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Let's be clear: #Trump #Republicans & his #WhiteSupremacist #MAGACult want to terminate the #Constitution & #Democracy vis-a-vis #Gerrymandering & #VoterSupression! #GOP realize #Blacks & other #PeopleOfColor WILL NOT #vote for or support them in a fair #2024election

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Dr. Steve Thompson
3 days ago

"Georgia Republicans are playing a dangerous game with their new maps"

"The pièce de résistance of the new GOP gerrymanders is some sleight-of-hand in the Atlanta area. A court instructed lawmakers to create a new Black-majority congressional district in the suburbs, which Republicans did … while simultaneously dismantling a diverse neighboring district with a large Black population."

#GOP #Georgia #gerrymandering #Atlanta

#YouKnow what's also #QuiteInteresting about #ShaunGunner of #TheTolkienSociety...?

His #ALTRight #TwitterProfile indicates that he lives in #Rustington, #WestSussex, which used to be quite a #PrettyLittleSeasideTown / #Village in an otherwise #OutstandingArea of #NaturalBeauty

#TheTrouble is... The #DistrictCouncil that he sits on by #Virtue of #Electioneering and #Gerrymandering by #TheNaughtyTories have approved the #Dumping of #Sewage into its #LocalRiverways and #Aquafers...


#ShaunGunner #UnqualifiedCommsStrategist
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Years ago I had to help redraw the lines between district territories for my company. It was a little tense from the standpoint of people in one district or the other wanting to retain specific customers/zip codes, but from a data standpoint, doing the exercise to keep things technically equitable, was not very difficult.

All this to say, it’s not hard to redraw lines equitably when needed. Any inequality that results is a purposeful decision, and not an accident.


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https://New Lawsuit Claims that NC Congressional Districts Racially Gerrymandered #Gerrymandering #RepublicansCheatToWin

Dr. Steve Thompson
1 week ago

"MAGA Congressman to become next University President"

"His answer to the controversy has been essentially – I’ve got my contract..."

#GOP #MAGA #YoungstownState #BillJohnson #Ohio #gerrymandering #highered

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@dangrsmind #Gerrymandering

About time the Dems started gerrymandering in their favor. The Repubs have been doing it far too long. 👏

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Wisconsin is so in love with its cheese reputation that it based its legislative districts on the concept of Swiss Cheese. Gerrymandering is ridiculous and that is one of the most blatant instances of it.


One of my friends shared this tweet on Facebook and I was inspired.

#DnD #Maps #Gerrymandering #R

Tweet from @zachsilberberg showing four dungeon maps from The Legend of Zelda: 
Ocarina of Time with the text “Why do old Zelda dungeons look like gerrymandered districts?”
Date and Time:
5/16/22, 2:52 PM
Thomas Svensson 🖖
2 weeks ago

How to end #gerrymandering 💪

”A Crash Course in Making Political Change | Katie Fahey | TED”

Tracy Rosenberg
3 weeks ago

#Wisconsin Supreme Court looks at ending one of the most severe cases of Republican #gerrymandering in the country by focusing on the definition of "contiguous".

Paranoid Factoid
3 weeks ago

Adam Serwer writing in *The Atlantic* on the recent 8th circuit appeals decision gutting the Voting Right Act. The decision prevents citizens and groups from filing lawsuits seeking relief under the act, limiting it to the Justice Department. A government action. Which, as Sewer notes, is at odds with the intent of congress and longstanding application.


#VotingRightAct #CivilRights #gerrymandering #racism #gop #Republicans #voting #newjimcrow

nathans :ms_weed: :donor:
3 weeks ago

Wisconsin supreme court appears poised to strike down legislative maps and end Republican dominance | Wisconsin | The Guardian

The Wisconsin supreme court appeared poised to strike down the current maps for the state legislature after three hours of oral argument on Tuesday, a decision that could end more than a decade of Republican dominance and eliminate some of the most gerrymandered districts in the United States.

The four liberal justices on the court all seemed ready to embrace an argument from challengers in the case, Clarke v Wisconsin elections commission, that the maps violate the state constitution because they include more than 70 districts. It was unclear, however, how the justices would handle the redrawing of a map and whether it would immediately order elections for the entire legislature next year in new districts. Wisconsin voters elect 99 assembly members every two years, but only about half of the 33-member state senate would normally be up for election next year.

#USPol #Politics #News #Wisconsin #SupremeCourt #Gerrymandering #GOP #Republicans #Democrats #Democracy

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I don’t know how much longer this concept of the “United States” can hold up. We’re very much divided on important issues. #TransRights #LGBTQ #BlackLivesMatter #Palestine #Gerrymandering #VotingRights #WomensRights #Equality #EqualRights

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Paranoid Factoid
3 weeks ago


For decades, private citizens and groups have been able to file claims under the #VotingRightsAct to seek redress for racial #gerrymandering and other rules violations. In Feb 2022, a Trump appointed judge reversed that, ruling only the Justice Department can file such claims. Now, a three judge panel on appeal upheld that lower court ruling. #law #votingrights #civilrights #USpol #politics

MugsysRapSheet ☑️🦃
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@lucaswaldron @ProPublica
Here is the bonkers district I live in in Texas (Congressman Dan "Eye-Patch" Crenshaw's district.) #GerryMandering

3 weeks ago

Wisconsin’s Legislative #Maps Are Bizarre, but Are They Illegal?

Wisconsin’s #gerrymandering case has garnered national attention. But a little-explored aspect of the suit — the pervasive presence of “Swiss cheese” districts (see some examples below) — could have huge ramifications for the outcome.

#Wisconsin #Elections #Voting #Politics #News #Cheese #SwissCheese

Map Showing Wisconsin's 3rd and 5th Districts. It shows that there are "islands" of disconnected portions of the 3rd floating in the 5th. On island that contains a single house is shown in an inset map.

Caption reads:
It’s not unusual to see district maps that include islands so small they encompass a block, a few homes or even a single residence. In Outagamie County, boundary lines for the Town of Buchanan create a one-house-wide hole in the Republican district that contains the rest of the city of Kaukauna.
Map showing Wisconsin's 48th and 79th Districts. It spotlights a disconnected "island" portion of the 79th floating in the middle of the 48th. That island, shown in an inset map, contains just 2 houses and a manufacturing plant.

Caption reads:
In Dane County, the Town of Burke is made up of disjointed tracts, resulting in noncontiguous boundaries for the town. Tiny portions of the town are in two different Assembly districts, both held by Democrats.
Map of Wisconsin's 2nd and 88th Districts. An inset map spotlights two disconnected "islands" that belong to the 88th district, but which are entirely surrounded by the 2nd.

Caption reads:
The 88th District, which features eastern sections of Green Bay as well as more rural areas, includes two detached islands surrounded by the 2nd District. Those islands correspond to the boundaries of two towns. The islands don’t seem to benefit either party. Both districts are represented by Republicans.
Map of Wisconsin's 47th District, showing how, in addition to its large, oddly shaped contiguous portion, it has numerous disconnected "islands" that do not in any way connect with the rest of the 47th.

Caption reads:
The Town of Madison, which had noncontiguous boundaries and was part of the 47th Assembly District, ceased to exist in 2022 when it was absorbed by the cities of Madison and Fitchburg. Yet the resulting islands in the legislative district remain. The district is notable for its large number of people living in noncontiguous areas.
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Article highlighting what voters in Ohio have been facing for years due to gerrymandering. We are not the only state suffering this way, it's not a group you want to join.

It briefly mentions proposed ways out of our gerrymandered hell to include alternative methods of voting. That's an idea I would love to see all stripes of Americans push hard for in the form of Ranked Choice Voting. It works, period. Both parties know it and fear it.
You can't scream at people to simply get out and vote to change things, or to stop threats, when the system is rigged against their participation.

EDIT: Since I first read and shared this article, it has been edited and shortened by the Guardian to focus more solely on abortion. My comments still stand.

#Ohio #Gerrymandering #RankedChoiceVoting

Few commentators are better at explaining in easy to understand, concrete ways the intense damage lack of accountability of legislators in gerrymandered districts are doing to our democracy than David Pepper. He's a must-read source about what's taking place in Ohio.

Here he is with a graph explaining why those legislators in gerrymandered districts do not serve their people and the common good.

#democracy #gerrymandering #Ohio #CommonGood

A graphic by David Pepper showing why legislators in gerrymandered districts fail to serve the public and the common good
Cory Doctorow
1 month ago

#5yrsago Congressional Democrats’ first bill aims to end #gerrymandering, increase voter registration and rein in campaign finance

#5yrsago #BigTech got big because we stopped enforcing #antitrust law (not because tech is intrinsically monopolistic)

#5yrsago A catalog of ingenious cheats developed by #MachineLearning systems


J de Brabander
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In #USPolitics it's a very common way to RIG every election. Both Red and Blue can make their district more red or blue. Meaning that if you're red in a blue district (or vice versa) your vote is a #WorthlessVote.
I'm not American but still...
I just signed this petition – will you?

Right now, politicians in states like Florida, Georgia, and North Carolina are pushing voting maps that blatantly discriminate against Black voters.

I just signed a Common Cause petition to demand fair and independent redistricting in every state – and I hope that you will, too

Arena Cops 🇺🇦✌
1 month ago

Should today's "Republicans" be anyhow interested in recovering a remainder of lost legitimacy based on the values & norms of the Republican Party co-founded by Abraham Lincoln, they better cut all compromising ties to a lifelong career criminal & fraudster running for White House while being charged with another 91 counts before courts in the U.S.!
#RuleOfLaw #AccountabilityMatters #JusticeMatters #GOPEndorsesCriminals #GOP #DeprivationOfRights #AbortionRights #WomensRights #HumanRights #VoterSuppression #Gerrymandering #Disenfranchisement #VotingRights

Tina 💙🎶🌻
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"The new North Carolina maps are even worse than many feared, pursuing partisan advantage with greater audacity and precision than any gerrymander in recent history...

"This almost certainly makes North Carolina the most gerrymandered state in the country, at least on the basis of partisan proportionality. The popular Dave’s Redistricting website assigns the congressional map a proportionality score of zero out of 100 (yes, zero!). To put this number in perspective, Wisconsin and Illinois — two other leading contenders for the partisan gerrymandering crown — earn proportionality scores of 40 and 44, respectively."

"Republicans are heavily favored to retain their legislative “supermajorities” in both chambers — even, in some scenarios, if Democrats win a majority of the statewide vote."

#AbolishGerrymandering #EndGerrymandering

1 month ago

@marcelias I would love to hear from people on how other countries draw their legislative maps? Is this gerrymandering unique to America? #gerrymandering

Charles Pierce comments on how Ohio Republicans, who control things due to gerrymandering, have informed voters that the GOP doesn't give a flip about voters' choices — and will go right on trying to outlaw abortion:

"Conservative Republicans occasionally feign surprise that their presidential frontrunner doesn't seem to respect the outcome of elections. Why should he? In the hinterlands, no Republican does."

#Ohio #Republicans #voters #gerrymandering #abortioin

LISTEN. WE GOTTA GET SERIOUS ON THE #LOCAL LEVEL. Let's #organize or the #gerrymandering is gonna sink us next year.#Dems

Tucker Carlson's Nuts
1 month ago

🥥 #Gerrymandering put #MikeJohnson (R-LA) in the Speaker's chair.
Republican's big districting fraud helped them install a christo-fascist election denier as #HouseSpeaker.
"Republicans hold just a 5-seat majority in the House—& courts have ruled that at least 6 congressional districts that were in effect for the 2022 midterms in 5 states broke laws that ban discrimination against minority groups or prohibit drawing districts for partisan advantage." 🥥

Arena Cops 🇺🇦✌
1 month ago

@johnettesnuggs Right. And Trump officially & publicly revealed their dirty, well-known secret conspiracy — "Republicans" cannot win, if they don't manipulate/rig elections in their favor.

“The things they had in there were crazy. They had things, levels of voting that if you’d ever agreed to it, you’d never have a Republican elected in this country again,” said Mr Trump during an interview on Fox & Friends.
#RuleOfLaw #AccountabilityNow #JusticeMatters #DefendTheConstitution #ReconstructionAmendments #VotingRights #CivilRights #HumanRights #GOPsVoterSuppression #Gerrymandering #Disenfranchisement #ElectoralFraud #AnticonstitutionalGOP #Fraud #DefraudingAmerica #BetrayingAmerica #DeceivingAmerica

#gerrymandering state by state

2 months ago


God bless y'all! Now, on to #NC 😒💔
#Gerrymandering kills

demï7en 🎗
2 months ago

@petergleick It's still totally bonkers, and slightly scary, that the frigging #maga party controls over half of the US house of representatives. In 2023 🤮 🤯

And if having domestic billionaires and their sycophant beneficiaries wanting to overthrow the democratic system wasn't enough, practically all foreign dictatorships are doing what they can to aid the process.

#gerrymandering '#evangelicals' #authaxis

Arena Cops 🇺🇦✌
2 months ago

@marcelias You cannot achieve long-term "bipartisan" agreements with an entity committed to eradicate pluralism & democracy from a country's & nation's vocabulary — and parliaments.

#RuleOfLaw #DefendDemocracy #DefendTheConstitution #DefendTheUnion #YourVoiceMatters #YouMatter #RaiseYourVoice #TakeGOPOffTheBallots #VoterSuppression #Gerrymandering #Disenfranchisement #ElectoralFraud #BanTheGOP

Dr. Steve Thompson
2 months ago

"North Carolina GOP takes gerrymandering to new extremes with proposed new maps"

"Republicans put forth a pair of congressional maps that would both upend the state's House delegation, which currently includes seven Democrats and seven Republicans thanks to a court-drawn plan. Instead, if these new maps go into effect, North Carolina would almost certainly send 10 or 11 Republicans to Washington and just three or four Democrats."

#GOP #NC #gerrymandering

Dr. Steve Thompson
2 months ago

Democracy isn't failing us. The corruption of democracy is failing us.

"The GOP’s Secret to Protecting Gerrymandered Electoral Maps? Claim Privilege."

"Through new and expansive assertions of privilege, Republican legislatures around the country are shielding their work on allegedly discriminatory voting maps to prevent the public from finding out how and why they made their decisions."

#GOP #democracy #gerrymandering #privilege Elections #corruption

2 months ago

The GOP’s Secret to Protecting Gerrymandered Electoral Maps? Claim Privilege.

Through new and expansive assertions of privilege, #Republican legislatures around the country are shielding their work on allegedly discriminatory #voting maps to prevent the public from finding out how and why they made their decisions.

#Elections #Texas #Florida #GOP #Redistricting #Gerrymandering #Politics #News

Senate District 10 Was Transformed Dramatically After Redistricting in 2021

The district previously represented racially diverse communities near Fort Worth, but it now encompasses portions of sprawling rural counties with mostly white constituents.

A South Carolina case about gerrymandering could affect voting rights around the country.

Alexander v. South Carolina State Conference of the NAACP, concerns the way state legislatures consider race and party when they are redrawing state voting maps.

The Supreme Court ruled in 1993 in Shaw v. Reno that racial gerrymandering – when legislatures draw district lines primarily based on race – is unconstitutional, regardless of legislators’ intent, except in rare circumstances.

Voters’ party identification, however, is fair game.

At issue in the case before the Supreme Court is how the South Carolina Legislature redrew its 1st Congressional District after the 2020 census.

The majority Republican lawmakers moved over 140,000 residents from the 1st Congressional District into the 6th Congressional District.

The NAACP argues the Legislature moved over 30,000 of those residents because they were Black, in violation of the equal protection clause of the Fourteenth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.

In past cases, the Supreme Court has interpreted the equal protection clause to prohibit racial gerrymandering.

But South Carolina maintains the Legislature moved the residents to ensure the district was majority-Republican and that residents’ race was not a major consideration.

The challenge for the Supreme Court is that race and party significantly overlap, particularly in South Carolina.
According to national exit polls, 87% of Black voters supported Democrat Joe Biden and 58% of white voters backed Republican Donald Trump in the 2020 presidential election.
In fact, scholars have argued that Black voters are the most politically unified group in American politics.
The race and party connection is even more pronounced in South Carolina. There, 90% of Black voters supported Biden and 73% of white voters opted for Trump.

#alexander #naacp #gerrymandering

The Conversation U.S.
2 months ago

The U.S. Supreme Court takes up #gerrymandering again this year – looking in particular about how a judge can tell if South Carolina’s new map was done to unconstitutionally dilute Black voting power, or primarily to dilute Democrats’ voting power, which would be legal.

Last term’s decisions upholding the Voting Rights Act don’t apply or offer many clues.
#BlackMastodon @blackmastodon #News #USPolitics #USPol

People walk on the landing and stairs of a large white building with pillars.
2 months ago

In Alexander vs South Carolina State Conference of the NAACP, SCOTUS will decide whether moving Black citizens around like chess pieces in mapping congressional districts was based on political affiliation or race. How can Blacks chosen political affiliation which they consider representative of their interests/rights be seen as separate from the state's history of disenfranchisement?
#SCOTUS #Gerrymandering #Disenfranchisement

CelloMom On Cars
2 months ago

If you're a climate activist, also pay attention to stuff happening outside the climate box:

"Data from the Yale Program on Climate Change Communication shows that a majority of Ohioans believe #ClimateChange is happening and worry about it.

#Gerrymandering, #VoterSuppression, #DarkMoney and other moves insulate policymakers from accountability when they prop up fossil fuels at the expense of #CleanEnergy."


Miro Collas
2 months ago

Illinois Democrats drew new maps. They pushed the GOP to the right. - The Washington Post

And people think the US is a democracy.

#Gerrymandering #US

Zhi Zhu 🕸️
2 months ago

"After the cultural upheavals of the 1960s, #Republicans could win elections through the backlash politics of Richard #Nixon or Ronald #Reagan or the demagoguery of 1988′s “Willie Horton ad.” They then turned to tactics like #VoterSuppression or extreme #gerrymandering as their electorate shrunk.

In 2024, the right sees #dictatorship as its final “Hail Mary” pass. And it just might work."

#Trump #RedCaesar #GOP #Politics #USPol #USA #News #NoPaywall

Text from article:
The Guardian’s Wilson noted that Anton, in an essay decrying the power of elite, liberal-minded “experts,” wrote that “the United States peaked around 1965.” What was that year’s landmark event? The passage of the Voting Rights Act, which empowered Black voters and led to the election of thousands of African American office holders.

After the cultural upheavals of the 1960s, Republicans could win elections through the backlash politics of Richard Nixon or Ronald Reagan or the demagoguery of 1988′s “Willie Horton ad.” They then turned to tactics like voter suppression or extreme gerrymandering as their electorate shrunk. In 2024, the right sees dictatorship as its final “Hail Mary” pass. And it just might work.
2 months ago

…as noted by an editorial in leading French newspaper Le Monde, the #House’s disarray reflects the bigger issue of a #legislature where #gerrymandering & low voter participation in primaries has yielded a cadre of lawmakers who view #compromise as “anathema,” especially among the #GOP.

#UnitedStates #NationalSecurity #democracy #WorldPower #SuperPower #AmericanDecline #geopolitics #HouseRepublicans #Republicans

Fly it.
2 months ago

Leute klagen über #Gerrymandering in Schuleinzugsgebieten

2 months ago


NC has provided the template for this strategy: keep appealing using bottomless pockets & you never have to actually change the maps. The elections aren't postponed to wait for fair maps, so the #racist #GOP wins again

They can't win a fair #Election but they have all the $$ they need to f with them every which way

If they STILL don't win, they cry foul
And this time, #Project2025 in place for coup 2.0

#VoterSuppression #Gerrymandering #Fascism

Arena Cops 🇺🇦✌
3 months ago

@marcelias When numbers tell you all you need to know about the criminal perfection of voter suppression:

Wikipedia's general article about voter suppression - estimated reading time: 28-35 minutes

Wikipedia's article about voter suppression in the U.S. - estimated reading time: 81-103 minutes

#RuleOfLaw #DefendDemocracy #DefendTheConstitution #AccountabilityMatters #JusticeMatters #VotingRights #ProsecuteVoterSuppression #VoterSuppression #VoterIntimidation #Vigilantism #Disenfranchisement #Gerrymandering #ProsecuteElectionRiggers #ElectoralFraud #BanTheGOP #DefraudingAmerica #ConspiracyAgainstRights #ConspiracyAgainstTheUS

3 months ago

#Wisconsin Republicans Went to Extremes in #Gerrymandering. Now They’re Scrambling to Protect That Power.

Heavily redrawn #election districts in the battleground state gave #Republicans firm control of the legislature — and the leeway to move aggressively against officials and judges they perceive as threats.

#Impeachment #Judges #Redistricting #Midwest #News #Politics

Arena Cops 🇺🇦✌
3 months ago

@marcelias If "Republicans" are scared of an *independent, citizen-led redistricting commission*, they're simply confessing to be the designated losers in every ***free & fair election***.
And that they're just rigging elections to pretend not to be the losing minority — which they are.
Their continued, almost "traditional" electoral fraud by means of voter suppression, disenfranchisement & gerrymandering, all their racist conspiracy against voters' rights must have legal consequences. It's unacceptable.

Can there be "bipartisanship" with a party of serial, continued electoral fraud? Not at all!

#RuleOfLaw #AccountabilityMatters #JusticeMatters #BanTheGOP #ElectoralFraud #VoterSuppression #Disenfranchisement #Gerrymandering #14thAmendmentSection3 #ConspiracyAgainstRights #ConspiracyAgainstTheUS

Arena Cops 🇺🇦✌
3 months ago

@marcelias 😎 Well, there are appropriate rewards for rebelling against the authority of the United States. Like eg disqualification & reduced congressional representation.

#RuleOfLaw #AccountabilityMatters #JusticeMatters #GOPInsurrection #AlabamaGOP #Gerrymandering #ElectoralFraud #ElectoralApartheid #Insurrection #Rebellion #SCOTUS #DefendTheConstitution #ReconstructionAmendments #DefendDemocracy #14thAmendmentSection3 #14thAmendmentSection2

Arena Cops 🇺🇦✌
3 months ago

@marcelias 👏👏👏 Congratulations once again! The insurrectionary Confedereds evidently can't let go of running against the walls of the Reconstruction Amendments, their codified derivates & Marc Elias Group.

#RuleOfLaw #AccountabilityMatters #JusticeMatters #DefendDemocracy #DefendTheConstitution #DefendTheUnion #FraudulentGOP #ElectoralFraud #ElectoralApartheid #VoterSuppression #Gerrymandering #Disenfranchisement #14thAmendmentSection3 #14thAmendmentSection2

Arena Cops 🇺🇦✌
3 months ago

@marcelias No lawsuit potentially disenfranchising up to 20 million voters can honestly be called "lawful".
While such monstrously fraudulent initiatives would fit any jail-worthy career fraudster & mobster perfectly.

#RuleOfLaw #AccountabilityNow #JusticeMatters #EndElectoralFraud #VoterSuppression #Gerrymandering #Disenfranchisement #FraudulentGOP #CareerFraudsters #OrganizedCrime #CriminalNetwork #RICO #ConspiracyAgainstRights

Preston MacDougall
3 months ago

@marcelias #BeLikeCanada 🇨🇦, protect democracy! 👉

#Gerrymandering allows corrupt politicians to choose their voters, instead of voters choosing their representatives!

3 months ago

@georgetakei given that the word #Gerrymandering was formed the same way, I think the modern term should be Jorducking.

Dr. Steve Thompson
3 months ago

‟Ohio Supreme Court dismisses challenges to GOP-drawn map ruled unconstitutional” #GOP #Ohio #gerrymandering

Arena Cops 🇺🇦✌
3 months ago

@marcelias Alabamian "legislators" stubbornly defend their racist serial electoral fraud obsessions.

“Maps like the ones [voting rights groups] propose would also create majority-minority districts ‘in greater numbers than they otherwise would have been’ if race hadn’t been used,” the state argued, quoting from the Harvard ruling. “But the Constitution forbids using race ‘to discriminate against those racial groups that were not the beneficiaries of the race-based preference.’” In other words, the courts’ cure for unconstitutional racial gerrymandering would itself amount to unconstitutional racial gerrymandering in Alabama’s eyes.
#RuleOfLaw #DefendDemocracy #DefendTheConstitution #VotingRights #VRA #Alabama #Confedereds #Racism #ElectoralFraud #ElectoralApartheid #Gerrymandering #Redistricting #LawlessGOP #BanTheGOP #EnemiesOfTheConstitution

Ben Royce 🇺🇦
3 months ago


#USpol #Politics

An important note on #gerrymandering :

You'll hear people both-sidesing this issue, "Democrats do it too."

The difference is Democrats don't need to do it to the abusive degree GOP does to retain power. Democrats are also happy to confront the issue while GOP is not.

Furthermore this whole "you are doing something wrong so I can do something wrong" is a revealing bit of psychology. The moral approach of course is "if it's wrong it's wrong, no matter who does it."

The bothsidesism on the issue of gerrymandering is just that: a psychologically revealing bit of lame false balance. The GOP's essential cynicism and amoral dodging is the problem and don't fall for the invalid topic change.

So if the state STOPS saying the quiet parts out loud, then gerrymandering can proceed? Is that the strategic advice from this ruling?
#GQP #gerrymandering #votingRightsAct

Raymond Scott Pert
3 months ago

Florida judge rules DeSantis’ redistricting map is unconstitutional, orders it redrawn

> ...since it diminishes the ability of Black voters in north Florida to pick a representative of their choice, a state judge ruled Saturday. #RonDeSantis #Florida #GOP #republican #gerrymandering

Former President Donald Trump, who continues to hold a wide lead over the rest of the Republican presidential field, at a rally earlier this summer in Erie, Pa. JEFF SWENSEN/GETTY IMAGES