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2 hours ago

Shot: The new ‘scramble for #Africa’: how a #UAE sheikh quietly made carbon deals for #forests bigger than UK
#UnitedArabEmirates has the third biggest plans for #oilandgas expansion in the world” #biodiversity #carbonoffsets

Chaser: #SaudiArabia’s grand plan to ‘hook’ poor countries on oil
“The #Saudi government is like a drug dealer trying to get #Africa hooked on its harmful product” #globalwarming #climatechange #COP28 #fossilfuel

3 hours ago

It's been over a decade ago since #EnterShikari released the "Arguing with thermometers" song and it's never been more relevant than now... Unfortunately...

#climatechange #COP28 #globalwarming

Flipboard News Desk
16 hours ago

As COP28 gets underway in Dubai, @axios curates a collection of stories on what you need to know.

Articles cover the climate aid fund, what to watch for and more.

#COP28 #ClimateChange #Climate #Dubai #Environment #GlobalWarming

Ruth Mottram
18 hours ago

And then on to a study of #GlobalWarming rates:
"the surface temperature increase through the recent La Nina influenced years (2022) is consistent with the 50-year trend of 0.18 °C/decade. ... However, we also find clear indications, in all observational series, of a step-up in warming rate since around 1990. CMIP6 models generally do not capture this observed combination of long-term warming rate and recent increase."

19 hours ago

@peterdutoit Anything short of a binding commitment during #COP28 to phase OUT ALL fossil fuels (abated or unabated) at a rate in line with the Paris Agreement would represent the ultimate failure of the COP process and a horrible crime against humanity.

Any party opposing this unmasks itself as a perpetrator in such criminal act.

My hopes are low that this will occur in this fossil COP.

#sultanaljaber #COP28UAE #globalwarming #ClimateChange #climatecrisis

Occasional Pictures of Ducks
19 hours ago

“I’m not in hock to ideological zealots on climate, says Rishi Sunak”

He is lying.

He is entirely in hock to the ideological zealots of neoliberal capitalism who care more about short term profits than the medium term wellbeing of the entirety of humanity.

#ClimateCrisis #ClimateEmergency #ClimateChange #GlobalWarming #GlobalHeating #GTTO #DontLookUP #FFS

Backdrop to #COP28 #Climate Talks:
This Year Is ‘Virtually Certain’ to Be Hottest in Human #History, Researchers Say
Scientists confirmed another year of extreme temperatures as world leaders gathered in Dubai for a U.N. summit on #globalwarming. #climatechange #climatecrisis

Mark Stoll
21 hours ago

More #environmental good news:

Agreement on loss and damage deal reached on first day of #Cop28 talks

Fund to help world’s poorest and most vulnerable countries hit by #climatedisaster is first decision agreed at conference

#environment #climatecrisis #GlobalWarming

Flipboard News Desk
21 hours ago

The 2023 United Nations Climate Change Conference, COP28, kicks off Thursday in Dubai.

ABC News reports on what's at stake:

#COP28 #ClimateChange #Climate #GlobalWarming #Dubai #News

Firda B.
22 hours ago

I don't complain about it being cold this time of year because of this kind of weather events. I'm just a layperson, not a climatologist, but "extremely above normal" level in this context sounds extremely concerning.

#climatechange #globalwarming #weather #climatecrisis

Warm spell in the Arctic Archipelago 

An intense warm spell is currently affecting the Arctic Archipelago. This event started in Baffin Island on November 28 and is expected to spread westwards over the coming days. We expect temperatures to soar to levels deemed "extremely above normal". 

Forecast temperature anomaly (difference from normal) in northern Canada from November 29 to December 3. Yesterday in Arctic Bay, Nunavut, the temperature remained under -25°C, and it is expected to reach 0°C by Friday, December 1. These temperatures are exceptionally high, ranking above the 98th percentile. In other words, the current temperatures are within the warmest 2% for this time of the year, suggesting an exceptionally rare and intense heat event. 

Temperatures could even break all-time records by 2 to 3 degrees, highlighting the seriousness of this warm spell in the Arctic Archipelago.

"The disruption to the carbon-silicate cycle is the ultimate cause to every mass extinction event out there."

#Science #Carbon #GlobalWarming #ClimateChange #MassExtinction #Ecology #Paleontology

MugsysRapSheet ☑️🦃
1 day ago

It has been pretty clear to me for over a decade that #China is *deliberately* belching out CO2 while investing HEAVILY in Green Technology in hopes of cornering the market before anyone else has a chance to catch up.)

(Meanwhile, #Republicans refuse to do ANYTHING to cut CO2 until China does, and won't invest in Green Tech "b/c #ClimateChange is a hoax.) 🤦‍♂️ #GlobalWarming #GND #RepublicanIdiocy

1 day ago

Climate change! Made this motion graphic as part of an interactive story about global warming.

#design #motiondesign #animation #globalwarming

Aure Free Press
1 day ago

The climate crisis explained in 10 charts

From the seemingly inexorable increase in atmospheric CO2 to the rapid growth in green energy, we explore the data as Cop28 begins
#AureFreePress #News #GlobalWarming #climatecrisis #climatechange #COP28Dubai

Aure Free Press
1 day ago

2023 will be the hottest year in recorded history!

COP28 live: UN climate summit opens in Dubai after year of extremes
#AureFreePress #News #GlobalWarming #climatecrisis #climatechange #COP28Dubai

Jos Schuurmans (EN)
1 day ago

At the COP28 climate conference in Dubai, African universities are supporting a UN initiative to adopt 5G Tech Spaces as Digital Climate Action efforts to cap warming at 1.5 °C, expedite the Green Network and mobilise finance at scale.

#Africa #COP28 #StartNorth #5G #5GMokki #5GTechSpaces #environment #GlobalWarming #ClimateAction #innovation #education


Chris Ferguson
1 day ago

You know, we don't thank our #weather people, #meteorologists, and #climate scientists enough. They perform important work every day, and I wish we had a notable national or global holiday to celebrate them and thank them for their tireless work. Stories like this pain me to read, I hope we all can take a moment and be grateful for climate #science and the people behind it.

Thank you.

#climatechange #globalwarming

Aure Free Press
2 days ago


Star Trek’s William Shatner warns ‘we’re dying’ as he makes King Charles plea

Star Trek icon William Shatner opened up about climate change during an appearance on Good Morning Britain, bemoaning ‘stupid humans’ as he issued a plea to King Charles
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James Baillie
2 days ago

I think this is the sort of thing where it might be helpful to say things as loudly and clearly as possible.

So... I've written an open letter to Ecosia Search to point out how environmentally destructive "AI Chat" systems are.

All co signatories welcome, especially if you're in a related field but you don't have to be! Just let me know if you want to be added. Boosts also appreciated.

#ClimateChange #Climate #GlobalWarming #AI #LLM #ChatGPT

Aure Free Press
2 days ago

Really Humanity... Really?

President Of UN Climate Summit Planned For Oil And Gas Deals Behind The Scenes: Report
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Aure Free Press
2 days ago


This Antarctic glacier dramatically retreated. Then, its ice shelf totally collapsed (satellite image)

In 2.5 years, Cadman Glacier retreated 5 miles before its ice shelf collapsed.
#AureFreePress #News #GlobalWarming #climatecrisis #climatechange

CelloMom On Cars
2 days ago

When it rains it will *really* pour

"State-of-the-art climate models drastically underestimate how much #ExtremeRainfall increases under #GlobalWarming, according to a study published Monday that signals a future of more frequent catastrophic floods unless humanity curbs greenhouse #emissions. "

soy Nino Callese
2 days ago

Why Are So Many Gray Whales Washing Up On Shore?

#climatechange #climate #whales #nature #globalwarming ?si=J2qhrHkVF5ocClEc

Aure Free Press
2 days ago

Canary in a Coal Mine!

Scientists are warning that apparently stable glaciers in the Antarctic can "switch very rapidly" and lose large quantities of ice as a result of warmer oceans.
#AureFreePress #News #GlobalWarming #climatecrisis #climatechange

Aure Free Press
3 days ago

Tensions bubbling up at thirsty Arizona alfalfa farms as foreign firms exploit unregulated water

Saudi Arabia buys large tracts of Arizona farm land, then digs very deep water wells to use vast amounts of water to irrigate alfalfa fields, which they then harvest and transport back to Saudi Arabia as animal feed!
#AureFreePress #News #USA #saudiarabia #GlobalWarming #climatecrisis #climatechange

Aure Free Press
Aure Free Press
3 days ago

Climate Change is Costly

Home insurance rates have soared in Florida, but they are rising in both coastal and inland states as the devastation of climate change sweeps across the nation
#AureFreePress #News #GlobalWarming #climatecrisis #climatechange

Aure Free Press
3 days ago

Update: 10 people dead, 23 injured due to historic severe weather in Ukraine.

As a result of severe weather conditions in Ukraine, 10 people died, and 23 people, including two children, were injured as of the morning of Nov. 28, Interior Minister Ihor Klymenko said.

Some 411 settlements in 11 oblasts reportedly remain without power.
#AureFreePress #Ukraine️ #News #GlobalWarming #climatecrisis #climatechange

Aure Free Press
3 days ago

The Death of the Amazon River Dolphin

'The Amazon region is suffering from a vast drought, which has already resulted in the deaths of hundreds of river dolphins. Researchers are trying to determine if it is a sign that the "tipping point" has been reached.
#AureFreePress #News #GlobalWarming #climatecrisis #climatechange

Aure Free Press
3 days ago

COP 28 Starts Thursday!

The Largest Climate Talks Ever Confront Global Chaos and Record Heat

More than 70,000 people are expected in Dubai for COP28 later this week, but what can they ACTUALLY achieve?

And will it come to fruition?

Past climate goals have been set, yet never reached.

Climate demographics worsen.


The world is reaching THAT point.
#AureFreePress #News #GlobalWarming #climatecrisis #climatechange

4 days ago

Inside #PolandSpring’s Hidden Attack on #WaterRules It Didn’t Like

By Hiroko Tabuchi | Oct. 24, 2023 | New York Times

"When #Maine lawmakers tried to rein in large-scale access to the state’s #freshwater this year, the effort initially gained momentum. The state had just emerged from #drought, and many Mainers were sympathetic to protecting their snow-fed #lakes and #streams.

“Then a #WallStreet-backed giant called #BlueTriton stepped in.

“BlueTriton isn’t a household name, but its products are. Americans today buy more bottled water than any other packaged drink, and BlueTriton owns many of the nation’s biggest brands, including Poland Spring, named after a natural spring in Maine that ran dry decades ago.

“Maine’s bill threatened BlueTriton’s access to the #groundwater it bottles and sells. The legislation had already gotten a majority vote on the committee and was headed toward the full Legislature, when a lobbyist for BlueTriton proposed an amendment that would gut the entire bill.

“'Strike everything,' starts the proposed amendment, which was written in a Word document that contained a digital signature showing that it had been created by Elizabeth M. Frazier, who represents BlueTriton and is one of the most influential #lobbyists in Maine. The document was e-mailed by Ms. Frazier to lawmakers in the days after the committee vote.

“After BlueTriton’s intervention, the committee pulled the bill back. The company’s actions, which haven’t previously been reported, were described to The New York Times by three state legislators. The Times also reviewed several of the e-mails sent by Ms. Frazier as well as the Word document.

“'We couldn’t believe it. Their amendment strikes the entire bill,' said Christopher Kessler, a Democratic state representative who represents South Portland and a committee member who voted to advance the bill. 'Because all this happened behind closed doors, the public doesn’t know that Poland Spring stalled the process.'

“Bottlers have faced increasing scrutiny for the millions of throwaway #plastic bottles they produce, the marketing message that their products are safer or healthier than tap water, and for a business model in which they buy freshwater, often at low cost, only to sell it back to the public at much higher prices.

“And while the bottled-water business doesn’t use nearly as much groundwater as the nation’s thirstiest industries, like agriculture, the pressure on bottlers is building as awareness grows of the stress that intensive pumping can place on local water supplies. A Times investigation this year revealed that many of the aquifers that supply 90% of the nation’s water systems are being severely depleted as overuse and #GlobalWarming transform fragile #ecosystems.

“BlueTriton has been caught up in issues of local opposition and water use, and not only in Maine. The company also is fighting for access to water sources in numerous states, including #Michigan, #Colorado and others.

“In response to detailed questions, BlueTriton on Monday pointed The Times to a new page on its corporate website. 'After thoughtful consideration, BlueTriton opposes the proposed legislation,' the page says, because the bill 'would make it unaffordable for any large-scale water purchaser, including Poland Spring, to invest in infrastructure and operations.'

“Ms. Frazier didn’t respond to detailed questions.

“Groundwater use is regulated by states, not the federal government, which means there is little national coordination, monitoring or management of a vital natural resource. Maine’s bill seeks, among other things, to put a seven-year limit on contracts for large-scale freshwater pumping by corporations that ship water out of Maine, and to make the deals subject to local approval. That would block BlueTriton’s current efforts to lock in contracts up to 45 years long for pumping water.

“'We couldn’t believe it,' State Representative Christopher Kessler said of the lobbying effort.

“Industries and other interest groups routinely try to influence lawmaking, and there has been no suggestion that Ms. Frazier violated any rules. But it seemed 'unusual procedurally' for a corporation to propose rewriting an entire bill after it had already advanced within the Legislature, said Anthony Moffa, associate professor at the University of Maine School of Law.

“State senator Mark Lawrence, a Democrat who heads the committee considering the bill, said the committee would consider amendments proposed by any interested person or party. In Maine, 'a lot of the legislation that’s proposed is written by lobbyists, companies, different people like that,' he said.

“Mr. Lawrence also said that, at the same time the amendment was proposed, several members had begun to express fresh concerns that the State Legislature would be setting overly stringent curbs on contracts.

“BlueTriton finds itself pitted against local water boards, environmentalists and other groups across the country.

“In Colorado, environmental groups have been battling a 10-year contract that BlueTriton renewed with a semi-arid county to pump water from the Upper Arkansas River Basin, a region affected by historic drought.

“In #California, BlueTriton has publicly criticized and vowed to fight a cease-and-desist order issued by the state’s water board to stop diverting millions of gallons of water from a spring in San Bernardino County.

“In Michigan, lawmakers have proposed legislation that would close a loophole that enables BlueTriton and other commercial water users to pump water from the protected Great Lakes watershed. Known as the 'bottled-water loophole,' it allows for water to be used this way if it’s in containers that are 5.7 gallons or less.

“On its new corporate page, BlueTriton said 'there is no evidence of adverse impacts to the aquifer' in Colorado, and that California’s ruling 'negatively impacts every water agency and farmer in California that relies on groundwater, and in doing so, indirectly harms every Californian.'

“BlueTriton is a major presence in Maine, drawing water from eight locations around the state. It is currently trying to lock in a new contract of up to 45 years to pump water in Lincoln a former mill town.

“That would be BlueTriton’s second decades-long contract in the state, the kind of deals that would run afoul of the State Legislature’s proposed 7-year cap. The company’s pursuit of these deals, and the uncertainties of how climate change may affect Maine’s water supplies in the future, is what inspired the legislation, said Margaret M. O’Neil, the Democratic state legislator who introduced the bill.

“'We’re seeing our communities get locked into these contracts that are going to last, basically, the rest of my lifetime,' which is too risky, she said, considering climate uncertainties.

“In 2016-17 and in 2020-22, Maine experienced significant drought, followed by wet years. The state has also started seeing what scientists call 'snow drought.' As winters warm because of #ClimateChange, #snowpack and groundwater recharge can dwindle.

“John Mullaney, a hydrologist with the USGS's New England Water Science Center, said that a warming climate meant Maine was likely to experience more variability, with stronger rains but also worsening drought. 'The question is, what will we be able to do in 50 years,' he said. 'There might be changes that need to be made, including reducing groundwater extraction.'

“Industry groups emphasize that Maine still has ample groundwater and that bottled water accounts for only a small portion of its use compared to practices like irrigation. They also stress bottled water’s value in emergencies when drinking water is disrupted.

“And in Maine, BlueTriton has a powerful local ally: local water utilities, which say the revenue generated by selling water to bottlers helps keep costs down for everyone else.

“'Turning away a customer that’s seeking to pay money to the utility because of an alleged problem with extraction would be contrary' to ratepayers’ interests, said Roger Crouse, a board member at the Maine Water Utilities Association. 'If they have a contract that could be expiring in seven years, and the math doesn’t work out, they’re going to have to invest their money somewhere else.'

“Still, hydrologists warn that bottled water should not be discounted as an additional strain on aquifers and watersheds, as well as on residential wells. Last month, the US Geological Survey began its first-ever study of how the activities of the bottled water industry result in changes to groundwater levels, spring flows and water quality. 'Withdrawals, no matter what the use, influence movement of groundwater,' Cheryl Dieter, a hydrologist who is leading the study, said in an interview.

“BlueTriton itself is a creation of Wall Street. It is owned by the private equity funds One Rock Capital Partners and Metropoulos & Co., which paid $4.3 billion in 2021 to buy Nestlé’s North American bottled-water business.

“In Maine, some neighbors of BlueTriton, like Natalie DiPentino, are skeptical of the company for more personal reasons.

“Ms. DiPentino, who lives near Lincoln, can’t prove it but wonders if pumping by Poland Spring contributed to a crisis in her home during a drought in 2017, when her well ran dry along with those of several neighbors. Her family had to haul buckets of river water to flush the toilet, she said. Stores nearby ran out of bottled water.

“After learning about BlueTriton’s proposed 45-year contract at its Lincoln facility, she led calls for a public hearing, arguing that deals were being cut behind closed doors and that Poland Spring would be paying too little, $15,000 a month, for millions of gallons of water. 'You don’t know how badly you need water until you don’t have it in your house,' she said.

“The hearing she sought is now scheduled for next month."

Full article:

#WaterIsLife #WaterCrisis #BigWater #WaterRights

Aure Free Press
4 days ago

Colorado River deal opens cash spigot for large farms

Billions of dollars of Inflation Reduction Act money meant to tackle drought looks likely to make it more expensive to clinch a broader deal critical to economies in several states.
#AureFreePress #News #GlobalWarming #climatecrisis #climatechange

Aure Free Press
4 days ago

Severe winds from a historic storm brought down this house in Russia yesterday.
#AureFreePress #News #Russia #GlobalWarming #climatechange #weather

Aure Free Press
4 days ago

Yesterday in Sochi, Russia

Historic storm pounds the coast of Russia in Sochi.
#AureFreePress #News #Russia #GlobalWarming #climatecrisis #climatechange

Aure Free Press
4 days ago

Mother Nature Not Liking Russia!

Giant waves amid massive flash flooding due to Storm Bettina in Sochi, Russia along the Black Sea.

More than 1,000,000 in Russia and Ukraine lost power due to the historic, climate change driven storm.
#AureFreePress #News #Russia #Ukraine️ #GlobalWarming #climatecrisis #climatechange

Aure Free Press
4 days ago

Sooo... Humanity ends with a whimper then?

UAE reportedly planned to use COP28 climate summit to lobby for oil and gas deals
#AureFreePress #News #Breaking #BreakingNews #GlobalWarming #climatecrisis #climatechange

4 days ago

The intensity and frequency of extreme #rainfall increases exponentially with #globalwarming even more than expected - a new #PIK study finds

Daniel Swain
5 days ago

Like the children of Lake Wobegone, upper-level geopotential heights are going to be...(essentially) all above average this winter.

Why? Mainly #GlobalWarming, which increases avg. temperature of troposphere. A strong #ElNino's helping out this year, too, especially in tropics.

5 days ago

What we call progress and development may actually be a road to hell.

Whenever they want to sell us something new they’re talking about advancement, #progress, development, and #innovation. It seems sometimes we’d be much better off with no progress at all.

#Motor #emissions could have fallen by over 30% without #SUV trend, report says

Powering #artificial #intelligence models takes a lot of #energy. A new analysis demonstrates just how big the problem could become

And so on and so forth....

#ClimateChange #CarbonFootprint #GlobalWarming

A side view of a black SUV.
Gabriele Svelto
1 week ago

If bad news were combustible, we'd be able to power the world with them alone.

We'd also be contributing to #GlobalWarming.

1 week ago


#ClimateCatastrophe news are becoming "better" every week:

"With #GlobalWarming the share of the most intense tropical cyclones is expected to increase so that economies may not be able to recover fully in between storms.

However, long-term effects of extreme events are not taken into account so far."



1 week ago

Tropical #cyclones substantially raise the Social Cost of Carbon: With #GlobalWarming the share of the most intense tropical cyclones is expected to increase so that economies may not be able to recover fully in between storms.
However, long-term effects of extreme events are not taken into account so far. The real costs are probably even higher than currently estimated and the benefits of climate mitigation consequently underestimated, a new study shows:

1 week ago


Useful resource for people in the UK:

What will climate change look like near me?

#climateChange #globalWarming #local #UK

Frederik Borgesius
1 week ago

‘Twelve of the world’s wealthiest billionaires produce more greenhouse gas emissions from their yachts, private jets, mansions and financial investments than the annual energy emissions of 2m homes… tycoons include’ Jeff Bezos, Bill Gates, Larry Page, Michael Dell, Elon Musk & Carlos Slim
#environment #climatecrisis #globalwarming #law #politics #inequality

IF someone were to murder a #billionaire (which I am not inciting you to do because's moderators forbid me to wish violence on the people who destroy our planet) it would be the most impactful thing they could possibly do to stop #climateChange


#globalWarming #greenhouseGas #emissions #billionaires #EatTheBillionaires #NoBillionaires #BillionairesShouldNotExist

Aure Free Press
2 weeks ago

The Chilean explorer documenting the death of glaciers at the ends of the earth

Cristian Donoso has spent the past three decades witnessing the melting of the world’s ice sheets. Following in the footsteps of historic expeditions, he replicates photographs taken by adventurers and scientists from the past to compare the current state of the planet’s glaciers. ‘Almost all of them are melting,’ he says
#AureFreePress #News #GlobalWarming #climatecrisis #climatechange

World is on track for "hellish" 3C of #globalwarming, #UN warns before #Cop28 #climate summit in #UnitedArabEmirates (#UAE). The report found that today’s #carbon-cutting policies are so inadequate that 3C of heating would be reached this century.
To get on track for agreed target of 1.5C, 22bn tonnes of CO2 must be cut from projected total in 2030. That's 42% of global emissions of the world’s five worst polluters: #China, #US, #India, #Russia and #Japan. #climatecrisis

Aure Free Press
2 weeks ago


More than a hundred million people in Brazil endure extraordinary and lethal temperatures. The heat index, a combination of temperature and humidity, shattered records in Rio de Janeiro with 108.5 degrees and a feel-like temperature of 137.3 F.
#AureFreePress #News #GlobalWarming #climatecrisis #climatechange

Global heat map
Yorkshire Bylines
2 weeks ago

Brazil records unprecedented heatwave in the same week that global surface temperature exceeds milestone and breaches 2℃ mark above baseline | Brian McHugh

#GlobalWarming #TwoDegrees

Provisional ERA5 global temperature for 17th November from The Copernicus Climate Change Service was 1.17°C above 1991-2020 - the warmest on record.

Our best estimate is that this was the first day when global temperature was more than 2°C above 1850-1900 (or pre-industrial) levels, at 2.06°C.

#globalwarming #climatechange #ecology

Imagine, you're standing in front of a magic button that is able to change our world:

On pressing, it would eliminate all pieces of #art in our museums, vaults, private properties. From Mona Lisa to Rodin. All existing art.

Additionally, it would also revert #climate to pre-industrial epoch.

No #globalwarming, more insects & other extinct #animals, much more time to switch to technologies that will not kill millions & probably even billions of humans.

Would you press that button?

Flipboard Science Desk
2 weeks ago

It’s not just extreme weather: "Climate-sensitive" diseases are spreading through the U.S.

@grist reports: "A federal report shows climate change is pushing ticks, mosquitoes, and other carriers of disease into new regions."

#ClimateChange #Climate #Disease #Environment #GlobalWarming

Kees van der Leun
2 weeks ago

NASA: October 2023 was by far the warmest on record globally: +1.34⁰C above the already warmed 1951-1980 average!
Temperatures in the central Mediterranean and parts of the Arctic were over 4⁰C above that average.
Colder than average in parts of the Antarctic.
#ClimateChange #globalwarming

Map showing temperature anomalies. Almost all of the world above average.
Old White Dude
2 weeks ago The US is warming faster than the global average and its people are suffering “far-reaching and worsening” consequences from the climate crisis, with worse to come, according to an authoritative report issued by the US government.

In this case saying the #USA is the greatest country is not exactly a compliment.

#globalwarming #climatechange

3 weeks ago

"But salmon are notoriously difficult to study. They spawn in fresh water, then spend most of their lives far out in the Pacific, an area dubbed the “black box” because it’s so vast and poorly understood." —Max Graham for @grist

#Longreads #EditorsPicks #Yukon #Salmon #KingSalmon #ChumSalmon #Science #GlobalWarming #ClimateChange

Ridan Maza 🍜
3 weeks ago

"Apakah munculnya hujan menjadi pertanda berakhirnya El Nino? Sayangnya tidak. Musim hujan hanya meredam dampaknya sehingga Indonesia mungkin tidak akan sepanas saat ini. Mungkin ini bisa memberikan kita waktu untuk ‘beristirahat’ dari panas dan kekeringan."

#TheConversation #GlobalWarming

131 years of data. Average growing season temperatures in Napa Valley, 1893-2023. The 10-year moving average is close to the linear trend but has been steeper since about 1930 and exceeding it since the mid 1990s. #climatechange #globalwarming

Tucker Carlson's Nuts
3 weeks ago

🥥 Lol!
Has #Babar jumped on the #GlobalWarming bandwagon yet? 🥥