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I wrote for @BylinesScotland about why the @ScottishGreens have voted for a policy of banning behaviour modification practices like ABA and PBS - 'Positive Behaviour Support', usually a repackaging of ABA.

Applied Behaviour Analysis is sometimes described as 'conversion therapy for autistic people'. It shares its philosophy, much of its history and many practices in common with conversion therapy for gay and gender nonconforming people.

#aba #pbs #autism #humanRights #disability #ActuallyAutistic #conversionTherapy #ScotPol #Greens

Greg 🇳🇿 🇨🇵
4 days ago

@mu I don't do politics. Vote #greens & #labour when necessary. I have to deal with Macron & the Far Right here.

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@BarneyDellar @alexlac51

Well if you actually had a demonstrable 50% of scot voting for pro-indy parties you might have a point.... but you don't so you don't really

In fact (Alex will hate this!) the #snp is not even undeniably the most popular party in #scotland - never mind getting 50% support even with the help of the #greens & #alba

1 week ago

Why Cornel West DECLINES to Join Forces w/ Jill Stein(video)..#CornelWest..#Greens

David Palmer
1 week ago

Te Pāti Kākāriki are starting a strong opposition before the new government is even sworn in. Sign this petition calling for the govt to keep the ban on offshore oil and gas exploration. #greens #nzpol

2 weeks ago

Jill Stein Interview: Ending the War Machine, Why Her 2024 Run Is Different(video)..#JillStein..#Greens..#elections

4 weeks ago

I joined the #Greens after a lifetime of helping my mum hand-out and letterbox for the ALP.
#refugees and #climate changed my mind.

I have nothing against the ALP, and recognise the many good things they've achieved.

Please, #ALP friends, take this ruling as the chance to dismantle the refugee hate systems that shame us all.
[You can blame the constitution. Just say: 'we have to behave humanely, because you all know how hard it is to change the Constitution, remember the Voice fiasco?'']

Easy message. Easy way out. Let Them Stay.

(Oh, and afterwards, let's chat about climate and hydrocarbon mining. That'd be nice.)

4 weeks ago

@largess Indeed, the only possible way out is to vote #Greens

1 month ago

"[Green party of Malta] have not made it into Parliament despite all our struggles since 1989, and yet most of our proposals, at every election, are adopted by the other parties. So the idea of contesting elections, having a program, making proposals, changes the world. Even though we are not in Parliament. So I think this applies to all other Green parties."

#podcasts #PoliticalCompass #greens #politics

1 month ago

They were displaying their disappointment with the #Australia abstaining from voting on a #Gaza cease-fire resolution.

That could help by increasing, in smal small way, pressure on all nations that didn't vote in support of a cease-fire.

If the resolution was passed that would increase pressure on the USA to pressure, perhaps far more than currently, Israel to pause or call a cease-fire.

Remaing seated would seem to be to signal that the absention was acceptable to the #Greens.

Jeremy Jupiter Jones
1 month ago

@esoterica Unlikely, but it should be noted that the #Greens are the third most popular party in #NZPol by some margin.

Andrew Thompson
1 month ago

@bobjmsn @Dasy2k1 @harriettmb well, that’s a point of view!
If any, or all of that is true it’s a good reason for me to continue voting for #Scottish #Greens, as with #PR they have a place in government, & are doing a good job of raising #environmental & #climate issues up the agenda, and with an #environment minister actually doing something about it.

An added bonus is that their support for #Scotland #independence increases the case & likelihood that it will happen

John Barber
2 months ago

A big thank you this morning to #LibDems and #Greens in #MidBedfordshire and #Tamworth . It's likely that you putting country before party helped to #GTTO.
I hope we can all find it in ourselves to #VoteTactically when our own time comes.

2 months ago

Some good news to be salvaged from this election, it brought Steve Abel into Parliament:

Steve is a veteran environmental campaigner, a capable musician, and a lovely guy. He just missed out in 2020, and he'll make a great MP for the Greens over the next 3 years, and hopefully longer.

#Election 2023 #Greens #SteveAbel

Lois Bryan
2 months ago

Grateful thanks to my 9/29 #FineArtAmerica client from Boiling Springs, SC. for their purchase of a 30" x 23" framed canvas print of Pretty Flowers Of Corfu. One of my personal favorites … I hope you enjoy it for many years to come!!

Hand painted in Corel Painter from one of my own photographs, it's not created from artificial intelligence programs.

#Corfu #Greece #abstract #flowers, #PaleokastritsaMonastery, #summer #orange, #greens, #NotAi, #HumanMade, #LoisBryan, #BuyIntoArt

A profusion of impressionistic / abstract flowers in oranges and reds and whites against a sunshiny green background … all hand-painted in #CorelPainter from my own photographic image which was captured in the gardens of the Paleokastritsa Maonastery on Corfu, Greece.  A vision of summery joy!!!!  Available as lots of wall art options and gift ideas at my website:
2 months ago

Good on Jack Tame for being as determined to have James Shaw answer his questions as he was with Winston Peters:

#NZPolitics #Election2023 #Greens #JamesShaw #JackTame #Q&A

@KarenawokeKaren @gemma

Great! So why are you commenting on #Labour instead of concentrating on achieving the #Green party's objective of increasing it parliamentary representation from one to four? 🤔

Do something more constructive instead of purely being negative about #Starmer & Labour.

Tell us about the #Greens. I heard your keynote pledge is a wealth tax on the rich to pay for your manifesto pledges?

How dya think that'll go down with the electorate?

I love how the Australian Greens are doing their utmost to combat climate change, and global warming in particular. They tried a rent freeze, and now a grocery price freeze. So many freezes. Anything to keep those temperatures down. It's awesome.

#Greens #Humour #ClimateChange

Roquefort Bloom
2 months ago

This #Labor government's response to the #climatechange emergency is a predictable disappointment.
I will vote #Greens next election as I cannot see the #ALP changing its ways.
#auspol #australia

The European Network
2 months ago

A European tax on the richest 0.5% could bring in over €200 billion a year.

Two weeks after the launch of a broad appeal by economists and politicians to tax extreme wealth in the name of tax justice at the G20 summit – co-signed by 139 American and British millionaires ready to contribute – the Greens/European Free Alliance group in the European Parliament published a study urging a move "from slogan to reality."

#Europe #Tax #Wealth #Greens #EuropeanParliament

Jeremy Jupiter Jones
3 months ago

There's work going on around my neighbours' properties repairing slip damage from Auckland's extreme flash flooding last Jan. I moved my car to top of drive as concrete trucks coming and going and got talking to a group of the workers. One of them asked me; who are you voting for in #NZVotes23 ? I said #Greens and the whole work crew smiled and said chur my brother. We ended up having a great kōrero about the protection te tiriti o Waitangi gives NZers from foreign takeover of 3#Waters.#NZPol

Mel Campbell
3 months ago

I just sent this email to my state MP, Ellen Sandell:

I'm a renter in your electorate, and this time last year I got in touch with you because I was involved as a citizen researcher on a project run by the nonprofit organisation Better Renting, which collected data about the winter living standards in Australian rental homes.

I got a nice email back from your staffer explaining what the Greens were planning to do on this issue. The actions she outlined were solid! This is the trouble with living in an inner-urban #Greens electorate – I know my MP understands renters' rights are an important issue.

But what else can I do but remind you that renters still need your voice in Parliament?

This year I wasn't directly involved in the Winter Renters project but I have been following it with interest and wanted to share its final report, Power Struggles, which was just released today.

What these projects emphasise is that renters are suffering now, because of the housing stock that's available to us now.

I get so impatient with pie-in-the-sky government plans to "build more homes" at some vague future point by handing over funding to property developers. As if those won't be just as shoddily constructed, poorly maintained and outrageously unaffordable as our current homes!

As Monash University architecture professor Matthew Aitchison recently wrote, "To meet our housing targets, we need to find new ways of building more with less."

Rented homes won't get any more liveable until landlords are actually held to the rental minimum standards.

Currently, renters put up with cold, damp conditions in winter – and are dreading the heat stress to come this summer – because we know that if we insist on our legislated rights, we'll be met with unaffordable rent hikes and retaliatory eviction notices.

As the report says, "Third-party enforcement is also essential — it is not practical to expect renters to act as cops, responsible for policing rental laws with no external support."

I used to be optimistic that simply legislating comprehensive minimum energy efficiency standards for rental homes would be a significant step forward in addressing this issue. Now, I'm convinced that's no longer enough.

I urge you to put pressure on the government to stop getting distracted by future building programs, and to insist instead on stronger compliance with the Residential Tenancies Act for today's landlords.

Way too many landlords – sorry, "rental providers" – are happy to pocket huge proportions of our wages as a "passive income" for themselves, yet they don't see the value in investing in what makes a home liveable.

Thank you for taking the time to consider this pressing matter. I look forward, along with many others in #Melbourne, to seeing positive changes that prioritise the immediate wellbeing of renters.

#AusPol #VicPol #Housing #Renters #ShitRentals

MsDB42 🦘♀🌈🐧
3 months ago

***LAST EDITED*** 2/9/23



I propose a new Political Party: Democratic Socialists for the Earth and Humanity.
It can exist in any country.
The Manifesto:
Full societal change:
- End Fossil Fuel use and CO2 emissions within 10 years through immediate mass economic restructuring.
- Full Healthcare (Dental, Medical, Drug/Addiction, End of Life)
- Public Services: Mass Transportation, Telecommunication, Fuel and Electricity
- Free Education inc University/College.
- Public Affordable Housing.
- Guaranteed Livable Basic Income.
- Minimum Liveable Wage
- 95% tax rate on earnings over Maximum Living Wage.
- Abolish Debt and Lending.
- Decolonization and End of Discrimination based on race, gender or any other metric.
- The Natural World has same basic rights to life as any human.
- Denuclearization of Military
- Global Peace, Integration and Cooperation.
- Convert Standing Armed Forces to Defense Force for dealing with domestic and international disaster relief and aid.

Why you ask? Because I do not see a single party that advocates for all of this. Not one. Much less *delivers* all this.

What did I miss?
#lateNightThoughts #Socialism #Greens #Politics
#CanPoli #BCPoli #GlobalPoli #UN

3 months ago

#vote #greens

Bandt said the “law is often complex, but the morality is simple”.

“We might not all want to climb a coal bridge or sit in the foyer of Woodside, but we need to back the right of people to do so, and celebrate and feel joy from their action,”

3 months ago

I'm disappointed that the Green Party USA still relies on Twitter and does nothing to promote Mastodon on their website. I feel like their writings (20+ years ago) is the type of thing that originally got me interested in projects like the fediverse.
#politics #USA #Greens

Screenshot of green party website with "follow us on Twitter" button.
Tim Hollo
3 months ago

In good news, the ACT Greens just ratified a member vote to amend our constitution to adopt full membership election of the party leader (one member one vote / OMOV model), to be conducted after preselection for each election . Sets an important precedent for the Australian Greens.
#democracy #Greens

Tim Hollo
4 months ago

Ten days and counting until this fantastic conference kicks off in Meanjin / Brisbane and online!

Are you interested in how we can survive and thrive together as all the shit starts hitting all the fans?

Interested in how we feed ourselves? How we make decisions? How we don’t be racist? How we design for people not cars, and for heat and affordability and liveability together?

Come along!

#democracy #urbanism #UrbanAgriculture #UrbanEcology #PoliticalEcology #Greens #Decolonisation #transport #climate

Tim Hollo
4 months ago

Here we go - pleased to bring you the registration for online tickets for our upcoming conference, "The City Transformed: urban life at the end of the world as we know it"

If you can make it to Brisbane, here's where you get your in person tickets:

#urbanism #democracy #transformation #ecology #PoliticalEcology #UrbanAgriculture #Greens

4 months ago

@simon_brooke @Loukas

"bleeding far more votes on the left" - I don't think so. The #Greens will do well - for them. Might even win a second seat. But if #labour do not win Midlands, N England and some Scottish seats they will fail

Every time labour moves left it loses any prospect of power. When it moves back toward the centre, it wins

5 months ago

Also for folks on the job hunt: ACT Greens Minister for the Environment, Rebecca Vassarotti, needs a new office manager:
#FediHire #fedihired #job #greens #cbr

5 months ago

Do you know someone looking for a good job in media and comms, and keen to make progressive policy happen in Canberra? Shane Rattenbury is hiring, and there's only one day left to apply:
#fedihired #FediHire #job #cbr #greens

6 months ago

Second protest was with VIC Greens at the public housing estate the VIC Govt wants to knock down for privately owned and managed residential housing

Photos by me

#protest #auspol #PublicHousing #SocialHousing #Melbourne #Naarm #VicGreens #Greens

Mat Morgan holding a sign that says “Housing justice for all”
Samantha Ratnam speaking into a microphone
Woman in power chair next to another woman speaking into a microphone
Charles Harper
6 months ago

Wild Hyacinths* on the march under some Willows. The colour is such a great blue. It has a bit of pink in it. There are no leaves on the trees as yet. There’s moss on the trunks. These greens and blues should always be seen.

*Known as bluebells south of the border, Harebells are Bluebells in Scotland.

#latespring #greens #blues #joy

“Blue and green should never be seen.” But… ‘Irises, bluebells and forget-me-nots have long demonstrated that blue and green look beautiful together.” These flowers up the lane are another example of a great pairing. I never want to hear that saying again.

It isn't being clever, it's being petty and voters will see it as such.
#Labour #Greens #LibDems

In Lewes, the Greens, who became the biggest party after an election in 
 which the Tories were wiped out, say their plans for an all-party 
 administration involving both the Lib Dems and Labour had reached 
 agreement but was blocked by Labour's NEC. 
 Labour councillors in Canterbury, where they are the biggest party, have 
 been allowed to govern with the Lib Dems, but the NEC stopped the 
 participation of the Greens. 
 Neal Lawson, the head of the cross-party campaign group Compass, called 
 for the party to show more flexibility. He said: "No Labour councillors should 
 be blocked from forming anti-Tory alliances. Protecting the interests of local 
 voters must come before party tribalism."
7 months ago


Just noticed an IT #internship:
> The #Greens #EFA in the European Parliament are looking for a paid intern to work with the IT Project Manager of the group.

> The intern will work in the office of the project manager and data analyst of the group. The project manager’s office places a strong emphasis on practical IT
skills as well as project management. In addition the office is committed to
using Free Software in its toolchain where possible.

Simon Brooke
7 months ago

@jackLondon @spytfyre You're right. But there's no chance of doing anything to fight the #ClimateEmergency while we remain in the UK. Both #Labour and the #Tories are determined to burn the planet down, and the #Greens have precisely one MP.

That's another thing that won't change in the UK until it has a democratic voting system.

Simon Brooke
7 months ago

So, what do the English council election results actually amount to? The #Tories lost almost ONE THIRD of the seats they previously held that were up for election; #Labour won more seats than the Tories; and #Greens won one fifth as many seats as #Labour, which is a big step forward.

7 months ago

I didn't really think that the tories could lose 1000 councillors, but with 43 councils still to declare (out of 230) and they've lost 800, I'm starting to wonder if 1000 might be an underestimate.

The #Greens are the big winners today IMO

#toriesOut #GTTO

kravietz 🦇
8 months ago
Symbolically, as #Germany welcomed 15 April, its first day without #nuclear power, wind went much quieter than preceding days, which was immediately visible on its #CO2 intensity - 479 gCO2eq/kWh, as coal is now Germany's largest single source of electricity.

Right now Germany also *imports* electricity from France, whose CO2 intensity is now around 50 gCO2eq/kWh, just as it was yesterday, before yesterday etc.

I write "symbolically" because these momentary intensity wouldn't really matter... if it was actually momentary fluctuations, but on annual trends France's intensity is always 5-10x lower than Germany's. The latter drops during windy, sunny days... but France also has #renewables. The difference is that the base in France is clean nuclear, while in Germany — the dirtiest possible lignite and hard coal.

Germany may make any declarations it likes regarding its future energy mix, but one hard fact is that since the start of #Energiewende in 2011 it managed to add nearly 120 GW in renewables, at the same time it managed to only add ~3 GW in storage and it's unlikely they will be able to increase that even 10x in the next decade. Not due to some "SPD conspiracy", but due to complex challenges of storage solutions which are a global phenomenon.

Therefore, coal is going to stay as main fuel in Germany for a long time and we should probably remember 15 April 2023 as an anniversary of irrationality, pseudo-environmentalism and pseudoscience. Congratulations to #WWF #Greenpeace #Greens, you just greatly contributed to #ClimateChange
Electricity mix of Germany as of 15 April 07:00, coal being the largest single fuel
Electricity mix of France as of 15 April 07:00, nuclear being the largest single source


We have #Greens #LibDems and a few independents.

The problem is many faceted:

1: We have a rubbish First Past The Post electoral system which Favours the Tories. Labour not so much since the squandered their political following in Scotland due to their arrogance.

2: We Need Proportional Representation

3: We don't have a proper codified constituion.

3: We have a Labour Party leader that has done very little 'opposition' and copies what the Tories stand for.


Simon Brooke
9 months ago

Looking at the latest @ballotboxscot projections, it seems there's a straight move from #Conservatives to #Labour (mainly) and #LibDems (to a lesser extent. #Greens probably benefiting mostly from ex-#SNP voters (a group which includes me). Of particular interest to me, however, Galloway swings back to SNP, which might affect my constituency vote. #ScotPol

Graph showing Holyrood seats won in 2021 by party together with projections from recent polling, showing SNP down from 64 to 63 (trivial) and Conservatives from 31 to 18 (damaging). All other parties up, Labour from 22 to 30, Green from 8 to 10, LibDems from 4 to 8.
Projected map of southwest Scotland, showing Galloway changing from Conservative to SNP.

A long overdue moment? The #UK #greens pushing for the #nuclear option | Green #politics | #TheGuardian

"She and others in the #Finnish Greens for #Science and #Technology group had argued that only through the adoption of #NuclearPower and other #technologies could human societies #decarbonise fast enough to avert #climate breakdown."

9 months ago

Oh, this is brilliant! A few years ago I paid a huge fee for a tiny audio file - let the RTÉ archives be free and open - a massive boon to historians #RTÉ #archive #Greens

10 months ago

@bdimcheff I'll bet if you added a #hashtag to your toot you could find some interesting stuff... "#Market report: got some #Paczki from the #polish place, along with #kielbasa, #golabki, and #pierogi. Also #greens from #Goetz"... Just a thought ✌️

Theodora Lau
10 months ago

Current status … 🙃 the indoor garden is growing!

#Friday #Lego #greens

Tadzio Mueller
11 months ago

#climateat9: post-#Lützerath, a debacle co-authored by the so-called Green Party (ditto the desaster that is German energy policy), the party's defenders are recycling the old "legend of the good tsar" to avoid facing the reality that the #Greens are part of the ancien regime.

Andrew Thompson
11 months ago

@Thesnp @Cyclist @ScottishGreens @Indyposterboy you would think so, but #SNP only have to allow #Sunak to stick a #Westminster #greenwash #green badge on #freeports and they and #Greens roll over to have their tums tickled.

Charles Harper
11 months ago

Another pre-sunset photograph from the #isleofskye The sky is in motion with sunbeams falling through the clouds. It is mostly blue. “The firmament appears blue to the human eye as the short waves of blue light are scattered more than the other colours in the spectrum, making the blue light more visible.” White light being composed of all the hues of course. Seaweed on the rocks and rough #grasses on the shore add #colour to the #seashore #greens #browns #yellows

@nspugh all we need to do is find ways around it. The current Gov of Australia got in with 38% of the vote and needs #independents and #greens to do anything. I think that has been a statement to the parties. The #liarberals are gone effectively. #Nationals are dying. #Labor is in trouble.