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@MaritStiles: RT @shaw_sandy: 🙏Thanks for your kind words and for all you do to protect the #greenbelt

Steady State Manchester
4 days ago

Our guide to the important 'Places for Everyone' Modifications Consultation.
GM's Joint Development Plan.
Closing date next Wed 6 Dec.
Please share as time is short.
#Planning #DeveloperLobby #Nature #Climate #Bioregion #CityRegion #GMCA #GreenBelt #Carbon

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@MaritStiles: This government has wasted years making shady deals with their friends and not building the affordable housing we need.

Now the Premier is under RCMP investigation. Is his caucus worried he'll be implicated in the criminal #Greenbelt Grab?…

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@MaritStiles: RT @CheriDiNovo: So @fordnation PROMISED to leave the #Greenbelt alone. Instead he's selling it off to developer friends who had the heads…

2 weeks ago

Finally! Das Onlineportal zum #Ehrenamt am #GrünesBand in #sachsen_anhalt, das ich kuratiert habe, ist online. Check it out!🤩🤩🥳
#GreenBelt #digitalhistory #history #nature #gdr #erinnerung @histodons

Grimsby council also voted to ask province to stick with decision to remove 2 sites from Greenbelt: #Niagara #Greenbelt #OnPoli #News #CBC

LA Legault ✌🏻
2 weeks ago

If you are voting in the #ONLP election remember Bonnie Crombie is a Conservative and if you value the #greenbelt and #healthcare, don’t vote for her. #onpoli

On housing, the Tories have wasted a whole year. So what’s next?

"OPINION: The PCs have reversed their attempted changes to the Greenbelt and municipal official plans — and given themselves a new set of political obstacles"

#Ontario #Greenbelt #DougFord #Housing

Liam Egan
2 weeks ago


Message sent to Premier’s office :

Subject :
Two Hoots - Why only 1 hour of hearings?

Message :
I give Two Hoots and would like to know why only one hour of committee hearings is scheduled for Bill 136, the Greenbelt Statute Law Amendment Act.

#OnPoli #GreenBelt #PublicHearings #GreenbeltAmendment

Elaine Anderson
2 weeks ago

Yes, Mr. Ford, I do give two hoots.

"The Progressive Conservative government is not holding public hearings into its new Greenbelt protection law because most Ontarians “don’t give two hoots about that,” says Premier Doug Ford."

One hour of committee hearings is scheduled for Bill 136, the Greenbelt Statute Law Amendment Act.

If you also give two hoots, you can contact the Premier's office here:

#DougFord #FordCrimeFamily #Greenbelt #OnPoli #PublicHearings #GreenbeltAmendment

Staff recommends Niagara town ask province to keep its Greenbelt sites removed | CBC News #OntarioGreenbelt #Grimsby #Greenbelt #NiagaraRegion #onpoli @ontariogreens @onpoli

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@ColinDMello: RT @isaaccallan: NEW: Former housing minister Steve Clark is back in the legislature after a summer at the centre of the #Greenbelt scandal…

Andrew Kuchling
3 weeks ago

This Saturday at 6:30pm at the Greenbelt Cinema: a 20th-anniversary showing of THE ROOM, with Greg Sestero ("Mark"; author of the book THE DISASTER ARTIST).

#Greenbelt #Maryland #movies #film #TheRoom

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@CFifeKW: Such a strong turnout for @dchapmanNDP in Kitchener-Centre. Your Official Opposition continues to advocate & push for solutions on 2 Way-All Day GO, #Housing, #HealthCare, #Greenbelt #Childcare.
If you want to hold Ford accountable - send Deb…

3 weeks ago

UK petitions 3/6:

#UnitedKingdom #UK

#environment #nature #biodiversity #climate #ClimateChange

Ban artificial grass immediately in response to the 25 Year Environmental Plan

Ban the use of chemical pesticides

Find time to take the Clean Air (Human Rights) Bill through the House of Commons

Make felling any tree 150 years or older a criminal offence.

Require the planting biodiverse woodland on the greenbelt

Ban the use of herbicides that contain glyphosate

Prevent development on Green Belt land

Increase Natural England's budget to £1 billion

Nationalise the water industry in England and Wales without delay

Don't water down UK actions promised to stop the climate catastrophe

Set more ambitious emissions reduction targets

Add the UN Sustainable Development Goals to the school curriculum

#England #greenbelt #trees #forest #deforestation #water #CleanAir #pesticides #pollution #AirPollution

Liam Egan
4 weeks ago

Just like the #greenbelt - the Ontario Government tries to ‘fix’ the wrong thing and by that I mean make sure money goes to party supporters and not the people of Ontario.

“Ontario’s Attorney General estimates 34 per cent of hospitals in the province have unused operating room capacity. The report recommends taking advantage of that unused space instead of moving surgeries outside of hospitals by staffing them.”

#NeverVoteConservative #OnPoli

From @Perspective


@gemelliz since #'KingFord and his band of fools are so intent on killing our public health care system (and us) by under funding it, creating staff shortages and pitting the public system against private interests, is there any way we can get the feds to direct-fund our public health care system as well!?

Another game of smoke and mirrors:

" 2021-2022, the provincial government underreported payments by 720 per cent [to independent health facilities]."

#NeverVoteConservative #onpolitics

Posted Nov 8, 2023, 9:53 AM
Liam Egan
1 month ago


I was thinking about politics yesterday and I want a “do-over” in an election based on the winning party lying. I think of Ontario and their promise of not touching the #Greenbelt and Alberta saying that the #NDP was fearmongering when they said #UCP was going to do something with #CPP. This is #Brexit level dishonesty and voters deserve better. I think a vote of 51% of the voters should be able to get a “do-over”. #CanPoli #AbPoli#OnPoli

cc: @LALegault

Marius Fortuna_3
1 month ago With his credibility and win-ability taking a hit with the recent #greenbelt corruption unpleasantness #DougFord tries to draw back his
white senior privileged male base in Toronto by joining in their whining campaign over the new Bloor West Bike Lanes. They object to giving up a lane of roadway to the unwashed hippie socialist cyclists. "I share your pain" says Dougie. #Toronto #ontario #torontocycling

The Leveller
1 month ago

The #Ontario #Greenbelt isn't the only place being destroyed in favour of development.

Learn about how Ford's prison will be an expensive failure and the local community's efforts to stop it, including a fundraiser tonight:

#ottpoli #ottnews #onnews #onpoli

“[Premier’s Office] has asked me for a picture to make sure it’s captured”

#Greenbelt #Ontario #DougFord #Corruption

The next day, as public servants were preparing to publish the changes, he followed up: “[Premier’s Office] has asked me for a picture to make sure it’s captured,” he wrote in an email.

The documents show the Premier’s Office was also involved in last minute changes in Peel Region, west of Toronto. Amato’s deputy Kirsten Jensen, who resigned in October, emailed ministry staff to ask them to make last minute changes on Nov. 3, 2022 at the request of “someone in [Premier’s Office].” 

Ford didn’t directly answer when asked why his staff were so involved in the changes.

“I don’t even know which lands you’re talking about,” he told reporters.

Looks as though Doug Ford’s plan to move $8 Billion of value in #Greenbelt lands from public holdings to his buddies, allegedly, is just as corrupt as it smelled.

But a document in the package released this week contradicts that narrative: a Nov. 2021 email from a developer to Ford’s executive assistant, indicating the premier met with one developer about removing his “land from the Greenbelt an entire year before changes Urban Solutions said Ford met with company principal Sergio Manchia in September 2021 to discuss opening a section of Manchia’s land in the Greenbelt. 

“The parties agreed to pursue the request as it was in keeping with the province’s objectives of aiding municipalities in providing much-needed housing,” the email reads.
1 month ago

I am just listening to Yasmin Alibhai-Brown from #Greenbelt this year.

She is very good. Talking about Rishi & co. And how the UK political system is corrupt and broken.

1 month ago

Nov 1 EWE: Canada — Emails show Ryan Amato, architect of doomed Greenbelt land swap, also directed changes to Hamilton official plan. Emails showed repeated directions to make changes to Hamilton’s official plan — in some cases at the last minute — coming from the office of former minister of housing Steve Clark, who has since resigned over the #Greenbelt scandal. #ClimateBreakdown #ClassWar

1 month ago

"*Why it's getting harder for #DougFord to sidestep blame for #Greenbelt scanda*"l | CBC News

You would have to be brain dead to not have thought from the beginning that Doug "Developer" Ford wasn't neck deep in all of this.

1 month ago

Oct 31 EWE: Canada — Premier Doug Ford insists he was in the dark about many of the questionable calls his government made in the $8.28-billion #Greenbelt scandal now being investigated by the RCMP.

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@bowker_john: RT @isaaccallan: NEW: Today, thousands of pages of internal Ford government communications about the #Greenbelt and urban boundary changes were released.

We gained some new insights into how the controversial decisions were made. #onpoli

Minister's zoning orders ( #MZOs ) r powerful tool province can use 2 expedite development on specific parcel o land. At stroke o pen, a cabinet minister overrides local planning rules, avoids public consultation & changes what can be built on property.

The #Ford government has handed out MZOs at unprecedented pace: at least 110 since 2019. By contrast, previous #Liberal governments issued just 18 between 2003 & 2018.

#Greenbelt #Corruption

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@ColinDMello: RT @isaaccallan: NEW: Today, thousands of pages of internal Ford government communications about the #Greenbelt and urban boundary changes were released.

We gained some new insights into how the controversial decisions were made. #onpoli

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"Premier Doug Ford met face-to-face with Hamilton developer Sergio Manchia about removing his land from the Greenbelt in 2021, documents reveal.

"The documents contradict what Ford has previously said about his involvement in the controversy, including that he has "no recollection" of meeting Manchia, nor did he know about the proposed changes before 2022." #HamOnt #OnPoli #Greenbelt #News #CBC

1 month ago

Q EWE: “Every single decision humanity has ever made to exploit nature and the world’s poor has culminated in the planetary destabilization we new currently experiencing.” — Joëlle Gergis The Ontario Conservatives, by doing things like trying to open up the #Greenbelt, cannot help themselves but to make the #ClimateCrisis even worse.

Jasmine Mangalaseril 🧁
1 month ago

Excellent piece about what's happening in Queen's Park.

"But the fallout could be even more widespread, because no one knows for certain where the Mounties’ probe will lead.
“It’s going to be very bad,” confided a fourth Tory, expressing concern that the scandal is derailing the government’s agenda."

#ONPoli #GreenBelt

"The purpose of my motion is not to impugn or suggest," Wilson said. "The purpose of my motion is to state that the residents of Hamilton are deserving of the information, are deserving accountability. The only way that can come to fruition is through the scope of the RCMP investigation." #HamOnt #OnPoli #Greenbelt #News #CBC

Greenbelt Ontario: Two municipalities want compensation for development work | CTV News #GreenbeltScandal #Pickering #OntarioGreenbelt #Grimsby #OntarioMunicipalities #Greenbelt #onpoli @ontariogreens @onpoli

"A small piece of land owned by a LiUNA employee was one of the parcels removed from the Greenbelt, Global News has learned, leading to new questions about the Ford government’s removals process and whether relationships with the government played a role." #HamOnt #News #OnPoli #Greenbelt

2 months ago

The Titan of Tightening #DougFord #Greenbelt

A bloated Doug Ford with his waist cinched tight with a green belt.

RCMP launches investigation into Ford government Greenbelt landswap | Globalnews #OntarioGreenbelt #RCMP #Greenbelt #DougFord #onpoli @ontariogreens @onpoli

Lawrence Herzog
2 months ago
Time to shine some light at the cockroaches in the dark corners. Let’s see what comes scuttling out. #Greenbelt #OnPoli #corruption

In another stunning setback for Ford’s embattled Progressive Conservatives, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police’s “sensitive and international investigations” team is formally on the case.

#ONPoli #Greenbelt

Andrea Ross
2 months ago

RCMP launches criminal investigation into Ontario government's plan to open Greenbelt land for development

#Ontario #corruption #greenbelt

If it's anything like the investigation into the 2019 UCP leadership campaign, this will go on for years, and years, and years.

RCMP launches criminal investigation into Doug Ford’s Greenbelt land swap | Toronto Star

#Ontario #greenbelt

Scott Tribe
2 months ago

Another resignation:

Ford's Director of Housing policy Jae Truesdell has resigned.

That's 4 resignations in total over this sordid affair.
#onpoli #greenbelt

Upcoming events in support of the #Ontario #Greenbelt from the Environmental Defence website:

- Sept 9, #Etobicoke
- Sept 12, #Barrie
- Sept 14, #HamOnt
- Sept 14, #Markdale
- Sept 15 #Brampton
- Sept 16, Queen's Park #Toronto
- Sept 17 #Newmarket
- Sept 23 #RichmondHill
- Sept 30 or Oct 1 #Stouffville
- Oct 1 #Durham
- Oct 14, Harvest Ontario Walk (multiple locations, TBA)

Get more details (and add your event):

#HandsOffTheGreenbelt #YoursToProtect #OnPoli

Eric Lawton
3 months ago

I just called the Office of the Premier of Ontario.

After telling them what I thought of the new Housing Minister saying he might release *more* #greenBelt land, I told him the the hold message "A customer service representative will be with you as soon as possible" was inappropriate.

We are not customers of Doug Ford, he is governing a Province *on our behalf*.

No wonder he thinks his job is to sell our assets to the highest bidder.


Addendum 6

Greenbelt's 'Mr. X' is former Ontario mayor

* mystery man - Mr. X in scathing integrity commissioner report on how land removed f. Ontario’s protected Greenbelt - a former Clarington mayor
* John Mutton boasted about ability to get development through provincial orders


#Ontario #corruption #PoliticalCorruption #Greenbelt #capitalism #neoliberalism #PublicLand #appropriation #RCMP #OPP #DougFord #TaccDevelopments #JohnMutton

LA Legault ✌🏻
3 months ago

The story isn’t Steve Clark stepping down as housing Minister, the story is that the process which has found to be corrupt by the auditor general is largely remaining the same with the same outcomes: the #Greenbelt will be developed despite climate and housing experts’ evidence that it will not build affordable housing and will have devastating environmental impacts in #Ontario. #onpoli

Alison Creekside
3 months ago

After twice electing a former drug dealer as premier, #Ontario is real surprised to find the mob is running the province. #onpoli #Greenbelt

CBC News map showing 28 properties controlled by members of the DeGasperis family within the area the Ontario gov proposes to remove from the Greenbelt.

‘Maybe if I return 100 out of the 7,400 acres all of a sudden the media and public will stop being so mean to me’ thought Doug.

#Ontario #ONPoli #Greenbelt #Corruption

Elaine Anderson
3 months ago

Tonight's phone call to Doug Ford was to express my displeasure at the lack of transparency with regard to Greenbelt issues and that a Freedom of Information request by theToronto Star on his phone calls during the Education Workers' strike revealed that no phone calls were made or received during that two-week period when he said he was constantly on the phone. It is theorized that he is making use of his personal phone which makes calls/callers impossible to track through a Freedom of Information request. There is a reason for this process to be used that Doug Ford is bypassing. If you would like to follow suit, Doug Ford's office can be reached at 416-325-1941 or send off a quick email or letter. #GreenbeltScandal #Greenbelt #DougFord #Corruption #OnPoli #Transparency #FreedomofInformationAct #TorontoStar

Developers bought Hamilton Greenbelt property a month before Ontario revealed plans to open it up for housing.

"Tacc Developments says it's 'pure coincidence' closing date fell between industry event and Greenbelt removal."
#Ontario #DougFord #Greenbelt #Hamilton #TACCDevelopments #Coincidence???? #SURE! 🥴​

Addendum 5

RCMP probing Doug Ford government's handling of Greenbelt

* RCMP referred to file by Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) in effort to avoid “perceived conflict of interest”

RCMP now in charge of potential investigation into Ford government's Greenbelt land swap

#Ontario #corruption #PoliticalCorruption #Greenbelt #capitalism #neoliberalism #PublicLand #appropriation #RCMP #OPP #DougFord