Matias Hettich Castillo
54 minutes ago

Today I had a bit of free time and decided to make the game repository.

It's hard to get used to do this thing one step at a time. But it's a necessary thing to do, specially for me that always gets too excited to do stuff, and then let anxiety ruin the pace and finally give up.

small steps. One at a time. Take this thing seriously so it succeeds 😊🕹️🖥️

#Godot #GameDev #IndieGame #Linux #GitHub

Cees-Jan Kiewiet :rp: :wm:
2 hours ago

Just updated my #composer #PHP #GitHub Action that gets you the PHP versions in range of your composer.json with a nightly input. And it now also takes your look file into consideration to get the extensions required to run your package/project on GHA:

Adam Wojnicki
2 hours ago

Do you use emoji in your commit or pr messages? #webdev #webdevelopment #software #github

2 hours ago

I say this because despite the clear current #github repo READMEs pointing to #codeberg, the gh repos keep getting new stars.

However, this is one reason I wanted to move, the relatively low quality of gh users overall, as in, they don't read, do research, contribute code or patches, etc. I mean some do, but it's the minority, most just do those silly repo clones misnamed 'forks'. There should be a rule that nothing can be called a 'fork' unless actual code has changed in it from the source.

2 hours ago

I'll be dismantling the smxi #github repos, starting with least active repos / projects first. but it's a pain to do it. The goal is to leave the repo README file in place, with pointers to @Codeberg actual repo, but with 3, I have to leave at least the main program file in place since the -U self updater feature has the active download URL hardcoded in. But all the rest I can start shutting down.

It's going to be a challenge getting people to correct their 'only one tool can do job' re gh

Today I learnt scheduled #github action workflow activity is disabled after 60 days of Git repo inactivity. Which means you can't have a GitHub action updating your static site if you don't change the site once in a while.

Not a big deal for now (I can automate fake Git repo changes lol), but well, good to know I guess.

Maybe I should get my shit back to some VPS or stuff.

Screenshot of GitHub email to effectively says the following: you haven't been updating your repo and you run a scheduled GH action, so we'll disable your workflow within 60 days"
Christopher K. Horton
5 hours ago

I have enabled email privacy settings on #GitHub.

6 hours ago

I've made some late changes to the code:

You can now use the LUX + and - keys to change the brigtness.

The API_KEY is moved to to stop me accidentally uploading my API KEY

should have done this sooner!

#RaspberryPi #PiPico #Pimoroni #GalacticUnicorn #Weather #GitHub #FOSS

Nirmal Kumar
6 hours ago

My profile on GH updated!

#github #profile #nothingmuch

My profile on GitHub showing off the description.
6 hours ago

27 Unique Clones of this since it went online 2 hours ago!

Makes me happy.

I hope people get some use of it!


8 hours ago

I love automation.

I posted this from my text editor by adding the appropriate text to the top of a #Markdown file, and pushing it to #GitHub.

I am aware that I put a lot of work into something that the WordPress developers solved a long time ago.

But I didn't have to use a huge scary pile of PHP to do it. I used a huge scary pile of #JavaScript, instead. I call that progress.

Joking aside, the real upgrade is that my current solution has no database. You can get a full readable archive of my site with a `git clone`.

I should have more updates soon, because I have added so much art to my site, that I now have to add a CDN (content delivery network). That should be interesting.

I will, of course, provide an update here on #Mastodon by typing some details into a Markdown file and pushing it to git.

#random #selfhosting thoughts.

Martin 🇪🇺
8 hours ago

@nwmichl Gucke gerade #GitHub Projects an. 😬

Tedi Heriyanto
9 hours ago

CloudKeys in the Air: Tracking Malicious Operations of Exposed IAM Keys:

Some excerpts from Palo Alto's post:
- We discovered a threat actor’s operation that scanned for exposed AWS IAM credentials within public GitHub repositories.
- We found that the threat actor can detect and launch a full-scale mining operation within five minutes from the time of an AWS IAM credential being exposed in a public GitHub repository.

#cloudsecurity #cryptojacking #awsiam #github

9 hours ago

To try and make using my #GalaticUnicorn weather clock easier, I have moved it to a full #GitHub Repo

Instructions are included on the page for your assistance.

#Pimoroni #GalacticUnicorn #RGB #Weather #Display #Python #Code #colourful #Good #RaspberryPi #Pico #RP2040 #PicoW

Ricardo Tavares
13 hours ago

From my experience with #github #copilot it seems like a wasted opportunity to teach new folk about early returns from if statements.

Jarno Rankinen
18 hours ago

Been trying to get back to Firefox on Android from GOS's Vanadium.

Annoying things like this make me think these are intentionally made to have people stick to Edge or Chrome.

#Firefox #GitHub

A mobile screenshot of a repository page on GitHub. A functionally critical pop-up menu rendered mostly off the top of the page. The user can't scroll up to see most of the navigation menu, since it's the top of the page.

Whatever local config files you generate with #nix evaluation (lazy) are immutable , as they are symlinked to some nix-store path
thus copying those files such built from one disc\machine to another is useless , as you are not actually copying original file contents ( you copy empty files with filenames , not the content , which resides in nix-store paths), for that you need copy store paths
a simpler way is to serve your store over multiple disks \machines over ssh or take the main config files { configuration, home ...}.nix) and build other machines, and redo all the work you did to make those local configs work originally . Obv serving your store over #ssh saves time
another thing is that you can unify your storage of all disks
in case on disk is short of space and another has spare
Why d you use multiple machines\ disks , beyond to obv, i do it just to see how reusable they are , as i am not that lucky with #github or team to get others to build my configs and provide feedback :D ( servers actually) tbh thats not a reasonable expectation either , people build differently and isnt that the whole point of #opensource
side effect -
with native compilation #emacs has an eln cache, everytime your config evals again you ll have issues in writing perms
Pesky issue
you can alternatively call the following function in your early-init.el file to move the cache outside of the directory that you are synchronising:
and it's far from resolved

1 day ago

Будущее AI в разработке ПО – интервью с CPO GitHub

Два дня назад вышло интересное интервью с CPO GitHub Инбал Шани от Ленни Рачински . Так как GitHub со своим Copilot для разработчиков – один из лидеров внедрения инноваций в кодинг, захотелось законспектировать основные мысли. Итак, вот они:

#github #copilot #ai #artificial_intelligence

Richard Lewis
1 day ago

Okay so I’m thankful for the #GitHub Security lab team for sitting as security review of #HomeAssistant

1 day ago

Voy a ver si me aclaro con esto de Git. Intentaré tenerlo lo mas homogeneo posible. GitJournalAPP para Android con un repo privado de notas y en Debian con el comando Git para poder modificar las notas.

Voy a ver videos a ver si me aclaro.

#github #git

Michael Buhidar
1 day ago

New here - new #introduction!

I am an aspiring developer with interests in #Python, #arduino, and #retrocomputing. Also, an #opensource enthusiast that enjoys collaborating to learn new things and solve problems.

Primary projects and retro_typein_games relate to modernizing the experience of typing in #Commodore 64 games from magazines popular in the 80's for fun and relaxation. Also good for practice using #git and #github.

👨‍💻🎮 Jeff 📷 🎲
1 day ago

I am currently doing the #adventofcode2023 #aoc2023 #aoc23 challenges (

I have chosen a language I haven’t used for three years (#golang) and am leveraging #githubcopilot to bring me back to speed.

The best part while doing though is the ability to go with good test coverage. #github #copilot generates #tests with sample data based on interfaces/methods.

You can, for example, check out my tests for the day2:

Chris Ayers
1 day ago

If you haven't signed up for Granite State Code Camp, its going strong Right Now! I'm going to be doing a 2 hour workshop on #GitHub #Actions in about 30 minutes! Register and join in! #GSCC2023

1 day ago

This oversight allows an attacker to upload malicious XSLT, potentially leading to remote code execution on the Splunk Enterprise instance.

#Cybersecurity #SplunkEnterprise #Python #RCE #Vulnerability #GitHub

1 day ago

見えてきた #プログラマー 不要時代 #GitHub#生成AI

2 days ago

un bel tool per ottenere il codice HTML + Javascript a partire da uno screenshot di un sito web

#AI #github

Jeroen Habets
2 days ago

#AWS #reinvent2023 Not a single #ECS key announcement vs two for #EKS. Clearly shows #AWS lost interest in #ECS as there is more than plenty to #improve

Also on AWS' #ContainerRoadmap (on #github) ECS cards are barely moving:

Richard Lewis
2 days ago

Introducing AI-powered application security testing with GitHub Advanced Security #GHAS - The #GitHub Blog

2 days ago

#Linkedin "Lets do a securi... Ahaha GFY! Maybe check in a week? maybe not. Hey here's a dumb idea that led me to chew my #github leg off, why don't you force 2FA?! dumbshits!

Performant Data
2 days ago

I was honored by my employer with access to #GitHub #Copilot for a month, to help them test it. Installed the plug-in into #intellij It immediately threw exceptions on restart.

Next step: uninstalled it.

2 days ago

Very good write up by actual lawyers on GitHub's Copliot and its legal implications with respect to copyright law.

#FreeSoftware #GitHub #Copilot #Copyright #AiArt

Linux Is Best
2 days ago

"Oh, noes! GitLab wants you to verify your account."

Your point?

GitHub has required you do so for years now. But GitLab finally asks you to do the same thing, and people lose their minds. 🙄

Some of the GitHub groupies are just looking to hate on GitLab for no reason.

At least, search still works for us without having to register. 😉 🤣

#GitHub #GitLab #FOSS #OpenSource

Mathias Hasselmann
2 days ago

No wonder that some people believe hallucinating #AI could replace the average programmer. The typical junk that's found on #Github these days actually really is indistinguishable from hallucinated nightmare.

#Programming #GenerativeAI

Linux Is Best
2 days ago

Microsoft is Locking Down Search for Public Code on GitHub

I am so glad I switch to GitLab.

#Microsoft #GitHub #FOSS #OpenSource #GitLab

Wojciech Jarosz
2 days ago

As a way to teach myself #emscripten, I just managed to create a web version of Samplin’ Safari (my small #research tool to explore #MonteCarlo sampling patterns for #rendering ). Check it out here on #GitHub pages:

Karl Beecher
2 days ago

I just completed "Trebuchet?!" - Day 1 - Advent of Code 2023 #AdventOfCode

Find my code at

#haskell #rust #github

2 days ago

#azure workspace
#github actions
#visual comparison
and #video

2 days ago

There isn’t really a point to it, but this page by that creates a video from all your #GitHub stars is kinda neat: #opensource #foss #community

івась тарасик
2 days ago

@lmorchard …stop using #github period.

(well, unless it's the company's account of course, than one probably has no choice).

«We are ending all our own uses of GitHub, and announcing a long-term plan to assist FOSS projects to migrate away from GitHub […] we will no longer accept new member projects that do not have a long-term plan to migrate away from GitHub» (Gingerich and Kuhn, SFC)

Martin Geisler
2 days ago

I'm not exactly sure how this is measured, but wow! 😊

Could be because of all the activity we have right now in! We just merged two major changes (Rust in #chromium) and a huge rewrite and reshuffle. If you like what we do here, feel free to leave a GitHub star! 🌟

#github #trending #rust #training #opensource #collaboration

Steven P. Sanderson II, MPH
2 days ago

@bentoh thanks for the #GitHub #PullRequest !

Rob Bos
2 days ago

The announced #GitHub #Copilot updates for December are live! This team is delivering hard with this update, I love it!

Read all about it here: November 30th Update

And if you want a demo of this, just let me know! I’ve noticed how enthusiastic I get from explaining this to folks, so happy to tell you more (which includes the new Copilot for Enterprise as well!) 🤖🌳

Finished the first day of #adventofcode #aoc23 #adventofocode2023

Here is my solution. Will this time implement everything with #golang

IMHO not an easy start into the puzzles:

If you are stuck with part 2 then this map might be of help!

#coding #developer #devops #secops #developing #devs #software #aoc #advent #code #github

3 days ago

#github copilot Chat is now powered by #GPT4

But it looks like it didn't received the memo :blobfoxlaughsweat:

I'm looking for a brief but detailed (ha!) document on how to set up #git download somebody's #github repo, make a change to one of the files and upload it back for them to approve.
I don't seem to be having much luck as I seem to have a mental block not only with the terms push/fork/fetch/branch/merge/stash but also with git itself.
Does anybody have a good beginner's guide bookmarked?

Rob Bos
3 days ago

Holy moly! Letting #GitHub #Copilot write your pull request messages is super useful! I've been working on an update to a tool for a couple of weeks, and waited way to long to merge things back to main.... Writing a good PR message describing the changes would have taken more time then I would have wanted to spend on it, so probably would have resulted in "all sort of fixes and one new functionality🙈🤣".

See for yourself:

3 days ago

So, @EC_DIGIT is in the process of moving everything from GitHub to GitLab.
Yeey 🎉
And then: they only allow logging in via… GitHub
#GitHub #GitLab

Screenshot of the GitLab log-in page. Below the European Commission logo, there only is a GitHub button to log in.
3 days ago

5 GitHub Alternative for Data Science and Machine Learning Projects

The blog discusses five platforms designed for data scientists with specialized capabilities in managing large datasets, models, workflows, and collaboration beyond what GitHub offers.
#datascience #machinelearning #github

Ashley Blacquiere
3 days ago

Hey #csed folks - how are you using GitHub Copilot in your classrooms, and what are you saying about it to your students?

I haven't used it extensively in classrooms, but I might start. Anyone have any best practices they'd like to share?
#computing #cs #education #github

3 days ago

Have never tested #Playwright, but it seems to be the most popular of my listed options, at least if you believe in #GitHub stars as a popularity measurement. I do not really have an idea of how it works or what it's pros & cons are compared to other solutions...

J Simon van der Walt
3 days ago

@opensource is there anyone in Glasgow who might feel like helping me figure out how to deploy a #vitepress site on #GitHub #Pages?

@landley yeah...

That and the lack of benefit vs. cost is why I've stayed on #GitHub to this day.

It's just a bit of pain but a shitload costs to move into Self-Hosting and I'd rather leech resources from Microsoft as long as it's not causing a massive inconvenience to me...

I could move my stuff anytime but I'd rather avoid it.

Let #Copilot choke on my shitty ideas and bad code so hard they'll explicitly exclude me from their learning dataset...


rain 🌦️
4 days ago

Interested in hearing people's experiences with #CI merge queues of different kinds! If you've used, or have driven a switch to:

* any version of #bors,
* #GitHub merge queues, or
* something else

I'd love to hear your thoughts!


* How many developers work on the repo?
* What's your favorite thing about whichever one you use?
* What's your least favorite thing about it?

Reply to this, DM me, or email me at rain at :)

Please boost for reach!

Just published! ✍️ Learn how to sign your code commits with PGP using GitHub Desktop on MacOS!

#pgp #gpg #GitHub #git #security #softwaredevelopment #Code #dev #DevOps

Please, don't follow me on #GitHub, instead follow me on #Fediverse or sub to my blog (via RSS/Atom) because in those places I might actually post interesting stuff about my projects... that are not even hosted on GH :P

Dr John A Stevenson
4 days ago

I took part in a panel discussion about Coding in the Open, hosted by the Office for National Statistics today.

We discussed how to encourage #DataScience teams in Public Sector organisations to use #git, #github and #gitlab for collaboration.

I've added some links and notes here:

Calm down, people. As someone in the comments said: "Open source doesn’t mean that the repository host must provide unrestricted search." and it's true 👍
You can keep your source code elsewhere, which is also what I am doing (on #Codeberg).

David Bisset
5 days ago

📜 RepoList - A tool to generate wordlists based on #GitHub repositories

David Anson
5 days ago

Updated: markdownlint-cli2-action #Markdown #linting #GitHub #Action to v14

- Update dependencies (including `markdownlint`)
 - Remove deprecated MD002/MD006
 - Remove rule aliases for "header"
 - Add MD054/link-image-style
 - Use `micromark` in MD005/MD007/MD030
 - Improve MD022/MD026/MD034/MD037/MD038/MD045/MD051
- Remove deprecated “command” input

Test Double
5 days ago

So let’s say that you write a shiny new Ruby program.

... but how will you ensure every environment has the right version of Ruby installed and every user knows how to install all of its dependencies?

Andrew Coleman has a simple solution to save time and minimize tedious tasks:

#github #learning #docker #devops

Jari Pennanen
5 days ago

One of my favorite issues I've opened in #Github is this:

Why? It's an example of how a big company (in this case Microsoft) has trouble with the simplest of things.

Clearly running a #Powershell script without showing a console window should be possible, but instead, it's being waffled, year after year how to implement it in the PowerShell itself.

I still can't find a way to do that without Visual Basic scripts or another binary in Windows 11.

Andreas Scherbaum
5 days ago

There is an open #GitHub issue for the #Nextcloud #Android app, which renders the app useless for anyone affected.

Issue opened on Sep 17, Now 2 1/2 months and 114 comments later this Issue is still open, and no sign that it will be fixed anytime soon.

Boiling Steam
6 days ago

GitHub: Can no longer search code without being logged in:
#github #search #broken #login #worse

Sean Killeen
6 days ago

#hugops to the #github folks

6 days ago

Lovely. #github PR merging is broken while we're rushing to go live.

Christina Warren
6 days ago

En route to Las Vegas for #AWSreinvent! I’ll be in town until Friday morning — if you happen to be at #reinvent lmk, I’d love to see people! Also, plz come to the #GitHub booth!

Anupam 《ミ》λ≡
6 days ago

I've already made the move from an #iPhone to an #android phone running #LineageOS without #Google services. I've stopped using #Twitter and #Reddit, and I'm in the process of moving away from #Github. It's time to #TakeBackControl of my data.

6 days ago

I like when developers ask #github to do something and start out their ask by insulting them. Like is this a winning strategy generally? "This is revolting"

#tech #developers

6 days ago

@ryanc I regularly open github projects I want to search through with, which gibes you a web VSCode instance. Search without login \o/

#enshittifcation #github

Andrea Grandi 🦕
1 week ago

I'm a bit confused by #Github #Copilot Chat extension for #VSCode.

Which one I'm supposed to use? I'm interested in the most stable one, but I can't understand which one is it: Release is labeled ad "preview", but "Pre-Release" is also labeled as "preview" 🤔

#development #programming

GitHub Copilot Chat screenshot showing pre release version
GitHub Copilot Chat screenshot showing release version but still preview
Olav Fosse
1 week ago

#Git fun fact: you can merge more than two branches together and the resulting commit is called an octopus commit.

Here I'm merging master, logging, ssh-agent and bump-nrepl-versions

#GitHub fun fact: GH mascot Octocat represents an octopus commit

1 week ago

Zork I and Planetfall With The Edge Taken Off
Infocom text adventures in the classic style have this interesting thing they do where you explore interesting locations and solve puzzles in the rooms, but there's also some miscellaneous things you have to do to keep yourself alive. Resource management.
#niche #retro #github #infocom #interactivefiction #modernization #niche #planetfall #retro #textadventure #zmachine #zork

The Last Psion | Alex
1 week ago

I'm going to change the name of one of my projects on #GitHub, as I'll be dramatically expanding its features and changing its underlying structure.

Which of the following is best practice? (Reply with further comments.)

#Git #RetroDev #programming #software

1 week ago

Of the people who designed #GitHub’s “add suggestion” feature to code reviews, and made it so that your suggested change goes into a



block, nobody has ever done a code review on a #Markdown document, now have they.

Because I’ve just tried adding a suggestion for a bunch of lines which _themselves_ included a code block, so my review comment was something like




And sure enough the ``` below “foo” ended the suggestion. 🙄

Matthias Andrasch
1 week ago

Question for selfhosted #github runners - I only want to execute one action at a time per repository. When I push, 3 actions are triggered on my repo. Due to some edge cases I only want to run one action, no parallel running.

I tried concurrency ( - but this canceled the other actions instead of queuing them 🤓 😀 #webdev #devops

group: ${{ github.repository_owner }}-${{ github.repository_name }}-job
cancel-in-progress: false

1 week ago

Hey there 👋

I'm building a smol web app for someone that displays issues on #GitHub, #GitLab and #Gitea resp. #Forgejo together.

Goal is to ease migration from one forge to another.

I could imagine that businesses and Open Source projects would consider this interesting for themselves.

Question for you: would you be willing to donate a small amount of money for tasks like these, so that I can focus on them? (Think Patreon-like funded work for the commons).

2 weeks ago

Moin 👋

für einen Bekannten bastele ich gerade an einer kleinen Web-App, die die Issues von #GitHub, #GitLab und #Gitea bzw. #Forgejo zusammenführt.

Ziel ist es, Migration von einer Forge zur anderen zu erleichtern.

Ich kann mir vorstellen, dass das für Firmen und Open Source-Projekte spannend sein kann.

Frage an euch: wärt ihr bereit, für derartige Arbeiten einen kleinen Obelus zu spenden, damit ich mich auf diese Tätigkeiten fokussieren kann?

Chris Manson
2 weeks ago

I want to thank everyone that subbed on my #twitch coding streams, my #github sponsors and my one #patreon backer.

I’m not making bank on these platforms (not nearly famous enough for that 😂) but you have allowed me to buy a bit of software today that helped me update my blog from my iPad.

Also just knowing that you’re there supporting my #opensource work gives me the motivation to sit down and continue writing my blogs. Thanks again 🎉❤️🎉

2 weeks ago


Going to give this dead horse one more whack

I follow #Mastodon quite closely on #Github

That said, on mastodon - mastodon-android I can find no mention of this in either Issues (open or closed) or Pull Requests (open or closed) using any search modifiers I can quickly think of - given the time I'm willing to waste looking

And there don't seem to be any mastodon-android Discussions

Wonder if this is another feature that @Gargron has decided on without any extensive input

Here, have a look:

Am I the only getting a bunch of error 500s on when updating files and looking at rendered markdowns?

My markdowns are not being rendered correctly?

#git #github #azure

Jason Garber
2 weeks ago

Another weird ass feature of #GitHub's React nonsense:

Opening links in a background tab on iOS from your homepage feed will often merely reopen the homepage. I have no idea what manner of link intercepting must be going on to that badly break default browser behavior.

Angelika Tyborska
2 weeks ago

Ah yes, the #GitHub #React rewrite 💩. What was meant to be a 10 second task (creating a new repo), turned into a 2 minute task because it took me 2 minutes to realize that I have no chance of typing my desired repo name letter by letter without making the website freeze, so I typed it in a notepad and copy-pasted instead.

I'm trying to create a new Github repository, but as I type in the repository name, the website gets stuck in "checking availability..." and at some point my browser tells me the script stopped responding.
2 weeks ago

@matthiasott I am using #Jekyll and #GitHub Pages, I feel like it does not get any easier than that. Writing some #Markdown and create a template using #HTML and #CSS mostly covers it. I don't even have to think about the pipeline, since GitHub covers that as well.

David Bisset
2 weeks ago

"Monaspace" is a collection of new coding #fonts from #Github. Might give these a try.

Screenshot of the font set.
Aalaap Ghag 🇮🇳
2 weeks ago

I canceled #ChatGPT Plus and subscribed to #GitHub #Copilot. Obviously.

2 weeks ago

Exciting! I was hoping we’d get to 1000 ⭐ on #GitHub by the end of the year but we’ve already reached this goal now 🥳

I’m really grateful to everyone who’s contributing code and feedback and to all our wonderful users. 🤗

#OpenSource #foss #floss #community

A graph showing the development of GitHub stars for the Keila repository, exceeding 1,000 stars in November 2023

@tyil I understand, thank you.

Btw, for those on #Github, the #GiveUpGithub campaign advises to leave a skeleton page around, after moving the codebase of the platform.

I used that approach when moving awesome humane tech list to #Codeberg and

You can view that here:

2 weeks ago The odd thing here is that those who agree that #GitHub is bad and want free software projects to move away from it, inherently object to using GitHub in the first place. It's technically a great move on GitHub's part, any dissenting voices will never even reach the people on the platform, and so everyone on GitHub will keep on thinking GitHub is the best.

I strongly support
any project leaving the proprietary platforms behind them, but I do not want to use a proprietary platform to say so, as that seems incredibly hypocritical. Feel free to add my voice to the thread if anyone here does not oppose to using the platform (though you definitely should).

Get off of GitHub already!

Should #Mastodon #GiveUpGithub?

I can't hear you..


Now I hear you! 😃

Serious now. #Github is becoming a one-stop-shop for #development, that *uses* #FOSS to expand its dominant position. Gradually locking people in, with rich feature sets. Good #CodeForge alternatives exist, and can soon integrate with the #Fediverse via #ForgeFed protocol.

Weigh in on the discussion, add upvotes, emoji and feedback to:

El Duvelle
2 weeks ago

#GitHub (for newbies) question:
How can you easily share code folders across repositories? For example you have a “Project 1” repo and a “Project 2” repo and you would like to share a “Stats” folder between them.

The obvious solution that comes to mind is just create a Stats repo and make sure that anyone using either your Project1 or Project2 code also clones your Stats code and adds it as a dependency somehow. But that’s not super convenient. Also it means you have to commit / push independently for all 3 repos and if you have a lot it starts to be annoying.

The ideal solution would use #GithubDesktop and has to work on Windows… 🙏
#Coding #VersionControl #Git

Ben S.
2 weeks ago

Tried out that #Monaspace font pack that people were buzzing about on here, and it's a hilarious disaster on #Microsoft #Windows 11, which is deeply ironic due to the fact that it was produced by Microsoft #GitHub employees.

We're talking basic stuff here, like being marked as variable width instead of monospace, text showing up in italic by default, etc.

Openreads 📚
2 weeks ago

📚 Openreads 2.2.0 just got released! 🎉 🚀 Ready to be downloaded from :github:

F-Droid and Google Play coming soon! I'll let you know when.

📘 ✨ Most important changes:
- Import/export CSV.
- Notes field and custom reading time.
- Selecting all/none tags and years in filters.
- Improved secondary sorting.
- New icon and font.

🔗 :

Big thanks to everyone that made it possible! 📱🌟 💓

#openreads #books #bookstodon #android #fdroid #opensource #privacy #github

Scott Williams 🐧
2 weeks ago

If you're thinking of self-hosting your hmm #git and/or mirroring your existing repos on #GitHub, #gitlab, etc., then I recommend @forgejo !

It's a fully #opensource soft fork of #Gitea sponsored by the great folks at @Codeberg !

While it has native #woodpecker CI support, it also integrates easily with #Jenkins, #Ansible, etc. as well.