Michał Górny
9 hours ago

Dziś jest jeden z tych dni, kiedy w jednym z projektów naprawiony zostaje bardzo stary błąd, i nagle musisz rozszyfrować swoje pradawne obejścia i wymyślić, czym je zastąpić.

Szczęśliwie, wygląda na to, że musimy tylko zastąpić `/usr/lib/llvm/${LLVM_MAJOR}/$(get_libdir)/clang` → `/usr/lib/clang`.

Tak naprawdę problem tkwi w tym, że testowanie każdej nowej wersji LLVM trwa kilka godzin, a takie zmiany blokują je dopóki nie poprawię paczek ręcznie.

#LLVM #Gentoo

It's one of these days when upstream fixes a very old bug and you suddenly have to figure out how your ancient workarounds used to work and what to replace them with.

Fortunately, it looks like we just need to replace `/usr/lib/llvm/${LLVM_MAJOR}/$(get_libdir)/clang` with `/usr/lib/clang`.

The only problematic part is that the testing of an LLVM bump takes a few hours, and now it's blocked on manual intervention.

#LLVM #Gentoo

Michał Górny
1 day ago

Budowanie jąder dystrybucyjnych (dist-kernel) dla #Gentoo:

ppc64le: Właśnie zaczęło się budowanie pierwszego jądra na liście!
amd64 i x86: U nas budowa pierwszego już na ostatniej prostej.
arm64: Spoko! My już mamy trzy zbudowane.

#Gentoo dist-kernel building be like:

ppc64le: I've just started building the first kernel on the list!
amd64 and x86: We're almost done with the first one.
arm64: Oh, cool. I've finished three of them already.

Christian :apple: :idle:
1 day ago

Die gestrige #GPN21 war ein voller Erfolg.
Zu guter letzt gab es auch noch #Sticker . Leider gab es keine von #gentoo @Patrick

1 day ago

I just learned about bubblejail, a replacement for #FireJail which uses bwrap. It is currently not packaged for #Gentoo, but making an ebuild should be straightforward.

Has anyone around here heard of it or used it, and is it worth to go through the effort? I would like various programs I use to be better sandboxed, and this seems like on of the easier tools to get a good foundation going.

i_lost_my_bagel :loss: :verified: :loss: :verified:
2 days ago

new #blog post on part 2 of me fucking around with #linux on consoles
It's #gentoo on #PS3 this time

jan Anja :toki:
2 days ago

I'd like to announce my new utility

gentle is a metadata.xml generator for #gentoo ebuilds. It takes an ebuild as input, unpacks the source and extracts upstream information from project files (e.g. pyproject.toml or package.json).

Contributions are welcome!



Jiří Pavlík
2 days ago
@pavel #Gentoo stable tak jednou za měsíc/měsíc a půl, testing jednou až víckrát týdně. Jel jsem rok na testing, protože můj procesor měl podporu až od 5.16. To jsem verze často přeskakoval. Teď jsem na stable LTS 6.1. (

Внезапно уехал на PipeWire (спасибо Plasma).

Теперь будет вторая сессия выяснений как оживить входы на многоканальном Focusrite.

#log #Linux #Gentoo #PipeWire #Focusrite #sound #audio

mattst88 :gentoo:
3 days ago

I'm the only person maintaining #Gentoo support for DEC Alpha. I was testing GTK-4 on Alpha for and noticed that its test suite generated a lot of unaligned accesses (e.g. a load of 4-bytes from an address that isn't 4-byte aligned). These are slow on Alpha because the kernel has to trap and emulate the memory operation.

For debugging, you can use the `prctl` utility (search for "prctl" on for instructions).

Анна :blobCat_verified_badge:​
3 days ago

#GNOME, вы чё там охуели. Почему мне теперь надо компилировать 3 слота #WebKitGTK.


Michał Górny
4 days ago

Gdyby ktoś szukał wyzwania, przydałaby nam się pomoc w rozwikłaniu, dlaczego importowanie cryptography na #PyPy 3.10 powoduje pojawienie się błędów w #OpenSSL.

#Python #RustLang #Gentoo

If anyone's up for a challenge, we'd use some help figuring out why importing cryptography on #PyPy 3.10 causes errors to appear on the #OpenSSL error stack.

#Python #RustLang #Gentoo

Arav K.
4 days ago

That moment when you want to try out `dioxus_desktop` on #gentoo so you try installing the `webkit-gtk` dependency ... which you have to manually tune to max out `MAKEOPTS` on ... which fails to compile 90 minutes in because it drained laptop battery ... which successfully compiles the next time around (after ~2 HOURS) but you realize it's the WRONG VERSION ... which you then have to uninstall and start recompiling the right version for

Michał Górny
4 days ago

Zaktualizowałem nasz podręcznik Pythona dla #Gentoo, opisując jak ustawić wersję paczki, gdy projekt używa pdm-backend, pobiera wersję z SCM i używa archiw generowanych przez git.

Projekt #PDM wynajduje na nowo setuptools-scm, i wymaga zastosowania innej zmiennej środowiskowej. Co gorsza, jeżeli nie jest w stanie wykryć wersji z SCM, to ustawia "0.0.0" zamiast rzucić błąd, co z kolei może psuć inne paczki. Zgłosiłem to przy okazji:


#Gentoo #Python Guide now covers overriding SCM version in git archives of packages using pdm-backend.

#PDM decided to reinvent setuptools-scm, and it requires custom handling. Furthermore, it silently sets the version to "0.0.0" when it can't detect version which means trouble. Filed a bug for that as well:

Michał Górny
4 days ago

Kiedy chcesz przenieść swoje prywatne projekty w bardziej szpanerską organizację, ale okazuje się, że "sphinx-extensions" jest już zajęte:

RedirectedUrl: version 0.1.1: metadata.xml: remote-id: permanently redirected: ->

#Gentoo #GitHub

When you want to move your personal projects to a cooler namespace but it turns out that "sphinx-extensions" is already taken:

RedirectedUrl: version 0.1.1: metadata.xml: remote-id: permanently redirected: ->

#Gentoo #GitHub

Gabriele Svelto
5 days ago

@tomxcd I somehow managed to keep using an #Amiga until 2001 when I finally decided I should give Linux a spin. I started with #Slackware which I liked, but I figured I needed to be going the extra mile so in 2002 I switched to the newly-released #Gentoo which I still use to this day.

スパックマン クリス
5 days ago

I may have forgotten to mention:

Got the new hardware (hard drive and memory) installed. No problems. Cleaned like 2 kilos (~4.4 pounds) of dust out of the case. This case has filters I forgot about! It's prolly running a lot cooler now, too.

Had to tweak fstab a bit with the new drive in, a couple of old drives out. Doing all that at the same time as a kernel upgrade was maybe not best move, but it worked out. UUIDs in fstab is super helpful.

Now, copying data to new disk.

#linux #gentoo

6 days ago

@solenepercent @solene

I wonder if #arch or #Gentoo and #emacs instead of a #gui would do 🤔

6 days ago First started with #Ubuntu 9.04, got it as a CD with a computer magazine. I went GNU+Linux-only around the time windows 8 became a thing. Nowadays I'm running a mix of #Debian, #Gentoo, #Alpine, #NixOS, and #FreeBSD.

6 days ago

It's #screenshotsunday!
#Gentoo Linux with #SwayWM and #Waybar.

Whiteout theme.

A screenshot of a tiling window manager, Sway, with a floating status bar at the top. Everything is bright white.
Michał Górny
6 days ago

Wiecie, co jest najlepsze w #Gentoo?

Kiedy wszyscy dookoła mówią "wasze podejście jest przestarzałe, teraz #Flatpak się liczy, #snap się liczy, autorzy zajmują się dystrybucją swoich projektów"…

Możemy po prostu sobie wzruszyć ramionami, i odpowiedzieć "mamy to gdzieś". Nie jesteśmy na korporacyjnej pensji, nie musimy małpować fajnych dzieciaków, nie musimy niszczyć świata IT dla zysku i wspomagać planowanego postarzania komputerów.

Robimy wszystko tak, jak nasi użytkownicy tego chcą. Niefajne dzieci też się liczą.

You know what's really great about #Gentoo?

When everyone around you is like "you're obsolete, #Flatpak is the thing, #snap is the thing, upstream #packaging is the thing"…

You can just shrug and tell them you don't care. You're not on corporate payroll, you don't have to do whatever cool kids do, you don't have to make IT worse for easy profit.

You just do things the way your users want them done. Uncool kids are important too.

1 week ago

#introduction post


I'm a #Gentoo Linux and #SwayWM user. I'm learning to program and I selfhost a Nextcloud instance.
Digital #privacy is important to me.

I enjoy reading #scifi and #selfimprovement books. I'm always looking to improve my self.

I love drinking #espresso and play #tennis regularly. I've settled on playing #CounterStrike from time-to-time too. #StarWars is my favourite movie genre.

Hope to interact with you soon 😀

スパックマン クリス
1 week ago

I take that back. Lots of big updates with #Gentoo today, including kernel sources, #ChromiumBrowser, and #LibreOffice so it will likely be tomorrow before I can install the new hardware.

(My main computer is powerful, but not "compile chromium in an hour" powerful.)

Maciej Barć
1 week ago

#Gentoo still kicking at #HackerSpaceWarsaw :D

A drawing board with "emerge -a app-community/hsw" among the scribblings.
Michał Górny
1 week ago

Przepisywanie wszystkiego w #RustLang poprawia jakość, nie?

Zapewne właśnie dlatego zmarnowałem cały poranek na rozkminie regresji w cryptography, by dojść do konkluzji, że odpowiada za nią przepisanie przypadkowej funkcji z Pythona do Rusta:

#Gentoo #Python

Rewriting everything in #RustLang improves quality, right?

I suppose that's why I've spent the whole morning figuring out cryptography regressions, just to discover they are due to random function being rewritten from #Python to Rust:


Michał Górny
1 week ago

Czy można sensowniej spędzać czas niż dodając wsparcie dla bezsensownej zmiany nazwy #NIH-owego backendu #PEP517, który był używany przez mniej niż dziesięć paczek? Pierwsza z nich (autorstwa autora owego backendu, oczywiście) właśnie wydała nową wersję jedynie w celu zmiany backendu, podczas gdy cała reszta będzie jeszcze długo wymagała starej paczki.

#Gentoo #Python

Is there a better work to spend your time on than adding support for a pointless rename of a #NIH #PEP517 backend that was used by less than a dozen packages? The first one (by the backend's author, of course) just made a release purely for the purpose of switching to the rename, while the rest still block on the old package.

#Gentoo #Python

Michał Górny
1 week ago

Ja to jestem szczęściarz.

Testy paczki Faker przypadkowo wybrały datę 2020-02-29, dzięki czemu odkryłem bug w kodzie, który przesuwa datę o 10 lat.

#Gentoo #Python

I consider myself very lucky.

Faker's test suite randomly chose a date of 2020-02-29, uncovering a bug in code adding 10 years.

#Gentoo #Python

1 week ago


Unfortunately it's hard to use rST for some cases (big, complicated documents), because it lacks nested markup.

In this case we merged one document in markdown, because we needed <sup><a></a></sup> and in <description>:

That's how it renders:

I would probably have to write custom roles and directives for my friend, neither of us had time for it. It's not "just use rST" and makes big difference.

#markdown #sphinx #python #gentoo

Michał Górny
1 week ago

Właśnie resetuję #git biect po raz czwarty, bo znów zapomniałem, że musze uruchamiać:

pypy3 /usr/bin/nox …

bo to *biiip* badziewie nie akceptuje PyPy3 jako docelowej wersji Pythona (tak jak #tox) i przez przypadek w połowie bisecta zacząłem testować CPythonem.

#Gentoo #Python #nox

I'm starting #git bisect over for the fourth time because *again* I forgot that I'm required to run:

pypy3 /usr/bin/nox ...

because this *beep* of *beep* doesn't accept PyPy3 as a target (like #tox trivially does) and I've accidentally started testing with CPython at some random point instead.

#nox is no obnoxious.

#Gentoo #Python

Michał Górny
1 week ago

Podzieliłem #PyPy 7.3.12rc2 w #Gentoo na dwie paczki: dev-python/pypy3_9 (instaluje binarkę "pypy3.9") i dev-python/pypy3_10 (binarka "pypy3.10").

Oznacza to, że teraz można zainstalować obie paczki i zrobić np.:

tox -e pypy39,pypy310

Jeżeli chodzi o flagi, pozostajemy przy jednej "pypy3". dev-python/pypy3 instaluje symlink "pypy3" do odpowiedniej binarki. Chwilowo wrzuciłem rewizje dla 3.9 i 3.10, ale docelowo zostanie tylko 3.10.


With #PyPy 7.3.12rc2 in #Gentoo, I've split the interpreter into dev-python/pypy3_9 (installing "pypy3.9" executable) and dev-python/pypy3_10 ("pypy3.10" executable).

Notably, this means that you can install both and then do e.g.:

tox -e pypy39,pypy310

There's still only one "pypy3" target, and dev-python/pypy3 installs a "pypy3" symlink to the appropriate executable. Temporarily, it comes in 3.9 and 3.10 revisions but it'll be 3.10-only.


If you don't supply a tox.ini, then in order to verify a test failure on your #Python package, I need to create a venv, figure out how to install dependencies, figure out how to run the test suite. Now multiply this by dozens of packages, then by dozens of different people needing to do the same thing, and you can imagine how much harm this does.

So please support #tox.

And no, #nox is not a solution as it requires a lot of effort from user to make it work.


Today's headache: #pyzmq fails with:

TypeError: '<' not supported between instances of 'str' and 'int'

if you call:

./ build_ext -j12

but only in some environments.

It turned out that the error comes from numpy overriding UnixCCompiler, and the override only happens if both Cython and Pythran are installed in addition to numpy (Cython optonally imports Pythran, and Pythran imports numpy.distutils).

Now how to resolve that…

#Gentoo #Python

If you want to use #Markdown in the #Sphinx docs for your #Python package: please don't.

All markdown providers for Sphinx are a major hassle. Their development is either slow and keep blocking new Sphinx versions (, or they are completely dead and stick to ancient Sphinx versions (

Just use RST, please. It doesn't make that much of a difference for you, it makes a lot of difference for us packagers.


@hugovk @Yhg1s, so @thesamesam was right to suggest that we take a snapshot for #Gentoo.

#AnyIO may sound like a good idea at first -- supporting multiple backends with no extra effort. However, from Linux distribution perspective it means "this package is now blocked on #trio", and well, trio's not very actively developed, it's not handling new #Python versions well, and on top of everything it tends to get pinned to old releases on top of everything.

it's like that "two at the price of one" sale when you need only one and the expiration date is short.


If anyone still has any doubt that using Internet in #Python package tests is bad, here's a new example: two packages failing because they resolved some domains, and DNS records changed (probably).


You see a new release with notes saying "#Python 3.11 support" and you feel like you're living in a different reality.

Admittedly, the package worked just fine with that version long before ;-).

(wider context: #Gentoo is busy working towards Python 3.12 right now)

#Python ply decided to abandon the "obsolete" concept of releases and instead expect everyone to grab random version from git and bundle it. That definitely makes a lot of sense.

Now to make a snapshot, so that all the reverse dependencies in #Gentoo continue working when upstream doesn't care.

Could someone, please, try to reason with that person? Because I don't have the patience for that.

I've missed my train (the first time in years!) while debugging the latest #GPG issue. This is honestly the single worst piece of software ever written.

They reinvent every single thing and they do it badly. When you try to make it work for everyone (i.e. make it use system resolver and honor proxies), it just falls apart.

I would consider making #gemato use #Sequoia, except that #RustLang discriminates against even more users than GPG bugs do.


Epiphanic Synchronicity
3 weeks ago

Interesting read (If you find #operatingsystems interesting) by someone who’s been running #Gentoo #Linux for 20 years.

Refreshingly non-fanboyish; after covering the the things they love about it, they were pretty up front about the negatives, too. Didn’t expect this, though:

So I was asked to backport a simple patch to libomp-15* (to fix

Then it turned out that it doesn't compile with gcc-13, so I've backported another patch.

Then it turned out that there are test failures now, so I've backported yet another.

I love how stable software is these days. Bear in mind that 15.0.7 was released in January, so it's not even half a year old!

#Gentoo #LLVM

3 weeks ago

Ah, they joys of C!
#ibus (the input method I use) may have a working, or completely broken, emoji picker, depeding on what order the compiler decides to initialise things, and what things it optimises away.
(also, maybe GLib's type registration system is too complicated to use correctly?)
issue with details, patch)
love that I could fix it on my machine by just dropping the patch under /etc/portage/patches/app-i18n/ibus-1.5.27/ and rebuilding the package ​:genchu:​ #gentoo #linux

Michał Górny
3 weeks ago

Dzień dobry, cześć i czołem!

Jestem Michał i przede wszystkim zajmuję się #Gentoo. Od jakiegoś czasu piszę na Mastodonie w obcym języku ( W związku z tym, że coraz więcej z moich wpisów dotyczy polskiej rzeczywistości, zdecydowałem, że czas najwyższy sklonować się i pisać też po polsku. Ogólna idea jest taka, że na obydwu kontach będę pisał to samo, a czy wystarczy mi cierpliwości — przekonamy się.

Podstawowe tematy: codzienne rozterki twórcy #OpenSource, #kolej, życie z kotami i takie tam.

Barry Schwartz 🫖
3 weeks ago

Hmm, my old ebuild for GNU #COBOL looks better than the one in #Gentoo Portage. So I’ll revise it and keep it.

tomm :linux: :arch:
3 weeks ago

@nixCraft i mean… If you’re looking for a stabler rolling release, you have #Gentoo (by default is less bleeding edge), #Fedora (semi-rolling release but I guess it counts) or #openSUSETumbleweed. I’d use one of the last 2 if you don’t like minimal distros

#Debian, #Ubuntu, #Fedora and their derivatives are all bad!

They've decided to ignore the "alpha" part of upstream version number for Colobot, and now pretend that their "0.2.0" version is newer than "0.2.0_alpha" provided by #Gentoo, nixpkgs and ALT.

4 weeks ago

Over the last week, I've been working on improving #valgrind support in #gentoo.

We added USE=valgrind as a global USE flag finally which makes it easier for users to know what it does (consistent behaviour across packages):
Dropped USE=valgrind usage where it meant "run test suites under Valgrind" given this made it difficult for users to reliably enable the USE flag given it had an unusual effect (diff. from what it meant in most packages).
Wired up USE=valgrind for a bunch of packages like libpcre, libpcre2, lvm2, dbus, and gnome-keyring to make debugging them under Valgrind work better.
A while ago, I realised that Valgrind's output was dodgy. Gentoo since EAPI 7 has "controlled stripping" support. Since January, we don't strip any of these core components which leads to much tidier output:
Not really my doing, but some nagging from me got musl fixes for Valgrind over the line. Backported in and fixed upstream in 3.21.0.

Thank you to @mjw for maintaining Valgrind and to Paul Floyd as well for the fixes!

4 weeks ago

I took a look at integrating #zstd compression for debugging symbols in #gentoo today.

It was pretty straightforward (at least as a hack):

Patch Portage to use --compress-debug-sections=zstd instead of --compress-debug-sections
Document it on the wiki at

The default right now is zlib. zstd should be able to save a hefty chunk of disk space for heavy debug info builders...

Thanks to @meowray for both implementing this in much of the toolchain and also writing great descriptions of how it works:

Unfortunately, Valgrind doesn't support it yet ( and I'm a bit worried it won't for a while (if ever) because it's hard for Valgrind to depend on external libraries. They do support zlib compression but that took some work.

I'm going to try it out on a machine with AVX512 which therefore can't use Valgrind anyway though!

Other distros be like: oh, we just made a new release, upgrade to get kernel X, Xfce Y…

#Gentoo be like: we have kernel X and Xfce Y since forever, no distro upgrade needed.

Richard Sparrow
1 month ago

@Em0nM4stodon I am a masochist. My favorite was #gentoo.

#Gentoo switched to #Python 3.11 as the default impl today!

We also removed support for building packages for Python 3.9 (the interpreter will remain available for as long as it's feasible to maintain it).

Thanks to everyone involved in this huge effort!

1 month ago

@ahrkrak @nixCraft Happy to learn that #Gentoo is less endangered though.

If #Gentoo development were a game, it would be that kind of game that never ends, always demands you go and finish the next level for some symbolic reward, and expects you to spend a significant time playing every day or otherwise everything starts falling apart and you're going to need to spend three times more time getting back on track.

There are many games like that. The people who own them make a lot of money. If developers are playing, who's making the money?

1 month ago

🤦‍♂️ I just upgraded my desktop Gentoo install. I'm rolling my own kernel. And during the conf for 6.3.0, it asks me whether I want the HID BUS. I think for a moment, have a brain fart, and decide that that really doesn't sound too important.

Guess who didn't have mouse/keyboard support after a reboot.


@quincy @Natanox @dvzrv I mean I'M shure there are reasons where #Arch and even #Gentoo are good options - or the only one versatile enough to get shit done.

1 month ago

More #Gentoo to macOS porting headaches.

Historically, when building a modern C++ program using clang, the flag "stdlib=libc++" must be supplied to clang, otherwise the ancient libstdc++ on the system would be used. On the other hand, for (an manually updated) GCC, no flag is needed, so GCC's libstdc++ is used by default, In fact, "stdlib=libc++" cannot be recognized by GCC and should never be used with GCC.

As a result, many build scripts and build systems on macOS check if the flag "stdlib=libc++" is supported. If it's the case, the flag is used. If it's not, no flag is added. Practically, it means If the program is built with clang, it's linked to clang's libc++. If the program is built with GCC, it's linked to GCC's native libstdc++, a reasonable behavior, as expected by most users.

But now it was realized that using GCC and clang on the same system may create tricky conflicts, it's useful to be able to link against clang's libc++ even if GCC is used (this is useful beyond Darwin, e.g. for FreeBSD). So GCC now supports "stdlib=libc++ as well.

If "stdlib" support is enabled on GCC, if program is built by GCC, whether it will be linked to libstdc++ or libc++ by default becomes unpredictable, depending on which check is used in its build system.

@nix @pthenq1 @cwebber Personally, I think most of the demands from #Guix would be solved by using #apt or #yum and source packages as well as FLOSS-only repos.

#emerge on #Gentoo basically can do the same as well...

The only issue I can see is that denying any #binaryblob will likely worsen #UX since there is no system [i.e. laptop] on the market that doesn't require at least firmware for GPU and WiFi which they can't FLOSS for patent reasons and with WiFi are even forced to lock-down.

Анна :blobCat_verified_badge:​
1 month ago


Вы меня могли знать как А могли и не знать из-за строгой политики модерации того сервера.

В общем, писать на русском я буду с этого аккаунта, in English - on another one.

Я занимаюсь #IT как хобби. Люблю и практикую #Gentoo. Держу #ДомашнийСервер. Могу выдать на нём бесплатный аккаунт. Надо только отправить свой публичный SSH-ключ и юзернейм. Также есть Nextcloud с регистрацией.

Но писать я планирую в основном про свою жизнь, рассуждать на тему политической теории. Воть.


@russian_mastodon @rf

An #OpenSource story.

2019: You file a pull request to fix test problems with #Python 2.7.

Sometime in between: the package is gone from #Gentoo, you delete your fork.

2023: Someone finally replies to the long forgotten PR and tells you to rebase it.

You put the effort to create a new fork, reapply it, push, only to learn they don't actually want it.

Barry Schwartz 🫖
2 months ago

The #science overlay of #Gentoo has an ebuild for a rather recent version of #noweb

It is YEARS since I used noweb, but maybe I could use it again, say for ports to other languages than C of program06 (my program that VIOLATES BELL INEQUALITIES despite having nothing resembling the non-existent ‘entanglement’).

2 months ago

are there any people here who installed #gentoo with speech? how did you get into the installation medium? did you use a custom iso? last time, I was using the serial features of virtualbox and connected to that port with telnet, with a couple kernel parameters I was able to get a serial only console, and just a bit of sighted help was needed, just to help find the end of the line and type the extra kernel params in the bootloader of the installer, before it actually boots, I just pressed tab to get in there. Because now the power situation isn't as bad as it was back then and I can wory about it a bit less, I want to attempt it again, but the right way this time, that means getting proper speech. So yeah, anyone knows a way to do that? if not, are there any custom iso images which include the speakup driver and have the espeakup package configured?

#Gentoo users when there is compiling free software at the function 🔥 :gentoo:​

Nick @ The Linux Experiment
2 months ago

As I had already made a "Tier List" video about desktop environments, it was high time I did the same for #Linux distributions.

Included are #Ubuntu, #Solus, #Manjaro, #Arch, #Gentoo, #Deepin, #elementaryOS, #Fedora, and a lot more!

I also tried to keep it more interesting than just "my face over tier maker", but let me know how well that went :D

New linux user : "Witch one i must install for new user ?"

#linux #arch #gentoo #debian @thelinuxEXP

Here's another curious poll... :blobthinkingsmirk: Experienced Linux users! Which advance distro do you use on a daily basis? :linux: (sorry for having a bit too much hashtags)

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Barry Schwartz 🫖
3 months ago

I have hacked out a #Gentoo ebuild for the Oxford #Oberon2 Compiler:

chemoelectric / chemoelectric-overlay / dev-lang / obc — Bitbucket

For the #RosettaCode buffs who program in all the languages except those they hate, and sometimes even in those they hate.

David Sardari
3 months ago

@jalcine one reason: there is no official #gentoo documentation on #systemd and #selinux.

Trying to live on charity doesn't work yet, so I'm afraid I have to start looking for work.

I'm looking for a part-time job or one-offs, up to 20 hours a week (eye problems), fully remote, ideally text-only comms.

My primary expertise is #Gentoo, so effectively a little of everything and very little of anything specific. Preferably #Python; I also did enough C++ to avoid it.

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LocalAreaKnitwork 🧶
3 months ago

"I want to learn linux/install a new operating system/ learn new technical things"

Try installing Gentoo!

Why? Gentoo is one of the best ways to build things from the ground up to your liking, and the documentation is some of the best out there. Installing Gentoo as your operating system on your testing/warmachine/daily driver computer will teach you the ins and outs of configuring an operating system and how to make it exactly to your liking, especially when you're using the Gentoo Handbook. The community also has a heart of gold.

This installation style means that you have a lean operating system custom configured for your hardware that doesn't force anything you don't want onto you. You are in control.

Happy installing!

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I've created a profile at #KoFi as an alternative to the Sponsors program at the bad site everyone hates. That said, I'm still trying to figure out how it works but I hope I've done everything right.

So if you'd like to help me out a bit, please consider donating. Any amount helps me keep being fully focused on #Gentoo for a while longer.

Luca Mondini
4 months ago

Ho conservato su una cartella di Drive parecchi #screenshot dei miei desktop e telefoni dal 2004 ad oggi.

In pratica la storia di come si sono evolute le interfacce e, parallelamente, i miei gusti.

Questa ad esempio era la mia macchina del 2005 con #gentoo #linux e #fluxbox 😅

Prima o poi ci devo fare un post.

Gentoo Linux + Fluxbox nel 2005

It turns out that #PyPI #RSS release feeds are unreliable, as new versions sometimes end up at the very end of the feed rather than the beginning, and #Liferea just strips them, so I never learn that I'm supposed to have bumped something.


4 months ago


I've been meaning to try #void for so long now, I'll probably try it when I irreparably break my #gentoo setup (to the point where I'd have to reinstall. very hard to do) or when I buy another laptop.

Esmail EL BoB :ver:
5 months ago

I finally understand layman

#gentoo users will relate to this 😂

Kathy Reid
5 months ago

Good afternoon #Fediverse :fediverse: Hope you're all doing fine this hot Saturday afternoon, and if you're in #Adelaide, keep an eye on the #SAfires in your region.

In today's #ConnectionList #Introduction #FollowFriday post, where I use my large # of followers to more richly connect the Fediverse, I'd like you to meet:

@josiefraser is based in #London 🇬🇧 and leads #Digital #Policy at the National Lottery Heritage Fund. She is into #DigitalTransformation #eSafety and #edTech

@s is Head of #Engineering at #Overleaf, which I use heavily for #academic and #research stuff. I sync it with #Git. He is into #Linux, specifically #Gentoo (ohai, on #Ubuntu here) and other #FOSS and #opensource things. In you follow #LaTeX you might want to follow Simon.

@DrLinguo is a #linguist, who runs the @linguisticsmemes and @academiamemes which are both work a fellow, I mean, follow :blobcatgiggle:

@drbeard79 is Dr Andrew McInnes, who is a #Reder in Romanticisms at #EdgeHill University #researcher #academic 🎓

@robinsones is Emily and they (not assuming pronouns) are a #DataScientist, and #author of the "Build a Career in Data Science" book. They are currently in the market for a senior #DataScience role so if you are #hiring #recruiting then let Emily know! 📊

That's all for today, don't forget to curate your own #ConnectionList.

5 months ago

@trisweb I to this day though lament that no other distro picked up what #Gentoo was putting down with its examplary Use Flags.

jan Anja :toki:
5 months ago

:cyber_heart: My #HomeServer feels lonely without users!

You can contact me to get a FREE account. Just send you ssh pubkey and preferred username.

It runs #Gentoo, and you can bootstrap a Gentoo Prefix to have more control over the software.


Daniel Neuman
5 months ago

@selea "I can afford the electricity bill to compile all the software I run." 💪🤑 #gentoo

5 months ago

I've been having performance issues with my Gentoo installation in VirtualBox, on my wifes laptop. I finally managed to solve it with some help from IRC.

The solution was to enable the graphics driver for VMware..

The default (and only available) graphics mode in VirtualBox (for me), is VMSVGA. And this mode apparently emulates a VMware SVGA graphics device.

#Gentoo #Linux

Life is Tetris
5 months ago

@defcfun hi there. Interesting profile.

I went back to #Debian -based systems after a little period on #Gentoo; I really appreciated USE flags but could never predict what an update would do.

I also saw a boost of a #GCL release; I didn't know it was still being developed! Personally, I have gone from being a fan of #CommonLisp to actually learning #Prolog (with #Logtalk) instead.

Also a big #Erlang fan, which is how I ended up at Prolog actually.

6 months ago

This is just a copy of my #introduction from my old account, prior to setting up my own instance

I am a CS major with a massive interest in #linux and #opensource
I utilize #gentoo on my personal laptop and #opensuse #leap on my #server pc
My text editor of choice is #doom #emacs although, I do use #neovim when I need to make a quick edit to one file here and there andwhen I'm ssh'd into my server.
My languages of coice are #C++, #python, #bash, and #rust.

6 months ago


personally, as a #gentoo user, I'd highly recommend trying out gentoo if you want a bit of an adventure. Package manager is admittedly a bit slower than most other bistros due to being source based, but it objectively has the best #packagemanager of all distros.

installation will take a while if your not using a thread ripper, which'll take 40 minutes which is still fairly huge, as without using arch-install, if you know what your doing #Arch takes 15 minutes.