déclaré dans une lettre ouverte commune.

#NoMacadam #EnergiesFossiles #PaysBas #GameOfThrones @xrfrance

Source :

Manifestant·e·s assis·e·s au sol sour les tirs de canons à eau de la police. Une femme se protège avec son parapluie.
Angela Miller
3 months ago

This infamous event from Scottish History formed part of the inspiration for the Red Wedding in Game of Thrones. 
The young Master of Threave, William 6th Earl of Douglas was only 14 when he inherited his father's titles.  But by the age of 16, he had been tried and executed for plotting against the King.  How did that happen? 
Let me explain...

#history #scotland #galloway #medievalhistory #edinburghCastle #gameOfThrones

3 months ago

still working my way through my #gameofthrones reread.

i thought it was canon that coldhands, the no-longer-quite-human man in black beyond the wall, was benjen stark.

but the good #asoiaf wiki says that JRRM has stated categorically that he’s not benjen. i think i got that assumption from the TV series, bc benjen does help bran, jojen, and meera beyond the wall, at least on screen. i’m going to rewatch a few episodes to see how they portrayed it.

3 months ago

The four horsemen of #TV #series #piracy cause.

Currently even computer games are better than TV series in each of those.

Now when I have your attention, pls give recommendations for someone who liked #BattlestarGalactica, #TheExpanse, #Stargate - all 3 series, (Fear) #TheWalkingDead - first seasons, #Firefly, #Caprica, #gameofthrones .
I was even trying to watch these like a good citizen.

3 months ago

New to the Gallery: Ballintoy Harbour 3 by Valerie Giannandrea McKeag

ArtisAnn Gallery, ​70 Bloomfield Avenue, Belfast, BT5 5AE

Tue - Fri: 11am to 6pm ; Sat: Noon to 5pm

Even better – You can buy art from us and spread the cost over 10 months!

Own Art can be arranged online via our website and you can complete the application, in a few minutes, in the comfort of your own home.

#art #artist

#art #painting #landscape #Ballintoy #GOT #GameofThrones

Paul Chambers
3 months ago

You don't pull a "King Bran' out of the blue after viewers have invested so much time in your damn series.

#HashTagGames #GameOfThrones #GOT

Game of Thrones, King Bran.
Ricard Torres
3 months ago

@blackestclovers I felt #HouseOfTHeDragon was a far cry from #GameOfThrones

Nowhere near the same quality. Not production but the story itself. It felt just too disconnected. Where Game Of Thrones all the plots with the different characters / stories connected somehow and it was fantastic.

Sevro :verified:
3 months ago

I finally watched all of #HouseoftheDragon. It was pretty good, actually. Naturally Matt Smith (my Doctor) was brilliant. King Viserys was as well. The ending though. Sheesh what a cliff hanger (for lack of a better term) just to make people wait and wait. I want to rewatch #GameofThrones in a binge (as I’ve never done that) but man… after season 4 it just gets progressively worse and worse… I don’t know if I can manage.

Joanna Snark 🌻
3 months ago

Sareth is giving me real Margaery Tyrell vibes. #foundation on #appletv #gameofthrones

Queen Sareth in a flowing blue sari like gown and Brother Day in his breast plate and blue dress
King Joffrey Baratheon and Lady Margaery Tyrell at their wedding in Game of Thrones
Angela Miller
4 months ago

Threave Castle & The Black Douglas
William, 8th Earl of Douglas met with an end perhaps befitting of his character. Not a story for the faint hearted perhaps...

#history #Scotland #Galloway #gameofThrones #Castle #ThreaveCastle #video

I haven't watched #GameOfThrones, but I heard something about Red Wedding. Is this paper enough to grasp the plot? ;-)

Jack Graham
4 months ago

Lots of AGOT was ridic, but the least believable part was that the Night's Watch wasn't just a non-stop gay orgy.
#gameofthrones #grrm

5 months ago

I'm rereading Game of Thrones and it's amazing how much these books reward rereading. For example: did you know that Tywin Lannister planned to have Rob Stark fall in love with and marry Jeyne Westerling, and break his word to marry one of the Frey girls?

#gameofthrones #asoiaf

Leonard Craig Kendrick
5 months ago

Dusted off the old #GameOfThrones dvd collection I have to start a new run through been a year and a bit.


5 months ago

@Richard_Littler @actuallyautistic did you write for the last season of #GameOfThrones?

Tim Richards
5 months ago

Now free for all to read... I strolled Dubrovnik, admiring architecture and art, and those infamous steps from Game of Thrones. But what was the deal with all the cats?

Read "Dateline Dubrovnik: Wandering the Old Town

#Dubrovnik #Croatia #Architecture #History #Cats #GameOfThrones

A beautiful narrow pedestrian street with steps, lined by sandstone buildings.
5 months ago

On oldie, but a goodie.


5 months ago

Just looking to meet other like minded people really. I have a dark, inappropriate sense of humor and it's really hard to hurt my feelings. Especially online.

I'm not new to social media, but I hate Facebook and never used Twitter. This is the first time I've been on the fediverse, but I understand how it works and what it stands for. Always open to making new friends. I am married (you might know him here @ravenking89 ), and the mother to 2 lovely girls and a stepson I that is mine all the same. Also the Mother of Cats (we have 4).

Below I have listed hashtags of some my interests:
#GameofThrones #dungeonsanddragons
#mortal combat

Chris Trottier
5 months ago

Well, well, well! Look what we have here, folks.

You know how when your favorite diner suddenly changes their secret sauce, and you’re all like, “Great. Now where am I supposed to get my late-night burger fix?” It’s a bit like that here on the #Fediverse when #Twitter has a boo-boo or when Elon Musk sneezes in a way we don’t fancy.

It’s never a party. Suddenly, all these reluctant folks start streaming in, not because they fell head over heels for our humble Fediverse or had a ‘Eureka!’ moment that this is indeed the promised land. Nah, they’re here because their fave social space has turned into the virtual version of a traffic jam, and they’re scrambling to find a detour—what they consider to be the runner-up in the race of platforms.

Sure, we’ve seen the writing on the wall for a while now. And boy oh boy, have we tried to warn the Twitterati. But, many of them are like those band musicians on the sinking Titanic, playing their hearts out till the very end. “Abandon Twitter? Over my blue-check-marked profile!” they said, determined to stay till Twitter became as useful as a chocolate teapot—which, as fate would have it, was last weekend.

Now, here’s the thing. Those of us who were into #Mastodon before it became the ‘Twitter refugee camp’, we kinda moved here because we weren’t fans of Twitter to begin with. Yup, you heard it! We didn’t dig that one-stop-shop setup. We didn’t groove with the idea of the Musk-man playing puppeteer. And we certainly didn’t want our social lives behind walled gardens.

So, you see, it’s like mixing oil and water. One group yearns for the good ol’ Twitter days, centralization – before its Musk-ification. The other, let’s just say, wouldn’t touch Twitter with a ten-foot pole, even if Musk threw in a free Starship ride. Obviously, we’ve got a recipe for some serious popcorn-munching drama.

But hey, it doesn’t have to be a sequel of Mad Max here. We can all get along. Let’s not let the Musk do the divide, eh? After all, the Fediverse is big enough for all of us to play nice and share our cat memes, isn’t it? Or maybe, just maybe, we can learn to appreciate each other’s viewpoints.

Alright, alright, alright, so here we are. You’ve got the Twitter-ites, yearning for their old haunt, and the Mastodonians, who couldn’t be more chuffed to be away from all that Twitter hullabaloo. It’s a bit like a salsa dancer at a breakdancing competition, isn’t it? Yet, despite the differences, there are ways to make this unlikely mashup work.

First, remember that communication is king. Instead of throwing virtual side-eye, try opening a dialogue. Learn about each other’s views and quirks. Think of it like a social media exchange program, without the jet lag and lost luggage.

Next, let’s introduce some common ground. Maybe you’re a #GameofThrones fanatic, or perhaps you just can’t get enough of those insanely cute #BabyYoda memes. Heck, you might even be part of the passionate #PineappleOnPizza debate squad. There’s bound to be some overlapping interests that can bridge the gap.

Also, let’s remember that change can be challenging. The Twitter crowd didn’t necessarily choose to emigrate—they got caught in a digital diaspora. So, let’s cut them some slack, offer a helping hand, and share the best tips and tricks to navigate the Mastodon landscape.

Now for the grand finale, my friends. Let’s think of this great Twitter-Mastodon mashup as a chance for evolution. It’s like adding a new ingredient to your grandma’s traditional stew recipe. Sure, it’s different, maybe even a little weird at first, but give it a chance, and who knows? It might just be the best darn stew you’ve ever tasted!

So, in the wise words of the legendary Bill and Ted, “Be excellent to each other!” With open minds and a dash of humour, we can turn this potential ‘clash of the titans’ into a harmonious federation of diversity. After all, that’s what the Fediverse was meant to be all along, wasn’t it? Now, let the cat meme sharing, hilarious hashtag games, and friendly banter begin!

Welcome to the neighbourhood, Twitter refugees. We’re glad you’re here.

Paul Chambers
5 months ago

...Tricks King Joffrey Baratheon into a vacation in #Cincinnati by getting him to go to Kings Island to inspect The Beast but he gets angry when he finds out it is an amusement park and ride.

Still, he has a good time.

#GOT #GameOfThrones

Kings Island roller coast the beast drop
Super Sideshow
5 months ago

#NickFury! #MariaHill! #Talos! #AgentRoss! That girl from #GameOfThrones! We have a ton to talk about in this week's episode. Don't trust anyone. #SecretInvasion #MCU

5 months ago

@Tattooed_mummy I onlyl regret that the Sparrow in #GameOfThrones didn't use a Crime Skeleton

6 months ago

Been awfully busy the last two weeks, but want to slowly catch up with my previous trip.

Here are two pictures of Kirkjufell, one of the most popular photo spots in Iceland. Also known as "The Mountain shaped like an Arrow Head" from #GameOfThrones.

I tried not to replicate the most popular angle and like the second shot in particular!

#Iceland #Mountains #Coast #Sea

Kirkjufell mountain under a cloudy sky and surrounded by the sea.
View from the west onto Kirkjufell mountain in the center and the coastal road leading up to it.
The sea is a deep blue and the land a barren brown.
7 months ago
7 months ago

Decidí ver #GOT otra vez pues porque una es masoquista y le gusta poder putear escritores de series que podrían haber sido LA vara épica de principio a fin, pero decidieron pasarse todo por donde no les da el sol sólo porque sí.

Lo cual me lleva a que si hay 3 personas que se involucran en series/películas que no soporto son Benioff y Weiss por lo que hicieron con #GameOfThrones y a Ryan Murphy por lo que siempre le hace a las series en las que se involucra, como con Glee.


7 months ago

Yesterday we launched Vivaldi 6.0, giving you the opportunity to completely change the look of your #Browser🎉

Our new Custom Icons are the final piece of the puzzle that will help you get the perfect look!

Imagine your browser in a #GameOfThrones or a fresh #Spring design🌿

Flipping between the standard Vivaldi Icons and a plant based theme with custom icons.
8 months ago

Make it icon'ic! 🎉
Because of course, you can – it’s Vivaldi. 😲

Imagine your browser in a #Win95, a #GameOfThrones, or a #Liverpool look. 😍

From the default navigation controls to panel icons, or your Command Chains, Vivaldi will fully reflect your personality, interests, and taste.

Share and download icons on Vivaldi Themes.

With our built-in Themes and the new Custom Icons, change the look of your browser radically.

And see it in action here ⬇️

0:00 Welcome to Vivaldi Custom Icons title cards, one of each word in their own color.

0:03 Video flipping through various themes using new custom icons from the newest update of Vivaldi.

0:16 Moving on to the themes settings where the cursor creates a new theme and selects the Icons tab. Replacing the back, forward, update, stop and home.

0:56 Zoom-in on the Toolbar showing off the new icons. Before customizing the toolbar to add a search and move icons around.

1:18 Title card saying "Personalize your Vivaldi Browser with Custom Icons"

1:24 Cursor moves up to the addressbar and the address of Vivaldi Themes is put in.

1:30 Cursor moves over to the filter menu on the left, and selects Custom Icons, selecting a theme and demonstrating installing a theme with custom icons.

1:46 Splash Screen w/ Vivaldi Logo and Name

It seems fitting that Lyanna Mormont is Ellie 😆

#LastOfUs #GameOfThrones #Television #SciFiSciFi #TheLastOfUs

Alexander Ruthol
8 months ago

Hahaha the 'suspect' is clearly the FSB's ideal: a pro-democracy activist who spent six months in Georgia where she supposedly was recruited by "western intelligence". Yeah, pro-democracy activists and "western intelligence" are known for their hatred of <checks notes> criminal DPR neo-nazis.

I'm calling it, Patrushev and the FSB killed Tatarsky.

The only question now is if they'll risk "arresting" that pro-democracy activist alive. It looks good to have her confess on camera, but on the other hand she's a risk as long as she's alive.

#russia #GameOfThrones #Vladlen #Tatarsky #bomb #StPetersburg

Alexander Ruthol
8 months ago

As is typical of the russian mafia state it's impossible to say who killed Tatarsky in St. Petersburg, because there's so many who would want him dead: the Ukrainians he argued should be raped and murdered; Patrushev and the FSB to hurt Prigozhin; Shoigu and Gerasimov as retaliation for Prigozhin's murders of people associated with the army leadership; and Prigozhin and his neo-nazis getting rid of a misbehaving member of their own gang.

Still, the comedy value of putting the bomb in a bust of Tatarsky himself makes me think it was the Ukrainians or perhaps the FSB; Prigozhin and his nazis don't have humor.

#russia #GameOfThrones #Vladlen #Tatarsky #bomb #StPetersburg

Prof Kemi FG
8 months ago


True story - that episode was when I gave up on watching GoT forever. After that, it became clear that the whole series was going to be a long, terrible slog through Grittiness and Despair™ and I ain't got time for all that.

#GameOfThrones #PedroPascal

Colin Sullender
9 months ago

The Last of Us is approaching 30 million viewers per episode across all platforms (including delayed playback) according to the latest update from HBO. These numbers rival those from Season 7 of Game of Thrones, an impressive feat for the first season of a show.

The penultimate episode drew 8.1 million viewers on Sunday night, up 74% from the series premiere.

#TheLastOfUs #TLOU #HBO #HBOMax #TV #Show #GameOfThrones #TVLine

9 months ago

“Feeling 'cute’, might destroy this later”
Drogon perches upon the Iron Throne at NorWesCon 38. (SeaTac Doubletree)
📸 Unknown

#FursuitFriday #Dragon #Drogon #Wyvern #GameOfThrones #noxp #IronThrone

Drogon the Dragon perches upon the Iron Throne
10 months ago

Ok, let’s make a proper introduction post this time. Hi, I’m Polaris, an artist fleeing .lol after… things happened. I am a therian, and a self shipper. You will see a lot of that here. My interests include


Elan Hasson
10 months ago

My 5 year old son watches Minecraft videos and the background music sounds just like the intro music for #GameOfThrones by #LindseyStirling.

I constantly think he's stumbled upon the red wedding or other amazing episode somewhere.

10 months ago

Weitere Experimente mit grobem Strich ✍️

Motive zusammengewürfelt von
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10 months ago

The Stardust Valentine's Day fire:
'This guy [who had a bad reputation] walked in and I recognised him immediately.
“And his hands had been burnt, so much so that the skin was hanging off the tips of his fingers.
“And one of the nurses came over to him, and he was just holding his hands up... she said to him, ‘Look, come over here. I’ll look after you’. And he said, ‘I’m OK. There’s people worse than me. Look after them first’.” #Stardust #Dublin #GameOfThrones

Cary Bass-Deschenes
10 months ago

Hi, I'm Cary, a
#queer #nonbinary #agender #gay #adhd #lutheran pastor in the #sf #sanfrancisco #eastbay, specifically #richmondca, but I follow #oakland topics as well. I'm into #marvel #marvelcomics #comicbooks, particularly the #xmen and #spiderman, and all things #mcu. I love #disney, #starwars (but I avoid the fandom), #GoT #GameofThrones

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Durran Durrandon
10 months ago

2/* To the anbnoyance of a friend who recommended it earlier, Id di not read #asoiaf until after the first season of #GameOfThrones. Read most it while holding my newborn daughter for naps. Just Finished Feast the week Dance came out. Sweet summer child.

11 months ago

"The Dark Hedges" (Ireland). It's hard to believe this image is real, but it's a true place! "This beautiful avenue of beech trees was planted by the Stuart family in the eighteenth century" and was featured as a location in Game of Thrones. Click below to see the scene in every season or search to see many, many more. (This is a sunny, dappled image, but as you might imagine, it can also look pretty spooky!)

#nature #NaturePhotography #photography #art #Ireland #GameOfThrones #DarkHedges #hedge #trees #TreeCanopy #fantasy #atmospheric #fairytale #BeechTrees #spooky

Photo: Gnarled and twisty leafy beech trees line a misty path and create a canopy overhead. It looks like a fantasy or fairytale image. One might want to leave a trail of breadcrumbs just in case.

Tonight, in #TV #Drama shows you need to watch from outside America - "Nirvana In Fire", a historical #Chinese drama set in ancient #China.

Think #GameOfThrones but no dragons, but just as ruthless. Brilliant performances, beautiful costumes, amazing intrigue.

One of my favourite performances by the lead actor, Hu Ge.

Amazingly you can watch it free on Youtube with English subtitles. Go watch it before it disappears!

Watch here: