2 hours ago

How can Dash to Panel be installed on Ubuntu 22.04.3? #gnome #2204 #ubuntudock #gnomepanel

Café y Linux
5 hours ago

Bueno, ahora que ya me decidí usar #Fedora #Gnome en mi laptop y mi PC, te interesa saber porque la elijo como distribución principal?
¿Porque elijo Fedora como distribución principal? #gnulinux #opensource...

Linux User Space
5 hours ago

Recording tonight, and looking at the show notes... I think we might have left out more #history on #GNOME than we put in!

Who knew there would be so much?!

8 hours ago

Troubleshooting Polkitd on Ubuntu 20.04.6 LTS #2004 #gnome #policykit

9 hours ago

If you see a piece of text that you need translated quickly and easily, use Dialect! First, select it's language (or have the app automatically identify it). Then, choose what you want it converted into. Finally, watch as the your choice of translation backend does the hard work for you. Dialect even lets you have the localised paragraph read out-loud!

You can follow the app's creator here: @rafaelmardojai

You can get the app on Flathub here:

#gnome #apps #flatpak

A screenshot of Dialect, showing "Hello" automatically detected as English and translated into French
A screenshot of Dialect, showing the first part of the Fediverse's German Wikipedia article, translated into English
A screenshot of Dialect, showing the first part of the Mastodon's Russian Wikipedia article, translated into Arabic
Cassidy James :gnome: :eos:
11 hours ago

Question: someone I know is doing a data science project for university, and needs to scrape some tabular data from a web site to perform analysis on as an assignment.

Is there anything open source or GNOME-related that is publicly listed as tabular data somewhere that could be interesting for them to analyze? Ideally something with at least 100 data points and multiple columns per data point, if that makes sense.

#DataAnalysis #OpenSource #GNOME #Linux

11 hours ago

@ktn Das wäre dann eh mein erstes Smartphone, ich würde also gar keine Funktionen vermissen können. Und da #GNOME laufen zu lassen, ist schon ziemlich cool. (Hoffe, ja dass das bald mal geupstreamt wird.)

Keywan Tonekaboni
12 hours ago

Ich wurde vor die Kamera gezerrt, um #Linux auf dem Handy zu zeigen. 🙂

#postmarketos #gnome #kde_plasma #sxmo #pmbootstrap

ricardo :mastodon:
12 hours ago
14 hours ago

Ubuntu desktop logs me into the Activities overview menu and I can't click anywhere nor do anything [Ubuntu 22.04.3 LTS] #gnome #2204 #desktopenvironments

15 hours ago

Hello Fediverse,

We are looking for Text-To-Speak (TTS) expertise to help or advise us on improving the default voice of the Linux desktop. :linux: 📣

Please reach out or boost :boost_love:


#Linux #tts #accessibility #a11y #GNOME #KDE #FreeSoftware #freedesktop #ml

Mark B Tomlinson
16 hours ago

Seasonal gnome:
I learnt a lot about how the fur system worked in Blender, playing around with this little chap.
#mbt3d #3d #b3d #cycles #modelling #particles #character #xmas #blender3d #gnome

A small gnome model with a green woollen hat and a bright red coat fastened with black belt. A long white beard and a fat brown nose poking through.
16 hours ago

Me : Damn the economy is horrible these days we should probably do something about that
A random Gnome user : There's an extension for that!

#linux #gnome #foss

17 hours ago

Gnome 42 installed on Snap Ubuntu 20.04 #2004 #gnome #snap

1 day ago

xubuntu 22.04 How to make workspaces span multiple displays #gnome #xubuntu #multiplemonitors #workspaces

Avery :potion_nonbinary:
1 day ago

I released a Jellyfin client yesterday called Delfin! It's a native desktop client using GTK4 and Libadwaita, with MPV embedded for video playback.

Right now you can use it to stream movies and TV shows from your Jellyfin server.

It's still very buggy and missing features, but if you want to try it out it's available on Flathub ( and elsewhere (

#jellyfin #gtk #libadwaita #gnome #delfin

Delfin displaying the user's library.

There are three rows visible: Continue Watching, Next Up, and Latest Shows. Each row shows the thumbnails and names of different movies and TV show episodes.
Delfin's video player, playing an episode of Star Trek TNG.

The player is paused showing the video player controls. The mouse is hovering over the scrubber, showing a thumbnail for that timestamp. In the corner, there's a Skip Intro button.
Delfin showing the details page for Arcane. There's a description, some metadata (years in production, age rating, genre), and a list of the episodes in season 1.
The same as the previous image, but in light mode.
1 day ago

How to choose which video output to use? #gnome #hdmi #wayland #displayport

1 day ago

Ich kenne das Programm nicht so gut, doch ich vermute stark, dass das gar nicht geht.
Du kannst die Mails entweder als Threads anzeigen lassen oder als Einzelmails. Bei Einzelmails kannst du sie einzeln verschieben.
Doch bei Threads eine herauszunehmen, das funktioniert (so wie ich verstehe) nicht.
#evolution #gnome #mail #threads #mailsordnen

Linux & OpenSource News deutsch
1 day ago
Technik-Blog für Linux, Unix, Open Source, Cloud Computing, Nachhaltigkeit und Co.#Gnome #Gnome452 #GnomeShell
GNOME 45.2 veröffentlicht - MichlFranken
1 day ago
1 day ago

#GNOME 45.2 Desktop Environment Released with Various Fixes and Some Performance Improvements

@gnome #Linux #OpenSource

Screenshot of the GNOME 45.2 desktop environment on Fedora Linux 39 Workstation
ricardo :mastodon:
2 days ago

Why does #Gnome fingerprint unlock not unlock the keyring?

Elvin Joel
2 days ago

#HoyEnAI Un nuevo artículo informa sobre la herramienta de IA llamada #GNoME, que ha descubierto 2.2 millones de nuevos cristales, incluyendo 380,000 materiales estables con potencial tecnológico. Estos materiales podrían impulsar tecnologías como superconductores y baterías de próxima generación, y se espera que esta investigación reduzca los costos de descubrimiento de nuevos materiales.

Thorsten Leemhuis (acct. 2/4)
2 days ago

"'"There's a decent number of laptops with #fingerprint readers that are supported by #Linux, and #Gnome has some nice integration to make use of that for authentication purposes. But if you log in with a fingerprint, the moment you start any app that wants to access stored passwords you'll get a prompt asking you to type in your password, which feels like it somewhat defeats the point. Mac users don't have this problem […] Why the difference?"'" (by @mjg59)

Ilkka Tengvall
2 days ago

@liw i juat started using the very latest fractal. It's rewritten and feels good if you use gnome.

#fractal #gnome #linux #matrix

Łukasz Horodecki :mastodon:
2 days ago

Z okazji okrągłego wydania Firefoksa (120!) odświeżam cykl z czasów młodości blogaska, kiedy wrzucałem wpisy opisujące swoją konfigurację przeglądarki: motyw, rozszerzenia, wtyczki i inne sztuczki.

#mozilla #firefox #gnome #motyw #rozszerzenia

Børge A. Roum
2 days ago

Hey, this awesome guy is doubling donations to #Gnome – and then his work is doubling his gift too!

But for one more day only, so go help Gnome become even better right now!

I just gave $100, which will become $300 trough the doublings!

And that's still nothing pr day I've used and loved Gnome, so thank you to all contributors!

Go and get your money trippled:

#Gnome #GivingTuesday

2 days ago
A pencil and ink sketch of a gnome with an absurdly long beard and a stocking cap pulled over his eyes.
Brage Fuglseth
2 days ago

Just realized that we're now living in a world where we can chat with people using a GNOME app based on a modern, free messaging system that also has an equivalent for our phones. And this is just the beginning 🤩️🚀️
#Fractal #GNOME

Jimmy Boucher
3 days ago

I don't normally reinstall or distro-hop, but I've been having problems with my #Manjaro install since I switched it to systemd-boot, and I want to go back to #KDEPlasma rather than #GNOME

#kde #plasma #archlinux

3 days ago

Exciting news! Our very own @samthursfield is one of the mentors for the December cohort of @outreachy

In the next 3 months, he will mentor interns from diverse backgrounds who are underrepresented in tech. The interns will focus on extending the #GNOME OS end-to-end tests, utilising openQA.

To learn more about Outreachy and their efforts to show the importance of open source and promote diversity in tech, check out their website:

#OpenSource #OpenScience

Jan <3
3 days ago

I think it’s time for a proper #introduction.

Hey, I am Jan, I am 22 years old and moved from another instance.

I love to play the bass and skateboard, when the weather allows for it.
My favorite songs are ICE579 by Temmis, Edward 40Hands by Mom Jeans. and Wellblech by Nils Keppel.

Like many others on this instance, I am a programmer. I have an interest in #Swift and #Golang development on Linux and I am trying to get more active in the #GNOME community.

Looking forward to meeting you all 🫶

Aral Balkan
3 days ago

A neat little thing you can do in most operating systems is to enter a mathematical equation in the system’s search field and get the result back.

This also works on GNOME Shell but if it’s not working for you, go to Settings → Search and make sure that the App Search toggle switch is on at the top and that the Calculator app’s toggle switch is on under Search Results.

(For some reason, the latter was off for me on Fedora Silverblue.)

#GNOME #calculator #search #linux #fedoraSilverblue

Screenshot of GNOME Settings app showing the Search section with App Search toggle switch on at the top and Calculator toggle switch on under the Search Results section.
Tobias Bernard
3 days ago

We had another small Berlin hackfest this weekend!

We worked on #gnome2panda with @adz, @sonny and @lw64, including next steps for making the bookmarks demo into a real app, and GObject bindings for the p2panda Rust crate.

We also discussed the mess that is fractional scaling with @verdre and @rmader, since we're really interested in getting this done from the a11y side.

#gnome #berlin #localfirst

Photo of Jonas, Sonny, and Robert discussing fractional scaling in front of a moveable whiteboard.
Photo of 5 people working on their laptops at a table, with two more laptops for people not in the picture. Behind them there's a moveable whiteboard with the hackfest agenda.
3 days ago

I like how there are 0 working video trimmers on the #gnome software store

Open the overview just by hovering anywhere in the top panel, and see the app dash at the top, should be something by default in #gnome shell 🤷‍♂️ like this:

3 days ago

#Linux Weekly Roundup for December 3rd, 2023: #Cinnamon 6.0, Linux 6.5 EOL, #Mesa 23.3 adds #RaspberryPi 5 support, #Nitrux 3.2, new #Steam Client update, #Armbian 23.11, new #ArchLinux ISO release, #RHEL 10 dropping Xorg, #Roundcube joins #Nextcloud, #GNOME 46 to fully support #Wayland remote logins, and more

#OpenSource #FOSS

9to5Linux Weekly Roundup for December 3rd, 2023
3 days ago

As part of our work to allow apps to register support for a specific URL domain;

Checkout @tbernard mockups for what a new unified “Open With” dialog would look like.

I'm very excited about this and might be able to deprecate my app Junction.

#freedesktop #GNOME #Linux #LinuxMobile #mobileLinux #mobile

Mockups of "Open With" dialogs in different configuration.

The first one is for files, the second a url, the third one a mailto: link.

For each, the dialog offers a list of apps to chose from.

At the bottom of the dialog there is a switch to remember.
Felix Häcker
3 days ago
Jeff Fortin T.
4 days ago

1.25 font scaling (i.e. what the "Large Text" #GNOME #accessibility setting does) is perfect for my ThinkPad's 1920x1080 14-inch screen, but it's way too big for the regular 1600x900 22" external monitor I dock it into.

I wish I could set that "Large Text" accessibility setting on a per-screen basis, but I can imagine it would be difficult (if not impossible) to implement compared to global display fractional scaling...

Benedek Dévényi
4 days ago

GTK 4 + libadwaita is just sooo good!

In the recent weeks I've ported Cozy, the #linux audiobook app to GTK 4 (no features were harmed in the process).
The PR is now merged, and here's the result:

#GNOME #GTK #libadwaita

GitHub diffstat showing 2242 added and 6145 removed lines of code
4 days ago

Why doesn't have #EXWM have an icon or logo?

Even #GNOME and #KDE have that!


Ok, I just noticed that libadwaita now has a file with Vala annotations to fix incompatibilities between Vala and GObject Introspection. Adw.show_about_window is now finally usable from Vala.

That allows me to show some syntactic sugar that Vala has for this kind of functions that tend to be somewhat common in the GObject ecosystem

In case you encounter a variadic method or function that expects string-value pairs as arguments, you can use the following syntax

Adw.show_about_window (this.active_window,
    application_name: _("Example"),
    application_icon: "org.example.App",
    version: "1.2.3",
    copyright: "© 2022 Angela Avery",
    issue_url: "",
    license_type: Gtk.License.GPL_3_0,
    developers: new string[] { "Angela Avery" },
    designers: new string[] { "GNOME Design Team" },
    translator_credits: _("translator-credits")

Vala will take care of converting underscores to hyphens to respect the kebab-case convention for property names in GObject.

The example is taken from libadwaita's documentation, btw

#vala #libadwaita #gnome

Jeff Fortin T.
5 days ago

I keep missing important emails and appointments because of the permanent nature of #GNOME Shell's "Do Not Disturb" #productivity switch.

If you're in the area or we meet at some point, I'll pay beer or dinner to whoever the hell implements this "temporary notifications snooze" & schedule mode for DND (and I think many #ADHD folks would be grateful for this too)… even better if it has a notion of "prioritized apps":

Felix Häcker
5 days ago

A new issue of #ThisWeekInGNOME is now online!

#124 Fixes and Improvements


Screenshot of "Pods"
Screenshot of "Carburetor" about dialog
Screenshot of "Kooha"
Endless OS Foundation
6 days ago

Happy Friday, Fediverse! 🎉 What cool stuff are you using or working on today?


We’re especially interested in hearing about open source, edtech, local-first tech, privacy, learning to code, and things related to game development. 👀

#OpenSource #EdTech #LocalFirst #GameDev #IndieGameDev #Linux #GNOME #Flatpak #Flathub #privacy #LearnToCode #KeepAllKidsLearning

6 days ago

Good news for app developers

GNOME platform/sdk 46 will ship with the webp pixbuf loader.

Your application will support
webp out of the box.

It's already available on nightly.

#GNOME #GTK #Flatpak #development

Christian Pietsch 🍑
6 days ago

Auf einem 10 Jahre alten Desktop-Computer für Bürozwecke mit 8 GB RAM und einer 4-Kern-CPU ohne Hyperthreading habe ich einige Linux-Distributionen ausprobiert, um zu testen, ob man damit noch gut arbeiten kann.

Wie erwartet, liefen #GNOME und #KDE nicht ganz flüssig (getestet unter #DebianLive).

Aber: #mxlinux (mit #xfce) und #linuxmint (mit #cinnamon) laufen sehr flott.

An MX Linux hat mich anfangs gestört, dass die von XFCE gewohnten Tastenkürzel (wie z.B. Alt-F10 zum Maximieren eines Fensters) nicht funktionierten. Die Lösung dafür war schnell gefunden:
Startmenü → Einstellungen → Fensterverwaltung → Tastatur → Klick auf [Auf Standardwerte zurückstellen].

Jetzt bin ich mit MX Linux sehr zufrieden:
+ stabiler #Debian-Unterbau
+ vorinstallierte Firewall #ufw mit Oberfläche #gufw
+ einsteigerfreundliche Programm- und Updateverwaltung, die Debian-Pakete und #Flatpak unter eine Haube bringt.

Darf bleiben.

#GNU/#Linux #sustainable #upcycling

James Westman
6 days ago

I've gotten several comments about the highways standing out too much. How do these muted highway colors look? Before and after:

#GNOME #mapstodon

6 days ago

#GNOMEAsia2023 starts in just a few hours! We're excited to see everyone in person in Kathmandu and online! Make sure you're registered and check your email for links and access codes to join us remotely:

#GNOME #GNOMEAsia #opensource

GNOME Asia Summit 2023, Kathmandu, Nepal | Online. Dec 1-3.
1 week ago

#NixOS 23.11 “Tapir” Released with the Latest #GNOME 45 Desktop, Wi-Fi 6 Support, and More


Screenshot of NixOS 23.11 with the GNOME 45 desktop environment showing the Calamares installer and the About page in GNOME Control Center.

Wonder if anyone is working on adding #ActivityPub support for #GNOME?

Haven't looked at the code in #GnomeOnlineAccounts in ages but it shouldn't be terribly hard to a new provider, and then adding support in #Nautilus, #Photos, and maybe a #GnomeShell extension or it's own app.

Would be pretty neat... guess I'll do some search-fu to see if anyone has started working on this.


Robert Mader
1 week ago

P.S.: totally forgot - if you want to follow the development, try things out or even consider helping, here are some links:

- the previous thread about the #GNOME default video player, with lots of great answers:

- some WIP GTK patches:

- some WIP Mutter patches:

I'm also looking for people to help with #Gstreamer caps negotiation in various elements, especially for V4L2 decoders :)

Robert Mader
1 week ago

That's why we're very fortunate that #gnome recently got funding from the #SovereignTechFund. One of the sponsored projects is to implement GL robustness in #gnomeshell / Mutter, so if the driver stumbles when trying to import some unusual buffer you won't lose your session.

Robert Mader
1 week ago

We're now working on filling the remaining gaps so this can become an actual reality on the #gnome (and generally #linux / #fdo / #gnu) desktop. And what can I say - things actually work out quite nicely! While on modern Intel or AMD systems the effect is mostly about lower resource consumption, on some low-end hardware there are visible differences on what you can play fluently.

Robert Mader
1 week ago

Regarding the future of video playback in #gnome I'd like to add some more context around current developments in #gnomeshell, #gtk4 and #Wayland in a short 🧵

TL;DR: by making use of more modern hardware features we're finally in the position to catch up to other platforms with regards to energy efficiency. So let's do it!

The GTK video player demo playing Big Buck Bunny - video and UI on different layers to visualize how things work on the hardware level with multiple "hardware planes".
Paranoid Factoid
1 week ago


This is just an informational post.

The Gnome 45 release shipped with Ubuntu 23.10 can't handle tablet input. So, if you use creative tools like Inkscape, Krita, GIMP, or Blender Grease pencil with a tablet for pen input, you'll want to hold off on that upgrade.

#linux #Ubunru #UbuntuLinux #Gnome #Krita #GIMP #Inkscape #Blender #Wacom

Paulo Queiroz
1 week ago

It's very subtle, but the next version of Black Box will add a visual indicator to tabs if a command finishes in the background.

#blackbox #terminal #gnome

A video showcasing Black Box adding a visual indicator to a tab when a command finishes in the background.
1 week ago

Sound Recorder lets you make notes without writing anything down; just press record and use your voice instead! If you want to test your microphone or capture a quick conversation, Sound Recorder has you covered. The app gives you the ability to store, sort and playback any recording, with a little audio waveform to assist. You can event export your recordings as .flac files!

You can get the app on Flathub here:

#gnome #apps #flatpak

A screenshot of Sound Recorder, showing the "Add Recordings" prompt
A screenshot of Sound Recorder, showing a recording 10 seconds in
A screenshot of Sound Recorder, showing a list of previous recordings and the controls to play one back