Vegard Nossum
3 hours ago

Oracle Linux is hiring Product Security Engineers:

Positions in US, EMEA, AU/NZ. Fully remote.

#LinuxSecurity #GetFediHired #FediHiring #InfoSecJobs

4 hours ago

If anyone happens to be looking for a high-level HR/People/Customer Education person, please let me know. I have a relative who’s looking. Remote or Houston area if possible. They’ve got decades of experience at everything from IC to Director level.

Thank you.

#GetFediHired #job

10 hours ago
Numa 🏮
10 hours ago

Mastodon, fais ta magie ?

Double-diplômé en com' & créa numérique, #jechercheunjob (temps plein/mi-temps). Formé au #montagevideo , mixage son, #graphisme , com réseaux sociaux & site web, gestion de projet & équipe. Exp de tournage à quasi tous les postes (prise de son, cadrage, blocage de rue, etc). Suite Adobe maitrisée. #fedijobs #GetFediHired #JobsOfMastodon

Je parle anglais (lu, parlé, écrit) & espagnol. Exp pro depuis 2014. Je suis à Lyon, je peux venir partt sauf Paris

1 day ago

@chipperdoodles No recommendations, sorry. Except maybe use the hashtags? #FediHired #FediJobs etc

#GetFediHired #JobsOfMastodon #MastoJobs

Em :official_verified:
1 day ago

Obligated periodic reminder
that I am currently Looking for Work! ✨

Remotely from Canada 🇨🇦
(ideally, but flexible)

At a great organization 💚
(this matters more to me than the position)

Related to one of those fields:
#Privacy #Security #Tech #DigitalRights #HumanRights #Python

Check this post for more details:

#GetFediHired #FediHired #JobSearch #LookingForWork

Si hay frontends en la sala, os dejo esta oferta de la empresa donde trabaja mi mujer.
#Angular #Typescript #Frontend #JobOffer #Jobs #JobSearch #FediHired #GetFediHired

Valerie Aurora
2 days ago

My cool nibling just graduated with a masters in social work and is looking for career advice! They have a lot of experience with program management, public policy, and navigating government agencies. They are even good at _talking on the phone_ 😮☎️

What advice do you have for them in their job search? They live in Colorado.

#GetFediHired #FediHire

2 days ago

Honestly critiquing your own resume is very difficult, and I don't think paid services are much better. As a manager who has seen plenty of bad resumes lately, if you aren't having much luck, ask some colleagues you would like to work with for a brutally honest review of your resume. Many resumes are pretty bad, actually, and many good applicants don't realize this.

#fedihired #getfedihired

Goddess Zenith :VLogo:
2 days ago

Alright, so my partner lost her transportation, and I somehow have to help make ends meet with a job I can reasonably maintain, so lets try this:

Hi, I'm Zenith Reborna. I have over 10 years of prototyping games in #GameMaker. I also have a diverse skillset related to creative writing, worldbuilding, research, project direction, character design, and illustration. Programs I know include the Adobe suite, Affinity Designer, office, and DaVinci Resolve.

Lunya :3
2 days ago

I guess it can't hurt to put a post here. I'm looking for a job, ideally something related to software development or system administration because that's what I have specialized knowledge in, although I'm fine with anything that has decent pay, really. I'd prefer a remote job but could relocate to a location in the US if necessary.

My work experience consists entirely of around a year at various fast food places, and I have no higher education.

I know a number of programming languages, listed vaguely in order of proficiency: C, Go, Ruby, Posix Shell, Python, Lua, JavaScript

I have experience with Linux, including managing/configuring desktop workstations, using UNIX-like development tools and build systems, and system administration. In terms of system administration, I host a personal server running Debian that includes an Apache webserver with a personal website, as well as various other miscellaneous services.

I have general knowledge of cloud-based technologies, including Docker and Kubernetes, although I of course don't any real-world experience to show for that.

#getfedihired #fedijobs #fedihire #fedihired

Sumana Harihareswara
2 days ago

Per my spouse @leonardr , the creator & maintainer of the screen-scraping library Beautiful Soup + coauthor of "RESTful Web APIs", is open to new work opportunities as a senior software engineer. ,

He's open to #GetFediHired for remote contracting, consulting, full- or part-time gigs starting in December.

Seeking a mission-oriented org, ideally involving publishing, freedom of access to information, or climate resilience.

Rowan Pierce (they/them)
2 days ago

I’m once again looking for freelance copyediting, sensitivity reading or writing work this month! Please get in touch at if you’re looking to hire someone for:

* Up to 15,000 words of copyediting, or
* Up to ~80,000 words of sensitivity reading (from a transmasculine, nonbinary, disabled, autistic, bisexual, and/or polyamorous perspective), or
* Up to 8000 words of content writing (game content writing, or non-fiction topics including video games, TTRPGs, sci-fi and fantasy, health, psychology, and relationships)

You can find client testimonials and more information about my work at

Boosts very much appreciated!

#RemoteJobs #LookingForWork #ttrpg #writingcommunity #amediting

2 days ago

I am looking to start a new position that will help me utilize my skills as both near 20 years as a software engineer and my upcoming MBA that i will be getting in december.

i can work really any industry as i'm quite versatile (as you will see from my C.V. at the end of this post).

if in person, i need to work in the Kansas City area. however, i would prefer remote as it fits my family's needs.



Forest Fern
3 days ago

Tonight, I began using the hashtags below and noticed that all of them were attached to tech jobs. Are there other hashtags I should be using for me?

#fedihiring #getfedihired #hashyjobs #FediHire #hireme #hiring

Me: #research #analyst #EnglishDegree #Legal #Administration #UnitedStates #Michigan #HigherEd #government

hannahshouse2 🇺🇸 California
3 days ago

#GetFediHired may help. Also list what you are good at under this tag.

Will Givens
3 days ago

If anyone is looking to bring on a Junior Software Designer, hi! 👋🏾 ☺️

1.5+ years of design experience, T-shaped skill set (can lead research phases, strong visual design acumen, very comfortable with software dev [JS, C++] as well).

Experience spans native mobile and responsive web design. Recently interned at Snap Inc.

I have a BS degree and am currently pursuing a 2nd one in Computer Science.

Portfolio is here:

#getfedihired #ux #uxdesign

Looking for a product manager / data / analytics role from the greater Chicago region. Any tips or channels to watch out for here on fosstodon?

#️⃣ #GetFediHired #FediHired

#AskFedi Does anyone know of any #remote #job or #internship opportunities in the US that will hire someone who has recently graduated high school? #Linux related job recommendations would be appreciated.

#FediHired #GetFediHired

Leonard Richardson
3 days ago


I’m a senior software engineer with 20+ years of experience, most recently leading digital book lending at the NY Public Library. I wrote & maintain the screen-scraping library Beautiful Soup, and co-wrote the book “RESTful Web APIs".

Open to remote contracting, consulting, full-time, or part-time gigs starting in December, programming in #Python, #Rust, or #Go.

Seeking a mission-oriented org, ideally involving publishing, freedom of access to information, or climate resilience.

3 days ago
Anyone have any tips for finding work in the Netherlands? I'm a UK citizen without the high qualifications for the job seekers visa. So I think the work needs to be for a UK company, or a startup. Ideally I want to work in publishing, but I'm willing to consider any job that gets me a residence permit.
I have experience in database administration and high street retail management, a multidisciplinary degree focused on communication and creativity and broad IT skills including various programming and typesetting languages. I wrote, designed and published a book about
card games.
I'm just beginning to learn Dutch but I lived in Germany for a while and was able to socialise in German, so I am confident in my ability to learn. But I will need to work in English for now.
Also, my girlfriend is looking for work. She does have the job seeker visa, having graduated with a Masters in Risk and Finance from a top 100 university last year. She would prefer a financial job, but would consider something basic for now.

#Netherlands #Nederland #GetFediHired #Jobseeking #Jobhunting
fluffy 💜
3 days ago

@Paul100 So I mean, I was posting seeking potential gainful and satisfying employment, which is what the #GetFediHired hashtag is for. That's the sole purpose behind me even posting my resume on here.

Jared White, HTML Developer
3 days ago

Apologies for the crass link to LinkedIn, but I must admit I'm rather pleased with my First Post in 3 years. 🤓

Freshening up my profile there and figured I’d have some fun with it. 🪩

(and FYI, I have an opening for freelance work in #WebDev — hit me up if you're ready to migrate to a fresh design system using vanilla CSS & web components and bid Tailwind and/or React farewell…or just need some #Ruby programming. That works too!)

#FediHired #GetFediHired

Zhian N. Kamvar
3 days ago

You want to hire me because I understand that #FOSS is not just code, it's also community.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, I worked to completely redesign @thecarpentries lesson infrastructure from the ground up to make it easier to use for our volunteer community of Maintainers and Instructors. This resulted in The #CarpentriesWorkbench:

Here's what the community has had to say:



Zhian N. Kamvar
3 days ago

I'm looking for a new job (remote or #PDX), please boost!

I am a research software engineer with 11 years experience developing interdisciplinary scientific software that is robust, #accessible, and user-friendly.

I have experience in population genetics, #BioInformatics, #ReproducibleResearch, and #PublicHealth. My main language is #RStats, but I can also speak #Python, #JavaScript, #Lua, #C, #XML, etc.

#GetFediHired #RSEng

The following thread describes why you want me on your team


LordPhantom (Mathew)
3 days ago

Just saw a post about #job seeking on Mastodon so thought I would throw out the fact that I know of a few awesome jobs going in #ipswich #qld

Mechanic / Accessory Fitter
IT Support Technician

So if you are one of those, hit me up :-)

#GetFediHired #FediHired #hiring

DansLeRuSH ᴱᶰ
4 days ago
Em :official_verified:
4 days ago

Tiny Mastodon Tip for Job Seekers 💼​ :mastodon:​ :

If you too are looking for work
on the Fediverse, here are a few tips that might help:

1. Follow the account @hiringbot which does an amazing job at automatically boosting relevant toots (posts)! 👍

2. Build a List of companies and organizations that are here and where you would like to work at 🗒️​
Here's how to build Lists on Mastodon:

3. Include *at least* the hashtags #GetFediHired and #FediHired to your toots related to job search #️⃣

4. Include the location you want to work from to your toots related to job search 🌍🌏🌎

5. Follow *at least* the hashtag #Hiring 👈

6. If you are looking for developer jobs, follow: @jobsfordevelopers

7. If you are looking for jobs with open source projects, follow: @fossjobs

8. Good luck! ✨

#TinyMastodonTip #Mastodon #Fediverse #JobSearch
4 days ago
fluffy 💜
4 days ago

I have a chronic pain disability and can't spend all day writing code anymore. I'm also at my best when I'm collaborating with others, rather than working in isolation.

I'm also in it less for the money and more for the collaboration and making stuff people enjoy.

I have a full resume at if you need excruciating detail about the stuff I've done in the past.


fluffy 💜
4 days ago

I wouldn't mind getting some attention. #GetFediHired

* Former software engineer having primarily focused on graphics; I wrote major parts of the original Kindle render stack, the image scaler used on, and a lot of graphics code for games and consumer electronics middleware you've likely used
* Good at solving systems design and algorithm problems
* I think I'm pretty okay as a musician too and that's where I want to focus my attention these days

4 days ago

On the off chance that my Mastodon network includes full-stack Laravel devs with experience in Livewire or Vue.js -

#getfedihired #laravel #fullstack #developer

Adrianna Tan
4 days ago

Cool job alert: New York City is looking to hire a director of public art projects at the Dept of Transportation.

#getfedihired #jobs #newyork #publicsector

5 days ago

Time for a new #GetFediHired

I'm a Python dev with a side of ops--butt loads of time on Python and Linux, pretty familiar with containers (but not kubernetes), know which way is up on a pager. I'm pretty familiar with web technologies, although I would not call myself frontend or fullstack.

I've been a stunt product owner and a senior team member. I've been involved with a few successful open source projects (and I've written dozens of not-so-successful ones). I'm casually a community leader.

Jane Adams
5 days ago

Anyone work at a company they like that's hiring #PhD #research interns for summer 2024? Interested in roles related to #ComputerScience #DataVisualization #ExplainableAI #Genomics #Bioinformatics #SoftwareEngineering #ML #interpretability #EDA #DataAnalytics

I'm a third year PhD student in Computer Science at an R1 university (completed MS coursework), and a dual citizen USA/EU :) Thanks for boosting! #GetFediHired

Jacky is being.
5 days ago

#GetFediHired #GetHired #Writing #Freelance

I have a friend who's looking for #CreativeWriting roles. They've done it a lot for work but are looking to make a career change. They have their cover portfolio page over at and are actively looking for contract roles!


Doug Belshaw
1 week ago

👋 Looking for more work at the moment, either through @weareopencoop, my solo consultancy business (, or a longer-term contract.

Personal website:


1 week ago

[Full-time] Engineering Manager Wikidata for Wikimedia Projects and FunTech (d/f/m) at Wikimedia Deutschland e.V. #fossjobs #GetFediHired #foss
1 week ago
1 week ago

If you are writing a job-search toot it would be great if you could add the country you are in. Yes, it also matters for fully remote positions.

I spend so much time trying to piece together various clues about job searchers locations in their profile. 🥲

That would be awesome, thank you, and good luck! 🙌

#fedihired #getfedihired #infosec #jobsearch

Manager standing next to cubicle saying "That would be great". A meme from the movie "office space".