Ken Kousen :verified:
6 days ago

OMG this time it really is formatted properly. I guess now I have a story for the newsletter this week.

No errors and no warnings #shorts (this time I mean it!)
#Java #Mockito #generics #TalesFromTheJarSide

Ken Kousen :verified:
6 days ago

All I ever wanted from my Java code was NO ERRORS and NO WARNINGS, but this example from the Mockito docs refused to cooperate. Based on a true story
#Java #Mockito #Generics

Christian Tietze
3 weeks ago

#Swift #generics / opaque type question:

Say I have this, a "Lens" to represent a typed getter:

protocol ReadonlyLens<Whole, Part> {
associatedtype Whole
associatedtype Part
var get: (Whole) -> Part { get }
struct Lens<Whole, Part>: ReadonlyLens {
let get: (Whole) -> Part

Let's say I want to apply it to

struct Person {
let name: String
let age: Int

... can I compare two person via
Lens<Person,String> (name) & Lens<Person,Int> (age) via Lens<Person,Equatable>?

Alan Kotok
4 weeks ago

Collaboration to Boost Rare Disease Clinical Trials

An organization seeking new uses for today's #drugs and a contract #research company aim to increase the number of clinical trials for rare diseases testing already approved drugs.

#News #Business #Science #ClinicalTrials #Collaboration #RareDisease #ArtificialIntelligence #Algorithms #Databases #CRO #Generics

Finger pointing to the middle of a network diagram

Great news! Python will have a simpler syntax for generics, thanks to PEP-695 We’ll have type-safe generics without using separate TypeVars declarations. #python #pep #generics

I'm struggling with TypeScript generics (again) : How pass an Interface to a method using generics ?

#Dev #Reactjs #Nextjs #frontend #Help #TypeScript #Generics

3 months ago

Duchenne muscular dystrophy: major trials and events to watch in 2023 — Biogen gets EU court ruling in favor of blocking Tecfidera generic entry— FDA offers radio silence on question of spring Covid boosters -- See more on our front page news #dmd #duchenne #fda #clinicaltrials #europe #generics #biogen #multiplesclerosis #ms #covid #covid19 #vaccines #boosters #pharma #pharmanews #biotech #biopharma #biotechnology #cafepharma

#Python needs a simpler generics syntax. The proposal PEP 695 is already here: Hope it advances to the next stage this year. In the mean time, is there a transpiler like #Babel or another way to use proposed syntax for hobby projects?

#pep695 #generics

First Dread Pirate Roberts
4 months ago

Bernie Sanders, you can stop crying about high generic prices in the US. Mark Cuban has a cost-plus pharmacy with low prices on many generic drugs. When Medicare says it is lowering the cost of drugs, it’s typically absorbing the difference, and passing it on to the taxpayers.
#markcuban #drugprices #berniesanders #generics #medicare #prescriptions

4 months ago

Oh no, I just opened a #golang project I wrote before #generics
and my brain when "We could generic all the things now"

I have mixed feelings about this..

I know implementing #Generics in #php is "complicated" and will probably not be possible anywhere soon...

But figure it would already be a major step forward if we were able to come up with Typed Collection type
and wonder if there is any kind of reflection/work being done about that ?

Mike Melanson
4 months ago

Question for you #Golang types:

The addition of #generics to Go: on the continuum of dynamic to static typing, is that Go moving slightly in the dynamic direction?

Typeinschränkungen bei Java Generics (Bounded Type Parameters):
#java #generics

Wes Souza
5 months ago

How to understand and fix “'B' is assignable to the constraint of type 'T', but 'T' could be instantiated with a different subtype of constraint 'A'.” #TypeScript #Generics

We just saw this on the birdsite from @wbfeldman. Similar observation to ours regarding devices and just published in JAMA. Great that this aspect of patent manipulation is getting attention!

From 2000-2021, manufacturers earned $111 billion on brand-name #inhalers in the US AFTER patents on their active ingredients had expired.
By patenting other aspects of the products (e.g., delivery devices).

#patents #pharmaceuticals #generics #BigPharma #OrangeBook

We looked at 824 patents protecting most of the top 200 selling pharmaceuticals for claims not meeting criteria espoused by the FTC for delisting on the Orange Book. We focused primarily on device patents, but also stumbled over some process patents and packing methods that probably run afoul of the FTC brief as well. Fell free to have a look on our website.

#patents #pharmaceuticals #generics #BigPharma #OrangeBook

Does anyone know of a #PHP testing framework that will perform assertions against #generics defined in #phpdocs?

I'm using @phpstan and @psalm, but I want something that helps ensure I have correctly applied the generics to my classes.

5 months ago

It's been a minute since I checked out one of my favorite #golang #test libraries. I popped over to and saw this: 😆 ❤️ #generics

Carl M. Johnson
5 months ago

ISTM that #golang #generics accidentally added const slices to the language. If you add a type constraint of |string to a slice, then the slice is immutable.

5 months ago

Spent all evening polishing my dev scripts and refactoring my existing code for #adventofcode.

Today was definitely a "journey over destination" day for me. I played with, rediscovered, and used for the first time.

I also did some sort-of functional things in #golang with #generics.

All told, my code is better organized, easier to read, my commits tell a better story, and I deleted 25% of my code 😄

stream is a Stream processing library based on Go 1.18+ Generics (parallel, pipeline, lazy) 🍒

#Stream #StreamProcessing #libraries #go #pipelines #serial #paralllel #generics #go

6 months ago

"To quote Jeff Bezos, their margin is our opportunity," Mr. Cuban said. "I don't think they're paying attention to us yet. They know we exist. We've heard them say things to politicians and heard them say things to others. But it's going to be very difficult — as these huge public companies — to adapt as quickly as we can." 

#Pharma #Generics #Disruption #Healthcare

Alex Bryant
7 months ago

Henry Schiller has a paper forthcoming at Philosophy of Science called "Genericity and Inductive Inference" that he's posted the preprint for here:

It's on the role of #generics in #induction, looks really interesting!

His abstract below ...

Neben der seit langer Zeit in Entwicklung befindlichen Umsetzung von Generics für Associated Types bringt das Release let-else-Anweisungen.
Programmiersprache Rust 1.65 führt Generic Associated Types ein
Neben präziseren Fehlermeldungen bietet das Release eine Methode zum Gruppieren von Exceptions. Daneben soll es einen deutlichen Performance-Schub geben.
Programmiersprache Python 3.11 erweitert die Fehlerbehandlung und die Type Hints
Laut einer Studie hat die Community das neue Feature schnell angenommen. Fuzzing ist dagegen recht unbekannt und Error Handling die größte Herausforderung.
Programmiersprache: Go-Entwickler setzen auf die neuen Generics

Nachträglich Generics hinzuzufügen ist wohl in jeder Sprache "a mess".

Der #Rust Analyzer hilft wenigsten mit klaren Hinweisen, was man an welcher Stelle vergessen hat.

Was Rust auch nicht geschafft hat: eine klarere Syntax für #Generics. Nur das "where" ist eine Erleichterung.

Type Alias für Generic Trait Constraints wäre toll. Oder kann ich die selber über eigene Trait Kompositionen bauen? 🤔

An jeder Stelle zu wiederholen, dass ich Add+PartialOrd+... benötige ist booooring.

Das Update auf Go 1.19 bessert bei den Generics nach und gleicht das Memory Model stärker an die Definitionen bei C, C++, Java, JavaScript, Rust und Swift an.
Programmiersprache Go 1.19 passt ihr Speichermodell an C, Java und Rust an
Noam Preil :plan9:
11 months ago

Whelp. I've gone a step too far, this time.

I added #generics to #C. Yes, this is real. Yes, it actually compiles and works.

Guillaume Lours
1 year ago

Envie de découvrir une partie des nouveautés de 1.18?
C’est demain qu’avec nous aurons le plaisir de vous parler #generics et #fuzzytesting lors du meet-up

Inscrivez vous ici

Das Go-Team führt Generics ein – ein Feature, was in anderen Sprachen bereits vorhanden ist. Zudem ist das Schreiben Fuzzing-basierter Tests möglich.
Programmiersprache Go 1.8 ermöglicht generische Programmierung

A quick post about #generics in #Go for the upcoming 1.18 release.

Yes I missed
foldl and foldr a lot from Go after i used Haskell 🤣

Viele Jahre hat das Go-Entwicklerteam sowie die Community über das neue Feature diskutiert. Nun ermöglicht die Programmiersprache endlich generische Datentypen.
Programmiersprache Go: Beta zu Go 1.18 führt Generics ein
2 years ago

Another lazy update for #brutalinks the federated link aggregator, and #fedbox, the generic #activitypub service.

Finalizing the use of a single pipeline for loading items in all pages of BrutaLinks, which allowed some cache improvements also.

The most important bit is the redesign around how to build moderation capabilities on top of plain ActivityPub vocabulary, and the work for using #golang #generics in the libraries.

More details here:

Guillaume Lours
2 years ago

Since 1.17, the branch dev.typeparams has been merged into master 🎉
- Install gotip tool
- define the version of your go.mod file to 1.18
- use dedicated flag -gcflags=all=-G=3

No more need of the .go2 suffix for your files!
#golang #generics

This is actually happening. #Go is going to have generics. 😱

`A Proposal for Adding Generics to Go - The Go Blog`

#golang #generics

Parametrisierte Typen (Generics) fehlten bislang bei der Programmiersprache – ab Version 1.17 (Relase: August 2021) soll Go generisches Programmieren erlauben.
Generika für Go – die Sprache soll 2021 parametrisierte Typen erhalten
#Generics #GoogleGo #Programmiersprachen
Ænðr E. Feldstraw
4 years ago

And that affects my InternalWarning and InternalError implementations. because they implement ICommunication.

Could I move the override into a different interface. Yes. I can. Only to once more lose the up-cast from new interface to Communication.

Could I solve it by applying #generics. Yes. I can. Only to introduce an amount of #complexity that does not relate to the issue at hand.

Thanks. #java. - 2/2