14 minutes ago

Теперь персонаж умеет одеваться и раздеваться через шейдер. А еще одежда может иметь кастомный цвет.

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Dreamy Seal :pmgBlue: :godot:
1 hour ago

Realized i can make vertical screen games.


Also here's my custom GODOT intro (not splash screen, though).

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Guillermo Brito
3 hours ago

I can consider #GodotEngine as a highly recommended engine for beginners and at the same time for professionals, and I say this for the following reasons:

1. Its interface is very practical and easy to understand.
2. It has a large number of utilities and plugins.
3. Its native programming language is easy to learn and at the same time it has a native IDE.
4. Being free software, you can sell your project without the need to give a part to the Godot Foundation.


4 hours ago

Episode 5 of my Slay the Spire Clone in Godot 4 YouTube course is out!

This time, we overhaul Card Visuals, implement Card Logic and the Mana Management System.

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4 hours ago

I have a super strong urge to learn C++ so I can contribute to #GodotEngine. Like it would be so nice if I could fix the problems I have myself instead of just submitting a feature request or something that probably no one would look at.

Jack C.
4 hours ago

Working on another tool for playfield design, this time it's a curve-based wall generator. By simply defining a bezier curve, a mesh and an associated collision shape will be generated.

More work to do, but this is another promising step towards being able to author my own pinball designs in Godot. I hope to extend this to generating ramps and wireforms as well.

#Godot #GodotEngine #Gamedev #Pinball #OpenSource

Video showing a ball launched with various velocities at a curved ball guide. The guide was generated with a polygon extruded along a 3D path using the CSG features of godot, and my node extends this by automatically generating a static mesh and collision shape.

So here is the public repo for my first-pass on solving the problem of managing out-of-band #godot addons (ones not in the asset library)

It's still early in development and I have plans to possibly add a UI to it - but it does the thing right now.

The intent of this project is just to inject addons from their source repo - something that can be run in github actions as an integration step etc.

It's a WIP so don't expect the world.

#godotengine #gamedev #tooling

new VOD of this week's stream is up! ✨

go watch me do some #GodotEngine #gameDev-y stuff if you missed out and want to catch up :)

i'm currently working on moving the VODs to a new more #fediverse-y platform for the future, until then, youtube'll do 😫

Supernova Files :godot:
4 hours ago

hey godoters, a little help with tweens, please.
When I create a tween using create_tween() method, will this keep a node in the tree? Should I need to queue it after using the tween? I'm not sure where should I create the tween. Maybe in ready function?


5 hours ago

I've been making some progress on my holodeck!
There's still no real game in there yet, but I'm building up some foundations for... something, maybe.

#godotengine #gamedev

A player controls a Godot character in a 2D holodeck environment.  A second player joins, and starts running in a circle.  The first player then accesses a computer on the wall and switches the scene to a farmyard, after which they start the game.  After a five second countdown two walls disappear, opening the enclosure that previously penned the players in, and the player begins exploring the map.
Supernova Files :godot:
5 hours ago

How much I missed you, GDScript editor screen


GDScript editor screen with a code
Supernova Files :godot:
5 hours ago

Godot 4.2 looks awesome!


7 hours ago

Hey- I just created a suggestion for #Godot #GodotEngine. Feedback would be appreciated.

Nico | Wishlist Ancient Mind
9 hours ago
Jon :gamedev: :zxspectrum:
9 hours ago

Not had much energy, but the abomination got some updates. Smoother turning, explosions, and a game over screen. Truly exciting stuff 🤪 #gamedev #godotengine #godot

Low quality gameplay video of a low quality work in progress game about a delivery truck delivering parcels.
10 hours ago

weeeeeeeeee, will upload this tomorow #GodotEngine #gameassets

John Passfield
11 hours ago

Today’s Harry update - improved the enemy path finding, fixed bugs with the health bar and worked on some shaders. #GodotEngine #RunAndGun #IndieDev #IndieGame #pcgaming

Florian :godot:
12 hours ago

I've just released v1.4.3 of my marble mini-game ⚽

Now build with #Godot 4.2, I also worked on some CI/CD improvements:
- deployment on github page
- publication on the snap store

Feel free to check out the project, tell me what you think or give me some tips on how to make the game even better 🙏

#gamedev #godotengine #opensource

Vile Lasagna
17 hours ago

Aaand here we go!

It's late on the Sunday and I guess this is where I'll have to call it quits, but mission accomplished for this month's #GodotEngine mini!

I guess Interactive ToyBrot is now feature complete. you can save screenshots and also configuration presets which you can share or load. Getting the loading working on the web was quite the hassle, guess there's plenty of material for the next blog post (in a couple week's time, next week's is about the v1)

Fábio Fontes
17 hours ago

It don't look the prettiest, but got the foundation for stage transition set. Same as the first game, if it ain't broke lol
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Dreamy Seal :pmgBlue: :godot:
22 hours ago

Am i doing this trend right?

#GodotEngine #gamedev

Vile Lasagna
23 hours ago

Woot! Everything I wanted for this month's #GodotEngine mini is functional!

For desktop. Now I need to hope the one HTML export guide I found on this has the sauce and overcome the pain of emscripten

Vile Lasagna
23 hours ago

So, that ResourceSaver fella is pretty OP, huh?

I think my only complaint is you can't "save this tres with my extension" and, conversely, you can't "load this as a tres" but... that is SO minor for small filesystem aesthetics that as "the one complaint" it's frankly inconsequential


Gabor Heja
1 day ago

My entry for the 20 Second Game Jam is starting to look like a game, a lot is missing but still 53 hours to go! It might just work :)

#ScreenshotSaturday #20SecondGameJam #GameJam #GameDev #Godot #GodotEngine #Blender

A screenshot of my still untitled game for the game jam. It is the main menu, with level selector and a 3D scene in the background with a character holding a phone in his hands.
Vile Lasagna
1 day ago

It's so rewarding to do small stuff. Most of my #GodotEngine Mini for the month has been implemented already. Interactive toyBrot can now (in desktop) render (arbitrarily) high-resolution screenshots of whatever you're looking at, and these get saved with no GUI, so you can make desktop wallpapers and whatnot

Couple of things left to do:
Implement saving and loading the "fractal states", in case you want to save or share an interesting config and then port over some Webassembly hookups

Short video of a Godot application in development. The application window shows a fractal image. The camera moves around a bit, then the mouse clicks on a button that exposes controls which, as they're tweaked, alter the fractal on screen. After some fiddling, the user clicks on a text field, setting a "screenshot resolution" to a high number. When they then click on a "save button", the program opens a dialog to save a PNG file. After doing so, the user brings in an image viewer window which shows the image saved with the correct name and resolution as stated in the application, without any of the UI elements
Bean J. Bunny
1 day ago

I got all four of them up and following! Also it's not obvious but I was able to rerig the animations so that it'll be easier to animate cut scenes in the future. #indiedev #screenshotsaturday #gaming #gamedev #videogames #godotengine

Vile Lasagna
1 day ago

#GodotEngine ends up demanding higher versioning discipline than I'm used to

I have the habit, when I'm working on lots of small bits, to do a handful of things and then make a small batch of commits, picking chunks and lines as I go along

But with the scene file being less readable, this ends up trickier to do and a handful of times I've found myself making larger commits than I'd like because of this:

"Well, I did X and Y and Z"

This is a bit annoying because it reduces change visibility

Dreamy Seal :pmgBlue: :godot:
1 day ago

Happy #screenshotsaturday, my friends!

So, #GodotEngine's 4.2 update includes something called "Scale Mode".

I tried that out, and it resulted in this.
Now, I wont have to worry about warped pixels when full screen.

Thanks, Godot! :D

#Indiegame #gamedev

Charles Corbett
1 day ago

So I decided to start writing a tool to manage #godot addons that aren't in the asset library. Little bit more work to do...

Defined in a toml file, and the tool only injects the defined directory from the source into the #godotengine project instead of the entire repo

We use several addons that aren't in the asset library, or have beta branches or we need faster updates etc. Wanted a nice clean ci-compatible tool to manage them.

Introducing Godotons. The golang godot addon manager.

1 day ago

We just finished an online meeting with the Liblast team - long time no meetings! This one was over 2 hours long :D

I'm very excited about new people and the ideas bouncing around!

I think we're getting back into it and soon there will be no stopping us!

Huge thanks to all attendees! :)

- unfa

#Liblast #IndieDev #GameDev #IndieGame #Godot #GodotEngine

An  whiteboard (in dark mode)  filled with notes, frames, little drawings, memes and Godot editor screenshots showing Liblast's Character scene and script.
Juno Jove
1 day ago

Unity bugs... already overrunning my position again. This can't be happening.

When they happen, they are really quite insidious or destructive. Getting an out of bounds read on a perfectly legal operation in WASM. Quality software made in Denmark.

Pic related: Meanwhile, the :godot: #godotengine team...

some startship troopers fighting some bugs
1 day ago

Quick mood test for something I've been planning for a while... Inspired by Blame! etc.

#screenshotsaturday #godotengine #gamedev #indiedev #blame #scifi

First-person 3D view with a scanline vignette of a foggy scifi scene. The player looks around, walking down a narrow bridge with a rough grey metal texture. Around are infinitely long metal paneled walls with huge dark pipes sticking out. The player has to stop walking forward because the bridge ahead has collapsed, and the entrance ahead is unreachable.
Tara🏳️‍⚧️ :godot: :linux:
1 day ago

Working again on my project timer, currently completely reworking the save system.

#screenshotsaturday #GodotEngine

Patrick W. Crawford
1 day ago

New tutorial out, showing off the new interactions and connection features of the #GodotEngine Road Generator Addon

Awf Ibrahim
1 day ago

I'm very proud of this path history system. It shows the player the path they took and when the player pressed button inputs.

#gamedev #indiedev #pixelart #screenshotsaturday #godotengine

1 day ago

Just finished writing Part 11 of my Godot 4 roguelike tutorial.
It's already up on my site:

#Godotengine #Godot4 #roguelike #tutorial

dbat :godot:
1 day ago


var brain = await melt()

async hurts me, owwie.


1 day ago

I just wanted to give a HUGE shoutout to @ughuuu (?) for his work on the Box2D Godot plugin!

Box2D seems like a largely better 2D physics engine for my use-case, BUT it had a collision detection issue. After I provided a simple repro project, a new patch release was available within 24 hours with the fix.

Thanks <3

#godot #box2d #godotengine #godotaddon #godotplugin #gamedev #opensource

Adriano Orioli
1 day ago

I was supposed to focus on the main menu and game loop, but ended up wrestling with physics half the week 🤣

#screenshotsaturday #GodotEngine #gamedev

Nico | Wishlist Ancient Mind
1 day ago

I'm also trying to add fireflies, but they don't glow like the fire because they're too small.

#gamedev #indiegame #zeldalike #pixelart #rpg #ドット絵 #godotengine #madewithgodot

John Passfield
1 day ago

Working on enemy health in the new Halloween Harry game. It’s unpolished but it’s starting to come together. #GodotEngine 4.2 is rock solid! #indiedev #screenshotsaturday #indiegame

dbat :godot:
1 day ago

#godotengine #resourcewrangler
Well, at least all my bugs are the same in different places.

Nice change.

Oh I suck at code!

Vile Lasagna
2 days ago

Ended up getting started on this month's #godotengine mini today. Picked a low hanging fruit, just building on interactive toyBrot, as I'll be even busier than expected but hoping to wrap up tomorrow. Adding the ability to save screenshots and "states" to disk, which you can load later on if you've found a particularly mandelbox setup and camera position

2 days ago

The plants now explode when shot at and grow back. Currently they are pretty useless as a weapon but if I can fix that, I'm going to keep them. I like how they improve the overall lighting.

#screenshotsaturday #lowpoly #gamedev #godotengine

Mark Walters
2 days ago

The sand slowly fills up with half sunken bodies as you keep dying. Cool feature or too grim? 🤔

#RhythmRabbit #Steam #rhythmgame #indiegame #gaming #gamedev #indiedev #GodotEngine #screenshotsaturday

Bigaston 🎮 :godot:
2 days ago

I've published a very small #godotengine tutorial on how to customise your HTML Template with custom colors. I've used it for my game Emilien in Paris:

2 days ago

Hello , the Gameoff Gamejam 2023 just ended and we submitted our charming platformer , we would really like your feedback on the game

#gamedev #gamejam #platformer #godot #GodotEngine #githubgameoff

dbat :godot:
2 days ago

#godotengine #question
With a (resource) class like this:

class_name Artsy
extends ImageTexture

Is there anyway to persuade it *not* to store its `image` to disk?

i.e. I want to use it at run-time but not to store its data into its tres file.

I have tried all kinds of property_list voodoo and nothing seems to work. 😔

Any help would be grand!

2 days ago

Порисовал свои собственные спрайты, сделал рост растений в несколько этапов, переработал немного систему слоев в своей тайл карте.
А еще посмотрите на этот милый заборчик!

#Godot #DevLog #gameDev #GodotEngine

Alghost :godot: :linux:
2 days ago

We just released our new jam game "Scales of the Golden Dragon". It's a small Metroidvania about collecting the scales of dragons to gain new abilities and get revenge.

You can play it in the browser or download it at

Feel free to leave some feedback there or here, it's much appreciated

Ah, and did I mention it's #OpenSource ? You can get the code here if you want to find out how to make a metroidvania in #GodotEngine

#GameJam #Godot #GameOff

i'm streaming right now! come join! #GameDev #GodotEngine #BATTLEofTAROT

boosts appreciated :)

Simple fade-in effect for #GodotEngine's RichTextLabel - was easier to implement than I thought! (Don't use something like String.substr() for fading in text, because of the word-wrapping!)

Limbo of Wonders :godot:
2 days ago

🎉 Good news, everyone! 🎉
Today marks the release of LimboAI version 0.5 for #GodotEngine! This update brings numerous quality of life improvements to the editor and debugger, introduces new tasks, and includes support for Godot 4.2!
Check out the changelog:

LimboAI is an open-source C++ module for Godot 4 that offers a combination of behavior trees and state machines for crafting your game's AI 🤖💡

#gamedev #gameai #limboai

Screenshot of LimboAI editor in the Godot Engine. The upper part shows editing a behavior tree resource, while the bottom part shows debugging the same behavior tree resource in the running scene.
Fábio Fontes
2 days ago

Something something death from above... and I think that's it for the moveset? The one you had in the old Endless Road at least. Expect some new shit.
#gamedev #indiedev #indiegame #GodotEngine

Shiny Shinken
2 days ago

I don't know if I am just not made for network programming or if the Godot Docs (and most tutorials) just leave out some key information and examples.

I know networking (TCP/UDP, Ports, Routing, NAT, NAT-Traversal and all that stuff) but am lost when I read the docs on how to setup a simple multiplayer scene...

#Godot #GodotEngine #Godot4 #Multiplayer #Network

2 days ago

I have a question for #godot connoisseurs. Is there a ready made tool for streaming assets or levels? Something similar to how Unity has its assets bundles?

#godot4 #godotengine #question

Marcus Skov
2 days ago

Hope folks like reading, 'cause a shiny new documentation site for a certain #godotengine addon is up ✨

Wish I could take credit for it, but gotta love the fast and accurate search functionality!


Git repo for those curious:

A screenshot of the Path Follow page on the Phantom Camera's documentation site. The left-hand side shows the site navigation links and the right-hand side shows a page outline.
afreytes :godot:
3 days ago

There is something that I wish was an option in #GodotEngine but I'm almost sure it's something super niche that only I want.

I would like it if the Editor gave me a choice of whether, and where, it creates -editstate- and -folding- files. In part because I sync projects to the cloud and open the project on different machines. I'd like to have a layout apply per machine instead of by project.

Yes, I realize these are really minor quibbles.

3 days ago

I wanted to better highlight where fossil chunks are within an assembled skeleton, so the chunk icons are now clickable. It's neat!
#gamedev #godotengine #indiedev

A video showing a muttaburrasaurus being inspected, and several different bits clicked on in the Specimen Info HUD, which zooms the camera in on the relevant parts of the assembled skeleton
3 days ago

Сегодня с выходом Godot 4.2 сделал механику посадки и роста растений на грядках.
Также вы можете увидеть тут случайное отражение по горизонтали для растений, просто потому что это выглядит немного более естественно.
Рост происходит по таймеру, раз в секунду вызывается метод который просматривает все растения и каждое из них имеет шанс 1 из 11 вырости в эту секунду. Разумеется что рост с такими настройками очень быстрый, но просто как прототип.

#Godot4 #godot #godotengine #gamedev #devlog #screenshot

3 days ago

Not gonna lie, Godot not having quite as many bells and whistles as Unity makes me feel like a pioneer and the tinkerer inside of me is getting a kick out of it.

After the grueling slow march towards Godot 4, the engine now develops at an incredibly fast pace and I am pretty sure I won't have to cook quite as many solutions in the future myself, but it's INCREDIBLY educational and rewarding.

#gamedev #solodev #godotengine

3 days ago

¡Muy bueno este addon de #godot para hacer point and clics! Se llama #popochiu y está buenisimo.

Acá una serie de tutoriales para hacer cosas básicas

#godotengine #tutoriales #aventurasgraficas

Hyperlink Your Heart
3 days ago

I did a bit of rambling about what I'm currently tackling in my cutscene graph editor for #GodotEngine - basically implementing parts of the scripting language as UI. It's a lot of work to allow things to be defined that are very easy to write as code.

#GameDev #Godot

3 days ago

Les quería mostrar otro juego que hicimos en #godot en el Conectar Lab con una escuela.

Este es un nivel que hizo uno de los pibes. Todos los gráficos y música lo hicieron otros compas.

#gamificacion #ludificacion

3 days ago

Godot 4.2 is here!🎊
I made a video with my favorite new features😍

#indiedev #gamedev #GodotEngine

TimKrief IndieDev
3 days ago

I am excited to share with you a behind-the-scenes look at how I created real-time dynamic clouds in Octahedrone using #GodotEngine. In this video, I walk you through each step of the development process and showcase the results along the way.

3 days ago

Godot can play videos.. but sadly only ogv. Still allows me to enjoy some of my favorite shows in vr though.

#godotengine #funny #gamedev #opensource #foss

3 days ago

Since #Godot still lacks physics interpolation, I cooked up my own little script that takes care of it.

Just attach to the mesh (or a created "MeshRoot" node or whatever) and it'll do the rest.

It can do position, rotation, full transform and you can suspend if you wish to teleport your object.

(EDIT: Feel free to use however you wish. Attribution not needed, but welcome.)

#gamedev #godotengine

Allen Pestaluky :godot:
3 days ago

#GodotEngine 4.2 was released today! With it comes a new GDScript feature to enforce static typing — This is extremely valuable for C# programmers who are looking to try out GDScript.

Here's an article with details:

#godot #godot4

Project Settings for enforcing static typing in GDScript.
Rafa Laguna - Game Developer
3 days ago

¡Vamos a charlar de las novedades de Godot 4.2!


¿Quieres aprender a hacer juegos y no sabes por dónde empezar?

¡Esta puede ser una buena oportunidad! ¡Ven a preguntar!

#gamedev #indiedev #godot #godotengine #madewithgodot #hechocongodot #godotenespañol 🚀
3 days ago

@godotengine And that wraps the major stable release of #GodotEngine for this year, kudos for all the contributors! 🥳 I've personally contributed a dozen of commits on this #Godot 4.2 version, nowhere at the level of the big bois 🎂 but I'm ecstatic nonetheless.

#gamedev #indiedev

3 days ago

Ho, ho, ho, it's time for Godot!

Godot 4.2 that is. An early XMas present, #GodotEngine 4.2 was just released. We go hands-on with a dozen of the best new features in this release.

#gamedev #indiedev

Godot Engine :godot:
4 days ago

We did it! 🎉 Our third feature release of the year, Godot 4.2, is out now 🤖

Over 350 contributors helped to build this release, submitting more than 1800 improvements to the engine.

Learn how #GodotEngine makes your gamedev journey more fun:

4 days ago

#PixelOver 0.14.5 just released ! Improving depth displacement for 3D images. Also added Japanese translation and other enhancements/fixes.

Detailed changes

#GodotEngine #madewithgodot #indiedev #pixelart #gamedev

i tried real hard, and i kinda dig this kind of syntax 👀✨

its a Label node that registers the signals passed through the methods shown here, and shows itself based on the parameters set by the programmer!

every method returns `self` which allows for method chaining!

#GodotEngine #gdScript #GameDev

code reading:

	$HitGlowingPartsHint \
		.dont_show_if(ingot, 'hit_correct_side') \
		.dont_show_if(hammering, 'manual_stop') \
		.do_show_after_n_seconds_of_no(5.0, ingot, 'hit_correct_side') \
		.do_show_if(ingot, 'hit_incorrect_side') \

its really annoying that whenever you switch branches, #GodotEngine keeps some weird state outside of my view as a user

the project.godot file seems to completely have it's own mind, causing certain global class_name scripts to not be available, causing the game to not even launch :///

kind of a core issue is it not? how is this still an issue 😩

Dylan Bennett
5 days ago

Okay, I've wanted to do this for a while, but let's get a #GodotTipsTuesday going over here on Mastodon! If you got 'em, share 'em! I'll start...

Frustrated by not being able to scroll past the end of a script and put the end of the file at the top of your screen? You can change that! In Editor Settings > Text Editor > Behavior > Navigation you can check "Scroll Past End of File"

#godot #godotengine #gamedev

Screen recording of attempting to scroll past the end of a text file, which fails. Then turning on "Scroll Past End of File". Then being able to scroll past the end of the file.
5 days ago

The 2D Game Creation Mega Bundle just launched. A collection of sprites, vectors, backgrounds, characters, game kits, SFX and Music packs and more. It's actually pretty huge. Works in #GodotEngine, #Defold, etc.


sideprojects w/ bram on Friday 1st of December 7PM Central European Time!

we're gonna do more #GodotEngine 4 stuff on #BATTLEofTAROT, a digital card game!

join the nice & cozy stream, where i chat a bit about #GameDev, and just some day-to-day life stuff.

follow @watch to stay up-to-date, and when we go live!

✨ boosts appreciated 🙏 ✨

Fábio Fontes
6 days ago

About time I start putting some effects back in. Them boost sparks are as good a place to start as any, right?
#gamedev #indiedev #solodev #GodotEngine

Aviv Levy :godot:
6 days ago

Troubled Turtles Post-Jam Update is live! With mobile support, better controls and the ability to undo moves, as well as some QoL improvements.

#indiegamedev #pixelart #godotengine

turtle pixel art sokoban style game
6 days ago

In the garden there's a maze
when you walk in there's no way out.

#IndieGames #GameDev #GodotEngine #Blender3D #AltGames

Screenshot of a low fidelity 3d game. at the center of the screen a wgite gate is nestled in a gap in a hedgerow, there are sprites of 3D rendered trees to either side of the gap and the hedgerow bends and breaks up to  the left of frame.
Pandoria Falls :godot:
1 week ago

The gray background in #Godot, where can I change its color? #Godot4 #godotengine

Henke (wishlist POGOPPL!)
1 week ago

My first #GodotEngine game is DONE! Please enjoy DRIVIN' BOB! #indiedev #gamedev

1 week ago

Squishy button made in #godotengine

#indiedev #gamedev #uiux #ui

1 week ago

I made Santa's hat smooth following when walking. #screenshotsaturday

#godotengine #xmas #christmas #gamedev #santa

Rémi Verschelde
1 week ago

New Release Candidate for #GodotEngine 4.2!

This has been a busy week for the team, triaging, debugging, and fixing regressions reported after our first RC.

This may be the one? 🤞
Please test it through and through!

njamster :godot:
1 week ago

Accompanied by the first bit of snow here in Berlin, yesterday evening the ratings for #GodotWildJam came in. Our game Ratonera made it to rank 40 out of a total of 146 games. Surprisingly high, considering how half-baked the actual game loop is! 😂 I'll ship a post-jam version somewhere next week to address some of that.

You can find the game here:

#GameJam #GameDev #IndieGameDev #Godot #GodotEngine #MadeWithGodot

A screenshot of the results for our entry "Ratonera" to the Godot Wild Jam #63:

"Controls: Rank 18 (Score: 3.455)
Audio: Rank 24 (Score: 3.545)
Theme: Rank 27 (Score: 4.000)
Accessibility: Rank 33 (Score: 3.091)
Overall: Rank 40 (Score: 3.299)
Graphics: Rank 58 (Score: 3.091)
Fun: Rank 62 (Score: 2.818)
Originality: Rank 68 (Score: 3.091)

Ranked from 11 ratings.

Rating Distribution:
5 star: 11.7%
4 star: 28.6%
3 star: 39%
2 star: 19.5%
1 star: 1.3%"
1 week ago

It's done. After months of development, I released one of my biggest hobby projects: Zweifisch, a competitive local multiplayer game. :)

Check it out on itch:

Feedback is highly appreciated.

#godotengine #gamedev #indiedev #multiplayer #indiegame

1 week ago

I am making a Godot game dev tutorial series,
creating a Slay the Spire clone with GDScript...

Ep. 01 is out!

Special shoutouts to @uheartbeast for the idea, @kenney for the awesome assets
and @caseyyano for being an inspiration! :)

#gamedev #tutorial #godotengine #godot

1 week ago

🎉💻 It's a double celebration! Our 100th(ish) stream + a Charity Fundraiser! Join us as we build cool stream things with #GodotEngine. Let's celebrate milestones and give back together! 🚀❤️ #StreamForACause #GameDev #MilestoneStream #CharityGaming 🎮🔥

1 week ago

I may still be on death's door, but at least it's slightly less than yesterday.

Actually able to do a little bit for #GameDevFridays today, which was nice!

Of course I really do mean "a little bit". See that new tile indicator down in the bottom left? It's now a progress bar that fills up as you get closer to unlocking a new tile.

That's it. That was my day 😅

#GameDev #GodotEngine #CityBuilder

Screenshot from my low poly city builder game that is suspiciously identical to a ton of other screenshots I've posted recently, except now the hex tile icon in the bottom left is half filled up with colour instead of being fully coloured in.
Tilt Five
2 weeks ago

The @godotengine team joins us on stream tonight.

We're LIVE:

#indiedev #godotengine #devhour

2 weeks ago

my shader works! I made a tricky shader from scratch! yay learning new things! 😁

This thing takes tile data in the form of a tiny image where each red pixel represents a tile ++ what kind of edge it is in the green channel (making it look yellow) and the shader turns that into a smooth bordered shape.

So the battle engine can now generate one of these tiny pixel-data images for weapon/movement range and get a nice way to show that range.

#Godot4 #godotengine

A yellow field with a thin white line with curved corners.
A bunch of blown-up red and yellow pixels in the same shape.
Godot Engine :godot:
2 weeks ago

Submissions for the #GodotEngine 2023 Showreel are open! Read more on our blog 👇

Awf Ibrahim
2 weeks ago

One of the things I really like about #GodotEngine is how flexible it is to setup everything so it works for YOUR project. Here is a simple level system I setup in roughly 2 days. Just drag everything in, draw the map and it works right out of the box.
#gamedev #indiedev

njamster :godot:
2 weeks ago

Weeell, so much for "making it in time"! 😂 Released the game on @itchio, still had 1 minute to submit (yeah, I know, I know...), but didn't factor in that they require you to fill in a brief questionnaire about your game as well. 🙈 Long story short: The game is *not* part of the #GodotWildJam, but if you want to you can still give it a try here:


#GameJam #GameDev #HonestGameDev #Godot #GodotEngine #MadeWithGodot

The title screen of my game, called "Ratonera" (after the Spanish word for mousetrap). It's very minimalistic, picking up on the colors and fonts of the Godot Wild Jam itself. There's only the game's title, a smaller note below that reads "A game by njamster with music by vacuumbeef" and two buttons labeled with "Play" and "Exit".
A screenshot of the actual gameplay. It shows a top down view of a cat walking through a lush garden full of green bushes, chasing after a cute little mouse. At the top of the screen is a progressbar, labeled with the word "Hunger" and already filled by approximately 75%.
One possible game over screen for the game. It reads "Well. At least you got... one."
Another possible game over screen for the game. It reads "You ate a whopping total of 8 mice before your hunger overwhelmed you..."
Hendrik Mans
2 weeks ago

I ranted a little about #godotengine yesterday, as I sometimes do.

I would like to add -- and emphasize! -- that if I were to make a list of things that I think are great about Godot, and a list of things I (maybe even strongly) dislike about it, the former would be several orders of magnitude longer than the latter.

The Godot logo superimposed on top of a blurred-out screenshot of the engine. Image from the official website.
njamster :godot:
2 weeks ago

Alright everyone, here's the current state of my #GodotWildJam project after ~3,5 days of work. Shaping up nicely – maybe I'll actually make it in time! :)

Music by @vacuumbeef!

#ScreenshotSaturday #GameJam #GameDev #Godot #GodotEngine #MadeWithGodot

A gameplay video showing a top down view of a cat walking through a green garden full of bushes. It leaves cute little footprints wherever it walks, that slowly fade out after a while. If you look closely, you might spot a few mice scurry around from bush to bush. The cat seems to have noticed that as well, and disappears in one of them. No luck though: Those mice have supernatural vision, still spot it from miles away and quickly run away!
2 weeks ago

So. TV done for the night, back to gamedev mode. And I have news!

After a bit of a run-up, and a lot of being tempted to scrap the whole thing and hide, I've officially done the scary thing.

It's just a short intro video, with all those things you hate like intro sequences and unnecessary exposition👍

Idk why this was so terrifying when I literally already have another YT channel but whatever. Brains, eh? 😅

#GameDev #Devlog #GodotEngine #YouTube

YouTube thumbnail mostly taken up with a screenshot of my hex-based city builder, with me doing a weird hand thing off to the side. Text reads "city builder Devlog #0"
Tilt Five
2 weeks ago

Interested in learning how to use #GodotEngine for Tilt Five? The #Godot team will join us on a special 'Dev Hour' next week. #XR

📅 Tues. Nov 21
🕔 5 pm PST
🖥️ LIVE on Twitch

dardasaba ❄️ Frozen Fractals
2 weeks ago

❄️ finished the saving & loading system!

It saves everything from current level, relevant game mode and modifiers info, unlocked achievements, and more!

#IndieDevs #GodotEngine

A video of my fractal bullet hell game. After progressing a few levels, I quit to the menu, and on returning to the game I spawn back at where I left off.
Yuri :godot:
2 weeks ago

If you're one of the people running Linux on ARM, we now have official editor and export template builds provided for your platform!

The last couple of #GodotEngine 4.2 releases, RC1 included, are waiting for you to give them a try 🦾

Yuri :godot:
2 weeks ago

🏁 One last turn, and the checkered flag is in sight! #GodotEngine 4.2 reaches its first Release Candidate today, so make sure to download it and give it a good shake.

Read more:

I've done another Art Pass on my game, it's coming together!

#gamedev #godotengine #pixelart

A 2.5D scene of a lab, a person in a hazmat suit is pushing items around.
njamster :godot:
2 weeks ago

Alright, #GodotWildJam, Day 2 (for me). Still doesn't look like much (so messing up horribly remains in the cards yet), but at least I've settled on a game idea now! So if everything goes according to plan, tomorrow I'll replace this boring, white circle with that sleek cat from day one and give it more agile red circ... I mean, prey.

#GameJam #GameDev #HonestGameDev #Godot #GodotEngine #MadeWithGodot

A video clip showing a top-down view of a white circle (representing the player) on a light green meadow with some bushes around them. Slowly moving up, it becomes apparent that only part of the scene is visible: The player can only see for a limited distance and nothing behind them or the bushes. Next, the player walks into one of the bushes, which hides them completely, but also shrinks the radius of the vision cone to about 70%. When walking out of the bush again, the vision cone resets to it original size again and a red circle (representing prey for the player to hunt after) appears at its border. The white circle charges directly at it, now with notably increased speed, causing the, so far inactive, stamina bar at the bottom of the screen to quickly deplete. Once it runs out, its color turns from green to red, and the player slows down again.
Aviv Levy :godot:
3 weeks ago

Now that the undo feature for the upcoming Troubled Turtles update is complete, I added:

A screen-shake when turtles eat.
A moving animation.
A happy dance when beating a level.
A dust effect when moving (gas propelled turtles?)

#indiegamedev #puzzle #godotengine #pixelart
Thoughts? 👇

pixel art sokoban puzzle turtle game
njamster :godot:
3 weeks ago

In other news, here is what little I have to show for the #GodotWildJam so far. No idea yet where to take this or if it will lead anywhere at all, but... it's a start!

And no, the head is *not* supposed to do a 360° – that's a bug! 😅

#GameJam #GameDev #HonestGameDev #Godot #GodotEngine #MadeWithGodot

A video showing the black contours of a cat from a top-down perspective, following after the mouse cursor that is slowly moving in a circular motion over the screen.

Towards the end the cat's head glitches into the owl dimension and does a full 360° rotation.
Godot Engine :godot:
3 weeks ago

Shuffle your deck and hit the dance floor – Mega Crit is now a #GodotEngine Gold Sponsor! 💃🕺 A huge thank you for your support!

Rémi Verschelde
3 weeks ago

New beta build for #GodotEngine 4.2!

We've now fixed almost all showstopper bugs that would prevent the release, but some of those fixes were fairly complex.

We need *a lot* of user testing on this build to make sure we're not introducing new issues. 🙏

Pandoria Falls :godot:
3 weeks ago

I just downloaded the Godot 4.2 beta, so I could try the Metroidvania System. I am still a bit confused, but it looks promising. #godot #godot4 #godotengine #gamedev

3 weeks ago

Currently working on an #IK walk system, because I'm to lazy to animate :godot:

I like the janky look of it but I hope using #tweens in this will improve it a bit.

#godotengine #inverskinematics #animation #santa #indiedev #walkcycle #generatedanimation #gamedev