45 minutes ago

my wife and i planted peony tubers last fall and just got our first bloom 😻

#flowers #gardening

A deep pink peony in full bloom. Its center is not visible.
Jeremy H.
1 hour ago

Also gave away sunflower seedlings from my driveway because I grew so many! Yes I know I need to weed the driveway. #gardening

Box of sunflowers seedlings
Jeremy H.
1 hour ago

E X P A N D T O F I L L T H E V O I D #gardening

2 hours ago

Lots of different greens and textures in a small part of the garden #gardening #photography #wales

Ornamental grass surrounded by other plants including euphorbia and gladioli leaves
Fairhaven Person
3 hours ago

A happy find, not in the woods, but in the local #Fairhaven #Massachusetts #Walmart, was Phlox divaricata, a native that the big box decided to stock as one of its perennials this season. I bought a couple and planted them under my pine tree.

#NativePlants #Gardening #SouthcoastMA

A low plant with light blue, five petaled flowers planted in a natural looking setting where the ground is covered with pine needles.

As an avid gardener and member of several online garden groups, it's fascinating to me how obsessed people are with wanting to know the name of some particular plant species. Someone once said that words are a tool of ego. That feels right. To know it, is to control it. I fall into this trap too. But on my best days, I can just experience nature and my wonderful little garden without needing to know things.

#gardening #zen

I find the history of agriculture in North America so interesting, here’s one of the reasons why. This is a chinampa, they were shallow lake bed gardens used by the Aztecs for farming. Their proportions allowed for optimal moisture retention for crops.

#countrylife #farming #gardening #homesteading #self-sufficiency

I find the history of agriculture in North America so interesting, here's one of the reasons why. This is a chinampa, they were shallow lake bed gardens used by the Aztecs for farming. Their proportions allowed for optimal moisture retention for crops.
Cecilia Bell
4 hours ago

Is there any better time in the garden than this? #gardening #florespondence #bloomscrolling

Dark pink peonies in foreground, light pink peonies and leaves of day lilies in the background, and part of a pond in view between them.
Cathy Ginter
5 hours ago

Allium Yellow Fantasy… I love their otherworldliness.
“Because of your smile, you make life more beautiful.” ~ Thich Nhat Hanh
#Flowers #Gardening #Inspirational #Photography

6 hours ago


Hello, Happy connecting. It’s a friendly place.

I live in NM, #writingcommunity , #gardening , #horses and traveled a lot. Now it’s all naked eye #astronomy , #history #caturday . Antifa, aging hippie!

My garden’s reaction when it’s finally June after an unusually cold and gray May but then smoke from thousands of miles away blots out the sun

#fun #gardening #gardeningfun

My garden’s reaction when it’s finally June after an unusually cold and gray May but then smoke from thousands of miles away blots out the sun
Malka Beth
6 hours ago

A few red potatoes planted and garlic with it in a box so far today, in a few minutes - I'll do a little more hilling of my purple potatoes and plant some white ones. Also I'm hoping to finish grafting the citrus fruit trees today. #gardening

Martijn Faassen
6 hours ago

Some of the nemesia flowers in my garden.

#bloomscrolling #gardening #flowers

Nemesia flowers: white with yellow centers and orange, white frilled.

#Lupinus x Russellii, Russel #Lupin

#garden #gardening #flowers #horticulture #photography #bloomscrolling

Alt: one stem of lupins. The flowers are light pink and dark pink, tightly spaced on the scape, and still have water drops on them.

Gemma Sarracenia
6 hours ago

Him: I just wanted to thank you for your organic gardening policies! Thank you especially for the little lemon tree!
Me: No worries, little buddy. The nesting birds in the tree above you have thanked me for my policies as well. Snack away.
Him: ...
#gardening #nature #insects

Macro of a very pretty grasshopper, little dude is lime green with blue striped eyes, and some rusty brown patches on his back.
barbara 🌏
7 hours ago

My turmeric pieces are already getting little roots after only two weeks in soil 🌱 :yayblob:. The ginger not yet.

May try garlic soon... 🧄

#gardening #plants #food #cooking

8 hours ago

Jut, ich gebe es zu: Der #Pastateller sieht verfressen aus. Ist aber auch lecker. Der #Spinat hat auf dem #Balkon bis Anfang April gut durchgehalten und war im März kräftig gewachsen.

#balkongarten #gartensaison2023 #balkongärtnern #balkongemüse #balkonpflanzen #selberanbauen #eatwhatyougrow #balconygardening #gardening #growyourownfood #homegrown #urbangardening

Kräftige Spinatpflanzen im Balkonkasten
Geschnittener Spinat im Topf
Leckere Pasta
Martijn Faassen
8 hours ago

Foxglove flowers. I have grown cultivars before (candy mountain is a recommendation) but these spring up for free all around my garden, year after year. They are spectacular! Some have flower stalks as tall as I am. Bumblebees are eager visitors.

#bloomscrolling #flowers #gardening

Purple foxglove flower stalk.
Purple foxglove flowers close up.
A foxglove flower stalk, with white flowers.
8 hours ago

Honeysuckle in full bloom in the garden - bees are loving it 🐝 #gardening #plants #photography #wales

A honeysuckle bush with blooming yellow and red flowers
Martijn Faassen
8 hours ago

Verbena hybrida flowers in my #garden

I grew them from seed and they started to come into bloom. The snails love them through but some powered through.

#gardening #flowers #bloomscrolling

A cluster of purple flowers with white center.
A cluster of pinkish red flowers with white centers
A cluster of pink flowers with white centers.
8 hours ago

So this is sort of a corollary to yesterday’s rant about landscape fabric and I know it goes against people’s ideas of “gardening” but…

you don’t actually have to get rid of weeds.

What we call “weeds” are typically just very resilient plants that function as pioneer species which establish quickly in degraded & disturbed areas.

If you improve the conditions of the soil (via better aeration, water retention, nutrient & mineral cycles, etc) then the weed problem will solve itself.


R. Natale Fine Art
8 hours ago

This is a Peony from my garden last year. They're just about to bloom again and I hope this weather clears up and it gets warmer. It's cold here... Hoping it's not the new "norm." Hope everyone in the path of the smoke is safe...

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Color photo of a lovely pink Peony in my garden
8 hours ago

The bright red dot in the first photo is the sun this morning, blood red from the wildfire haze. Fortunately, we had a little rain yesterday so the air quality is improved today.

In other news, the flower beds around my deck are filling in nicely. When I moved here last summer, there were only overgrown irises.

#wildfires #flowers #gardening #NorthCarolina

In the foreground is my deck with pots of flowers and plants, seating, and a blue and white striped umbrella. In the background across the lawn is a bright red dot over the neighbor's house partly screamed by tall trees.
Flower bed below my deck. Assorted flowers, including roses, daisies, pansies, and a few yet to bloom black-eyed Susans.
Flower bed in front of my deck with purple coneflowers, tall sunflowers not yet bloomed, and a few other plants that have not yet bloomed.
Karen Hugg
9 hours ago

My new article about common mistakes to avoid when designing a garden is live at @washingtonpost. Have a great #gardening weekend, all!

Jesse Harris
9 hours ago

Daily strawberry harvest. #gardening

9 hours ago
Pink orange rose blooming in a garden
Visions of Napa
10 hours ago

Our tomatoes are blooming! 😊

#gardening #Napa #NapaCounty #California

A yellow flower hangs on an inflorescence of a tomato plant. There’s also some not quite open buds, and the green part of the plant is covered with find white hairs.
10 hours ago

@MaggieCi it's 98% perineal and we've been working on it for 18 years at this point so it's mature. Every year we get to watch the plants fight it out amongst themselves too, the hops tries to strangle everything, the valerian marches slowed away from the shade, the comfrey tries to smother everything and the evening primrose expands it's territory in its battle with the echinatia.
It's a very slow war and it's beautiful!
#Gardening #Flowerstodon

Artists Garden
10 hours ago

More gardening with wildflowers. Cow parsley, Buttercup and Green alkanet cover an overgrown path in the garden. Faint in the background Red campion.
(Portrait format. Click to see the entire photograph.)

#artistsgarden #garden #gardener #gardening #artist #wolfkettler #gardenwiltshire #wiltshiregarden #wiltshire #weedgardening #weeds #wildflowers #CowParsley #selfseeded #buttercup #RedCampion #GreenAlkanet #overgrown #GardenPath

This photograph shows a closeup of a garden path, overgrown with white flowering Cow parsley, yellow Buttercups and blue flowering Green alkanet. Blurry in the background the pink flowers of Red campion.
Mike Dank
11 hours ago

Spent the last month finishing up clearing a gravel pit in the backyard left by the previous owners in hope of putting in some sort of garden. This involved months and months of digging and more recently I was able to fill in some soil in an attempt to make up for the lost mass.

So here is a thread of me building things out. In case it isn't obvious, I have no idea what I'm doing. Questions and comments welcome!

#gardening #plants #irrigation #raisedbeds #raisedbed #composting


Dirt patch in a yard, surrounded by green grass. Some white garbage bags can be seen at the far end of the patch and soil bags can be seen within the patch.
The same patch almost entirely filled in with the soil from the previously-mentioned bags.
11 hours ago
Deep pink tea roses against a background of green leaves.

I might have let the garden get too wild near the veggie patch. Bunbun has a straight shot from the garden shed to the strawberries via the wild patches.
#gardening #rewilding #HomeGrownNationalPark

Why do these bunnies got to be so darned adorable in their destruction of my strawberries?

11 hours ago

Pulled up some green bean plants that stopped producing. The goats love them!
実がならなかったインゲンを引き抜きました。 ヤギが食べてしまいました!#ヤギ #goats #gardening #GoatsOfMastodon

A man and woman feed green bean plants to two goats, one tan and one brown.
Dismal Manor Gang
12 hours ago

Wednesday afternoon view of neighbor's Gorilla Roses. And his deep red hydrangias. Seems he fed them a healthy amount of rose food. It is hard to differentiate the hydrangeas from the roses in front of them. Those roses are trimmed short. #gardening #garden

Gorilla Rose neighbor. Note hydrangeas beneath the bathroom and bedroom windows. He fed them with rose food changing soil pH to give that deep red that makes them look like roses from here.
Deborah League
12 hours ago
Mystic Garden Art Print Mixed Media Painting Butterfly & Flowers Floral Wall Art For Home & Office

Mystic Garden and butterfly art print. Sunlight penetrates through the dense lushness of my garden, bathing a butterfly and flowers in a golden glow. The flowers and butterfly, along with specks of dust in the air are illuminated in warm tones of yellow and red, offset by the deep green of the garden growth. The scene is magical.
Martijn Faassen
15 hours ago

Now that almost everything but a few spares have been planted out in my garden and I've installed the automated watering system on my balcony what remains is watering, weeding and harvesting.

Those aren't small chores, but it's an odd transition after a month of furiously planting out all the seedlings I grew.

I get to enjoy the flowers.


Martijn Faassen
16 hours ago

My timeline is an eclectic mixture of gardening stuff and programming stuff.

Some people who follow me for gardening reasons may be mystified by my programming utterances.

But I feel oddly mischievously happy about exposing my fellow programmers to pictures of flowers.

#gardening #programming

Martijn Faassen
18 hours ago

A few days ago rain was predicted to possibly happen in a few days but that offer has since been rescinded for unrelenting heat.


20 hours ago

I wanna build something like this so I can take a chair to a raised bed and be able to garden without stressing my spine

#garden #gardening #accessability #accessabilityawareness

A post from the Facebook page Happy Gardens with the text Wheelchair accessible garden bed! In the image is a short haired person wearing a blue shirt. They are facing a chest-high raised garden bed with several decorations adorning it and a few flowers are in it
21 hours ago

A red hot poker, Last of last years supply of red chilis.

Plus todays harvest.

#gardening #urbanfarming

21 hours ago

A bit of softness for your timeline.

Realized I hadn't posted roses in a while. They always seem to be blooming and tbh I don't really pay attention. They're just kinda like pretty background noise in the garden, lol.

#gardening #TexasGarden #Zone9a #roses #flowers

A portrait view of three pale pink roses. Each is in a different stage of bloom: a flower bud still closed; a flower bud just beginning to unfurl; and an open rosette. The way the flowers are aligned vertically almost gives the illusion that it's the same flower blooming in a time-lapsed photo.
A solitary pink rose. It is blooming at the tip of a thin stem that also has several unopened rosebuds and a few dark green leaves. Background is out of focus.
Another pink rose fully in bloom with a trio of small unopened rosebuds behind it. It is a very similar photo to the other solitary rose, but is a different flower on the same rose bush. I couldn't decide between them so I posted both.
The Streets of Melbourne
1 day ago

Meet #SalviLeucantha, the Mexican bush #sage!!

Is the vibrant purple bract flowering masses just beautiful?

It is a herbaceous (non-woody stemmed) plant that is native to subtropical and tropical conifer forests in central and eastern Mexico.

The flowers are usually white, emerging from coloured bracts. It is often grown in warmer locales for its prominent arching velvety blue or purple flowering displays.

Even though we’ve just hit winter here in Oz, this is blooming all the same. And is a welcomed burst of colour on a cool but sunny day (so far!!), today!


#urbanflora #flora #gardening #garden #melbourne #MostLiveable #aesthetichedonist #flowersofmastodon #gardeningAU #gardening #narrm #victoria #Australia #downunder #makesmehappy

1 day ago

Please people, I’m begging you, do not bury landscape fabric in your gardens!

It’s terrible for soil health and for all the organisms that live in the soil. Plus, it doesn’t really even prevent weeds that well because they just grow on top of it.

Signed, someone who is pulling up thousands of square feet of landscape fabric buried under gravel by the previous homeowners.

Just use mulch instead, pretty please.

#gardening #landscaping

1 day ago

New Blog Post: Today I'm talking about our first big feijoa harvest since planting our shrubs three years ago.

#garden #gardening #gardeningblog #gardennz #gardeningnz #feijoa


I love this Digitalis Alba so much. I keep going and watching the bees climb in and out of the flowers.

White Foxglove. A tall spire of white flowers on grey green stalk. The bottom flowers are fully open and the rest higher up are still in bud.


Have some lovely sunshine from today!

A close up of a golden orange California poppy or Eschscholzia  growing in my bee garden bed.
A clump of Fox and Cubs flowers. They are bright orange growing from rosettes of dark green leaves. They look cheerful in the sun!
1 day ago

Have some new plants in my indoor garden. Shungiku is a type of edible chrysanthemum that is commonly used in Japanese cuisine. It has a unique flavor that is slightly sweet and earthy. Shungiku is rich in vitamins A and B, contains many antioxidants, and is a reliable source of potassium.

#Shungiku #Gardening #IndoorGarden #HomeGarden #GrowYourOwnFood #Tea #Greens #Chinese #Cooking #VeroWellness #TMGcommunity @gardening

Shungiku plants
Joe Wynne
1 day ago

In a backyard setting, a small pond will be very beneficial to #wildlife. Here's the hand-dug bi-level pond in my garden. The upper section is shallow for animals to bathe and drink: bees, birds, bunnies. The lower section is wider (<4.5 feet) deeper (<3 feet). #Frogs in my area prefer small quiet ponds.

The special black liner can be purchased, seen here because deer, my nemesis, knocked many rocks off.

More in future toots.

Info requested by:

#biodiversity #gardening

A bi-level pond is shown. In the foreground is a shallow pond, roughly circular, perhaps four feet in diameter. It is surrounded by light colored stones. Beyond that and lower is a deeper pond no more than 4 1/2 feet wide and less than three feet deep. It is also surrounded by decorative light-colored stones that are larger. Behind the pond are canna lilies and there is a note that says they are for frog hiding. To the right in the larger pond there are water plants growing from the pond. There is a note there that says these water plants are for dragonflies to exit. At the bottom of the photo can be seen clover adjacent to the shallow pond and there is a note that says "clover lawn". In the shallow pond there is a reflection of trees that are not seen in the picture.
1 day ago

As #gardening season blooms and you make your plant list, consider adding #NativePlants to your gardens & pots this year. Carolinian #Canada defines native plants as "plants that existed in our region prior to European settlement; they have evolved alongside our native insect, bird and other animal species." Each province will have its own list of native plants, though there's a lot of overlap across the country.

#Rewilding #NativeGardening #Indigenous #FirstNations

I AmAnita
1 day ago

I came home after a holiday to find our front garden looking rather spectacular despite several weeks without rain. I rather hope the neighbours are viewing their short brown grass and wishing they’d left the mower in the shed #meadow #wildflowers #YellowRattle #gardening

A mass of yellow and white flowers and green grass
Plants with green leaves and yellow flowers
1 day ago

Can I just extend this advice to the whole garden? I would be happier and less stressed 😁

#gardening #nature #wildlife

Lisa Hamilton
1 day ago

I am trying to get 4 tomato plants in pots out on my back patio to survive the awful bugs that kill them every year

I read that peppermint is a good bug deterrent so I wiped a little peppermint oil on the edges of each pot

I plan on buying netting to keep birds away too and I will look for other bug repellent plants to set near my pots

What else should I do to minimize bugs pls? There's so many types in huge numbers near this 100yr old WV house
#gardening #plants #tomatoes #horticulture

Martijn Faassen
2 days ago

The tropf blumat is an ingenious device. I've seen many hobby projects involving digital sensors for automated watering. The tropf blumat is completely analog.

It's a ceramic cone, filled with water that you stick in the ground. A little tube goes through the top, which you can screw tighter or looser. The tube is connected to a thin hose connected to the water mains (with a pressure reducer).

The osmotic pressure from the cones opens the drip tubes whenever the ground is dry.


Rebecca Nordquist
2 days ago

Yum; blackberries on the way.

Rubus laciniayus (cutleaf blackberry)
Bombus pratorum (early bumble bee)

#bloomscrolling #florespondance #insects #flora #UrbanNature #gardening #pentax #PentaxK70

Paul Chambers
2 days ago

This guy loves asparagus and growing it.

#gardening #Asparagus #Growing

:youtube: 5 TIPS How to Grow a Ton of Asparagus in a Raised Garden Bed Container

Youtube video recommendation screeggrab. Man in blue shirt, eyebrows raised with eyes and mouth wide open as far as he can open them, holding asparagus.
Martijn Faassen
2 days ago

I have a lot of containers with chili peppers, long sweet peppers, eggplants and hanging baskets with petunias on my balcony. I just got done installing the tropf blumat automated watering for it. I had to redo parts of the old setup so it was a bit of a chore. But I have found it to work really well: the plants get whatever water they need, automatically.


2 days ago

My morning trip to the vegetable garden interrupted a sparrow, who took off and flew through the pea trellis at full speed. 2-inch mesh. Show-off.
#gardening #birds

B's Creative Life 🌈 🌱🌻
2 days ago

Nine pounds of veggies and fruits donated to our local food pantry. I harvested on Sunday, washed and bagged today, then dropped them off tonight! Boy was it needed. Their fridge was mostly bare 😢
Consider growing a row of veggies to feed your local citizens in need.
#gardening #farming #volunteer

A large shopping bag is filled with lettuces, radishes, and various berries.
Topher 🌱🐧💚
2 days ago

Does anyone on here grow loquats?

#gardening #fruittrees #agriculture #permaculture

Matthew Cave ⚾
2 days ago

Today’s harvest.

#garden #gardening #TexasGarden

Edited to add alt text.

A variety of vegetables on a kitchen counter, including tomatoes, sweet peppers, and jalapeños.
Martijn Faassen
2 days ago

I picked some Phlox drummondi flowers today. Here are some bouquets.

#flowers #gardening #bloomscrolling

A colorful bouquet of phlox drummondi flowers.
A colorful bouquet of phlox drummondi flowers.
A colorful bouquet of phlox drummondi flowers.
A colorful bouquet of phlox drummondi flowers.
2 days ago

Ellie is helping me weed, mulch and plant by standing and looking cute right where I need to dig.

#DogsofMastodon #garden #gardening #flowers

Black and tan little Yorkie standing behind purple pansies and pink flowers in my flower bed. Wooden deck in the background.
Black and tan little Yorkie standing behind purple pansies and pink flowers in my flower bed. Wooden deck in the background.
The Wee Owl Studio
2 days ago

Fresh green colour for a hot day here is Scotland.
I do like succulent and cactus plants. They are fun to draw too, they have lovely shapes.
Original watercolour painting - Echeveria via @Etsy
#plants #succulent #gardening #painting #watercolour #FediGiftShop #ScottishArtist #MastoArt #CreativeToots

Original watercolour painting - Echeveria
A painting of a green rosette shaped succulent with pink tips to the leaves. 
Width: 21 centimetres
Height: 15 centimetres
Dr. Claire Le Goues
2 days ago

Sorry, I know I have Science to do but there's a spotted lanterfly infestation in the weeds that grow over the fence from my neighbors' yard into my garden so that is clearly and unapologetically getting top priority. #gardening

Pam Phillips
2 days ago

The Chelsea chop will cause the plant to rebranch. The downside is that it delays blooming, so you might want to chop only a portion. Since this can stress the plants, it should only be done to plants that have been in your garden for at least a year.


2 days ago

#hydrangea just barely survived the hail storm #gardening #bloomscrolling

People hydrangea flower blooming
Bjorn Idle
3 days ago

The local council are using anemones in some of their bedding displays this year. They're almost neon-like in the intensity of the colour...

#BloomScrolling #Flowers #MacroPhotography #Gardening #Florespondence

A closeup shot of the centre of a vibrantly pink flower. It's surrounded by a ring of black anthers, making the whole thing look like an eye
Deb Oppermann
3 days ago

It is so wonderful to see the Monarch butterflies as they are now endangered. This beauty was sipping nectar from the pink Buddleia in the summer garden and the morning light cast a lovely soft glow on the butterfly and bloom.
Available here
#InspirationalQuote #MotivationalQuote #quote #MotivationalMonday #butterfly #nature #wild #wildlife #Insect #photography #MonarchButterfly #butterflies #MastoPhoto #PhotographersOnMastodon #BuyIntoArt #garden #gardening

Monarch Butterfly nectaring on pink Buddlei with green background and quote
Deb Oppermann
3 days ago

The tall beautiful bearded Iris named after the Greek Goddess who rode rainbows, comes in many magical colors. This Iris in burgundy,pink, yellow and purple is stunning in the spring garden!
Shop here
#Iris #MacroMonday #PhotoMonday #macro #flowers #MastoFlowers #FlowersOfMastodon #BuyIntoArt #photography #MastoArt #fediverse #GiftIdeas #garden #gardening #FotoMontag #MastoPhoto

Close up of the beard and center of the Iris flower with green background
Gigi 🥚
3 days ago

Also: #TodayInMushrooms

This little wine cap was growing sufficiently far away from the main cluster, that I could pick him by himself, and put him in my lunch without disturbing the rest of them.

Now I'm going to finish eating it, and then get ready to go legal observe at an action. We'll see whether the protest profiteers are planning to come stalk me.

#gardening #mushtodon #MushroomMonday

Gigi 🥚
3 days ago

Take THAT you little birdie bastard!

And it turns out it's a lady cardinal eating my strawberries no more.

Thanks @BetaCuck4Lyfe for the reminder. Won't tell the bird who suggested it for your safety, heh.

#ContainerGardening #Gardening

A red hanging basket with strawberries is suspended with chicken wire over top
A taupe hanging basket with green strawberries is suspended with, you guessed it, chicken wire over top