Sand Hill Thicket
2 hours ago

Today's #harvest is mostly green beans and a 10.5 lb. watermelon! The poblanos are really long though! I am collecting the biggest for chili relleno. #GardeningMastodon #GrowYourOwn #Food

A 1.5 lbs. bag of green beans, a 10.5 lb. watermelon, a tiny tomato, a tomatillo, and two big poblanos.
10 hours ago

Been a while without a Snarkhome update, so here comes a combo update for the Snarkhome, the Peppers and the Tweeds.

​:fire_heart:​ 🌶️ The peppers are fine. Reaper went back outside after the storm and started 2 more fucking death peppers, bringing the total to like 9. Fishie and the Bonnets are all inside under new lights, finishing off their harvests. I even figured out where to dry the rest of them without accidentally less-lethalling the entire house.

🤖 In smarthome upgrade news, not so much an upgrade as an angry, cursing replacement of complete trash. Since the last update, I've switched out all of the SwitchBot plugs. Fucking 3 of them went horribly terribly fire-startingly wrong. And did I mention they have no warranty? So now all the grow stuff for the tent, hydrotower, peppers, etc is being controlled by "Third Reality" Zigbee switches instead. ( They have been in for about a week and so far they Just Work. (Bonus, they haven't tried to burn down my house. Not even a little.)
🗣️ Since I needed a break from not burning down the house, I converted my notify actions to use for the common 'chime, talk, exit-chime' tasks. (Like when the Big Ear regains sight of the cat, it plays a fanfare instead of the normal attention chime before announcing his return and location.) There is some issue now where not all of the speakers go off reliably, but if I go back to targeting them in a group it works. ​:blobcatshrug:​ I'll just put the helper group back if it gets annoying.

​:ms_weed:​ Finally, the Tweeds are growing nicely. I did get that back corner somewhat under control yesterday, but it is still extra tall over there. It happens. They'll get defoliated with their next (and first) feeding, probably tomorrow. (They are on fresh happy frog, so no need for food yet.) This lovely weather has the windows open, so my tent climate control is mad at me but so long as it keeps up I don't care.
🤞 We're on day 24 of flower and all is well. #growyourownmedicine #cannabis #growyourown #tweeds #switchbot #weed #snarkhome #espcam #esphome #piper #homeassistant #smarthome #switchbot #bigear #zigbee #homelab

The same plantcam view as always. The plants have started poking through the lattice, and quite a few bud sites are visible onscreen, including several tops in the foreground.
Per the overlays, the stir fan is off. The exhaust fan has been on 100% of the past 3 hours, attempting to lower the humidity. A large new card on the right shows a dehumidifier in "Drying" mode, with a state of 73% and a target of 70%.
Sand Hill Thicket
1 day ago

My bestie (from over the MO border) traded me a flat of mixed #HotPeppers, since I fell prey to #JalapenoGate & wasn't able to grow any of my own, for some green beans, seed garlic, and black-eyed peas. So, I decided to make fermented hot sauce with the majority of them. 🌶🌶🌶🌶 #Spicy #GardeningMastodon #GrowYourOwn #Food

Serrano, jalapeno, pika, and red mystery peppers.
Chopped peppers, onions, and garlic in a Chinese pickling jar.
Tom Shaw
1 day ago

Seeds from the big runner bean pic from Aug 17.

Most of the beans grown this year were from last years that were on the trellis all winter. The best looking seeds were selected as the old vines were cleaned up, and planted at that time with some other prior years saved seeds mixed in just in case. Each planted seed had a bottle cloche put around it to keep the munching bugs away when they sprouted.

#gardening #garden #seedsaving #savingseed #seeds #garten #allotment #runnerbeans #growyourown

A photo showing the measurement of a dried runner bean pod in US and metric units. It measures about 290 mm or 11.5 inches. A white with black markings folding ruler is the device used to measure.
A photo showing the bean seeds from the pod. There are 7 beans that are black and a pastel purple in color. The shell of the pod is becoming twisted.
The original photo showing the green bean pod on the vine from August 17 with the photo takers hand as a size reference.
1 day ago

Today's harvest went straight into a fermenting jar with some mango, onion and carrot. (And a bunch of extra peppers from before.)
Oh, did I mention that I included the Heart of the Pepper? And A Carolina Reaper to give it some zip.

Should be ready for Halloween
👻​:fire_heart:​ #fermenting #scotchbonnet #growyourown #carolinareaper #garden #peppers #fermenting #scotchbonnet #growyourown #carolinareaper #garden #peppers #fermenting #scotchbonnet #growyourown #carolinareaper #garden #peppers

A bunch of squat red peppers. At the top from the left is a Carolina Reaper, the Heart of the Pepper (Scotch Bonnet), more Bonnets and the left is long narrow Thai Fish peppers.
The inside of a Carolina Reaper is a dangerous orange color. There are lots of seeds.
A fermenting jar holds all the stuff. It is somewhat layered, and there is a lot of onion and fish pepper showing. Orange mango and carrot layers provide contrast.
Dry Arch Growers
1 day ago

I love the beautiful purple stems of the purple sprouting broccoli.

We also planted our winter onions just recently.

On the last of our tomatoes now.

I love to pack my bag with all the tops hanging out, brings me joy!

#GrowYourOwn #Growers


Purple stalk/stems of the purple sprouting broccoli
Two people crouching down planting onions in the ground
Me with a backpack with a lot of green leaves poking out the top and sides
A box of colourful tomatoes
Dry Arch Growers
1 day ago

Definitely feeling the seasons changing, lots of tasty veg still.

These lantern things are Physalis peruviana / Cape Gooseberry (although people also seem to call them Chinese Gooseberry, which is confusing), very tasty!

Kohlrabi (that look like aliens to me), carrots, fennel, red onions, and MASSIVE (and tasty) savoy cabbages

#Growers #GrowYourOwn


Physalis peruviana - like little hanging lanterns
A selection of harvested veg, carrots, fennel, and red onions
A giant cabbage!
2 days ago

The only thing that still growing on my balcony garden are the jalapeno peppers.

From 2 different spots on the balcony. Have twice as many small ones and green ones growing plus many more flowers.

#Gardening #BalconyGarden #ContainerGarden #France #Hydroponics #GrowYourOwn #Plants

Mike maɪk
2 days ago

we’re eating the last of our Cox’s Orange Pippins freshly picked from our tree. There are few varieties of apple to compare, for its aromatic flesh, yellow-white, fine-grained, crisp, & very juicy. Having grown up in north Derbyshire I pronounce ‘pippin’ typical of northern english: [pi pin]. But I’ve heard [pi pǝn] a pronunciation which may be earlier, based on its French origin - pépin.
#apples #pippins #coxes #GrowYourOwn #GrowYourOwnFruit #GayGardener #InMyGarden

three ripe cox’s apples in a cluster on the plane, attached to a stem with two leaves. The fruit are yellowy in places but mostly streaky orange and red
J blue
2 days ago

Update on rosebud tree after being felled by tropical storm Ophelia: The arborist says that the root ball is too far out and the taproot looks a bit torn. He also said that it is already near the end of its lifespan judging by its size. I checked online and apparently they only live 20-30 years.

Really disappointing. I used the flowers for food.

#trees #arbol #gardening #permaculture #cooking #GrowYourOwn #NativePlants #foraging

Rosebud tree ripped over from tropical storm Ophelia. Part of its root is torn off and others are submerged. It is leaning down towards the ground facing towards the top of the pic.
Pic of rosebud tree at different angle with the tree trunk pointing towards the right side of the pic. You can see some tearing of the roots and roots the the side.
A pic of food on a black plate with a turquoise circle center with the turquoise bordered with yellow. Top left is a rice onigiri ball with seaweed pearls lain overtop. Top right is redbud flowers and daylily leaves curled like ribbons. Bottom right is agar agar jelly that has rosebud flowers and lemon suspended in the jelly. Bottom left are live oak acorn noodle squares and in the center is a vivid dark orange nasturtium flower.
Black background, black plate with shiny dots. Three large white southern magnolia flower petals arranged opposite each other with the smallest point upwards. An Aralia racemosa stem that has three leaves is under and between the flower petals and three red rats tails radish point outward also in between the flower petals. On top of the flower petals using the petals as a bowl is pickled rosebud flowers. The pickle juice and the flowers are carnation pink.
2 days ago

Antep Aci Dolma from the garden.
Good size peppers, like sweet peppers, but sweet and really hot! 🔥 🌶️
Good for stuffing.

#gardening #growyourown #garden #vegetables

Two big red peppers lie on a deck railing
Tim Chapman-Wilson
2 days ago

Hi, I'm a prickly but attractive deciduous personality with great fashion sense, looking to hook up with a few local birbs for occasional late-afternoon noshing sessions. I'm generous, open-minded, and extremely experienced. My preferred backyard encounters feature 30-50 feral bushtits, but cedar waxwings and nuthatches are also enjoyable. Legit birbs only, please. No squirrels.

#pnw #hawthorn #birbs
#naturephotography #nature #growyourown

A dangling haw-covered September branch of hawthorn (Crataegus monogyna) sporting several clusters of stunning red berries and many green and unmistakably hawthorny leaves.
Sand Hill Thicket
2 days ago

Today's #garden loot. My tomato plants have also set more fruit. 🤨 #GardeningMastodon #GrowYourOwn #Food

Two purple bellpeppers, a couple of tomatillos, a roma tomato, a small orange Djena Lees tomato, a big poblano, and a Japanese eggplant.
J blue
3 days ago

Bunchosia argentea, peanut butter fruit

This plant gets a lot of hype bc of its dense nutrition, novel flavor and continuous fruiting during warm seasons. But before you consider getting one, most flowers don’t produce fruit and there is scant flesh.

Keep above 45F, fruits from seed in 3 years. Tastes like sweet peanut butter+berry. Will fruit/grow in a large pot.

#gardening #fruit #organic #plants #plantas @plants #permaculture #GrowYourOwn #organic

A plump red berry that is speckled orange to the left side. It has a slightly pointy end facing towards the top right of the pic. It is sitting on top of a bright green beet leaf. There are small viola leaves around the beet leaf. It was raining really hard when I took this pic and didn’t want to get my phone wet, so I set it down on a leaf after plucking and sheltered the phone to take the pic.  
The berry and leaves have water droplets. 

Inside is a large seed. The berries take a long time to ripen and they are orange/red for a couple weeks before they are ready to pick. They are ripe when the fruit is squishy.
Phewstepsaway 🌹
4 days ago
Jamin Bogi
4 days ago

Keeping one step ahead of the tomatoes. Will I get any in October? Likely! #Gardening #GrowYourOwn

Peeled black cherry, red cherry, yellow, and red tomatoes chunked in a pot, topped with salt, sugar, and a lump of butter. Garlic and onions, my black apron, and loud music not pictured but should be assumed to be present!
ArtBear on Firefish
5 days ago
North of England.
These grapes are from the grapevines of friends just down the road.
#gardening #food #climateChange #grapes #growYourOwn

2 densely pack purple bunches of red grapes sit in a white ceramic bowl on a wooden kitchen table.
Lorna Peel
5 days ago

Harvested the squashes yesterday. For a first-time grower of red kuri squash and butternut squash, this was an excellent crop!

#gardening #growyourown #squashes @gardening

Red kuri squash
Butternut squash
Tristan Anthony
5 days ago

There’s always one. #allotment #growyourown #gardening

Red and green peppers
Tristan Anthony
5 days ago

Orange Banana plum tomatoes from the #allotment #growyourown #gardening

Plum tomatoes on a plate
J blue
5 days ago

Pawpaw pie

All those pawpaws, had to do something with them…

Loosely adapted from this recipe, see AltText for details.

#vegan #cooking #pie #foraging #gardening #cooking #GrowYourOwn #foodporn #ClimateChangeGardening #NativePlants #permaculture #rewilding

A pie is centered on a black background. The pie has an orangey hue and has a cracked surface that looks artful and rustic. The surface reflects light. 

I bought a pie crust instead of making my own bc I only get organic bread flour and didn’t want to waste it on a pie crust. 

I used half the recipe’s tofu and added one cup of pawpaw. Pawpaws are intensely flavored and sweet so I only had 2-3 Tb of maple syrup. I used one Tb of dark sesame oil and two TB veg oil and half the lemon juice, 45mL. 

I pressed the tofu bc the pawpaws are very juicy.

It was nice but I think I would not use the sesame oil again and only use a quarter of the lemon juice and add still more pawpaw. Even with half the lemon of the recipe, the lemon overpowered the pawpaw. 

The consistency was good and smooth. I don’t think it was supposed to have cracks in it, but I liked them and they added more surface area to brown. Also not too sweet so I would do this again since it’s high in protein and low in added sugar.
Fat Squirrel Peppers
6 days ago

Turns out the enlarged calyx on our "Chocolate Ghost" plant does turn red, just like a 7 Pot Bubblegun... Is anyone familiar with Chocolate Ghosts and whether they have a bleeding calyx?

#hotpeppers #peppers #GardeningMastodon #gardening #growyourown #bhutjolokia #ghostpepper

A chocolate ghost pepper being held in front of a book page. The pepper is gnarled, and slightly brownish dark red in color. The enlarged calyx and part of the stem are the same color.
Sand Hill Thicket
1 week ago
A picture of a collander half full of difference color banana and pepperoncini peppers next to a picture of a quart jar full of those same peppers, pickled.
1 week ago
Takako 🐀
1 week ago

My bunny-residing, tiny-rodent-present community garden plot produces well. We got a tons of green beans as well as some tomatoes, bittermelons, peppers, etc. the other day!

#communityGarden #greenBeans #haricotsVerts #growYourOwn #humaneGarden #vegan

Three reused plastic bags holding different vegetables from the community garden. The large one on the left is filled to the brim with green beans called Kentucky Wonder. The other two small bags; one contains 2 mini orange pumpkins, 2 tomatoes, and 2 bittermelons; the other one, a lot of jalapeño peppers, 1 yellow banana chili, and several okras. They are on the bluish grey kitchen floor.
Sand Hill Thicket
1 week ago
A gray siamese cat sniffs a small pile of tomatillos, a purple bellpepper, a bunch of black-eyed pea pods, and a small roma tomato.
1 week ago

Thought I'd go out in the garden, harvest any ripe runner beans, so I can parboil and freeze them.

Didn't think there'd be many ready to eat, seeing as I've been eating them all the time for the past couple of weeks.

But there might be a few.


There was a few.


Does anyone want any beans?

#gardening #GrowYourOwn

A huge pile of large runner beans, a good 40cm high, sitting on a wooden breadboard with knives hanging in the background.
The Chatty Gardener
2 weeks ago

Autumn in a trug.

There are still a few squash and pumpkins to harvest as those plants haven’t given up yet but I wanted to get these safely gathered in. They’ll make great soup and risotto.

#gardening #gyo #pumpkin #wintersquash #gardening #growyourown #harvest #garden #KitchenGarden #GrowFood #GrowFoodFromSeed #gardener

Trug with orange and yellow pumpkins and winter squash of different shapes and sizes
2 weeks ago


#SilentSunday morning in the garden

#photography #garden #gardening #growyourown

Bed with leeks.
A Sedum "Autumn joy" blossom.
Lettuce sprouting.
An October Daphne blossom.
Bard from the Bookshop
2 weeks ago

Last year most of my tomatoes went on salsa. This year, it's homemade pasta sauce. Roast tomatoes, courgette, sweet peppers, and french beans, seasoned and blended fine because my boy doesn't like bits. Delicious and healthy, but came out looking like pumpkin!


In front of two orange pumpkins are three takeaway containers of equally orange pasta sauce.
2 weeks ago

It has been a decent day spent doing my own things dogged by only medium levels of constant background anxiety about not doing work stuff, not doing enough stuff, and generally having continual doom looming over me. Could be better, but it's usually worse, so I'll take that.

Anyway, can highly recommend a visit to Norfolk Herbs. I have bought from them online before, but it's only an hour from us, so I decided to visit. It's small, but packed with variety.


A view of a small nursery garden with potted plants on several tables, surrounded by gardens with a small red roofed building behind.
A photo of the side of a white van, with a tin silhouette of a collie dog in the foreground. Writing on the van:

01362 860812
2 weeks ago

The shelter’s had a second window fitted and a paint job. Inside the greenhouse the last melon and the last tomatoes of the year are ripening. Bees on the sunflowers.

#Allotment #Gardening #GrowYourOwn

Shelter with a cornflower blue outer frame and walls. Double aspect up cycled windows on the end and front have brown frames from reclaimed timber. A black plastic water butt stands on the corner in front of the shelter. The other end and right hand side of the front are unfinished.
An emir melon with a grey body with green ribs is swelling in a greenhouse. The leaves are dying off.
A red sunflower against a grey sky has a bumblebee in its centre.
Greenhouse with four varieties of tomatoes ripening on the vine. Two beefsteak varieties, a yellow and a red cherry tomato variety. At the far end is a melon and a chilli plant.
2 weeks ago

Harvested a few kilograms of Atomic Red carrots today. 🥕 🥕

#garden #gardening #growyourown #vegetables #carrot

A garbage bin lid filled with red carrots.
Green grass in the background
The 300 liter plastic tub in which the carrots were grown.
The soil in the tub is now covered with the greens of the harvested carrots to dig it under in a few days.
In the background to the left you can see a Habanero plant with lots of ripe orange Habanero chilis.
Grapes can be seen to the right with pepper plants in the background.
The very large peppers are just beginning to ripen.
2 weeks ago

Early fall in the garden. Agastache, cabbages, salvias, roses, hydrangeas. Somebody has been eating the green cabbage. 🤨 #SevenOnSunday
#Gardening #GrowYourOwn

A collage of seven garden images, with a vertical panel showing purple cabbages which look very blue. On the left are hydrangea, agastache, salvia. On the right are Ladt of Shalotte rose, partly eaten green cabbage, a purple agastache.
Paul Hebert
3 weeks ago

Harvested hops from the side yard! In the process of brewing a fresh hop IPA. Whatever isn’t used will be dried in the dehydrator for future brews or teas.

#HomeBrew #GrowYourOwn

A paper bag filled with green hops.
3 weeks ago

The fridge and freezer are full and it was too warm to feel like cooking anything so today was the day for starting the lacto fermenting veg and fruit vinegar.

I’ll try out a few lacto ferments of veg and I never know what they will turn out like. I’m looking forward to making some sriracha.

I hope to be making a few different fruit vinegars this autumn (apple, raspberry, strawberry, Jostaberry, pear and quince).

#GrowYourOwn #LactoFermenting #Preserves #Gardening #HomeGrown

Three jars on a kitchen worktop. The left hand jar is grape vinegar which will need stirring regularly. The middle jar is full of lacto fermenting carrot slices in a 2% brine. The jar on the right is lacto fermenting french beans also in a 2% brine.

The lacto ferments should go cloudy in the next two or three days as they start to ferment. The lids aren’t on tight and I’ve popped a bag of water on the surface to keep the veg under the liquid.
Peter Platt
3 weeks ago

Looking towards next season, I need some recommendations for seed supplier. I used to buy mine at Wilko's, but they're closing, so where would you recommend I switch to?

@gardening #gardeninguk #allotmenteering #growyourown #gardening #allotment #homegrown

Michael Emerman
3 weeks ago

Harvested sweet red peppers from the garden yesterday; Jimmy Nardello and Bridge to Paris varieties grown from seed last March. Will be roasting them later today. #gardening #GrowYourOwn #PNW

A pile of red peppers on a yellow Provincal tablecloth
3 weeks ago

I'm completely out of dill, both dry and fresh, so starting to grow a lot of them to be planted on the balcony later.

I use #dill a lot, in tuna salad, in omelette, in a dish from northern #Iran and in #pickles. I grew some this year and used them mostly in cooking but the rest fell victim for buys and bacterial diseases.

So started a whole new batch. Less than half of the seeds germinated, but that should be plenty for me in the coming months. Going to grow them inside in soil with mix of artificial and sun from the balcony windows.

#Gardening #BalconyGarden #ContainerGarden #France #Hydroponics #GrowYourOwn #Plants

4 weeks ago

One of the specialties from the garden.
Due to the hot summer, the P20 Blue tomatoes have an extremely high proportion of dark blue-black (high anthocyanin content) and sugar.

#tomatoes #garden #gardening #growyourown #vegetables

Predominantly dark blue-black tomatoes with some dark red, still ripening on the plant
Predominantly dark blue-black tomatoes with some dark red, still ripening on the plant
Tim Chapman-Wilson
4 weeks ago

Garden emitting a cornucopic early Septembery vibe this afternoon.

#pnw #gardening #vegetables #growyourown

A cardboard box destined for a favorite neighbor, filled with early September fruits and veggies, all from the garden, including bunches of champagne grapes, apples, a couple of Bartlett pears, some multicolored baby carrots, a few late season Triomfo Violetto beans, a plum or two, a gorgeous stubby cucumber and needless to say a multitude of tomatoes of varied sizes and colors.
4 weeks ago

First set of seedlings planted in their new "home".

First large #IKEA hydroponic almost filled with seedlings and going to fill the rest soon.

Hopefully they will survive!

#Gardening #BalconyGarden #ContainerGarden #France #Hydroponics #GrowYourOwn #Plants

El Perro Negro
1 month ago

An amazingly fruity and mind blowing Sriracha salsa prepared by our best cheffie friend, Richard, from our own chillies, peppers and tomatoes. So good to have someone who really knows how to use our local produce. We can keep in the fridge for several months but somehow I don't think it will last that long!

#growyourown #selfsufficiency #food

A red, tomato based sauce dominates the scene
Michael Emerman
1 month ago

Harvest from the garden this morning for ratatouille tonight. Tomatoes, Italian sweet peppers, Chinese eggplants, and a yellow summer squash. #gardening #GrowYourOwn #pnw

A table with piles of red tomatoes of different shapes, elongated purple eggplants, long red peppers, and a large yellow zucchini
Paul Hebert
1 month ago

A nice morning of #gardening

I finished cleaning up our garlic harvest (I don’t know what I’m doing) and Lisa harvested veg for the week.


A big tub of garlic heads, a basket filled with peppers, eggplants and tomatillos, some carrots on the ground, and a hand placing a basket of cherry tomatoes
robyn 🌱
1 month ago

Okay fine, maybe next year I'll only do 13 tomato plants... 😬. My mother, who lives in a much more temperate zone, continues to be shocked we have harvests this huge up here. 😅

...and yes, we are making tomato everything. Tomato salad, tomato sauce, sandwiches with tomatoes, tomatoes as snacks,

#gardening #GrowYourOwn #harvest #yeg #Edmonton #yegGarden #Alberta

Several bowls worth of our tomato harvest, plus a cucumber. The tomatoes are mostly cherry tomatoes, and a rich red and yellow in color. The yellow varieties are my favorites!
A bright orange marigold flower (Tagetes sp) in full bloom, in front of lush green tomato plants with a couple green, ripening cherry tomatoes on the branches.
Sand Hill Thicket
1 month ago

Guess it's time to make #watermelon 🍉 hammocks. 🤣 #GardeningMastodon #GrowYourOwn #Food

I hold a baby watermelon way bigger than my hand for scale.
1 month ago

The tomatoes are piling up, spilling off the counter - they are ridiculous. 🍅
Next up, a big pot of soup with turkey stock from last Thanksgiving, wine, Rancho Gordo beans, piles of greens, basil, tomatoes, and vegetables from the garden. Most will be frozen in quart containers.

A basket full of tomatoes, with a few on the counter beyond the basket.
Steve :verified:
1 month ago


Some of these were grown in the greenhouse and some outside against a West facing wall.

They've all been grown from seeds we've saved but were originally from supermarket tomatoes.

My favourites are the dark red ones. I think these were originally a herritage green tiger tomato from Morrisons supermarket. They used to be pretty tasteless and remained quite green. They've turned into one of the tastiest tomatoes, quite sweet.

#GrowYourOwn #allotment #HomeGrown #Tomatoes

Bowls full of homegrown tomates
1 month ago

My first JohnsonSu compost is ready. It’s been a 12 month test of patience, watering and much interest. In August 2022 I made two hot (above 55°C for several days) compost stacks, with downpipes to form aeration holes to help stop the pile going anaerobic. The compost has not been turned all year while approx 300 worms were added when the temperature had dipped to 25°C. The piles have been watered regularly with rainwater.

It’s the strangest compost I’ve ever made. Clay like but more compressible and malleable and not sticky.

The first 6 months should have promoted the growth of hundreds of species of bacteria and last 6 months should have promoted hundreds of species of fungi. The compost should be full of soil biology.

I’ll make a compost extract with it to spray on seeds, seed drills and plants.

#JohnsonSu #Compost #Gardening #Allotment #HomeGrown #SoilHealth #Biodiversity #SoilBiology #GrowYourOwn #Smallholding #RegenAg #RegenerativeAgriculture

A filled mini Johnson Su bioreactor. 900mm tall with an outer wall of wire mesh wrapped in mypex. Downpipes stick vertically through the pile. Pieces of cardboard cover the top of the pile until the pipes are removed after 24 hours when a covering of mypex will be added. The air holes remain when the pipes are removed to aerate the stack. The compost heats up to above 55°C for several days but is not turned.
After 12 months the Johnson Su bioreactor is opened up. The mypex wrapped wire mesh outer skin is peeled away to reveal the compost.  The compost is dark and has a few worms visible on the surface. 

Worms were added to the pile when the temperature dropped below 25°C and the pile was kept watered and above freezing for a year.
Some Johnson Su compost is being held in the palm of a gloved hand. The compost is a dark clay like substance and has been moulded into a small sausage shape.
A mini Johnson Su bioreactor. Set on a pallet with an outer wall of wire mesh wrapped in mypex. Several downpipes with air holes drilled in them are set vertically in the pile as it is filled with compostable material approximately half green and half brown in quantity.
El Perro Negro
1 month ago

Today's pepper harvest from the greenhouse (converted swimming pool 😀 ). Going to freeze this lot into bags ready for the winter

#growyourown #allotment #selfsufficiency #vegetables

Tristan Anthony
1 month ago

Fresh, green peppers. I was picking them too early before and they all looked the same, but now I can tell the difference between my Padron, Basque and Diablo. #growyourown #gyo #allotment #chilli

Box of green peppers