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Author Sharon E. Cathcart ✅
2 weeks ago

I ran out of #spoons today. I had already canceled two items on my calendar, and thought I was okay to go #grocery shopping with my husband.


After #Costco, I was just *done.* He's at either Lucky or Safeway right now, picking up the final items we need for our cookout tomorrow ... and I'm here at home.

#autoimmune disease sucks, friends. You never know whether a day will be good, bad or indifferent. Something that was fine to do last time may not be fine to do today ... and vice versa.

@devxvda I have been in presentations and listened to a number of podcasts by other #ActuallyAutistc folks who all call out #grocery #shopping as a major issue. It is for me too. I don't want shopping to be a social experience. Its about finding and purchasing things I need. So I would put it off and go at weird hours. And now I can order online and things I need show up! And I don't even need to meet the person doing it. AWESOME! LOVE!

Papal Penguin aka Derek Graham
2 weeks ago

#Chicago which #Grocery store has the best selection and the best prices in the City for #GroceryShopping I’ve been using #Instacart for too long since moving into the #City! Do not have a car so must be either #Walking, #PublicTransit (#CTA #Bus or #L ) nearby #Uptown

Mike (Multiverse of Badness)
3 weeks ago

I'm not gonna do it because I'm #cheap, #broke, and have a modicum of common sense, but...

....I'm at the #grocery, painfully #bored with the things I've had to do the last few days, and very much in a "let's buy $100 of scratch off #lottery tickets out of the vending machine and see what shakes out" kinda mood..

Christian Alvarez
3 weeks ago

I realize that I never posted the pics from this one grocery store I went to. Probably one of the nicest looking store chains I've ever been to. #grocery #shopping

#Amazon may not have a large market share, but they are making strides in the #Grocery sector. With #WholeFoods and their own branded stores, they are making their presence felt. Plus, their competitive prices and convenience are making them a top player in the market. #AmazonPrime members enjoy even more access to discounts and convenience, making them an even bigger force to be reckoned with! #AmazonGrocery #GroceryWars

Robin Forlonge Patterson
1 month ago

@nzgreens My impression from a recent visit to The Warehouse #grocery section in Feilding is that we already have a home-grown #duopoly-breaker.

Christian Alvarez
1 month ago

Murray Hill Market. Idk what it is about these small markets, but they have a specific coziness that draws me to them. #Market #shops #grocery #travels #LittleItaly #buildings #StreetPhotography

SubtleBlade ⚔️
1 month ago

Now that the #Tories have demonstrated that their declarations on making work better protected in the #gigeconomy, have proved to be just that: empty declarations, it will come as little surprise to you that in the #grocery delivery sector, couriers/delivery riders are being forced back onto piece rate, insecure contracts.

Its almost like any improvements in conditions were a response to the threat of enhanced #regulation; once the 'threat' was removed, so were the improvements in conditions!

1 month ago

Looks like I'll be spending the next hour or so in Walmart as we've decided to make a trip there to pick up a few things.

#Walmart #Shopping #Groceries #Grocery

A Simulation Environment and Reinforcement Learning Method for Waste Reduction

Sami Jullien, Mozhdeh Ariannezhad, Paul Groth, Maarten de Rijke

Action editor: Michal Valko.

#inventory #grocery #reinforcement

Just one more story on how the giant #grocery #producers #wholesalers & #retailer are gouging us all...Has the price of producing and distributing things like Pepsi actually doubled? Price of potatoes may be up by a couple of dollars - but they are not gettting more at the #farmers gate... Small producers are being treated unfairly & in the end it is consumers who suffer from cost and loss of variety.

#corporategreed #cdnpoli #canpoli

Franke James
1 month ago

‘Supply chain bullying’: Inside the food fight between Canada’s #grocery giants and their #suppliers

“These grocers have all the power,” Kinnear [Yellowfruit founder] said. “And right now there is no system of checks and balances.”
"Food producers say #Loblaws, #Sobeys, #Metro and #Walmart charge fees and penalties so high, some suppliers are going bust. Grocers say fees and chargebacks are standard and the cost of doing business."

Jonas Rest
2 months ago

Der Personal-Abbau bei den Quick-Commerce-Diensten geht weiter: Flink hat vor der neuen Finanzierungsrunde rund 8000 Jobs abgeschafft und die Belegschaft um rund 40 Prozent verkleinert #delivery #qcommece #grocery

2 months ago

Man charged after pulling out a #gun and demanding #meat because the the meat department was closed. Suspect "showed his gun" and then said "Just to say I’m not stealing. I need you here to help me to get a couple of these steaks. I’m not going to hurt you." #grocery #wildwest

2 months ago
2 months ago


Pomysł na wykorzystanie trybu skupienia - po przybyciu do marketu ustawia na #AppleWatch tarczę #ModularDuo z:
- #Grocery z listą zakupów
- #Cheatsheet z numerem Karty Dużej Rodziny (którego zawsze szukam zbyt długo w Notatkach stojąc przy kasie)
- ikonką #Overcast do słuchania podcastu przy większych zakupach

Po opuszczeniu lokalizacji wraca do poprzedniej tarczy. Nie zmienia nic na pozostałych urządzeniach.

Mała rzecz a cieszy.

Paco Hope #BLM
2 months ago

I am in a silly mood and I am also a fan of the #Mandalorian and #grocery stores. And #dadjokes #thisistheway

Photo of a produce scale in a grocery store with the meme caption "this is the weigh"

$10 line of hot sauces for well-off little kids whose parents want to prep them for exotic vacations #consumerproducts #cpg #grocery #fmcg

Daniel Dvorkin
2 months ago

This one has been flying around my #Facebook friends list. In and of itself, it’s true. I have no argument with what it says. But there’s a lot it’s not saying, and I can’t help but feel like it’s designed to disparage the #15minuteCity concept by that omission.

First, the concept itself. The idea of the 15-minute city (“#15mC”) is pretty simple: everything you need for your daily life should be within 15 minutes’ #walk. Some definitions have “walk or #bicycle ride,” but I think that drastically weakens the concept.

In other words, a healthy, able-bodied adult should be able to get to all the usual destinations in no more than a quarter of an hour, on foot. I would add to this that #children, the #elderly, and people of all ages with #disabilities should also be able to get where they’re going via accessible #public #transit, in the same amount of time.

All the usual destinations. Which yes, means #grocery #stores, #restaurants, #movie #theaters, etc.—for people who #work there as well as the patrons. And every other kind of #workplace too. Of course you don’t have to work or eat or shop close to home. But the option needs to be there, and the work has to be able to pay for all the rest.

That’s always been part of the concept. If the work criterion is not met, you don’t have a 15mC; you have a theme park, like the post says. Fair enough.

Yes, and? If you have a #house without a roof, you don’t have a house, you have a collection of walls. If you have a plate without #food on it, you don’t have a meal, you have #hunger. If you have a #legislature that can arbitrarily kick out its members for voicing their opinions, you don’t have #liberty, you have #tyranny. Everyone understands this.

So if we agree that the 15mC is a good idea—I certainly think it is—then let’s try to make it happen. This kind of sniping strikes me as less a valid critique and more an attempt to make the whole idea sound impossible.

Maybe that’s not the intent, but it’s sure how it comes across. Yeah … don’t do that.

Robin Forlonge Patterson
2 months ago

#NZ online #retail #startup #Supie says #grocery suppliers' requests 'clearly #price-fixing'

I hope Supie spreads south fast.
Meanwhile, from my first visit to #TheWarehouse's wide-ranging grocery section this week, I think the duopoly is already threatened here. #Feilding doesn't have a #PaknSave so I can't compare it with The #Warehouse but some of the #prices looked like serious #competition for #Countdown. I filled my shopping bag for the 20-minute trudge home.

Norm Hamilton - 8th Decade
2 months ago

Grocery Rebate and Extended Dental Plan For Canadians
#inflation2023 #CostOfLivingCrisis #grocery #dentalcare

Jadzia_Adrienne Dax
2 months ago

This is just awesome. If you have a minute, please sign. #inflation #food #insecurity #grocery #Canada

@ConserveChange One might ask why we're giving a tax rebate instead of taxing those extra profits the #Grocery chains are raking in, though. Up from 2.4B in 2019 to $5.2B last year - a bit more than that tax break. #cdnpoli

2 months ago

Once again, our #politicians fail us. What the Libs bill as a #grocery credit for Canadians struggling to pay skyrocketing #food bills is actually a gift to the greedy corporate-controlled grocers with their already obscene profits. Are we that gullible to accept this? Where is the regulation that is actually needed?

From what I’ve read of the 2023 federal budget, there is nothing that will actually improve our lives. Again. #CanPoli #economy

I'm going to try to go to the butcher and ask to have my meat served in butcher paper. Trying to reduce ways to remove plastic film from our purchases, as meat is one of the biggest contributor to our plastic waste at home. Even better if we're to bring our own reusable containers instead.

#zerowaste #shopsmarter #grocery #groceryshopping

salix sericea (@Ripple13216)
2 months ago

Exit area of a big #American #grocery store an hour before midnight closing:

A woman with a big glass jar of cucumbers walks up. Some ten feet from the receipt check employee, she lifts, then drops the jar, shattering it.

The employee hurries off and returns with cleaning gear a minute later.

Customer is gone. Puzzled, store checks the video footage.

Five fully loaded carts dashed out while the clerk got cleanup gear.

#shattered #society

Dan Vieira
2 months ago

#DYK? Data from the Consumer Price Index show that from 2021 to 2022, #grocery prices posted the highest increase since 1981, with prices for fresh vegetables and fruits rising 9.2%. #inflation #cdnecon

CK's Technology News
3 months ago

How many #robots does it take to run a #grocery store?

Rich Johnson
3 months ago

Today was the first day that I utilized the #grocery store known as Mariano's here in the #chicagoland area. Umm, you can purchase up to 3 pints of beer while you shop. I did that, after purchasing 2 pints at a local bar. Holy shit y'all, grocery shopping is awesome! I'm addicted! Well, not sure if it is the good beer or the shopping I'm addicting to, but no more complaining from me!

Rasta™ OLD
4 months ago

How much is Weston leg?

One day, starving people, are going to cook and eat the CEO of Loblaws. There's no other way to survive. Record profits, while people starve.. I've never tasted human flesh, pass a piece of the Weston family here, do we get PC points for a leg or arm?

#Coast #Loblaws #Memo #Weston #Shareholders #Pricing #PresidentsChoice #NoName #JoeFresh #WonderBread #CountryHarvest #Gadoua #MaryMacIsaac #Marketing #PublicityStunt #Grocery #Monopoly

A cartoon man with caption FEED ME
Not Just Bikes 🇳🇱
4 months ago

lol this cracks me up every time they run this promotion. Why the hell would I DRIVE to the grocery store? 😂

But I will gladly take your VC money to make my groceries cheaper, and I'll tip the rider well, too! 🚴

#Amsterdam #grocery #gorillas #gigecomomy

Promotional Android notification from Gorillas saying "gas is expensive these days, so why drive to the grocery store?"
Rasta™ OLD
4 months ago

How do we know #Loblaws & friends, are not #PriceFixing again? #Inflation?

I didn't accept $25 payout.
Refuse such petty amounts. THEY NEED LAWSUITS for hardships caused to struggling families that #Grocery chains collaborated on, for essential groceries @mandyroy.
#CompBureau #Fail

It's been 5 years since the bread price-fixing probe started. We still don't have any answers #News

Lack of results is eroding Canadians' trust at a time of escalating #Food Prices

A photo of a person holding a sample plastic LOBLAWS $25 gift card. This was issued to persons (who accepted it) as compensation for their crimes, of collaborating with other grocers to fix prices on essential Bread Product 
*(A loaf of  bread behind the card)*

In 2015, Loblaw confessed to taking part in what the Canadian Competition Bureau alleges was an industry-wide bread price-fixing scheme that included several major grocers. Loblaw offered customers $25 gift cards to make amends. (Evan Mitsui/CBC)
Alan Kotok
4 months ago

Grocery Chain Offering Sites for Cancer Biomarker Trial

The #Kroger #grocery store chain in the U.S. is establishing a clinical trial network through its urgent care centers, starting with a study of #microbiome #cancer #biomarkers.

#News #Science #Business #ClinicalTrial #UrgentCare #Pharmacy #PrecisionMedicine #Retail #Diversity

Kroger store in Kentucky
Mike (Multiverse of Badness)
4 months ago

Just done #shopping -

Guy in front of me in the checkout line at the #grocery had...

Four cheap bottles of #wine
Two potatoes

I've never wanted to become someone's #friend so badly before in my life

David Ano
5 months ago

More people are turning to #foodpantries as #grocery costs climbed 11.8% last year. #Michigan food banks, which distribute to local pantries, are straining to meet the growing need despite a drop in the food supply. An est 1.1 million people face #foodinsecurity in Michigan, according to Feeding America. A COVID-era policy that boosted the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, formerly called food stamps, is ending in February.

#news #inflation #economy #foodpantry

5 months ago

Crummy photo but my #grocery store has a gnarly #logo.

Horrocks Market grocery store bag logo with cool, metal typeface and strawberry.

Canada’s major grocers would prefer you not refer to “greedflation,” thank you very much...The thing is, Canada’s major grocers, a group that also includes Metro Inc., have the ability to help lay the charges to rest. They decline to do so, however, using a loophole in accounting standards to obscure the facts about their operations.
#Inflation #Greedflation #Canada #grocery

Public Service Announcement: I've always been a Pink Lady fan, but OMG Kanzi apples are amazing. If you're an apple fan, highly recommend trying
🍎 ❤️ 🍎 ❤️ 🍎
*Note. I'm not sponsored by Kanzi lol, just sharing the love :)
#health #apple #fruit #grocery

Jae Bloom
7 months ago

Here is my #Introduction. I am #trans, I am also a #bisexual member of the #lgbt community! I like #tech and I #podcast with my best friend @jsbilsbrough. We do #twitch #Streaming weekly. I also work in #retail at a #grocery store.

Jae smiling selfie
Central&Western Archive Social
7 months ago

In a concerted effort to bring our #grocery bill back to $50 a week for the two of us, tonight I'm making #vegeterian vegetable nachos... Where instead of paying the price of a half bag of #potatoes just for a bag of nacho chips, you use far less than that cost of those potatoes to make homemade wedges to eat as your #nachos... I'm adding in some of my homemade Green Tomatillo Relish I put down eariler in the year #TasteOfSouthAmerica #Budget #Food #Kai #FamilyFriendly #FrugalFoodie #FoodPics

Pot of red kidney beans, red onion, relish, coriander & tomato sauce on the Woodstove with a spoon in it.
Steamer pot of cubed pumpkin & diced onions to go with the vegeterian vegetable nachos I'm making for dinner
Parboiling a pot of Māori & Irish potatoes, cut into wedges with skins on, which are both red & purple, to bake in the woodstove and use as nacho chips for the vegeterian vegetable nachos I'm making.
Jar of Green Tomatillo Relish marked 3/22 that I made earlier this year, you can see how red and yummy it looks through the glass. The jar is sitting on a large white plate in our cold room.

Just need to make $40 more so I can afford #grocery delivery this month. I'm doing #sketches on my #Kofi for $5-10 #donations if you don't want full blown #commissions from me!

Thank you for taking the time reading this and liking/sharing 💜 #art #digitalart #mutualaid #drawing #MastoArt #CreativeToots #artist

FiXato (fallback)
3 years ago

While I didn't get a lot done today, I did get some bulk #grocery shopping done.
There were some good discounts on non-perishable goods such as toilet paper and goods with long shelf-life such as beans and frozen protein sources, so I turned myself into a human pack-mule.
Backpack filled to the rim, and sturdy reusable plastic bags (2 on either side) hanging from the front, weighing me down an extra 30-ish kilogrammes.
Gotta do something when you don't own a car.

Image CW: mask, eye contact

A selfie of a man, FiXato, wearing a facemask over his mouth and nose, and a cap with earflaps with a Shonin Ingress Anomaly patch sown on.
He's standing in front of the exit of a shopping mall, wearing a backpack onto which are attached 4 reusable plastic shopping bags.
FiXato (fallback)
3 years ago

I think I overdid the #grocery shopping run...
Not as much on what I got, but more on how heavy it was to carry it home in, and hanging from, my backpack while walking home.
Also probably shouldn't have made that detour while carrying it to play a bit of #PokémonGO & #WizardsUnite and get some fresh air.

My neck, shoulders and back are sore, but my #dailies are done, I got some #dailyExercise and we hopefully don't need to do groceries for a few days.

#personal #mobileGaming #gaming

Roland Häder
4 years ago

The most beautiful way to get pregnant

I cannot put that feeling down so I have to write it down here.
I have met some #vegan people some months ago and started befriending with them, including females. I also met one female who was some attractive to me. She later told us that she likes to go to the gym to work-off on a 2-day scheme which is for me quite a lot.

5 years ago

Where is the #ctrl-f for #grocery stores!?