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Gender Euphoria is the best euphoria.

So amazed (and proud) at how far Mama Alto and the cast/crew of this uplifting stage production have come in six years.

If, in years to come, you have an opportunity to see this diverse production do not hesitate to buy tickets.

*eye contact in photos

#GenderEuphoria #ArtsCentreMelbourne #StateTheatre #trans #GenderDiverse #TransRightsAreHumanRights

Vertical image of two white queer people taking a selfie with the seating of the Melbourne State Theatre behind them and in the far distance the banner of Gender Euphoria hangs high
Horizontal image of four white trans and nonbinary people taking a selfie with the seating of the state theatre in the background and in the far distance the banner of Gender Euphoria hangs.
Horizontal image performers in the middle distance after their performance. The crowd is between the viewer and the performers. On the right the large chasm of seating is lit red. Trans and gender diverse people (as well as some cis people) are actually on the stage of this famous theatre - where we belong). Many lights and disco balls stream down from above.
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My research project has been accepted for candidature, and I'm moving into the research phase soon. I've been thinking about my research focus, and I'm looking for help. If you do not identify as gay or lesbian (but still identify as non-heterosexual) and do not identify with the sex and/or gender assigned at birth, how would you describe your sexualites and genders? What term/s do you use? Do you use queer or non-binary or fluid? Or something else? #lgbtq #genderdiverse #nonbinary

Together, let us champion #inclusivity, celebrate #diversity, and ensure that every child, including #transgender, #nonbinary, and #genderdiverse individuals, feels #seen, #heard, and #valued for who they truly are.

With #parental #support, these remarkable individuals can inspire others to embrace their #authenticselves as well.

(20/20) #Transgender

In conclusion, supporting and caring for #transgender, #nonbinary, and #genderdiverse children is not only crucial but also a profound expression of love and acceptance. By providing a nurturing environment, embracing their true identities, and seeking guidance from professionals, support networks, and relevant resources, #parents can #empower their #children to navigate their unique paths in life with confidence, resilience, and happiness.

(19/20) #Transgender

Creating an inclusive and supportive environment for #transgender, #nonbinary, and #GenderDiverse #children requires the involvement of the entire #community, not just immediate family. It is essential for communities to offer #acceptance, #love, and #support.

(17/20) #Transgender

These #books, along with other #resources, can provide valuable insights, guidance, and support for #parents navigating the complexities of supporting #transgender, #nonbinary, and #GenderDiverse children.

(16/20) #Transgender

"#TheGenderCreativeChild: Pathways for Nurturing and Supporting #Children Who Live Outside #Gender #Boxes" by #DianeEhrensaft. This book offers guidance and practical strategies for parents raising #genderdiverse #children, emphasizing the importance of affirming their identity.

(15/20) #Transgender #Nonbinary

Seeking guidance from #gender #therapists and #LGBTQ+ organizations can provide valuable #support and #resources throughout this journey, including assistance in navigating challenges and accessing appropriate care.

Additionally, there are several #books available that can help parents deepen their understanding of #transgender, #nonbinary, and #genderdiverse #experiences and provide practical #guidance.

(12/20) #Transgender

As parents, it is essential to educate ourselves about the experiences of #transgender, #nonbinary, and #genderdiverse individuals.

Actively listening to our children about their #genderidentity is crucial, as they may express it as early as preschool age. Their words and actions should be respected and acknowledged, providing a safe and validating space for them to explore and express their identity.

(11/20) #Transgender

Support from #parents and #caregivers plays a crucial role in the #wellbeing and development of #transgender, #nonbinary, and other #genderdiverse #children. Studies consistently show that #rejecting or exhibiting #hostility towards these children significantly increases their risk of #anxiety, #depression, #substanceabuse, and even #homelessness. Tragically, they also face a higher risk of #suicide due to rejection, #bullying, and #victimization.

(10/20) #Transgender

Parents should understand that hormone #blockers are #reversible and provide an important opportunity for the child to explore their gender identity with greater clarity and reduced dysphoria. The use of hormone blockers is generally considered #safe and has been shown to have #positive #mentalhealth #outcomes for #transgender and #genderdiverse #youth.

(8/20) #Transgender

In some cases, medical professionals may recommend the use of hormone #blockers for #transgender or #genderdiverse #children. Hormone blockers are medications that temporarily pause puberty, allowing more time for the child to explore their gender identity without the irreversible changes that typically occur during puberty.

(6/20) #Transgender

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Eine durchsuchbare Liste / Karte sicherer öffentliche Toiletten.

Für #trans, #inter, #genderdiverse Menschen.

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• barrierefrei ja/nein
• unisex / gendered safe
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Sogar #Bremen ist drin, könnte aber mehr Einträge brauchen.

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How are #transgender and #GenderDiverse people targeted with violence and how do they build #peace for their community? Join the contributors (including Me!) to the Trans Intersections issue of Peace Review to discuss what trans experiences reveal about these topics next week on April 26th at 12 pm ET / 9 am PT

Screenshot from post on twitter from ISA (@isanet) that includes the same text as the post. It features an image with rainbow and trans pride flags that announces an event for "Transgender Intersections with Violence and Peace" on April 26, 2023 at 12 pm (ET) hosted by ISA
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The Lemkin institute has issued a red flag alert for America's treatment of #transgender people. This has been obvious to #LGBTQIA+ people for years, but it's worth emphasising that others are finally catching on. This #genocide has official recognition, and America's conservative media and figures, who are the ACTUAL ones in power (they always have been), are squarely to blame.

Anti-trans rhetorics don't just hurt #trans and #GenderDiverse people, it affects ANYONE who doesn't rigidly conform to Western/Christian gender roles. They intersect with #racism, #ableism and #sexism, because bigotry is rarely restricted to one prejudice. For example, if you believe men are meant to be the strong, authoritative providers, #disabled and/or #neurodivergent men are often othered and emasculated in the process. If you believe women are meant to be soft, delicate and demure, this definition of femininity was made to exclude and dehumanise women of colour (especially Black). And I don't think I need to explain the inherent sexism of trying to reduce people's personalities and identities to their genitals.

It's not enough to just shrug and make exceptions for your loved ones and associates. These beliefs needs to be deconstructed altogether, otherwise it contributes to their own self-hate and internalised prejudices, and perpetuates the normalised systems which keep these groups oppressed.

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Hm yes.

#Trans, #nonbinary, #genderdiverse, etc should be commonplace.

Not boring, but of no further interest in every day life.

For me that would mean that our needs are well-known and respected.

Such as procedures to change names and pronouns, spaces generally being non-gendered, etc.

Like when planning a BBQ nowadays, you naturally plan for those who eat vegan. So, when planning a business, an event, anything involving people, just keep in mind that not all are cis, bin, straight, etc.

Additionally, I don't think we will ever be a real non-issue.

Even when cis-binary will no longer be normative but only (statistical) normal, our perspective on gender and sex will be valuable. For us and others.

So, no assimilation, but one accepted color in the spectrum.

At Operation Come Home, we believe wholeheartedly in the idea of ‘"meeting people where they are"’. The idea is that the only way to connect with someone you’re trying to reach is on their level. For us this means talking with someone the first time we meet them. Finding out about them so we can find out what help we might be.

This might mean we don’t push a treatment program on someone who is not ready to quit drugs. It might mean offering mental health assistance to someone who is too afraid to ask for it themselves. Or accepting that some of our students miss two or three days of school in a row without explanation. If we don’t meet our clients where they are, they’ll never let us take them where we hope they can go. It takes many forms, but one thing remains consistent – to meet someone where they are, you must acknowledge WHO they are.

This is especially true for gender-diverse youth, who face challenges unimaginable to most of the rest of us. The best thing you can do as a parent, a teacher, or a mentor of any sort, is to meet them where they are – as a boy, or as a girl, or as something else they’re not sure about but you can figure it out together. The same is true for school. The best thing a school can do is include kids where they are, accepting them for who they are. Nothing else will allow those children to blossom and grow into who they were meant to be.

We know what happens when youth are told they’re not welcome as they are, and not provided with an environment where they can determine, and declare, who they are. Far too often, it falls to us to provide that environment. They’re the ones on whom we don’t push rehab. The ones we talk to one-on-one to offer mental health assistance. The ones who miss school two or three days in a row.

If you know someone - especially a young person - who has a different gender identity, meet them where they are. Let them know they're seen for who they are.
#TransDayOfVisibility #GenderDiverse #Youth #TDOV2023 #TransRightsAreHumanRights

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Pour les droits des femmes du Québec (#PDFQuébec ) is a #WomensGroup that has #lobbied in support of #Bill21 (which prevents civil servants, teachers & others from wearing visible religious symbols) & against #legislation such as #BillC16 , which aims to #protect #GenderDiverse people from #Discrimination .

**For the 2022-2023 #FiscalYear - #QuébecGovernment gave PDF Québec $143,000, #CBC #reported**

#StopTransHate #Canada #DefundPDFQuebec #HateGroup #HumanRights

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#VelmasHouse - #IndigenousLed #SafeSpace for #women & #GenderDiverse people #AtRisk of #violence & #exploitation , will get over $1.5 million in new #funding #provincial #government announced Thursday. 
Operating funds for the #KaNiKanichihk facility, which provides access to #BasicNeeds such as #shelter , #meals & #HygieneSupplies, were announced on #HumanTraffickingAwarenessDay
Velma's House opened in 2021 - it operates #24/7 in #Winnipeg #Manitoba


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*Uno momento por favor*

Almost time to see some of the best trans & gender diverse performers in Australia at Queers of Joy at the Red Rattler in Marrickville.

#trans #nonBinary #GenderDiverse #LGBTQIASB+

Two white people in a vertical selfie are lying down on the bed. The one closest to and holding the camera is wearing a blue homo-erotic singlet with the caption "Consent is always sexy". The trans man wearing this singlet looks at their non binary shirtless partner, or maybe towards the window.
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Hoping for some help here - I'm looking for a gender neutral alternative to the word "maternal" that specifically implies the birthing parent (so parental is too vague).

Word count is an issue, so I don't want to say "of the birthing parent", cos that adds 3 extra words each time.

#help #ask #genderneutral #genderdiverse

I've been too slow to post about it on here, but my partner and I have started a pop-up shop in Ōtautahi selling vegan shoes, gender-diverse blazers, and bespoke suits.

If you're on the mainstream socials, we would love it if you could follow us at and

Online shopping coming soon at

#vegan #shoes #suit #GenderDiverse #unisex #Christchurch #Ōtautahi #NZ #Aotearoa #SmallBusiness #SensationalistNZ

One happy person gives another a piggy back. The first person is wearing a blazer and shoes featuring colourful floral patterns on white. The second second is wearing a dark blue floral blazer and light pink heels. In the blurry background are trees, plants, and a colourful high-rise building.
Two suave people sit side-by-side. One is wearing a patterned orange-and-green blazer. The other is wearing an assymmetric blazer featuring peacock-patterned and solid green panels.
A rainbow flag hangs beside a black shelf featuring various colourful shoes and boots.
Close-up of white brogue shoes with red/green/purple floral patterns and decorative perforations.
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I know we've talked about the BBC to death before, but not for this. This is the #BBC shilling for a war on #trans people outside the #UK. I don't know how to make the problem any more clear? This bill was unambiguously good— a long overdue #HumanRights protection already afforded to #GenderDiverse people in most developed countries. This #headline makes it sound as though this bill wasn't Spain trying to catch up, while BBC backs the opposition.

BBC news screenshot

"Spain approves divisive transgender bill

22 December 2022

"While regarded as a success for trans rights in Spain, the law change has divided the country's feminist lobby

Spain has passed a transgender rights bill allowing anyone aged 16 or over to change gender on their ID card.

It was approved by 188 votes for and 150 against, and now moves to the Senate for final approval.

The change has been pursued by the left-wing Podemos party, part of a coalition government with the Socialist party of Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez.

However, the bill has divided Spain's feminist lobby, with critics warning it could erode women's rights."

Opening a shop is stressful! No time to post photos here, but we've got some promo photos at and and our grand opening is tomorrow! #Vegan #VeganShoes #VeganFashion #Queer #GenderDiverse #Christchurch #NZ

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🔵 #SUPPORTGROUPS FACILITATOR: Working in #nonprofit #socialservices creating #safespaces and #community for #trans #nonbinary #genderdiverse folks. Also developing training program about #sexuality and #gender

🟣 #WRITER #POETRY #SURREALISM: these days mostly focused on #flashpoetry and getting published as @caseymarlowepoetry (on insta but working on making an account here). Worked as a #copywriter for four years. Also trying to get a fun project inspired by #welcometonightvale off the ground

Came out socially as #Nonbinary Feb 3, 2017.

Started my first #T4T relationship (with - Summer Solstice 2019

Top Surgery - Sept 17, 2021

Started HRT - March 11, 2021

1 Year and 8 months on T this #TransAwarenessWeek!

Love to all the #GenderDiverse folks. <3

GenderMeowster, a trans masc nonbinary white person with a beard, smiles at the camera and signs "I love you" with their right hand. A green screen appears behind them, attached to their chair.