#Gremlins: Secrets of the #Mogwai | Official Trailer | #Max
The story of who the Mogwai are, where they came from, and where #Gizmo came from starts here. With a production headed by, and cast with #AAPI people. Show is will air on the #CartoonNetwork #ACMENight block.
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2 weeks ago

Filmy i seriale:
„Gremlins: Secret of the Mogwai”

Filmowe "Gremliny" stanowiły dość krwawe horrory dla nastolatków. Czy da się je przerobić na animację dla dzieci? Sprawdzimy, oglądając serię "Gremlins: Secret of the Mogwai" (wśród której producentów znaleźli się twórcy oryginału - S. Spielberg i J. Dante).[…]

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Lefranc Matombé
2 months ago

Les réseaux sociaux c'est de la blague. #MR #politique #gizmo #gremlins #meme #humour

3 months ago

From my vintage collection: Gremlins 2 standee (WB, 1990). 😎💜 This baby is motorized! ⚡️🙂 #80s #90s #gremlins #gizmo #mogwai #retrotoys #vintagetoys

3 months ago

Gizmo with flowers digitally inked on ipad with inspire painter #inspirePainter #gizmo #DigitalArt #MastoArt

4 months ago

The truth of the matter is that most IoT devices do not actually add real value to the consumer. It's not clear to me why companies seem to think that we want to connect things like toasters and teapots to the internet. **We** don't. Maybe they can't understand that we're not dying to give them our data?


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Six pictures showing the evolution of a toaster from a useful, but simple, appliance to an AI powered piece of worthlessness.
5 months ago

Look what I just received...
@adafruit #adafruit #circuitplayground #tft #gizmo #arduino

Only downside is that it still has micro USB and not USB C.

Two circuit boards next to each other. The one on the left is an Adafruit Circuit Playground Bluefruit, to the right is the expansion board TFT Gizmo, featuring a small TFT display.
5 months ago

Can’t move. Cat furniture.

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Shorthaired grey tabby cat laying stretched out over my lap with paws pressed against the side of couch

Panelist Brendan is excited for GREMLINS: SECRETS OF THE MOGWAI to debut in 2023! He's been working on the series since 2019 and can't wait for the world to see this animated prequel series showing how Mr. Wing first met the Mogwai we all know as Gizmo. #Gremlins #GremlinsSecretsOfTheMogwai #Amblin #Gizmo #Mogwai #HappyNewYear #Happy2023 #PopCulture #tv #animation

Rasta™ OLD
5 months ago

BTW. # 7 Highway #EasternShore lost another merchant. After Sheet Harbour the next Food or Gasoline is in Sherbrooke, NS. The Pizza-convenience in #PortDufferin is gone . Used to be a Payphone there once, still no cellular service, or Pizza now.
Next convenience is #Gizmo's Variety (With #NSLC select) in Moser River, and still no gas stations for 80 kms or so..
But, still has its #Scenic charm. With or without a store. #WAYCTV
(I should have captured the West River, it's very active now)

a small island with trees, just before the horizon, where the sky meets the ocean in streaks of shades, some blue, orange, yellow and grey. A short group of twigs are on the shore where the photo is taken and visible at the bottom

Bonnie out for the count 💤 🐶

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Small black terrier dog asleep on her back with whites of her eyes showing
Small black terrier dog laying on her back with teeth and whites of eyes showing.
Dr. Horror Geek
5 months ago

Good morning, humans! ☃️🤶🏼🎅🏽
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6 months ago

Since cats can’t physically smile, they use their eyes and body language. They will look content as their eyes squint slightly as a ‘cat smile’.

Just gave Gizmo neck scritches with no collar. When I stopped he looked up at me with big eyes. I was done scratching so I smiled twice with my eyes (cat smile), and he double squinted back at me then closed his eyes and laid down to nap. (He’s still the baby)

As a side note, animal eye contact is SO easy! 😭

#Neurodiverse #ActuallyAutistic #CatsOfMastodon #Gizmo

(Lots of Gizmo pics, will give descriptions in replies when I have more spoons!)

6 months ago

Apparently Mrs MLG has to have Gizmos help today 🐶 Think he missed her yesterday

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JD Fisch🤓 🎬
6 months ago

I know everyone talks about is Die Hard a Christmas movie or not, does anyone consider Gremlins a Christmas movie? Because every time I see this little guy in this scene, I think of Christmas... 🤔 #Christmas #Gremlins #Gizmo #ChristmasMovies

Hippie Scuba Steve
6 months ago

Meeting Gizmo for the first time.

#Gremlins #Gizmo #Christmas #ChristmasMovies

Scene with Gizmo slowly emerging from the elaborate crate that Randall Peltzer had him stored in for his journey home (his little arms are resting on the front edge of the crate as he emerges).  A fire burns in the fireplace in the background.  GIzmo has a look of curiosity on his little adorable furry face.
6 months ago
6 months ago

Can’t decide if I like long cat or short cat more

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6 months ago

I broke Gizmo (I get unlimited belly rubs)

#CatsOfMastodon #Gizmo #TabbyCat

Sleeping gray tabby cat lying on his back with his belly exposed
Coralie Mercier
10 months ago

#MickeyRaccoon et #Gizmo ce matin après le jogging (le chat n’a pas fait le jogging, faut pas pousser quand même.)

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Chat tigré touffu vautré sur le trottoir alors que le chien est gentiment assis dans le pré juste derrière
Chat tigré touffu vautré sur le sentier en montée devant le chien debout remuant la queue
1 year ago

Propstore auction update:
Adorable #Gizmo hero prop puppet sold:

Hearings update:
Domestic Election interference: Priceless

Mogwai prop  hero Gizmo from the movie Gremlins as cute as you can imagine standing on a black stand pedestal hiding the cyborgian control wires and pneumatic tubes to operate the puppet's adorable on screen performance.
Isaac Ji Kuo
1 year ago

Opposed Recumbent Unicycle

This recumbent unicycle has the driver and passenger facing each other. The passenger, in front, faces rearward. The driver, in back, faces forward. They both pedal the central wheel.

The low center of mass solves the front-back balance problem, so the driver can concentrate on left-right balance.

#gizmo #cycling #unicycle

Isaac Ji Kuo
1 year ago

### Battery Electric Personal Tractor Trailer

This is the sort of electric "car" I wish they'd make. It's like the quick swap battery idea, but you swap out the motors also. Thus, the part you own is just a cheap trailer.


Isaac Ji Kuo
1 year ago

### Omnispinbot

Omnispinbot is a simple gearless robot which can go in any direction. It has only one motor, attached to one flexible flap-like foot. It is inspired by Homer Simpson spinning on the floor. The foot "slaps" the floor, causing the body to spin in place.

Turning the motor on and off adjusts how strong the "slaps" are, imparting body tilt. This tilt means that instead of spinning in place, the robot moves. The contact bump becomes a tilted wheel.


Isaac Ji Kuo
1 year ago

Tilt Chimes

This simple but expressive DIY instrument is made out of a wood block, measuring cups, and four screws.

You mount the cups along an edge of the block. Fill each cup with a little water to allow pitch bending (up to a third, or 5 different notes per cup).

Rest the block on a leg, and your palms on the block to tilt.

Strike the cup stems with your fingernails.

Here's an example of what it sounds like (I only have one cup, but I've ordered a set):


Isaac Ji Kuo
1 year ago

I’ve come up with a simplified kick scooter I call a “hooprail”.

You rail slide an endless hoop shaped rail, with a low friction bent wire strapped under your shoe.

You to glide your fingers along the hoop to steer - the hoop is its own handlebar.

Not only is the “hooprail” insanely simple, it’s also handy. It can hang flat against a wall or door. You can wear it over your shoulder. You can’t do that with a normal scooter or skateboard.

#gizmo #hooprail

Isaac Ji Kuo
1 year ago


The “monolimba” is a like a kalimba with only one to a few tines, but with keys to control pitch.

The basic principle is like plucking a ruler over the edge of a table.

The edge is defined by the thickness of stacked wedges. Pressing a key makes the stack thicker, raising pitch. There are four keys, providing 16 different pitches. You can further tweak pitch by partially pressing a key.


Isaac Ji Kuo
2 years ago

DIY practice meteor hammer.

Two pill bottles

Plastic shipping strapping

If the strapping is too wide, split down the centerline.

To secure pill bottles, place knotted tip in the bottle and screwed the top on. I don’t think the knots are even needed; the threading already bites into the strap.

My next step is to fashion some sort of tubes for a "meteor sticks" prototype ...


3 years ago

#Yoda = Shaved #Gizmo.

Da ist schon was dran.

#netzfundstück #Gremlins #StarWars

3 years ago