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Dave Rahardja
1 day ago

OK, despite what the style guides say about putting spaces around #ellipses, I’m going to revert back to the unspaced version in all cases except elision, because I just don’t like how the spaced versions look then.

There are three kinds of ellipses: Three period characters separated by (no-break) spaces: `. . .` [Chicago], three period characters with no intervening spaces: `…` [AP], and the Unicode #ellipsis: `…`, which I think can always be a stand-in for the AP style.

To me, placing spaces before and after ellipses only make sense for elision. in the Chicago style: “The fox jumped . . . lazy fox”, and the AP style: “The fox jumped … lazy fox”. To my eyes, the spaces clearly indicate missing words or sentences.

For pauses and trailing speech, I think adding a space makes things look really weird: “I … uh … I mean …” and “Launching in 10 … 9 … 8 …”. For those use cases I like to eliminate the leading space, e.g. “I… uh… I mean…” and “10… 9… 8…”. They just look *better* to me.

#grammar #punctuation

Patrick's Place
4 days ago
Patrick's Place
5 days ago

It’s that time of year again…when I get irritated by the #WeatherTech commercial advertising the “Cup Phone.” It’s not a cup phone. It’s a phone cup. You’re not selling a phone; you’re selling a cup that holds a phone. #WordNerd #Grammar

"The present article is then concerned with the standardisation of the apostrophe in the English orthographic system in the period 1600–1900 and pursues the following objectives: (a) to study the use and omission of the apostrophe in the expression of the past tense, the genitive case and the nominative plural in the period; (b) to assess the relationship between the three uses and their likely connections; and (c) to evaluate the likely participation of grammarians in the adoption and the rejection of each of these phenomena in English."

CALLE-MARTÍN, J., & PACHECO-FRANCO, M. (2023). ‘The night before beg'd ye queens's pardon and his brother's’: The apostrophe in the history of English. English Language & Linguistics, 1-20. doi: #OpenAccess #OA #Journal #English #Language #Linguistics #Philology #Grammar @linguistics

6 days ago

I think I've found my winners for "Unfortunate English Mistakes" this year...

In the "One Letter Makes a Difference" category:

"American companies are hunting minorities; especially Hispanics and Blacks."


In the "Unfortunate set of typos in the same phrase" category:

"Blackock is the largest asses manager in the world."

#english #grammar

Stefan Müller
6 days ago

Wow! Beautiful. From the forthcoming handbook on #LFG by Gerlof Bouma.

I think I switch to LFG. =:-)

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1 week ago

Newydd cael gafael o lyfr newydd Gareth King - 'Thinking Welsh'. Mae'n ardderchog (fel bob un o lyfrau gan Gareth). Perffaith os ti'n licio gramadeg ag eglurhad da a synnwyr digrifwch.
Just got hold of Gareth King's new book - 'Thinking Welsh'. It's excellent (like all Gareth's books). Perfect if you like well-explained grammar with a sense of humour.

#Cymraeg #DysguCymraeg #Gramadeg
#Welsh #LearningWelsh #Grammar

Patrick's Place
1 week ago
The Ideophone
1 week ago

How should descriptive grammars cover interjections?

Interjections are, in Felix Ameka’s memorable formulation, “the … Continue reading

#grammar #interjections

Interjections. The principal interjections are: —au! mame! mamo! maye! o! ou!
Patrick's Place
1 week ago
Ben Taylor
1 week ago

My 9yo son has homework to find six "adverbial phrases" (I had to look this up) in one of his books. I had to look through three novels to find even one example, and in the end I made four of the six up.

You may say I shouldn't be doing my son's homework for him, and you'd be right. But if you're going to say that, please also explain to me how there is any expectation that any of these primary-age children are going to do this themselves, and what the benefit of doing so is, and what the benefit of knowing what an "adverbial phrase" is? Because the whole thing seems to me like a waste of time designed to teach children that they can't be expected to do their own homework.

#English #englishgrammar #grammar #primaryeducation #education

Clarissa C. S. Ryan
1 week ago

last boosts: a key reason why I think this matters at all is because I think there are plenty of times when the actual passive voice structure DOES get used* to obscure an agent who definitely should have been mentioned. And it's good to be able to point it out then. Of course there's a ton more to it; check out the blog post.

*by the writers of an official corporate or government press release, for example**

**see what I did there

#grammar #writing

Stan Carey
1 week ago

For detail, see my post 'Passive voice peeving and ignorance'

or the more academic and comprehensive 'Fear and Loathing of the English Passive' by G. Pullum

#grammar #writing #PassiveVoice

Stan Carey
1 week ago

Your occasional reminder that when someone complains about something with reference to the passive voice, it's extremely likely they have misidentified and mischaracterized it because they have no idea what the passive voice is.

#grammar #writing #rhetoric #PassiveVoice #WritingCommunity

Writer Updated
1 week ago

It takes just a few minutes to go through the infographic, but it could save you years of embarrassment from making simple mistakes #writing #grammar #infographic #writer

Brian Vastag
1 week ago

English is so weird. An aggressor should be called a BULLER and the target should be called the BULLEE.


Geek Updated
1 week ago

It takes just a few minutes to go through the infographic, but it could save you years of embarrassment from making simple mistakes #writing #grammar #infographic #writer

Patrick's Place
1 week ago


Man boobs! Man, boobs!

A comma CAN make a difference.

Rfgn8 GIF
Pong Kyubi GIF
Arawak Spike
2 weeks ago

It makes a big difference how we frame the tragedies of war. Victims were killed. They didn’t simply die. Nor is it a journalist’s job to call it murder. That’s for a court to decide. #Palestinians and #Israelis have been killed, plain and simple.


Matthias Smed Larsen
2 weeks ago

People of the Fediverse: If you use an #emoji at the end of a sentence (in a context where punctuation is used), do you end that sentence with #punctuation, or does the emoji serve as a sufficient end-of-sentence signal in your mind?

I.e. the difference between:

"Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit 🙂. Donec ultricies vulputate placerat."


"Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit 🙂 Donec ultricies vulputate placerat."

@linguistics #grammar #poll

2 weeks ago

The eternal struggle on whether to abide by the Chicago Manual of Style's policy on dropping hyphens with prefixes while writing online.

For instance: cocreator or co-creator? Which one works better for a Reddit post, for starters?

#CMoS #writing #grammar

2 weeks ago

Can we all, in general, accept that #autocorrect makes mistakes for us, we all make #typos and grammatical mistakes, but in general are all smart and know how to grammar and spell. Can we just overlook all of those mistakes?

Like I feel dumb when I put a mistake out in a chat or email, but I'm not, and generally the people reading know this, but I feel dumb.

Except your and you're when you're arguing on the internet. That's a line in the sand.

#grammar #spelling #BeNice #BeKind

Have you heard about Simple Spellchecker?

It is a neat JavaScript tool for, you guessed it, spellchecking.

#javascript #grammar

Me: "Enforcing #grammar is problematic for multiple reasons, you can't speak your native #language wrong."

Also me:

"For the last time -- 'then' denotes sequence, 'than' compares things!" woman says attacking a man. Caption: As it turned out, this would be Francesca's last day teaching English grammar.

I think the impulse that leads some people to call Jira tickets just "Jiras" is the same as the one that has people calling blog posts "blogs". Either way, it drives me nuts.

It's also probably the same that got Senator "Series of Tubes" Stevens to say "I sent an internet the other day".

#PetPeeves #English #usage #terms #grammar

Just heard Dove Cameron's "Sand", and while #grammar sticklers might want to reflexively quibble with her on the less/fewer front, I am 100% willing to put it aside, because "I have less pieces of you than…" parallels the "more pieces" in the previous line, and the demands of meter here *absolutely* trump those of grammar. Jamming "fewer" in there would've been lumpy and killed the (heart-rending!) emotional charge.

#English #usage

3 weeks ago

See if you can goad them into saying the name of the letter 'H' (aitch).
#English #language #pronunciation #grammar

Adrian Morales
3 weeks ago

《Farther》 or 《Further》?!
Despite various guidelines, they're 《Interchangeable》 The one thing that sets them apart is that only 《Further》 can be used as a 《Verb》

As the article mentions, "Welcome to English." I wouldn't want it any other way. 😅👍

#English #Grammar #Writing #Friday #Webster #SocialMedia #Mastodon #Megalodon #Tusky #Fediverse

3 weeks ago

Something that really bothers me: It’s as if most of the internet doesn’t care how they present themselves.

We all (hopefully) went to school, leaned grammar & yet, we act as if we haven’t.

Punctuation matters. It helps us follow along & read.

#writing #grammar #language

Hey @grammargirl, I have a question that I’m hoping you can help answer. I learned at one point that the correct usage of the words comply and conform are that you comply with laws, but that products or designs conform to standards. The dictionary is not quite so definitive. What are your thoughts on this?
#grammar #usage

Mignon Fogarty
3 weeks ago

What a thrill to wake up and see THE GRAMMAR DAILY as the #1 new release in Grammar Reference! 🎉

#grammar #Bookstadon #WritingTips #GrammarGirl #TheGrammarDaily

A screenshot of the listing at Amazon with the banner #1 New Release in Grammar Reference circled in red.
David Mason
3 weeks ago

Here's a question for #ImagingScientist #Microscopy folk and #ImageAnalysis people (but also #grammar if that's your thing).

I'm using #DAPI, #SYTOX or something else to label the DNA in cells. I want to segment them based on this.

Am I doing:
A) Nuclei Detection
B) Nucleus Detection
C) Nuclear Detection
D) Other (please comment!)

Please boost and tag any #Imaging folks you know. I need to settle a dispute.

Wishing it was #FluorescenceFriday already.

A fluorescent micrograph of DNA-stained cells where each cell is highlighted with a magenta outline.
S. L. Crane
3 weeks ago

I feel so validated (and slightly worried about my life expectancy):

"A novel study uncovers our physiological response to misused grammar. Researchers identified a direct link between grammatical errors and a change in Heart Rate Variability (HRV). When confronted with bad grammar, subjects’ HRVs indicated increased stress levels." 😱


#grammar #language #science #HRV

3 weeks ago

@PSiReN @selzero
I've seen these tags used a great deal today and I feel I should point out they are both factually (as far as I know) and grammatically incorrect. A somewhat more accurate and less controversial phrase would be #PigSquicking .
I hope this helps.
#English #grammar #PigAbuse #politics

Lucus Levy Keppel
4 weeks ago

Hello, friend humans! I need data from the hivemind:

Do you understand the word "wont" as used in "as was their wont" or "as one is wont to do."

Do you use the word "wont" in this way, or do you use a different phrase in speech and writing?

#grammar #words #writing #language #English

While I'm a stickler about the proper use of Daying Saving (no 's'), I have to hand it to Savant that this GE Sync promo is pretty clever. Even if it does feel about a week too late. #smarthome #grammar #daylightsaving

A GE Cync promo with an array of smart switch options fanned out reads "Cync Switch Daylight Savings - Up to 50% off select Cync Switches"

Very happy to learn that if I ever expatriated to Ireland, I'd be able to use both "amn't" (as per the article) and"youse" (mentioned in comments) without, apparently, anyone batting an eye!

As a child, I was taught that "amn't" is incorrect, and never to use it, and social disapproval has kept me in check, but in my heart of hearts, I've always felt it *should be* the right word. #English #grammar #Ireland

Pseudo Nym
1 month ago


Nouns. Never did trust them. Sneaky stuff.

Not like good, solid, brave, trustworthy adjectives.


wolf of the wisp
1 month ago
Stan Carey
1 month ago

Talking with someone from Poland today, I was delighted to hear them use the extremely Irish word "amn't"

My old post on it:

#language #dialect #etymology #words #Ireland #grammar #IrishEnglish

It's weird how the word "ignore" implies intention, but "ignorant" isn't intentional unless you prefix it with "willful".

You can be "ignorant" without knowing it, but you can't "ignore" something without knowing you're doing so.

Either "willfullness" should be implied in "ignorance" like it is with "ingore" or you should have to say "willfully ignore" when used as a verb.

#english #grammar

Nonya Bidniss
1 month ago

I'm currently reading Generation Ship by Michael Mammay and last night I read a line that nearly caused me to pop a brain aneurysm. The line said that people were "sneaking peaks" at one of the characters. Was there an #editor on this #book? #bookstodon #scifi #grammar

The Go-Go’s in Los Angeles, circa 1980. Jane Weidlin, Margot Olavarria, Gina Schock, Belinda Carlisle, Charlotte Caffey.

Photo by Janette Beckman.

Fun fact. Wonder why their name is possessive? Jane said she was afraid people would read it as “go goss” so she added the apostrophe.

#Music #GoGos #BelindaCarlisle #Grammar

Jane, Margot, Gina, Belinda, and Charlotte smiling and standing in front of a hot dog shaped food cart called ‘tail and pup’.
Brian Dear
1 month ago

It’s dismaying, the viciously swift way #language and #grammar changes probably due to social media.

My biggest lament: the thattification of human beings and the loss of the word “who.”

I see it all day long on Mastodon, on Bluesky, FB, in web forums, text mgs, email, everywhere.

“Those that,” “people that,” “elected officials that,” “attorneys that,” etc.

We are dehumanizing each other. We are now just objects.

[The irony? It’s all happening right in the middle of the Age of Pronouns.]

Devorah Ostrov
1 month ago

If you know where #apostrophes do and don't belong, this will drive you insane. #grammar #punctuation

Photo of a two-storey building with a store front on the ground floor. According to the signage, this is "Goodwyns" Furniture & they sell "sofa's chair's recliner's bed's".
1 month ago
Aby Darling
1 month ago

The problem with defending the purity of the English language is that English is about as pure as a cribhouse whore. We don't just borrow words; on occasion, English has pursued other languages down alleyways to beat them unconscious and rifle their pockets for new vocabulary.

- James D. Nicoll

#English #Grammar #ItMakesNoSense

Aby Darling
1 month ago

Surely it should be "zomby" if the plural is "zombies"?

#English #Grammar #ItMakesNoSense

2 months ago

I almost always prefer the European standard of a spaced en dash ( – ) to the US’s unspaced em dash (—). It’s less distracting and feels more semantically accurate as a separator of clauses. (Keeping in mind that every font has different dash proportions.)

Here’s a rare case in which an em would reduce confusion. For a quick moment, I mistook that en for a minus.

#Typesetting #Grammar #Typography

Screenshot of an Apple News article from The Guardian. ( The text:

instance (this is why, if you want to make a cake, it is better to set the oven at 180C rather than 50C); but most enzymes are most stable at the ambient temperature of the organism they work in - 37C in the case of humans. By rewriting the DNA that codes an enzyme, scientists can tweak its structure and function, making it more stable at higher temperatures, say, which helps it work faster.

Reminder: to "ghost" someone means to stop talking to them (or texting, taking their calls, etc.) *without any warning or explanation*.

Telling someone, "I can't deal with you anymore because of your [WHATEVER]; I'm not talking to you anymore" *is not* "ghosting" them; it's just going no-contact. #words #WordsMeanThings #usage #grammar #vocabulary

Mel Campbell
2 months ago

What kills me about learning #Latin is you’re effectively learning two languages at once. You’re learning the actual vocab, conjugations, declensions etc – and you’re also learning the language of #grammar itself: what the grammatical rules and parts *are called* and how they map to particular functions of language

Latin is the kind of language that, in the past, used to be drilled by asking discipuli things like “what is the passive second person plural subjunctive” or whatever the fuck

This means that a lot of the language learning tools I’ve encountered are based on the assumption that you already know this ‘second language’ of grammar, so eg the vocab flashcard lists I have found have got verbs in four different forms, and I’m like “what the fuck do those mean? Which is which and how do I know which one is called for in which situation?”

Like, I can tell that one of them is the infinitive and one of them looks like the first person present indicative – and by the way, these are terms that I only know because I’ve had to teach myself grammar in order to edit other people‘s work – what the fuck are the other two??? I’m just looking at them going, “well, you know, it’d be nice to know that”

If you are a native English speaker aged under 50, you probably didn’t learn grammar at school in your first language, and you probably don’t even know how to apply these words to your native language!

As a copyeditor in my own first language, English, I have had to teach myself the language of grammar in order to explain *why* certain choices I intuitively know are right or wrong. I am an EXCELLENT editor and yet I still have to look up English.stackexchange to find out what the word is for the function of language I am trying to explain

I’m honestly not sure if the traditional rote learning method or the intuitive ‘immersion’ method of language learning Duolingo uses is better for Latin

because Duolingo’s weakness is that it is based on guessing: you never learn the rules and so you don’t know *why* something is correct or not correct, which can help you analyse what a certain sentence demands

Basically Duolingo wants to make everyone into the same kind of speaker that I am in English

Surely there’s a happy medium

(Unfortunately I suspect it is ‘formal language classes such as one takes in school’)

Usage note for everyone, since #English is a confusing, annoying, inconsistent, weird language:

apart: separate from

a part of: a piece of, an element or component of

"Connecticut is A PART OF New England, which is worlds APART from the West Coast."

(If you're putting the word "of" after it, you almost always want "a part".)

#usage #grammar

Mignon Fogarty
2 months ago

I'm shining light on "shine" versus "shone" today!

This is just one of a year's worth of delights from THE GRAMMAR DAILY, coming out November 14.

(Every time you preorder a book, an angel gets a taco:

#Bookstadon #WritingTips #Grammar #TheGrammarDaily

"Shined" and "shone" are two competing past tense forms of the verb "shine." Some (but not all) sources recommend using "shined" when the verb has an object and "shone" when it does not.

💡Aardvark shined the light in Squiggly’s eyes.

💡The light shone brightly.
Andrew Woods
2 months ago

There should be an IDE for writers (novelists, journalists, bloggers, etc). I’m imagining something that feels like PhpStorm, but would check grammar and readability, cross reference with specific data sources, and other Writer-y type tasks.

MS Word is a word processor , and doesn’t count.

#tools #writing #creativity #Grammar

Victor Gijsbers
2 months ago

I need quick grammatical advice. I asked two friends who are good at this kind of stuff, and they disagreed! Argh. Which sentence is correct?

(A) I do it, not for your sake, but for my own.
(B) I do it not for your sake, but for my own.

#grammar #punctuation

I can't understand why the malapropism "diffuse [a fraught situation]" has become so common. It seems obvious (to me) that it's supposed to be *defuse*, as in "defuse a bomb". Why would "spread it all around very thinly" make any sense?

Come on, people. You want to DEFUSE a situation.

#English #usage #grammar #eggcorn

MsDB42 🦘♀🌈🐧
3 months ago

***LAST EDITED*** 2/9/23



David August
3 months ago

I mean…where’s the lie? 😝

#Shakespeare #grammar #ShakespeareSunday

[picture of a very young and dapper looking William Shakespeare] 

William Shakespeare in past tense would be:
Willediwas Shookspeared
Tom Resing
3 months ago

What it means when you say “literally” #Grammar #WordsMatter

Tom Resing
3 months ago

Beautiful day at Tolt park in Carnation!
My wife is running her first 10k race. They call it Beat the Blerch and it’s organized by The Oatmeal.

The Oatmeal doesn’t print posters anymore, though the manager at the pop up shop told me she’s considering special runs of grammar poster bundles once a year or so.

#TheOatmeal #BeatTheBlerch #Carnation #10k #Running #Grammar

Blue sky above a field of green grass with a baseball field behind the grass and the cascade mountain range in the background
Author Steaphan Kay :verfox:
3 months ago

Mignon, thank you for your podcast "Say hwat?! 'Anxious' versus 'eager.' Pink stein.".

I learned some great tips from your discussion on discourse markers. I will use some in my story where the space pirates use Old English phrases.

Two questions:
1) I presume the rule stands that discourse markers should be used sparingly and probably only in dialogue.

2) Is "Ya Knowin" the Old English "ge witon"?

#Grammar #Writing #Author #WritingCommunity