6 hours ago

The gov is set to shut down Sun unless lawmakers in #Congress can agree on a last-min deal…. ~10 #Republicans have opposed ANY short-term deal.

…Adah Crandall, 17, of Portland, OR, an organizer w/ #SunriseMovement, said she was among the ~30 people occupying #McCarthy’s office but was not among those #arrested. She said the group, most of whom were teenagers, held signs that said “The #GOP Hates #GenZ,” “#GreenNewDeal Now” & “McCarthy: Aren’t you ashamed?”

Old Hippie Ⓥ
4 days ago

It is so important for young people to get involved to fix the world broken by rampant #capitalism and malaise/inaction by the citizens of the industrialized world.
#ClimateCrisis #GreenNewDeal #YouthActivism

Garret Wassermann
4 days ago

Make no mistake -- the climate crisis is already here. It's not a theoretical, it's not far in the future, it is here, NOW.
Things will get worse until we transition away from fossil fuels. Demand a just transition to clean renewable energy NOW! #GreenNewDeal

@jstatepost Important to see rooftop solar at >💯 successfully implemented in South Australia so quickly. What a #GreenNewDeal looks like, with grid monitors expanding daytime functionality, whether for manufacturing, public utilities or storage, can be a model for state governments in US, regardless of latitude. If Germany can power on solar, so can Washington state, or Maine. #solar

ICYMI: As #RishiSunak rows back from the UK's #NetZero commitments, while pretending he's not... and Barrow (#Cumbria) celebrates new investments in #submarine production by the Govt. (via BAE systems), I ponder for @NWBylines whether the #Tories 'Military Keynesianism' is the best bet for the UK, or whether really we should be investing much more in the #GreenTransiton.


6 days ago


live stream. listen in for the hijinx on climate change, economy and environment

#GreenNewDeal #economics #climatechange

As #RishiSunak rows back from the UK's #NetZero commitments, while pretending he's not... and Barrow (#Cumbria) celebrates new investments in #submarine production by the Govt. (via BAE systems), I ponder for @NWBylines whether the #Tories 'Military Keynesianism' is the best bet for the UK, or whether really we should be investing much more in the #GreenTransiton.


LM Little
1 week ago

"the so-called green industry is controversial in #Sápmi, as it often leads to #Sámi losing access to land and water as these land-intensive industries encroach the land, piece by piece."

#EU #IndigenousRights #IndigenousPeople #Arctic #Rightsholders #GreenNewDeal

Pauline von Hellermann
1 week ago

@interacter @grb090423

- and ultimately not expensive but an investment; #GreenNewDeal etc. as you put it so well, that all this is subject to political whims etc is just appalling. And just to add: so infuriating too how #RishiSunak said that previous policy on #Heatpumps would have cost some people £8,000 in two years. Only because of totally inadequate subsidies and government support! Also not sure whether all that was correct. Anyway, rant over

1 week ago


Free public transportation & lots of it.
Regenerative farming.
Kitchen gardens.
Cobb houses & buildings.
Yards as habitat.
Trench composting.
More green space.
20 mph residential.
Co-ops, not corporations.
Lots more protected bike lanes & bike paths.
Indigenous fire management.

2 weeks ago

I've read through this essay twice over the last month...

"In any case, the way the left-to-right metaphor can conflate normative and empirical questions is unfortunate. In some circles, it effectively forbids an unblinkered analysis of political reality while promoting animosity between factions that hold the same basic moral commitments."

#progressive #TheLeft #GreenNewDeal

Various political buttons from the progressive left: "green new deal", "pro union", "tax the rich", etc.
🔴 Rosa-Luxemburg-Stiftung
2 weeks ago

Die #EU auf dem industriepolitischen Holzweg. Ein kritischer Blick auf den Industrieplan zum Grünen Deal (Green Deal Industrial Plan, #GDIP).


#Industriepolitik #GreenNewDeal

MERA25 Hessen
2 weeks ago

Heute Nachmittag fanden auch in vielen hessischen Städten Demos zum globalen #Klimastreik von #FridaysForFuture statt. Unsere Solidarität gilt der von der Energie der jungen Generation angetriebenen Klimabewegung! ✊

Um die Transformation der Wirtschaft endlich konsequent anzugehen, gibt es den von uns entwickelten #GreenNewDeal.


#Hessen #Klimastreik1509 #GNDforEurope

Garret Wassermann
2 weeks ago

The March to End Fossil Fuels in NYC is calling on Biden to take rapid action on climate emergency. As a scientist myself (M.S. in Applied Mathematics & Physics) I support these demands! The best plan to do this is the Ecosocialist #GreenNewDeal that would transition within a decade & put workers & communities in charge of decisions not corporations.

More about the march at:

More about the GND at:

We call on President Biden to:
1. Stop Federal Approves for new fossil fuel projects and repeal permits for climate bombs like the willow project and the mountain valley pipeline.
2. Phase out fossil fuel drilling our public lands and water.
3. Declare a climate emergency to halt fossil fuel exports and investments abroad, and turbo-charge the build-out of more just, resilient distributed energy like rooftop and community solar.
4. Provide a just transition to a renewable energy future that generates millions of jobs while supporting workers' and community rights, job security, and employment equity.
Cory Doctorow
2 weeks ago

It wants you to address the climate emergency by recycling more carefully - not by demanding laws banning single-use plastics. It wants you to fight monopolies by shopping harder - not by busting trusts.

But that's not what we're doing - not anymore. We're forming unions. We're demanding a #GreenNewDeal. And we're busting some trusts.


@BenHoare plenty of propaganda in US, too, about heat pump efficiency in US Midwest where winter cold is as low as Nordic countries. Biden administration’s Infrastructure legislation (the replacement for a more thorough Green New Deal), however, includes rebates for heat pumps to encourage them throughout the country. #heatpumps #fossilfuel #GreenNewDeal #Biden #oil #capitalism #propaganda

@raymondpert Obama could have nationalized the industry during the bailout of early post “Great Recession.” Now workers have to make the struggle theirs to increase workplace democracy. Could also explore opportunities to diversify production, extending into alternative energy mass transportation manufacturing. #uaw #greennewdeal #labor #laborpower #workplacedemocracy

Mark@RCR 🌀
3 weeks ago

“If the bees disappear off the surface of the globe then man would only have four years of life left. No more bees, no more pollination, no more plants, no more animals, no more man.”

#SaveTheBees #ActOnClimate #climateemergency #Climate #nature #GreenNewDeal #biodiversity

A variation of nine types of bees

#JonathanCook | Why action on the #ClimateCrisis is all hot air

Cook on pretty much why everything is the way it is:

"Under the so-called #GreenNewDeal, nothing changes. We still drive our own cars ... We still holiday abroad. We still shop in large supermarkets with everything ... wrapped and protected in oil-based plastics.

"... and throw away items of new technology – from personal computers to phones – every few years through planned obsolescence."


unofficial ZNet
3 weeks ago

#Degrowth is gaining more attention.

In Japan, Kohei Saito's degrowth manifesto became a bestseller; the European Parliament recently sponsored a "Beyond Growth" conference; in the US degrowth is discussed by the socialist Monthly Review journal.

In times of low GDP growth, the debate about degrowth vs. the #GreenNewDeal becomes outdated, as they both seek to address implications of expansionary programs, emphasising renewable investments and scrutinising consumption.

Garret Wassermann
4 weeks ago

"[Oil and gas extraction] workers face elevated fatal occupational injury rates that are historically seven times higher than for all U.S. workers," the report said.

The facts keep piling up. Oil and gas is NOT SAFE for workers, for our health, for the environment, and has been an economic bust when it comes to jobs.

We need to halt new fossil projects and work for a rapid just transition for workers with an #Ecosocialist #GreenNewDeal.


Picture of workers in safety gear at a drilling site, with the text "Oil and gas extraction workers face elevated fatal occupational injury rates that are historically seven times higher than for all U.S. workers, the report said."
A cappella
1 month ago




A magazine of Black politics and culture

Hammer & Hope is a new magazine of Black politics and culture. It is a project rooted in the power of solidarity, the spirit of struggle and the generative power of debate, all of which are vital parts of our movement toward freedom.

We are inspired by the courageous #BlackCommunists in Alabama whose lives and struggles to organize against capitalism and white supremacist terror in the 1930s and 1940s are memorialized in Robin D. G. Kelley’s book “Hammer and Hoe,” from which we take our name.

We will envision collectively what a better future might look like and the strategies that could get us there. Such an undertaking compels us to deepen our knowledge of history, politics, culture and our own movements.

Our aim is to build a project whose politics and aesthetics reflects the electric spirit of the protesters who flooded the streets in 2020, a project that breathes life into the transformative ideas pointing us towards the world we deserve.

Come join us. We have a world to win.

#GreenNewDeal Architect Rhiana Gunn-Wright (article published in Hammer and Hope) Warns the Green Transition May Leave Black People Behind
September 01, 2023

Book cover: "Hammer and Hoe", by Robin D G Kelley

edit: added Democracynow link

Book cover: "Hammer and Hoe: Alabama Communists during the great depression", by Robin D G Kelley
drawing of 3 people from the early 20th century
woman farmer with a hoe, man with picket sign "Free Willie P., man wearing construction worker hat and gloves
CUSP :verified:
1 month ago

🎙️New podcast episode of #MumWillThePlanetDie/BeforeIDo: Babita Sharma and Katy Glassborow speak to #CliveLewis MP about his intellectual journey, about integrity, political pluralism, #postgrowth economics, and the value of Maverick politics in a rigid parliamentary system. → cc #GreenNewDeal #GND

Take the time to read this.

“The climate crisis may be an existential threat, but millions of people are weathering tiny apocalypses. What’s a little more heat when you’re already going through hell?”

#GreenNewDeal #ClimateAction #ClimateJustice

Crash Course
1 month ago

The dubious reputation of 'green' hydrogen.

A few important things to note:

Hydrogen is NOT and energy source, it is an energy carrier; aka a battery.

What is true for all batteries, is that they don't work with 100% efficiency. You loose energy when you put energy into the battery (convert electricity to H2) and you loose energy when you get it out of the battery (convert H2 to electricity in a fuel cell for example).

So, when we make 'green' hydrogen, we have solar panels or windmills - already disputable 'green' sources - with a relatively low efficiency and convert the generated electricity to H2 (60% efficiency) and later back to electricity (60% efficiency again), so we are left with 36% of the original electricity of the 'green' source.

See also the attached copy from my book Crash Course

Also realise that currently >90% of H2 is produced from fossil fuels! See Wikipedia below:

... As of 2020, the majority of hydrogen (~95%) is produced from fossil fuels by steam reforming of natural gas and other light hydrocarbons, partial oxidation of heavier hydrocarbons, and coal gasification....

#GreenWashing #hydrogen #EnergyTransition #Greeen #GreenNewDeal #CrashCourse #FossilFuels

Text from the book Crash Course of the hydrogen revolution.
Brad Johnson
1 month ago

Department of Interior approves the 704 MW Revolution Wind project off the coast of Rhode Island!
#climate #windpower #renewable #greennewdeal

1 month ago

@vespasianvs absolutely Andy. We have big problems with UK housing stock which is why IMO the gov have been consistently bad at helping. We need a Green New Deal with a central gov economic stimulus package. It’s criminal IMO that gov prop up O&G while not funding energy reduction, actively suppressing onshore renewables and walking back on green homes funding.


Just emailed my Senators and Congressman to demand they stop wasting time with waging silly culture wars and instead get serious about meaningful reductions in carbon emissions.

Darth Vader voice: "I find your lack of urgency disturbing"

#GreenNewDeal #climatechange

unofficial ZNet
1 month ago

Two years ago, a novel approach began just outside #Washington, DC:

25 #BIPOC high-school students were hired to launch a local #GreenNewDeal. Their journey led to significant achievements, including rent stabilisation with a 6% cap on rent increases.

This victory highlights the intersection of climate action and social justice. It sparked real change and bridged gaps between communities, showing the power of grassroots engagement.

#ClimateJustice #Activism

Brad Johnson
1 month ago

"I just get so incensed" - Kaniela Ing on the Maui fires and Joe Biden's climate record
#greennewdeal #mauifires #lahaina #joebiden #climate

Martin Nutty
1 month ago

17) What does it take to overcome polarization and #RedState opposition to electric cars or #SolarPanels?

Lead with the economic and job benefits and refrain from talking about the #ClimateCrisis.

#NYTimes tells the story of those dedicated to persuade Red State Americans to make the shift to #GreenTech

#EVs #ElectricVehicles #CleanEnergy #GreenNewDeal #SolarEnergy


Chart showing impact of political polarization on the adoption of Electric Vehicles (EVs) 30% of Democrats vs. 70% of Republicans are unlikely to consider the purchase of an EV
2 months ago

This article was written 109 years ago. 109 years and we still aren't doing what we need to do to address the climate crisis.

There is no planet B. #ActOnClimate

#Climate #energy #ClimateEmergency #renewables #GreenNewDeal

Crash Course
2 months ago

The Green New Deal, business as usual and greenwashing

Do people ever consider that there are not enough minerals even for making one generation of technology for the energy transition?

Look at this research:

And a presentation by one of the main writers:
Assoc Prof Simon Michaux - The quantity of metals required to manufacture just one generation of...

#GreenNewDeal #greenwashing #WakeUp #Minerals #Energy #EnergyTransition #Green #FossilFuels #BusinessAsUsual #mining #technology #CrashCourse

A photo montage showing the Earth ligted from behind by the sun. Below a text that reads:
It's time to wake up - The currently known global mineral reserves will not be sufficient to supply enough metals to manufacture the planned non-fossil fuel industrial systems.
Crash Course
2 months ago

The Green New Deal, business as usual and greenwashing

Do people ever consider that there are not enough minerals even for making one generation of technology for the energy transition?

Look at this research:

And a presentation by one of the main writers:
Assoc Prof Simon Michaux - The quantity of metals required to manufacture just one generation of...

#GreenNewDeal #greenwashing #WakeUp #Minerals #Energy #EnergyTransition #Green #FossilFuels #BusinessAsUsual #mining #technology #CrashCourse

A photo montage showing the Earth lighted from behind by the sun. Below a text that reads:

"It's time to wake up - The currently known global mineral reserves will not be sufficient to supply enough metals to manufacture the planned non-fossil fuel industrial systems."
2 months ago
2 months ago


But that's the thing... the "wedding" already happened, in 2009, when ACES was written, and in 2022, when IRA was signed into law. The "Green New Deal" is irrelevant to this process.

I think it's very instructive for everyone to look at what real environmental legislation looks like:

ACES (pick any section):

IRA (jump to Title VI):

#GND #GreenNewDeal #politics #uspol #CleanEnergy #ClimateCrisis #SocialJustice #sustainability

2 months ago


If and when legislators propose legislation that does something to address the climate crisis, I will support it, no matter who proposed it.

Examples are the American Clean Energy and Security Act of 2009, which the Senate didn't pass, and the Inflation Reduction Act of 2022, which the Democrats brilliantly were able to pass despite having only 50 Senators.

#GND #GreenNewDeal #politics #uspol #CleanEnergy #ClimateCrisis #SocialJustice #sustainability

2 months ago


You are certainly not alone in that assessment, but I invite you to reconsider it.

Here she is in a stunningly bizarre display of pathologic narcissism, falsely claiming that "no one else has even tried" to address climate change.

This is a disgusting insult to the thousands of politicians and policy experts who dedicated their lives to fighting climate change, long before she even considered entering politics.

#GND #GreenNewDeal #uspol #CleanEnergy #ClimateCrisis

Ariel Kroon
2 months ago

Listening through the audiobook version of "On 🔥: The Burning Case for a Green New Deal" by Naomi Klein and I am once again reminded of how excellent she is at writing and reporting. Also how in tune she is to the beats of late capitalist neoliberal political strategy; she did basically popularize the concept of "disaster capitalism" ig. Esp towards the end, the #GND vision she describes is very #solarpunk adjacent imho.

#GreenNewDeal #NaomiKlein

Nelson Chu Pavlosky
2 months ago

I beat the #GreenNewDeal Simulator in 93 turns 🎉️ My tips:

- Eliminate infrastructure that uses fossil fuels directly, ASAP! Once you electrify things, you can switch power generation to renewables at your leisure.
- Large regional interventions like high speed rail cover big swathes of the country; save localized spot interventions for areas that miss out on those larger plans.
- Areas with fossil fuel workers require projects sited there for a #justTransition; plan your grid accordingly.

An anthropomorphic frog informs me "You decarbonized the economy in 93 turns! Not bad!" Its face shows up on a screen next to a map of the US, showing a nationwide power grid connecting everything but two regions of the Midwest.
Ben Abraham || AfterClimate
2 months ago

Over the weekend I played the latest Molleindustria game Green New Deal Simulator – it's a fantastic little toy. Super hopeful as a climate story, and puzzle. Honestly one of the best Climate Games I've played in aaaages.

Here's an interview where Paolo talks about what he was trying to do with the game.

#greennewdeal #climate #climategames #energy #EnergyTransition

2 months ago

Is it time to join the Scottish Greens #ScottishGreens

#fifescotland #greennewdeal #green

I am seriously considering it

Nelson Chu Pavlosky
2 months ago

For #FollowFriday, here are people working towards #climateJustice:

- @szeis4cookie - #cargoBikes and #livableCities
- @ACTupper - teaching himself #sustainable engineering, e.g. wants to build a #renewables-powered magnesium fuel cycle
- @pbeasleyhall - cave cricket expert, #conservation, Australia
- @TeamMidwest - A #GreenNewDeal for Archives, making sure we can still access institutional memory in the #climateCrisis

Simon Brooke
3 months ago

Something Lesley Riddoch said towards the end of last night's meeting in Castle Douglas made me think: now that Peter Murrell's gone, is it time for folk on the left (like me) to rejoin the #SNP and try to push for a #RadicalIndependence policy?

I remain convinced that the majority for #ScottishIndependence is on the left, and that it's by creating a strong radical left vision based on #GreenNewDeal and #LandReform that we'll win.


3 months ago

Thank you! Just turned 64 & am so grateful for good health & strength that enables me to do lots of things co-workers half my age don't want to try. That's a gift AND a privilege I want to leverage to help people less able.

There's plenty to critique about this administration, but #ageism is a specious distraction. Focus on real problems!

CelloMom On Cars
3 months ago

Why it's crucial to TALK about #ClimateChange, climate policies, the #GreenNewDeal, all that: your neighbours think you're not interested.

Start the conversation!

"About two-thirds of #Americans say they worry about #GlobalWarming and support policies to reduce it. But most do not realize that their views are so widely shared."

“While actual supporters of #climate policies outnumber opponents two to one, we see that Americans think it’s the other way around.”

Brad Johnson
3 months ago

Thinking about running for office on climate? Know someone who is?

Lead Locally is launching the second annual Run for Climate - a free training for anyone thinking about running for local or state office! Apply or nominate a friend!

#climate #uspol #greennewdeal

We're training the next generation of local Green New Deal leaders. Is that you?
Cory Doctorow
4 months ago

My next novel, *The Lost Cause*, is a science fiction thriller set in a world where the #GreenNewDeal is underway and people are confronting, rather than denying, the scale and urgency of the climate emergency. It's a novel full of joy, an emotional flythrough of what it would feel like to formulate and execute a plan to save ourselves, rather than hoping that the threat just goes away on its own:


Cory Doctorow
4 months ago

Hey look at this

* On Background: Crypto Skeptic Proven Right | Against the Rules with Michael Lewis

* The Cold Calculations (h/t Arnon Clark)

* #GreenNewDeal Simulator (h/t Davie Callahan)


Cory Doctorow
5 months ago

It's a vision that's so exciting that I based a whole book around it, "The Lost Cause," my post-#GreenNewDeal novel about the inevitable white nationalist backlash, which is coming out in November:

But there's another version of the "post-ownership society." It's the #enshittified, #DRM-locked version, where you own nothing and pay rent to use everything. Think of #BMW and its fucking subscription seat warmers:


6 months ago

Oh well! A livable future needs more gardeners, craftspeople, caregivers, etc. anyway. Let the #TechBros eat each other's software.

#GreenNewDeal #Degrowth #Luddism

6 months ago

@robertpi yep! And even when we see concepts like the #GreenNewDeal they kind of end at national borders (understandably, given regulatory frameworks) but without a sort of global green new deal, any nation’s collective progress is easily undercut by fossil fuel competition from other countries… which we see now from China or other manufacturing centers

9 months ago

The really specific #introduction beyond what I spend most of my time on now!

I have done a lot and still think a lot about #housing #buildings #environmentalJustice and #electrification (or #decarbonization). In #California I spent several years as an #energyEfficiency #policy wonk. I help run a participatory #grantmaking fund called the EBE Fund.

I am an #engineer, #environmental and #petroleum in a past life. I want #systemsChange #justice and a #GreenNewDeal. I live in #SanFrancisco!

10 months ago

Hello! I have lived a long time and paid close attention. Studied Mathematics, Physics and Molecular Biology at Oxford and the O&U, but in a small way I am a polymath.

My conclusion is that the Capitalist paradigm on top of the worst features of human nature, especially greed, present an existential threat to humanity and the ecosystem. The question I ask everyone is:

"Is there an ecological economic alternative to capitalist growth that can gain political traction?"

The best plank of a solution to many, but still not all, of these problems is #Degrowth However it is both necessary and politically impossible at present, so we need a transition catalyst. There is no value in the continual re-statement of the blindingly obvious issues of climate change and inequality. We need practical solutions, urgent massive and global, for all our children and grandchildren. My list of urgent problems we face, some existential:

Political: No Global cooperation. Degrowth transition policies absent from Manifestos. Dictators and Populism. Fossil-Fuel and other Capitalist lobbying. Green-washing.

Military: Conflicts. Technologies including L.A.W.S., WMD.

Economic: Capitalism & Growth. GDP as driving metric. Greed & Inequality. Over-consumption by the 1%. Corporations & Company Law. Subsidies for fossil fuels. Debt.

Industrial: Plastic production and waste. Chemical Pollution including from Solar PV production. Steel & Concrete use including in renewable energy. Material Footprint coupled to GDP.

Agricultural: Beef & other meat production. Soil Degradation. Fisheries collapse. Climate change forcing crop changes. Food Miles. Crop failure.

Climate & Ecology: Carbon footprint & GHG emissions. Deforestation. Species extinction. Sea-level rise. Desertification. Coral reef destruction. Inertia of Climate change in the pipeline. IPCC compromise. COP failure.

Projections: Computer models tuned/sanitised to ~linear scenarios, feedback loops and Tipping points underestimated, e.g. permafrost and ice-sheet melt, methane clathrate gun ~2000 Gt. Tipping points and cascade.

Health & Social: Poverty & famine. Refugee crises, from war, famine, sea-level rise. Discrimination, by race, religion, colour. Zoonotic Pandemics. Child Mortality. Antibiotic resistance. Mental Health. Climate stress. Drug abuse. Religious extremism.

Information & Computing: Intellectual property including crops, medicines and vaccines. AI and the Singularity. Surveillance Society. Mis-information and Conspiracies.

Population size and growth: 8bn, forecast 10.9bn by 2100, stabilising at ~12bn.

(more here )

#HumanRights #Justice #Equality #AntiCapitalism #GreenNewDeal #GDP #Inequality #EcologicalEcomonics #GlobalWarming #ClimateChange #ClimateCrisis #ClimateEmergency #PaleBlueDot #JustStopOil #Coal #Pollution #MicroPlastics #Renewables #RenewableEnergy #EnergyCrisis #EnergyTransition #AntiTheist #Linguistics #PoliticalScience #Consciousness #FreeWill #Introduction

"Oh, there is hope, an infinite amount of hope - just not for us." Franz Kafka :earth:

Zack Polanski
11 months ago

Introduction: I'm the Deputy Leader of the Green Party of England and Wales.

I'm really interested in exploring (and campaigning for!) some of the big ideas that will make changes in our community.

Ideas like a UBI (#UniversalBasicIncome), a fair electoral system (#ProportionalRepresentation) and to make the link between the cost of living crisis and tackling the climate emergency. (#GreenNewDeal #GreenParty)