Christian Grobmeier
3 hours ago

How to make your #Github profile more dynamic? @hummusonrails knows how to do that:

Nice blog post, thanks Ben!


3 hours ago

Why is it that #github dies everytime we try to release an update for #obsstudio

Getting connection refused right now.

Trolli Schmittlauch 🦥
4 hours ago

#Github hat wohl mal wieder Verfügbarkeitsschwankungen.

Matthew Martin ☑ ✅📛
5 hours ago

I updated most of my #pypi project to use "trusted publisher"

I can't figure out how to get an "environment" to only allow deployment from tags (which bizarrely #github treats as "branches") so I instead add an approver step and potentially all builds can be deployments, but only if I click OK.

Completely invisible...

Daniel Gibson
6 hours ago

Not, I don't think all systems are operational.
At least for me #Github corrently doesn't work (neither browsing projects/issues, nor pushing changes. Github pages still seems to work though)

screenshot of, claiming that all systems are "normal"/operational
Andreas Gohr
8 hours ago

Is #github sluggish for anyone else? status says all is fine... has like 93% packet loss for me...

Hendrik Ebel
10 hours ago

#GitHub #Copilot Beta can still surprise me - I writing the markdown documentation for ST and provide this embedded image and Copilot recommends:

„You can easily switch between the different types of thoughts by using the tabs at the top of the screen.“

Is this just by chance or can Copilot scan images?

Edit thought view of Sorting Thoughts
10 hours ago

Following the various malware issues, #pypi follows #github and #npm 's footsteps and accounts that manage a project will require #2fa

11 hours ago

TIL someone created a devgood #GitHub organization in 2015 and has done _literally_ nothing with it since its creation. Additionally, there's no way to know who an org with no data is connected to so i can't ask them if they can transfer it to me.

Aida Akl
11 hours ago

Remembering #GitHub's Office, a Monument to Tech Culture @WIRED

It seems GitHub is not ready for just out there way of thinking. 🤣

Due to this we will not be hosting development of DTS on GitHub. All development discussion will be done on discord server

I know I can be a bit "say it how I see it" but I would rather that then lie, as long as it don't harm someone.

#duckthesystem #github #discord #dts

It seems GitHub is not ready for just out there way of thinking. 🤣

Due to this we will not be hosting development of DTS on GitHub. All development discussion will be done on discord server

I know I can be a bit "say it how I see it" but I would rather that then lie, as long as it don't harm someone.

#duckthesystem #github #discord #dts

1 day ago

#TIL there are #GitHub repos tagged with `django-unicorn`! 😍

I just tagged some of my personal repos in case it's helpful to see how I use #unicorn in my projects.


1 day ago

Currently I have a @Raspberry_Pi 3B+ running a few mastodon posters to this account.
1) Twitch-and-toot: Python script I created to post when I am live on #twitch with a random start message to Mastodon and link, as well as an end of stream message
2) @klausi made a Mastodon #Twitter crossposter in Rust that works fantastic for when I want to trigger certain posts
3) Star-and-toot python I wrote to monitor when I star a github repo and post it to #Mastodon.

Code for all this is on #Github

1 day ago

My initial #Github star notifier for #Mastodon is up on GitHub, it's still under testing but I think I am at a point to test replacing the now broken Twitter IFTTT functions I had and bringing them over to my mastodon account. Quite a few of my followers enjoyed seeing what repositories I would star on Github #opensource

1 day ago

@misc @atomicpoet

Interesting. I don't mind interacting with private for-profit organizations using open protocols.

#GitHub is an example - I'm glad to ask my employer to pay for the additional tools, and nice user experiences; but if we need to migrate away, I can make it happen with a short shell script.

I may re-engage with #Meta on the same terms if the day comes that their privacy policies pass muster and their software interacts over open protocols.

heise online
2 days ago


"Doom" im Teletext: Bastler veröffentlicht Code auf Github

"Doom" kann man jetzt im Teletext spielen, auf Wunsch sogar mit der Fernbedienung. Der Code steht auf Github zum Download bereit.

#Doom #Gaming #GitHub #Shooter #Spiele #TV #Teletext #idSoftware

It's just so d*mn #satisfying to watch the #GithubAction to build, pack and deploy my updated #NuGet packages. 😎✌️

#devlife #geeklife #CICD #Github #GithubActions

Screen capture of the latest Github Action run for my Maui NuGet packages
2 days ago

Ten czat w tym nowym GitHub Copilot'cie potrafi być pomocny bardzo. Podoba mi się funkcja wytłumaczenia co dany kod robi. Wszelkie pomoce przy użyciu zrozumienia kodu też są bardzo fajne.

#GitHub #GitHubCopilot

Curtis "Ovid" Poe
2 days ago

OK, now I'm totally sold. Turns out that because of my history of building open source projects, I get to use #github #copilot for free. Kind of hard to beat that deal. I am *definitely* going to hype this project, even though I know some are not happy with it.

I can't believe how easy it is to get stuff done.

3 days ago
3 days ago

Hat jemand von euch mal #Metriken aus #GitHub (Enterprise) Builds in #Grafana visualisiert? Also mit detailliertem Buildstatus... Da würde mich die Lösung interessieren. Einen Prometheus-Exporter für GitHub habe ich schon gefunden, ich bin mir aber nicht sicher, ob wir den einsetzen können - das ginge nur, wenn man den Exporter auch unabhängig selbst aufsetzen kann.

:BoostOK: :ReplyOK:

Curtis "Ovid" Poe
3 days ago

Started testing out #github #copilot by writing an OpenSky client in Perl, using MooseX::Extended and #perl. Copilot surely doesn't know MooseX::Extended, but it's getting the syntax correct, it's learning my style as it goes, and it's writing some non-trivial code for me.

This is scary.

Je lance une bouteille à l'a mer :mastoread: #adminsys #installation #github #internet

Sauriez vous me dire s'il y a moyen de suivre ce que le serveurs échangent 💱 quand on a des commandes tel que :

sudo wget -q ""


sudo apt-get install curl sudo unzip vim

C'est pour un ami ^^

3 days ago

Fully restored, but only by manual uploads to Git, not via CLI or Desktop app. Anyone knowledgeable about #GitHub care to let me pick their brains?

Till Kamppeter
3 days ago

@ubuntusecurity @ubuntu @LinuxSecSummit I am @till from #OpenPrinting, maintainer of #cups-filters Mentioned security fix is our debut of receiving a private vulnerability bug at #GitHub after I have found out how to activate support for these. I learned from the #Canonical Security Team how to process the bug, they learned from me how to activate #security bug reports in GitHub! And GitHub fixed a bug on this! My #Tutorial:
You should mention this in your next episode!

TIL it is possible to use <kbd> in #github flavored markdown to show key icons 🤯

is rendered as



Morten Linderud
3 days ago

I'm seeing transient issues from Github where a `git clone` is blocked.

strace is giving some blocking on
"write(4, "0011command=fetch0014agent=git/2"..., 1443702) = 1443702"

and the API returns an 408 after a while?

error: RPC failed; HTTP 408 curl 18 HTTP/2 stream 7 was reset
fatal: expected 'packfile'

#Github #PackagerLife

tffp podcast
3 days ago

so I submitted a #Github issue for #Buzz whisper transcription app and I hope it gets some traction. Someone replied with a comment ath this would also be useful for interviews.

Sarah A
3 days ago

so I submitted a #Github issue for #Buzz whisper transcription app and I hope it gets some traction. Someone replied with a comment ath this would also be useful for interviews.

What's the difference between and #msbuild

Harley Eades
3 days ago

OMG! I'm LOVING the code navigation that is built into!!! #github

Paul Wijhenke
3 days ago

Sometimes you find a little gem on #Github. So if you ever need a #Docker compose file for a specific application it might be worthwhile to check here:

melanie ensign
3 days ago

Open source isn't one-size-fits-all. As @rwwmike notes in this article for GitHub’s ReadME Project, being able to articulate appropriate expectations for your project is about knowing your limits, knowing what makes your project special, and what kind of contributions are most valuable for your project.

By the way, if you're not already subscribed to this newsletter, get on it! It's one of the few I read all the way through.

#OpenSource #OpenSourceCommunication #github

I got access to #github #copilot chat 🎉

Now I can ask it to help me with some code where even #Rust's #clippy does not help 😅

Asking GitHub Copilot Chat to help me rewrite an if statement to a shorter version
Michal Špondr
4 days ago

Používám #Github Copilot, ale uvidíme, co na to řekne naše IT oddělení, jestli to neporušuje nějaké firemní NDA. Protože přece jen to posílá kód někam na servery Microsoftu.

I just test-migrated my #FreeBSD 64bit #assembler example program from #github to @Codeberg at and it took me about 5min by using the #codeberg migration feature, including the time it took me to create a github access key.

Joe Lanman
4 days ago

in #GitHub Projects, can you create a new issue using a template from a linked repo?

Curtis "Ovid" Poe
4 days ago

Writing documentation for a client to explain layering in software applications. Because I've been trialing #github #copilot, it keeps trying to autocomplete my documentation.

It's doing a far better job than I would expect, even when I have a single document open, it's pure #markdown, and I don't have any code loaded in my editor.

A diagram showing simplistic functional and structural layering of an application. On the horizontal axis, we see three "functiona" layer for product search, shopping cart, and payment.

On the vertical axis, we see the structural component of view, controller, and model.
Hacker News 50
4 days ago

Make your own VPN with, tailscale and GitHub



4 days ago

#GitHub reports that my package has dependents that are not listed on #NPM 🤔

Repositories that depend on @steffo/bluelib

Till Kamppeter
4 days ago

#OpenPrinting News May: #OpenPrinting Summit/#PWG Meeting 2023, #LinuxAppSummit #LAS2023 in Brno, #GUADEC #GUADEC2023 in Riga, #Ubuntu #UbuntuSummit 2023 in Riga, #GSoC 2023, #CUPS 3.x only end-2024, Print GUI testing, CPDB in print dialogs, #security bugs with #GitHub #tutorial

Thomas Dohmke
4 days ago

[Re. @lemonerdy]
COPILOT!! It was so nice to talk with and learn from you yesterday @ashtom!

#GitHub #copilot #MSBuild #MSBuildAmbassador @msdev @microsoft

Steven Harman
4 days ago

TIL: GitHub Markdown supports "Note" and "Warning” highlights in blockquotes. This is a great little improvement. #GitHub #Markdown

Example of GitHub Markdown show the markup and rendered result of highlighting a block of text as “Note” or “Warning,” including a little visual symbol.
4 days ago

Next, GitHub will be removing support for Python 2.7 from actions/setup-python in under a month, on 19th June. 🪦

"Breaking changes

"Hello everyone. The Python 2.7.x will be removed from python-versions and it won't be possible to set up Python 2.7.x by setup-python.

"The motivation for the changes

"Python2.7 is not supported since January 1, 2020."

#GitHub #GitHubActions #Python #Python27 #CI #EOL

The new GitHub code browser is a really nice improvement. When documentation is insufficient, or I need more details, I often look at a library's source code. Often, I've cloned it in order to look at it properly locally, but the new code browser makes that almost always unnecessary.

#Code #Programming #GitHub

A screenshot of GitHub's code view, with a file and folder tree to the left, the code of a selected file in the middle, and a Symbols list to the right.
Rob Bos
5 days ago

I’ve got a layover in Copenhagen on my way to goto; Aarhus to talk about GitHub Advanced Security (GHAS) and noticed that Microsoft announced GHAS for Azure DevOps!

Want to learn all about it? Then read my post on it, hot off the press!

#GitHub #GHAS #AzureDevOps #Security

heise online
6 days ago

"Doom" im Teletext: Bastler veröffentlicht Code auf Github

"Doom" kann man jetzt im Teletext spielen, auf Wunsch sogar mit der Fernbedienung. Den Code steht auf Github zum Download bereit.

#Gaming #GitHub #idSoftware #Spiele #news

Evie (SleepyCatten)
6 days ago

Genuine query

How do I try to get the attention of Mastodon devs to look at a simple QOL & accessibility suggestion about character limits?

& just to pre-empt the thought, I cannot code, nor have I ever been able to successfully learn, so I cannot offer to contribute to the code.

#Mastodon #GitHub #accessibility

Markus Eisele
6 days ago

#AutoPR: Fix issues with AI-generated pull requests, powered by ChatGPT
#ChatGPT #github

6 days ago

Kann hier wer #github #actions? Ich hab hier das Problem, dass ein Step `pip3 install pretalx` macht, und der step danach dann django nicht findet, obwohl django mit #pretalx installiert wird?

Wo ist der Fehler?

Christian Pietsch 🍑
6 days ago


#GitHub's owner Microsoft received several #BigBrotherAwards for blatant disregard of user privacy, most recently last month:

#BigBrotheraAward #bba23 #microsoft

6 days ago

For example, this is now on codeberg. Choose a non-profit "forge" and move projects there ... #github = #msft = #heistware.

Sean Killeen
6 days ago

Why I love #GitHub, a short story:

A project I'm supporting had a failed #build on a #PullRequest. On my phone, within 10 minutes, while on shaky H+ international data, I was able to:

* See the PR
* See the #GitHubActions output
* Edit the project file and Actions file
* Commit my changes to that author's pull request
* Leave a comment explaining my changes
* Watch the build pass
* Allow the PR to be merged.

I did it all while waiting for a coffee.

So much love for that.

1 week ago

Welche Gründe gibts es egtl. #Github nicht mehr zu benutzen und evtl. irgendwohin zu migrieren? #followerpower

Cleo Menezes Jr. :verified:
1 week ago

Hey guys. Now you can #support me through #GitHub Sponsors.

If you find one of my works useful to you, please consider buying me a coffee.

The Cybersecurity Librarian :donor:
1 week ago

This weekend PyPi, the python software repository, suspended new accounts: the level of malicious activity has become unmanageable.

But this story is not just about Python: the level of risk from software dependencies has risen unimaginably: not a little, not a lot, this is big enough that it is hard to communicate and comprehend.

Python (pypi), Javascript (npm), Java (maven), Ruby, and even VS Code extensions are all under constant unrelenting attack. When a single package is trojanized, that threat is inherited by every application that include the compromised package.

The number of methods being used for these attacks is growing, and developers are now a "target of choice" for many criminal groups.

For example, in 2022 there was a sudden increase in the number of an effectiveness of "Phishing as a Service" (PhaaS) offerings in criminal markets. These services are effective at bypassing MFA. However, you may not know that these services are being used to target developer accounts, including repositories of private and open-source software. They want to trojanize the code and create the next big software-supply-chain compromise.

PhaaS is just one method. This weekend's announcement from PyPi was the result of criminals creating a large number of developer accounts so that they can publish malicious clones of existing packages. Typosquatting of packages is not a new phenomena, the constant stream of attacks is new.

You might assume that the repository hosts or managers must have a solution. They do not. The problems are diverse and many: from the management of repository hosting, to the security/trust verification features of packaging systems, to the security of repositories and the developers themselves.

There is no one solution, but solutions are needed.

My action item for you is this. Do not read cybesecurity about software repository compromises in isolation. Look at the forest and not the trees. Big risks are harder to understand that little ones but need the most urgent action.

Below are a small selection of stories in the comments to get you started. This is just a tiny fraction of the stories I have read and analyzed in the past year. The "hits just keep on coming".

#SoftwareDeveloper #GitHub #PyPi #NPM #Java #Python #CyberSecurity #PhishingAsAService #ThreatIntelligence #CTI #PhaaS #TypoSquatting #VSCode #Malware #SoftwareSupplyChain

Screenshot of an announcement from the PyPI python repository that they are suspending registration of new accounts due to malicious activity.
1 week ago

I really wonder what these GitHub accounts that fork tons of popular repositories are up to? Apparently Sonatype has a product called Nexus IQ for SCM, but there's no indication this account is owned by Sonatype; but they are using the Sonatype logo.

What are your favorite GitHub Actions? Super curious if you have a go to one you use in a lot of projects. #GitHub

Dave Mackey
1 week ago

#question of the day: is there a way to create #redirects on files in a #GitHub repository?

For example, say one has:


But one wants to move it to:

But folks have bookmarked the former. Is there a way to create a redirect?

I'm fairly confident there isn't...but you never know.

heise online
1 week ago
1 week ago

This initial release includes:

🚀 Next.js starter project with #MUI for rapid prototyping

🐳 Custom #Docker image, optimised for Next.js, to run in 🤗 Spaces

1️⃣ Our first component called "summarization" using `@huggingface/inference`

📥 Predefined workflow to sync your #GitHub repo with your 🤗 space

☀️ Dark / light theme based on system preferences

heise online
1 week ago

Mögliche Preisgabe von Interna: Apple schänkt Benutzung von ChatGPT & Co. ein

ChatGPT & Co. kann die Arbeit mit Text oder das Programmieren erleichtern. Wegen des Risikos, dass darüber Interna abfließen, schränkt Apple die Nutzung ein.

#Apple #ChatGPT #GitHub #KünstlicheIntelligenz #Programmierung #news

Combustible Lemon
1 week ago

One of you will know this: is it possible to create a fine-grained #Github token that can create *Organisation* secrets? The docs are... bad

Schalk Neethling 🇺🇦
2 weeks ago

Not to lose sight of all the goings on in LLM and the A.I. worlds, I have been playing with some of these tools. I have found something that looks promising with #GitHub
#copilot for CLI - - Have any of you found helpful tools?

Rafagas Links
2 weeks ago

A map that's different from the usual but also helps you navigate the space: the map of more than 400,000 projects on GitHub where each dot is a project, sized according to the number of stars in the project via Oscar Fonts #github

Mark Gardner ‍:sdf:
2 weeks ago

@georgeharito @randomgeek @codinghorror Oh, that was just the wake-up call that the script kiddies needed adult supervision. #npm got it in the form of being bought by #Microsoft-owned #GitHub. Careful what you wish for.

The punchline is that @isaacs wrote npm in reaction to how “terribly” #PHP’s #PEAR and #Perl’s #CPAN did package management.

Demotivational poster of a sinking ship captioned, “Mistakes: It could be that the purpose of your life is only to serve as a warning to others.”
Hrefna (DHC)
2 weeks ago

Reading the captcha discussions and talk about the recent spam attacks on the #mastodon #github is simultaneously enlightening and deeply depressing.


Joe Lanman
2 weeks ago

anyone used new #GitHub Projects for a while? How are you finding it? My main concern is anyone on the team can edit views and there's no audit trail of that

Dan van Moll
2 weeks ago

#BlueSky just published the code of its mobile #app on #GitHub

2 weeks ago

Want to save some time and energy on your CI with #pytest? 🕒 ⚡ :python:

I've written a #Github action to implement pytest's `--last-failed` flag on a per-PR basis! :github:

Check it out:

@brianokken @mkennedy Curious to hear what you think of this!

#efficiency #sustainability #python #githubactions

Jesus M. Castagnetto🇵🇪💉x5
2 weeks ago

A #map of #github by Andrei Kashcha (, see it at:

If you are looking for #RStats projects, they are in "RWorld" ( next to "Coronaland)

2 weeks ago

🆕 Blog post:

The file in our package repositories - what it is used for and how it is formatted

#git #github #gitlab #package #extensions

2 weeks ago

Hey you! If you ever, ever, use #github, #gitlab (etc) you need to read this. Every #maker, and most everyone else, ESPECIALLY those of you who are NOT #developers. (Contributors/devs usually have local copies already.)
The first hour of my day was just wasted chasing down an error in #HACS that turns out to be "Dev deleted their repositories on github and now #homeassistant is mad"

The problem is not that the developer chose to stop supporting their work. That is their prerogative and my only role is to be sad. The problem is that we learned nothing from

#GIT ONLY WORKS IF YOU HAVE YOUR OWN COPY. The downloads and tarballs are not the same thing. They are partial copies at best. Even "forking" (on the same site) can be deleted at the original author's whim.
To actually have your own copy, it needs to be somewhere else. On a new site (if the original is on #github you can put your copy on #gitlab) or even your laptop. And when you can, use your copy instead.👿

Zach Flanders
2 weeks ago

Anyone else having an issue with #github not showing all of their pull requests at ?

Edit: Looks like yes.

Brian Gomes Bascoy (pera)
2 weeks ago

The amount of very important information sitting in #GitHub Issues and PRs for FOSS is a bit scary. The libre software community shouldn't depend so much on a private corporation like GitHub/Microsoft.

Sander van Kasteel
2 weeks ago

#GitHub is down again....

Well, time to pet the cat :smugcat: :catjam:

Also #hugsops for the people that need to fix this outage.

An comic of two coworkers that are Slacking of because Github is down with a speech bubble of their boss saying "Hey! Get back to work!", them replying "Github" and subsequently getting the reply "Oh. Carry on."
Xe :verified:
3 weeks ago

it's not you, #github is down

Craig Maloney ☕
3 weeks ago

This is the first time I've ever seen a 500 error on #github. So this is exciting.

Note: Not the place to tell me about github alternatives, air your grievances about github, or preach about other version control systems. I worked for Sourceforge.

I’m over here refreshing #GitHub’s status page like they’re gonna sell me Taylor Swift tickets.

Khalid ⚡
3 weeks ago

I added #JetBrains #Qodana to my #dotnet #OSS project, HTMX.NET. It runs a #ReSharper linter with over 2,000+ inspections in #GitHub Actions and then gives you an excellent report.

Worked through all the issues, and now all is well.

It Seems All Right 👌

Report from Qodana
Thomas Dohmke
3 weeks ago

[Re. @julioarrudaC]
A little bit about the yesterday presentation of @ashtom CEO of @github in Brazil..

#github #githubstar #community #copilot